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Smut Shorts

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It was a warm day in Tocavile,Rita and Leon were outside in the backyard of Leon's house playing hide and seek. They went back inside as they began to feel tired



They sat together on the couch drinking water,"That was fun! Let's do that again when it gets cooler!" Rita said as she drank down her bottle a bit of water going down her white shirt that replaced her normal sweater since it was a bit too hot,Leon couldn't help himself from looking at her. He did have a crush on the girl but never had the courage to ask her out due to his anxiety

Rita crumpled up her bottle and threw it into the trashcan that was nearby. She leaned back onto the couch smiling,the boy looked down blushing seeing her in such a position made him..feel weird. Leon took in a breath and looked at Rita and he blushed deeply,she was in a very suggestive way and she seemed to not notice it. That was the breaking point for him,he just needed her now.



"I think I should be going. I promised Nari I would meet her-" Rita tried to stand up but was pushed down by Leon. She looked at him confused as his hands pinned her wrist by her head,"L..Leon?" The boy kissed her softly finally feeling her soft lips after all these years, Rita was in shock but fell into the sweet and tender kiss. The two held each other as they kissed

Leon removed his hands and slid them into Rita's shirt and under her sports bra,the girl opened her eyes and looked into the boys eyes that were filled with lust. Leon's hand brushed her breast finally feeling her,what a feeling that he can finally have to himself,"Leon..stop..I..I can't do this." Rita said sitting up and removing his hand,Leon looked at her confused hurt but didn't let himself cry

"We can talk later..ok?" She said trying to stand but the boy refused to let her up,"Leon,let me go!" "No.." "Why?! Are you really going to violate me til you get bored of me?!" "No..I..I don't want to violate you.." "Then why are you doing this?!" Rita lost her anger as Leon started to cry,"Because..I..I love you.." The boy let her go and covered his eyes,"I loved you..for..for so long..and..and I..I never had confidence to just tell you..that..that I love you. But..but now I ruined it for me..just because I..I wanted to do THIS!" He yelled. Rita sat up and placed a hand on her neck

"I'm..sorry Rita..I understand you don't want to be friends..I'll just-" Rita kissed his cheek causing him to look up,"I didn't know you liked" She backed up a bit and smiled,"I can be my first..just be gentle ok?" Leon smiled and moved closer to her,he kissed her lips again.



Nari walked down the road to Leon's house holding her spying equipment to see what her friends were doing,she went into Leon's basement and started to set up everything,she connected to the cameras that she placed around all her friend's houses. She turned it on and blushed seeing the two 'doing the dirty'. The girl with black hair watched as Leon moved his hand into Rita's skirt,Nari smiled as she ran her own hand down her pants and started to touch herself




"L..Leon.." The girl moaned feeling her friends hand going into her skirt and touching her clit,the boy pulled down her skirt,shorts and underwear finally having fully accuses to the part that he'd find himself looking when he begins to drift off. Leon licked the bundle causing a strong moan to come out the girl,he lowed his head down and began licking the area. Rita gripped his hair as she moaned louder not noticing how her screams seemed to echo throughout the house


Leon looked up at her as he ate her out,Rita was blushing deeply and a moaning mess. She griped tighter as his tongue entered inside her,Rita yelled out in ecstasy grinding herself on Leon feeling herself build up,"Leon! Go..Go faster!" She demanded,Leon lifted his head and licked his lips





The girl who was watching this ordeal was moaning herself as she slipped a finger inside her,a smile was plain on her face thinking of the one she stalks when she's feeling like this,"Zeke..yes.." She moaned going faster thinking of them doing it together like how Rita and Leon are doing it. Nari pressed deeper inside her,her face contorted with pleasure feeling herself getting closer






Rita watched as Leon removed his pants and boxer showing his cock which wasn't that big but looked nice from Rita's point of view,the girl looked in awe at the rock hard cock in front of her,"Ready?" He asked pressing it against her hole,Rita bit her lip and nodded. Leon began to push into her feeling the tightness of her hole,Rita took in a sharp breath and let out a soft moan. She smiled as she let out moans of pleasure squeezing her eyes shut,Leon gripped Rita's hips and thrusted inside her. Rita screamed out her thoughts disappearing and being replaced with only love,"Oh yes! Yes!" The boy bit his lip feeling the girl's hole tighten around him,"I..I love you Rita!" "I love you too!"

The two kids who were once fiends,but now lovers,locked lips their tongues dancing in passion as Leon's thrusts got more sloppier which meant he was close,"Rita..? C..Can I put it inside you?" the girl wasn't able to talk,but she nodded. She gripped Leon's neck and lifted herself with her legs around his waist,"I'm gonna..I'm..I'm gonna..AHHH!" 





Rita's vision hazed feeling herself release a substance and a substance enter inside her,Leon was also felt amazing. The boy pulled out and took in a deep breath,"I-" the girl grabbed him and pulled him down beside her,"Don't talk..I just wanna lie beside you.." She said hugging him feeling tired. Leon smiled grabbing the blanket off the couch and putting it over them


Nari caught her breath removing her fingers from her body,she licked it and smiled. The girl watched the two sleep from their love making,"You know..I think Zeke might be free-" The girl lit up and pulled up her pants


She had a lot to do today

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It was another night at the hotel which was ironic, since it always looked like night, the residents were either sleeping and or wondering the halls to catch a certain pest who was stealing their souls

The rat who ran the hotel was having a hard time trying to stay clear minded because of that certain pest, he did try to catch the child himself but they were slipping through his fingers and hiding away inside one of the many cracks this place harbored, it was really driving him insane, if he wasn't already

His mother was going to hang him by his tail if he didn't come up with a plan to stop that child from stealing anymore souls and leaving the hotel. But everything was becoming hard for him to take in, even the simplest of tasks, like reading his favorite book to take his mind off everything would give him a migraine or a headache he couldn't bear


The chef of this hell walked out into the lobby while whistling, he still had his soul and planned to keep it safe. Hell's Chef took one look at Gregory's face and got the idea he was pissed and he knew what the reason was,"The child?" Chef's voice snapped Gregory's attention to him, he pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed,"The child.." The chef walked over to his boss with a comforting expression,"Maybe you should take a break, it will help you concentrate more." The rat closed his book

"Can't. Mama would drag me by my tail to the moon and throw me into an endless abyss if I survive." Hell's Chef chuckled, he looked around the lobby before back at his boss,"Well, when you do eventually decide to take a break, meet me in the kitchen, I got just the thing to help you relax." Gregory sighed,"Sure.." Chef walked back into the dining room continuing his whistling from where he left off


Awhile passes, Gregory took in a breath before closing his book, he put it under his desk and got up from behind the counter. He walked in the direction of the kitchen with his head in his hands, he looked over and noticed the child coming downstairs holding objects and walking towards the kitchen,"Where do you think you're going?" The rat asked annoyed, the child stopped halfway. He looked at Gregory before running away, the rat rolled his eyes and entered the dining room


Gregory pushed the door opened and entered the kitchen, being greeted by the huge chef chopping meat,"Ah! Gregory, you finally made it!" Chef looked over with a smile,"Just let me finish up right here.." He said going back to chopping,"You're in no's not like I had anything else to do." Gregory said while looking around the kitchen, even though he wonders the hotels everyday he hardly ever enters the kitchen due to the fact it was Chef's area and he respected that

He kept it surprisingly clean, except for some of the blood stains but they weren't uncommon here

The rat looked back at Chef after having his gander of his work station, he was putting the meat into the pot,"Done." Gregory crossed his arms,"Great, now what were you saying about..relaxing?" The candle walked over to Gregory and towered over him,"Gregory-" Hell's Chef asked moving some of Gregory's bleach blonde hair out his face,"When was the last time we, fooled around?" The rat furrowed his brows wondering why he asked that question,"A few months ago..why?" Chef leaned into his boss's ear,"I just thought of the perfect way to help you relax, would you like to try it?" A shiver ran down the rat's spine, his expression softened and he swallowed a lump in his throat

"If it'll help-" Gregory wrapped his arms around the chef's neck and brought his face closer to the candle's,"Then do it."


Hell's Chef grabbed his boss lightly and placed him on top of the counter,"Be careful this time, one wrong move, and I'm leaving." Gregory said watching the candle remove his clothing, the chef chuckled"Whatever you say, ma'am." The rat tensed up,"Strike one! Watch it!" The chef laughed while he pulled the rest of the rat's clothes off. He laid Gregory on the counter like a fine meal, ready to be devoured, the chef licked his lips and started biting into the rat's neck


Chef's teeth went deeper into Gregory's neck causing enough force to draw blood,the taste of iron went onto his tongue not a good taste but it had a bitter-sweetness to it. He refused to lift his head running his tongue over the bite mark collecting more blood,Gregory didn't move an inch a tear was going down his face from the extreme pain but he was fine nonetheless

Hell's Chef finally lifted his head and looked at the bite mark,he ran a finger over it cause a slight flinch from Gregory. Chef laid his body down on the counter grabbing his legs by the thighs,"Ready?" Chef asked rubbing the head of his penis against Gregory,"Y-Yes.." He said in a shaky voice. The candle pushed inside slowly,Gregory gasped a huge gust of air going inside his throat,"Relax my dear..let your pain and worries melt away.." The chef's calm inviting tone brought a nice feeling to him..he never had that feeling before mainly 'cause his mother never showed him love or care


The only one who understood him was Hell's Chef,he considered his feelings and didn't take advantage of him. Gregory felt the start of the base hit,Chef was very huge compared to him..but he could take it. With a deep breath,he whispered in Chef's ear,"Move.."

Chef went at an easy pace for Gregory to get used to the feeling of having a cock inside him again,it has been a month since they did this. The rat let out small moans taking sharp breaths in between each moan,it was sorta sweet hearing those noises come out of a figure like Gregory

"Ready for me to go faster?" Chef asked petting Gregory slightly,the rat nodded. Just like that,a scream filled the marble kitchen..thank god the walls are soundproof

Gregory digged his nails into the black abyss of Chef's skin,his fingers seem to be going through it and Chef seems to not feel the pain,"Chef..I..I-" "Shooo..." The candle said kissing his cheek slowing his pace down a bit after hearing his shutter,"Relax..don't worry about anything.." the rat started to stutter his worlds trying to say something,"Chef..I..I" The candle stopped for a moment but went back into it,"I love you too much.."  



The child walked to the back of the hotel after outrunning Cactus Gunman and Lost Doll,he walked towards a laundry shoot that'll lead him to the kitchen. He quickly buckled down and went down into where the kitchen was


Once he was there,he looked up from the pile of clothes he was in..and saw the discourse in front of him. Of course he didn't say anything, it would be a death wish if he did, so he just watched


Chef trusted in faster half the knot going inside of Gregory, the rat's breathing hitched as it entered inside,"'re so..HUGE!" He cried out his teeth bearing down into the candle's skin which didn't affect him at all, In anything he was turned on my it,"

(note. this chapter is under construction cause I hated it. so its not done as of now)

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It was a chilly night, four friends were in the woods sleeping under the stars getting ready for another day of adventure


In one of the tents a boy by the name of Jeff Andonuts was trying to fall asleep but just couldn't,he put on his glasses and sighed,"Another one of those night.." He said referring to the nights he would stay up and look out his window at the pine tree. Jeff sat up turning on his carrier lamp and took out a book,"Maybe I'll get lost in the words..then I can sleep.."


Just another night for him, but something would shift this night around for the better

The zipper of the tent came up showing another boy, his name being Poo

"Hey Jeff, mind if I stay here for a bit, it's getting cold." He asked standing there, Jeff nodded giving a smile. Poo closed the tent up and sat beside his friend,"So what are you reading?" "It doesn't matter..I'm just trying to sleep."

Poo smirked,"I know a way for you to sleep." Jeff looked over interested in his idea, the tan boy placed his head in his hand,"Only if you want me to, but I have to warn you-" "Poo..I'm tired, and I need to be up early tomorrow, please."


Jeff watched as Poo got up and brought himself in front of him, without warning, he pulled the blondie's pants down,"W-What are you doing?!" He yelled pushing the boy back away from him which caused him to laugh,"My bad, I thought you wanted to sleep, guess I was wrong." He said standing up and walking towards the exit,"Have a nice night." The blondie sighed,"Fine." Poo sat back down in front of him and removed Jeff's boxes. Not that big, but it wasn't like he was going to put it inside..well maybe he can put it in another place

He pushed Jeff; his back hitting a tree that was behind the tent. Poo opened his mouth and lowered himself down onto the boy, a shaky moan came out of Jeff, it was clear he was new to this and Poo enjoyed those sounds from inexperienced people. The blonde gripped Poo's head but didn't lower it like the tan boy expected


Poo kept Jeff's hips down so he couldn't trust forward and ruin the pace he was building, Jeff didn't even want to move his head..god he was like a professional at this


Oh god. Jeff could feel the warm/wet tongue go over his head, the boy flung his head back hitting the tree but he could care less about the pain. The blonde's glasses started to become blurry with his breath becoming heavy, Poo lifted his head but continued to jerk Jeff off at a fast pace,"You seem to be enjoying yourself, did that Tony kid not please you enough?" Jeff looked at the boy through his blurry lenses,"W-We're just friends.." "So, if I'm correct, you're a virgin?" The boy looked away with a red face before nodding. Poo smirked seductively, taking his other hand and sticking a finger inside Jeff with a loud moan following after

"You're so tight around my finger..I'm curious..what if I put my cock inside here?" Poo said moving his finger in and out of the tight fit, Jeff's face contorted in nothing but pleasure,"More! MORE!" He screamed out,"More what?" The taller male asked, the smaller tried to speak but his pleasure stopped him from wanting to talk..all he wanted was more contact

Poo noticed some pre-cum come out Jeff's cock, he leaned down and gave a lick causing a louder moan to come out Jeff. The taller male smiled at the taste, salty..but pretty good. He removed Jeff's glasses causing him to go blind

The boy was laid down and Poo removed his fingers in replacement with his cock but he didn't push it in yet, Jeff's eyes widen feeling the head press against his entrance, he choked back a moan; feeling a hand return to his needy dick. Poo pushed the tip inside but didn't go in all the way instead removed himself before he could go any further

"P-Poo..j-just go inside me already!" Jeff yelled bucking himself into where the boys cock was but couldn't get it inside him, Poo moved his hand up and down faster feeling Jeff's cock twitch, the boy felt weak and tired


This night has been something


Poo flipped Jeff to face him once again, the taller boy lowered his mouth so the seed would go into his mouth. The blonde moaned just as loud as before, he grabbed Poo's head again,"Put your fingers back in me!" With no response, Poo pushed two fingers into Jeff. Their heat between each other grew over the past hour this has been happening

With a final moan, Jeff flung his head back squeezing Poo's head with his legs as he came. Poo licked the top as semen came out, it was very sweet..and thick, clearly this was his first orgasm. Poo lifted his head; swallowing the substance and removing his fingers,"Hope that helped, good night." He said giving him a kiss on the forehead before leaving



The blonde didn't move at all, he felt so weak; he just passed out with his legs spread and his face an awry of reds and pinks

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Alone in an apartment,a spotted hyena sits on his bed texting his friend who was a red panda. She had been the girl of his dreams for years but she never left the same,he asked if she would come over to hang

He sighed when she responded with,'Sorry. I got a date.'

He texted,'K' and put his phone on the charger


It had been hard for him to tell her his feelings, it gave him a huge headache. Haida sat up stretching his arms, he felt tired and needed to take a shower. The hyena gathered his clothing that was a plan T shirt along with shorts, he made his way to the bathroom closing the door behind him. Quickly, he discarded of his clothing and put them in a basket where he'll clean them tomorrow


Haida entered the shower feeling warm water hit his skin and going down his fur,he closed his eyes trying to clear his mind of anything. That's when the thought of Retsuko came up, her smile..that uniform around drove this hyena crazy. Without knowing, he had grabbed his shaft and started to move his hand

To keep his balance and not slip, he grabbed the hook that held the loofah which helped greatly. The hyena bit his lip moving his hand faster thinking of the adorable red panda who wouldn't accept his feelings no matter how hard he tried,at least his fantasy of her made him happy

Small moans came out his mouth thinking about her in more detail


Those hips..Her cute expression she makes when she's working..everything about her turned him on so much


He was growing an image of her in his mind, she was undressing 


The hyena bit his lip seeing the sight in front of him, a fantasy he knew wouldn't come true but he just couldn't help himself


Softly, he whispered out,"Retsuko.." He loved that panda to death, he would hurt anyone if they hurt her


Haida ran his thumb over the tip shuddering at the feeling, it felt so fucking great to him, only a few minutes til he would finally release all the built up pressure



The image of the panda grew more clear, she was pleasuring herself as well..Haida could see her, it turned him on even more then before

Retsuko had her fingers deep inside her moaning every time she thrusted them inside her


If only he could go over there and just remove her fingers, then he would replace them with his-


"AH!" Haida moaned his high hitting him off guard, it was almost time..he needed this..NOW




With a final moan, he released a moan along with his seed all over the shower wall


Out of breath,the hyena laid down taking in breath after breath



Haida turned the shower off and walked back to his bed taking his phone back into his hand,Retsuko had texted him while he was in the shower. It was from 15 minutes ago, so she must be asleep by now. She had asked

'Hey. Me and Fenneko are going drinking tomorrow night, wanna come?' With a smile, he responded,'Sure'

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It was a warm may afternoon,all the villagers were walking about enjoying the day as it was. You were heading towards the museum to drop off bugs for an owl to just get him pissed, since you weren't mayor this was the only joy you had besides talking to a certain bear

This bears name was Judy, she was adorable and you had wasted thousands of Nook Miles Tickets to try and get her into his town but it was worth it in the end. But you started to notice she didn't leave her house as much as, in fact..half of the females in this town including some of the males don't leave their houses. It worried you, maybe you'll stop by to check on some of them


Blathers was annoyed like always since you him brought bugs again,"Hope you like them!" You said running out the door, the owl sighed trying to find a place for the bugs


You ran down the street getting some looks at some of the females that would leave their houses their faces looked lustful. What got into everyone lately? You knocked on Judy's door waiting for her to open the door



Slowly..the door opened, it was cold and it was dark,"Um..Judy? Are you-" The bear's head popped out the door, her fur was messy and a weird smell lingered in the air,"H..Hey Vill..wan-want to come in?" She asked her eyes half lidded in a sleepy manner,"Sure!" You walked inside her tiny home and noticed the smell got stronger


Your eyes landed on Judy who was in her underwear looking very suggestive, she couldn't stay still,"S-Sorry Villager..I-I can't seem to stop.." You backed up closing the door accidentally,"Stop what?" "S-Stop moving..y-you see..I'm in heat know.."

You heard of animals going through heat, but since everyone is like a human you didn't think it would be much of a problem..guess you were wrong

"Um..I..I-" Judy walked towards you grinding her leg into your crouch,"V-Vill..I want" You bit your lip and moved your hand to her hip, she jolted a bit smiling at you..her eyes seemed to glow more, it looked adorable


"L-Lets go to the couch..more..more comfy.." Judy said in a seductive way in your ear, with no more words, you two moved to the couch and continued. You lowered your head and started to suck on the bears colorful skin causing loud moans,'If her moans are THIS loud when I'm biting her..I'm scared to know what she sounds like when-"

Judy grabbed your head moving it down to where her crouch was,"I-I want your tongue..inside me~♡" You bit your lip again, you were confused at everything never even did this with a human before! Were you really about to have sex with an animal?'s a once in a lifetime chance to prob a cute pastel bear, this was going to be fun


You removed her pink panties and inserted your finger inside her hearing a louder moan out her mouth, her walls were extremely wet, you used your thumb to rub her clit making an even louder moan come out. You took a free hand to remove her bra and run a hand over her breast,"Vill..yes! Don't stop.." Judy screamed wanting more

You didn't know what to expect, but all you know is that you will be here for awhile 


You removed your finger and inserted your tongue inside, the bear screamed out louder then ever before. From your sight, she looked amazing..adorable would be the word to describe her. Judy flung her head back letting all her moans come out with no care for how loud she was, your tongue moved around the warm walls

But you pulled your tongue out making her whimper in sadness,"W..Why Vill?" Judy looked down and saw as you removed his pants making her jolt up in happiness. She looked hungry for whatever was in your pants and she wanted it..badly


Once it sprung free from it's clothing cage, you placed your 1 inch(wait. shit. sorry. misspelled it.)


Once it sprung free from it's clothing cage, you placed your 7 inch cock near the opening of the bear,"Go inside me..deep..please~" with a deep breath you push inside her making her scream in release

Of course she didn't come that soon,it was release of her heat being treated with a cock inside her finally. YOU made her feel this way, being the only human..she would have never felt this way if it wasn't for you


Judy grabbed your neck waiting for you to ram into her to finish her heat once and for all. You pushed deeper inside her feeling her stretch open more,"Pound me like a drum~" She begged. Giving her what she wants,you slammed yourself into her making the cub cry out in pleasure

Your movements were rough,your speed was fast,your size was perfect enough that it hardly fit inside Judy but that only made her more was just what she needed to fix this heat. Judy's moans were getting louder..strangely nobody made a complaint,oh well more fun for you two. You bit down on Judy's neck hard enough to make blood break from the skin,the dark red contrasted with the pastel colors but it gave you a sense of joy..sick sick joy


When Judy moans you feel like you accomplished something,after you spent so much time trying to get her you feel powerful finally putting that time to use. That's when something came to your head,you started to slow down and lean down to her ear,"Do you want me to pull out-" "If you pull out I'll milk you dry,GO FASTER!" No auguring there

With her demand,you went quicker then before her moans picking up pace again. Your cock started to twitch in anger inside her wanting to spill out inside this bear,you grabbed Judy by the hips and lifted her up so you'd be the one sitting and she'd be on top

You moved her up and down onto your dick with Judy's moans louder and more clear,you saw a substance go down your shaft making you even more horny. Feeling your own climax reach,you grabbed Judy and brought her down harder


With that final thrust a warm sticky substance entered Judy the Snooty Cub,she breathed heavily falling onto your chest feeling tired fell asleep







You woke up hours later to see Judy wasn't on you,you saw her wearing a robe and standing by the couch,"About time you woke up. I was just about to take a shower." She said helping you up, your cock was deflated as it fell

Judy took you towards the bathroom and closed the door, she got in front of you and removed her robe showing her body once again



"Care to join me?" 

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Mega man awoke to darkness,he looked around but his vision was dark like he was blindfolded but he could tell he was tied to a bed of sorts. He started to breathe heavily as he tried to get the cut man weapon out but somehow it didn't work

"Look who decided to wake up." The voice was obvious since Mega heard it enough times for it to sound familiar, "Wily! Where am I?! What's going on?!" The man laughed walking towards the robot grabbing his arm,"Ok. First of all,your in my fortress. Second of all,Thomas has gotten on my nerves for the last time. So I think it's time to get a little revenge. Starting with the one thing he loves."

The robot started to panic,"Listen Wily,if you don't untie me this moment-" "what? You can't use the mega buster I disabled it." Mega started to panic again,"relax, everything will be alright." Wily said getting onto of him,"Are you going to kill me?" "no.." Wily leaned down to his ear,"I'm going to RAPE you."




Mega's eyes widened hearing that,Wily kissed him as he traveled his hand down his body,"n-no! Please Wily don't do this!" "Whatever you say won't change this,I'm doing this no matter what." Wily said now attacking his neck leaving black bite marks along his neckline,mega started to cry being in this situation. He started to struggle under the ropes that held his arms in place,"I'll do anything just untie me please! I'm..I'm scared.."

Wily only laughed,"so,you won't try to leave..correct?" "Y..Yes.." Before Wily untied him,he grabbed a collar off the dresser and put it on,"If you tried to leave,you'll be electrocuted,just to let you know sweetie." The man untied the robot letting his arms go free,he then took off the blindfold. Mega's eyes met his,Wily grabbed him by the collar,"get on the floor in front of me." Mega did so not wanting to be harmed by the man,"good~" He started to undo his belt,"N..No! Please!"


Wily grabbed Mega's hair yanking it,"if you tired to object you'll be hurt. Do you want that?" Mega shook his head,"good. now finish." The robot grabbed the man's pants and pulled them down along with his boxers,"please..don't make me do this.."Mega begged but Wily ignored. The robot looked at his large cock that was hard now,he took hold of it not really knowing what the man wanted from him. Out of instinct,he moved his hand causing a small moan from the human. Wily looked at Mega with a smirk,"use your mouth."


"my..mouth?" Wily nodded his smirk growing,Mega opened his mouth letting the cock slide into his mouth slowly while holding the part that won't fit,"start to bob your head,the faster you go,the faster you get out of this situation." Mega did what the man told him and started to bob his head from the tip to the center since his mouth could only take so much before he gagged,he felt sick to his stomach all he wanted was for someone to help him. Wily pushed his head down completely causing the robot to chock,"Wily..I..I can't-" "Shush..just continue."


Mega was gagging as Wily held his head in place,he was crying more. The minutes past feeling like hours,the man started to breathe heavily as he reached his high,"get..ready.." "for..what?" Mega asked to be blasted with white strings of sperm,"Oh..Oh god yes.." Wily said holding Mega's hair,the robot took the cock out his mouth looking at the white substance in his mouth,it tasted salty and very bad. The man grabbed the collar lifting the robot up,"sit back on the bed. Take off your pants and touch yourself." "what? No..I..I can't-" Wily grabbed his hair and yanked on it roughly


"Do..As..I..Say." Mega went on the bed sitting on the bed scared,"take off your pants." He did so,"touch..your..self.." Mega started to cry again,he touched the tip of himself which he never done before in his life. It felt weird a strong knot started to grow in his stomach,"no no..I'll do it for you." Wily said getting on top of the robot,He started to touch the robot's dick himself. Mega started to moan at the unknown feeling,it was wrong but it feels so right. Wily started to go up and down at a nice steady way,"moan my name..." "Wily.." "louder." "W..Wily!" "Good boy~"



Wily kissed the robot slipping his tongue into his mouth,Mega moaned into his mouth feeling his dick being touched and his mouth violated. His eyes shined with lust as he felt a sudden high hit him,"Wily..I..I feel..weird.." Mega said as Wily broke the kiss,"That's normal..just let it all out sweetie..let it out.." Mega huffed as he was sat on the lap of the man,this transition did not stop Wily from jerking the robot off it only continued the process. Mega saw stars as he felt himself getting closer and closer to a release

The robot took one final moan before his cock let out the same white substance that he swollen moments before,he was completely out of breath and felt very weak since this was his first orgasm. Wily looked at his hand that was covered in the substance,"Good lick it off." Mega stopped fighting and just grabbed his hand still feeling very..very weak. His slid his tongue on Wily's fingers,in between,on the palm,he did what he knew to make the man happy,"good,now turn around and lay your head on the pillow." Mega did so his rear end in the air,Wily smirked and put a finger in,"AH!" Mega moaned in pain as a new sense of violation was felt,"Don't worry,I'm doing this now so you'll be ready later."


He took another finger in and spread the two in a scissoring way and started to go in and out. Mega moaned loudly the movement causing some serious pain and or pleasure in his body,"Are you ready?" "For...For what?" Wily took his fingers out and lined his cock to the hole,he pushed in slowly"AHH!" Mega moaned at the sudden push,"This new to you? Don't worry,the pain will go away soon..very..soon.."

He said smiling as he went quicker not giving the robot anytime to react or prepare himself. Mega held his face into a pillow moaning none stop as Wily went faster in his body,Wily grabbed Mega's hair and yanked it up lifting his head letting the unholy sounds come out,"scream for me." He commended whispering it into his ear,"Wily..I..I can't.." "Scream!" He yelled slamming in and out faster,Mega screamed out in pain tears going his face. Wily turned him over not taking it out,"Tell me that your mine." Mega whimpered before saying what he was told,Wily smirked and went even faster.


Mega moaned gripping the sheets from benefice him,"I'm close..You want it inside you?" "YES!!" Wily took one more thrust before cumming into the robot,"Wily! Yes!" Mega moaned out as he came as well. They both took sharps breathes as they caught their breathes,"Wow..your much better then I thought.." Wily said as the robot felt tired,he yanked on his hair pulling him up to his face,"You think we're done?" Mega look at the scientist with a scared expression. Wily held him close his back facing his chest,Wily's hand found the way to his dick again with his own cock inside the robot

"We're going all night sweetheart~" Mega moaned having his body touched again,"P..Please stop.." "Why? Those moans tell me your loving this." Mega couldn't lie,he loved this but he hated the fact it felt great. Wily licked a spot on the robot's skin making sure it was clear,then he bit into his skin

The robot moaned loudly at the sudden pain in his neck,the human moved his free hand to Mega's chest and pinched his nipple. Mega couldn't take it,his mind was fuzzing with everything that was happening. He was being raped by his enemy,there was no way for him to get out,and nobody seems to know where he was. Mega screamed louder when his high hit him,the white substance sprayed out again,"Already? Damn,you finish quickly." Wily said removing his hand from the robot's dick

He looked at his hand and thought about letting Mega lick it off again,but he decided against it. Wily licked a bit of the cum and smiled,"For a have pretty tasty cum~" He said in the robot's ear,"S..Stop! Please!" Mega begged


The human pushed him onto the bed again pinning him down,he grabbed hold of the robot's neck and started to choke him. Mega's eyes widen his mind telling him that he was going to die just after he was raped,he didn't want to go this how it ends? He feels stupid for falling into this man's games. He didn't want to go like this,he wanted to die knowing he saved millions..but now he'll die after this terrible event that he could have stopped

Mega looked into the sky as he began to feel light headed,he closed his eyes as he blacked out



He felt the hands move away from his neck which gave him a chance to breath finally. Mega's head was lifted by the hair and a rod was place inside his mouth,he couldn't fight back..his mind felt fuzzy and it made him sick

When he regain his vision,he looked up at the scientist who was using his head and thrusting his cock inside like a flesh light(Not that I know anything about them). Mega started to chock trying to get his head away but Wily's grip was too strong,"You know..I could just use you til I get bored." He said running a hand through the robot's hair,"You can be my..little sex robot.." Mega started to cry,he hated that title..he didn't want this..


Wily climaxed just after and he seemed to be tired now,"That was fun. Can't wait to do it tomorrow." He said removing his dick from Mega's mouth,the robot started to cough letting some of the cum out his mouth. Mega was laid down again and a blanket was placed over his body,"Get some rest." Wily said kissing his forehead. The robot was too tired to do anything,he hugged himself feeling sick before he closed his eyes sleeping finally after 3 hours of torture






Later that night,Mega opened his eyes to the darkness of the room. But a sudden pain was felt in his ass which caused him to yelp,another shift came from the other side of the bed. He covered his mouth trying to silence himself. Mega tried to get off the bed,but a hand gripped his arm and pulled him back into a hug

"Where do you think your going?" Wily whispered in his ear,the robot breathed heavily feeling a hand go onto his cock again,"Your not going anywhere dear." The human grabbed something from the bedside table and placed it near the rim of Mega's ass

" more.." He said gripping the sheet as tears went down his face,the plug went inside his ass which caused him to moan/cry out. Wily let go of the bottom of the plug,Mega bit his lip feeling the weirdly shape object inside of him. Wily lifted Mega up and sat him in front of himself,"I think this is a good time to finally talk." The robot looked at him with an upset face,"You raped me and expect me to TALK normally with you?!"

Wily laughed a bit,"You look so cute when your mad." Mega turned his head,"Well. How about I tell you a secret?" The robot didn't respond,"I'm not doing this because Light was bothering me." Mega looked at him with confusion,"Then why are you doing this?" Wily scratched the back of his head,"'s been an idea of mine. To just have sex with you but I gave up on the idea to convince you. So this was the next best thing."

"Best thing? Raping me is the next best thing?!" "I thought you'd like it." "I didn't! I hated it!" Wily chuckled,"From what I head,you enjoyed it." Mega looked away from him crossing his arms


Wily grabbed his face looking into his eyes,it took awhile but he gave a smile,"God your adorable." The human kissed him. The robot trashed around trying to get away from him,Wily broke the kiss annoyed,"Get away from me!" Mega yelled trying to get away from him.

The robot was able to get free from his grasp but only fell back on the bed,"You know what? How about we make a challenge?" Wily suggested. Mega looked at him wondering what he had in mind

"If I can get you turned on in 20 minutes or start to moan louder,you will stay here with me to become my sex slave. But if your somehow not able to get turned on or your moans seem to not get louder,I'll let you go back to Light. Deal?" Wily said in a confident tone,"Alright Albert. Deal."



Wily grabbed Mega by the hips bring him to his lap,he removed the plug and placed it back on the table stand,"Don't get too confident." The robot rolled his eyes knowing theres no way he'll be losing this by any chance. The scientist ran his hand over the robot's small body looking at every spot he found himself looking. Mega bit his lip waiting for him to do something that'll cause a scream so he could hold it back

But he didn't do anything,the robot got annoyed at this wanting him to do something so this 20 minutes would go by faster. Wily noticed that he was getting impatient which caused him to laugh a bit,"Giving in so soon?" Mega snapped out his mind and looked upset,"N..No! Your just taking forever! Can you hurry up and do something so I can go home?!" Wily only laughed more,"So impatient. I'm just going to take longer." Mega got really annoyed at this

The scientist kissed his right nipple biting it a bit,Mega let out a whimper but not a moan since he refused to let out one. He didn't dare move since that'll indicate he was enjoying this,even though he wanted to hold the man's head down so he could kiss his body he rejected the idea from his mind..the will to go home and escape this nightmare overpowered his lust


And of course that lust took it's place to shine,Wily lifted his head from Mega and looked at him as he started to shift from determined to worried. The scientist laid him down in front of him and placed himself in between his legs. That was when the robot forgot his own thoughts and let out a loud almost scream like moan

He couldn't hear his head saying he was never going home and that he was stupid but the sound of his moans overpowered everything in his brain besides the lust he felt. Wily moved his head down more taking Mega into his mouth fully,the moans of defeat filled the room as Mega felt himself getting closer

Mega gripped Wily's hair as he came into his mouth,the human sat up wiping his mouth,"Looks like you lose~" He said in a cocky tone. The robot looked to he side as he finally took in the value of this situation,"You belong to me now. How does that feel?" Mega sat up holding his knees to his chest feeling himself about to cry. Wily grabbed hold of Mega's chin meeting his eyes

"I can't believe this..I have full control over you..The one that caused my downfall,the creation of Thomas Light the smartest kid in our Robot University Class,THE powerful Mega Man. Now a slave to me,what a great night this has been." Mega looked away from him tears going down his face,"How about one last fuck for the night?" Wily grabbed the robot and placed him back on his lap


The robot didn't stop crying,this has been the worst nights of his life..he just wanted to sleep in his own room with no worries. But instead he was stuck in this hell whole where he could never get out,Mega started to sob softly feeling the now harden cock press up against him

He wanted to go home


Mega covered his mouth as it was pushed inside him,his body wanted more but his head wanted him to just cry and beg to be let out. The robot's hands were brought down,"Don't cover your moans dear. I want to hear you cry."

