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Cheat on him

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     He left his thoughts aside and looked down. 

“If this thing is not gonna come up, what did you ask me to come here for?” the young woman complained, cleaning her mouth with the back of her hand. 

“Ah, just leave it be.” he said while closing his pants zipper. “And I didn’t call you here, you just showed up.” 

“Rick said you called me. Something about trying to get you in a better mood.” she replied while he helped her stand up. 

“That son of a bitch...” Brian muttered. 

     He lit up a cigarette and gave it to her, so lit one for himself, then, leaned on the terrace grid, letting go a grumpy sigh. 

     It was the third week since he last saw Amber and he just couldn’t let go the thought of her. She showed up in his dreams, sometimes sweetly asking for them to get back together, sometimes tossing herself on top of him in a very sexy way, and the worst scenery, hooking up with Oliver somewhere around campus. He could barely sleep because of that. 

     I couldn’t have sex with others, that was the third time he tried, but simply couldn’t focus. 

“Weren’t you dating?” Lina asked, leaning next to him. 

“No.” he roughly answered. 

“So who was the girl I used to seeing you with up and down?” she naughtily asked, blowing the cigarette smoke almost in her face. 

“No one.” 

“Funny, I could swear she was Oliver’s girlfriend.” 

     Brian punched the grid and annoyedly stared at her, but she just simply giggled and put her nose up in a sassy way. 

“I am not afraid of you, babe.” she said, showing her tongue to him. “My cousin is right, you need something to improve this mood of yours, damn.” 

“As you can see, my dick won’t go up.” He said in a very annoyed way. “But I am sure, if you leave me the fuck alone, at least a bit of my mood will improve.” 

     She shrugged. 

“Just so you know, he cheats on her with that little friend of hers.” 

     Brian frowned and turned to Lina, that stared at him with a smirk of confidence, so he made a sign for her to continue talking. 

“Also, with his basketball groupies.” she giggled. “And there is this...” 

     Brian strongly pressed the grid when he saw Lina unlocking her phone’s screen and show him a picture of Amber, wearing only panties and holing her breasts on the bed. 

“This is one of the least bad of them.” she said, while turning the phone back to her and swapping photos with her fingers. “Poor her... at least before she had you and was also made a fool of him. Wanna see the others? I am really hot for her, damn, what a nice body!” 

     He held her hand and pressed it against the grid. 

“First, you’ll delete these fucking pictures...” he started. 

“Ouch, ouch. Brian, you’re hurting me.” she complained. 

“Them, you’ll tell me everything about those cheating you know about.” 

“Aff Brian, just leave me be.” 

     He punched the grid again, next to her face, making her jump back with a gasp of fright. She hushed into deleting the pictures. 

“Here, done!” she quickly said. 

“So... how do you know? About him cheating on her?” he asked. 

“I saw him and that Jannie girl in the gym locker room.” she shrugged. “Then a friend told me they had sex. She said he is a bad fucker, but he’s cute... I would blow him... hey, where are you going!?” 

     Brian didn’t even answer, he stormed out of the terrace, bumping the door behind him. 

“I told Rick I would help.” she bragged while giggling and taking another drag of the cigarette. 

     Brian chased after Amber around the campus, until he saw her seated in one of the library tables, chatting with Jannie. He felt his heart skip a beat. It was the first time he saw her in such a long time... 

“Ambie?” Jannie said, shrinking in her chair with fear. 

     Amber turned around and froze. Brian was standing right behind her, staring with a serious expression. She felt her heart ache and a sudden necessity of crying. 

“Come with me.” he said and picked up her hand. 

     Amber retreated on the chair and shook her head negatively. 

“Hey man, what do you want?!” Jannie asked, outraged. 

“You’re coming, too.” he turned to her while grabbing both of them by their forearms and making them stand up from their chairs. 

     Jannie quickly untangled herself and pulled Amber back with her, but she got surprised by Brian taking a pocket knife from his jacket and pointing at her. 

“Brian, what the fuck?!” Amber asked, making him put down the knife with her both hands. 

“You’ll understand.” he said, while pulling her with him. 

