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Once Mated, Twice Loved

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AN: So, this is my first Twilight fic ever.  I recently found myself trapped in the lesbian pairings for the fandom and they are currently holding me hostage without ransom.  They are cruel taskmasters with little patience for things like 'normal sleep schedules' and 'you shouldn't be writing at work.'  Seriously, someone save me (please don't, there's lesbians everywhere, woo!).

With that being said, I have come to this writing idea and this is the result.  I will be taking several liberties with the canon story.  Some things will be compliant, many things will not.  I'll be sprinkling in several things into this first fic (because let's face it, I don't think I can just leave this fandom alone once I reach my desired 'ending' point).  Most of the content for this fic will take place during Twilight, but I might dabble a bit into the other books/movies.  For the sake of the fic, Bella is in her last year of High School, as are the Cullens.

Now, I haven't read the books in almost a decade (gods that makes me feel old), and I only just recently watched Twilight again to make sure I'm as close to canon-compliant as possible.  If you see anything out of place, feel free to leave a review and let me know, but just know that it might be that way for a reason.  

Bella and Rosalie are a bit ooc, but I like to think that the mate instincts overrule one's natural distrust, allowing for a pure and open exchange of love. This is going to be a  polyamory  fic with a V relationship with Bella being the center point. I won't be introducing anyone else into their relationship, but the ideology behind polyamory is a huge part of Bella's beliefs (and mine), as you'll soon find out.

Without further adieu, I hope you enjoy this fic.  I'm sure as hell having a fun time writing it, let me tell you.  I'll be cross-posting this onto fanfiction dot net as well, so if you're over there be sure and leave a like and fav.  Anyways, I look forward to hearing what you all think of this story (yes, even the trolls, you feed my soul).  

(For those wondering, yes, I'm still working on my other fics, I've just got a plot bunny hopping around in my head for this fic and I cannot leave it unattended.  Plot bunnies are EVIL)

Disclaimer: Twilight and its characters belong to Stephanie Meyers, I'm just borrowing them to fulfill my gay little fantasies.


My body was moving of it's own accord. I knew the area like the back of my hand, and even if I didn't, the scent of my mate would have led the way for me. The house I came upon was two-storied and newly built, the smell of fresh paint and dry wall still lingering on the breeze.

I could hear my mate's voice even from my position at the treeline surrounding the property. It struck a chord in my still heart, bringing warmth and love pulsing through me. Unable to stand still any longer, I rushed forward with all of my vampiric speed, slowing only to open the door without ripping it off its hinges.

There she was, standing by the kitchen table while smiling at the room's only other occupant. Grinning happily, I threw myself across the room only to snatch the brunette up by her waist, spinning her around and around. Her laughter was enchanting, filling the air with so much pure joy as to be infectious as I lowered her back to her feet. A serene chuckle from one of only three seats at the table drew both our gazes to the beautiful blonde sitting there.

"Rosalie," I acknowledged with a smirk. "Keeping our mate entertained?"

"Well someone has to," she returned with a playful roll of her eyes. "I dare say I'm more than up to the task of taking care of our little hurricane."

"Hey!" the girl inserted indignantly, her voice holding poorly hidden delight. "I plead the fifth. I still don't know how falling down half a flight of stairs caused the school bulletin board to scatter its entire contents over the hall!"

I couldn't help but smile as I pulled the girl's back to my front, rising up on my tip-toes to rest my chin on her left shoulder, staring down at the pleased smirk on Rosalie's lips. "I'm pretty sure it involved a break in the laws of physics, something only our accident-prone mate could accomplish."

There was a jump in the girl's heart rate before she drew in a quick breath. "Well," she muttered in a forced casual tone, "You could always turn me. I think even I could be graceful as a vampire."

Rosalie ceased breathing, my gaze zeroing in on the other vampire, catching her hesitant gaze. It had only been a matter of time, I knew, before the girl would make the request. I knew Rosalie's hangups about bringing any human into our world, but even I couldn't see how this would turn out.

The blonde vampire stood from her seat gracefully before slowly approaching us. When she was standing mere inches from the girl, she raised her left hand to gently cup her cheek. "Are you certain? Once you make that choice, there's no going back."