'What an asshole..' He thought trying not to look at him


All of a sudden,Wily stopped moving

The robot looked at him confused

"I see you want more..move for me slut."  Mega shuttered at that name. He looked to the side chocking back a cry,the robot started to move on his own


Wily gripped his hips and helped him gain a rhythm,"I..I hate you.." Mega said under his moans,"I understand you do..everyone does." The robot looked at him for a quick moment before looking back down. His moans grew louder when he felt Wily's dick hit something inside of him,He gripped the blankets as he went faster the moans growing louder as well,"Having fun?" Mega whimpered since he couldn't say anything through his moans. Mega screamed feeling his high hit it's peak for the 5th time tonight,he looked at Wily as he smirked in a..waiting manner like he knew something was going to-

That was when the unholiest of faces was made


The scientist smirked at his face and just wanted to take a photo of him,Mega breathed heavily as he calmed down from his high and the warm cum inside him

He fell into Wily's arms,completely out of energy


"Looks like my little pet is tired. That should be enough sex for you tonight." Wily said looking at his tired face,his mouth was open,his eyes were half lidded,and he was breathing very heavily


Wily laid him down softly on the bed stroking his face,"Sleep well..your going to need it for tomorrow." Wily kissed the robot slipping his tongue into Mega's mouth

Chapter Text

The acronym NSFW stands for “not safe for work.” When used correctly, NSFW is a warning that indicates a link to a webpage, video, photo, or audio clip contains inappropriate content

Example,here's a drawing template

(Really want to draw this..but I'm not that good..whatever,I'm not doing anything with my life)


Smut is obscene or pornographic material, including pictures and writing


Smut and NSFW is very..defined taste to get into



Starting from the low low age of 13,I started getting into writing smut as a hobby but then I learned NSFW artist and writers make money by taking requests from people. I wanted to jump on that wagon to make myself some sweet sweet cash

But then I noticed I can't draw a dick or write a good smut so I gave up on that


But I still enjoy smut to a extant but I suck at it. Honestly I'm surprised how I even got over 100 hits on this. Guess people need jack off martial


The reason for writing this was to give in sight on the art of smut/porn/and NSFW

Now from my understanding of this lovely topic,I'll be giving some in sight on smut and how to write it!


(keep in mind I'm bad at smut so don't take this to heart)


Let's start with the simple:Female x Male smut

The most porn you can find on the internet!


So it's pretty easy to write it. Some tricks I got for writing it is to watch porn yourself(though reading some smut is good too not saying you have to. Just be careful when you do)


For example,h ere's an outline of a smut between Person A and B(I had no idea who to do)

Person A moaned out feeling her body being violated by Person B,it was only awhile since they made it back home to study for their test tomorrow but it ended in both of them making out and touching each other. A was already out that bulky sweater she wore showing off her A cup breast, B kissed down her body touching every part of her

He sat up and removed his pants showing his erect,veiny,7 inch,dick. A looked in awe at it her mouth watering at the sight,B lined up to her vagina(hate using that word) and looked her dead in the eyes. With a nod,he pushed in causing a louder moan to come out her mouth

B went at a nice pace for her,but A didn't like the pace they were going at. She bit her lip and said,"Ram into me." B looked in shock at the words she said,"W-What?" A sat up removing his dick. She pushed him down and got on top of him

"You heard me." She said pushing it back inside her with a perverted look on her face,a moan escaped her lips as she started riding him like no tomorrow. B groaned feeling her walls clamp around him,"A! You're wonderful!" "I-I know~" She yelled going faster officially popping her cherry. B grabbed her hips closing his eyes shut feeling the inside of a woman for the first time

A's moans were sweet but loud,B couldn't get enough of this feeling and wanted more of this. He pulled A down onto his dick causing that adorable face to turn into pleasure and lust,"Fuckk~" She screamed her tongue hanging out her mouth as he took control. B closed his eyes tightly moving faster inside A,"G-Go faster..dammit!"

B felt tired already even though they just started,he went quicker which didn't seem possible but somehow he did

"B! I'm coming!" A screamed rubbing her clit,B was about to talk but the sight in front of him was making him light headed. A leaned down still touching herself,she whispered something into his ear,"come inside me.." B nodded his vision is starting to haze greatly

With a final thrust,he came inside A. A cried out in lust. But she didn't seem like stopping,B was about to pull out but was stopped,"How about another round?"


The problem with me is that I suck at pacing(and spelling) :) so take your time with smut, make it lovely..or rough..kinda depends on the situation(and read a dictionary, big words make you sound smart)


For advice. The best I can give is to be comfortable and look at the character you're making bonked. It works well for me, like their wiki page and some R34 of them


Anyways, for some hints I suggest finding a nice area to write and brushing your teeth since I do and I'm able to write smut during those times

If that doesn't work, then sorry


Go find a professional of this shit cause I write it for fun

Chapter Text

Fun Dog sat on the couch looking through a scrapbook of him and his friend who recently he couldn't recognize anymore, their owner has been knocked out for over 3 days now he think that he's dead, why he was knocked out is out doing something-

Speaking of the reason why he was knocked out, Cool Cat walked in looking high out of his mind,"Yo!! I'm back with more meth!" He yelled walking in with a bag full of white crystals. The dog tried to ignore the best he could so he can be sad alone

But the cat jumped onto the couch with a smile on his face sitting..ever so close to his former friend,"So I met this cat, he was just as cool as me but his fur was orange so he wasn't all that cool. But he told me that cats and dogs can have sex! Isn't that cool?!


Dog looked at him and shrugged,"I-I didn't need to know that..please leave me alone." Cat laid down seemingly not bothering the upset dog


Fun Dog looked over a bit but couldn't shift his gaze from what he was seeing,"C-Cool Cat! Stop doing that!" The cat looked at the dog with a sly smile,"Why?" "B-Because-"

The cat crawled over to the dog moving a hand over his fur,"Because it turns you on?" "No! It's disturbing!" Cool Cat spread open his legs grabbing Dog's hand and placing it onto his inner thigh,"Don't act like you don't think about pounding this pussy till he forgets his name." Dog pulled his hand back,"I never think about that! Also stop talking like that!" "Come on Dog..let's have some fun while master is away~"

"Master is dead!" "Still, why not play awhile?" The cat took two of his fingers and put then inside himself, he moaned loudly making sure Fun Dog heard it,"Oh fuck! I'm so-so tight and wet!" Dog turned his head looking back at his scrapbook trying not to look over


Cool Cat went faster the sound of slapping filled the room along with the moans,"Cat! Stop it!" "Come fuck me then, maybe then I'll stop-" the cat moaned louder hitting a spot inside him

Fun Dog grabbed Cool Cat's hand and pulled it out of him,"Fine! If it'll make you stop!" the cat jolted up happily,"Only if you promise to stop doing meth and become my friend again." That was when the cat grew uninterested,""

The dog went back to reading,"FINE! I'll stop! Just stick it inside me!" Cool Cat yelled like a spoiled brat


Cat laid down on the couch on his stomach, his tail waved in the air going from side to side. Dog stood up on the couch lining his redden cock to Cat's entrance,"Go rough on me you bitch." "O-Ok.." Quickly Dog went into Cat which was unexpected at the least

The cat didn't know what to expect since he never had sex with a dog but he didn't know it'd be so..big. He bit his lip feeling his walls clamp down around Dog with no problem,"Oh hurts.." Dog quickly pulled out hearing that sentence

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!" Cat took in a deep breath before facing Dog,"Why the fuck did you pull out?" Dog looked confused,"I thought you were hurting-" "Oh so just because I'm smaller then you means I can't take cock?! I can you dumb ass so go back inside me!" The dog flinched hearing those words but he went back inside as commanded


Cat bit down on his arm feeling the slight movement from the dog,"If you pull-pull out again..I'll rip your dick off and make it into a dildo!" Dog's claws digged into the cat's hips as he grinded his teeth together and started to go faster without waiting

"OW! Hey stop-AH!" Cat screamed out in pleasure/pain feeling his walls open more to fit the cock inside him,"For 4 months, all you did was use meth and cause sadness to me! Now you'll know how much it hurts!" The cat's eyes rolled to the back of his head while his tongue rolled out his mouth saliva falling out his mouth, he was panting like a dog in the heat,"F-Fun!! It hurts!" "I DON'T CARE!"


Everything became unbearable as time went on, Cat couldn't stop himself from moaning while Dog refused to let up. The cat's head was fuzzing with nothing but sex feeling the nice warm cock inside him hitting a spot inside him,"D-Dog I-I want you" "SHUT UP!" The dog pushed deeper making more noises come out of Cat


Cat cried out once more before he released into the couch leaving a white sticky substance under his body, Dog grunted as he released his anger into the cat causing his legs to give in on him,"T-There..happy now?"

The cat flipped over to his back and sat up,"Not yet~" Fun Dog watched as Cool Cat opened up his hole showing off the sperm inside him,"I need more of that cock inside me. I'll quit using other drugs if you do it." Dog bit his lip making his way to the cat 

He held his pelvis over the stretched hole before entering once again

Chapter Text

Yada yada. I don't know how the fuck he got stuck in a tree so let's get going with the story



How long has it been since he was stuck? An hour? He couldn't tell anymore. Pat looked around hoping someone would find him and help. Jess was there at least, he was waiting for him in the van ready to deliver the morning post like they did every day, but this post was going to be a bit late


That's when the postman heard bikes pull up, oh no, it looks to be his help was the bikers. Great. Pat tried his best not to look worried or scared, the bikers got off their bikes and walked over to the poor man

"Oh look at poor Pat, he got himself stuck in a tree." The leader said in a mocking tone, the postman brushed it off and said in a sarcastic tone,"Very funny. Can you help me out?"

Pat didn't expect them to help, they don't help anyone besides themselves,"What's in it for us?" One of them said in a mocking tone,"What do you want from me? I can give it, just let me out!" With those words..spiked ideas into the 4 males heads


"Anything?" The leader asked walking up behind the mailman,"Yes..?" Pat said not a bit uncertain about this. A smirk crossed the leader's face and he started to remove Pat's pants,in an instinct..Pat started to freak out,"What are you doing?!" "You said you will give us anything if we promise to let you out,so we want pleasure." The postman tried his best to see what they were doing but again a huge tree was in the way to see


But he could defiantly feel what they were doing,"P-Please..don't do this. I-I-I have a wife..and kid-" The bikers started to laugh,"We know,that's why we're doing this dumb-ass." 3 of the bikers came around, one holding their phone out recording,"This will make you quite popular in town Pat. Wait till Sara sees it." They said with a sick smile across their disgusting face


2 bikers started to remove their pants shoving their 8 inch penises in Pat's face,"Better start sucking for we'll skull fuck you." in disgust and fear for his own life, Pat opened his mouth letting one of them put it in his mouth making him gag while the other was taking care of by his hand. The camera caught his every move, it made him sick knowing he was on film


Everything got worser when he felt something enter his rectum from the back,he hated that it felt great. The bikers leader went at a quick pace that was simple yet painful to endure, Pat tried to keep his gaze off the three in front of him and space out into nothingness but then he felt a good tug on his hair,"Hey. Keep your eyes on me, you whore." The postman had tears form in his eyes as he kept his glare on the biker that was holding his hair, in his mind he was begging nobody was watching this..


"Hows it going on your side boss?" The camera biker asked as he jerked off in front of Pat's face,"Amazing..he feels amazing..such a tight fit.." The postmen had tears go down his face wishing all of this would just stop, he jolted up feeling a harsh slap on his ass causing him to accidentally deep throat the biker,"Oh fuck!" The biker had said before releasing his seed into Pat's mouth with no warning

"You made me come too soon, you whore." The biker said his hand crossing the postman's face in a sick loving manner


The lick of his lips caused the sick feeling in Pat's stomach to grow more,"Talk dirty sweet heart, we love it when our whores talk dirty." The man looked at each one of them except the one behind him,"Do I-" "DO IT." The leader said slowing his pace


With a deep breath he started speaking,"Your..Your-" "Say it whore." Pat gulped down his pride and continued,"Your..cocks..a-are..s-so big..I want all your cum..all over body.." The bikers all smiled looking at their newest toy. The postman started to feel even more disgusted in himself for saying such vulgar words, white spurts of warm cum went on his face from his hand some of it going on his glasses,"I..I hate this.."


"What was that slut?" The biker who just came said pulling Pat's hair,"I-I meant to say..I love this..I-I fucking..l-love this! I-" A sudden loud moan came out the postman another shot of the warm cum entering his body,"That was amazing..who else wants a go?" "Me!"

Pat took in a deep breath before choking in another breath when another cock was buried deep into his ass,"You're right boss! He is tight as fuck!" "Have I ever lied? Now lets see how talented this mouth is." With no need to be told,Pat opened his mouth unwillingly for the man to stick it into his mouth,"Good boy." his mouth was once again filled with another cock


His hand was feeling weak so he dropped it, that biker got a bit pissed when he did that since he was about to thrust back in. He grabbed Pat's hat and placed it on his head,"Look at me! I'm a postman!" They said laughing,"Come on Mike, you need to be more nicer to him..after all..he is letting us use his body." The leader said thrusting deeper into Pat's mouth

Another shot of cum came onto Pat's face hitting his glasses on the spot,"Aw, I think the cum on him makes him look adorable. Can we keep him boss?" The camera biker asked,"You know we can't do that, he has a family." Pat was screaming inside his mind more cum going into his mouth,"Can I put my dick in his mouth?" "Go ahead James." The camera biker held the camera down onto his face and thrusted his dick inside

"Oh fuck! His mouth feels amazing!" Pat's eyes landed on the camera with a red dot on it. He jolted up once again when his ass was slapped again,"Hey Mike, wanna go?" The biker who was fucking from the back asked,"I would love to but my wife would get pissed." "Oh yeah, how is Terrie doing?" "She's fine, she's trying to rediscover herself again."

The camera biker went deeper almost hitting the postman's neck,"Suck on daddy's big cock baby." Pat just wanted to sink his teeth into it so he would back away, but then his head told him that would just hurt himself more so he did as he was told,"Oh shitttttt! Baby you're so fucking good! Keep it up and I'll come!" Pat closed his eyes taking in everything 


From both ends, cum entered Pat's body including his own cock

"Great job boys. Now as promised, let's get him out this tree." The bikers got in front of Pat and grabbed his hands pulling him out

The postman didn't move, he was trying to process everything that was happening,"Hold up boss. I got an idea." The camera biker gave his phone to one of his buddies so he could explain his idea,"Let's fuck him like this! He looks to still have energy!" Pat's eyes widen hearing that statement,"Good idea." The boss came up and picked up the postman

"Please stop! I can't do this anymore!" "Does it look like we care?" The boss thrusted the postman into the tree and started to fuck him with no mercy


Every biker had a turn, except one, he just forced his cock into Pat's mouth while another biker fucked him


When it was finally over Pat laid on the ground taking a grasp on everything that happened, he heard the bikes ride away like nothing happened. He pulled up his pants and walked towards his van limping a bit, his head was hurting and his mind was racing

"Meow?" Jess cried rubbing his head up against Pat's hand seeing him sad,"I'm fine Jess..I-" The postman sighed petting his cat,"I don't want to talk about it..nor do I want to remember it.." The red van full of undelivered mail went back down the road


Looks like the mail would have to wait another day






Pat looked into the mirror while smearing his wife's lipstick over his face,"Who's that? Who are you? Where's Pat? Where is he?" He place it down and grabbed the mascara,"You're a whore, wear your whore make up you whore!" The black mascara was now being smeared over his face

"Dad? Are you in there?"

"I'll be out in a second!"


"Filthy whore, you're somebody's father you filthy whore!"

Chapter Text

A brilliantly disguised, Doctor T, went into the base looking at everyone. They were all doing something that didn't look that interesting to the doctor but he knew what was needed to do

"So. Would any of you like to talk about the plans for destroying that Doctor T fellow?" The doctor asked with a smug look, one of the rifle man named Issac chuckled,"Not really. But I'll tell you what I want to do with that sexy doctor."

Doctor T sat up a bit confused,"I want to bend him over and slam all 5 inches inside him!" T looked in utter disgust at the comment,"Dude. That'll be so uncomfortable." Another rifle man named Mike said,"Aren't you going to eat him out first?"


"I definitely will eat him out, get him all nice and sloppy. Then I'm gonna ram into him making him squeal like a fucking pig!" Issac yelled,"Really? That's all? Ha! I got something better for him." Another by the name of Tyler said,"Oh really? What is it?" Mike asked,"I'd make him suck me dry, then I'd deny his orgasm until I come for the 10th time that night!"

All the rifle man cheered, Doctor T looked in disgust at everyone in the room,"Slap those fucking cheeks, let it sound like a drum!" "Amen!" The Heavy Men in the corner were listening to their conversation


"You boys have no idea-" The rifle men looked over,"What I would do with that sexy ass doctor." One walks up with a smile, his name being Aaron

"I would grab him by the hair, slam him into the ground and fuck him dry. He'd be moaning and begging me to go faster, but I'd just go slower and slower until he's whining for me to fuck the lights out of him

After he begs, I'll BRING it to him! All inches inside that sweet boy pussy! After I finished inside him, I'll stop him from coming and when his orgasm fades, I'll sit up and force him to suck me off making him hard. After I come, I'll grab him by the hips and make him ride me

Only then will I let him come, watching his face becoming red and drool coming out his mouth. Then I'd leave him there like a slut."


Everyone clapped impressed,"Why thank you. But my buddy Henry had an idea that's worth hearing." The Heavy man stood up clearing his throat,"My to have a huge gang bang! Doctor T in the middle, imagine seeing this-" "How about we talk about something different?!" T yelled,"I wanna hear what his idea is!"


"Doctor T panting breathlessly as he takes all our cocks into his mouth, 2-3 cocks in his ass. Sucking on his nipples watching him squirm, jerking off and coming onto his face as his mouth is open to catch all of our semen. He wants more, so we all take turns doing something that pleases ourselves."

"Can I deny his orgasm?" "Can I eat him out?" "Can I fuck him til he forgets his name?"




Everyone screamed out in revolution,"Let's do it then! Let's bring him with us after we defeat him!" "Great idea! Let's do it!"




Doctor T came home and started to work hard on new security measurements,"Nope. Nope. Nope nope."

Chapter Text

Chapter Text

Rule 34. It's a rule on the internet that states, if something exists


There's porn of it


And that's true. I looked it up myself..and I'm now questioning my life choices


But since I'm not good at art. I can't give any hints on how


Just look at references and listen to smutty music, that's what I did and ended up drawing three lovely images


But before that! I created a playlist that you can use to write some smut yourself!

(This is of my two OCs. Jake and  Marissa)


I drew two versions of this one but decided to scrap the second one

My magnum opus. This is my favorite because of the many characters and up coming chapters I have in the works(spoilers)


So that's the art, sorry if it isn't what you wanted but that's what happens when all you want to do is draw


And nobody cares about your art and only wants to see you write


Ain't that wonderful?

Chapter Text

It all started with that phone call-


HQ requested that GW traverse to a planet, far beyond the galaxy, millions of miles away


A planet with no information of it's stance or if it even harbored any other life force

All they know was a stone in the shape of an apple landed there years ago and is needed back for cultural appreciation

Oh, and it also had some special gem in it or something



They sent him out with his companion, Super Backpack, and watched as his ship landed on the planet's surface



GW hopped out the ship the moment the hatch opened and looked around, he took a deep breath and let it out slowly,"We made it, time to set out and find the stone!" Before the warrior began walking, the sound of the phone going off caught his attention. He picked the handset up and placed it to his ear

"HQ to GW, come in GW."

"This is GW speaking!"


"Have you arrived at your destination?"


"Yes ma'am!"


"Good. We apologize for not equipping you with a map, it's hard to make a map of a place that has no reports on it's layout."


"It's alright! I'm sure I'll find my way around, I passed top of my class in navigation!"


"How could I forget? Before you set off, set up your station so we can try to track your location."


"Okay ma'am!"


"Good luck, GW. Don't blow up."


GW placed the handset back in it's receiver and turned back around,"Uh, boss? Shouldn't we set up?" Super Backpack asked,"I'm sure this won't take long! The stone can't be that far, can it?" He responded, walking forward,"What if it is?" "We'll worry about that if it happens, alright?" The backpack sighed, knowing what he said wouldn't get through his bosses head and just watched as the ship grew smaller



~About a minute later



The duo were a far distance from the ship to the point neither of them could see it

"This is so exciting! Aren't you excited Super Backpack?!" GW yelled hopping onto a rock looking over everything, nothing but the purple grass, or what looked like grass and some stacked up rocks,"I'm not sure.. this place creeps me out." "What makes you say that?" GW hopped off the rock and continued to walk,"Isn't it strange how there was no information on this place, no reports, no evidence that it exists, no nothing! It's kinda creepy when you think about it." Backpack said,"But that's what makes it so exciting! We'll be the first Warriors to send a report back to HQ about this place! We're making history right now!"

As the duo traveled deeper into the planet, the more nicer it seemed to get, the purple color of the grass and lighter purple of the sand was really pretty, there wasn't anything visualizing a tree but there were some rocks that were stacked up making pretty good recreations of actual statures back home,"Whoever inhabits this planet, they're very talented!" GW said taking in the art,"You're right boss, this place isn't so bad." The warrior chuckled but stopped when seeing, he approached a recreation of an Aphrodite statue and saw a weird white type of substance cover the bottom half of the statue. He dipped his finger into a weird substance and brought it to his face,"What is this stuff?" GW felt it between his thumb and index finger and then wiped it off on his suit

"Anyways, didn't I tell you this place was nice?" Backpack sighed, sorta embarrassed,"Yes, I guess I misjudged this place." "Never judge a book by it's cover, Super Backpack!" The backpack chuckled,"I sure learned my lesson." GW continued forth,"Glad to know! Let's go!"



~Another minute later



(This is under construction, please be patient)


Until something appeared in front of the duo,"Hey..Backpack? What is that?" The yellow backpack tried to look over but all he saw was two hands..and a rock hard cock,"I'm..not sure. But we shouldn't go near it." GW gulped before waving with a friendly smile

"Hi! I'm a Glorkian Warrior or GW for short, I was sent here to explore your planet in search of an apple stone, if you'd be most kind enough to direct us towards this stone, you'll have my friendship!"

Nothing came out the creature but small grunts

"Boss..we should leave."

"Why? I think they'll tell us where the stone is!"

"I don't think-"

Just before Backpack said it, the creature ran up to GW breathing hastily,"U-Um..are you ok?" The warrior asked a bit nervous, the creature's noises were sounding more like moans which freaked GW out,"We'll just leave if you'd like-" before the warrior could finish two hands grabbed his head and forced it on the creature's dick

GW's eyes widen at the sudden force that made his gag, his neck started to hurt so he went on his knees to make it hurt less


Super Backpack tried his best to look over to see what was going on,"Boss? Are you ok?!" Nothing but struggled sounds came out, the backpack sent out a laser but it missed. There was no head there, just hands and a dick

The warrior gagged uncontrollably trying to force the long dick out his mouth but to no avail, the creature's moans became more audible as it's denied pleasure was finally treated after years of no contact,"Creature! Unhand my boss!"

The tip of the cock hit the back of GW's neck which made him gag even more and which that action made the creature's cock twitch, it's moans were becoming more louder

"Boss! What do I do?!" GW was able to get the cock out his mouth,"Do something! Anything! Just get this thing away-" His words were silence when the creature forced his head back down

With no warning, white sperm shot out into GW's throat followed by a loud grunt


The warrior was let go and he started coughing uncontrollably trying to get the white substance out his throat,"Boss! Let's get out of here!" GW quickly stood up and ran away from the creature

But the duo encountered another one of those creatures, but this one had a bigger and harder cock, GW backed up only to bump into the one he'd just encountered. Two hands grabbed his wrists holding them above his head

"Please! I won't try to take the apple stone! Just let us go!"

Nothing but hasty moans came out the creatures, the bigger creature took one swipe of it's fingers to rip GW's space suit open,"LET HIM GO BARBARIAN!" Super Backpack yelled trying to get a response, but the creatures didn't even care. GW was put on the ground while his wrists were being squeezed cutting out some circulation

GW's breathing hitched feeling a finger press against something that felt like it would cave in if it pushed deeper, and he was right, it caved in which made a breathless moan come out of him,"Boss?! Are you ok?! Are they hurting you?!"
"Y-Yes! Please make them sto-" that moan got louder as another entered inside, they spread out like a pair of scissors and started going in and out

"You're hurting him! Stop it!"

It was no use. They weren't listening

Out of nowhere, the creatures started talking to each other in some other language, Backpack tried to listen in but had no idea what they were saying and GW couldn't hear due to his moans

After they finished their chat, the big creature removed it's fingers making GW sigh in relief but became tense seeing what was in front,"What are they-" Backpack flinched at the scream of his boss

The creature's cock was balls deep into the warrior with shaft and everything inside, it's moans were audible even louder then the smaller creature who was holding GW's hands up while pushing their cock against GW's back making it twitch,"It hurts! Stop! Please just stop!" nothing but moans came out the creatures

Sounds of slapping hit the eardrums of Backpack making him look over and hate himself for looking, the creature moved faster inside GW while he cried out in pain, pleasure, and denial of these feelings. GW looked into the sky breathing heavily and moaning louder,"FUCK!!" He cried out surprising the yellow backpack,"Boss! Language!"
GW bit his lip blocking out his words that would spill out any moment

The smaller creature came onto GW's back which went on Backpack's face,"Ew!" He cried out trying to get it off his face before he would accidentally swallow it

Just as the small creature let out their pent up orgasm, the bigger one pulled out and came onto GW's stomach and face,"A-Are you" The warrior asked looking at it, the creature just grunted walking up to GW's face

It grabbed his head and forced him to take it's cock, GW gagged once again but worse this time,"Stop doing that!" Backpack yelled at the small one who was rubbing the tip of their cock on Backpack's face, as if Backpack's words got to it, they walked to the other side

Instead, the creature bent down and started to finger the warrior

GW moaned giving a vibration which the creature loved, his hands were free but he couldn't do anything with them since the creatures were a lot more stronger then him. The small creature took out it's fingers and inserted their cock inside, the warrior started to grow tears in his eyes which came down


It began and ended just as quickly, both creatures came but inside this time. They pulled out but they were still hard,"I-I..I can' this..anymore.." GW said breathlessly but they were nowhere near done

In fact, they were just starting

Both creatures took their cocks and entered inside GW which stretched him open even more,"FUUUCCKKKK!!" He cried out as they moved deeper, it felt like he would split open in only a matter of seconds,"NO! I-I-I CAN'T-" His begs were washed away by his screams, GW's eyes rolled to the back of his head. He fell to the ground throwing his hands over his head, Backpack was now tasting dirt,"B-" His voice was masked by the dirt

The creatures pulled out agreeing it was uncomfortable. They started talking and nodded in agreement to something

The big creature picked up GW and thrusted him onto his dick, the warrior cried out by this action. The small creature took the backpack off GW's back,"Hey! You better put me-" Backpack was silenced by the small creature's dick


Both of the creatures started walking as they fucked their new guests



To be continued....

Chapter Text

We are Santa's elves.

We've a special job eac
h year.

We don't like to brag.

Christmas Eve we always

Fill Santa's bag.


Singing of the elves filled Santa's workshop, sadly, one elf was missing and the head leader walked away to find him

But he didn't come back either, he was busy teaching Hermey a lesson on not being late for elf practice



"S-Sir..don't..someone could..s-see us.." The blonde elf whispered gripping the bigger elf's head, Foreman looked up annoyed,"I don't care, you better start moving or I'll make you!" Hermey nodded starting a slow movement down the bigger elves dick

He smothered his face into the crook of Fore's neck stopping his moans from getting more louder then they already were, tears stained his face while he hiccuped in between his moans,"You're a lot tighter then that other elf..a lot more."

Hermey shivered in pleasure pushing himself down, he reread Foreman words and felt even more trapped

Foreman licked a bite mark on Hermey's neck tasting blood, he kissed it before biting into it again making the blonde jolt up, he lifted his head and went to licking it again,"Ah..this is what I needed.." Foreman said with a sadistic smile,"You're doing amazing..keep going and I'll come inside this sweet ass." Hermey bit his tongue bucking his hips into the medium sized cock



"P-Practice is almost over! T-They'll..s-see us!" Hermey cried scratching the table,"Then tighten up..we're not stopping until I come boy." the blonde bucked his hips so they'd be in touch with Forman's hips, he moaned unwillingly as the red tip hit his prostate




What the hell?? Um..Happy New Year! Um..thanks for 10,000 hits..thanks!


Here's some images I found on R13



I apologize

Chapter Text

I was going to color this..but I didn't..because I'm lazy..and it was too hard..since I didn't work it all out, whatever



This is based of a photo I made in Lay Out of Smut 2, and I wanted to animate it..I want to animate Gregory getting hand job from First Guest but..I that'll wait awhile



If you like them..I'll do more..maybe make them at the end of a chapter..who knows..

Chapter Text

Awhile ago I drew a photo based on a scene from the Parappa anime, Gaster was dressed as a female know I thought that was kinda cute and so I redrew it and made him a transwoman!


I think it's cute..


But then..I decided to make it NSFW because.....I'm drunk and bored


This..has to be my favorite NSFW image I drew, that face was so hard to do..a few more tutorials and I should be good.

Chapter Text

Hello sluts, whores, and dick suckers alike! Welcome to tonight's game on Eggplant central!

Today, we have 8 lovely characters who will play against each other to win a fabulous prize!


Without any delays..LET'S MEET THE CONTESTANTS!


On the female side we have:

Rita! She likes the beach and warm pillows!


Judy! She's a virgin and a final girl!


Dr Fox! She killed a man!


And Marina! We think she's a terrorist


On the male side we have:

Zor! He's an emo boy and has an eleven inch penis!

Jeff! He's straight but likes to use dildos!

Gregory! He's a mama's boy!

And Bentley! He has crippling depression!


Tonight's game is-



Move or get DICKED!™


Here's how you play: Move or get DICKED!™



You will roll a dice and move that amount of spaces. If you land on a chest tile then you draw a card where you'll either get a nice thing or a bad thing. There are 40 steps to take before you win, but if you land on the dick tile, you'll have to spin the-




Once you spin, the spinner will land on a certain type of sex you will have to experience 

This includes but not limited to-


  • Tentacles
  • Big dicks
  • CBT(cock and ball torture)
  • Dom/Sub
  • BDSM
  • Sex toys
  • Rough
  • Face-fucking
  • Netorare
  • and some others I didn't write down


Rules are as followed:

  • No cheating
  • No forfeiting
  • No gross shit
  • No biting(outside the fucking wheel)
  • No fighting
  • No yelling unless it's of pleasure
  • No bribing
  • No calling friends
  • No gang bangs(outside the fucking wheel)
  • No No No No No pomegranates 
  • and no weird kinks



Now it's time to play-


Move or get DICKED! ™




"I have a bad feeling about this.."



"What's Netorare?"



"I'm going to have the time of my life!"


Rita! You're up first!


The girl picked up the die and threw it into the air, it landed on a 5. Rita went forward 5 spaces landing a blank tile causing nothing to happen


Judy! You're up next!


The pastel bear came up with a smile on her face, she threw the die and it landed on a 8. She went by Rita and landed on a chest tile, Judy picked up a card and read it,"You are able to spin again when the Wheel of Fucking lands on something- I'm not using this." The bear said crumbling it up and throwing it to the side


Dr Fox! You're up next!


The scientist came up and picked up the die,"Give me a 2 and I'll be safe." She threw it and it landed on a 4." She walked up on a blank tile, nothing happened


Marina! You're up next!


The octoling walked up and picked up the die, she threw it and it was a 2. She came up and landed on a chest tile, Marina picked up the card,"When you land on the wheel icon, you can change places with someone else. This might come in handy."



Zor! You're up first!


The zeti picked up his die and threw it,"Yay..a 5.." He walked up that many steps and sighed seeing he was on a blank tile,"Yay for me.."


Jeff! You're up next!


The boy came up and grabbed the die examining it,"I need a good throw so I don't land on that wheel." He threw it and it landed a 10. Which was on a dick.

He groaned walking towards the tile and taking his spot

Jeff Andonuts is on the fucking block!


Before we spin the wheel, let's have Gregory get a turn!


The rat looked at the blonde who was suffering on the inside, he picked up the die and he threw it which landed on a 1,"That's the only good time I gotten a bad number." He went forward with a smile


Finally, Bentley!


The turtle threw it and it landed on a solid 9, he went up and landed on a chest tile. Bentley read it and sighed,"When you are on the fucking..I hate that word..block you get an extra 3 minutes.."



Jeffery boy! You have to spin the Wheel of Fucking™ first! How do you feel??

"I feel like dying."

That's great! Now spin that damn wheel!


Jeff came up to the weird wheel and span it

Big money! Big money!



Amazing! Public sex it is!


Now I get to say who your fucking buddy is and where it will take place 'cause I am the powerful writer!


Bowser and on a smash bros course. Cursed I know but I'm the damn writer


Jeff was sent to a course that looked like a familer town, he was confused but then he saw a huge turtle. He looked up at his face with worry plain on it,"U-Um hi..I'm Jeff.." He was silenced when the turtle grabbed him by the arms,"Listen, how about we just talk instead of doing..this? I'll boil up some tea and-"

"Shut up." Yep. He was screwed. Jeff gulped as he watched the turtle's dick being released,"L-Listen! My dad is a very important man, he can give you anything you want! If you want money then he'll-" Bowser growled shutting Jeff up, he slammed the boy into the wall before tearing his pants off,"Mr turtle..I-I'm a..a little inexperienced..would you mind going easy on me? Since you..look a little t-too big for me.."