     Jannie followed after with a worried expression. 

“Amber, do you know this guy?” Jannie asked while they walked behind him. 

“He’s my neighbor.” she sharply replied. 

     When realizing where they had gotten into, Jannie swallowed her breath so explicitly, Amber noticed her apprehension: They were at the basketball team locker room. 

     Brian pointed at the benches, so they sat down. 

“Brian, did you lose your mind?” Amber asked, while watching him walk from a side to another, seemingly waiting for something. “What do you want? Leave Jannie alone.” 

“We are waiting for your little boyfriend, but maybe your friend wants to clarify things to you.” he said, looking at Jannie and making a sign for her to speak. 

     Amber turned to her, confused. She quickly held her hands, with a regretful expression. 

“Ambie, I swear, I never had the intention to hurt you. You’re my best friend.” she started saying. 

“Jannie, what is going on.” Amber asked, suspicious. 

“It... it just happened. It wasn’t even good.” Jannie said, her voice cracking. “I swear, I didn’t mean to...” 

“Jannie?! Ambie?” 

     Both of them turned to the door, where Oliver and the other guys from the basketball team were coming in after training. He quickly hid his cellphone when he saw them, and the other guys did the same thing. 

     To Amber’s surprise, Brian held Oliver by the back of his neck, took the phone away from him and bumped his head into the closest locker. He, then, tossed him by the girls feet. Jannie let go a scream and Amber stood up, startled. 

     Brian closed the door so no one went out. Some of the other players of the team started stepping up to him, but he simply put up the knife he was holding and stared at them with those intimidating eyes. 

“Have you gone nuts?!” Oliver yelled while standing up and putting a hand on his forehead, that bleed intensely. “I am going to kick your ass.” 

“Brian!” Amber exclaimed, rushing to support Oliver, that looked a bit dizzy. “Stop it, what the hell are you...” 

     Amber stopped in place, mouth open while Brian extended to her Oliver’s phone, opened in a group chat full of her naked pictures, some that she had sent him and some that seemed to had been taken while she was not paying attention. 

“What?!” Jannie screamed, standing up and starting to punch Oliver in the arms. “You fucking son of a bitch! If I knew you were this kind of jerk I would never had sex with you!” 

“You did what?!” Amber yelled, stepping away from the both of them. 

“Ambie, I don’t know what your crazy friend is talking about...” Oliver stuttered while trying to step away from Jannie’s agressions. “And... And I can explain these.” 

     Amber turned to Brian, that looked back at her, still raising the phone. She took her hands to her mouth and started sobbing. 

“You’ll delete each of these pictures.” Brian said, turning to the other players. “Or I will cut each of your throats.” 

     Amongst some grunts of dissatisfaction, they pulled their phones and started deleting the photos they had. Brian checked on each of the phones while Amber cried leant on a locker, Jannie trying to comfort her. When he saw one of them was trying to keep some of the pictures, Brian took the phone from him, tossed it on the floor and stepped on it until it was fully broken. 

“Hey!” the player said, trying to advance on him. 

     But Brian just rose the pocket knife and he retreated. 

“What’s the point?” Amber sobbed. “These must be on the internet by now, my grandmother will kill me... they’ll expel me from the university...” 

“I’ll make sure that anyone with these, delete them.” Brian said, gently taking her hands out of her face. “Even if I have to beat each motherfucker in this campus.” 

“Hey, Ambie.” Oliver said, with a dubious tone. “Who’s this dude?” 

     Brian made a movement to go up to him, but Amber put her hand in his chest and turned to him with the most furious look. 

“This is my lover.” she said, putting up a malicious smile. “This is the guy with him I am FUCKING behind your back, you asshole! For four months now! Just to compensate how BADLY you fuck!” 

     The other players and Jannie muffled some giggles while Oliver stared at her, shocked. 

“You’ve... you’ve been cheating on me?” he stuttered. 

“Yes! And OH GOD, I’m glad I have, because you are a FUCKING MORON!” she yelled. 

     Amber took Oliver’s cell phone from Brian’s hands and tossed it on his face. 

