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when the rain comes

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all his life gulf has always hated mathematics and anything that involves numbers. he strongly believes that mathematics will do him no good in the future. the most dreaded day of his is about to come and he has been sweating buckets. the entrance exam tests are usually mostly composed of mathematics and science.

gulf lifts his head and is suddenly hit by a chalk. he’s met with the disappointed eyes of his calculus professor.

“mr. traipipattanapong, always sleeping in my class. if you are doing well. here answer the question i wrote on the board.” professor best instructed him.

“fuck fuck fuck im so fucked” gulf looked at his best friend mild before standing up because mild just shrugged also not knowing the answer.

he nervously walked to the platform and held the chalk. he was in the middle of solving when completing blanked out. he really didn’t know what to and was just staring ahead of him. he was pulled out from his trance when he felt a hand slap my nape.

“aow! i really can’t do this professor” gulf said. fuck i feel it he’s about to lecture me about taking ex-

“how will you answer your entrance exams? this is one of the most basic problems. i know you’re set to be a professional martial artist but please prioritize your academics too.” the professor reminded gulf which made him sigh.

“i know, professor it’s just that i really can’t do it. no matter how hard i try i really can’t” gulf replied and slowly came back to his seat.

classes finished and gulf went back home. entrance exams and training clouding his mind. all he wants right now is to watch television and snack on crispy pork he bought along the way going back home. the rainy weather adding to his gloomy mood.

he’s currently using his phone lying on the sofa with text books that seem to be just a display while the television is on. he received a message from mild and they are just gossiping non-stop when his best friend suddenly reminded him—

“kana, are you even studying right now? want me to help you?” mild texted him.

“there’s no point!!!1!1!” gulf replied to the message. he thought that there’s really no point in trying anymore. he’s just wants to disappear and run away from all his problems.

“u could get into a nice uni w/ scholarship bc of ur soccer and acads u kno?” mild returned. gulf was about to reply when his butt was suddenly slapped by no other than his beloved mother.

“kanawut traipipattanapong! whats the use of all those books around you if you’re not reading it. always on your phone! maybe that reason why your knees are hurting” gulf’s mom scolded him.

what the hell, how can my phone affect my knees? and it’s hurting because i fell during soccer practice.

“mae, i was taking a break! studying all these are making my head hurt.” gulf whined.

“what break are you talking about, i’ve been here for 10 minutes and i didn’t see you even look once at your notes. maybe if you had my genes you’d get into a top university. but no, you unfortunately have your father’s –“his mom replied to him.

why is my mom like this!!!! what did i do in my past life to deserve this!!!! i’m getting sick and tired of all these scolding i get everyday.

“only if you can use your ability to be suddenly transported to future and be successful. move your butt. im going to watch.” his mom added and sat beside him. he transferred his attention to the television and saw a documentary about the history of thailand. he was not interested in those and went back to his phone.

night came and gulf was trying to study for the test tomorrow. struggling to get information in his head. his head already hurting from forcing himself to take in multiple subjects in one night for the test tomorrow.

he decided to practice his martial arts routine to relax for a bit. martial arts are his passions. he’s been doing it since he was a child and ever since his love for the sport went on. he’s proud enough to say that he is one of the best in the academy but is still humble to know that there is always room for improvement and wants to pursue it professionally.

after hours of practicing, gulf didn’t notice that it was almost 3 am. now with his nerves relaxed, he doesn’t seem to be nervous about the test later. if he sleeps now he’ll get at most 5 hours of slumber. gulf has to be awake by 6:30 to eat breakfast and to arrive by 7:30 in time for the test.

when he was awaken by his mother in the morning, nagging him to get up in an instant, his nervousness suddenly came back. realizing that he didn’t study at all and spent the night practicing his routine. everything seems to be crashing down as he feels like his end is near. he took a shower and went downstairs to eat breakfast. with slow steps he went to the dining room, his hands and feet sweaty from the nervousness.

he can’t swallow the food properly, his mind clouded with nervousness for the test later. his mother noticing this said, “ai gulf at this rate you’ll arrive at school at 8:00! hurry up!”.

“mae i really can’t do this. can i skip this please? I swear even if I try nothing will happen” gulf replied after shoving all the food in his mouth. standing up he was gathering his things and was about to go out of the door when his mother pulled his hand and reached his forehead for a kiss.

“i know you’ll do well okay? just do your best. su su gulf!” she said and went behind me to add more snacks in my bag. she also handed him an umbrella because there was a prediction that it will rain later that day. not interested in what she is doing gulf just ignored his mom and tried to say goodbye.

ugh so annoying. she told me to hurry up now she’s holding me back…

gulf successfully went outside then he heard his mom shouting on top of her lungs.


gulf just ignored it.

he was now sitting on the bus on the way to the testing center trying to suck in as much information as he could from his text books. quickly reading through the pages he tried to remember as much concepts as he can. oblivious to his surroundings the bus suddenly came into a halt which caused his books to fall over his lap. someone was helping pick-up his books when he looked out the window and saw that this was his stop.

quickly giving his thanks to the person who helped him. he ran out of the bus forgetting his umbrella that he hung on the seat in front of him. it was raining badly and the bus immediately left, losing the chance to recover his umbrella.

fuck. we are off to a great start. i feel it...this day is going to be the worst.

walking under the rain is really dampening his mood and his clothes. he’s about 10 minutes away from the testing center. walking slowly he is rethinking things.

my hands are shaking and im no where near answering the test. what more when im actually doing it already? but this if for my future. if i don’t get this right i won’t be able to get into a good school and get job opportunities. my future literally depends on this.

stopping under a tree he took a deep breath.

please i just want to disappear. please. please. please. i want to run away from all of this. i can’t take it anymore.

looking at his surroundings he noticed that he was in a playground. a small kid playing soccer at area. when the kid’s ball fell into a puddle. gulf volunteered to get the ball for the child. he walked towards the puddle and took the ball. he looked into the puddle and saw how deep it was. wondering how the ball didn’t look like it was in a deep puddle. the child getting impatient, she took the ball from gulf’s hands and went away.

gulf looked into the puddle more and his eyes widened at what he saw and heard. it looked like a whole different world down there. he looked up to the sky and noticed the rain was getting heavier.

thinking twice, he looked down again and contemplated if he was going to go down. his ability to transport anywhere when it was raining came to his mind. he can transport to different places as long as it was raining and there is a puddle which can serve as a portal.

maybe if i go down here no one will notice i left? should i? maybe i’ll go to a far away city where no one knows me. just to escape from this for a while.

gulf stood up and tested his foot if it was really deep. and it really was deep enough to sink in his whole foot. he decided that he would do it and sink into the puddle.

he placed his left foot first then his other foot, finally sinking down the puddle. the child playing soccer awhile ago was extremely shocked. gulf felt like he was drowning. the water beneath him doesn’t seem to have no end.

i’m gonna die even before i have a future. i hate this so much. mae i love you really. ju don’t pee on my bed.

after what felt like an eternity of drowning, he finally saw light and he was reaching towards it. he found himself in a marble basin like structure up in a platform. he was coughing badly wanting to get the water out his throat. he gripped into the rim of the basin and spit the water out. he grabbed his phone from his pocket and checked if it was working properly. it was still working properly but there’s no signal.

he looked down and saw an army of what seems like startled old era soldiers that was looking up to him with sticks pointing towards gulf. and a leader that looked furious was walking towards him. gulf being confused on why they felt so threatened of him—

“hey sorry did i interrupt a historical movie filming?” he asked the audience.