Bowser got too impatient so he just lined himself up,"No! Please don't! I'm not-" Jeff screamed out in pain as the 18 inch penis entered inside him,"A-AH! Big! I-It's so..BIG!" Jeff's eyes hazed feeling the head of it touch the end of his rectum, he moaned out uncontrollably each one rough sounding,"Oh my new princess likes this~" The boy's hands were pinned above his head by one of Bowser's hands

With no warning, the turtle trust in making Jeff scream out in more pleasure/pain, his face contorted in pleasure with his glasses going foggy from his heavy breathing,"So tight.." Jeff didn't want to admit it, he loved it, but he did hate the fact Poo wasn't the one taking his virginity, maybe pretending would be enough to please himself

He started to moan out his 'lovers' name which Bowser didn't like, in response, the turtle slammed into deeper making the boy cry out in pain. Bowser's cock couldn't fit in all the way but half of it went inside with ease,"Moan louder for me princess~" Jeff's moans caught in his throat causing his voice to hitch a bit,"Y-Yes..More!" He was able to get out

Bowser smirked pounding into the boy now,"FUCCKKK~ You're so HUGE!!" The blonde screamed out in pleasure being pushed against the wall more, making room for the turtle's massive cock

It entered more inside which was the limit,"I-I CAN'T HOLD IT ALL!" Jeff yelled try to hold the cock inside but if felt like it was going to tear him open. He bit his lip hard which could have broke blood,"Ah..fuck, my princess is so tight.." Bowser moved faster making more sounds come out

Jeff freed one of his hands, grabbed his own penis and started to jerk himself off making even more moans come out his mouth,"My princess wants to come?" Bowser asked burying his cock deeper into the blonde,"Yes! Make me come!" "Of course, my princess." The turtle went faster not stopping for anything


After moments, the boy came onto the turtle,"Good princess..good." Bowser stopped his movements coming into the boy which took Jeff off guard. His hole stretched more making way for the white substance inside him, Jeff's vision hazed as he calmed down from the sudden stretch


Wow. Now THAT was what I call virgin to slut in less then 20 minutes! Let's bring this boy back!


Jeff appeared back at the set with pleasure written all over his face

Crew! Get this boy some pants!



Rita! You're up again!

The girl looked at the boy who looked to be too happy, she took the dice and threw it. 7. She went up 7 and got a card,"When the wheel spins, you get an extra spin. Cool!"


Judy! Up!

The pastel bear was so happy to be up next, she threw the die and it landed on a 3. She ran up but didn't get a dick, instead it was blank


Dr Fox! You're up!

The fox came up once again and threw the die,"This is becoming repetitive.." She threw it, and landed on a 9. She went up that many steps and landed on a card,"Go to the dick icon. Damn it!"

Looks like the fox is getting FUCKED!


Marina!! Up Up Up!

The octoling rolled the die and it landed on a 9, she went up and grabbed a card,"When the wheel lands on something-oh. It's the same card."



The zeti came up and threw the die. It landed on a 2. He went up and it landed on a card,"Next turn, you'll have to get fucked...oh.."

Looks like the emo boy will get FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!



The blonde was stumbling the pain finally kicking in

Um..someone give him a wheelchair



Jeff was now in a wheelchair,"Welcome to the club." Bentley said,"You're crippled, I'm just in pain." The turtle shrugged. The blonde threw the die and it landed on a 4. He went up, it was blank



The rat threw the die and it landed on a 8. A blank tile,"Nice."


Bentley! You're up!

The turtle threw his die, it landed on a 4. He went up and nothing happened



So Dr Fox! How does it feel to be on the fucking block?

"From what I saw from the blonde kid, scared."

Ignore him! Now spin that wheel honey!


Dr Fox came up and span the wheel



"Oral? Ok.."

This one isn't the best to write but it sure is fun to read!

Now your fucking buddy will be-


A mimic chest! Inspired by FandelTales by Derpixon! And what's more appropriate for oral then a tongue?! if you've seen the animation then you understand what I'm saying



Dr Fox showed up in a cave with a chest," what happens now?" She walks up to it and taps it, nothing. Fox looked around a bit confused, she decided to open it,"Oh. A bottle. I'll take-" The fox reached for it but a hand grabbed her wrist,"W-What?!"

The chest came alive with a slimy purple tongue and sharp teeth,"Oh..OH! Now I understand!" Fox says watching the chest move closer, she sighed removing her clothes,"I'm not getting my clothes ripped off, sorry." Fox threw them into a corner and spread her arms out,"Guess I'm yours."

In a quick movement, the chest grabbed hold of her and threw her to the ground. Fox gasped feeling the slimy appendage go over her vagina, she moaned as it did that motion over and over. Dr Fox looked into the sky breathing roughly, she was in pure ecstasy even though it just started

It's tongue smothered the area with their presence, it gave themselves a dose of euphoria, they brought Fox closer to them and stuck their tongue deep inside her. Fox moaned at this,"A-At this rate, I-I won't last-LONG!" A strong feeling grew inside the fox making her pant out breathlessly

The beast lifted Dr Fox up by the wrists and sat her down on their tongue, it's tip went over her A cup breasts. The tongue was still under her vagina grinding up against her, Fox felt that feeling inside her grow. It was when she reached her peak,"I-I'm about t-to-" The fox screamed out as a white substance came out her. The substance went all over the tongue adding more to it's sliminess

Fox breathed out breathlessly as the chest pulled it's tongue back into it's body, she laid on the ground calming down from her orgasm


Ah shit! That wasn't fun at all! Guess it's true that woman orgasm faster then men. Let's get the fox back here!


The fox appeared back in on the bored with her clothes beside her,"Are-" Marina was about to ask but Dr Fox stood up, her face still red,"Yes. I'm there a bathroom where I can get dressed?" 

It's to the left of the dildo making machine and right of the butt plug statue




The girl took the die and looked ahead,"Only 28 more tiles." She threw it..and it landed on a 5. She went up and landed on the dick,"Great.."

Don't worry! You're not getting fucked! Zor is up this round!



The pastel bear was getting annoyed seeing as she isn't ever going to be fucked, she threw the die and it landed on a 7. A blank spot,"DAMN IT! Why can't I ever get fucked?!?!"


Dr Fox!

After awhile, the fox came back cleaned up. She threw the die and it landed on a 2. A card block,"When you land on the dick icon, your able to skip-this would have been so useful!"



The octoling threw the die, it landed on a 1. Another blank tile


Hold up Zor! Since you're on the fucking block, you gotta wait!




The blonde rolled up to the die and threw it, it landed on a 9. He went up to the card block,"When you read this, you'll be able to stand." Jeff's wheelchair disappeared and he's able to stand,"Great!"



The rat looked ahead, he sighed taking the die and throwing it. 10. He went up, it was blank


And lastly Bentley!

The turtle threw the die and it landed on a 6. He went up and landed on a..trivia tile?


That's right everyone! We've added a special tile!

When you land on the trivia tile, I'll pop up and ask 3 questions about sex! If they get all of them right, they move up 3 spaces! But if they get them all wrong, they will go back 3 spaces!


Bentley appeared on a stand

Alright! This category is Real sex vs Porn sex!


What is the parentage of people who are willing to swallow a hot load of cum?

Is it: 30%, 70%, or 10%

"Oh that's easy. It's 30%."

You are correct!


How long does it take for non porn stars to ejaculate?

10 minutes, 3 minutes, or 1 minute

"Also easy. 3 minutes."



Finally. What is the parentage of woman who have tried anal?

80%, 10%, or 40%

"This was too easy. 40%."

Impressive! This boy knows the difference between fantasy and fiction!


Bentley went up three spaces right beside Jeff, he grabbed a card,"Your turn has been skipped. Sweet."



Excited Zor??


Doesn't matter! Spin!


The zeti span the wheel weakly

Give us something good!!


Aw yeah! A good old face fucking!



Now, your fucking buddy will be-


Sonic! I mean, what's more appropriate?


Zor closed his eyes are lights flashed around him, but when he opened them. He was sitting right across from the blue hedgehog,"Glad you woke up Zor." The zeti looked around, he was in the sonic team base,"I just wanted to know something..are you still working for Eggman?" Zor shook his head, the hedgehog chuckled standing up,"You know I hate it when you don't talk."

Sonic grabbed him by the horn causing him to flinch,"Maybe I could make speak." The zeti was thrown to the floor, he looked at the ground feeling a bruise start to show up. He was grabbed by the horn once again but was greeted by the hedgehog's dick,"Why don't you put those lips to work?"

The zeti looked up at Sonic, he grabbed his shaft and wrapped his mouth around it. From nowhere, a groan was heard,"Wow! Not even holding back! Impressive.." Zor started to bob his head up and down but was stopped,"Sorry Zor buddy. But I rather do this." Sonic grabbed the zeti's head and started to trust violently into his mouth

"Oh..FUCKKK." Sonic groaned thrusting faster into the wet mouth, Zor's lipstick smeared over the shaft giving a purple hue to the hedgehog's blue dick,"Call me your fucking master, you pathetic creature." Zor perked up at that word 'pathetic' he looked up with wide, innocent eyes. Sonic gripped both of Zor's horns and thrusted in sticking his cock even deeper,"Did you hear me? Call me your master bitch."

In a muffle voice, the zeti spoke but it was unable to be heard. Sonic pulled on Zor's hair making him moan,"Ah! You're a masochist, now this'll be fun!" The hedgehog pulled harder on Zor's hair making him moan in pleasure

Sonic's moan hitch feeling the vibration course through him, he pulled harder making even more sounds come out the zeti,"Baby, you look so adorable from here." Zor looked away a little red going on his face, his eyes landed back on Sonic when the hedgehog pulled on his horns

With moments to spare, Sonic went deeper hitting Zor's throat which caused him to let out his sperm. The zeti's eyes widen as the white substance coated his throat and a sudden pull on his hair,"Ah shit..that was the BEST." Sonic said pulling his cock out, Zor started to cough out the remaining cum that wasn't sent down


Oh shit..that was awesome!!


The zeti was brought back still coughing,"Oh..oh..I'll never be able to get this out.."

Here buddy! Have some Love Nectar™, harvested by the horniest of porn stars! It's refreshing and will give you a feeling that'll makes your crotch all gooey, this is the secret ingredient in Granny Smith's double chocolate wanker bonier cookies™ who are sponsoring today's show!

Have you ever felt like you wanted to get hard, but you can't seem to get it up? Are you hooking up with a prostitute and have a feeling she'll give you some sort of disease? Well fear no more, cause with Granny Smith's double chocolate wanker bonier cookies, you'll be hard as a fucking gun! Just a bite out of these babies will get your dick so'll explode the minute you touch it!

Same for our ladies too!

Only 4.20$ for a dozen!

Granny Smith's double chocolate wanker bonier cookies™
  "For when you just need that extra push during sex"

"I..think I'll just go get some water.."



Sorry Rita! But you're getting fucked this round, sorry buddy!

" problem at all, also I'm not your buddy."



The bear grabbed the die and threw it weakly, 1. She went up and got blank,"I'll never get fucked!"


Dr Fox!

The fox grabbed her die and threw it, 5. She went up and got a card block,"When you read this, you'll be able to skip the wheel. Yes!"



The octoling grabbed her die and threw it,"Sweet! 4!" She went up and landed on a blank tile


Zor! Get out the bathroom and get out here!

The zeti whipped his mouth as water was dripping, he threw the die and it landed on a 9. He went up and ended up on a blank tile


Jeff boy!

The blonde came up and threw the die watching it land on a 6." He went up and grabbed his card,"An extra spin. Yay.."



The rat grabbed his die and threw it not caring what it would land on, he went up 4 landed on a blank tile


Sorry Bentley! Your turns been skipped!




So Rita, how does it feel?

"Not sure. I mean, I'm not a virgin if you're asking. But I'm not sure what I think about all this.."

Trust me, this will be awesome!


The girl span the wheel and watched as it landed on tentacle

"Um..I'd like to spin again."

Ok! I'll take your card then!

Rita span the wheel again and it landed on-

"Cunnilingus? What's that?"


Great! A great way of letting go of stress! Let's see who your fucking buddy will be-


Your best friend Nari! I couldn't think of anyone else. Sorry.



Rita found herself in a familer bedroom that looked like one of her friend's room, she stood up and walked towards the door but it opened with Nari walking in,"Hey Rita! Ready to begin?" 

"Begin what?" Nari pulled the blue haired girl into the room and threw her onto the bed while turning her back to lock the door, Rita looked at her friend with confusion but then remembered why she was here. She fell back onto the bed and sighed hearing a locking sound

Nari turned around and walked over to Rita, she removed her sweater and kneeled down to her friend's crouch,"So..are you like a clone of my friend or something?" The girl didn't respond, she just tugged down the tight black leggings off the other girl

"I guess you're a robot or something..I hardly doubt the real Nari would do something like this." Rita says as she sat up, just as she did so, a little sound came out. She looked at the other female as she worked her hand over the vital area

The aqua haired girl bit her lip and looked to the side,"F-For a really know-" Rita's words were stopped by a louder sound coming out,"Aw, your moans are so adorable Rita, I'm glad I'm hearing them up close and not just watching." The aqua girl didn't process or hear the other girl's words due to her thoughts being scrambled

In a quick movement, Nari slid down Rita's panties and ran her middle finger through her folds,"Ah..ah fuck.." the girl moaned grabbing hold of the sheet below her, the black haired girl ran a tongue over,"Oh shit!" She gripped Nari's hair as she inserted her tongue inside

Rita bit her lip pulling Nari even closer then before, she wiggled around feeling the wet appendage move around inside her,"Nari.." she let out as she grinded herself on her friend who was pleasing herself while doing the act

"Deeper!" She cried but it only caused the girl to remove her tongue,"I can' tongue isn't big enough..but I know what is~" Rita sat up hearing that statement, her eyes widen seeing what Nari pulled out..a purple vibrator that was turned on. Nari got on top her friend and opened Rita's flaps again before she stuck it inside her, the bottom girl moaned out as the object vibrated. The girl on top took her sweater off and threw it on the floor, she lifted her friend's sweater and started sucking on the nipples

The aqua haired girl moaned more feeling her orgasm swim around her body, Nari rubbed her clit against the top of the vibrator and moaned just as loud as Rita,"Fuck..I-I'm coming.." Rita whimpered holding her arms up over her head, sweat going down her body,"You' beautiful..Rita~" Nari said gripping her friends hips and forcing her down onto the vibrator

With that motion, Rita cried out as her body relaxed with a white liquid pouring out her vagina,"Wow..that was..great!" Nari was just as breathless and smiled down on Rita who's vision hazed


Holy! Now THAT'S what I call, Lesbian sex! Not really, but considering who the director is, this is pretty decent!


Rita appeared back at the board, she groaned as she stood up,"Why couldn't I stay there longer?"


Everyone! It's the finals! Jeff is almost at the end and will be getting his amazing prize! Excited everyone?!


"No. I haven't gotten fucked yet.." Judy pouted


You will! It'll be on another day though..anyways, let's get this game going!


(PLEASE remind me to finish this, I made this back in October but haven't finished because I'm a lazy piece of shit)

Chapter Text

It was a weirdly perfect day

Pogo and Fuse were walking down the street holding hands, the blue haired boy was holding his balance on a fence, his red head boyfriend smiled at him which in turn made him smile

They passed a garden of flowers which Pogo grabbed a rose,"Here babe! It's red, like you!"

Fuse took hold of it and smile,"Tha-" He said before water sprayed on his face followed by laughter,"Ha! Got you!" Pogo howled laughing, the soaked boy blinked before taking a deep breath in,"Congrats. You officially set me off."


Before their walk, Pogo may or may not played a prank involving the oven which in turn will have to get replaced and that may or may not be fueling Fuse's anger


Out of nowhere, Pogo was pushed to the ground into the flowerbed with a smile on his face,"What's wrong? Can't take a little water?" He laughed as Fuse got on top of him,"Shut up and turn over."
With a wink, the blue boy turned around giggling a bit,"I like it when you're demanding~" "Shut up." Fuse demanded gripping his boyfriend's hips slowly sliding his shots off,"Oh my! Going straight for it~"

The red head rolled his eyes lining up himself, Pogo bit his lip feeling the hot red tip press into him,"Not going to stretch me out?" Fuse rammed inside the annoying blue male who cried out in a mixer of emotions,"M-My word! Are you really going easy on me, hot shot?" those words pushed Fuse more then he already was

With no warning, the red head pulled out and slammed back inside,"AH! F-Fuse..I..I know you still..have some strength left..use that you pus-" Pogo was interrupted with the powerful thrust of anger, it made him arch his back in pleasure

"Say you're sorry!" Fuse demanded as he thrusted deeper,"M-make..ME!" the blue haired male cried out his tongue hanging out his mouth, he gripped the grass crying out in pleasure,"You'!" Pogo was able to yell out, he enjoyed edging Fuse on even though it was at his own expensive


Pogo trembled in pleasure as Fuse stopped mid way, he smirked and looked back,"Tired already? I expect-" the blue male looked in shook knowing what would happen next..he was screwed. Fuse smiled before lifting his boyfriend up

"Too gentle you say?'s this?" The red head gripped Pogo's hips and trusted him down into his cock, Pogo cried out looking into the sky in ectacy as Fuse stuck his fingers into his mouth in attempt to make him stay quiet


Climax here~



"Y-You pranks.." Pogo spoke covering his face trying to gather his breath,"Good." Fuse said sliding his pants on, he lifted his boyfriend and walked out the grove of flowers,"Do you think Newt will be upset we ruined her flowers?" Pogo asked looking at the ruined plants

Fuse shook his head,"Not unless we tell her."



Newt was in her house and witnessed everything, and to be double sure, she recorded it..for purposes

Chapter Text

"That was a quick meeting." Dot said flying out the meeting room,"How come Tyrone asked for Tom to stay? He isn't even a main course teacher!" She asked flying around the wolf/raccoon, Okami looked at his watch,"Maybe some sort of..event will take place for the music or art program..either way, it doesn't evolve me." 

Dot looked back at the office door,"I just hope he isn't in trouble..I'd sure hate it if he got fired..especially since he has a family." Taylor caught up with Dot with Okami following suit,"Tyrone isn't THAT harsh, maybe he's giving Tom a raise!"


An owl and a lion..ha. Funny isn't it?

Two creatures of different species and class, why would anyone assume that they would ever grow feelings for each other? That's what everyone thinks..which makes their relationship more easier to hide


Tyrone sat back in his seat and tapped the table,"Thomas..I expect you to be out those clothes in less then a minute." He growled,"O-Oh..M-Mr Tyrone..I-I don't know, classes start soon..and I need to-"

"You're a teacher. I can send someone in to take over your class, now remove your clothes." Tom gulped but still kept his composer,"I..I have to pick up my daughters from practice..and..I would rather them not seeing..the scars you leave.." Tyrone smirked sitting up,"I thought you loved my said it arouses you.." Tom bit his finger remembering those..unsightly words he made come out his mouth

The lion sighed,"If you want to lose your're dismissed-" Out of nowhere, the owl unbuttoned his dress shirt, undid his tie and unzipped his pants, he folded them neatly on a chair nearby,"Took you long enough." Tyrone smiled looking up and down at his pray, he wasn't built like a god or too chubby like a marshmallow..he was moderate for the most part but being a bit on the chubby side," come to papa."

Tom came forward looking a bit worried, he sat on the principal's desk with his legs crossed,"Oh come now-" Tyrone grabbed the owl's legs and uncrossed them, then spread them open like a book,"You should know you shouldn't cross your legs..I'll just open them up again." He spoke with a dominating tone

Even though Tom is married, has 2 kids, and sworn off from cheating, he has had sex with Tyrone..the first time was during those damn heating cycles. His wife was going through it and if you'd known her, then you'd be happy to treat her heats..but then he got his, he couldn't go home to his wife since he was working and that day had a very important event regarding the music and arts class

So when Tyrone saw him..pleasuring himself in the storage closet, he helped graciously through the terrible ordeal

But ever since then, if Tyrone needed Tom for any reason, Tom had to drop everything he was doing and go see him or he'd be fired and their secret would be exposed to the whole school board and his loving wife

Tyrone moved Tom's feathers out the way to gain access to his cloaca,"Nobody has been in here, correct?" the lion asked teasing the hole with his claw,"N-No wife.." the owl whimpered,"Even she agrees you're a bottom~" Tyrone licked his lips,"Wait! I-I don't..want-" The lion looked up, his blue eyes almost glowing,"What was that, Thomas?" Tom breathed heavily and gulped back,"Don't..lick me there..y-your tongue feels weird.."

The lion raised an eyebrow,"Of course it's weird..I'm a cat, are you done complaining?" Tyrone asked,"Can..we skip this..p-part?" The owl begged as his breath hitched, the lion chuckled,"Why? Because it feels good?"

"N-No! I-I does..but I don't want hear.." Tyrone chuckled again sticking his tongue out, disregarding how Tom begged, he ran his tongue over the owl's cloaca, Tom muffled his moan by holding his beak shut,"S-Sir.." His legs shook every time Tyrone went over his area, he was rather sloppy with this movement because he knew what the owl liked, he was never going to say but he knew he loved it


Tom grabbed a hold of the edge of the desk to lift his body up,"Yes..ah." The owl whispered the moment he moved his hand from his beak, the cat looked into the bird's eyes which made him turn away in embarrassment, Tyrone lifted his tongue along with his head,"Look at me Thomas." Tom glanced over, his face went red when he saw the lion's eyes

"Y-Yes..sir?" He asked gripping hard on the desk,"Nothing, just wanted to see your face." Tyrone said before going back to licking Tom's cloaca once again, the owl bit his hand and looked away from Tyrone, it felt wonderful when it only went over..but it would only get better, and Tom knew what it was. Tyrone gripped Tom's thighs before inserting his tongue inside the owl's cloaca,"T-Tyrone!" Tom cried falling back onto the desk hitting his head on the edge,"Don't stop! Oh Leto, yes!" He arched his back feeling the lion's tongue curl inside him

Tyrone chuckles giving a vibration to his tongue,"Don't..speak!" Tom yelled about to burst from the pleasure,"Why?" The lion knew what he was talking about but just wanted to torture the owl further,"Ahh! I'm going!" The owl's claws attached themselves to the lion's mane, Tyrone smirked running a hand to his pants and unbuttoning it releasing his wide 7 inch cock. He began stroking himself to Tom's moans bringing himself close to a climax

Tom tugged hard on the brown mane when he felt Tyrone's tongue begin to curl inside him again, brushing around a spot that made him moan even louder then he already was, he squirmed on top of the desk while some early cum mixed with saliva came out his cloaca going under him. He grinded himself up against the lion's mouth getting more of the pleasure inside him,"Coming?" The lion asked taking his tongue out and replacing it with his slender finger,"Yes, c-coming..." Tom murmured as he felt the finger slowly go around his now wet cloaca walls


Tyrone's finger went around in a circle movement pressing his claw near the spot he knew was there but didn't dare touch it, that'll make Tom come too quick, in fact, it'd make him burst like a volcano. Tom whimpered each moment Tyrone didn't touch that spot,"What's wrong?" The lion asked in a teasing way,"L-Let me..come.." He smirked removing his finger and lying back in his chair still jerking himself off,"Not until I do, Thomas."

Tom stared at Tyrone's dick with lust in his vision, he spread his legs open and sits up,"Put it..inside me..come inside me..p-papa." The lion smirked standing up still jerking off, he stopped the movement and placed the tip against the wet entrance,"All wet, for me~" Tom moaned staring strongly at his cock being pressed against him,"I might just bust from entering.." Tyrone pushed slowly inside

It was tight, which is understandable, a lion and an owl cannot mate without some serious stretching, and lots of lube. Tom cried as the wide cock pressed against his walls, but it turned to be too much

He screamed out as his built up orgasm came running out of him and going all over Tryone's dick, the lion groaned as he pulled out and sprayed his own orgasm over the owl


"Oh Thomas, look at what you did, you should learn how to control your orgasms." The lion said pumping the rest of his cum onto the owl's body, Tom covered his eyes with his arm trying to relax himself, Tyrone chuckled putting his dick back into his pants,"Alright, that's all I needed." He said picking up Tom and dropping him on the ground like he was nothing,"Get your clothes, classes start in 10 minutes." 

Tom stayed on the ground for a little to gather his composer, eventually, he got up and retrieved his clothing from the chair, he slid on each piece finishing with his tie and glasses, he coughed before regaining his regular way of speaking,"Have a good day..sir." He said walking out the office


Tyrone watched the door close

He grabbed some napkins from the drawer and started to clean up the mess

Chapter Text

"Ways to make money"


It was the thing Pearl Houzuki typed into her search bar

She had money and was making a fair amount from her job as an idol, but, not enough to pay bills and get groceries for the week since her parents cut her allowance off. It also didn't help that her co-idol, Marina Ida, was more popular then her, she has a huge fan base, bigger breasts then Pearl, and she's an octoling for goodness sake! Marina would give Pearl the money, but, Pearl denied ever asking her friend for money, mainly because Marina is younger then her

Pearl scrolled down the search results trying to find something that was easy for her to pick up, she clicked a link that sent her to a forum for people who want to ask questions. The inkling shrugged clicking a new question to ask, she sat up and started typing in her question,"Yo! I'm in some desperate need for some moolah to pay for shit, can ya'll help me?"

She pressed confirmed and her message was put up with her being anonymous, Pearl got out her seat and walked to the fridge. She opened the object letting a chilly breeze hit her face, there was still some food, but most of it was leftovers, she took a cherry soda from the top shelf and closed the object with her foot. She opened the can and started chugging it down, Pearl walked back to her computer and sat back down

Almost imminently, there was a response to her question. She clicked on the message while drinking her soda


Are you in need of a job? Well, here! It's a link to OnlySplat, it'll get ya money in no time! As long as you got a good body ;)


"OnlySplat? What's that?" Pearl placed her soda down and opened a new tab, typing in OnlySplat and clicking the first result. She was taken to a clear website with a "for you" page and some status update thing. She recognized one of the status reports from Annie the sea anemone, it had 1,000 likes and it was of her sitting on her bed with the camera high above her, the caption saying

Just woke up, god, I look like such a dork ;p


"If a loser like her can get that many likes from just posting a photo of her in PJs..imagine how much I could make from posting pics of me!"

Pearl, with money hungry eyes, clicked "Make an account"


The stage name she chosen was SplattingQueen_Pearl

"Now what should I write for a bio..hmm, got it!"


What up? My name is Pearl Houzuki, aka, MC Princess. Lead rapper for Off the Hook. I enjoy singing, go-karting, and shopping. If ya want to chat, hook me up, but it'll cost ya!


"Now to get some pics." Pearl grabbed her phone, she downloaded the app and scrolled through her images, all of them were old and didn't look all that good. The inkling groaned,"Gotta take some new ones then." She walked to her bedroom, digging up a phone holder and propping it up in front of her bed

She grabbed some clothes from her closet to pose in to fill up 50 images


Each image had her in a different outfit and a different pose


Once all the pictures were done, she put her clothes back on and uploaded each one

"Perfect! Now gotta wait for that moolah!"

She threw her phone on the couch and landed beside it, Pearl relaxed in her seat and turned the TV on



About 20 minutes passed when Pearl's phone dinged, it was a notification from OnlySplat saying it was a message from someone,"That was quick!" She pressed the message and it sent her to a private DM


SplattingQueen? Hot name, anyways, I'll keep this short and simple, could you show me ya titties? I have a thing for small tits, how's $60 for 10 pics? Don't keep me waiting baby ;)


"Ew.." Pearl was about to delete the message, but when she saw the price, she changed her mind,"Quick pics..easy!" She went to camera, with a deep breath, she removed her shirt and bra

With phone raised, she took a picture of her smiling, winking and holding her right breast,"Easy money." She said tilting her head for another pic, she moved the camera down and snapped another


She finished her pics and sent them to the guy with a message


Here ya go big guy, hope it's enough to stratify you


Minutes later, she received 60 dollars with a 20 dollar tip


"Sweet! Why didn't I think of this before?!"

Another ding went off, another request!


Baby..your beautiful, seriously, for real, for 100 bucks, plus tip, show me your panties


"Pretty specific, but I'm down with it." Pearl walked to her bedroom and closed the door behind her

She removed her skirt, laid down on the bed and held the phone near her vagina,"Alright.." Pearl snapped a photo of her pink/white panties, she changed a few angles and then sent the images


Less then a minute later, 200 dollars was in her account with an extra 10

"Wow, this is easy!"



And just like that, Pearl's afternoon was filled


Dance to Nasty Majesty with nothing but your panties on, 400 bucks are waiting for ya!

Dear. Your body isn't something to put a price on, then again, I'd like to see you posing upside down. I'll pay extra if you're naked

Pussy pics. Pussy pics. Pussy pics. P U S S Y  P I C S.

Wow Pearl! You're really popping off! Here's an idea, post pics with sex toys, that'll give you major bucks! Keep up the great work!

Private show pls? I got 1,000 dollars lying around

Take a phone and rub it against your body, theres 50 dollars waiting for you, an extra 40 if you cum on it

HIIIII! You're cute, I like your boobies, more pics of bobbies pls!

Hiiiiii! You're cute, I like your ass, more pics of the ass pls!



Pearl posted her last photo that was suggested by her last messenger, once she sent it, she received 800 dollars. The inkling gave a bright smile,"I'm rich!" She yelled throwing her phone on the couch,"I can quit Off the Hook! I can move to a new, more cooler city! And I could even-even buy those expensive dresses I saw online!" Pearl twirled around and sat in her computer

She opened up her messages and clicked on a private show request, it led her to a zoom type thing, it was buffering, so in that time, the inkling removed her clothing

When it finished buffering, the screen showed a geek wearing goggles and a shell on his head

"U-Uh..hi, M-Miss Houzuki, I-I didn't..think you would..come.." Pearl gave a chuckle,"I always have time for my fans dear, so, you're ready?" She asked uncrossing her legs showing her vagina off, the geek nodded removing his own clothing. The inkling smirked opening her entrance,"How would you like me to start?"

The geek licked his lips as he began to rub himself,"Run..your fingers..down, y-your folds.." Pearl did as instructed, running her slender fingers down where it almost inserted inside her,"Mhmm, ah." She moaned riving in her seat, the geek bit his lip rubbing himself a bit faster,"Put one..inside you.." The inkling slid one of her fingers inside her,"Yes! Like that!" The geek yelled going faster

Pearl went along with his movements entering another finger inside her, she moaned louder lifting her body up to the camera, one hand grabbed her boob and started to massage it,"You' Miss Houzuki!" He yelled flinging his head back,"Oh fuck! I-I'm gonna..gonna-" Pearl screamed out gripping the side of her seat,"Come on the screen! Come on the screen!"

The inkling chuckled,"Perverted..I love it!" She cried starting to rub her clit, Pearl brought her vagina up when it started to seep cum, her fingers were drenched in her release,"Miss're making!" The geek released his seed over his computer screen. Pearl smiled as she removed her fingers shooting her own cum into the screen

After a moment of calming down, Pearl got a ding and low, and behold, 1,000 dollars were in her account,"Thanks for the money playa!" "And thanks for the orgasm! H-Have a good day!" "Yeah, see ya!"

The call was ended


Pearl took some tissues and cleaning her screen along with her seat,"Alright, one more pic for the night!" She said standing up, not even bothering with clothes, she picked her phone up and saw her DMs were filled with 40 requests


"Never mind."

Chapter Text

The threesome with Gai, Liu, and Miyo

I'm still working on it, I'm just trying to figure out a good set up for it

Since I wasn't given what the scene would be like, I had to think of something

Here's what I got so far, to the one who requested this, I would like to know what I need to change


-The grasshopper bounced a bit when he was thrown to the bed,"G-Gai?" The monkey by the name of Gai removed his shirt and threw it across the room,"Be quiet.." He said pressing his hand on Liu's chest which forced him down,"You'll be gentle..right?" He asked biting his nails, Gai removed the grasshopper's fingers from his mouth and smiled at him,"No more speaking..just..relax." He laid the creature down with a spark in his eye

Gai took the belt of Liu's pants into his hands and pulled them down showing his boxers,"-


Still a work in progress, I've..been pretty lazy



The sex with White bomber and Black bomber

Uh..I've been thinking of how this scene would play out, but I failed to ask the one who requested it what they wanted

I didn't write anything for it yet..and this upsets me

Since I haven't done anything, I can't really show any work, but I can give a few ideas of how the scene could play out

-Forced blow job

-Forced sex

-Forced cum eating

-And then left for nothing

If that isn't what you want, you can tell me what I should change and what you want the scene to go to




Sorry that this isn't some girl getting fuck or some guy getting his ass destroyed

This is for the two who suggested the chapters

I'm sorry I haven't finished your chapters, but since I'm not getting paid for this, I don't make it my main priority but yet I feel as if I need to get it done faster which makes it worse


Hopefully you understand


Next chapter coming next week..or month..or year


Who knows?

Chapter Text

It was a regular day in Green Hill. Everything looked green and healthy, everyone was busy doing what they needed to do, and they were all minding their business


Fuck it, on to sexy time!



Two hedgehogs approached a human who was looking excited,"Ready boys?" He asked removing his pants showing his cock, they looked at each other before nodding,"As long as you remove these..things, from our bottoms." Shadow hissed crossing his arms,"Righto chief." The human said smirking,"Sonic, get down here." The blue hedgehog looked around before going onto his knees, he grabbed the shaft,"Hard as usual." Sonic said tapping the tip with his finger,"A solid 9.99." He licked the tip,"A nice taste..I wonder.."


He opened his mouth wide enough for the human's cock to enter, he made a heart shape around his mouth,"Go on..stick it inside." The blue hedgehog whispered a red blush appearing,"With pleasure." The human grabbed Sonic's quills and trusted inside breaking apart Sonic's hands

"Goodness.." Shadow whispered trying to hide the fact he was impressed, the human looked at the black and red hedgehog with a smile, he pulled the switch for the vibrator egg out his pocket and pressed a button


Both animals started to moan with the vibrations becoming faster,"P-Pathetic..human..your stupid d-device..has no..effect on me!" Shadow backed into a wall, pulled his dick out and began to stroke himself. The human's smirk became bigger,"Sure it doesn't."

He began trusting himself into Sonic's mouth, the blue hedgehog looked at the human with a smirk beginning to grow on his face, he was clearly going to say something witty, if it wasn't for the dick inside him. Shadow covered his mouth with his hand beginning to feel a release build inside him,"Ah uh, not yet."