“How can you do this kind of shit to me?!!” she screamed louder and louder while tears poured down her cheeks. 

“It’s just some pictures, Ambie.” he said, rubbing his face. “You’re hot, I wanted to brag.” 

     Amber stepped towards him and started punching and scratching him so wildly while screaming, Brian hushed to take her by the wrist, afraid Oliver would hit back. He held her in a tight hug, kissing her head until she calmed down. 

     Jannie rushed and took Brian’s phone from his hand, giving it to Brian, that tossed it so hard against a wall, it crashed in pieces. 

     Amber pushed Brian away from her and stomped out of the locker room, so Brian followed her, but before doing so, he turned to Oliver, showing him the pocket knife. 

“If you ever come close to her again, I’ll kill you.” he said, and left running after her. 

     When he reached her, she was crying against a wall, hugging herself pitifully. He pulled her to him and hugged her until she stopped crying, then took her by her hand and guided her out of the campus, to the bowling house. 

     Some early gang members were smoking and playing pool, some of them wearing school uniforms, other with casual clothes and some even wearing companies' uniforms. They stopped everything they were doing when Brian snapped his fingers to call their attention. 

“Out of here, everyone.” he said. “And come in time tonight, we have business.” 

     They obeyed while Brian took Amber to the office/room. He made her sit on the bed and grabbed her a soda can and a chocolate bar, then pet her hair until she had stopped sobbing. 

“I thought I would never see you again.” she muttered while putting a piece of chocolate in her mouth. 

     He shook his head negatively. 

“I think... I would eventually go after you. I am sorry it was this way.” he whispered and kissed her forehead. 

“Thanks for doing this for me.” 

     Brian sighed and came up the bed, leaning his back against the wall and pulled her to his lap, she let herself go soft on his arms, and he felt so much relief taking over him to feel her warmth in his body.  

     She started crying again, so he just kissed and cuddled with her until the evening came and the gang members started arriving. They were all dressed up and carrying all sorts of white weapons. 

“Listen here, I have a job for you.” Brian said while Amber sat on the couch. 

“Everyone?” Rick said, surprised. “Are we going to fight some other gang?” 

“Hey, kitty cat. Nice to see you again. Why the sad face?” Pete said, indiscreetly. “Please never leave again, we can’t stand this moron’s mood without you.” 

     Amber let go a giggle. 

“Shut up and listen.” Brian grunted. “You’re going to walk around the university campus and stop any idiot looking at their phones. Amber’s stupid ex leaked out some pictures of her. If you see them, make them erase it, even if you have to break the phones or beat a motherfucker.” 

“Aren’t we going to beat the dude up?” Pete asked, hitting his fist on his palm. 

     Brian turned to Amber, that shook her head negatively. 

“This is settled already.” Brian replied. “But I WILL beat to the ground any of you that waste any time looking at the pictures!” 

“Nobody here would do that.” Rick said, turning to the two guys that once were beaten by Brian for bothering Amber. “Everyone here respects Amber a lot, right?” 

     They both nodded vigorously. 

“Go.” Brian said. 

     Moments after, the alleys were empty. 

“I am not sure if this is going to work, Brian.” she said, taking a deep breath. “I the images are already on the internet...” 

“I’ll find a way.” he said, holding her hand and gently kissing it. “Don’t worry.” 

     Brian pulled back to the room, guided her to the bed and then kneeled in front of her, leaning his head on her lap. 

“I missed you.” he whispered, running his hands softly through her legs. “In a way I didn’t think I would.” 

“We don’t need to talk about this now...” she said, putting her head down and shrinking her shoulders. 

“I tried to forget you... I even tried to have sex with other people, but... I... I just couldn’t.” he stuttered. “All I could think about was how much I was missing you.” 

“I... I don’t know what to do with this information.” she replied, looking aside and sighing. 

“Why did you just disappear?” he asked. “What made you simply go back to Oliver?” 

      He raised his eyes at her, she had tears on hers, he felt his shoulders weigh, he didn’t want to see her cry anymore.  

