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Shadows Of Paris

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“Some first training trip to the TV World for Kanji, you dumb bear!” Yosuke yelled angrily. “You got us lost!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Teddie sobbed, cowering on the floor, “I thought I was following the right scent!”

“Note to self…” Chie grumbled irritatedly, “Never do trips to the TV World after bringing Teddie food.”

“Damnit!” Kanji growled, almost as irritated as Yosuke, “Even if we never find the sauna, how are we gonna get back?”

At this Teddie perked up. Hopping back up, the walking costume slowly said, “Well… I could bring up that stack of TVs here.”

“You can do that?” Yu asked. “Why haven’t you done that when we’re lost in any of those Dungeons?”

“It doesn’t work in Dungeons!” Teddie explained hastily, “And there is a downside if I just pull one up now.”

“And that would be…?” Yukiko asked hesitantly.

“They would take us somewhere else,” Teddie said ominously, “I’m not sure where we’ll end up…”

A few seconds of silence followed, the Investigation Team unsure of what to say.

“We could go back into the TVs and find our way back later, right?” Yu was the first to speak, tone contemplative.

“Of course!” Teddie nodded eagerly. “I’ll stay here and wait until you’re back.”

“But what if we get back to Inaba on our own?” Yukiko pondered. “How will you find us?”

“Well, I have your scents memorized,” Teddie answered, “If I pick up you guys’ scents, I’ll just follow the smell.”

“Are we seriously pondering this, partner?” Yosuke gawked.

“Do you want to try retracing our steps?” Yu pointed out. “At worst, we’ve racked up enough money for plane tickets through fighting Shadows.”

Yosuke looked like he had doubts, but he eventually sighed and nodded at Teddie. The bear nodded determinedly.

He then jumped up a little and did something like a Ground-Pound from Super Mario. In a puff of smoke, the red stack of TVs popped up. It took a little squeezing for everyone to get in, but they went through.

“Lucky Charm!” Ladybug cried. In a flash of pink light, a monkey wrench fell into her hands. She’d been getting instances to grab extra Miraculouses for almost a week now, but she had no clue who to give it to. She’d already given Miraculouses to Kagami and Luka, swapping their previous Miraculouses with each other; now Kagami used the Snake as Hebi and Luka used the Dragon as Wyvern.

So lost in thought was she over who to bring in that she was almost fried alive by the akuma of the day. Prime Queen had made her return, and she now had the ability to shoot electricity from her hands. Thankfully, Wyvern had tackled her out of the way.

“Go, Ladybug!” Hebi cried out.

“We’ll keep them busy!” Chat declared. Wyvern helped her up and nodded.

“But-” Ladybug began, but another burst of electricity from Prime Queen forced her to stop and dodge it. Not wasting any more time, she took off.

Knowing she was on a timer, she stopped within the nearest vacant store in the mall where they had been fighting. It was an electronics repair store owned by Nino’s mother, and the only TV in there wasn’t working; thus, Prime Queen couldn’t teleport through it even if she knew where Ladybug was.

Deciding to hide and think it over, the superheroine jumped over the counter and detransformed with a sigh of, “Tikki, Spots Off.”

When an exhausted Tikki reappeared, Marinette gave her a cookie to recharge on while she thought. She didn’t really trust any of the other previous heroes right now given that Lila had deceived them, and she couldn’t think of anyone who she trusted to help her.

Suddenly, the broken TV’s screen lit up with a spiraling black and white pattern. Marinette and Tikki paused, Tikki swallowing the piece of cookie she was chewing on, to look at it confusedly. Wasn’t that TV broken?

As if to further confuse them, the light emanating from the TV grew greater and harsher until the duo had to look away. 


“Woah!” Was this the work of Prime Queen or another akuma? No, that couldn’t be right. 

Then again, how else do you explain five people coming out from a television, let alone one that wasn’t even working? She could only stare at the five older teens as they just seemed to notice Marinette and Tikki, both in a state of shock with the younger’s breathing starting to pick up. Oh crap, others had seen Tikki! Marinette’s mind began racing, barely able to hear Tikki’s voice trying to calm her. 

One of them - a sporty girl with light-brown short hair wearing green clothes - yelped something out in a language that Marinette didn’t know while pointing frantically at Tikki. She knew French and English, but whatever language they spoke, she didn’t know it.

“Um…” Marinette began in French, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

The eyes of a silver-haired boy among the group widened in understanding. He stepped forward and knelt down, making himself almost eye level with Marinette, and asked, “Where are we?” in slow, hesitant French.

“...Paris, France?” Marinette said awkwardly. “Anyways, how did you come from the-”

Another explosion rocked the building, causing the newcomers to yelp. A boy who looked like he could have been the first girl’s brother to yelp loudest of all of them. This caused Marinette to glance at the entrance, muttering a curse. She had forgotten about Prime Queen! 

“Look,” she began, “we’ll have to talk later. For now, you need to-”

A thought occurred to her, then. She looked down at the monkey wrench in her hand. 

At last, a light went off in her head.

“Actually, stay here!” she ordered the quintet. Quickly turning to Tikki, she saw that the kwami had finished eating the cookie. 

“Tikki, Spots On!” she cried, transforming and making a beeline for her home, where the Miracle Box was hidden in her room. After grabbing the needed Miraculous, Marinette began making her way back to the store.

Still stunned, it was Yukiko who finally spoke first. “Yu, where are we? How did that girl change clothes so quickly? Is she some sort of-"

“I don’t know,” Yu interrupted, trying to calm her down, “I don’t know how she did those things or where that explosion came from, but I do know we’re in Paris.”