The human pressed a button that stopped the vibrations and stopped the hedgehog's orgasm,"Curse you..pathetic human.." He hissed,"Come help Sonic suck me off, then I'll turn your vibrator back on." Shadow cursed under his breath before walking over, he bent down and connected his lips to the second testicle of the human. He sat beside Sonic, their bodies touching slightly. The black and red hedgehog licked around the sack collecting cum as some leaked,"Mhmm good boys~"


Shadow and Sonic moaned as the vibration started again, the black and red hedgehog's moans were louder then the blue one's,"More!" Shadow yelled connected his lips to the human's balls and beginning to suck them as he grinded himself against the ground. Sonic sucked just as hard gathering some pre-cum as it began to leak from the slit, just like a ring,"Damn're really going hard today."

Sonic removed his lips and stroked the cock,"We've been waiting for a month, daddy~" He said running his tongue over the tip once again, Shadow moved his lips and began massaging them in his hand,"'s been awhile..father."

The human smirked,"Well then, take it all boys."


Sonic and Shadow both licked the human's shaft, willing to gather his seed inside their mouths, the human grabbed hold of both their heads and brought them even closer to his dick. They began sucking on their respected sides, feeling the veins begin to pulse on their tongues, Shadow was still using his hand on the human's sack giving it a light squeeze every now and then. Sonic looked into the human's eyes with his eyes sorta glowing a green tint
"Boys..I-I'm about to..ah.." 
The hedgehogs moved to the tip of the human's dick, their hands still connected to the base and stroked him from there, they opened their mouths one more excited then the other

Soon, a white cream spurted out landing on their tongues and faces, Shadow quickly took the substance off his face with disgust,"Gross." "You get used to it." Sonic said swallowing his substance, the human took out 200 dollars from his pants and gave the two 100 each,"Pleasure doing business with you two, I'll put in a good word for you with Eggman."

Sonic grabbed his, double checking if it was the amount they were promised,"Same to you, same time next month?" He asked,"You know it." The human turned the speed down,"Thank you, have a..decent rest of your month, pathetic human."


And just like that. The three went their separate ways,"I can't believe I called him father, who am I becoming?" "Don't think too hard about it Shadow, just enjoy yourself."

Chapter Text

How could they show something so risque?

So cruel 


I'm disappointed in the artists 

In the voice actors for voicing this..

In the network..


How could they?


No, how cruel..

Chapter Text

Dr Starline

He looks cool, his personality is chill and he's an Eggman fanboy

Also mammal bird, I like birds :)


Dr Quack(Webkinz)

Glasses. Duck. Possible murderer. Perfect, stick a dick right in him :D

Though the chainsaw might be a, kinky


Dr Quack(Yooka Laylee)

He has no holes..I'll make some :3

Back or front? Hmm..


Gary the Gadget Guy

He's cute :) and he has glasses..and looks like a virgin-


Dr Frogg

Awkward man, misunderstood, and he has a thing for a certain rock artist..filthy whore


Dr Flug

Have you seen his R34 page??

Geez, and I thought I've seen everything..


E Gadd

To make everyone uncomfy :D

Oh shut up, you want to fuck a vampire that smells like a corpse! >:(


Neo Cortex

He's cute :DDD and sexy :DDD go fuck him :DDD I need help :'D

Whatever, therapies too expensive


IDK who this motherfucker is, but I'm gonna make him a cock whore one day

His name is Loboto but that's dumb, just stick a dick in his mouth and shut him up



You should know why he's on the list :p

(Because his skin is blue and it matches semen)


Dr Nefarious

How many dicks can fit in this guy? I'm guessing 12 :p

Nah, bump it up to 15 :)



This adorable, and he's shy???!!! Dude, go fuck him :DD

One time opportunity my dude, one time opportunity :)


Sasha Nein

I cannot believe he's an actual character that I simp over, that never :I

Threesome with Loboto, when? :)


Viktor Humphries

He's so pure, so innocent, such a dork! Sadly, he came across me, I'm sorry :(

Should he be experienced or a virgin? :/



I'm noticing an unhealthy pattern..


Oh well

Chapter Text

Mother Nature, the woman who brings life to everything in the world, was spending her time in the garden she was asked to maintain while the owner was away for. On any other day this task wouldn't be much of a problem, but this day was one of those days she feared leaving her cottage, it all had something to do with the brothers-


Snow Miser and Heat Miser



The Miser brothers, never saw eye to eye, never gotten along, never acted nice towards each other just because they're polar opposites


Everyday they fought, it was considered normal at this point, but it was this day that their fighting became more...aggressive. Mother Nature was able to calm them down and made them sit on the couch till she got back, but she feared that they would start arguing again just from the looks they give each other before she walked out the door

She tried to keep herself occupied so she wouldn't worry about what her sons will do while she was working, she'll check on them in a few hours, hopefully they won't be at each other's necks again



At the cozy, warm cottage in the middle of the arctic. Two brothers sat on a sofa, not looking at each other out of pure disgust of the other,"This is all your fault, Heat." The colder brother scoffed,"My fault? My fault?! This is all your fault! If you haven't showed me that dumb dance, we wouldn't have gotten yelled at by mother!" Heat retaliated, the flame on his head growing hotter

"Well maybe, if you showed more interests in my performances and smiled more, your face wouldn't be so wrinkly!" The hotter brother growled,"At least girls find me hot! Unlike your twinkie ass!" Snow jolted at that response,"Oh? So we're talking about dating now, are we? Fine! Have YOU ever been in a relationship before, dear brother?"

Snow crossed his arms annoyed,"Yes, I have been! With three different girls!" "Yet you still can't seem to make any friends." Heat mumbled something before speaking louder,"What about you?!" The colder brother chuckled,"I'll have you know, that I at least dated four girls. Try to beat that one." 

"You're such a liar! I never seen ONE of these supposed girlfriends of yours!" "I can say the same to you! Name one of these girls!" Heat crossed his arms,"I don't remember any of their names, what about you?!"

"I don't remember either!" "See? You're just as big as a liar as me!" Snow groaned crossing his arms and looking away, Heat did the same mumbling something


Silence filled the cottage

Snow glanced over at his brother and then scoffed,"I doubt that any girl would even like it when you touch them, since you're too hot to handle." He said crossing his legs with a hint of cockiness in his tone, Heat looked at him shaking his head while snickering,"How would you know?" "I wouldn't." Snow looked at his nails,"Unless you stop acting and take me."

Heat raised an eye brow,"Take you? What's that supposed to mean?" The cooler brother snickered,"Don't act like you don't know, I know what you think about me, you pervert." Snow glared at him with a smirk,"I've seen what you do when you think nobody's watching you. Masturbating to one of those human magazines I posed for, ha!"

The hotter brother's face glowed red, how did..he know? He gulped and sputtered out,"I-I wasn't looking at your page!" The colder brother made eye contact,"The cum on the pages tells me otherwise." Heat started to think of excuses,"That was only one time! I was having a rough day and..I found your page and, I guess I..started feeling something just happened! I don't see you that way! You're my brother, it'd be wrong-" Snow raised his hand to silence the nonsensical dribble escaping his brother's mouth,"If that was the case, then why, on separate occasions, I find you masturbating to my page without a single sense of shame?"

Heat tried finding another excuse,"Don't try to lie your way out of this, it's clear you have sexual fantasies of your own brother..disgusting." The hotter brother felt a punch in his gut, his brother sounded repulsed by the accusation, it was disgusting. He was disgusting for thinking such terrible thoughts of the male he shared a mother with, Heat lowered his head in shame,"I-I'm sorry..I know, it was messed up, you have the right to be disgusted and not forgive me." Snow scoffed,"Good. I don't think I can ever forgive you for this."

" have the right to feel that way.." Heat Miser wiped his eyes as water vapor came out, Snow Miser witnessed this,"Though..I suppose I can give you a pass, since I'm not that clean either.."

Heat glanced over at his brother, his eyes were on the ground and all sense of his cockiness was gone,"If I knew better, I would have told mother about this and..god..who knows what she would do, but I didn't..why? Because I was into it." The hotter brother lifted his head and stared at the cooler brother,"What?" Snow sighed,"I was into it..I was into the fact my own brother was fantasying about me in that way. God, I hated myself for liking it..what would mother say if she knew? Hell, if she knew you put these thoughts in my brain, I could only fear what she'd do.."

Snow crossed his legs,"So for a long time, I didn't acknowledge it, hoping common sense would make it's way into my mind and my liking would turn to disgust, we are..on the couch with a disgusting truth we both tried to hide, hovering over our heads." He looked at Heat Miser,"That's my confession, shall we start or do you want to confess something?" The hotter brother furrowed his brows,"Start what?" Snow sighed,"We both now know we're interested in each other in that way, mother is away, neither of us will tell her, so, let's have sex." Heat Miser jolted up,"S-Sex?!" The cooler brother rolled his eyes,"Don't act so surprised, you knew this was going to happen one day."

"No! We can't!-" "Why? Because we're related?" "Yes, and did you forget?!" Heat brought his hand close to Snow's face, steam formed in the middle,"If we get close to each other, we'll both get hurt, I don't want that!" He moved his hand away, Snow hummed,"That may be a problem." "Exactly, so let's pretend we didn't talk about this and-"

"But a little pain never stopped anyone before so why should it stop us?" The hotter brother was caught off guard by his brother's persistence,"Snow, think about what this could do to both of us! If we were to do it, how will we go back to normal? I won't be able to look at you the same-" "Trust me, dearest brother, the day I discovered your secret, my thoughts on you haven't changed a bit..except the idea that you hated me."

"Snow..why are you so persistent?! Can't we just go back to way things were? Constantly budding heads, getting into arguments, causing storms to happen, calling each other names, and just messing around, let's forget this conversation ever happened and-" Heat's begging went silent with Snow's sigh,"You're living in a fantasy world, Heats. Nothing will go back to the way it was, not between us, not after today. We know what we really think of each other, we both done something degrading involving the other, we might as well do what we're both thinking."

Heat held his head in his hands,"What have I done..?" He whispered under his breath, the cooler brother thought for a moment, he smiled when he figured something out,"Hey, Heats? Since we're telling our confession here, why don't you tell me what you thought about while looking at that magazine?" Snow moved closer with his voice holding a seductive charm,"Mind if I take a few guesses?"

"B-Brother..?" Steam come off as Heat's opposites came closer," thought of me entering your room and seeing you jerk yourself off while looking at that magazine, then, when you realize I'm there, you put the magazine down and make eye contact with me while still touching yourself. I stand there, dumbfounded, but then I lock the door and come towards your bed to help you jack off." Snow Miser leaned into Heat Miser's ear,"I run my tongue from your tip to your base as you hold my head in place and prob my ass with your fingers, feeling how tight I am. Nothing but the steam from our touching bodies fill the room along with my whines and your groaning."

Snow's thigh came into contact with Heat's,"You pull my head back and tell me to turn around, the moment I do, you rip all my clothes off and begin to touch me while rubbing your cock against my ass, the feeling of your hands touching my exposed body begins to make me melt..leaving drops of myself on your sheets to be mixed with your sweat. And before I knew it, you start pushing into my ass, the tip going in..and soon the rest." Snow begins to moan under his heavy breath,"The feeling of your fiery cock penetrating me makes my body heat up like never before, it hurts..but I take it with a smile. You grab my hips and pull me back into your cock, I gasp when it's all inside, the pulsing of your hot, thick rod against my cold's..incredible, I cry your name with tears starting to pour from my eyes while I still smile.."

Heat looked into his brother's half lidded eyes,"Just imagining this happening..gah..I can feel my body heating up right now.." The short brother placed a hand on the taller's chest and tried to push him back,"Don't come're going to hurt yourself.."


Snow Miser's eyes went back to being full looking at Heat Miser's hand that was making steam,"'re hurting me now.." Heat was about to pull his hand away but his brother grabbed it before he could,"No no..I like it." He said biting his lip, the cooler brother moved his brother's hand down his body making him moan,"Brother.." Heat Miser took control of his hand and touched the top part of Snow's clothed torso,"Mhmm, so warm.." The hotter element ran his hands over his opposite's nipples feeling them harden just with his touch

"Here..this'll make it..better.." Snow took off his suit jacket, white undershirt and scarf and placed them on the ground, Heat looked in awe at his brother's body, Snow's body was slim and smaller then Heat's by size. It sure did turn him on, if this was any other person, Heat Miser wouldn't hesitate to ravage their body but..this wasn't just a random person, this was his brother, blood relative, someone he grew and constantly fought with. Despite his boner desperately wanting to be satisfied, there was no way he would have sex with his brother, it wasn't right, it felt wrong, he couldn't do this..

"Snow, I-" The colder brother pushed his opposite into the couch and straddled his hips,"Words are overrated, let's let our passion and bodies speak for us." Snow Miser looked down at Heat with a dominating smile,"This feels wrong, we can't-" "Heats, when you're driven by lust..who cares about right or wrong?" Heat Miser placed his hands on his brother's chest and tried to push him off,", I-I can't..I just can't do this..not to you.." The colder brother grabbed his brother's hands and stared directly into his eyes,"If it helps you calm down a bit, this, will be a one time thing, after today, we can pretend this never happened and we can go back to the way things were, just like you want it to be." 

"But what if it becomes awkward when we're..alone?" Heat asked,"We just don't think about it, I won't and you won't, easy as that."

Heat Miser turned his head away,"Hey-" Snow Miser moved back onto the couch, his brother looked back at him, a hint of darkness in his eyes,"Stop talking and get back on." Snow felt a shiver go up his spine, he smiled and got back on Heat's hips,"So, we're doing this?" He asked, that seductive charm returning,"You started this, I'm going to end it." The colder brother chuckled,"Then what are you waiting for? Go on and touch me."

Heat Miser looked at Snow Miser's half naked body and felt all his blood go down to his dick, he pushed back his morals and grabbed his brother by the hips, the colder brother's body trembled when his brother touched him,"Are you okay?" Snow nodded but looked to be struggling to enjoy himself,"Do you want me to stop?" "No! I'm just not used to being touched by something" Heat chuckled to himself,"But really, I'm fine, please continue."
"Tell me if I hurt you, okay?" "I will." Heat Miser ran his hands upwards and placed his thumbs on his brother's nipples making them perk up at contact, Snow softly moaned and winced to himself, Mr sun slowly rotated his thumb on the nub slowly feeling how hard it was becoming just with his touch,"Heats..ah.." 

The hotter brother looked down at the thing that poked into his crotch, he smirked and moved one hand to his brother's pants. He slipped it past his wasteband and gripped whatever he was able to find,"Ah!" Snow Miser moaned falling back into the sofa,"Yes! There!" Heat Miser sat up, got closer to Snow and moved his hand in a stroking motion and watched his brother's face glow a dark blue,"!" Mr sun laughed,"Very funny, blizzard brains." Mr icicle giggled back,"Why thank you, inferno face." The siblings chuckled together, both forgetting the mood they set the room in. Heat resumed his slow yet steady stroking taking them back into the atmosphere,"Oh wow..ah ha.." Snow mumbled softly


"Not so cocky now, huh?" "S-Shut up.." 


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Chapter Text

"Hey Moony, have you seen my bag?" The female looked away from her bowl of cereal at her roommate/best friend who looked to be in a rush,"Where are you going? It's 8 AM." She complained,"I have an hour to get to my job interview-found it!" Ena grabbed her bag and walked to Moony,"I'll be back around 6 or 8." She hugged her best friend and walked to the door,"What's this job about?" "I'll tell you when I get home!"



Paisley Paver looked through pages of papers with faces of the ones she had to interview, she lifted her head when the door open,"Salutations! My apologies that I'm late!" Ena said closing the door behind her,"No, you're on time, please take a seat." The humanoid being sat on a white couch in front the woman, Paisley clicked her pen and touched the paper


"What is your name?"

"My name is Ena!"


"How old are you?"

"Above eighteen."


"Are you currently enrolled in any school?"

"No miss, I'm not in any university or college."


"Any reason you wanted this job?"

"Well, my friend, Moony, recently broken her leg and cannot go to work to maintain our home, so I volunteered to look for a job."


"Very sweet of you, Miss Ena."

"Thank you miss."


"Is anyone aware of you're interview here today?"

"I told Moony I was going to a job interview, but I forgot to tell her what job it's for"


"Are you currently in any athletic activity?"

"I played a football video game before, does that count?"


"I suppose."


"Is this job a way for you to rebel against a certain authority figure?"

"No, I just need the money to pay for rent."


"Have you ever had sexual intercourse?"

Ena giggled

"A few times in the past."

"With a male or female?"

"Both, at different times, of course."


"Thoughts on threesomes?"

"I don't really see myself getting in one."


"Final question, are you aware that this job could change the way most people see you?"

Ena nodded and smiled

"Strong girl, alright, let's take a head shot and you'll be all set for your job!"


Paisley stood from her chair and approached Ena with her hand out and a smile,"It was nice to meet you, Ena." The humanoid shook the woman's hand,"You too miss!"

A male walked into the room with a camera, he set it up in front of Ena and began fixing it,"Alright-" He moved to the back making sure everything was ready,"Say cheese!"


Ena raised her hand in a waving motion and smiled,"Cheese!"






"Here we are." The driver said alerting Ena that she was at her destination, she grabbed her bag and exited the taxi,"Have a great day!" She said as she waved goodbye


She entered the building to be greeted by a woman who was reading a book with earbuds in her ears, she had long magenta hair in a curled style, Ena approached her desk and knocked on the wood, she turned her attention away from her book towards the humanoid, she removed her right earbud,"You're Ena, right?" The woman asked,"Yes, I assume you're my employer!"

"Ha, no, if you want the employer, then you'll have to find Giggles. I just run the desk and take people's money, names Jessie by the way." She held her hand out which Ena shook without question,"Giggle's is to the door on your left, you got 30 minutes before this place opens." Jessie put her earbud back in and got lost in the pages, the humanoid looked at the door and walked over to it


"Hello? Miss Giggles?" Ena opened the door revealing a girl with light pink hair, a bow in her hair, and a bright smile on her face,"Hello Miss Ena! I'm charmed to finally be meeting you!" The girl smiled motioning to a chair in front of her, the humanoid walked to the chair and sat down, Giggles poured herself a glass of pink lemonade,"Want some? It's homemade!" She asked,"I'd appreciate some." A glass was poured for her,"Thank you miss!" Ena said before drinking her lemonade

Giggle pushed the pitcher to the side,"Nervous to be here, Ena?" "A little, but knowing I'm helping Moony, it's all worth it!" The human ran her finger on the rim of the glass,"One thousand dollars for your first time here, how's that sound?" Ena choked on her drink


"Yes, for one timers, I give them one thousand dollars, if they work here, they'll get paid one thousand every week."

Ena looked amazed at the price, she cleared her throat,"I will be working here until Moony's leg heals, miss." Giggles smiles,"Alright! I'll get Jessie to set your station up, you go wash up in changing room 4!" Giggles said pointing at a door to her side,"Alright miss, thank you." Ena stood from the chair and walked through the door


She walked through another door that led to a shower room where a group of females were freshening up, a large amount of steam filling the room,"Oh! You're the new employee right? Ina, right?" A blonde female asked as she slid a pair of stocking on,"Actually it's Ena." The humanoid corrected,"Ah, Ena! What a nice name, I'm Catherine with a C!"

"Yay yay yay! New friends! New friends!" A woman who had clown makeup on ran to the new employee,"Heya heya! I'm Lola Pop!" She moved her arms up causing her towel to come undone, Ena's face went red causing her to cover her face, another girl looked at the clown and picked her towel up,"'re s-showing her too much.." Lola looked at the girl before looking down and blushing,"My bad! I didn't mean to flash at you!" She took her towel and wrapped it back on

"S-Sorry about that, E-Ena.." The white haired female spoke,"It's quite alright, you are?" "M-My name is..Paya.." She said turning her head away,"That's a rather nice name! Nice to meet you, Paya!" Paya's face went red,"Aww! You're so cute when you blush!" Catherine yelled grabbing the Sheikah by the shoulders taking her off guard,"No I'm not! Stop it!"

"But you are! You're a real cutie patootie!" "Shut up!" Paya screamed hiding her face,"If you keep being cute, I'll have to eat you all up! And get cavities while doing it!" Paya's hands were moved from her face by Catherine,"Come on, admit it, you're the cutest thing ever!" "N-No! It's too embarrassing!"

Lola laughed while trying to get her clothes on,"Just make out already you two! At least then I can bathe in peace!" A lemur yelled as water splashed onto her head,"Now now Tangle, we must let them have their privacy, let them go at their own pace, go with the flow." A sea slug said scrubbing a soapy substance onto her friends back, Tangle crossed her arms and groaned,"Fine.."

Ena looked at the two and waved,"Greetings!" Tangle and Flow looked over,"Hello, Ena." Flow said with a tired smile,"Yeah..hey." Tangle said annoyed,"What are you two doing?" Flow squirted some soap onto the lemur's back,"Helping each other with bathing, getting the back is rather hard." Flow explained as Tangle's face went red, Lola grabbed Ena by the shoulders from the back,"Hey Ena! Let me wash your back!"

Lola grabbed a sponge,"Oh no, I appreciate your helping, but I already took a bath before I got here." Ena said,"Aw!" Lola pouted childishly, the humanoid giggled 



All the females exited the shower room with their belongings, they entered a room with their faces on doors with a hole right below it,"Ena! You're beside me!" Lola yelled, pointing at the door with the photo Ena had taken earlier that day,"Alright girls, those doors will open in a few minutes, get into your areas!" Giggles yelled

Ena entered the small room to have the door shut on her, there was something to lay on which was connected to a hole on the door, she placed her bag down beside the resting place and sat on it, rather comfy, felt nice


"Alright ladies of group 4, remove your clothes from the waist down, though you aren't being stop from removing your tops."


The humanoid hesitated, her hands on the rim of her skirt,"I don't wanna do this! I wanna go home!" She cried,"No no! It'll be fine! We're doing this for Moony!" "She'll leave us when she finds out!" "She won't find out! Let's enjoy this, alright?" "Will it hurt?" "It won't" Ena finally pulled her skirt down,"Ok.." She took a deep breath and removed her last bit of clothing


"Now put your legs out the holes and Jessie will come around to tie them up, it'll be comfy, I promise!"


The humanoid got onto the resting area and lifted her legs up,"This is embarrassing!" "Agreed, fully." She pushed her leg out the hole and felt a harsh grab around her ankle making her yelp,"Sorry, I'm sorta in a hurry." Jessie explained while strapping Ena's ankles to a pair of velcro cuffs on both sides, the human yanked on Ena's legs and nodded,"Alright, you're set, good luck." She said before walking to Lola's door



"This was a bad idea! We could have been garbage people! At least that's less embarrassing!" "But picking up others trash doesn't reward us with enough funds to maintain our home, we're doing this for Moony, remember?" "What will they do to us?! Take photos and laugh about how weird our body is?!" "That is possible, but I'm fully aware our outer exterior is beautiful." "I wanna go home still!"



Jessie sat back at her desk and reopened her book with a smile,"Here they are! Horny motherfuckers!" Giggle announced, the magenta haired female looked away from her book and stared at the door, a line was already forming,"Ready to make some money?!" "Wish it didn't involve hearing moans and cleaning up sperm." Jessie mumbled,"Yes Jessie, I'm aware you're asexual, you hate the idea of sex, you think it's unnecessary, yada yada, stop complaining and get ready to scan cards and renew payments!"

The woman rolled her eyes, she lifted a scanner from below the table and began setting it up,"I understand if someone wants to have an orgasm at 10PM on a Saturday, but why at 11AM on a Monday? In daylight?!" Jessie yelled finishing,"You've never had an orgasm before I'm guessing." "Of course I did, one time, it was body felt like it was being ripped apart!"

"Orgasms feel great! You're just being insensitive again, you should get that checked." Giggle said watching the clock hit 11,"Alright! Let's get this show on the road!" She unlocked the doors and spread them wide




"Conker, here's my card, doll."

Jessie scanned his card

"How long will you be staying?"

"An hour, I ain't got that type of cash to spend, you know what I mean?"

"I guess."

Jessie clicked a few things on her computer before handing him his card

"You have four hundred left on this."

"Is Paya working today?"






"Crunch..I..need to renew my card."

Jessie took his card, she tapped a few things on her computer and then scanned it

"Alright, you're card's activated again, you have two hundred left, how long will you be staying?"

The bandicoot looked to be nervous

"W-What are your prices again?"

Jessie sighed and pulled a chart out

"One hundred for an hour, two hundred for two hours-"

"Two hours! Please!"

Jessie scanned his card before pushing it back to him

"Thank you! Tangle, my love, I'm here!"





Jessie sighed when she saw a tall guy in a trench coat and sunglasses

"Yes hello ma'am, I'd like to have entrance into this adult facility, as you can see, I'm an adult."

They placed a card on the table

Jessie picked it up and scanned it but it came out negative, she looked at the card

"Sorry sir, but we don't accept credit cards here, you'll need to buy the membership card to gain entrance."

"See? I told you it wouldn't work!" Charmy yelled

"Shut up! It was a smart idea!" Bowser Jr responded

Jessie sighed

"Listen kids, I know your curious, but just wait a few years til you're older."

"Fine, guess we'll go to the movies instead."

"Good idea, next!"



"Welcome back, Mr Morgan."

"Hey Jessie, my usual time."

He slid his card on the desk

Jessie scanned it

"You have-"

"What's a gal like you doing here?"

Jessie looked up

"An identity crisis."

"Damn, I'd love to hear how you got out of it."

"There's a line."

"'s about we talk over dinner?"

Jessie thought for a moment

"Sure, just don't think you'll score."

"I don't expect to, not when I can listen to a gal like you talk for hours."




"Uh..huh huh, Butthead, huh huh."

"Yeah yeah! I'm Beavis! Ha ha ha."

They both place a card down

Jessie scanned them but both came out negative

"Sorry boys, but there's nothing on these card, looks like you'll have to use your hands."

"Come on! Huh huh huh, we just want to score, ha huh huh."

"Yeah yeah! Score! Ha ha ha ha!"

"Too bad, you can score at a local nightclub, you'll probably catch a disease or two..probably wake up with warts on your dicks, but, at least it's cheap."

"It's just pussy! Huh huh huh, you understand!"

"No I don't. Go away."


"Yeah! You're holding up the line!" Someone in line screamed





Jessie looked at him and raised an eye brow


"How old are you, baby face?"

The male pulled his ID out his pocket and showed it to the magenta haired female

"Alright, got a card?"

He pulls his card out and puts his ID back

"How long will you be staying here?"

"Maybe..3 hours, If I change my mind, I'll update you."

Jessie scans it

"Wow, you have no life, do you?"

"I just enjoy coming here."

"No life, next!"


Senpai walked into the room he saw the other guys enter through, he took a look around at the set up the place had going for it, 6 girls, bunch of guys walking in and out of rooms, while others fucked one of the girls

He was familer with most of them, beside one that looked new, he looked at her photo, Senpai walked over to her with his hands in his pockets,"Hey." He said while looking at this female's features

"Greetings!" Senpai jumped back when he heard her voice,"What the..why do you have a guy's voice?!" He asked in a rude manner,"My apologies, I don't think I can change my voice." The male looked around seeing if anyone was watching,", what am I supposed to be doing? I just started working here and I wasn't told what to do."

Senpai raised an eye brow,"You don't hear what's going on around you?" "I do, it's rather loud, but I don't know why it's made." The school boy took his left hand out his pocket and ran it down the humanoid's geometric blue leg,"Ah..what..are you doing?" Ena asked trying to see through the hole,"Seeing something." Senpai take his other hand out and grabbed her smooth yellow leg

"I-I don't like this!" Senpai perked up at the sound of a female voice,"The hell?" "Huh?" "How did you change your voice? Turn it back to female!" He demanded,"I-I can't change my I said.." "I hate this party! I wanna go home!" "You did it again!" "What are you saying?"

"Don't play dumb with me dude, you have a vagina, but I'll slap the shit out of you!" 

"Please don't! It'll hurt!"

Senpai was growing annoyed,"Stop playing with me, man!" "Forgive me, but I'm not aware of what you want from me!" "You better keep that female voice or I'll-"


Just then, the form turned gray and the smooth leg became geometric,"I don't wanna be here anymore! Let me go! I changed my mind!" Senpai smirked, finally getting a hard on,"That's better, baby." He zipped the zipper of his pants down,"That sounds bad! What is that?!" The male placed a hand on the wall and lined himself up,"Just a little something, you'll feel amazing in a moment."

Ena began thrashing while covering her face,"No no no! Don't put that in! It'll hurt!" Senpai sighed,"It won't hurt, I promise." He said in a kind voice through the wall, the humanoid stopped moving,"If it hurts, tell me." The male began pushing his dick inside the humanoid's vagina, Ena's breath hitched turning into a breathless moan

"Already moaning and I haven't even started trusting, you're a virgin, aren't you? You can tell me." The form returned to it's usual blue and yellow,"N-No..I-I have done this before.." Senpai grew annoyed,"Hey! Where's that girl voice?!" Ena started to shake,"I don't know..I can't control her.." Senpai raised an eyebrow,"The fuck is that supposed to mean?"


"Hey Senpai? Who you talking to?" Senpai looked over to see a familer face walking over with his dick hanging free,"Hey Funky, it's this..thing, I think it's a girl since it has a vagina but it keeps switching it's voice and it's body keeps changing, it's really making my dick soft." The Kong looked at the photo of the girl,"She's pretty though, who cares about a voice?"

"She sounds like a dude!" "So? She has a vagina right? It doesn't matter!" "I don't want to fuck a dude, Funky." "She has a vagina! Unless you fuck her in the ass, it's not going to feel gay man!" Senpai crossed his arms and took his dick out,"Still not going to do it, unless she keeps that female voice."

Funky Kong groaned,"Fine! I'll fuck her and show you it's not that bad." The monkey gripped Ena's thighs and began probing her,"Ah..w-who is..there?" She moaned holding her hand above the hole,"The name's Funky, baby, gotta say, your voice is pretty cute." The humanoid blushed,"I-I-" Her eyes shot to the sky and her mouth opened wide letting a suppressed cry escape, Funky had pushed the rest of his dick inside her

"Ah shit! Fuck!" He slammed his head into the wall and closed his eyes while gritting his teeth,"What's wrong dude?" Senpai asked confused,"Ah..she's closing in on my dick feels amazing!" The human looked interested now,"Mind if I..make it better?" Senpai asked,"What..made you come around?" "Nothing, I want you to finish faster so I can have a turn." Senpai began stimulating Ena's clitoris in a rubbing manner 

Ena arched her back once she felt the stimulation, her body heated up like never before and a strange sensation begin building inside her just below her stomach,"Yeah, man! She's getting wetter! Keep it up!" Funky began thrusting his cock inside the humanoid making her back arch more and her moans easier to hear from behind the wall, Ena's hands gripped onto the sides of the resting seat she laid on, she opened an eye and saw a substance begin to leak onto the unknown dick

"Oh fuck..yes! That's perfect!" The kong sped up his thrusts making the substance squirt out in small amounts,"Fuck dude..this is kinda hot.." Senpai said growing used to the male's voice,"See? I knew you'd come around-ah!" Funky's thrust became more sloppy,"Ahhh!" Ena cried out as her body convulsed and her hips rocketed skyward, Senpai removed his hand,"I've done my job." He said licking his fingers

Funky tilted his head back trying to maintain his thrusts while a substance began pouring on his cock,"Woah, cool!" Senpai dipped his finger in the substance and examined it, it looked like static with sparkles in it,"I don't know what's with this chick, but she amazes me." "Ha-see? Told you, just gotta-" The monkey released his load into Ena's womanhood

Ena's cries started to glitch as the lower part of her body was filled with an unknown substance, once her body finished convulsing, she smiled while trying to catch her breath, Funky sighed finally releasing himself,"Ahh..that's what I needed today, I'm going to get some milk..enjoy yourself." He said pulling out and yawning,"Thanks man, see you there in a bit." The monkey stretched his arms out and walked to the break room

"Heh, turns out, you changed my mind, I'm actually fine with you sounding like a dude, how's about you give me another chance?" Senpai asked grabbing Ena by the legs, she bit her lip,"Yes..give it to me.." Senpai smirked,"Fucking whore." He slammed himself into the humanoid squirting the mixed substances around,"Fuck! You're still tight even after all of that? You really are something else.." Senpai said before thrusting inside, Ena covered her eyes while letting her moans escape from her hold


Giggle's watched everyone's actions from the security camera's in her office, her eyes were mainly on the new employee, her behavior was odd..but it could bring in a lot of costumers and money, the girl fixed her bow and walked to the front desk,"Jessie, put this on my reminders!" Jessie looked away from her book,"Pick up a whole new order of milk? Done that this morning." The magenta haired woman said flipping her page,"No, this is for our employees!" "They're being featured at Don Corneo's club? Already arranged it."

"No! It's about the stream channel!" "Set up a meet up with fans, already got the guards and venues picked out." "You're helpful, but I hate that you're sarcastic." "Mhm." 

"I want you to remind me to host a raffle this month!" "What for?" "You know how popular the stream channel is?" "Yes." "Well, if we host a raffle, it'll get our viewers to come down here and get a taste of the action!"

Jessie looked uninterested,"How would it even work?" "Simple!" Giggles twirled around,"Our patriots will put their names on a piece of paper and put it in a huge jar! Then the next day, our girls will pull their names out the jar and whoever they pick, they'll go over to their house and have sex with them! And we'll be filming the whole thing, start to finish! It'll convince our viewers to buy the membership so they could get up close and personal with their favorite girls!" 

"I mean..I don't like it, but I like money, I'm in." Jessie types the reminder,"Raffle begins tomorrow! I need to find a glass jar.." Giggle said walking back to her office




"Bye bye! Goodbye! Bye bye! See you all soon!" Giggle closed the doors and stretched her arms out,"Closing time! Alright Jessie, get those girls free." The magenta haired woman entered the room and held her nose,"Gross.." She walked to Ena and moved the velcro handcuffs,"You're free, run free."

Ena groaned rubbing her forehead, she sat up and pulled her legs through the hole,"Well, that was..rather exciting!" "It was scary! I don't wanna come back!" "But we're helping Moony this way." The door swung open and a towel was thrown at her before Jessie walked to the next door, Ena started to clean the lower half of her body from the substance that leaked down her legs as she stood up

"Woo! That was fun!" Lola yelled jumping from her resting spot, she grabbed her towel and cleaned her area,"Woah! Thick.." She put her finger in herself and pulled it out to see the semen dripping down,"Wish I could say the same, why did I get the small dicked guys?!" Catherine yelled pulling her panties up,"Wished I got someone with a-a small dick..I think one of them ripped me open.." Paya mumbled spreading the entrance to her hood open and checking for blood,"Should I get checked?" "You're probably just small." Jessie said opening Flow's door, she stumbled out with her hips swaying,"That was very enjoyable, as per usual." Flow said putting her shawl back over her shoulders

"Wish I could say the same, the guys I get are either inexperience or think they have a big dick." Tangle complained while sliding her shirt back on, Flow placed her hand on her best friend's shoulder,"Oh dear, don't let it bother you, I'm more then certain you're going to get a dick that'll stratify you." Tangle touched the sea slug's hand and smiled,"Thanks love."