“I didn’t want to be with Oliver anymore, but you insisted you didn’t want things to change.” her voice cracked. “But then you said you wouldn’t date me... the way you said that was like... like you didn’t care. I was going to break up with him, but we drifted apart so fast. When I thought you would... just get someone else. I ended just up sticking with him out of anger.” 

     Brian took his hands to his har and pulled them back, letting go a sigh of frustration. 

“So it was my fault.” he whispered. 

“I just thought it wouldn’t matter to you.” she quietly said. 

     Brian leant his head on her womb and hugged her by the hips. 

“I don’t know how to do this...” he muttered. “I... think I... kind of have this fear of commitment.” 

“Ok Brian.” she said, sobbing. “It’s just that... I can’t be with you anymore... not that way.” 

     He let go of her and stood up, pulling her up with him. 

“I’ll date you then, even if I don’t know what I am doing. Be my girlfriend. I’ll be your boyfriend.” he whispered. “I just can’t bare to stay without you anymore.” 

     Amber stared at him, jaw dropped in disbelief. 

“It will be just me and you, no Oliver, no other people. I will take you on dates... movies? I don’t know, whatever kinds of things people who date do. Restaurants? Ice cream?” 

     Amber giggled, and sobbed, then started crying again. 

“What? What did I do?” he worriedly asked. 

“You’re so silly.” she laughed mid cry. “I like you so much, you dumbass.” 

     Amber hugged him. 

“All I want is to be like we already were. I want to be your girl... the one stays with you while you take care of the gang. I want to heal your fighting wounds, when you come from a fight. Stay here and talk about our silly things after your day is over and we’ve had some nice sex. I... I just want to be special for you I...” she sobbed and looked at him. “I really wanted you to be in love with me.” 

     Brian looked back at her and softly held her chin. 

“In love...” he repeated, coming closer. “Yes Amber, I’m in love with you...” he touched his lips on hers and held her by her waist. “Be my girl... I’ll make you the most special woman in the world. I’ll take care of you...” he kissed her each sentence. “You’ll be my queen. Don’t disappear anymore. Don’t leave me ever again.” 

     She nodded while admiring his stare of passion. 

“Now I’ll toss you in bed and make you cum very nice.” he said 

“What?!” amber yelled. 

     Brian lifted Amber up and tossed her with her head on the pillow, coming up to her in a very hot manner. 

“I can’t believe you’ve just ruined a perfect romantic moment like this!” she giggled while squirming to try to make him let her go. 

“What? Is there anything more romantic than finally cumming properly after three weeks?” he asked while pulling her shirt up. “I’ll treat you right.” 

“Brian,stoop...” she murmured. 

“No way, I missed your taste too much, I’ll just lick you full before you change your mind.” 

“I won’t change my... ah...God.” 

     Amber held the pillow tight, slightly bending her back. Brian had just stuck his head between her tights and was already taking off his panties with his teeth. He started licking her clip, infusing it in saliva. She was missing that so much... 

“Sorry, what did you say?” he asked, looking back at her. “Should I stop?” 

“Shut up.” she replied, pushing his head back to the middle of her legs. 

     Amber pressed her legs around his head and just let it loose when a full orgasm took over her body, like a lighting, making her squirm her whole body. He pressed her tights, covered in excitement to see her cum, then came up her body, enlacing his fingers on hers and putting her arms up. 

“I missed this so much.” he said while kissing her neck. “Your moans, your body trembling to my tongue. I’m never letting you go again.” 

     She moaned in reply while he licked and kissed her, pressing his body against hers. Amber hugged his hips with her legs and their breath started mixing together while they kissed, loosing themselves on each other’s moans. 

“I’m gonna get a condom” he whispered. 

     While Brian went to the drawer to grab a condom, Amber started undressing herself. He came back quickly taking of his own clothes and sat by the headboard. She came up his lap and slowly sat on his hard dick, riding him while looking deep at his eyes. 

“Please, never get out of there. Never again.” he said while massaging one of her boobs and pressing her ass. 