I felt as well as heard the girl's heart rate pick up drastically. Whether it was from the other woman's gentle tone or her proximity was irrelevant. When the girl finally responded, it was with a hushed yet furtive certainty. "Yes, I want this more than anything. I want to be with you both...forever."

I jolted from the vision almost painfully, gasping for a breath I no longer needed. I was no stranger to seeing the future, visions invaded my mind's eye on a regular basis, but this was something else entirely. Something that should be impossible.

Before anyone could utter a syllable, I reached out and snatched Edward up by his wrist, pulling him along with me as I left the house. With his gift, he might as well have been sitting right in the middle of my vision with me and I couldn't chance him saying anything to the rest of the family yet.

He seemed to understand this, since he never once fought my grip or slowed his pace. Once we were several miles away, deep into the woods surrounding the town of Forks, I released him before taking a seat on a nearby fallen tree.

"I don't understand," Edward stated after a few moments is silence. "I've never heard of any vampire sharing a mate with another vampire. Besides, I thought Jasper was your mate."

I flinched at the mention of Jasper, ignoring the aching in my chest for now. "I thought so too, but my visions are never wrong. They can change based on the choices someone makes, but the outcomes are true. This girl..." my voice trailed off as I envisioned her beautiful brown eyes, could practically feel the softness of her hair where it had tickled my cheek. She was so beautiful, so perfect. I wanted nothing more than to find her, to know her.

But if my vision was anything to go on, then I would be sharing this girl with Rosalie. I know this thought should have had my hackles rising, I should be snarling and growling and all kinds of upset. But I couldn't seem to summon even a hint of anger or possessiveness that was common with mates, not where the blonde was concerned. Rosalie's content and loving smile as she looked upon our mate was something I had never witnessed in all the years I'd known her. Not even Emmett could evoke such a response from the Ice Queen.

"Whatever this is, we have to tread carefully," I eventually replied. "You cannot tell anyone about my vision, do you understand?" He quickly nodded; he knew how important this was. "Good. We should probably get back, the others are going to be wanting to know what's happened and I doubt Emmett will leave off much longer before he tries to track us down."

"Knowing Emmett, you're probably right," he chuckled, then surprised me with a crushing hug. "I'm happy for you. I can't wait to meet your new mate."

I couldn't keep the grin off my face at the thought of what was to come. "Me either! Moreso I can't wait to see Rosalie's reaction!" A gleeful giggle passed my lips as I imagined what tomorrow would bring.  

We made it back to the house just as my bear of a brother was heading out the door. One look at my smiling face and Emmett relaxed into his youthful exuberance. "Inside, man-child," I chided with a grin, shoving him aside with the ease that came of being a vampire.

Once we were all seated in the living room, all eyes were on me. "I can't talk about my vision yet," I began, earning a groan from said man-child. "What I can tell you is that this is going to be a very interesting school year."

I couldn't help glancing at Rosalie before smothering the happy smile that wanted to split my lips. "We will be holding a family meeting tomorrow after our first day back. I will discuss as much of the vision as I can then."

Slowly everyone nodded, Carlisle and Esme both with loving smiles, Emmett with a disgruntled sigh, and Rosalie with her usual sneer in place at the thought of anything unknown. Jasper, on the other hand, looked pained and I was more than aware that he had some explaining to do, but that would have to wait until later.

It was already closing in on midnight, so we all began pairing off to go hunting. There was no need to tempt fate by going into a high school full of humans while hungry.

As I led Jasper and I out into the woods, following the small vision I had of a pair of deer nearby, I could sense Jasper's need to talk, to explain himself. But really, there was no need at this point. I understood, really I did. He hadn't wanted to lose me, the only person who loved him for who he is, so he used his gift to enhance my feelings for him. It made me think he was my mate, and while it did upset me, the vision of my true mate kept me grounded. It allowed me to begin to forgive before ire could even set in.

And so, after feeding, I gathered my things from our bedroom and moved into one of the spare rooms on the third floor with a sad smile. He stood by and said nothing, his silence heavy with remorse. I met his gaze only once I was finished, determination making me feel lighter even as part of my heart broke.