Ena slid her skirt back around her hips and placed her bag on her shoulder, she exited the room and closed the door behind her,"Hey Ena? Do you have a way home?" Catherine asked approaching the humanoid with her own bag over her chest,"I was going to take the bus home, why?" The blonde grabbed Ena's hand,"No need! Save your money! We all do a carpool!" 

"Yeah, we're going to get dinner at Giana Sister's fries and sides, wanna come along?" Tangle asked,"They have the best cheese fries! You've gotta eat there!" Lola screamed hugging Ena,"They also serve wine!" Catherine said which caught Ena's attention,"I mean..I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a drink or two."

"Yay!" Lola yelled squeezing her hold on the humanoid,"I call shotgun!" Catherine yelled, running ahead of the group,"H-Hey! Wait! I have the keys!" Paya ran after her coworker,"Miss Jessie, wanna come with us?" Flow asked to the woman as she finished her job,"No thanks, I have a date." Jessie explained before walking to the front desk,"Alright, enjoy yourself." "Thank you."


Jessie packed her belongings into her messenger bag,"A date? Are you finally going to have sex?" Giggle asked,"No. We're just talking." The magenta haired woman zipped her bag up,"Really? Talking? Ugh! You're boring! Really boring!" "I don't care really, see you tomorrow." Jessie said, putting her bag over her shoulder and walking out the front door to her car


A car zoomed down the roads as music blasted out the speakers

"All my life I've been good, but now I'm thinking, What the hell?! All I want is to mess around! And I don't really care about-" Catherine sang

"If you love me, if you hate me, you can't save me, baby, baby! All my life I've been good, but, now what the hell?!" Tangle continued

Paya bobbed her head to the song,"Take it away, Paya!" Catherine yelled taking the driver off guard,"What? N-No, I'm bad at singing.." "Come on! It's your favorite!" The Sheikah sighed in a joking manner,"You say that I'm messing with your head, boy, I like messing in your bed! Yeah, I am messing with your head, when I'm messing with you in bed!"

"All my life I've been good, but now I'm thinking, What the hell? All I want is to mess around, and I don't really care about-" Flow Sang

"All my life I've been good, but now I'm thinking, What the hell?! All I want is to mess around, and I don't really care about-" Lola sang

"If you love me, if you hate me, you can't save me, baby, baby, all my life I've been good, but, now what the hell?!" Ena finished


Every cheered,"That was great! We should start a girl band!" Lola yelled lifting her arms up,"I-I don't think I'd be able to do that.." Paya said timidly,"All those eyes on me..waiting for me to'd be too nerve racking.." "You get your vagina fucked every day, and you're scared of being on stage?" Tangle asked sitting back in her seat,"I can't see their faces so it's less embarrassing." "Alright, then imagine the audience naked!" 

"Oh no! I-If I do that..I might make a mess.." Catherine shoved the Sheikah,"You perverted bitch!" Paya started to laugh,"My bad! Ehehe.." "Lord, so cute yet so perverted!"

Ena checked her phone, she had 4 missed calls from Moony, the humanoid tapped "call back" and held the phone to her ear


"Hey Moony!"

"Ena! Where the heck are you?! It's past 8 and my foot itches!"

"Sorry, but I got the job and got to try it out to see if I like it."

"Well, do you?"

"Yeah! The ones I work with are really fun to be with, and the work conditions aren't that bad."

"That's great, what do you do there?"


Ena thought for a moment, she couldn't tell Moony the truth, what would work?


"I just load boxes and put them on shelves."



"Sounds boring, get home! I'm bored!"

"I will, see you soon!"



Ena hung up and put her phone back in her bag,"You didn't tell this Moony chick about your job?" Catherine asked looking back,"No, I'm worried how she'll react." Ena responded crossing her legs,"Hey, it's cool Ena, I haven't told my parents about this yet either." Tangle tried sympathizing,"But Moony is my friend, I feel as if I'm doing something bad if I'm keeping it a secret.."

"Give it time, you'll gain the confidence to tell her eventually and she might even go along with it! I told my roommate, Kathrine with a K, after four years of working, and now she holds my camera! Good things come from those who wait!" Catherine said,"But it could also bring misfortune." Flow clarified

"Alright ladies! Let's not be dreary, let's be cheery, and get drunk!" Lola screamed as Paya pulled into the restaurant,"Yeah! Let's get drunk and go striking! Catherine yelled opening her door and running inside, Ena smiled,"Let's go!" She said showing a smile and opening her door





The group of ladies were sharing laughs, enjoying decently cooked food, and finely aged wine


"Oh my god..I think I figured out something.." Lola said gripping her glass, the blonde lifted her head up,"Uh, yes! Wait,, I think-" Catherine looked at the ceiling light,"My god..when did the sun get inside? Who invited you?! Go home!" The blonde pointed at the door,"Cath..rine, you had too much to drink.." Paya said swaying her glass about,"Shut up! I'm not, fucking drunk! Tell her sun!"

Flow swayed in her chair while humming,"The fuck you humming?" Tangle asked hanging her head off the table,"Squidy..squirt..sissys!" Flow yelled almost spilling her drink,"What are you even saying?! Everything's so weird here!" Ena said her voice glitching,"We're all puppets to the squirrels!" Lola jumped up,"Everyone run! The squirrel rebellion is starting!"

"Hey! Lady! More wine over here!" Tangle yelled getting the attention of a waitress," guys already ordered 5 whole bottles..we can't give you guys anymore.." Catherine stood up and approached the woman,"Listen here you sexy woman! We need more wine! We've been stressing all day! And..and-" The blonde squinted her eyes,"What was I saying?" "You were saying something about nazi walruses.." Paya said putting the fries in her glass before pouring herself some wine,"Oh right! Go give this to general Bee-atrice to ready the team!"

The waitress took hold of a napkin,"Gods speed little bear!" Catherine saluted her before falling into her seat,"Uh..I need Fiona!" "Good luck with the war!" Flow yelled waving,"Flow! Flow! Flow!" The sea slug looked at her roommate as she moved her arms around,"What? What? What?" "We need mac and cheese! We need to make mac and cheese!" "Yes! We need so much mac and cheese!"

"Where are my hands?! I can't find my hands!" Ena screamed as she stared at her hands,"Oh shit! G-Girls! Ena lost her hands! Find them!" Flow yelled,"Don't worry! We'll find them!" Lola yelled flipping the table over which almost hit the other tables



"Ah! That was nice! Thanks for the food!" Catherine yelled while walking with her sober friend to the car as they laugh



Paya stops at a polygon house in a nice suburban neighborhood with houses that looked just as strange,"Woah! You're house looks awesome!" Lola yelled,"Yep, me and Moony live here, thanks for driving me home!" Ena said getting out the car with her bag,"Anytime, see you at 8 tomorrow!" Paya said driving off

Everyone in the car, mainly Lola, waved goodbye



Ena entered her home to see Moony sleeping on the couch with a box of pizza on the coffee table, the humanoid quietly chuckled and walked towards her bedroom



She took a hot shower, changed into something more comfortable, and laid down on her bed. Ena grabbed her phone and saw a notification that one thousand dollars had been put in her account, she lit up and smiled,"You know..maybe this won't be too bad.."










The girl's interviews!

Because I'm bored :D



Penny Crygor straighten her papers while awaiting the female she's meant to interview, she looked up when the door opened revealing a woman wearing a colorful jumpsuit, her hair was in a lollipop style and she had blue eyes with spirals as her irises but most of her face was obscured by a yellow mask with a big clown nose in the front
"Is this the right room? I've been to at least 6 and none of them seemed to know me." The orange haired female looked at her papers,"Is your name Lola Pop?" The clown lit up hearing her name,"Why, yes! I am!" "Then you're in the right room, please sit down in front of me."

Lola sat in front of the other woman and began kicking her legs, Penny grabbed a pen and began writing


"How old are you?"

"Twenty three!"


"Are you currently enrolled in a college or university?"

"I'm attending a clown college, does that work?"

"Oh? You're a clown?"

"I wanna become one! I was always amazed on how they were able to make millions of children smile and bring a smile onto their audience's faces!"



"Why do you want this job?"

"I want to open my own circus one day, I joined this boxing type thing in attempt to win the prize money, I lost. I tried getting an office job, but they didn't like my energetic behavior, and then I tried being a janitor, but that was too boring. So I decided to search the internet to find job options, and I found an ad to have an interview, and now I'm here!"

Penny nodded

"You talk a lot."

"Yeah, I get told that."


"Did you tell anyone you would be doing an interview this week?"

"Nobody knows."


"Are you currently doing something athletic?"

"I'm doing gymnastics to get my flexibility up!"


"Is this job a way for you to rebel against someone?"

Lola looked to the side

"In a way, yes."

"You do not need to explain."

"Thank you!"


"Have you had sex before?"

"Uh..with sexual items..but not with an actual person."


"Thoughts on threesomes?"

"It's a way to show your love to two people you like! I'd love to be in one!"


"Are you aware this job could ruin your reputation?"

Lola sighed and nodded

"But I need the money.."

"You're very strong, Miss Pop, I admire a girl who's determined to make her dreams come true by any means necessary."


Penny stood up and approached the clown with her hand out,"All we need now is a photo, it was nice meeting you." Lola shook the girl's hand with a bright smile,"You as well!"

A male entered the room, he sets his camera up and points it at Lola,"Say cheese."

Lola pulled her mask off, made a peace sign and winked,"Saying cheese!"




Mandy scratched her head while trying to make sense of all the papers she was greeted with,"Ah! I tell you, the perverts in this town are too vanilla!" Mandy looked at the door as a beautiful blonde takes a seat,"Like, are you just going to stand there rubbing your dick on my ass or are you going to make a scene and fuck me on the bus in front of those nuns?! Geez, even the old guys are becoming less perverted!"

The new comer cleared her throat and grabbed a pen,"W-What's your name?" The blonde looked over,"Catherine with a C."


" old-"

"Early twenties."

"Are you-"

"Went to Harbor, graduated valedictorian."



"W-Why are you..joining?"

"I signed my friend up so she can forget about her ex boyfriend, he left her for an alien with a penis! But turns out, she never loved him, so I wasted my time signing her up for this, I didn't want my time to go to waste, so I'm taking her place."

" she knows?"



"Are you..doing any sports?"

"I play tennis."

"I-I love tennis!"

"Really now?"

Mandy blushed, she cleared her throat and tried to keep her expression straight


"I-Is this job a way for you to rebel?"

"I'm always rebelling! I drink at 4 in the morning, I flash my breasts at nuns, and I've posted videos of me pleasuring myself."

Mandy bit the end of her pen

"I could send you those videos."

The girl jolted at Catherine's offer


"Or I could let you feel my breasts, it's your decision."

Catherine pulled her bra strap down

"! T-This is very..u-unprofessional!" Mandy yelled trying to keep her composure

"Alright." The blonde pulled the strap back up, the girl was regretting her words


"W-What about sex?"

"Oh yes! I've had sex millions of times!"



"YES! Oh god yes! I'd love to have a threesome again!"


"A-Are you-"

"I'm aware that I will be hated for my actions, but I don't care, shove a dick down my throat, now!"

"U-Uh! She's ready for her photo!"


The male set up his camera,"Say cheese."


Catherine half lidded her eyes and smiled,"Cheese."



"No! No! I don't wanna do this interview! NO NO NO!"

Lucy looked away from her clipboard when hearing screams along with a type of struggle, she uncrossed her legs and watched as a small woman pushed a taller woman through the door,"She's here for the interview-" "No! This was a mistake! I didn't mean to submit! I was drunk!" The tall woman tried running but the small woman kept her from moving,"You committed to it and a Sheikah always commits to their job!" "But I hate sex!" "Tell that to Link the next time he visits."

Purah sat Paya on the couch and walked to the door,"Pick you up at 9, good luck!" She shut the door. Lucy looked at the tall woman and starts to tap the side of her clipboard,"Well..she seemed nice." She began to write something



The Sheikah sighed holding her arms close to her






"Are you in college or a university?"


"You don't talk a lot, do you?"

"I don't wanna be here..I didn't mean to submit that form..I was drunk and couldn't think straight.."


The goth girl put the board down

"You can leave any moment you want."

Paya jolted up


"Yes, Giggle's has this thing where you can work one time and get paid."

" much-"

"One thousand dollars."

Paya's eyes widen


"If you work there, you get paid one thousand every week."

"Huh..I'll think about it.."


"Is there any reason you signed that form despite just being drunk?"

"I needed the go traveling.."

"Traveling? Wonderful, where do you want to go?"

"I always wanted to visit the Badlands...oh! And to be on the Maw for a tropical vacation, would be amazing!

"My sister Lilly went on the Maw a few months ago, she said it was fun, food was good."

Paya smiled


"It seems..that woman knows you're here, anyone else?"

"That was my great aunt and few friends know.."



"No..I..only go for jogs.."



"I..never..would rebel.."


"Had sex before?"

Paya covered her face,"Y-Yes.."


"Ideas on threesomes?"

"No no no no! I-I never want to be in one!"


"Are you aware that this job could alter the way people see you?"


Lucy stood up with her hand out,"That will be it, thank you for joining, contact me if you want this to be permanent." Paya shook the pale girl's hand,"Y-Yeah..ok.." A male entered the room with a camera

He sets it up and points it at the Sheikah,"Say Cheese."

Paya looks at the camera with something she thought was a smile,"Cheese..?"




Sniffles took an ant out his cup slowly before eating it with delicacy, he closed his eyes, letting the taste of the delicious insect take over his taste buds

He was snapped out his state of bliss by the door opening showing two females, a lemur and a sea slug,"It's like..let me enjoy the game! I don't care that the stories bad!" The lemur yelled to the sea slug,"Yes, it's annoying when someone tries to ruin your game with their opinions, but you must also be open minded, see things through their eyes..and maybe you two could meet at a middle ground."

"Good point, Flow." The females sat together on the couch, looking at the ant eater who was trying to set up everything he forgot to do beforehand, he cleared his throat and began


"Your names?"

"I'm Tangle the lemur."

"I am designated Flow by birth."


"Your ages?"

"Just turned Twenty one, yes! I can finally drink!"

"Twenty one as well."


"Are you two enrolled in a..campus?"

"No, but I want to go to Yale."

"College is a concept."


"Is there a reason you two want this job?"

"Funny story, it started out as a joke between us, but then we discovered we can make money this way."

"It was settled on that we would be working here to sustain money to pay for my headgear shop and Tangle's video game."


" together?"

"Been roommates for five years!"

"Friends since life began."


"Is..anyone besides yourselves aware you two are doing this job?"

"I told my mom, she was cool with it."

"My parents aren't very happy."


"Are you any sports?"

"Soccer all day! I will kick your ass in soccer! Pick a time and date, and I'll meet you there!"

"I lift."


"Is this..job a way to..rebel?"

"Rebel? Hmm..I guess, society is pretty strict when it comes to woman so..yeah."

"I suppose it is now."


"Have you both..had sex..before?"

"In high school, I had sex with a guy during a party."

"Same happened to me."

"We also had sex with each other."




"Well..not against the idea..not sure I want to though.."

"Only if Tangle is a participant."


"Final question, are you both aware this job could ruin the way people view you?"

Tangle and Flow nodded


Sniffles sighs, he stands up and walked to the girls,"Thank you for joining..I wish the best for you two." Flow shook his hand but Tangle didn't


Two males walked in with camera, they set them up in front of both the female,"Say Cheese."


Flow placed her hand on Tangle's before looking towards the camera with a kind smile, Tangle smiled at her roommate before making a rock sign and sticking her tongue out

Together, they said:




Done :)

Chapter Text

A lab coat wearing man entered his lonely home with a lone Bulbasaur by his side, he flipped the light switch and released the pokemon from it's leash, the grass type ran around the living room while saying his name in a happy tone, the human laughed while putting his coat up,"Alright, let's get you fed."

This man was named Professor Samuel Oak, he's a pokemon researcher and runs the pokemon adoption center, the man walks to his fridge and takes out an instant Sludge Soup cup,"Here you go, little guy." He puts the cup down and the grass type ran over just as quickly as it was before and slammed his face into the cup making some of the food splash around,"Hey! Eat slower, you don't wanna get sick, do you?" Oak laughed petting the pokemon


Once the pokemon was fed and laying on his bed, Oak made himself comfortable on the couch and opened his laptop, he went to a video website and clicked the video titled 


"Video games and chill|Tangle and Flow|come chat with us!"


A sea slug was sitting on a couch with a lemur holding a controller, there was a gameplay screen on the top right but it was rather hard to see since it was small, they were wearing baggy shirts but were also wearing shorts, they would occasionally talk to each other and respond to question of their views,"Yeah, Giggle's is a good boss and whatever, but she's too money hungry." Tangle said responding to Flow,"I respect your view."

Flow sat up when a notification went off, she moved to the computer and placed it on her lap,"Thank you, JimmyBumBum$$$, for donating 100$! We've actually been planning to go striking for awhile, but due to work, we never found the time." "Oh! Flow, tell them about our collab with the others." Tangle said pausing the game and looking at her roommate,"Oh yes! Everyone, we're finally doing a collaboration with our other employees!"

"Paya, Catherine, Lola, Ena, Flow, and me will be going over to one of your houses for a one on one IRL sex meet up!"


Oak sat up hearing this


"For you to have a chance of being picked, put your name and information into the jar outside Gloryness Inc., it'll be in the front, you couldn't miss it!"

"It'll be there for one day only, so you better be quick!"

"We're all excitedly waiting for the day we pick!"







Ena yawned stretching her arms out, she rubbed her eyes and stared at the ceiling,"Working there is draining my energy.." "I agree." The humanoid gathered enough energy to roll out of bed and walked to the bathroom


Once freshened up, Ena was ready to enjoy her break days, she entered the kitchen and began making herself some breakfast,"Hey Moony, do you want anything to consume while I'm standing?" The moon looked away from her phone,"Yeah! Marshmallow Aliens!" Ena grabbed the box of Marshmallow Aliens along with a bowl, she began pouring the contents into the bowl and stopped when there was enough for the milk

She walked into the living room with the bowl,"Here you go, best pal!" Moony took the bowl along with the spoon,"Thanks Ena, you know, you've done so much for me, I feel sorta spoiled." The humanoid chuckled,"It's what friends do!" Ena said turning towards the kitchen,"But for real, you get home very late and have to do chores just because I broke my leg!"

"I don't mind working late Moony, and chores aren't hard to do either." "Are you sure?" "I'm very sure Moony, besides, when you work with a great staff, everything-"

Ena was interrupted by a ringing, she grabbed her phone, Lola was calling, the humanoid held her phone up to her ear,"Ena! You won't believe what happened!" "What's going on?" "You know, like a few months ago, Giggles said she wanted to hold a raffle to get new costumers?! "Yes?" "And you know how we just started it today?!" "Yes." "We just hit 500!" The humanoid stood still with her eyes widen,"Really?!" "Yes! 500 people want us to go to their houses!"

"That's crazy! It'll be so hard!" "I know! Ahh! I wanna fuck everyone!" Ena laughed,"I'm guessing we'll have to come into work tomorrow, huh?" "Oh no, Jessie just called me, she said we'll pick someone but we won't fuck them that day." "That's great, I'm due for a much needed break." "Same girl! Hey, wanna get drinks tonight?" "You know I'm always down for drinks!" "Yeah! See ya!" "See you soon."


Moony looked over at her friend to the best of her ability,"What's going on?" She asked as Ena walked over with her food,"Lola called, said we hit 500 orders." "That's great!" "It is!"






Jessie sat a camera down in front of a table with a jar full of names,"Like this?" She asked, Giggles walked over and checked,"A bit to the right."

Ena looked inside the jar,"Woah.." "Crazy, right? All these men really love us!" Catherine said flicking some of the strips of paper around with her finger,"They don't love us, they love our bodies!" Tangle corrected in a snapping manner,"Come now dear, let's not get crossed with our friends." Flow said placing her hands on the lemurs shoulders

"Seems like these are from our live streams, I don't believe we have this many costumers." Paya commented,"We don't! That's why I had you guys announce this event on your live streams! We're making views into paying costumers!"

Ena looked confused,"Views? Live streams?" "Nobody told you? We host live streams at home to make extra money! I can help set up your channel when we're done." Catherine said,"I'm..not sure, what if Moony finds out?" "That's no problem! Got a room that's sound proof?" "Yes, my room." Catherine smiled,"There we go, I'll come by this afternoon."


"Alright ladies! Let's go!" Giggles yell as Jessie presses record


"Hey guys! It's Catherine with a C!"

"Tangle and Flow!"

"Lola Pop!"


"And Ena!"

Cath-"We're here, in front of Gloryness Inc., aka, the place we work! If you recall from our last live stream, we announced that we'll be doing a collab where we pick a name from a jar and have a IRL sex meet up! Well, a few days ago, you all went out of your way to get picked for this event!"

"So today, we'll be picking whose house we go to for a special, one on one experience!"

Paya-"We're sorry if you don't get picked, but we'll also be doing this every month until every name has been don't feel too bad.."

Lola-"Let's do this!"


Everyone reached their hands into the jar and picked a random folded paper, Jessie read through the chat of the video,"Ugh..horny people." "My favorite type of people!" Giggle's yelled as the females unfolded their paper


Cath-"Alright! My guy is named Big the cat! Ohh! He sounds big! Just the way I like em!"

Tangle-"Mine's named Blinky..what kind of name is that?"

Flow-"Come now, don't make fun of someone's name."

Tangle-"Right, I apologize, Blinky, you sound like a good person, who did you get, Flow?"

Flow-"Mallow. What a squishy sounding name."

Lola-"Aw! His name sounds so serious! Meta!"

Paya-"Y-Yeah, he sounds rather..important.."

Lola-"I bet he'd force me to stop laughing..and force a gag in my mouth..ahh!"

"Hey! Don't pop an overy while I'm filming! It's already gross that I have to be here on my day off!"

Lola-"Oh! Ehehehe, sorry Jessie!"


Paya-"Crunch..? Is that..his name? A-Alright.."

"Oh great, good luck with him."




Lola-"Who did you get, Ena?"

Ena looked at her strip of paper

Ena-"A guy named..Samuel Oak.."

Lola-"Oh! I know him! He watches Tangle and Flow play video games!"

Tangle-"Not a bad guy, pays a lot too."


Ena-"Well, I'm excited to meet him!"




Oak's eyes lit up hearing this, he bit his thumb and fixed his gaze towards the one who called his name,"This'll be so much fun! We're excited to be seeing you all! We'll announce the day we'll be coming over really soon, so become a member and stay tune so when that day comes!"

Every posed with a smile and said in sync-


The streamed ended




Moony switched through the many channels of the TV with no expectations of what to see since her show didn't come on til later that night, she looked at the clock on the wall and sighed seeing that the day wasn't going any faster

Her head snapped to the door when she heard the sound of it unlocking, it opened showing Ena and a blond haired female holding a duffel bag over her shoulder,"Moony, this is Catherine, Catherine, this is my best pal, Moony!" Catherine walked to the humanoid moon creature with her hand out,"Ah yes! Ena told us so much about you! Nice to finally meet you!"

The humanoid raised an eyebrow and shook the human's hand,"Uh..yes, same here.." "Sorry to hear you broke your leg, must suck real dick." Moony was taken aback by her choice of words,"What?!" Ena moved Catherine back gently,"Sorry about her, pal! She makes crude remarks a lot." "Come on Ena, let's set you up girl!" Catherine said walking in front of the humanoid,"Where-" "To the left." "Ah right!" The human took a left

"What is she setting up?" Moony asked, not really liking the blonde,"She's helping me set up something for work, it's like an extra way to make money if we need it." Ena said following after,"Call me if you need something!"




"And, there we go!" Catherine put a camera up in front of Ena's desk and connected it to her computer, Ena looked at the set up and smiled,"Thank you for helping me, this'll help bring some extra money to buy food." "Anytime girl, now, to begin streaming-"

Catherine walked to the computer and pointed the mouse at a grey box,"Just click this, type a title in, and wait for it to connect to your camera, when it does, it'll start!" The blonde pulled her phone out,"I'll get you started with my own subscribers, they'll love you!" Ena smiled,"There we go! They are now waiting for you girl!"

Ena took the blonde's place in her chair,"I gotta get going, I'll be watching from my car to see how you're doing!" "Thank you again!" "Anytime! Oh and-" Catherine took a black plastic bag out her duffel bag,"Here, these are to entertain your audience." She winked and placed it on the desk,"Don't peek until you begin!"


Once the blonde had left the home, Ena clicked begin and was presented with a text box asking for a title

She typed in "First live stream| My name is Ena"

After she hit finished, she was given a circle that began to spin with a small robot giving words of encouragement

First time streaming? Stay calm, you can do this! I believe in you!


When it finished spinning, it sent the humanoid to a screen where her whole body was on the side and a chat box was on the other side

She looked to the side a bit worried,"Uh..hello?" "I think they're gonna make fun of us!" "'ll be will!"


Someone typed


Ena waved,"Hi! My name is Ena! Uh..I'm quite new to this.. streaming thing, my pal, Catherine, set this up for me today! I'm..not sure what to do..but I'm sure I'll figure it out."

Someone typed

"You look cool"

Ena blushed and smiled,"Thank you!"


Someone typed

"When are you going to strip?"


"Well..I was planning to wait..for..something, I'm not sure..I wasn't told what to do.."


The humanoid looked at the bag, she reached for it but a notification caught her off guard, she looked at the screen and saw in bright colors that someone donated 10 dollars


"Could you touch yourself?"


Ena cleared her throat and looked to the side,"I..guess..that's what I need to wait for.." She looked back at the screen with a smirk,"Not that I'm complaining.." The humanoid placed her hands on her chest and began fondling her breasts over her shirt while squirming in her seat, her breathing hitched as she did this action,"My gods..I-I never been..this excited before.." Ena bit her lip as she unbuttoned her shirt freeing her glands from their hold, she dropped the clothing to the ground and began squeezing her breasts

She brought her legs up onto the chair and kicked one onto the desk to steady herself, her moans got heavier and louder as her movements became rougher,"I..I hope I'm..doing a great job.." She said looking at the camera the mere idea of having a bunch of people she doesn't know watch her being this slutty turned her on, she moved her hands away and slid them down her stomach to her skirt's band,"U-Uh..a few..more dollars..and I'll show you guys more.."

A few moments later, another notification went off, 10 more dollars


"Touch yourself more u slut"


"Hehehe, thank you!" Ena giggled just before she slowly slid her skirt down her legs and spread her legs out for everyone to see her vagina,"I stopped wearing panties..since I would end up taking them off at work anyways..but it's feels nice on a breezy day." Ena licked her fingers and began touching herself, she flipped her head back and resumed her moaning,"Ever since I got this job, I've..been a lot hornier then I..used to be..ahh.." The humanoid's legs began shaking in pleasure

Her eyes landed on the black bag Catherine left behind, the humanoid sat up in her chair and grabbed it,"S-Sorry for stopping, but I just remembered, Catherine left this for me, should I look inside?"


20 dollars



Ena opened the bag and looked at the contents,"What is this?" She pulled a purple egg that had tail along with a remote out the bag, she pressed a button and it began to vibrate,"Oh.." She pressed another button and it's vibrating got faster, Ena smiled and turned it off before placing it beside her

The next item was an item that looked like a penis but it was blue and had little bumps on the sides,"Ohh!" Ena moved her finger down the dildo and giggled,"This'll feel really nice!"

The last item was a wand looking thing, but it's head was made of rubber,"What the-" Ena pressed a button and it began vibrating like the egg,"Ah!" She turned it off and turned it back on,"!" She turned it off again and placed it beside the other items


"Which should I try first?"



Another 20

"Put the egg inside your pussy"


Ena grabbed the egg item along with the remote and placed it in her dominate hand and with her other hand, slowly inserted the small item inside with it's tail hanging out," gods.." The humanoid tightened her grip on the remote and held her thumb over the first level,"Alright..let's try this out.." She pressed it and her lower body began to tingle with an unknown sensation, Ena moaned out and gripped the side of her seat from the sudden pleasure taking over her

"T-This is...amazing!" She accidentally pressed the next level which raised her moans to a higher level,"Yes! Yes! Yes! More! More!" The humanoid screamed as the egg's vibrating got faster which made it's sides press against the sides of her vagina," I..ah-" Ena couldn't finish her sentence as a substance began spilling onto the item, she used the remainder of her strength to turn the vibrating egg off and pull it out releasing some of the fluid

She let out a sigh of relief and sat back up,"W-Well..that was..something.." She breathed heavily but still tried to seem collected,"Well..we still have two more items..g-go ahead and pick!"


80 dollars

"That was so fucking hot!!! Use the vibrater next!!!


"Another vibrating item..ah.." Ena grabbed the wand item and turned it on,"Let's see..where-" The humanoid gasped when she held it over her clit, it's vibration stimulated it in a way fingers couldn't, she moved it back in shock,"Woah.." She looked at the item for a quick moment and brought it back to her clit, Ena sat back in her seat and closed her eyes,"Yes..goodness..yes!" 

She bit her lip while swaying her hips with it's vibrations, it was a lot slower then the egg but at least it was more comprehensible,"I-I could..use the dildo now..what do you guys think?"


60 dollars

"Yes! Fuck yes! Yes!"


Ena grabbed the dildo and lined it up with her entrance, she slowly inserted it and quickly felt the bumps rub against her walls,"O-Oh my.." She moaned trying to keep her grip on both items," too much.." Ena pulled the dildo back and thrusted it back inside, her body felt a sudden urge to go faster, she quickened the dildo's thrusts trying to get more of that feeling


Just then, Ena's body convulsed and thrusted upward as she was released into a world of white




For a few moments, her body didn't respond to any of her attempts to move until her head was freed from this moment of bliss


The humanoid breath's caught up and she was allowed to move, Ena turned the wand off and removed the dildo from her pussy,"Oh wow.." She looked at the mess she made on the item and her chair,"Well, I've got some cleaning to do.." Her eyes turned to the side of the screen, it showed how many donations she had made along with viewers

Turns out, while she was distracted, she received more money along with viewers

She looked at the camera with a smile,"Thank you all for coming! I hope to do this again one day! Bye!"


The stream ended with the robot waving while saying:


Thank you for tuning in! Subscribe to be notified when they stream again!

There's still a lot to watch, go find a new video to watch! :o)

Chapter Text

Welcome students to Sesso Fottuto, a school for those who are above a high school level class


Here at Sesso Fottuto, we offer the finest classes being taught by world renowned professors. Like mathematics, accounting, business management, Health Care Aide, Creative writing, Arts, Forensic Science and much more!


For extras. We have our music and arts programs, our sports programs being hosted by real athletes, and our assassinating program for students who wish to find a way to make money


We have our dorm separated by gender and those who don't specify, each student will have their own dorm that are soundproof so that they can do their work without any disruption


Each student has track and swimming classes in the mid day so they can have sunlight and exercise, but these classes will be cut if a student has any reason to not swim or run, and these will be cut during the late fall and winter months



We tell you this for you, yes, you dear student, will be attending this beautiful school!


In the box along with this video, we sent you your schedule, uniforms, your dorm keys, and the basic rule guide


We're excited to have you here at Sesso Fottuto, you'll fit in great! The year begins the next morning. See you soon




"I'm enrolled! I'm enrolled!" (Y/N) yelled running down the stairs to tell his family,"I'm enrolled! I'm going to Sesso Futtuto!" He yelled holding up the paper saying he was accepted

His mother turned her gaze from the TV with wide eyes,"That's my boy!" (Y/N)'s father said with a smile,"Holy.. you did?" His older sister asked confused,"I thought that school was only for smart people." She chuckled,"My baby's growing up!" The mother got up and hugged her boy

"I can't believe it either! I'm in a smart people's school!"

(Y/N)'s father took the pipe out his mouth,"You know what (Y/N)? This is your only time to find a partner.. you know Sesso Futtuto has itself a reputation." He said turning to his son,"It's known as a sex school."

"Why? It seems normal."

"Your father's right son." His mother let go,"We met at Sesso, and now we're together! But we also had sex with a few other people while attending.." 
"Damn.. Merelda had a tight pussy.."
"She did.. and a.. very.. huge.. rack.." (Y/N)'s mom snapped out her state and wiped her mouth

"Anyways.. you need to be careful when going around that place.. I want your first time to be special.. so find someone who's nice." "Mom! I'm not a virgin!" "I know.. but you're going to get into a lot of sex.. and I want you to pick people who are good for you.."

"Preferably, someone who's tighter then a sex toy."


(Y/N)'s father laughed looking back at his newspaper,"Don't sweat it little bro.. you'll find someone who catches your eye.. or.. dick." "Ivy!" "Sorry mom, just speaking truth."


"A sex school? Awesome! I'm going to find myself someone with a big pair of boobs.. or maybe someone with a huge dick! Yes.. this is going to be the best year ever!"



A loud alarm went off startling the male, he slammed his hand down on the alarm and stretched his arms,"Time to get ready!" He yelled jumping up, he grabbed one of his uniforms from his closet and dusted it off, he removed his night clothes and pulled up his pants

He topped his uniform off with a spray of cologne, he fixed his brown hair, packed his bags and walked downstairs


His family was waiting downstairs for him with happy expressions, they walked up to him and gave him a farewell hug,"Good luck bro, don't forget to call us."

"I'm so.. proud of you! AHHHAAH!!"

"Take care, don't let them tire you out.."


(Y/N) walked out his childhood home to see a bus waiting for him, he looked back at his family and smiled as they waved. He grabbed the railing of the automobile and walked up the steps

He took his seat in the middle row by himself since it was closest to where his house was, everyone was waving goodbye cheering him on, he waved as well while the bus drives away from the location


(Y/N), sighs leaning back in his seat, he looks out the window feeling homesick already


Everyone who was on the bus was either talking to each other, on their phones, or looking out the window


(Y/N) looks over at the person sitting across from him, they were wearing a dirty yellow pikachu hoodie, had a dark completion, short black hair, and was reading a book. It sorta made them blend into the scene, he looked friendly but also shy

So out of boredom, (Y/N) moved over in his seat so that he was able to talk to the stranger,"Whatcha reading?" The one in the seat jolted which closed their book, they looked over showing two brown eyes. It was a male by further expectation due to the face build, but had a figure like a female

"Um.. can I help you?" They asked with a timid voice, the brown haired male pointed at the book which made the other male look at it,"Oh, this.. is an biography about a very popular horror writer, it's about what it was like in.. St Eclair's ward for disturbed people where they would abuse the patients f-for fun it explains in great detail how she escaped, I got it as a birthday present f-from my dad.."