     She rode him strongly, their eyes locked together, making expressions of pleasure to each other. He pressed her against himself, running his hands all over her body, playing with her nipples, massaging her breasts, pressing her back, until a moment came when Brian held her and stopped her from moving, letting go a strong grunt. 

“Wait... I don’t want to cum yet.” he said while catching up his breath. 

     Amber shook her hips to tease him and he muffled a moan, followed by an annoyed smirk. 

“You almost got me.” he said, pressing her strongly so she wouldn’t move anymore. 

     They kissed each other tenderly while Brian recomposed himself, so he laid her on her back and pulled his hips back, so his dick slowly came out, then he slowly put it back in. They both looked at it coming in and out of her pussy, shining with her lube. 

“I can stay here forever.” he whispered. 

“Stay. Fuck me forever.” she replied. 

     Brian kissed her long, then strongly hit his hips on hers, making her let go a loud moan. He started investing strongly and fast, until he got to his limit, so he stopped right before cumming. 

“How can you take it?” she asked while hugging him by the neck. 

“I want to fuck you so much tonight...” he replied, stepping away and then lying next to her. “I need some time. Why don’t you come here use my face as a pillow?” 

     Amber let go a giggle and passed her leg over his face, he started kissing her pussy and sticking his tongue on it. She moaned loudly, moving her hips as a pleasure response. Brian massaged her butt cheeks, excited about her reactions. She came a while after and leaned on the headboard to catch her breath.  

     He slid from under her, kneeling behind her and kissing the back of her neck, then penetrated her slowly while moving two fingers on top of her clip, making her squirm in pleasure. 

     Brian moved for a long time, biting her ear and sucking on her neck until it got some purple marks, she moved her hips, as if asking for more. 

“I’ll fuck you harder now.” he whispered. 

“Please...” was her response. 

     Brian held her by the hair and started pulling her and strongly hit his hips against her buttcheeks. She voiced her delight loudly and scratched the headboard, drooling a bit with pleasure. He felt her going soft, so held her tights and invested some last times until he came. 

     Amber turned around and jumped on him, in a hug, making him fall on his back on the mattress, surrounding her with his arms. They kissed for a long time until she laid on his chest. 

“Let’s eat something?” she asked after a while. 

“Let’s.” he chuckled. 

     Brian and Amber dressed up and left the bowling house holding hands, taking the path of the fast food store they were used to going together. They ate while talking about the days that had gone by, updating each other on what they had been through. Brian had gotten the gang into some fights, Amber had gotten a very high grade on a subject she liked.  

     From time to time, Brian held her hand while watching her talk. She cleaned some sauce from his face. They felt really good interacting like that openly. 

     They walked together in direction of her house, him hugging her over her shoulders. 

“What about I come tomorrow to take you to campus?” he asked. 

“Will you wake up early so I get there in time?” she asked back to him. 

     He rolled his eyes and sighed. 

“No, I don’t like this idea. It’s better if we meet there... but it don’t need to be in the terrace...” 

     Brian suddenly let go of her and turned around, pulling her back. She stumbled and felt seated right in time to see two hooded figures surround him, hitting him with pieces of wood. He managed to doge at first, but was hit on the knee and feel, being hit by many strokes. 

     Amber hushed to stand up and help him, but a third guy appeared and held her by her hair, dragging her by the sidewalk to a dark alley. 

“Let me go!” she screamed, squirming to try to escape. 

     The guy tossed her against some trash cans and, right after, pulled her back by the hair, forcing her to kneel right in time to see Brian, covered in blood, being tossed inside the alley where three more guys showed up and started kicking him. 

“No! Leave him alone!” she yelled, trying to reach for him, but the one holding her hair pulled her back. 

     He slapped her face so hard she felt seated. 

“Sit there and shut up, bitch!” Oliver said, taking the hood from his face. 

     He pulled her by the forearm and made her sit next to the circle the others made around Brian, then made a sign for them to stop kicking him. They stood him up by his arms, he seemed dizzy and was badly hurt on the forehead. 

“Did you like the beating, son of a bitch?” Oliver said, spitting on his face. “This is for what you did earlier.” 

