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Cheat on him

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“You better watch out where you’re going, nerd...”  

     The sheets of paper and books scattered all around the hallway, far away from where she fell, seated. From the floor, Amber looked at the three “bad boys”: Rick with his messy ginger hair and eyeliner, Peter, the scariest one, with all those tattoos on his strong arms... and Brian, whose bump had made her fall to the ground. He stared at her with those mean and terrifying eyes.  

“S... sorry I...” she muttered while making an effort to quickly collect all the sheets of paper.  

     They went away, stepping on them and kicking the books, not even bothering looking at her anymore, almost stepping on her hands.  

     Amber let go a long sigh and got back to gathering her things. This could have been worse; those guys were famous for being “bullies” and very mean to anyone around them. They had a fame of being dangerous.  

“Here! Let me help you!”  

     The familiar voice calmed Amber down: Oliver, her athletic and handsome boyfriend, kneeled next to her to help her collect her things.  

“Sorry, I was in class... if I had come earlier, I swear...” he said in an angry tone.  

“No, it is fine.” Amber said. “I don’t want you getting in trouble with these kinds of guys.”  

“I could handle it.” he said, showing off his basketball player muscles.   

     Amber giggled amused and nodded. Oliver also chuckled and helped her standing up.  

“So... everything set for our date later?” he asked while giving back some of her books.  

“Sure! I just need to finish this homework and return these books. I will meet you in front of the building.” she replied.  

     They shared a soft kiss and followed their paths, him to his train and her to the library, where her friend waited for her.  

“Did you bring what I asked,  Jannie ?” Amber whispered as soon as she sat next to the braided haired girl.  

“Here it is.” she asked, giving her a boutique bag.  

     Amber discreetly opened it, pulling from it a red lingerie and quickly hiding it again.  

“This is perfect!” she said, landing a hand on her blushed face. “Do you think he is going to like it?”  

“Sure! It is the most transparent from the catalogue.”  Jannie  replied. “Who would say?  Litlle   Ambie  getting all hot for her boyfriend.”  

“Stop talking like that, you are making me embarrassed.” Amber said.  

“Oh, you weren’t embarrassed when you asked me to buy these from my mom’s store.”  Jannie  teased.  

“I want to compensate for my last failures with Oliver.”  

“Failures? AAAH?! Don’t tell me he...”  Jannie  lowered her index and made a falling sound with her mouth.  

“No! No!” Amber quickly yelled. “It is just that... I haven’t been able to... you know... It is kind of hard fitting it in sometimes.”  

Aaaah ... that is what the lube is for.”  Jannie  said, seeming clarified.  

“Well...” Amber sighed. “I really hope this works.”  

“I hope so! Then you tell me everything! I want hot details!”  

Ew Jannie ! This is private.” Amber complained and they both laughed.  


“Wasn’t it a wonderful movie?!” Amber asked, hopping with excitement. “I couldn’t even imagine  Voltorb  would come back and help the Power guys to defeat the army of Wasps! It was so cool when...”  

Yeaah ... You know, superhero movies are not really my kind of thing.” Oliver interrupted her while closing the room door. “I think it is kind of childish, you know?”  

     Amber swallowed her breath and shrugged, embarrassed.  

“No! No!” he quickly said when realized she was feeling that way. “But I am glad you liked it.”  

“It... it is ok.” she stuttered. “It is really kind of childish. Maybe next time we can watch an action movie or a ro...”  

     Amber stopped talking when she noticed Oliver hugging her from behind. His big hands came from under her shirt and quickly hopped to her voluptuous breasts, and he started shaking them up and down while kissing her neck. She could feel him getting hard when his hips locked into hers.  

“Oliver... wait a moment.” she said, untangling herself from his hug.  

“What is it?” he asked sounded a bit impatient.  

     Amber took off her clothes, revealing the appealing lingerie that shaped her curvy body, highlighting her big breasts.  

“What do you think?” she asked, looking down, ashamed.  

     Oliver had his jaw dropped and could barely answer.  

“You’re right, it is ridiculous... I’ll take it off.” she said, anxiously, trying to cover herself with the shirt.  

“No! No!  Ambie !” Oliver quickly said. “It is wonderful! You are... you so hot!”  

     He pulled her for a kiss, taking the shirt off her hand and tossing it aside. He quickly got back to playing with her breasts and started pressing them harder and harder. This made Amber uncomfortable, but once he seemed to like it a lot, she never said anything.  

     He pulled to the bed and laid on top of her, still messing with her boobs. He pulled her panties aside and took his penis off his underwear, putting it on her pussy entrance.  

“W... wait Oliver.” she said, a bit nervous.  

“What?!” he asked, stepping back, surprised.  