"That sounds cool, how far are you in it?" The male chuckled a bit, confused on why this person was interested in their book,"I-I'm not.. too far into it but it's really getting interesting! S-She gets attacked by a doctor just for spilling some juice, but she fought back and is now hiding! Um, it's.. really.. g-good.." They pulled their hood down to hide their face

(Y/N) smiled,"Well it sounds really cool." "You can.. read it.. if you want to.." They said biting their lip,"Oh really? I would love to read it!"

The male turned back around with a smile,"My name is.. Mimikyu.. but.. you can call me.. Mimi.." "I'm (Y/N), it's nice knowing you!" "Yeah.."



Age: 18

Gender: None

Interests: Books, manga, isolation, ghost stories, thriller stories, and taking walks


The bus stopped at another home, (Y/N) looked out the window at the home, it was a big fancy home that had pink paint all over it. A girl walked out her house and into the automobile, she had a pink scarf around her neck and a sweet expression on her face, she walked forward but stopped by Mimikyu's seat,"Mind if I sit here?"

Mimi's face went red before nodding, she took her seat and turned to Mimi,"Wonderful day to start a school year, isn't it?"

(Y/N) smiled at the two before looking back out the window to not interrupt anything, he saw many places that he used to see in his childhood


An old swing set where him and his sister used to play on, the old elementary school where his innocents used to be, the old creepy forest..they say an old man lives there ready to steal your toes


Man.. good times


"Hey! (Y/N)! Hey!" The one in question looked over after hearing his name, he saw it was the female who just got on,"I'm Pashmina, aren't you excited to start a new year?!" She yelled cheering, (Y/N) blinked at the over joy this girl had,"Of course I am! I studied really hard to get into this school! And now that I'm here..I'm making every day worth it's time!"


Age: 22

Gender: Female

Interests: Knitting, flowers, hamsters, and babysitting


The brown haired male paused when hearing mumbling from behind him, he peaked over and saw a male with red hair looking at his phone, he looked oddly familer to (Y/N),"Did you.. say something?" The male looked up annoyed,"No I did not! Mind your own business peasant!" (Y/N) was now offended,"What did you call me?!"

"I called you a peasant, learn to hear idiot!"

"What makes you think you can call me a peasant?"

"Because I'm the son of a king!"

"Well I'm the son of a god damn player, dip shit!"

"Let me guess, your parents aren't together anymore?"

"No. They're happily together unlike yours!"

"What do you know?! You're too stupid to even remember what happened-"


"Will you two keep it down up there, wait til we get to the damn school to let all that horny anger out!" A male with orange hair yelled getting both male's attentions,"Just keep it in ya pants, k?" The male put his headphones in and kicked his feet up against the seats, the red head scoffed and sat back down in his seat

(Y/N) glared at the male before turning back in his chair,"Yikes.. you seemed to upset that kid.." Pashmina said covering her mouth, he didn't say anything and just stared out into the old places he used to love visiting




About an hour passed and the whole bus was filled with new faces along with some familer ones



The final stop was the school

It was huge, (Y/N) could see some of the classrooms from the windows, each one looked just like the photos he saw



The bus stopped at the drive thru of the school, (Y/N) got off the bus along with everyone else who had mixed reactions about this new place

(Y/N) was with the ones who were excited to be at this college that wasn't far from home



Every student was packed into the auditorium where all the staff were waiting to greet them


"Good morning students and welcome to Sesso Fottuto, I'm your assistant principal, Kathrine McBride, and I'm happy to see new faces to start off this first year off!"


Kathrine McBride

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Interests: Fashion, family, work, and helping


(Y/N) rested his hand on the arm rest while looking at the stage of staff


"Tomorrow, classes will begin, when the bell rings, you'll make your way towards the dorms that are labeled under gender and those who don't have a gender. Then you'll make your way to your first class, and then your next classes until 1 PM where you'll be eating lunch, and for the final classes you all will have track and swimming

Of course there are multiple swimming and track fields so that it'll hold everyone. Afterwards, you are free to do whatever you wish and at 11, you are all expected to go back to your dorms to await a new day! Remember: classes start at 8!"


"Any questions?"


A male raised his hand,"Yes?"

He stood up,"It isn't really about the's about the rumors, is this really a sex school?"


Kathrine choked back a laugh,"Is this a sex school? Of course not! It's a school where you learn..and it so happens that a lot of sex happens around here. Which is fine, as long as you don't get caught."


Silent cheering was heard around the room including one who was beside (Y/N), a pastel bear who's shirt was tied up showing her mid waist

"Any other questions?"



"Good. Now everyone, we welcome you to Sesso Fottuto."




(Y/N) walked down the dorm room hallway where a bunch of other males were going into their rooms, each with a different expression on their new location of living, most of them were upset while some were content of their location

And (Y/N) was fine with his location

It was small, had a single bed, a moderate sized desk, and a nice view of the huge tree in the middle of the school

Very nice


But something that made it worse was who was beside him, none other then that stuck up red head from the bus


"Oh.. grand, guess we're neighbors.." The male said with a hiss,"I'm not happy about it either." (Y/N) hissed as well,"Let's just.. not talk to each other.. how's that sound?"

"Sounds great to me." (Y/N) crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes, the male walked into his room. The brown haired male rolled his eyes before entering his room


He started to unpack everything he bought


Extra uniforms, the guide, a photo of his family, some study books, his laptop, a stuffed bear from his childhood, his phone, two chargers, some  clothes, and money he brought in case he needed it to buy something

(Y/N) stepped back and looked at his room, nothing much, but it's good for now


"Yep.. this is my kingdom." He said flopping onto his bed with a sigh

The brown haired male looked at the ceiling 

Something spiked in his head, maybe some stars would make it homey


He sat up to grab the piece of paper with important information for him to know, he skimmed over it and sighed,"5 2 sports?! Damn, I don't think I'll join an extra class.." He said placing it down. He lied down again and stared at the ceiling...again

Something crashed outside which jolted him up


Out of curiosity, (Y/N) walked out into the hall and saw a chameleon hurrying to put things back in his suitcase, the human noticed a pink dildo rolling towards him..he was about to pick it up but the purple reptile grabbed it before (Y/N) could touch it

"D-Don't touch my stuff.. you.. thing." He said stuffing it back in his back,"You saw nothing." He ran down the hall taking a turn

(Y/N) blinked before shrugging, he was about to go back in his dorm but something else caught his eye from outside


A group of girls were walking with some music instruments, they were talking, (Y/N) caught the eye of an lamb who was carrying a guitar case, she looked like a doe in the road blinded by two headlights, it took a blink before she waved at him, the male waved back

She giggled before running after her friends entering another building

"Damn.. this school has a lot of babes.." He mumbled with a smile on his face, he could sense this year was going to be wonderful



(Y/N) walked down some of the hallways of the main class buildings, he was very excited to attend such a was beautiful and had the smell of opportunity. He was just looking through the class room doors to get a feel for the whole building so he wouldn't get lost the next day, maybe after this, he'll go into town to get dinner, noodles sound pretty good right now. But he stopped walking when he saw a group of students gathered around a room

Out of curiosity, he walked over,"What's happening?" He asked the first person he saw, which was a female with orange pigtails,"Marina is having sex with Mr Wedgewood, it's super hot!" (Y/N) looked into the room, and oh, did his dick become hard on impact

An octoling with DD sized boobs, was letting a man slide his dick through her chest, the angle made it pretty hard to see but (Y/N) was still able to see the female's face,"You got yourself an audience you slut." The teacher spoke with a dominating tone that sent shivers down everyone's spines, and genitals. Most of the students were touching themselves and each other, (Y/N) led his hand down into his pants and started rubbing himself over his boxers waiting for a good moment to whip his dick out

"What is going on over here?!"

(Y/N) and the audience turned their heads at the yell,"Oh god damn it Dexter, don't you got a book to jerk off to?!" The female yelled, the red head male crossed his arms looking even more upset,"This school is for studying, not.. degenerate activities!" He screamed approaching the group with hate in his eyes, for some reason, it made (Y/N)'s bulge grow
The red head looked at (Y/N) with disgust,"Hands off your genitalia, have some modesty for once." (Y/N) took his hand out his pants and lifted it up,"Good." He looked into the classroom,"It's illegal for a student and teacher to have a sexual relationship, I suggest you two stop."

He walked away with his hands behind his back


"What a buzz kill." A male that looked like a koopa said,"Who is that?" (Y/N) asked watching as the red head made a turn,"That's Dexter, boy genius, total buzzkill, anything sex related he'll ruin in a heartbeat." The female said with a sad hiss


(Y/N) gave a smirk,"But he's kinda cute." "Gotta thing for short boys, huh?" She asked shoving him a bit,"Short anyone, I'm down for it." The female laughed at that statement,"Guess you'll have to pack your bags, he won't let you near his ass anytime soon." "Not if I use hypnosis." The female chuckled,"You'll fit in, just fine! I'm Holly Lingerbean by the way!"



Age: 22

Gender: Female

Interests: Fashion, animals, watching porn, pole dancing, being remembered, and the supernatural


She held her hand out and the male shook it,"(Y/N) Imreoir." "Is that Irish for something?" "Maybe." They smiled at each other before Holly removed her hand,"So what're you doing?"

"Probably gonna go into town to get some noodles." "Sounds cool, have fun with that. I'll see you around.. or.. on ya dick."

"I would love that."

"Bet you would."



"Look at you.. all grown up.. I remember when I used to change your diapers.."

A nice lady spoke with a sweet voice as she bagged up (Y/N)'s food, he was only supposed to get noodles but the lady allowed him to get anything else he wanted with no extra charge,"Heh, thanks Mrs Kiki." "When you get the time..tell your father I said hello." "Will do, thanks again!"


(Y/N) grabbed his bag before walking towards the door, he left the small shop that he remember getting ice pops from during the hot summer with his friends, they all moved away by now..except one, one that..(Y/N) can't seem to remember too well ever since he woke up in that hospital, being told he had a concussion

He seemed to have some sort of memory problem, it caused him to focus more on trying to remember, but for some reason, he couldn't remember how he got the concussion. When he asks anyone who remembers, his brain turns to static and he begins to panic. Then he goes back to normal, he decided not to worry about that event and just be happy that he has the memories that don't fuzz out on him

There are photos of this mystery friend, but, he passes out every time he looks in their direction

But all that's behind him now, he's going to a fancy college with cuties, hotties, and babes alike. What more could he ask for? He was happy with his life, who needed a silly memory when his futures starting now?

A smile appeared on his face while he walked the streets he remembers by heart,"(Y/N)!" (Y/N) stops walking before he looked over, a girl with a beanie and jacket spoke with joy in her tone and a smile plastered over her face,"Don't you know how to greet an old friend? Put'er there!" The male approached the female and shook her hand,"Don't you remember me, Boo Boo Buddy?"

(Y/N)'s eyes widen and his smile came back,"LUZ!" He yelled picking the human up and twirling her around



Age: 21

Gender: Female/None

Interests: Magic, comic books, hanging with friends, anime, music, and cats



Their laughter filled the streets

"It's been so long!" (Y/N) yelled putting the girl who was half his height back down,"And you've grown a foot or two!" Luz said comparing heights,"I remember you being so small, you could fit in your dad's old work boots!" "Heh, well, you know-" "Your voice! It's so deep! Damn, puberty hit you rough!" (Y/N) scratched the back on his neck,"Aww, my little Boo Boo Buddy is all grown up!"

Luz stood on her toes and pat the boys head,"Time sure does pass." She placed a hand on her hip,"What're you doing nowadays? Not getting in trouble I hope." "Nope! In fact, I just got accepted into a Sesso Fottuto!" Luz's face lit up,"Holy.. me too!"

"No kidding?!"

"No kidding!"

They laughed again,"This is amazing! The old teams back together, we're gonna run that school!" Luz yelled lifting her arms up,"Yeah! Too bad Mae and Ray aren't here anymore.." "They're not here?"

"Yeah, Mae moved back to Possum Springs a few months ago, she visits every now again and Ray got a boyfriend around graduation, then left, haven't seen him since."

"Damn, is ████████ ████ still in town? Or did he move too?"

(Y/N) heard static in the words Luz said, he scratched his head confused, the girl's eyes widen,"Oh.. I forgot.. the incident." "The what?" Luz cleared her throat before smiling,"Anyways! What classes are you taking?"

"Um.. I think Algebra, Health aid, Science, English 1, Musical theater and the two sports we're given. What about you?"

"Creative writing, arts, World Geography, Biology, and a bit of music on the side."

"Really now? Didn't think you'd like music."

"Didn't think you'd be into musical theater."


A ding went off and a girl with aqua hair with brown ends came out,"Alright, I got dinner, let's-" She stopped and stared at (Y/N),"Amity!" Luz grabbed the girl's hand,"This is (Y/N), my childhood friend, (Y/N), this is Amity, my girlfriend!"



Age: 22

Gender: Female

Interests: Magic, studying, sports, dancing, hanging with Luz, and protecting Luz



"Hello! Nice to meet you!" He held his hand out, Amity shook it,"Pleasure to meet you." She smiled,"So, Luz told me that you had a concussion." "That's what I'm being told.. every time I try to remember my brain sorta fogs up."

"That's pretty normal for people who experienced brain damage in that past, nothing you can do as of now."


Amity tugged on Luz's sleeve,"We'll be leaving now." "Oh, right, see you around campus (Y/N)!"

"You too!"



(Y/N) entered his dorm room a small song coming out his mouth, he placed the bag of food on his desk and opened it removing a bag of Chester's Cheesy Cheese balls(Now with 20% less rat hair!). He opened them and popped one into his mouth,"Huh.. I still taste a bit of rat in these." He swallowed and took a seat on his bed

He opened his laptop and began closing his tabs, which were a mixture of porn videos and chatting sites, (Y/N) exit private mode and began searching for memes

It was 4:78 PM

All the time he wanted to browse all memes on Imgur, maybe Tumblr if time permitted, he let out a chuckle when seeing one he found funny. (Y/N) bit into another ball, he gagged a bit before pulling a rat hair out between his teeth,"Knew it.. but at least it's not the first one, improvement Mr Chester."

Chester's was a food/business area that (Y/N)'s family used to go to for birthdays

(Y/N)'s sister had hers there first, it was cheap and had an area of the adults to hang out. When (Y/N) got his turn, he enjoyed himself, but it was sorta gross.. some kid always peed in the ball pit

His thoughts were snapped free when a familer voice hit his eardrums, it sounded like they were annoyed. Out of curiosity, he got off his bed and walked to the door


"You need to learn to be more understanding!"

"Understanding of what? That he completely forgot about me?! Yeah sure, I guess I'll go thank him for not at least trying to remember."

"That's not how the brain works, dumbass! It takes time!"

"It's been eight years! How much more time does it need to take til he remembers?"

"That's not what I meant, it'll take time for his brain to heal and get over the accident! The brain is trying to protect ████ from anything that might hurt him-"

"What the hell are you even saying?"


(Y/N) leaned his head against the door to hear the two more clearly


"It's what I studied after you pushed-"

"I didn't push him!"

"I saw you do it! I was right behind you!"


"Mae and Ray saw it too, everyone saw you push him!"


"You're to blame for what he's going through, that's why he can't remember you!"

"I didn't mean to push him.."


"He was my best friend, I didn't-"

"If ████ was your best friend, then you wouldn't have pushed him."


"You ruined everything for him, you're to blame for all of this. And you're angry because you know, you know you're to blame for everything he's going through."

"Don' got some pussy to eat? Leave me alone."

"Whatever, cya around ████████ ████."


(Y/N) scratched his head, static

Everything in that conversation was static..

He shrugged and walked back to his computer and continued to eat cheese puffs with 20% less rat hair



Soon. Night had came.


Everyone had done what they wanted for the first day of school and now was ready to end the day


(Y/N) was making his way towards the showers that were near in the hallway for the dorms, when he entered the showers he was greeted with lockers each one with numbers on them that matched their dorm rooms

He opened his locker and started to remove his clothes, he placed them inside and wrapped a towel around his waist

In the other hand, he took the clothes he was going to wear and opened the door to the shower area to only see one other male taking a shower, he looked over with a blank expression,"Hello.." He said just staring at the brown haired male's face, he had black hair and a white skin completion,"Hi.." (Y/N) walked to the shower right next to the other male and removed his towel, placing it with his clothes on a rack and took the bar of freshly opened soap and sudsed the rag up

(Y/N) started to wash his arms, scrubbing deeply into them making sure every spot of dirt was unnoticeable, he glanced over at the other male who was finishing up his own shower

His body was small, he was pretty short, like to (Y/N)'s mid chest, his eyes held nothing, and.. oh shit! He was looking over

The brown haired male looked straightforward trying to finish their shower a lot faster, the other male looked at (Y/N). His gaze felt cold and judgmental, (Y/N) didn't move or even breath in that moment,"Need help with that?" (Y/N) finally looked at the male,"With what?" He asked a little confused, the male pointed at his crouch and damn it.. he's hard


The other male went on his knees so his eyes met the tip of (Y/N)'s cock,"Don't worry.. I know just what you need." He said grabbing hold of (Y/N)'s penis, his voice cracked as the black haired male slipped his dick inside his mouth, he worked his tongue around the rod with his eyes shut, (Y/N) grabbed the male's head with both hands and moaned with a slight smirk, the male bobbed his head down taking it all without any hassle,"Damn.. you.. know how to work your mouth.." (Y/N) moaned his smirk growing wider

He dug his fingers into the males hair and tugged at it removing his cock from his mouth,"Hold it, can I at least get your name?" The black haired male still had his hands around (Y/N)'s cock, he moved his hands keeping the friction between the two ignited,"Sunny." He looked into (Y/N)'s eyes while licking his tip,"S-Sunny? Cute.. name.." He moaned letting go of Sunny's head, and just like that, the boy put (Y/N)'s dick back into his mouth



Age: 18

Gender: Male

Interests: The violin, being with friends, helping, and hiding


Sunny licked all around his cock while holding it's base with his left hand while his right was on the ground keeping his balance, (Y/N) leaned his head back hitting his head on the wall as water poured down his face,"Oh Sunny.. yes.." He moaned placing his hand on the boy's shoulder,"Amazing.."

"Sunny! I brought rosé wine! Let's get this party started!"


(Y/N)'s and Sunny's head snapped over seeing the third person enter the bathroom, a familer girl with a scarf around her neck was holding a bottle of wine and 2 glasses, she twirled inside but stopped midway,"(Y/N)? What are you doing here and.. why is Sunny sucking your dick?" Her eyes were wide with curiosity and confusion, (Y/N) looked at Sunny,"You invited a girl to the male locker room?"

"Yes, Mr Wedgewood said it was allowed as long as we don't get caught."

Pashmina looked at (Y/N) and smiled,"Well.. I don't mind doing it with.. two guys." She said closing the door behind her,"I'm down! What about you, Sunny?" The black haired male shrugged,"Great! Get over here and suck me off." The girl giggled removing her clothing and folding them on a bench right next to a shower along with the bottles and glasses, her body was pretty moderate but her breast made up for that fact, they were a double d, every man's dream(besides an H size of course). She walked over and bent down beside Sunny, the girl flicked her tongue around the tip while the boy licked down the shaft

"Ah.. fuck.." (Y/N) couldn't help but moan to the wonderful feeling of two tongues around his cock, Pashmina sucked on his tip while rubbing her clit to her tongue movements, Sunny saw her movements down below and helped her out with it, she gave a moan in response mumbling under her breath,"This is paradise." It truly was. Pashmina wrapped her lips fully around the tip,"How are you, (Y/N)?" Sunny asked messing with the knot with his thumb,"Wonderful.. but I think it's time to stop." He grabbed the side of both their heads and moved them back

"Really? And I thought you'd be more fun!" Pashmina said crossing her arms, Sunny looked disappointed but his expression didn't change,"It's not over, just yet." (Y/N) took a seat on one of the tile seats next to the shower,"Who wants first?"

The two looked at each other,"You can go first." The male said pushing the female towards (Y/N)'s dick, Pashmina crawled onto his lap just above his cock,"Heh.. it's really hard.." She said rubbing her pussy on it, (Y/N) brought his head back feeling the wetness of her privates coat one side of his dick, the female wrapped her arms around his neck,"You're a virgin, aren't you?" Pashmina whispered in his ear,"No." He whispered back,"Perfect. If Judy knew I had sex with a virgin without her, she'd kill me."

Pashmina lined herself up before lowering herself down onto the male while biting her lip, (Y/N) tightened his grip on her hips,"I thought you said you weren't a.. ah.. virgin." "I'm not.. it's just.. I never did it with anyone as tight as you." The female smirked nibbling at his ear, she brought herself up before bringing herself back down in a slow yet rhythmic pattern. Sunny hid his hands behind his back, just watching the two, his expression not shifting since this begun


(Y/N) removed his hands and moved them to the back of his head, he looked like a douchebag from Pashmina's vision but it made it exciting for her. Just before she could move, she yelped feeling something penetrate her ass. She looked behind her to see Sunny,"I got bored, I'm joining." He said placing his hand on her hips, the female chuckled,"Fine, I-I'm fine with.. t-that.." (Y/N) and Sunny could tell she wasn't used to this type of penetration, but she will be once this is over 


"Sunny, you move first, and Pash, once he pulls out, you move up, alright?" The two nodded and did as instructed, the male pushed inside and as he moved out, the female moved up and brought herself down with a moan,"Yes! Yes!" Sunny raised an eye brow,"That felt nice, how did-" "I've seen videos." (Y/N) said placing his hand on her hips in attempt to help her move faster. (Y/N) watched as they continued their instructions, growing faster and faster as time went on

Despite not doing much, he felt, in control of this situation, like he was the one who made it happen, even though he wasn't really. The girl removed one hand from (Y/N)'s neck and began rubbing her clit while trying to move every time Sunny pulled out, he would occasionally grunt but not loud enough for anyone but the mice to hear,"Hey Sunny?" The pale boy opened his eyes,"Mind moaning louder?"

The boy shrugged, he parted his lips and began moaning,"See? Nice, isn't it?" "I-I guess." Sunny closed his eyes again and sped his hip movements a bit which made Pashmina ruin her own movements,"Fffuucckk-frick! Slow down!" She yelled accidentally pulling (Y/N)'s hair in frustration,"Heh, kinky~" He commented making the girl's face more red,"And you! Shut up!" (Y/N) shrugged with a smirk,"You're the boss." Pashmina rolled her eyes and tried to find the rhythm she lost, she took a deep breath and continued moving,"Shit!" The male screamed tightening his grip,"I-Inside?" The girl looked at (Y/N),"Outside!"

(Y/N) nodded, Pashmina moved faster throwing Sunny off pace, the brown haired male pulled his cock out and watched his semen coat Pashmina's breasts,"Fuck yes.." He moaned, leaning his head against the shower wall, Pashmina giggled,"Good thing-" Her words were cut off by a sudden thrust,"Ah! Fuck! Sunny!" She moved her hands back around (Y/N) neck and began moaning,"Sorry, I want to release too." "Take your time." The male reassured as Pashmina muffled her cries into the his neck with eyes glossed over like glass

Sunny dug his nails into her skin, arched his back forward, and sped up, the girl bit into (Y/N)'s neck in response,"Ah!" He yelped but decided not to complain, Sunny pulled himself out and pumped his semen onto her back


All three of the participants began gasping for air, (Y/N) placed his hand on the girl's breasts,"Great job, how's about another round?" He suggested, Pashmina smirked,"Hell.. yes.. Sunny?" The male shrugged again,"Sure." "Great, Sunny, your turn." Pashmina got off (Y/N)'s lap with Sunny taking her spot, (Y/N) turned his back to his chest,"Pashmina, mind showing us how great those tits are?" The girl smirked,"I'd love to." The girl wrapped her breasts around Sunny's dick and began moving

Sunny gasped with the sudden feeling of softness around his cock, he was about to speak but was interrupted by (Y/N) slamming him down onto his cock,"Ah!" Sunny yelped taking hold of (Y/N)'s neck from behind,"Hehe, you look so adorable when you're being topped." Pashmina commented speeding her movements, the black haired male closed his eyes and lifted his head to the ceiling, (Y/N) gave a little nip on his neck making him jolt,"No.. don't do that.." He cried thrusting his hips upwards

(Y/N) chuckled speeding his hip movement to match Pash's, she placed a hand on Sunny's stomach to feel a bulge go up and down,"Holy shit! You're so small! I can see (Y/N)'s dick in you!" Sunny didn't respond, he continued to moan with no sign of wanting to stop,"Hey sun? Want it in, or out?" The male opened an eye,"O-Out.." "Roger!"

Pashmina closed her eye as more semen sprayed onto her breasts and face,"Ha!" (Y/N) pulled his dick out and sprayed his cream onto her face at the same time,"Not bad guys!" She said turning her face to the water so the seed would wash off

"Great job guys! You two did great!" Sunny got off his lap, limping a bit,"That was.. sorta fun.." He smirked,"We should do this again!" Pashmina yelled grabbing Sunny's shoulders,"Hell yeah!" (Y/N) turned to the rose wine,"So, want a drink?"



Three glasses clinked together,"I knew bringing a third glass would come in handy." Pashmina said taking a sip of her wine,"How long has it been aged?" (Y/N) asked,"Around.. I'd have to say.. 7 years." Sunny stared at his glass,"You alright?" "I don't think I'm allowed to drink this."

(Y/N) chugged his drink down,"I'll drink it for you." Sunny passed it to (Y/N),"Thanks." "Anytime." He chugged his down,"You shouldn't drink it like that, you'll get one hell of a hangover in the morning."


The three looked over as the door swung open, Dexter stopped mid way and stared at them,"Gross."










(Y/N) laid in bed staring up at the ceiling, his brain was filled with thoughts and questions kept in the deeper crevice of his mind, he turns to his side towards the wall and the bear, he takes hold of it and holds it close to him like it was the last thing he had left


He didn't feel home sick


He just needed some reassurance


The first, real, day of school will start


Was he ready to began?



He looked like an adult, but he didn't feel like an adult



It feels like something was stopping him from becoming an he was stuck in the past



Ah well



He'll just sleep on the idea and in the morning, things will be better

Chapter Text

Twilight flipped to the next page of her newest book, she read the first sentence and brought the book closer to her and started kicking her back hooves in a playful way against her bed

"I want to be inside you. You are in charge. What are you going to do with me?"

She giggles at the business magnate words, her face was almost glowing a pink hue and a sensation beginning to grow below her stomach

Her moment was ruined by the sound of the door opening with a squeak, the unicorn quickly closed the book and looked at the tall blue jay who was holding a bouquet of beautiful daisies,"Knock knock!" Twilight slid her book underneath her pillow before sitting up and greeting her special someone with a smile,"I brought your favorite flowers, daisies!" Twilight got off the bed and used her magic to take the flowers away from his hand

"Aw, you didn't have to-" "I felt obligated to, since you are Celestia's best student." Twilight brought the bouquet to her nose and took a sniff, she gave a delighted hum,"I'm going to put these in water, be right back!" The unicorn said walking past Mordecai and entered the hallways

The blue jay removed his light sweater and hung it up, his eyes turned to the edge of what looks to be a book, he approached it and grabbed it


Fifty Shades of Grey


Mordecai raised an eye brow and a smirk spread across his beak,"Didn't think she was into these types of things, seems flowers aren't cutting it anymore." The blue jay opened the page she was on and began to read

He finished the page and smiled,"Impressive.." An idea popped into his head, Mordecai placed the book back where he found it and walked out the room

Twilight slung a saddlebag over her and turned to Mordecai,"I should be back in a few hours, are you sure you'll be fine alone?" Mordecai smiled,"Of course! I'll probably call Rigby over to play some video games, maybe order a pizza, I'll be fine!" The unicorn smiles,"Alright! Love you!" She walked towards the door and exited




"I'm home!" Twilight magicked her bag on a hook before closing the door, the apartment was barely lit, the only light being a lamp near the couch and photographs,"Hello, darling." The unicorn turned her gaze towards the corridor. The blue jay stood  there, arms behind his back, a blank expression on his face, and a black/gray suit on

Twilight felt a feeling beginning to tingle like when she read that book, his voice sounded so dominating, and that suit just made her blush,"I found your book, I didn't know you were interested in...that type of thing, but I'm not one to kink shame someone." Mordecai walked towards her with his hand out,"Come with me, and I'll make all your fantasies come true, close your eyes." The unicorn hesitated for a moment, before placing her hoof in his hand and closing her eyes


The blue jay opened the bedroom door for the unicorn to walk in, once she was in, he locked the door,"Open." Twilight opened her eyes, her heart began to beat in her chest faster then she knew a heart could beat,"Took me awhile, but I did a rather good job, wouldn't you think, darling?" Her ear twitched as he whispered into it, Twilight couldn't find the words to say, what could she say?

This was everything she imagined in the book, from the ropes tied to the bottom of the bed frame, whips on the crimson red blanket, the handcuffs on the top of the bed frame, and the pink lighting that made everything besides the bed blend in. But she didn't think that SHE would be Anastasia, what was she meant to feel in this moment?


Mordecai kissed her ear,"Speak to me, darling." Twilight gulped,"I-I'm rather impressed..with your set up and..attention to detail..ugh..what do you" The blue jay made a soft shh should while running his hand through the unicorn's soft fur,"Don't worry darling, you're safe in my wings." Twilight bit her lip, what was happening? She never felt this way before...especially with her boyfriend

He was just a hopeless-well, desperate romantic who treated her like a queen and bought her a lot of things that would make her happy. But when it came to sex or anything sex related, he wasn't very good at. But why is he acting like this now? Did a book really change him? Or was this a big game he was playing and they wouldn't be having any type of sexual enjoyment?

Twilight closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she opened them and looked at the blue jay, his eyes didn't shift from her face, knowing this made her blush and forget what she wanted to say,"If the items are too much, I can remove one, but only one." Twilight stared at the objects. The ropes looked like they were uncomfortable, the handcuffs didn't look comfortable either, but the whips are definitely getting out. She raised her hoof and pointed at the whip, Mordecai grabbed the leather whip and threw it to the side

"Everything is set now, lay down." The unicorn rubbed her fore hooves,"Um..I-I'm still not sure, m-maybe we could..just read some books.." She said with a shy smile, the blue jay put his hands in his pockets, he didn't speak, he just stared at her, but it seems like he was speaking to her through this. Twilight bit her bottom lip and looked away,"Front..or back..?" She asked occasionally making eye contact,"Front."

The unicorn walked to the bed, it was finely made, the red blankets seemed to look much more red the closer she got, the pillows started to look more comfy, and the remaining items looked more welcoming then they did. She got onto the bed and laid down in the middle, Twilight tried her best not to look at Mordecai as he walked to her left side,"Let's get you comfy, darling." He took hold of her hoof rather gently before locking it in place with the first handcuff, the blue jay checked if the unicorn was comfy but couldn't move, he nodded and walked to her leg

He tied her hoof with the rope and did the same with the other hoof, once he had finished, he stared at the unicorn with that same blank stare,"Try moving." Twilight tugged at her fore hooves, she could move it a bit but she couldn't move it too far same for her back hooves. She shook her head and moved her gaze somewhere else,"You cannot move?" Twilight looked at him for a quick moment,"No.." Mordecai raised an eye brow,"Are you lying to me?" The unicorn shook her head again

"I prefer it if you spoke, Sparkle." Twilight gulped,"No..I can't move.." The blue jay nodded, he walked towards the bed and got onto it right beside her,"One final thing, before we can begin." Mordecai reached into his pocket and pulled out a white blindfold, somehow, Twilight's face became more red. The blue jay wrapped it around her eyes and tied it behind her head,"How many fingers can you see?"

Twilight couldn't see,"U-Uh..I..don't know.." The blue jay smiled,"Perfect. Now, I feel obligated to tell you about the following-" He cleared his throat showing a semblance of his regular behavior 

"When you start feeling uncomfortable and I want you to say: Magic." Twilight raised an eyebrow,"M-Magic? Why..?" Mordecai smiled,"'s meant to represent you, and what you cannot use to stop me." He placed a hand on the side of her head,"And if you do-" He leaned down to her ear,"I'll leave you unsatisfied." Twilight's ear twitched again and began to breath through her mouth,"Understood?"

"Yes.." The unicorn said much to the delight of her boyfriend, she jolted at the warm touch of his feathers moving down her chest reaching the beginning part of her thighs,"Do you want me to touch you here?" Before Twilight could respond, Mordecai placed his finger near the entrance of her vagina, he flicked his finger up and down her folds touching her clit only slightly

Twilight murmured a few curses under her breath as she stared up at the ceiling,"Yes."  Mordecai looked at her face that was covered from his line of sight, he pulled his hand away,"With what, dear?" The unicorn moved a bit," I..have to say it?" "Do you want me to do something for you?" Twilight bit her lip, she moved her hips upwards almost hitting the blue jay's bulge,"I-I want me.." Mordecai choked back a laugh,"Where?"

The unicorn grew quite impatient, she groaned,"My vagina! Okay?!" The blue jay couldn't take it, he broke down in laughter, Twilight's face turned red with anger,"Stop laughing! It's not funny!" Mordecai sighed with joy while wiping tears from his eyes,"Sorry, sorry, it's hard pretending to being serious!" The unicorn sighed with frustration,"Will you fuck me now?"

"Heck yeah! I mean-" He cleared his throat and showed a blank expression,"Of course, you have been good." The blue jay unbutton his pants and pulled his boxers down enough for his member(or dick)to spring free. He took hold of Twilight's thighs and pushed them to the side in order to gain access to her vagina,"Ready?" The unicorn fixed her position,"R-Ruin me.."