     Brian rose his eyes to him and smirked. 

“I’ve been beaten worse.” he replied, licking the blood on his lips. 

     Oliver punched him on the stomach, then used his knee to hit him on the crotch. Amber stood up and pulled him by the shirt to try to make him stop, but he turned to her and slapped her again. 

“Bitch.” he said, entangling his fingers on her hair and pulling her closer. “Don’t think I forgot these scratches you put on my face.” 

     Amber growled and slapped him back, making him step back a little bewildred.  

     Another guy came from behind her and held her with her arms back, so Oliver pulled her by the collar put his face closer to hers. 

“You touch her and I will FUCKING neuter you, you hear me?!” Brian screamed shaking himself in rage, trying to make the guys letting go of him. 

“This bitch?” Oliver said pulling Amber by the back of the neck towards him, the other guy kept holding her. “She’s going to get it. I am just trying to decide if I’ll make her watch us beat you up or I’ll make you watch us turn her into a cum deposit.” 

“S... stop Oliver.” Amber cried. “I’ll do what you want, just let Brian go.” 

“You stupid whore. I was just with you for those big boobs, but you had no right to cheat on me.” he said while pressing her neck so hard she coughed. “Look at what I’ll do with your little lover.” 

     Oliver took a piece of wood from one of the guy’s hands and started using it to hit Brian’s stomach while she screamed and cried. Brian barely reacted, just grunting with his head down. 

“Stop! Stop!” she yelled. 

“Shh... Amber.” Brian’s voice came soft to her, and he slightly rose his head. 

     Amber saw his eyes shining with that menace look, so different from his tone. 

“It’s ok. Don’t beg to this motherfucker.” he said. 

“Br... Brian.” she called, sobbing. 

“I don’t like it when you cry like this.” he whispered. “I’ll not let anyone make you cry like this, don’t worry.” 

“Why the fuck are you still talking you...” Oliver started. 

     Brian arose his head with a look so threatening, Oliver quickly stepped back. He kicked the side of the knee of the guy who was holding his right arm, and it make a horrible cracking sound while it bent in an unnatural way. As soon as he felt on the floor, shrieking in pan, Brian punched the other’s nose so hard Amber could almost see it breaking. He kneeled and took the piece of wood one of them dropped on the floor and stood up in his proud gang boss pose.  

“You have a second to let go of her.” his rough voice terrorized the guy holding Amber so much, he quickly stepped back. “Took too long.”  

     Brian pulled Amber to his side and hit the guy on the side of his ribs so hard he dropped on the floor like a rotten fruit, shrinking and screaming. He quickly turned to the other guys, that folly tried to advance on him and started breaking noses, knees and wrists with the piece of wood, he seemed to know right where to hit to take them down just once. 

     When they were all scattered on the floor, he turned to Oliver, tossing the piece of wood aside and cracking his finger. 

“You don’t even know how to beat a motherfucker.” Brian said while coming close to him, that cautiously and frightened stepped back. “Amber...?” 

     She looked at him with bubbly eyes, her hand reaching for his hurt face, seeming so worried. He turned back to Oliver, grabbed him by the collar and tossed him on the floor, in front of her, then kneeled by his side, pulling his hair up so strongly they could hear a rip from his scalp. 

“Is this what he did to you?” he asked while looking at her. 

     Oliver tried to escape from it, but Brian held him harder and slapped his face so hard he let go a moan of pain. 

“I should fucking kill you.” Brian said, dragging him back and tossing him with the other fallen guys. 

     He dragged himself as far as he could from Brian, but he kept advancing on him until pressed him by a wall. He put his knee on Oliver’s throat and pressed it. 

“If any of you ever come close to us again, I’ll break every bone of your body so slowly, you’ll ask me to kill you.” he said and bumped his head on the wall. “This is worth for each one of you.” 

     That said, he took Amber by the hand and walked out of the alley with her. When they were far enough, he let go of her hand and staggered to a post, puking some blood and falling on his knees. 

“Oh my, Brian!” she called, kneeling next to him. 