“Wait, like in France?” Kanji gasped, his mouth wide open.

“Seems so,” Yu replied, “I don’t think that girl would lie to u-”

Suddenly, the girl from earlier - still clad in that superheroine suit - appeared again, running up to meet them. 

Turning to Yu, she pointed to Yosuke and asked, “What’s his name?”

“Yosuke Hanamura,” Yu said, his ability to be calm under any situation kicking in, “If you need, I can translate for you.”

“Of course,” the girl said. Pulling out her yo-yo, she somehow pulled a small box out of it and extended it to Yosuke.

“Yosuke Hanamura,” she said, Yu explaining what she said with every sentence, “this is the Monkey Miraculous, which grants the power of Jubilation. If you are willing, you will use it for the greater good, and when you’re done, you’ll return it to me. Are you willing to become a hero today?”

“Seriously? I get to be some kind of hero?” Yosuke gawked in Japanese, his eyes sparkling. “Even if it’s temporary, I totally accept!”

With that, he opened the box eagerly and was promptly greeted by a light-brown flash of light, causing him and the others to recoil. When it faded, a small monkey-thing was floating in front of him, while there was a beautiful circlet inside of the box.

“Hiya!” the monkey-thing greeted, “Name’s Xuppu!”

“It talks?!” Kanji gasped, “Damn, that’s cool!”

“You do it too, nitwit!” Xuppu snapped at him. The fact that Xuppu understood was a bit of a surprise, but it shouldn’t have been unexpected.

“At least it understands Japanese,” Yu noted.

“Ooh, Japanese,” Xuppu grinned, “How’d you get people all the way from Japan here, Ladybug?”

“Japan?!” Ladybug gawked. Before she could dwell on that any longer, another explosion rocked the room, louder than before.

“Crap!” Yosuke yelped. Turning to Xuppu, he asked, “How do I become a superhero?”


“You can’t run forever, Chat Noir!” Prime Queen giggled, “Now that I’ve dealt with my brat, you’re all that’s left! Give me your Miraculous, or prepare for the shock of a lifetime!”

From behind cover, Chat opened his mouth to make a remark to himself but was interrupted by a cry of “Uproar!”

Before anyone could react, a sock-monkey flew from an unseen angle, bouncing off of Prime Queen’s head.

“Show’s over, Prime Queen!” Ladybug’s voice rang out.

“Oh, yeah?” the akuma questioned, whipping around to see the superheroine standing behind her. “You think you’re gonna stop me with a sock-monkey?”

She prepared to shoot out her new power at Ladybug, only to end up zapping herself as the electricity poorly conducted itself back to her. With a groan of pain, Prime Queen collapsed to the floor, completely unconscious.

Quickly, Ladybug rushed over, removed the smart watch her akuma was hidden in and broke it, releasing the akuma.

From their hiding points, Yosuke - clad in a light-brown outfit and wearing the Monkey circlet - and his friends watched in awe as the swarm of ladybugs swept through the city and fixed all the damages.

Once it was done, Chie whispered out, “That was so cool!”

Chat Noir, Wyvern & Hebi, being on timers themselves, made their escapes back to their homes while Ladybug went back to where Yosuke and his friends were once she was sure nobody was around.

“Thank you very much for your help today… what should I call you with the Miraculous on?”

After Yu translated for her, Yosuke said, “I’ll be Langur.”

Yu let Ladybug know of this name choice. She smiled at them as she took the Miraculous back, but once it was in her hands again, her look turned serious.

“Look,” she said sternly, “You can’t tell anyone about this. It’s too dangerous!” 

She didn’t hear the muttered “Not like he would,” from Kanji, who was promptly jabbed in his side by Chie.

“Of course,” Yu answered for them, “We can keep all of this secret. By any chance, is there a… Miraculous, I think you called it… that can move people places quickly and discreetly?”

“Of course!” Ladybug said, “It sounds like you guys ended up here on accident. Yosuke, you helped me out, so this is the least I could do for you all!”

“If you need our help again,” Yu said as Marinette - who had since introduced herself, as had the rest of them - exchanged phone numbers with him, “Just text or call us first. We’ll let you know if we’re able to help you out that day.”

“Thank you so much,” she said, before transforming with Kaalki into the alias she called Mare. With a cry of Voyage, she opened a portal to an alley near the Junes in Inaba.

“This was pretty cool, all in all!” Chie grinned, “Nobody would believe this story if we told ‘em! Not that we’ll tell anyone, anyways…”

Mare simply smiled and held out a small box for each teenager. “As another thank-you, please take these home and enjoy,” she said gratefully. “They’re what in my personal opinion are the best pastries in Paris!”

“Aw, yeah!” Kanji cheered as he took his box.  With that, the quintet of older teens made their way through the portal. 

Once all five had made their way over, Mare breathed a sigh of relief before murmuring, “Kaalki, Dismount.”

After Kaalki was returned to the Miracle Box, Marinette’s look turned contemplative.

“How do you think they came out of that TV?” she asked Tikki.

“I have no idea,” Tikki said honestly, “Do you think we should ask them next time we see them?”

“Who knows if we’ll see them again?” Marinette sighed. Her eyes then lit up with another idea. 

Looking over to her calendar, she saw it was Friday night. Sneaking downstairs, she crept to their TV and put her hand to its surface. Just like with the entrance of her new allies, the TV glowed, the black-and-white spirals appearing on it. 

Hesitantly, she slowly entered. However, her clumsiness kicked in and she fell into the TV’s portal.