No words were spoken, and with a final parting hug, I left him to inhabit our previously shared space alone. I didn't want to be vindictive, but part of me felt he deserved this bit of suffering as penance for his transgressions. Let him sit and dwell in the now-fading scent of our former union that would linger for a while still. I could see that he would not leave the family over this, which was a weight off my shoulders, but he would probably be very closed off from the rest of us for at least a few days.

Finally settling down into my new bed, I drew up the image of my beloved shared mate. I could still see Rosalie's loving smile from over the girl's shoulder, and still I felt peace. I would need to speak with Carlisle soon, to find out if he has ever come across an instance of a shared mate before, but as I let my mind wander, I knew it would all turn out perfect in the end. The excitement of the journey would be more than enough to see me through the monotony of immortality.

Morning came upon me quicker than I would have thought possible, and my panic finally began to set in. I couldn't decide what to wear! The blue skirt with the white blouse and baby blue jacket, or maybe the yellow sundress with the sandy brown short-sleeved coat?

Whimpering in frustration, I was more than surprised when Jasper of all people appeared at my door.  A small, knowing smile lifted his lips, even though there was still a detectable amount of pain in his eyes. "Go with the blue skirt-vest combo you wore last week. It brings out your eyes and compliments your hair."

My fingers reached up to my spiky hair even as Jasper walked away. I knew the outfit he was referring to, I had worn it to the movies last week when Jasper and I went on a double-date with Rosalie and Emmett. It was definitely a good choice, but I wondered if it was appropriate to meet one's mate wearing something your ex suggested. Then I realized that this was his way of telling me he supported me and was going to stand by me regardless and I couldn't help the watery smile that came over me.

With a quick change, I was downstairs and ready to go just as everyone else began to gather. Of course, Rosalie looked immaculate in a white long-sleeve button-down blouse and form-fitted jeans that accentuated her figure without being ostentatious. Emmett was just as clean pressed but with a laid back look to compliment his soon-to-be-ex girlfriend. That was going to be an interesting conversation, because I was very much interested to know why those two had pretended to be mates for all these years.

Jasper was as handsome as ever in a dark-purple long-sleeve button down, a pair of matching black slacks with a silver cuffed belt completing his ensemble. I gave him a small smile as he joined me at my car, while Emmett and Rosalie made their way to Edward's Volvo. The mind-reader was the last to arrive, dressed in a casual tee with artfully torn blue jeans that gave him a laid-back look, even though he couldn't quite hide the air of a 'hunter' from his gait.

A half hour later and we were pulling into the parking area of the school. Jasper and I met up with the others at Edward's car. "Okay, family," I was practically vibrating with excitement as I called everyone's attention to me. "Let's kick this new school year in the ass!"

This drew a few chuckles from the men, while Rosalie just rolled her eyes. "Better not let Esme hear you talking like that," the blonde muttered.

Ignoring her, I turned towards the building where several students were already filing in. "Charge!"

Classes were so far uneventful, but I knew instinctually that lunch was when everything would begin. There was plenty of buzz around the school of a new senior girl who just transferred in from Arizona. Supposedly the daughter of the Chief of Police, she was quickly garnering a reputation as a klutz after several accidental falls.  So far, no injuries were reported, thank the gods.

As soon as my family and I entered I knew she was there, my twirling coming to an abrupt halt. My gaze quickly scanned the room before settling on the girl from my vision. Average height and build, the girl would probably not stand out to anyone in her baggy black hoodie and nondescript jeans, but to me she was the most beautiful, fetching sight I'd even been blessed with. Gods she was even more beautiful than in my vision.

She was sitting with a small crowd of teens that I vaguely recognize. Angela Weber, a sweet girl if I recall correctly, Jessica Stanley, a gossip with the potential for Mean Girl status who wasn't exactly mean but didn't seem to understand empathy, Lauren Mallory, who was the definition of Mean Girl status, Mike Newton, one of the more friendly and flirtatious boys at the school, and Eric Yorkie, a kind boy who didn't quite know where he fit in with the high school hierarchy. It wasn't long after we had entered and took up our place at our usual table that the girl turned and saw us.