“It’s ok, I’ve been beaten worst.” he said while slowly standing up. “Let’s go, I’ll take you home.” 

“I don’t want to go home, I want to stay with you.” she strongly affirmed. 

     He nodded and took her hand again, so they went to the bowling house, she helping him walk. As soon as they got there, he dropped on the bed, moaning in pain. 

“I... should I call an ambulance?” she worriedly asked, taking off her phone. 

“And get me arrested?” he mocked. “Here, call Pete and Rick.” 

     He gave her his phone and she quickly did so. They came not much after, with first aid kits, sleepy faces and matching pajamas. 

“You owe me for taking me from bad at this time.” Rick mumbled while sewing the wound on Brian’s forehead. 

     Amber watched while he made a harsh expression of pain and Rick seemed to have fun in putting in the needle, giggling each time he moaned. 

“The good news is that you don’t have any broken bones.” Pete said, slightly tapping Brian’s ribs, making him squirm with a grunt. “Bad knews, for you, is that we’ll have to put that shoulder back in place.” 

“Ugh, not this shit again.” he complained, sliding through the bed with an expression of agony. 

“You’ll want to wait outside, kitty cat.” Pete said, turning to Amber. 

     She shook her head negatively, hushing to go to Brian’s side, and holding his hand as if Pete had threatened to do something terrible to him. Both Pete and Rick giggled. 

“Are you sure?” Pete asked while picking up Brian’s other hand and softly massaging his shoulder. 

     Brian shrunk, quietly cursing and Rick stopped sewing his forehead to hold him by the other shoulder. 

“This is very ugly to see.” he said.  

“Just let her stay and do it already... fuck...” Brian complained. 

“ You know, almost every time he gets into a fight he displaces this fucking shoulder, but he hates putting it back in place.” Pete kept talking to Amber. “Maybe you could convince him to go to a graduated doctor. I still have some more years to go before I can prescribe him medicine.” 

“Just do.... MOTHERFUCKER!” 

     Pete let go of Brian’s shoulder, clapping his hands and winking at Amber after getting him in a moment of distraction. Brian let go a little moan and laid on her lap, where Rick immediately got back to sewing the cut on his forehead.  

“Stop whyning, you’ve been beaten worse.” he said. 

“This part is still awful.” Brian replied, pressing Amber’s tights while Rick stick the needle on his head again. 

“Done, you pussy.” he said standing up and taking off the clothes. “How about you, babe? Are you hurt? Your face is a bit swollen.” 

     Rick took Amber’s face by the chin and gently turned it to the sides. 

“Let me take some ice.” he said and leant near Brian’s ear. “Did you beat the shit out of them?” 

“I thought I was going to kill someone this time...” he answered. 

“Maybe you should have.” 

     That said, Rick went outside and left Pete still bandaging some of Brian’s wounds. Meanwhile, Amber ran her fingers through his hair. He got back with a package of ice and Amber rested it on her face, where Oliver had slapped her the hardest. 

“Ok, I think we are done here.” Pete said. “But consider actually going to the doctor this time. Let’s go, babe.” 

     They both went away, waving at Amber and closing the door behind them. So Brian sat down and kissed her on the forehead. 

“Are you ok?” he whispered. 

“I’m fine...” 

      He slowly moved his hand to the back of her neck and lifted her hair to check on it. He saw it had marks of Oliver’s finger, and felt so enraged... he should had killed him, he thought. He kissed her there and hugged by the side. 

“Shit... I... I should have killed each one of them.” he said when he listened to her sobbing. 

“It’s ok Brian. I am fine. I am worried about you.” Amber said, hugging him back. “I wished I could have killed them for what they did to you. I am so sorry I dragged you into this.” 

     Brian giggled and looked at her. 

“I’m serious. I’ve been beaten worse...” he came closer to her face and licked one of her tears. “Stop crying, I want to make you happy.” 

     She hugged him so tight he let go a moan of pain, but she just cuddled up to him and they laid on the bed. 

“I’m happy. We’re together.” 

“Me too...” 


“What a wonderful movie!! 