Just as she said this, her whole body felt the tingly sensation of being penetrated, Twilight pulled at the handcuffs trying to break free without her magic,"How does it feel, darling?" Mordecai cooed in the unicorn's ear, she released a breathy moan,"Great..amazing." She spoke between each breath, the blue jay thrust into her body with a series of sounds coming from Twilight

But he didn't start to gain a rhythm, instead, he stared at his girlfriend making her more flustered and annoyed,"Come on..please just-" Mordecai placed his finger on her lip,"Hush, I'm taking charge." His demeanor was enticing but the fact he wasn't moving was...actually pretty hot, he was in control, not her, she had no control over this situation

She usually would have control over a situation like the adventures her and her friends would embark on, she was Celestia's best student and the main element of harmony, but in this moment, she didn't get to make the rules, she had to follow this is what being a side character feels like


Twilight cocked her head to the side and bit her lip awaiting his movement, Mordecai ran his hand to her mane and started to run his hands through the purple and pink colors that made his fingers blend in,"I love you." He whispered loud enough for his girlfriend to hear,"I love-" The blue jay pulled out and slammed himself back inside, the unicorn's small mumbles turned into moans of absolute pleasure, her body began to quiver, her face glowed a bright pink, and the corner of her eyes began to draw tears

"Do you wish for me to move?" The unicorn cracked an eyes open,"Y-Yes..please.." The blue jay steadied himself before slamming his hips against Twilight's, the purple horse screamed out her moans just as he gain a rhythm, her body was growing hotter and her face was glowing red at this point

His movements were erratic, his face was squinted but still blank

All this combined proved to be too much


Twilight's body convulsed as she released her orgasm, her eyes now held white clouds and stars,"Perfect dear..perfect.." The blue jay thrust into her once more just before he pulled out and came over her chest



The two species laid together in the bed, breathing heavily trying to catch their breath. The blue jay's suit and feathers were damped with sweat, the unicorn chuckled,"Thank you..I-I needed this.." She turned her head to her boyfriend with a smile, he looked at her with a smile finally losing that stern expression,"Heh..anytime..that was really fun..pretending to be a rich dickhead and all."

Twilight got closer and cuddled beside Mordecai,"Well, I prefer you." The blue jay smiled and cuddled back,"Me too.."


They began to hum 



Airplanes by B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore

Chapter Text

Another day of babysitting Felix's favorite person, Poindexter, he was rather smart for his age and was the nephew of the Professor. It started with just a few times a night, but now it was more of just hanging out. The kid would show the cat some ideas and concepts he came up with, then they would go on amazing adventures together, just the two of them, it was always like that


Always will be



Felix was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner, humming a tune that came to mind,"Mr Felix, could you tuck me in?" The cat looked away from the sink to see the red haired male standing there with a bright smile, although he had a lot to do before the Professor got home, why not? Felix turned the sink off and dried his hands,"Sure kid! Be there in a moment!" Poindexter smiled even more at that statement, he ran to his bed and jumped onto it

The cat followed behind him, he walked to boy's side and pulled the blankets over him,"Thanks Mr Felix!" The boy said getting himself comfy,"Anytime kid, goodnight." Felix pat the kids head before walking towards the door,"Wait!" Felix looked over,"What is it? Need something to drink?" Poindexter shook his head as he sat up,"No..can you, stay in here?"

"Why? Are you scared of something?" Felix asked,"No..I wanna tell you something, uh..close the door." The cat shrugged closing the door and walking back towards the kid,"Alright, what's on your mind."

Poindexter looked nervous, his arms were shaking, his face was red, and he looked like he was building confidence

He let out a sigh and looked at Felix,"Mr..Felix, I..want to practice..s-sex..with you.."



The cat was taken off guard by that statement,"W-What?" He asked making sure what he heard was right,"I be you.." Poindexter said looking at Felix, his glasses reflecting the cat's face

"I..don't think-" "My uncle won't know! I won't tell!" "No..Poinsy-" "I'll be quiet!" "Poindexter, please, listen-" "I want to do this! You're not forcing yourself on me!"

Felix pinched the bridge of his nose making it look like he was annoyed, the red head stopped talking and looked down







"Are you sure?" Poindexter looked back up,"I..don't to make a mistake.." The human crawled over to the cat and hugged his arm,"I'm sure Mr Felix..I want it to be you..more then anyone." Felix sighed giving a familer smile, he placed a hand on his head and ran his fingers through Poindexter's hair. Was he really going to do this?


Was this really right?


"What should I do first?" Poindexter asked moving in front of his babysitter, Felix sat back on the bed frame,"Well..what do you know?" The child thought for a moment,"Well..from what I saw in those videos..uh..oral, anal and..uh..foreplay." The cat looked to the side,"Wanna..try oral first?" Poindexter nodded,"It looks fun! The..girl in the video seemed to be having fun!"

Felix gave a chuckle before sighing, guess he's doing this,"Do you want me to go first?" "You can if you want Mr Felix." With that statement, the cat took a deep breath and placed a paw on the child's face,"Alright..come here." Poindexter moved closer to the cat, Felix hesitated before continuing,"Rub..your hand around this area.." He motioned for his crotch area,"Oh, ok!" The human placed his hand on Felix's groin and moved it around in a circular motion

The cat groaned quietly as the child kept his motion going, he looked at Felix's face,"Hey Mr Felix? When does a dick pop out?" Poindexter asked,"J-Just keep going.." The human nodded still moving his hand,"Fuck..don't stop.." The cat closed his eyes with an urge beginning to grow inside him, he threw his head back letting the urge free from it's hold,"Mr..Felix?" The cat opened his eyes and looked at Poindexter,"What's..this..?"

He was meaning a weird slit on Felix's crotch, the cat moved his hand into it and pulled his dick out,"Woah! That's pretty cool!" The human commented surprised,"It's an animal can start now." Poindexter took hold of the cat's dick and stroked it, he looked at Felix and deep throated the long penis. The cat placed his paw onto of the human's head while a smirk crept onto his face



All of a sudden, when pleasure was growing and ready to be released 



The FBI broke through the window and shoved Felix into the ground

"Felix the cat! You're going to jail!"

Poindexter sat up and waved goodbye with a bright smile

"Bye Mr Felix! See you when I'm 18!"


The cat was haled away into the car and taken to horny jail

Chapter Text

Nobody had seen the duo in months, or at least, the full duo

Apple would still go out into town to buy groceries and other items for everyday living along with working in order to pay for these things, but he wasn't accompanied with his friend, Onion

When asked about him, the male would respond with the same answer prepared:


"He's with his family, he'll be back soon!"


But if anyone were to ask Onion's parents, they would have said that Onion didn't come back to the country for a visit, in fact, he hasn't contacted them in months

It worried everyone, but they tried to stay calm and continue with their everyday lives

For some, it was calming without the two bothering them with their antics, for others, it was deafening, silent, like something bad was happening to the duo, like they ended up falling out and Onion had moved away

Nothing had been confirmed by Apple yet






"Shh, don't shout or I'll force that gag back in your mouth."

Fingers thrusted in and out without hesitance

"No..Apple..please! Stop this! Ahh.. "

"I told you not to shout, didn't I?"

Onion tugged away at the chains that held his hands in place, they were beginning to dig into his skin which, if you didn't know, was extremely uncomfortable. He was fighting the urges his body wanted to act upon but his mind was fuzzing stopping him from fighting back, but he still was giving his best, he wasn't going to give into this sin

No matter how good it felt


Apple? glanced up at Onion with a blank expression, the hand that was in Onion's shirt began pinching his nipple, the male's squirming became more noticeable,"!" "Just give in, it'll be a lot more enjoyable if you do." "I don't want to enjoy this!" Apple? shook his head and sped up his movements,"You're just making it harder for yourself, but I won't force you."

Onion gasped, pulling harder at his chains and wincing when stricken with pain. Onion swayed his hips without knowing, Apple? noticed this,"Are you close to coming?" "No.." He pinched Onion's nipple harder and started to twist and pull,"Ahh!" The male cried in pain,"Are you close?" "No!" Apple? gave more power to his thrusts,"Now?"

"Please stop!"

"I won't, not until you come." Apple? pulled his hand from under Onion's button shirt and began stimulating his clit, the male bit his lip and moved his head to the side while his face glowed a red color

Apple? was touching the skin but his eyes were on what was under the skin,"You're trembling, you're about to come." Onion sobbed,"Apple..please-" He muffled his moans with every powerful thrust, the male gave a couple of more thrusts before pulling out. He watched as a line of a thick whitish substance followed behind his fingers, the male brought his fingers to his face and cleaned them

"You taste delicious." He whispered softly, Apple? turned his body around and got off the bed. Onion glanced over,"I'd like to taste it more." Onion's eyes widen,"No! Apple! Don't!" The male ignored the other male's pleads, he grabbed Onion's knees and opened his legs slowly but they quickly shut, Apple? sighed and tried again. Again, they were shut denying him entrance

"Please don't! I-I hate this!"

"And I don't care, now shut up and open your legs."

Onion didn't oblige. Apple?'s expression shifted to annoyed,"Open. Now." "Apple-"


Apple? clenched his fist and hovered it above Onion's face,"Open your damn legs or I'll beat the living hell out of you!" Onion trembled in fear, he didn't understand why this was happening..and he was sure this wasn't his best friend

The boy who he grew a connection to, who he saw as a brother

But this moment didn't make sense..this wasn't like Apple, or was this his true nature? Was he tricked?

Guess that isn't new, he never had a true best friend...or any friends

All his life, he had been used by people who said they were his friend, but in truth, they just wanted a notch on their belt


He thought he could trust Apple because they've been through a lot and he didn't leave him when Onion told him about his past with making friends

Guess that was all a lie

What an idiot


Onion closed his eyes and started to weep softly, in his weakness, he opened his legs

"That wasn't hard, now was it?" Apple? propped himself on the bed in order for his head to reach Onion's vaginal opening, he gave an experimental lick before inserting his tongue inside

The male squirmed subsequently to his action while still fighting his urges, what was the point in fighting anymore? It was clear that Apple didn't care about him, might as well give into the sin

Onion let his urges take control and his mind relax, in doing so, he began moaning louder then before. Apple? looked up and stared at Onion, he lifted his head in order to speak,"Giving in?" The male averted his gaze and nodded,"So you'll come for me?" Onion nodded, fighting his tears,"Good." Apple? reinserted his tongue and circled it around the opening

Onion closed his eyes and let Apple? continue without complaining, a smile come across his face and a slight laugh called out between moans

Guess he was destined to be a slut forever


Onion's hips thrusted skywards Apple? pushing them back down, he pulled his tongue out and smacked his lips,"Just as delicious, I can't seem to get enough." He looked at the male hearing his sharp breaths, he then looked at a mirror that he placed in front of the bed before starting and smiled in a menacing manner

"Why the long face? Upset you're not getting any action?" Onion looked at the mirror with no reflection, confused,"Who are you talking to?" "Doesn't matter."

Apple? cupped Onion's face in his hands and stared deeply into his eyes,"What matters right now, is pleasing you, shall I gift you with my rod?" Onion bit his lip,"I..don't deserve..such an award.."

"Oh, but I think you do, you came like instructed." "But I denied it as well..please..don't grant me with that honor..not until I earned it.." Apple? chuckled, he placed a finger on Onion's lips,"If you desire to be punished like that, I will oblige, for you."

He gave Onion a simple kiss



Apple banged against the glass on the mirror trying to call out to Onion, he was screaming while tears streamed down his face


This had to be a nightmare


He had to escape this mirror


But how?

Chapter Text

An OC who was inspired by: Your Boyfriend

She doesn't have a name, basically, like Peter, you can pick her name and she won't complain

Except if it's something like Sue, then she'll insult you on your naming skills


3 OCS and 2 character redesigns

I like this one, this was made to practice my expressions

I think this was well done

Here's the link of the chart I used for reference 

Give em support, will ya?

4A(Lammy) is my fav, due to the story I got while drawing it. 2G(Spear) is less erotic and more funny. A1(Carrie) is the best thing I ever drew. 1o(Taylor) isn't bad but isn't that memorable. No comment on 3G(Gabrielle)


Sophie the turtle :D

She's another OC that's part of a comic, she's 18, don't worry, geez

Here's an alt without glasses

Here's another alt :D

And another




That's all :D

Chapter Text

Question 1#

Fill in the blanks

Taylor hesitated before he  took his d_ck for us to see, we snickered and marveled at the size,"That's one huge d_ck, bigger then mine." "Nah, my co_k is bigger, want me to show you?"

"Oh come on! My sister is outside the door! What if she enters and sees your co_k making a mess?! That stuff is hard to get out of the carpet!" Henry protested,"Well then, she'll have to lick it up, wouldn't she?"

Henry punched Mike in the shoulder for saying that

"Hey, Zy, why don't you stroke Taylor's d_ck?" I lifted my hands,"I-I don't know, what if I do it wrong?" Mike placed a hand on my shoulder,"Hey man, it's okay, I'll help you."

"I've never done this before guys.." "We're here to help you."

I took a deep breath, and nodded. Mike took my hand and placed it on Taylor's d_ck, it was long, are d_cks usually this long? Or maybe he's just a special type of d_ck. I ran my hand down it,"Ah! Nails!" Taylor moved his d_ck away,"I'm sorry!"

"Damn, s_x of those will be hard to take in, wouldn't it?" Henry commented as he pet Mike's c_ck,"Yeah, bet your sister will have to help take care of it too..heh, she likes co_ks you know."

"You're talking about my sister, you know?" Henry moved his hand away,"Hey! I'm sorry, come on! It likes to be pet!" Henry sighed and continued to pet it,"Besides, I better you're better with s_x of these anyways." "Nah, I'm better with f__ks."


Question 2#

Look at this image, what do you see?


Question 3#

Figure out the  riddle

I go in hard but come out soft, and I never mind if you blow me. What am I?


Question 4#

Finish the sentence

I love d_cks!

S_x is the best!

P_ _sies are my favorites!

Do you have orga _s?


Question 5#


I got a dig bick


Question 6#


1 + 0 = ?


Question 7#

What is this implying?

F is for friends who do stuff together

U is for you and me

N is for anywhere and anytime at all


Question 8#

What is the best asset of a female?


Question 9#

Where does milk come from?


Question 10#

Why did you choose this fanfic?


Question 11#

What does this say?



Question 12#

Is something off about this picture?




Question 1#

Fill in the blanks

Taylor  hesitated before he took his duck for us to see, we snickered and marveled at the size,"That's one huge duck, bigger then mine." "Nah, my cock(chicken) is bigger, want me to show you?"

"Oh come on! My sister is outside the door! What if she enters and sees your cock making a mess?! That stuff is hard to get out of the carpet!" Henry protested,"Well then, she'll have to lick it up, wouldn't she?"

Henry punched Mike in the shoulder for saying that

"Hey, Zy, why don't you stroke Taylor's duck?" I lifted my hands,"I-I don't know, what if I do it wrong?" Mike placed a hand on my shoulder,"Hey man, it's okay, I'll help you."

"I've never done this before guys.." "We're here to help you."

I took a deep breath, and nodded. Mike took my hand and placed it on Taylor's duck, it was long, are ducks usually this long? Or maybe he's just a special type of duck. I ran my hand down it,"Ah! Nails!" Taylor moved his duck away,"I'm sorry!"

"Damn, six of those will be hard to take in, wouldn't it?" Henry commented as he pet Mike's cock,"Yeah, bet your sister will have to help take care of it too..heh, she likes cocks you know."

"You're talking about my sister, you know?" Henry moved his hand away,"Hey! I'm sorry, come on! It likes to be pet!" Henry sighed and continued to pet it,"Besides, I better you're better with six of these anyways." "Nah, I'm better with forks."


Just some friends playing with their ducks and chickens


Question 2#

Look at this image, what do you see?

Answer: A tree


Question 3#

I go in hard but come out soft, and I never mind if you blow me. What am I?

Answer Bubblegum


Question 4#

Finish the sentence


I love ducks!

Six is the best!

Pansies are my favorites!

Do you have organs?


Question 5#


I got a dig bick

I don't see an issue


Question 6#


1 + 0 = ?

Answer: 1


Question 7#

What is this implying?

F is for friends who do stuff together

U is for you and me

N is for anywhere and anytime at all


Answer: Friends doing fun stuff together, you and them are friends, and anywhere is like, the beach, the park, the arcade

You know, friend stuff

Just friend stuff, nothing else


Question 8#

What is the best asset of a female?

Answer: Her smile


Question 9#

Where does milk come from?

Answer: A cow


Question 10#

Why did you choose this fanfic?

Answer: I'm reading for the articles


Question 11#

What does this say?


Answer: The pen is in her mouth


Question 12#

Is something off about this picture?

Answer: No, just Minnie hugging Mickey



If you got all of them correct

You are not dirty minded


If you got one of them wrong

You're a deviant and need to see a doctor


Earogatogozaimasu bitches, this is cartoon fucker signing off!

Chapter Text

Coach Oleander awoke with a feeling of rejuvenation, today was the day, the day he gets the respect he deserves from his colleague

He checked the time


9:46 PM


Perfect, he didn't oversleep


The psychic jumped out of bed and quickly checked himself in the mirror, nothing out of place, he grabbed his phone and left



Everyone who was awake noticed Coach's strange behavior, he was a lot more alive, happier even. Usually he'd be stern and off put by every little thing but he's just smiling and enjoying the day

Might have something to do with him taking a long nap with no disturbance


Coach approached the office door of his colleague, he looked around making sure nobody was looking before he smiled and entered



He was greeted with a familiar sight, Loboto on the table looking rather bored while Sasha had a weird device on his head, Coach made sure the door was shut before approaching the scientist

"Why hello, Egghead!"

Agent Shoehorn removed the device from his head and looked at Coach with an annoyed glare,"What is it, Mermorry?" He asked, returning the senseless nickname Coach gave him. Coach turned his phone on,"How's your day going?" Sasha turned around,"You interrupted my interrogation with that overused conversation starter?" The coach swiped through a few images,"I just wanted to know how your day was because I'm about to ruin it."

Sasha crossed his arms and raised an eye brow,"You've already ruined it with coming in here, how could you possibly ruin it further?" Coach smirked,"I have a way." He stopped on a video, played it and turned it around for the scientist to see, Sasha leaned in to see it more clearer

" of a fluffle of bunnies having breakfast?" Coach turned his phone around, he cleared his throat and swiped through more images,"Wrong one! Ha.." Sasha groaned,"I don't have time for this, I have actual work to do, I don't have time to waste dealing with you."

Coach looked at Sasha with a smirk,"Oh? I'm wasting your time, am I?" The scientist looked away from the coach and pinched the bridge of his nose,"Yes, leave." "Alright, I guess I'll send this little video to everyone in headquarters." Sasha moved his hand away from his face and looked back at Coach,"What video?"

"Oops, did I say that out loud?" The coach said in a joking manner, the scientist pushed his goggles back up and glared at Coach,"What video are you talking about, Oleander?" Coach put his hands behind his head and looked to the side,"I thought you were smart, by now, I thought you'd catch onto what I'm saying."

"You better tell me what you're talking about, this instant!"

Coach played the video and turned it around for Sasha to see


It was a eight minute long video of him using a vibrator on himself while moaning a name that wasn't audible


Sasha's face went pale with a slight red tint


"Caught it while walking to the Noodle Bowel, it was shocking, seeing you being this..what's the word..slutty? Yeah, it surprised me."


The scientist backed up, hitting the table Loboto was on, his breathing picked up just to keep up with his heartbeat


"For awhile, I thought about posting it for the whole headquarters to see, but decided it would be nice to keep it to myself. I think I'm the first person to see you like this, and it really, really, gets me going."


Sasha looked at Loboto who was spacing out, he didn't seem concerned about anything


"And when I say, it gets me going, I mean it, in a sexual way. Felt like I needed to explain that, holding the darkest secret of my oh so important and popular colleague made me feel more powerful and better then you."

Coach paused the video before looking at Sasha


"I could post this video right now and everyone will know who you really are, with no issue once oh ever. Would you like that? I bet you would get off on it too."

The scientist gripped the sides of the table,"W-Why are you doing this to me?" The coach rewinded the video and started it again, he looked at Sasha with a glare,"I'm tired." He approached Sasha,"I'm sick, and tired, of you and everyone here treating me like a second hand psychic! Never once was I invited on a mission, nobody even asked-"

Coach mocked a female's voice,"Hey Morry, want to come with me and Sasha on a mission to find out who the mole in the Psychonauts is?" His expression went stern,"You've never respected me, you saw me a child! Not to mention the fact you abandoned me at Thorney's Tower!"

Sasha's grip weakened but tried to maintain his strength to grab Coach's phone,"Listen..I'm sorry we've treated you that way, it'll be different from now on! I promise.." He was able to get it a tad closer to him but Coach snatched it away when realizing what the scientist was attempting

"You really think I'm that dumb? I'm not about to believe a single word from your mouth, especially after what I've heard you say." Sasha felt light headed, he wasn't used to being confronted about something that was meant to be normal, well, to a degree


Coach paused the video again but instead of starting it over, he tapped something,"Well, this was a nice chat, but I think I'll upload this video and get out of your hair-" Sasha reached his hand out,"No! Please don't!" Coach raised an eyebrow with a smile,"No?" The scientist stood back up with weak legs,"What do you want?! I'll-I'll give you anything you want! Just don't post it..I've finally gotten everything together, I don't want to lose it all..again." The coach stroked his chin in a thinking manner

"Fine Nein, I won't post it, only-" Coach placed his hands on Sasha's hips, the scientist jolted back,"If you show me everything you know." Sasha looked to the side,"Is..this really why you're doing this? Because you" Coach moved his thumbs around the waistline of the scientist's hips,"It'll make me feel more powerful, being able to fuck you while you're submissive will make me like, a god."

Sasha looked at Loboto, still chilling, not even concerned

He lowered his head in defeat,"F-Fine.." Coach looked at Sasha,"Fine what?" Sasha bit his lip,"You can..fuck me.." The coach smirked,"Your tone changed when you said fuck, you're into this..being blackmailed into having sex, it turns you on, doesn't it?" It kinda did but he didn't want to let him know it did

Coach ran his hands under Sasha's sweater and lifted it up, he ran his hands around his mid abdomen while occasionally teasing the scientist with his fingers grazing over pants,"Mhm.." This scientist mumbled as Coach placed a kiss on his side,"You've got a perfect body..just perfect, every curve, every edge, sculpted to perfection..I can't wait to ravage it." Sasha turned his head away biting into his bottom lip

"How about we escalate this in your room?" Sasha nodded without hesitation, Coach lowered his sweater and walked towards the door,"Let's go then, I don't like to wait."



Coach locked the room door once Sasha entered, he stopped at the bed and looked down at it,"Please just get this over with..I have work to do.." The coach pushed the scientist down onto the bed and got on top of him,"Oh I will, I'm about to fuck the PSI energy out of you." Sasha closed his eyes, waiting for his first move

Sasha was pulled up by a harsh tug on the item that was put on him without his acknowledgement, he looked down and saw it was a collar, it was pink with a heart charm in the middle. The scientist looked back at Coach, he was holding a leash that was connected to the collar,"Just a little something to spice up this evening." Coach turned Sasha around and slammed him into the pillows

He began removing his colleague's clothing slowly just to feel his body squirm, begging to be free of their cloth cage. The coach checked the drawer beside the bed and took out a bottle of lube,"Knew you had this, and you saved enough too! Great!" Sasha shifted a bit in attempt to get more comfortable, his body heated up with the feeling of a thick and wet appendage entering him

Coach worked his middle finger in and out without trouble thanks to the lube, he moved fast and professionally only stopping when his hand grew tired,"Mhhm, ah.." Coach curled his finger and pushed it up, Sasha's body jolted up in response,"Did I hit your good spot?" The scientist turned his head to the side and murmured curses in another language,"Come on Sasha, I know you like it, no need to be shy, let me hear you scream." 

Sasha's lip trembled fighting his urges,"I've heard you scream before, no need to be shy around me, just scream." Coach pushed harder on the scientist's spot, he gasped followed with a moan, Coach grabbed hold of Sasha's cock and stroked it slowly,"No.. ahh, yes.." Sasha moaned with a slight smile,"No, yes? Make your mind up, Nein." The coach thrusted his finger up once more before pulling it out,"Ah, forgot.. I shouldn't be putting my fingers in you."

The coach pulled his pants and boxers down, he gripped his shaft and showed it to his colleague,"I should be slamming my cock into your ass." Sasha's eyes widen and his mouth began watering, it was..


A solid..thirteen inches? No wait..fifteen?! Four inches wide too?!

How the fuck does he hold that thing in his pants all day?!

"W-Wow.. you're.. so big." "What was that, Shoehorn?" The scientist wiped his mouth and looked away,"I-I mean.. it's not.. I mean.. you're rather small.." Coach raised an eyebrow,"So what you're saying is you have dildos that are even bigger?" Sasha didn't, their size varied from four inches to nine, nothing too big.. so he could hardly keep his composure while knowing a huge dick was in front of him,"Y-Yes.. ?" Coach chuckled,"Then this should be easy for you, shouldn't it?" Sasha averted the coach's gaze

Coach pulled on the leash making Sasha sit up,"I'll let you pick, where should it be?" He asked running a hand behind his goggles and taking them off, Sasha's black eyes met Oleander's brown and blue eyes,"Your mouth or your ass?"
He made the scientist feel powerless..and he loved it

"Fuck it.." Sasha dropped the act and opened his mouth with his tongue hanging out, Coach pushed the scientist down onto his bed and lined his cock up to his mouth,"You want master's dick?" Sasha's eyes went half lidded,"Yesth.." He made a heart around his mouth. The coach grabbed his head and thrusted his dick inside his colleague's opened hole,"Mhmh!" He took it with a little struggle but was able to get it in, his hands fell onto the mattress and gripped the sheets

"Not even gagging? Wow." Coach propped himself up, pulled his dick out and thrusted it back into Sasha's mouth. The scientist closed his eyes and allowed Coach to continue without any objection on the matter, the coach took hold of the bed frame before resuming his movements, he was slow at first but slowly picked up pace. He hit the end of his colleague's throat and felt it pulse against his cock, he swore under his breath with a smile,"Your throat is so tight.." Sasha gave a slight smile in response,"You know.. I'm curious about something.." The coach pulled out of his colleague's mouth, Sasha looked up at him; confused, almost disappointed

"Take hold of it, Nein." The scientist's expression changed to that of understanding, he looked at the tip and grabbed the base,"Yes.. sir.." He held his tongue out and licked the tip, the taste of salt returning to his taste buds, how he missed it. He put the tip in his mouth and started sucking as he rubbed the base with both hands; Coach ran a hand through Sasha's hair and moved a few strains away from his face,"You're really cute with your mouth around my cock." Coach chuckled, the scientist took more of the male's dick inside while keeping eye contact with him; he moved his hands down and brought his mouth closer to the base; feeling the man's cock pulse inside his mouth with every stroke his tongue made and rub he gave. Sasha quickened his hand and tongue movements, he felt the pulse pick up and tasted more precum on his tongue

Coach's groaning hitched for a moment signaling the scientist that he was getting close to his release, Sasha moved his tongue to the tip and sped his hand movements up before closing his eyes; awaiting the sticky substance to paint the insides of his throat white,"I-I'd be surprised if you're able swallow it all.." The coach commented, gripping his hold on the leash

He waited a bit before pulling on the leash making his colleague move forward and deep throat his dick, the scientist's eyes shot open as semen shot into his throat. Sasha's eyes rolled to the back of his head while trying to swallow all of Coach's seed, it was thick, had the consistency of whip cream, and was rather hard to swallow; a little dripped from his mouth and fell onto the sheets. Sasha allowed his hands to fall to his sides and relax, his tongue licked up all the salty substance to get it down his throat so he could have the chance to breath

The coach took a deep breath after feeling his high fade and loosened his hold from the leash; freeing the scientist from his cock

Sasha fell onto the bed, eyes still looking back; hyperventilating and semen leaking from his mouth. It sure was a sight. A sight that Coach wanted to cherish forever, he grabbed his phone and quickly took a photo before placing it back on the night stand

"Are you alright?" He asked; the scientist slowly sat up, coughed up the cum in his throat and looked at the coach,"Yes, I must say.. it's rather nice to have this familer substance return to my throat." Sasha gave a chuckle,"I forget how much it makes me feel-" 

Coach raised an eye brow,"Feel, what?" Sasha got closer to Coach, placing his hand on his chest and licking his lips; collecting some cum that remained,"Horny~" Coach's eyes widen with that word, never had he heard his colleague say that word especially in that way,"Before we continue.. can I tell you a secret?" The scientist ran a finger around the coach's chest,"U-Uh-" Sasha leaned into Coach's ear

"I knew you were recording me."


Coach's breathing hitched,"W-What?!" Sasha moved back to face the coach,"You knew?! Why didn't you stop me?!" "Because I planned it.." Coach tensed up, the scientist giggled,"How cute, that expression is just too cute."

Sasha leaned back and sat in front of his colleague,"That's right, I calculated what time you would pass by my room and when you would try to blackmail me. Didn't you think it was strange of me to leave my door cracked while pleasuring myself? It felt weird at first, but thinking of someone finding me like that.. it made it all so much better." Coach scratched the back of his neck,"But.. why? Why did you plan this?"

"I deserve some sort of reward for my hard work, don't I? With camp starting again and the whole Maligula stuff, I've been struggling to keep my desires under control, hell, if I hadn't done this sooner, I would have let a group of men have their way with me."

"That does sound a bit drastic.." "Yes, not to mention, degrading."

Coach looked off to the side,"But why me? What's... special about me?" Sasha covered his mouth and coughed again, he looked back at Coach once he was done,"Well, while looking at my collection of.. items, I chose the one I named after you." The coach looked at the scientist,"Wait.. you named a dildo after me?" His colleague smiled,"It's actually a vibrator, and yes, in fact, it was the one in the video.. however.. it's not nearly as big."

"So the name you were saying, was mine?"

Sasha nodded proudly; unashamed


Coach rubbed his forehead and sighed,"Damn.. and I thought I was being a genius.." "Sorry, better luck next time." Sasha humored


The coach looked at the door before looking back at Sasha,"I.. think I'll be leaving now." Sasha's cocky expression disappeared with that statement,"We just started, you're not really about to leave, right?" Coach shrugged,"I mean, I kinda filled my purpose, I'm not really needed anymore." He got off the bed and grabbed his pants,"See you tomorrow-"

The scientist grabbed his arm before he was able to move towards the door, the coach looked at his arm with a raised eyebrow, he looked at Sasha and saw a bit of desperation in his eyes,"Wait, please don't leave me here.. I need this.. I need you.."

Coach smirked,"You need me?" Sasha nodded desperately,"Please, don't leave me in this state.. if it'll make it better, I'll.. I'll let you do whatever you want to me.." The coach turned around; freeing himself from the scientist's hold,"That's rather vague Nein, mind explaining what you mean by, whatever?"

Sasha looked away,"Do I.. have to say it?" Coach dropped his pants and crossed his arms,"I'll leave~" The scientist bit his lip and cursed,"Why are you acting embarrassed all of a sudden? You were just sucking my dick with a smile, what has you like this now?" The coach teased with a smile,"Don't make me say it-" From the corner of Sasha's eye, he could see his colleague stroking himself off; not averting his gaze,"Come on, say it, let me know what you want." 


The scientist looked back with a crazed expression, one that could be described as manic; a heart was in his iris and his body was visibly shaking

"You can dig your nails into my thighs, slap my face when I disobey, bruise my skin til it's an awry of black and purple, bite me till I bleed, tear me apart, fuck me until I cannot walk, make me scream your name 'til my voice dries up, force your tongue into my mouth and explore every cavern, kiss my body everywhere and claim me as yours, leave hideous marks on me for everyone to see, say horrible things to me, call me your slut and force your way into me as I beg for more. I am yours.. and I allow you to do whatever you want to my body."


Coach couldn't help but smile, did he really make Sasha feel this way? He didn't know he had the power to do that, wow, he really was powerful


He shrugged,"I made this mess, I might as well fix it." He said cockily, the coach got onto the bed and placed his hand on the side of Sasha's head, he rubbed his cheek and watched as the scientist fell into his touch and closed his eyes

He looked so peaceful, despite being in this state


The coach kissed his forehead,"Are you ready?" The scientist opened his eyes and nodded,"Alright, you pick the position." Coach moved his hand away and stared at Sasha as he moved back but stopped before his back hit the headboard and laid down while staring at the coach and biting his lip

"Missionary? Okay, I can do that." Coach moved closer and grabbed hold of his legs,"But this might help make it feel better." He moved the scientist's legs so they would be on his shoulders, he looked into his colleague's eyes, that heart seemed to be moving but that might just be his eyes messing with him. Coach removed the collar from his colleague's neck and threw it to the side, he took hold of the bottle of lube one last time and squirted the rest into his hand

He rubbed the lube onto his hardening cock, once it was covered with the substance, the coach grabbed the scientist's hips and lined himself to his asshole. He looked into his eyes once more,"Ready?" Sasha put a hand on Coach's face and smiled, without words, he said yes. Coach took a deep breath and shared that same smile before pushing into his colleague slowly


Sasha gasped as a response, he moved his hand over his mouth and turned his head to the side, the coach had one eye closed and was gritting his teeth feeling how Sasha's walls clamp down around his cock and how easy it moved inside, he kept pushing til his hips became fleshed with the scientist's,"It's in, how are you?" Sasha chuckled,"I'm..fine, move." He spoke with slight stutter

Coach positioned himself to be on his knees and looked into Sasha's eyes as he made his first thrust


That single thrust alone made the scientist scream into ecstasy,"A-Ahh-ahh! Yes!" He screamed, his cock twitching with anticipation, Coach's eyes widen and was dumbfounded by his colleague's sudden enjoyment, he gave a devious smirk and thrusted inside again. Sasha screamed once again and covered his face with his arms, his gasping was full of breaths that hitched with every thrust,"You're so beautiful, you slut.." The scientist chuckled for a bit but went back to moaning and gasping,"I haven't even sped up and you're already panting, am I getting you excited?" Coach asked as he sped up,"Yes! Yes!" Sasha cried without thought, he could hardly concentrate with his body being rocked back and forth, a thick, long, cock being thrusted in and out of him. His whole demeanor that he puts on was completely destroyed and replaced with a cock loving slut that's been hiding under those glasses for years

Coach leaned down and began biting into the scientist's neck making a faint beautiful red/purple hickey appear just below his jawline, visible from those turtlenecks he loves to wear,"'re really easy to scar, hot.." While still thrusting, the coach began biting Sasha's neck that would make a shape once it was completed. The scientist couldn't take this any longer, he wanted more, he wanted to be fucked faster, bitten harder, he didn't care if anyone heard, he just wanted more, more!