     Amber stood up and rushed to her purse, bringing back the tube of lubricant.  

“Here, so we don’t have that problem anymore.” she said, giving it to him.  

“Problem?” he pondered, confused.  

“You know... when it gets difficult to... to get in, you know?” she said.  

“Oh! Right, right!” he answered, shrugging. “Hey... do you think with this we can... try doggy style?”  

     Amber nodded a bit ashamed. Until now they had only had sex with him on top. He smiled looking very excited and opened the tube.  

     She turned and put herself on her fours, while he rubbed the gel on his dick. He held her butt and put it on the entrance of her pussy, sliding it slowly inside. Amber felt it get all the way in in an uncomfortable way. He immediately started moving, pressing her butt cheeks strongly.  

“AH! Man, this is awesome!” he exclaimed letting go a moan of pleasure.  

     Amber felt a twinge of pain when he started moving with even more strength and faster, but he seemed to be enjoying himself so much he just lowered her head on the pillow and stayed in silence.  

     Oliver went faster and faster until, suddenly, he pulled her by her hips and stopped.  

     He sat on the bed, puffy.  

“You are delicious,  Ambie .” he said.  

     She sat down, shrinking her shoulders, ashamed.  

“You are taking the pill, right?” he asked with an worried expression.  

“Yes, yes.” she replied while standing up to go to the bathroom.  

     Amber closed the door and let go a sigh of disappointment. That was not how she imagined it would go. Actually, she didn’t even know what she was expecting, but it wasn’t that. Maybe something more romantic and a little long lasting.  

     They had been dating for four months and every time they went out together, they had sex, but Amber always finished the night feeling insecurity, as if something was missing.  

     She cleaned herself up and put on her clothes.  

“Oliver I...”  

     When she left the bathroom, Oliver was sleeping on his belly. It was always like this.  

     Amber kissed him on the forehead and admired him for a while. He was a very handsome young man, very athletic and people always spoke many good things of him back in campus. She felt lucky to be with him.  

     Silently, she left his house.  

     Her house wasn’t much far, a little ten-minute walk that she was taking very distracted, thinking about this night. So she didn’t notice she was being followed.  

“Well, well, well.” she heard a voice from behind her.  

     Amber stepped back with a fright when a man blocked her path, coming from an alley. She bumped in another one, right behind her.  

“What do we have here?” the first guy said, pulling her by the wrist.  

“What is this?! Let me go!” she yelled, scared.  

     Amber got to untangle herself from him, but the other one took her by her forearm. He was very strong.  

“She is hot! Look, she is from that poor people university.” the guy said.  

     Amber recognized their off-white uniforms. They were probably from a nearby college known for being very high class. The students were known for being snobs and very mean.  

“Leave me alone!” she rampaged, pulling her arm to herself.  

“How about a date, pretty?” the first guy asked, coming closer to her. “We can pay very well.”  

     He took his hand to her left boob and pressed it and the other pulled her face and pressed her cheeks so her lips came closer together.  

“This little mouth would look delicious down my dick.” he said.  

     Amber pulled the first one and slapped the second’s face as hard as she could. He retreated, outraged.  

“Bitch! I’m going to teach you a lesson!” he said, raising his arm to hit her.  

     Amber protected herself with her arms but he stopped the punch mid air, looking confused.  

“Leave her alone.” a husky voice came from behind him.  

     It was Brian. Brian the “bad boy” from campus, he was holding the guy’s arm by his elbow and was looking very unsatisfied. He pulled him back and punched him in the guts, so strongly, the guy fell on the ground. Then, he kicked the second one between the legs, making him scream and toss himself on the floor in pain.  

     As soon as they could stand up, they ran away.  

     Amber swallowed her breath. Had she just been saved by the university delinquent?  

     Brian turned to the girl that stepped back, frightened. As a reply, he raised one of his eyebrows, suspicious.  

“You’re welcome?” he said.  

“Han? Ah! Thank you! Thank you!” she replied with a scared sob. “ Thanks for helping me.”  

“Ten bucks.”  

     Briand extended his hand in front of her. She stared at it for a while.  

“What?!” she yelled. “I don’t have money on me! I just use credit cards.”   

“Ok. So you will have to...” he licked his upper lip in a very indecent way, which made her legs tremble. “... do me a solid.”  

     Amber stepped back, worried. Had she just been saved to fall into the same trap?!  

“Can you please buy me a snack over there?” he said, pointing to a fast-food store. “I haven’t eaten all day and I am really broke.”  

Wha ... what? I mean... ok! Ok.”  


     Amber watched as he ate the sandwich looking very satisfied, as if it was the first time he ate in days. She was feeling nervous and confused.  