Such deep, sorrowful brown eyes, creased in a frown briefly as one of the boys, Mike, began to fill her in on the gossip surrounding our family. I couldn't keep the smile off my face as her gaze eventually settled on mine, almost giggling at the raise of her eyebrows and the way her heart rate practically skyrocketed.  It felt like my heart had started beating once again and I couldn't help the shudder that pulsed through me at the instant connection. 

She quickly averted her gaze, only for her heart to give a loud thud when her eyes settled on Rosalie whom I had purposefully sat next to. Oh yes, we had definitely caught the attention of our lovely little mate. I couldn't wait for Rosalie to catch the girl's scent, then I would get front row seats to the thawing of the Ice Queen.


Warmth. Heat blooming in my chest. The smell of charcoal and woodsmoke. That's what drew me out of my idle wonderings. It was all at once familiar and foreign, comforting and enticing, so much so that I immediately lifted my gaze to peer at the surrounding tables.

My yellow-hued eyes landed on panicked brown, and it was as if my entire world shifted on its axis. There was no longer myself alone in my head, now there was Rosalie Hale, and woodsmoke, and brown eyes. There was warmth within an ice-cold and still heart. There was life. There was my mate.

I couldn't contain my gasp, even as a cold hand settled over my left fist that was pressing against my thigh. I didn't need to look to know it was Alice, and all at once I knew the little pixie had seen this girl last night in her vision. "Why didn't you say something?!" I whispered, just barely audible enough for Alice to hear.

Eventually, I was able to tear my gaze from the girl once my mate averted her eyes. "I wondered the same thing about you and Emmett," Alice replied, just as quiet. "We'll discuss it at the family meeting tonight." And that was that. The little brat.

Knowing my thoughts weren't private, I turned to glare at Edward to see him grinning, screaming at him in German in my head until he flinched and turned away. Finally, I couldn't resist any longer and sent my gaze back to the girl. That's when Edward made a strange choking sound as he, too, turned towards my mate.

"I can't read her." he murmured, which had the rest of us blinking at him in confusion. "The new girl's thoughts, I can't read them. It's like she's blocking me or something. It's like there's static where there should be music."

Huh, interesting. Yes, my mate was definitely shaping up to be a very interesting person indeed. I wanted to go to her, talk to her, find out her name at least. But I hesitated, my anxieties and fears rearing their ugly head. How could I possibly be mated to this girl? Not only was she human and therefore vulnerable and weak, but she was a girl. I hadn't ever considered myself gay or bi before, but I guess it didn't matter when it came to mates.

"Let's go talk to her!" Yep, leave it up to Alice to shove me violently out of my comfort zone. Before I could say anything to the contrary, I was being yanked up out of my seat by a very enthusiastic half-pint. She's deceptively strong for her size, vampirism notwithstanding.

Before I could contemplate my escape, Alice had dragged me halfway across the cafeteria, along with the gazes of half the student body.  Sooner than I would have thought, we were there, standing across the table from the brunette beauty that was my mate.  "Hello!" perked my pixie sister in her absolutely obnoxiously positive way.  "I'm Alice Cullen, and this is my sister Rosalie Hale."  She stuck her hand out across the table.

The poor girl looked shell-shocked and I didn't blame her.  Not only was Alice a giddy force of positivity to be reckoned with, but we were both beautiful.  No ego on this one, it was just a plain matter of what we are; vampires are beautiful and enticing creatures, meant to be appealing to the humans who provided our kind with sustenance.  Luckily for these humans my family were considered 'vegetarian' vampires, feeding only from animals.

The girl at her side (Andy, I think her name is) elbowed the silent girl, nearly drawing a growl from the back of my throat.  Alice's increased pressure on my hand kept the sound below the level of human hearing but still, I can't believe that slip of a girl would dare lay a finger on my mate.

Apparently, that was enough for my mate's mouth to snap shut as she reached a noticeably shaking hand across the table to shake Alice's hand.  "I'm B-Bella, Isabella Swan.  Call me Bella. Yeah.  Hi?"

