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a sunrise which was to put out all the stars

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"Margo," Gru says one day, "I need your help."

Edith and Agnes are playing happily with the minions (Edith is playing Murder!, where the minions have to evade her or be 'killed' in various ways; Agnes is directing half a dozen minions in the production of 'Buttercup, the Fairy Unicorn Princess,' a story that changes every time Agnes plays it) so Margo goes with Gru to the lab and Dr. Nefario.

It's been almost a year since Gru formally adopted them, after that ridiculous incident with Vector and the moon. Margo can't remember a time she was happier.

Edith's birthday, according to the state, was three months ago, Margo's two before that. Gru, Granma Gru, Dr. Nefario, and the minions celebrated uproariously, though Gru promised that they could pick their own birthdays for next year.

Edith's favorite present was promised lessons from Granma Gru about villainy, and some play time with the toys in the lab. Margo's was five hundred dollars to spend however she wanted and a minion taking her to a second-hand bookstore once a week.

But Agnes actually has a birthday. It was the one thing the state knew for sure.

"I want to make Agnes a unicorn," Gru tells Margo now, looking around to make sure Agnes is not within hearing. "With wings. That breathes fire!"

Oh, boy, Margo thinks.