Aaaah ...” he pronounced when he finished his soda. “Holy fuck, I was hungry.”  

     Brian tossed the cup on the trash and started picking on his teeth, which made her twist her face in a disgusted pout.  

“What you looking?!” he asked, making her turn aside, embarrassed. “Let’s go.”  

“Come again?” she questioned.  

“I will walk you home.”  

     Amber hesitated. She wasn’t sure she wanted that guy to know where she lived.  

“What? Are you afraid I steal something from you?” he asked, as if he could read her thoughts.  

“No.. No way.” she replied, quickly taking her purse and standing up.  

     They left the store, her quietly walking with her head down, him still trying to take something from his teeth.  

“You know, it is not safe to walk around alone if the only thing you can do is slap a guy on the face.” he said while they walked.  

     Amber shrieked herself, and sighed. She wished Oliver would take her home, but he trained a lot during the day and had classes soon in the morning, so she didn’t think it was fair making him walk her home. Also, she didn’t want him to go back alone.  

“Take some self-defense classes.” Brian said, taking her off her thoughts. “Or bring a knife in that purse, I don’t know.”  

     Maybe that was a good suggestion. The classes, not the knife.  

“Hey, can’t you speak?” he mocked.  

“I... I don’t know what to say.” Amber murmured. “I thought you... you...”  

     Brian stopped walking and stared at her with a frown.  

“What?” he asked.  

“I mean... back at campus you and your friends... you... my books...” her voice barely came out.  

“What? Speak up, I can’t hear.”  

     Brian came closer in a very intimidating way.  

Nevermind .” she said while stepping back.  

“Ah, I got it.” he made a clack sound with his tongue. “You thought I would be the kind of guy that would harass you in the street,  ain’t  it?”  

“No, no... I...”she said while he kept coming closer.  

“You thought I would rob you. Put my hands all over you.” he made a gesture mocking, as if he was going to touch her. “Hey, maybe I have a pocket knife here.”  

     Brian started taping his clothes, as if he was looking for a weapon.  

“I am sorry, ok!” she replied, embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to offend y...”  

     Amber froze when he actually took a pocket knife from his jacked and opened it with a twist, staring at her with a malicious smirk.  

“What now?” he whispered. “I ask you to take off your clothes?”  

    She quickly hugged herself, but he started laughing.  

“I am messing with you! Man, you should see your face.” Brian said while bending himself in laugh.  

Wha ... what?!” Amber screamed.  

“I am bad, seriously.” he said. “But I am not an asshole. I wouldn’t let some douches mess with a girl.”  

     He got back to walking, taking his hands to the back of his neck, the pocket knife still wielded.  

“Hurry up.” he said.  

     Amber followed him, apprehensive.  

“It’s here, isn’t it?” he said, stopping in front of her house.  

     She stared at him, frightened. Brian just rolled his eyes and pointed at a house a little further.  

“See that normal house in your fucking normal neighborhood? I live there.” he said, annoyed. “I live there, and I always see you coming out for classes.”  

“Ah... ok.” she said, taking a breath of relief. “Thank you again for helping me.”  

“Meh.” he voiced, shrugging. “Just go inside already, I want to go to sleep.”  

     Amber quickly took her keys and got inside. Through the window of her bedroom, she saw him slowly walking to the house he had pointed and getting inside. She took a shower and got ready to sleep.  

     She thought about sending a message to Oliver, telling him what had happened, but she felt like it would be better not to bother him at that time.  

She turned around and feel asleep.  


     Amber looked at herself on the mirror, admiring the lingerie in her body. Her big boobs well shaped by the lace, her hips highlighted in red. She had never felt so beautiful before.  

“You look great.” she heard his voice coming from behind her. “I feel like doing a lot of things to you...”  

     His hands came softly around her hips, and Amber could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck.  

“What kinds of things?” she asked.  

     One of his hands slowly came down her body, all the way to her panties, and his fingers started rubbing her clit, slowly, softly, making her moan. His other hand massaged her right breast. He started whispering obscenities on her ear.  

     Amber could feel her panties getting wet while his fingers moved. Her body started heating up, she was getting to her climax.  

     She raised her eyes to the mirror... she wanted to look at him while cumming .  

     He was there, looking back at her.  



     Amber woke up startled. Her body was wet with sweat and her legs... with something else. She was shaking and puffing.  

What was that?! What kind of dream was that?!  

Brian?! She barely knew him!   


     Her alarm went off, giving her a fight. She needed to hurry up and get ready to go to campus. She took a shower, tied her hair, put up some make up, ate... but that dream was still in her mind. She felt a strong tingling on her belly each time she remembered the details, but quickly, she tried to step away from those thoughts.  

She hushed to school. The classes would keep her busy.