Oh dear, could this girl get any more adorable?  Alice seemed to be enjoying herself as she held the girl's hand a moment longer than necessary before releasing her.  Smirking, I felt the urge to one-up my sister as I, too, reached for the girl's hand.  Except when her soft, warm fingers were within reach, I grasped hand and flipped it up, leaning over to brush my lips across the tantalizingly smooth skin of the back of her hand.  "It is a pleasure to meet you, Isabella," I murmured, ignoring both the increasing shaking in the hand I held aloft between us and the spike in the girl's heart rate.  

Sadly, I had to eventually retract my hand from hers; hell I'm not even sure she realized I was still holding it after several seconds of her just staring wide-eyed at Alice and I. Slow, I needed to be slow about this, get to know my mate and woo her.  Luckily, I had all the time in the world.

Alice, ever the tactful seer, bounced on her feet as she pulled a slip of paper from her bag.  Producing a pen from who knows where, she began writing on the slip before passing it over to the girl.  "Here's our numbers.  Feel free to text or call us any time.  I have a feeling we're going to be the best of friends!"  

And with that, Alice began pulling me away from my mate back to our table.  Not one to be outdone, I made sure to put as much sway to my hips as I could, smirking happily as I heard my mate's pulse jump again.  Once we were seated at the table again, I turned back to see that the girl was staring unblinkingly down at the paper Alice had given her.

"Dude," one of the boys whispered in what I could only assume was awe, my hearing making it easy to eavesdrop.  "What the hell just happened?"

It was the other, quieter boy that answered, "Dude, new girl got game!  Wait, are you even gay, Bella?"

"Pan," my mate whispered almost absently, making my brow furrow in confusion as Alice practically vibrated beside me.  

"Uhh, what?" sneered the other girl I knew to be Lauren. That girl was a bitch and a half and had been jealous of me and my looks from the moment my family had arrived in Forks. 

"I'm pan--pansexual," Bella responded just as absently.  I was starting to worry about the girl until she finally shook her head, blinking several times before turning back to fully address her friends.  "I don't see gender when it comes to attraction; Cis, trans, non-binary, whatever. Love is love."

"Sis? I mean, those two are sisters, I guess." the first girl questioned.

"No," Bella replied with a chuckle, her face flushing a most delectable share of red.  "C-I-S, cisgender.  Means someone who presents as the gender they were born as.  Come on, guys, you've gotta get caught up with the times."

I couldn't help but feel a bit of pride at my mate's easy handling of not only her sexuality but the way she presented that information to her friends without fear.  As a woman now questioning her own sexuality, I couldn't imagine being so open about it all with anyone else.  Alice might understand, but then again my sister had always been easy to talk to.  

"So you're gay," the bitch-girl Lauren said with a curl of her lip.  I had to fight back the growl at the girl's attempt to bring insult to my mate's sexuality, but before I could do or say anything, Bella had already reached across the table and thumped the girl's forehead.

Alice just barely suppressed a giggle as Bella addressed the girl forcefully.  "Pansexual, keep up Lauren, jeez."

The girl reared back before sputtering.  "What the fuck, Swan!"

The kind girl was there to intervene, her hands up between the two girls in a calming gesture.  "Okay, let's calm down girls."

Bella just shrugged.  "If you have a problem with my sexuality, tell me now, because I caught enough shit from the girls back at my old high school in Phoenix to put up with it here."

The kind girl just shrugged.  "I'm straight, 100%, but I don't have a problem with it.  You're still Bella to me."

The boys both nodded, looking a little more intrigued than my instincts were appreciating as the boy (Michael?) gave Bella what I'm sure he thought was a sexy grin.  "Hey, it just means we have more in common now!"

Bella blinked at the boy before giving him a raised-brow look.  "You're pansexual?"

The boy backpedaled, shaking his head quickly.  "N-No, we both like girls!"

A smack to the back the boy's head had him crying out in indignation.  "Hey!"

"You're an idiot, Mike," Bella said with a combination of humor and sarcasm that I found quite fetching.

"Are you done eavesdropping?" Alice murmured from my side, snapping my gaze back to our table, only to find every set of my family's eyes on me.  If I could have blushed, I think I would have.  Dear gods, what was this girl doing to me? 

"Shove it, pipsqueak," I replied, shouldering Alice without much force.  "I can't help it that my mate is intriguing."