     Amber went running through the illuminated street with arms open. With hands in pockets, Brian followed after, watching her hop and throw punches in the air, making fight sound effects. 

“I knew it! I knew Starswirl would be the enemy in the end! But she would never be a match for the power guys!” 

“Hmm... I thought she was going to win this time.” he said while lighting up a cigarette. 

“Bad guys don’t have a chance against THE power guys!” she replied running back to him. 

“She had gotten very powerful with that Stormglow stone... I thought she would had gotten them with that mischef magic.” he shrugged. 

“Yeah, maybe I thought so too... for a while. But the mysterious Knight rider of Windril betrayed her and, by the last minute, she helped the power guys win! Ah, I loved Starwril’s face when she realized the mighty knight had gone good.” she excitedly shook her shoulders 

“I like that knight girl, very appealing looks." He replied. 

“It’s because of the motorcycle. You love motorcycles.”  

“Yeah... when I buy mine we won’t have to come to the movies by bus anymore.” he replied. 

     Brian tossed the cigarette butt on a trash bag and they hopped in the bus, sitting on the backseats. 

“So, how was it today?” she asked, leaning on his shoulder. 

“Those assholes...” he sighed “Morgan and Spike gotten beaten up by some idiots of that new gang I told you about. They are being more difficult to deal with than I hoped.” 

“It must be difficult to put yourself back in scene after this whole time quiet because of Oliver...” she pouted. 

“Ah... It’s difficult enough when the police is around.” he looked up, a little annoyed. “Now that the dust has settled, I can get things back to normal. I just need to get back in shape.” 

“But your new co-leader is doing a good job, isn’t it. I heard he’s a high schooler.” Amber replied. 

“He’s fine, I’ll do good when I retire. But a boss, needs to be a boss.” 

“Hmm... boss.” she called in a naughty way. “I, myself, am loving having you all for myself.” 

     Amber leaned closer and whispered on his ear: 

“Especially now that you can do all sorts of things without pain.” 

     He chuckled in a malicious way. 

“Yeah. It’s not like you were missing anything before, too.” 

“Hey, I like when you fuck me, too.” 

     Two girls that were seated on a bench closer to them let go shrieks of surprise to hear Amber, making her shrink into her jacket, tomato red. Brian laughed and hugged her by her shoulder, kissing her on the forehead. 

“Who needs porn revenge with a mouth like mine.” she complained. 

“Hm, about that...” Brian said, taking the cellphone from his back pocket and putting it on Amber’s hand. 

     There was an exchanging of messages between him and Lina, Rick’s cousin. 

“Do I want to read this?” she said, ashamed. 

“It’s not what you are thinking.” he chuckled. “Just read it.” 

     She let go a grunt of suspiciousness and started reading: 

“Sup Brian? Enjoying the honey moon? When you are not anymore, let me know! Jk lol. 

So, I talked to one of my friends, she’s a basketball groupie, and she told me that Oliver was kicked out of the team cuz they got him with some pictures of Amber on his study pc! It seems like Jannie has reported him to the headboard and told the whole story. 

They made him delete all the pictures and investigated the whole team, under the threat of all of them being expelled from campus AND getting some police charges on them :o. 

So, this means those pics were just between them and I lol, but mine I got from one of them and... you know, you made me delete them :x. 

Tell this to your hot, hot girlfriend, she will be so happy she’ll want to ride you all night. 

I’m available if you want me to join. Jk again. 


     Amber took the hand to her mouth, eyes streaming with relief tears, so Brian ran his fingers on her hair. 

“Will you call her to join? Because, yes, I’ll ride the whole night.” she said quickly turning to him. 

     Brian gasped and retreated a little startled. 

“Let’s keep thing between us for know, ok?” he said grabbing his phone back. “And I am not sure I can take the whole night.” 

     There is only one way to know. 

“Boss!” the new co-leader greated him, happily. “Are you coming with us today?!” 

“Hmn, I’ll be kind of busy today.” he replied while Amber dragged him by the hand. “Try not to get too much of a beat.” 

     The door bumped behind them. Until the moment everyone had left, they still hadn't come out.