"Intriguing, huh?" Alice's grin was practically dripping with playful intent.  "Should I tell her that when she texts me during fifth period?"

I expected the tiny vampire to go up in flames from my glare alone, but that just made her cackle in that tinkling way of hers.  "Don't worry," she assured me, "she'll text you too.  Eventually."  With that, she was up and on her way out of the cafeteria right as the bell rang, my growl of frustration following close behind her as I gave chase.  Unfortunately for me, we were heading in different directions so I wouldn't get a chance to thump her until after school.


Okay, but seriously, what the fuck?  I had thought that moving back to Forks for my last year of school would be quiet and uneventful at the very least, or socially damning at the worst.  After Renee decided I was 'broken' after she caught me making out with a girl in my room, she thought sending me to live with my dad would be enough to put me back on the straight and not-gay.  Surprise, Mom!  Looks like I just got better at being gay!

Seriously, though, how did I go from having a quiet first day at Forks High to garnering the attention of two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen?  I mean, dear gods, where did these two come from?  The perky little pixie girl was stunning in an exotic, adorable way, and the blonde bombshell looked like she'd just strutted off a runway.  And sisters at that!  I mean, they looked nothing alike other than the similarly yellow-colored eyes, but Mike had said they were all adopted, which would explain the blonde having a different name.

Ahh!  I didn't know what to do!  My irritation of Lauren being a bitch and Mike being a dumbass couldn't override my quickly devolving mental functions.  I feel like I'd already burned several brain cells trying to figure out what the hell those girls could possibly want with me.  Me, plain-Jane Bella!  Unremarkable, uninteresting, un-so many things!  While these two were easily elevens on a one to ten scale!  

My hand was still tingling where the blonde's cold lips had pressed.  Gods, I thought my heart was just going to stop beating right there.  Yep, brain-dead and catatonic.  Seriously, 'Hi?'  What is wrong with me?

I was still staring idly at the paper with the flowing script that was Alice Cullen's delicate handwriting.  Even her bloody penmanship was perfect!  And I had not just one, but two numbers to respond to.  What the hell am I going to say?  I nearly had a nosebleed when the girls walked--sashayed back to their table.  Yep, I've died and gone to my own personal limbo, because hell would have those girls laughing in my face, and heaven would have them naked, just saying.  Yep, I'm stuck in limbo with no idea of how to pass on and without a way back.

"So," Mike began oh-so-casually as we made our way out of the cafeteria, "Are you gonna call them?"

"Fuck if I know," I murmured in response, already knowing I was going to text them as soon as I got to my next class.  "Later," I called out when it came time for us to go our separate ways.  

True to form, I was pulling out my phone as soon as I landed (because you can't really call what I did 'sitting') in the empty desk when I reached Trig.  After saving both of their numbers to my contacts, I opened up a blank text to both of them.

'So, what god did I please in order to garner the attention of two of the most beautiful women to walk this plane of existence?'  I shot the text off to both numbers without hesitation, my anxiety shooting through the roof only after an alert confirmed the texts were sent.  Holy shit, did I just fucking say that?!  I'm not this smooth, what the hell is happening to me?!

Before I could really devolve into a good ole fashion panic-attack, my phone vibrated.  Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.  I couldn't not read the reply, but holy hell was I freaking out.

Pixie Goddess:  'That would probably be Dionysus, the god of wine and excess.  Or maybe Eros, the Greek God of love and sex.  Personally, I would go with Eris, the goddess of chaos as I hear that mayhem follows you.'

Blonde Goddess:  'Satan.'

I burst out laughing just as the teacher walked in, snapping my mouth shut and biting my lip as I suddenly had the attention of every student.  Luckily, the teacher launched into his lesson almost immediately, leaving my embarrassment to simmer in the background.  Gods, what the hell was I going to do with the attention of two equally beautiful and equally hilarious women?  I could not get away with this without some kind of karmic backlash!  Knowing my luck, it was all some cruel game to see who could make the new girl drool the quickest.

They did seem genuinely interested, though, my mind couldn't help but supply.  Alice's smile could light up the room, while Rosalie's downright seductive smirk was enough to reduce me to a stuttering, bumbling mess.  I could still feel that damn tingle where Rosalie's lips had been.

I'm so screwed, I thought, my gaze going unfocused as I stared at the front of the class.


I couldn't help the elation that filled me as I twirled my way out into the parking area with Rosalie at my side.  Her reaction to Bella was so damn precious.  I could practically see the ice melting from around the woman's heart.  She was almost a completely different person as we stood there before our mate; that swooping kiss she left on Bella's hand was equal parts hilarious to watch, and heart-stoppingly seductive.  I think Bella almost swooned!

I was having fun, far more than I thought I would.  Rosalie had no idea that we shared a mate, but she never once interrupted me in my attentions towards the brunette or reacted in any territorial manner.  She may not have realized it yet, but her inner vampire hadn't once recognized me as a threat to her mate.  I could only take this as a positive, seeing as we would need to be on the same page in loving our mate.  

It just came so easy!  Flirting with the girl, teasing Rosalie, I don't think anyone other than Edward had a clue what was actually going on.  Still, we needed to have that family meeting once we got home.

A ping from both our phones had me point out my device.

Ma Belle:  'Seriously, that was not supposed to sound as smooth as it did.  I feel like I should apologize and plead the fifth at the same time.'

I couldn't hide the grin at the girl's follow-up text.  Damn she was adorable!  I quickly typed out a reply.   'If that was accidental, then I think I might just swoon if you put effort into it.'

"What are you smiling at, pipsqueak?" Rosalie finally turned to me after answering her own texts.

"Oh nothing," I replied, fighting to keep my grin from widening.  "Texting Bella-boo, what about you?"

I could see the warmth flooding her gaze as she stared down at her phone, a smile twitching at her lips.  "She's something, isn't she?"

I felt my grin soften into a genuine smile as I bumped her shoulder.  "Only the best for this family!"

Rosalie's gaze finally met mine, and there it was, that front row seat I was talking about.  The warmth she had tried to keep hidden bloomed unbidden on her face, her smile immaculate and perfect and so damn happy I couldn't stop myself from drawing her into a tight hug.  To my continued disbelief, she returned it, a beautiful laugh rumbling from the back of her throat.

This was something I would fight for.  This was Rosalie Hale in love, and I vowed then and there to do everything in my power to keep our mate with us, always.


I couldn't hide the outright happiness I felt.  My mate was not only unrelentingly beautiful, but she was hilarious to boot.

Bella-mou: 'If you're friends with Satan, can you ask him to reserve me a warm seat for the trip down?  Cause I already know where I'm heading when I'm done here.'

My smirk was just this side of playful when I sent my reply.  'It's Hell, babe, there'll be plenty of warm seats.  But in the event you are dissatisfied, you can always sit in my lap.'

"You done flirting with Bella?" came a teasing voice from my other side from Alice.  I looked up to catch the playful grin Emmett was shooting me, another eye-roll already in motion when I turned to Alice. 

"Mind if I ride with you," I ask the smaller girl.  "I can't stand the smell of testosterone that fills the spaces every where this adult child goes."  I gestured behind me for effect, since we both knew exactly whom I was talking about.  Alice's tinkling laugh pulled another smile from me, the pixie girl practically dragging me along to her Porsche, Emmett's complaints following at a distance as he left for Edward's Volvo.  It was strange, but instead of following us, Jasper joined the other boys.

Fine by me, I thought, settling into the passenger seat beside Alice.  I liked her company better nowadays anyway.  Another ping from my phone drew my attention once again.

Bella-mou:  'I think i have a nosebleed.  Thanks for that image. :P'

I felt myself smiling as I fired back a quick reply.  'Consider it an open-ended offer.  I've been told I can be quite comfortable to cuddle with.'  Literally no one has ever said that about me, but dammit if I couldn't help flirting.  In fact, most people refer to me as the Ice Queen.  The fact that I'm actually cold to the touch has nothing to do with that nickname, earned completely on merit alone.  

"How's little Bella-boo?" Alice chimed in as we pulled out of the parking area, heading for home.

"She's..." I sighed wistfully before leaning back in my seat.  "She's perfect."