The coach lifted his head and wiped his mouth,"Perfect." He looked upon his colleague's face, Sasha made eye contact with him, smiled, and winked. Coach couldn't help but chuckle and speed his thrusts up,"Oh gott! Scheiße!" Sasha cried into the night air, his mind was fogged up with no thoughts besides the pleasure and pain he lacked for so long. The tip of Coach's cock brushed over a spot that made the scientist's moans sound more like pleas for the coach to fuck him harder, the coach snickered and aimed for said spot

Once it hit, Sasha's legs convulsed and his screaming became louder,"Dort! Dort Morry! Harder!" Coach sacrificed his speed for power, he drilled his penis into the scientist's prostate. Tears began streaming down Sasha's face with a pleasured filled smile, his whole body was shaking and his grasp on his abilities were slipping,"L-Like that?" "Yes! Just like that!" "Really? How about this?"
He tightened his grip on his colleague's hips and brought him down onto his cock; the scientist's prostate was hit dead on, the shock coursed through his body and struck his mind the hardest. Sasha cried out in ecstasy and instinctively wrapped his arms around Coach's neck where he planted his face into the crock of his neck, his tears beginning to fall down the coach's back and his moans became a jumbled mess of muffles

"This is the end game, make him beg for it Morceau."

The coach took a deep breath and then used both speed and power to strike the scientist's sensitive spot. Sasha's eyes widen with this single movement, the heart in his irises grew larger and even bounced a bit,"Get ready Nein.. I'm about to drain all your power." The scientist looked at the back of Coach's head with a fearful expression,"Wait-"
Sasha's plea went silent with a series of speedy and powerful thrusts directly to his prostate, at this point, his throat was growing dry from all the screaming but was still able to scream with a pained smile
"A-At this rate.. I-I'll.. no.. no, don't think.. just.. just enjoy yourself!"

The scientist forced himself out his thoughts, in doing so, his mind fuzzed up into nothing; he lost his grip on every ability and his body was beginning to act on its own,"Sasha.. you're growing tighter.. are you about to come?" The scientist wasn't paying attention, all he heard was come; in his state of bliss, he chuckled,"Y-Yes.. ahh, come.. ing.. ha.. f-funny.. word.. ahhh!" Coach tried not to laugh,"You sound stupid like this.. heh." "Stupid.. yes.. I'm stupid.. ahh.. um ah.." Sasha wasn't thinking at all, he couldn't be bothered to make his sentences make sense

Coach snickered and shook his head,"It seems you're.. ahh.. about to.. come, want.. some help?" Sasha let a mix between a moan and a laugh escape his lips,"Please.. touch me.." Obliging, the coach slowly stroked his colleague's cock. The scientist's head flew back, almost hitting the headboard,"Oh daddy yesss!!" Coach was taken aback,"D-Daddy.. ?!" Coach asked with a red face, Sasha opened his eyes and looked at the male on top of him; still smiling,"Don't stop.. I-I'm.. ahh.. close.." The coach shrugged the inadvertent thought off and went back to work, the scientist closed his eyes again and went back to happily moaning

However, the pleasurable sounds were slowly sounding more painful and repressed, Coach watched as his colleague's face showed an emotion he.. never thought he'd ever get the chance to see,"Sasha.." He was about to slow down but the sudden rush took him before he could. The coach digs his nails into the scientist's hips and tightens his hold around his dick,"I love you!" Coach screams, his voice echoing throughout the room,"I-I love you too!!" Sasha responds, his body convulsing as the stimulation became too much for him. The coach slams him down one last before they both reached their limits, unable to pull out in time, Coach came inside Sasha while his own cum landed on both their chests


Everything around the scientist became nothing but a night sky with the prettiest and brightest stars he had ever seen


They were so close; he could almost touch them


In that moment of bliss, he let everything go


His stress


His pain


His hatred




All that mattered now was-


This very moment


Who cared if anyone judged?


Who cared if he was looked at differently from now on?


All that didn't matter


He could worry about all that later


Right now, he just wanted to enjoy the blissful world he lacked to see for so long



Coach pulled out and wiped the sweat from his forehead, he started to catch up to his breathing,"Whew, that was some work out!" He commented; he looked down at his colleague and saw he was still crying, the coach placed his hand on the side of his head,"Sasha? Are you alright? I wasn't too hard, was I?" It took awhile, but Sasha eventually came back into consciousnesses; his eyes were fixated on Coach as he tried to catch up to his breathing, Coach felt a sudden rush of guilt start to build up out of nowhere. He moved back to give his colleague some space and avoided making eye contact with him, Sasha struggled to sit up but was able to push his back against the head board

He wiped the tears from his eyes and stared at them,"Huh.. that's the first time I ever cried during intercourse." Sasha sighs,"And no, you weren't too hard Morry; I suppose I hadn't prepared myself to take something of your girth." Coach lets a sigh of relief escape his mouth,"That's a relief, but are you in any pain? Did I.. grip your hips too tight or-" "No, again, I wasn't prepared so my ass hurts but I'll be fine." The scientist responded, a hint of annoyance in his tone

Coach caught onto it,"Did you.. enjoy any of it?" Sasha raises an eyebrow,"I wouldn't have screamed if I didn't like it." "Right, just checking.. you sound mad." The coach pointed out,"I'm mad because it ended." Coach's head shot up with those words,"Whaatt??" Sasha's face started glowing a light red,"Uh-" "You.. wanted more? You?!" The scientist lifted his hand, turned his head and hid his face from view,"Did I tame the Sasha Nein?! The intelligent and respected scientist, who's walls are made of pure steel, were they broken down by my own dick?!"

"Morry.. it's not.. that big of a deal.." "Not a big deal?! Do you have any idea how many people fantasize of being able to fuck you while you're submissive?!" Sasha peered from behind his hand,"What?" "Don't tell me you never read those magazines with like.. ten pages all about you!" "I.. was put in a magazine?" Coach sat there, dumbfounded,"Are you kidding me? Do you not know how much of a celebrity you are?!"

Sasha doesn't respond; still as confused as ever,"Oh my god.. how were you this oblivious for several fucking years?" The coach genuinely asked,"I must have been focused on my studies around that time." "You still are famous!" The scientist shrugs,"In any way, I'm not interested in capitalizing off it." Coach forces back the words he wanted to say,"Let's just get back on topic-"

The coach opens his mouth to continue but then something crossed his mind,"You know what? I actually have a question for you Sasha." The scientist nods,"Was that your first time? I'm just.. curious." Sasha narrows his eyes before sighing,"No Morry, I'm not a newcomer when it comes to intercourse; it's just been awhile since I had it with another person." "Oh, that makes sense, why did I even ask that?" "Don't worry, I'm not offended."

Coach scratches the back of his neck,"A lot.. sure did happen tonight, yeah?" Sasha sighs,"Yes, and in my opinion, it went by too quickly." "Well we could do it again-" The scientist's eyes widen,"No! We can never do this again!" The coach was caught off guard by his immediate response,"But.. you said you hated that it ended." Sasha turned his head away,"I know, but I.. I can't risk losing my job Morry, neither can you.." 

"What are you saying? That I'm.. only interested in fucking you whenever it's convenient?" "That's not what I'm implying Morry, what I mean-" The scientist stops himself mid sentence before hugging himself and picking up where he left off,"Tonight.. felt amazing, I.. don't think I ever had an experience quite like this, and you're to blame for it; but the only reason we're both here is because.. we both decided we wanted to please ourselves without the regards of how the other person felt in that moment." The scientist glanced over at the coach,"Would you have been as considerate as you are right now if I hadn't told you I planned everything?"

Tears began falling down Sasha's face,"It would feel.. wrong if we continued this, imagine what everyone would say if they find out.. we'd.. both lose it all.. all because of my.. dumb.. idea-" The scientist was taken aback when Coach's hand returned to his cheek. His eyes held genuine care and love,"But it doesn't have to be like that, tonight could be used as an example of.. what not to do when we're being intimate. You know, like how most people don't like thinking of their first times since they usually suck but; they still keep it in mind when they're with other partners." The coach began to dry his colleague's tears,"And also, who cares what everyone else will think? They're just mad they aren't us! Why should we care what they think? They don't know us, they don't know you!"

Sasha stared back at Coach; he sounded confident, passionate in his words, the scientist chuckles sorrowfully,"And here I thought.. you were only good at talking to animals.." The coach grabbed the scientist's hands,"Gott.. what is.. happening to me? Why am I crying so much?" "I don't mind Sasha, cry as much as you need to."

After awhile, Sasha allowed himself to calm down; stopping himself from crying any further,"How do you feel? Do you need anything to drink?" Coach asked,"No, I'm fine.. thank you for asking.." The scientist said with a friendly smile,"Odd.. I've never seen you look at someone like that before." The scientist looked confused,"What are you talking about?" "Those doe eyes you just gave me, they're really cute." Sasha scoffed,"Don't patronize me."

The coach covered his mouth and laughed,"Oh come on, admit it, you're cute." The scientist crossed his arms and looked away,"Fine fine, you don't have to, but I'll still do it." Sasha pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed,"Meine Güte.." He looked at Coach with a smile,"What will I do with you?" "Another blow job will be great."

Both of them shared a laugh

Coach stretched his arms out and yawned,"Well, I'll get your hair; I'm sure you have a lot of work to do and I don't want to-" Sasha grabbed his arm once more but gentler,"Are you sure? It's rather late and not to mention dark, maybe you could.. stay till the morning..?" Coach raised an eye brow,"You want me to stay?" The scientist hesitated before nodding

The coach shrugged and smiled,"Sure, I'll stay for the night." Sasha responded with a bright smile,"I think we should clean up before we get some sleep, don't you?" Coach suggested,"Hm, yes, I suppose we should."



Sasha gasped and shuddered at the feel of the warm water hit his cold body, Coach laughed a bit,"What's so funny, Morry?" The coach moved the shower head a bit so the water would hit both of them,"Well, before today, I usually would just ignore a simple gasp like that, but after hearing the things you've said between each gasp tonight, I can't help but take them out of context." The scientist's face became a light shade of red, he covered his face with his hands and groaned,"Shut up.."

"And now I'm starting to notice little things about you that I would usually look over." "Like?" Coach gripped Sasha's shoulders and pulled him back so he would face him, he placed his hand on the scientist's cheek and smiled,"Like how the red compliments the pale green of your skin and how theres a faint shade of pink just below your nose and at the ends." Sasha averted his gaze, his blushing growing worse,"Shall I continue to flatter you?" "No.." "Did I hear a yes? Alright!" The scientist screamed internally

Coach began caressing his colleague's face not breaking eye contact,"The way your eyes shine in the dim light, it makes me wish you took your sunglasses off more." Sasha fought back a smile,"Stop.." He mumbled out,"And your voice? Even when you're screaming and cursing, you still sound like an angel." "I get it!" Coach chuckled,"Really? I think I should compliment you more~" 

"No! Stop it!" The coach pulled the scientist into a hug,"You're so cute when you're flustered!" Sasha struggled to find any words, he grumbled as he held his head low, Coach wrapped a strain of Sasha's hair around his finger and curled it,"So, does this mean we're.. dating?"

Sasha sat up when asked that question, he looked to the side and leaned back into Coach's arms,"I'd prefer it.. if we just continued to call one another colleagues, I'm not sure a romantic relationship is started by blackmailing and manipulating each other into having sex." "Good point, but will we still be able to have sex?" The scientist thought for a moment and smiled when he made up his mind,"I don't see why not."

Coach lit up,"Sweet! Because-" He pulled Sasha closer to his chest and leaned into his ear,"I have a lot of positions I would love to see you in." His colleague smirked,"I cannot wait to try them all.. in fact-" The scientist pushed himself against the coach; his ass rubbing ever so teasingly against his hardening dick,"Why don't you show me what exactly you had in mind?" Sasha rubbed Coach's dick against his hole, occasionally pushing the tip inside,"If you're up for it, of course." Coach grabbed his colleague's hips,"I fucking love you Nein." He turns his colleague's head around and presses his lips against his

Sasha's eyes had widen

"Wait.. Morry.." Sasha forced his head back in order to speak,"Is something wrong?" Coach asked,"No, I.. just have to do something.." The scientist turned around so he would be face to face with the coach,"I.. want our first kiss to feel.. natural." Coach's eyes had also widen,"Oh damn.. that's right, we hadn't kissed up to this point.. shit."
The scientist wrapped his arms around his colleague's neck,"It's not all ruined, let's.. try again." The coach places his hands on Sasha's hips and nods

They close their eyes and lean forward until their lips touched, it was simple and yet; effective




After a steamy bath, the psychics get dressed and decide they should go to sleep




Even though they both agreed to it, they were both still wide awake, staring at the ceiling


The coach looked over at his colleague, he shared the same confusing expression


"Uh.. so.. goodnight?" He hesitantly asked, the scientist, unaware that he was still awake, responded,"Yes, goodnight, Morceau." Before he turned away from Coach. The coach fought back a sigh as he too turned around to face the bare walls of Sasha's room, despite his eyelids being heavy, he couldn't seem to get them to close long enough for him to drift off  

His mind, however, was surely drifting off

It was replaying everything from this night on a loop


The events played out like a dream

Sasha didn't act like his usual calculated and composed self

And the blackmail worked

Was this a dream?

Did he oversleep?!


Coach eventually let that sigh escape, what was the point in holding it? Sasha was probably-


The coach's thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of quiet weeping


He looks over at the scientist and sees that he was shaking


"Sasha?" The coach sits up,"Hey.. are you alright?" He places his hand on his shoulder, he wasn't cold but his shaking was rather frantic,"Sasha!" Coach shakes his colleague awake, the scientist rubs his eyes; discarding of the tears before looking at the coach,"What is it?" Coach was dumbfounded,"Did you.. not feel what was happening to you?!" Sasha sits up beside Coach with his arms crossed,"What are you talking about?"

"You were shaking and crying for god's sake!" Sasha raises his eyebrows in understanding,"Oh, so that explains why I've been feeling groggy in the morning." "How long has this been happening?!" The scientist shrugs,"Awhile." Coach grew concerned,"Does Milla know?" Sasha looks away,"Why should she? She has enough to worry about." He responded bluntly, the coach caught onto what he was saying,"I get it, but, you could have told me.. I.. care about you Sasha." Sasha looks back at Coach,"No offence, but I don't necessarily trust you to sort out my problems." "None taken."

Coach hums in thought with his hand on his chin,"Well.. you don't have to let me in to fix your deep rooted problems-" He holds his hand out,"But you could at least let me be there when you start feeling bad about something." Sasha looks at his outstretched hand, he hesitated at first, but uncrossed his arms and locked their hands together,"I suppose.. I could let you.. do that.." Coach smiles; making his colleague's face turn a little red,"This still doesn't mean we're dating, well.. not officially.. at least.." "I guess we should spend more time together then, want to get lunch tomorrow?" Sasha tried hiding it, but his smile made it clear what his true thoughts were

"Sure, if I'm not busy."



Meanwhile, the agents of the Motherlobe were experiencing a power malfunction and weren't told why






The next morning...



"Agent Nein! Respond! Are you awake?! Hello?! Hel-"




"Not now Otto.."


Coach closed his eyes, his head resting on top of Sasha's as he laid on his chest


The morning sun shined through the drawn curtains, the small amount of light that manged to escape was shining on the both of them without disturbing their slumber

Could anything ruin this moment?


"Nein! Will you respond?! This is important!"


Sasha began stirring in his sleep, Coach attempted to get him to relax but the constant buzzing of the communicator eventually awoken him, however that didn't stop the coach from trying,"Morry, we have work." Sasha tried reasoning as Coach held him like a stuffed animal,"Another hour.." "It's past eight." "Hollis.. sucks.." "If you let me go, we can also go bowling." Coach retracted his arms slowly and jumped out of bed,"Bowling!" Sasha chuckled to himself


Later that day...


Sasha swiped through some messages sent to him prior to last night, a cigarette lit and floating next to him, he stopped on one and chuckled,"What a dork.." He swiped right and went back to swiping left. The scientist brought the cigarette to his mouth and inhaled the smoke before exhaling them out, he looked up from his tablet and saw Loboto staring at him with a cocky smile, Sasha sat up,"What's with that expression?" The cyan male snickered,"I was going to ask the same question, what's up with that smile?"

"Agent Vodello sent me something important, the rest is classified." "I've never heard you call Vodello a 'dork' before." "You don't know what our personal life is like."

Loboto shrugged, he looked at the ceiling and began humming a tune that was stuck in his head, he looked back at Sasha and saw him smiling again,"Whatever she's sending, it's making you really happy." The scientist crushed his cigarette and flicked it into the trashbin


"Sasha darling, are you in here?" 

Milla entered Sasha's lab with a box labeled fragile,"Good morning, what can I help you with?" The scientist said standing up from his chair and approaching the psychic, she holds the box out,"I was told to hand this to you, Nick's still asleep and I didn't want to-"

She stopped speaking when something caught her eye,"Darling-"

The psychic placed the box down gently and got a closer look,"What happened there?"

Sasha looked confused,"What happened where?" Milla pointed to her neck,"Theres a lot of marks around your neck, darling." The scientist walked over to a mirror and stared at his neck


His face went red when realizing what his colleague was talking about, there was a series of hickies on the side of his neck just below his jawline, it sorta..turned him on, but this was not the time to think about that, Sasha cleared his throat and fixed his demeanor before facing Milla

"It must have been a pest, I'll deal with it after I'm done here." The psychic approached him,"Do you need anything? I can find a cream that'll help heal the marks." The scientist shook his head and smiled,"I'll be fine, thank you." Milla smiled,"Anytime darling, have a lovely day!" The psychic walked out the office


Sasha took a closer look at his neck and saw that it made a heart

A sloppy one at that, but considering the circumstances of when Morry did it, it was actually really good


Not bad, Morceau, not bad at all


The scientist rose the collar in attempt to hide some of the marks


He approached the box and picked it up, he reentered his office and placed it on the table. He saw that it was from Coach, seems he ordered it this morning, wonder what's inside..
Sasha levitated a knife to the box and used it to cut the tape, he opened the flaps and looked inside


A red tint glowed on his face when seeing what was inside

"Mutter Ficker.." He cursed under his breath

Despite the embarrassing items inside, Sasha smiled and bit his lip

"I'm in."

Chapter Text

Judy the snooty cub
Animal crossing

What is their sexuality?


Preference for top or bottom?

Bottom, but she doesn't mind being a top

Favorite type, looks and personality wise?

Someone good looking, a solid 9, and has to seem sweet on the outside but would wreak the shit out of you

Get up and shower after or bask in the afterglow all sticky and wet?

She can't stand being drenched in sweat, maybe for a quick minute to just catch her breath then she'll be up to get a shower

Monogamous? Open relationship? Polyamorous?



Deep and slow? Hard and fast? What’s your character’s preference?

Hard and fast, sometimes slow

Favorite sex position?

Doggy style

What’s your character’s favorite kink?


How active in bed is your character? Do they like to lie there and take it or do they like to get the most bang for their buck?

Just laying down, feeling like the a boss

Kissing during sex, yes or no?

And risk this random person getting attached to her? Yeah, no

Clothes off or on during sex?

Clothes are so complicated

Lingerie? Yes or no?

Depends, is it sparkly, pink, and shows off her ass?

Would your character join a threesome if given a chance?

Uh, hell yes?

Preference for penis size?

Something above a 5 but below 10

Does your character like to roleplay? If so, what?

An innocent school girl getting railed for the first time, the runaway bridesmaid, a nurses healing, and the naughty succubus 

Does your character prefer condoms or bareback?

She used to do it bareback, but now prefers condoms since they come in better texture and colors

Your character’s most private sexual fantasy?

Being pushed against the wall and choked by a sweaty fireman

How sexually active is your character?


When did your character lose their virginity?

20, at work, her boss, because she asked

Kinks your character would participate in?

Bondage, tentacles, exhibitionism, sadism, urtication, and breath play

Kinks your character would not participate in?

Anything that involves something leaving the human body(besides cum),  masochism, age play, nullification, feederism, acrotomophilia, and apotemnphilia


L.O.G(Lord of Games)
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

What is their sexuality?


Preference for top or bottom?

Switches depending on his partner

Favorite type, looks and personality wise?

Someone whose strong, able to take care of themselves and loves video games and won't leave him

Get up and shower after or bask in the afterglow all sticky and wet?

He'd power off for a few hours but will turn back on in the morning to clean himself up

Monogamous? Open relationship? Polyamorous?

Wants to stick with one partner but they never want to stay

Deep and slow? Hard and fast? What’s your character’s preference?

If he's top, he tries to do both but if he's the bottom, he thinks slow and deep is the best

Favorite sex position?


What’s your character’s favorite kink?

Sensory deprivation

How active in bed is your character? Do they like to lie there and take it or do they like to get the most bang for their buck?

Tries to enjoy his time as much as he can

Kissing during sex, yes or no?

It's sappy as hell, but yes

Clothes off or on during sex?

He likes them on but his partners don't

Lingerie? Yes or no?

Not his cup of tea

Would your character join a threesome if given a chance?

He rather stay traditional but sometimes his partners bring a friend along

Preference for penis size?

Doesn't mind, but doesn't like anything above a 7

Does your character like to roleplay? If so, what?

Not really

Does your character prefer condoms or bareback?

Condoms are safer

Your character’s most private sexual fantasy?

He doesn't have one

How sexually active is your character?

Only does it when someone shows an interest in him

When did your character lose their virginity?

16, in a bedroom, his girlfriend at the time, because she tricked him

Kinks your character would participate in?

He doesn't really want to try any other kinks

Kinks your character would not participate in?

Every other kink besides the one he got himself into


Princess Rosalina
Mario Galaxy


What is their sexuality?


Preference for top or bottom?

Top, she ain't a push over

Favorite type, looks and personality wise?

Someone who has self esteem issues and buys her things

Get up and shower after or bask in the afterglow all sticky and wet?


Monogamous? Open relationship? Polyamorous?

Can't let the incels get too attached, can she?

Deep and slow? Hard and fast? What’s your character’s preference?

Hard and fast by someone who is inexperienced, it's funny to watch

Favorite sex position?

Cowgirl, just to look at the incel's face

What’s your character’s favorite kink?

BDSM with her being the dom

How active in bed is your character? Do they like to lie there and take it or do they like to get the most bang for their buck?

She wants to make it clear that she's the best those incels are going to get, she's doing all the work

Kissing during sex, yes or no?

Anywhere besides the lips on her partner? Yes

Clothes off or on during sex?

Keep em on, she has stuff to do afterwords

Lingerie? Yes or no?

Just to tease the incels? Hmm, maybe a light blue that reveals her cleavage wouldn't hurt

Would your character join a threesome if given a chance?

It's hard enough with one incel but maybe if another femdom is with her

Preference for penis size?

30 inches to tame her, 70 inches to make her cum

Does your character like to roleplay? If so, what?

The incels made her like the idea of being a step mom punishing her misbehaving step son

Does your character prefer condoms or bareback?

As a space goddess, mere human seed is unable to ovulate her egg or get her an STD, bareback feels better for the incel anyways

Your character’s most private sexual fantasy?

Having sex for the fun of it, not because she wants to torture the incels of the world

How sexually active is your character?

Not that active, she still has to take care of the lumas and watch over/protect the cosmos but she's always free on Friday nights

When did your character lose their virginity?

50, in a space condo, another space god, because it was her turn

Kinks your character would participate in?

Wax play, CBT, macrogenitalism, anonymous sex(she does this almost every time), nyctophilia, discipline, symphorphilia(she's fucked up), puppy play(the incel, of course), pegging, fisting, orgasm denial, dacryphilia and spanking

Kinks your character would not participate in?

Lactation, hypoxia, raptophilia(remember: don't make anyone drink tea if they won't want it, I'm serious), plushophilia, somnophilia, and intoxication


Sasha Nein

What is their sexuality?

Gay/Still questioning

Preference for top or bottom?

Nothings tops being a bottom, for him at least

Favorite type, looks and personality wise?

Someone who is easy to look at and really easy to manipulate

Get up and shower after or bask in the afterglow all sticky and wet?

Depends on how well his partner did

Monogamous? Open relationship? Polyamorous?

Could be in a relationship, but would still want to have sex with other guys

Deep and slow? Hard and fast? What’s your character’s preference?

If his partner can't strike a middle ground with those two, then deep and slow all the way

Favorite sex position?

Legs over shoulders or any positions that require little work for him to do

What’s your character’s favorite kink?


How active in bed is your character? Do they like to lie there and take it or do they like to get the most bang for their buck?

He already works hard enough, let him relax!

Kissing during sex, yes or no?

If it isn't the partner he's romantically involved with then hell no

Clothes off or on during sex?

Depends if he has somewhere to be or something to do

Lingerie? Yes or no?

No, they're too tacky

Would your character join a threesome if given a chance?


Preference for penis size?

Above a 5 and below a 20, he has standers

Does your character like to roleplay? If so, what?

If he's drunk.. maybe..

Does your character prefer condoms or bareback?

Do you want to die? Condom.


Your character’s most private sexual fantasy?

Being fucked in front of a crowd of people he knows(don't judge)

How sexually active is your character?

Decently active, he isn't that noticeably horny, but that's because he wears those orange tinted goggles/sunglasses while working

When did your character lose their virginity?

18, a motel room, a random guy, because he needed an extra amount of  money to get a ticket

Kinks your character would participate in?

Bondage and gagging

Kinks your character would not participate in?

Everything else

(I see him(Sasha) as some sort of half incubus, he has the wings and tail but he's able to hide them so he looks human in order to pass in public without being hunted by freaks and nutjobs)

My Little Pony

What is their sexuality?

Still questioning

Preference for top or bottom?

Doesn't have a preference

Favorite type, looks and personality wise?

Someone soft, gentle, and will reassure him that he is worth something

Get up and shower after or bask in the afterglow all sticky and wet?

If possible, he would take a shower

Monogamous? Open relationship? Polyamorous?

Wants to be with one person, but so far, that isn't going well

Deep and slow? Hard and fast? What’s your character’s preference?

Just slow, nothing else

Favorite sex position?

The dragon

What’s your character’s favorite kink?

Doesn't have one

How active in bed is your character? Do they like to lie there and take it or do they like to get the most bang for their buck?

He isn't really allowed to move, so, lying down I guess

Kissing during sex, yes or no?

He would like that but it isn't allowed

Clothes off or on during sex?


Lingerie? Yes or no?

He thinks they're silly

Would your character join a threesome if given a chance?


Preference for penis size?

Anything below 18

Does your character like to roleplay? If so, what?

No, but the people he meets like to pretend they're married for some reason(bronies)

Does your character prefer condoms or bareback?

Condoms, please

Your character’s most private sexual fantasy?

Being able to have control over what he gets to do

How sexually active is your character?

Depending on when Starlight sets up an appointment, he's not active

When did your character lose their virginity?

21, at a motel, a guy, because Starlight wanted to test something

Kinks your character would participate in?

He doesn't like any kinks

Kinks your character would not participate in?

Anything that's against his consent and or hurts him in the process


Steven Universe

What is their sexuality?


Preference for top or bottom?

She'll top one moment and be a bottom a second later

Favorite type, looks and personality wise?

People who she can control, looks don't matter

Get up and shower after or bask in the afterglow all sticky and wet?

She cleans herself up immediately, helps the others get clean, and then goes back to work

Monogamous? Open relationship? Polyamorous?

She's already in a poly relationship with 4 other rubies(Eyeball, Doc, Leggy, Navy, and Army), she doesn't need anyone else

Deep and slow? Hard and fast? What’s your character’s preference?

Somewhere between slow and fast

Favorite sex position?

69 plus 6

What’s your character’s favorite kink?

Double penetration

How active in bed is your character? Do they like to lie there and take it or do they like to get the most bang for their buck?

If she's top, she'll be awake and ready to work. If she's a bottom, she'll relax and let the rubies work

Kissing during sex, yes or no?

Sure, why not?

Clothes off or on during sex?

It's uncomfy with clothes on

Lingerie? Yes or no?

Where do you get lingerie from? If it's available, yeah

Would your character join a threesome if given a chance?

She's already doing foursomes every night, any threesome she'd be in would feel too vanilla

Preference for penis size?

7 inches in the front, 8 in the back, and 5 in the throat. No less or more

Does your character like to roleplay? If so, what?

A diamond surrounded by her loyal pearls willing to do whatever they can to please her

Does your character prefer condoms or bareback?


Your character’s most private sexual fantasy?

Having sex with 4 humans at the same time while the rubies watch

How sexually active is your character?

She's a busy gem, the only time she isn't busy is night, so not that active

When did your character lose their virginity?

???, home world, a ruby, because she was curious

Kinks your character would participate in?

Tentacles, allorgasmia, xenophilia, intercrural sex, cuckolding, and queening

Kinks your character would not participate in?

Voyeurism and teratophilia

Chapter Text

A brown haired fuck boy sat alone at a cafe's outdoor dining area drinking a coffee and staring at everyone that passed him


His attention was dragged to a group consisting of four ladies


One had short fluffy black hair put up in a low ponytail

Pale white skin that contrasted her hair color greatly

And was wearing a white t-shirt with the words "work hard, play harder" on it and a short blue skirt with a matching pair of sandals


One was a little shorter then the other female, but that was probably because she was hunched over

She had purple hair, a lock blocking her left eye, she also had two horns poking out her head, they were black with thick aqua stripes

Her skin was white with black around the bottom with a tail swaying back and forth

And she was wearing a black hoodie dress with a white skirt under it and black boats, there was also a blue rose in her hair, adding the cherry on top


One was taller then both of them

She had thick teal dreadlocks that were tied up in a bun

Her skin was a chalk black with a blinding smile

And she was wearing a transparent no shoulder pink shirt but had a white tank top under it, with the look, she had on pair of jeans with pink slid on shoes on


The last female was a regular height, not too tall, not too short

She had long black fluffy hair that spiked out everywhere

Her skin was a standardized white with bandages plastered around it for some reason

And she was wearing a short blue jumpsuit with a pair of matching blue shoes



Woah..four beauties..


Time to ask them for a date and then ignore them when a big tiddy shy girl comes by!


Once they were in perfect alignment with MC, he jumped out his seat and landed in front of them



"Good evening, ladies!"


The females stopped in their tracks and looked puzzled


"I see neither of you are accompanied by a male figure, shall I help with that?"


The emo chick looked at the peppy chick,"Did he just-" She nodded,"He did." The tall chick chuckled,"How adorable! This is the 20th time this week!" The regular chick laughed along,"We need to do this more often!"


The fuck boy was confused


The peppy chick came forward, grabbed MC's hand and placed it on where her crotch was


And he felt..a bulge



MC had a face filled with horror


"Yep! We're boys!"

She moved back over to the group


"My name's Rock, btws!"


MC screamed and ran away


The tall chick shook her head and laughed,"Never gets old."

Chapter Text

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans?


Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3"03' tall and 63.9 pounds. This means they're large enough to be able to handle human dicks, and with their impressive Base stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one

Due to their mostly water based biology, there's no doubt in my mind that an aroused Vaporeon would be incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have sex with one for hours without getting sore

They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll eyes, Captivate, Charm and Tail Whip along with not having fur to hide nipples, so it'd be incredibly easy for one to get you in the mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water

No other Pokémon comes close with this level of compatibility. Also, fun fact, if you pull out enough, you can make your Vaporeon turn white

Vaporeon is literally built for human dick. Ungodly defense stat + high HP pool + Acid Armor means it can take cock all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more



Did you also know it was illegal to fuck what is to be assumed as an animal?

I don't care if it looks tempting and you want to shove your dick ball deeps inside that little creature but


Come on, it's still an animal you creep


Now, I will have to tell you to leave my house and put my Eevee down before I call the police, please and thank you

Chapter Text

Signs into Twitter to see who the Dream Stans were harassing now


Sees Animal Crossing is Trending



Oh yeah! That update is coming out, still excited for that


Clicks trending page



Sees the new characters for PC and NH



Awww! Look at these babies!


I love them all!!

Except that monkey..that monkey is ugly :\


Let's see-


God damn it, I'll never escape the name Sasha, will I?

But he's cute!

Not sure if I'll add him to my island..but hey, if I can get Frank to move out..sure :)

Since he has feminine eyelashes, I one point..he was female

Great rep Nintendo

You're trying

*Pats head*

You did your best




I'm not a furry but-


She could step on me and I'd be happy :)


(And the horns, wow, very subtle

You get a point






I guess..


Kinda cute..kinda..strange

But I'm always here for robotic villagers

A little iffy on the smug personality, but whatever, it's not that concerning



She looks like she would break up a fight by picking both of the people up and keeping them apart

I like Big sister types, I relate

She's also pretty..come to my island, please :'))

And no, I don't just want her because she's a goth girl

I want her because I need an eagle villager, Frank sucks ass(no offence to my mans but you do)



Mafia boss?


Yes :0

Please :0

Come to my island and replace Velma or even Pashmina, I don't care :0

I need this mafia boss hamster on my island so I can make The Godfather references 


I'm never escaping the sexy/cute/hot scientists am I?

She's so cute! I love the ears, mainly because red and blue just look great when paired with white

The white color scheme just makes them pop!

I think she's the only mouse villager that I actually like, says a lot about myself, doesn't it?

I'll spend all my Nookmile tickets to get her, I'll reset my island 20 times just to get her to be my first villager



Oh god, I gotta add her to the list now, fuck!



Now those were some top level villagers(minus one)

I guess theres nothing else regarding Animal Crossing news-






Approaches slowly as heavenly music plays



How..did I miss you?



Holds hand out



You stand out like a sore thumb, but unlike a sore thumb, you're easy on the eyes...and...beautiful..



Places hand on the photo










And yeah, that's my reaction to all the characters coming to New Horizon





Because it was 12 PM and I was bored, I drew this in attempt to get used to drawing humanoid animals and better myself as an "artist"


Sorta yeah


I think I did a good job with the blending

It really makes the picture look more alive and cute in a way

Judy finally has another star slut pal, a little more reserved then she is, but I'm sure Judy will break her out that shell and teach her to be more expressive


Ankha is just chilling

The pose is fine, her hair..hat..thing looks off

Chapter Text

Logging on..



Welcome back!














Incognito window










Don't feel bad

They're just onaholes after all


















Welcome back, Mr Virginity-destroyer_929

You've received 3,892 new followers while you were away




Congratulations on hitting 4 million followers!

You've grown so much since your first video only 5 years ago

We're looking forward to see where you go next

We'll be sending you a personalized trophy and products for your use only

Keep it up, and don't forget to smile!







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Ad plays..


"Want to show love to our website? Buy our official merchandise!"

"We have mugs, collars, posters, t-shirts and hoodies in all sizes, key chains, rings, and so much more!"

"Click the store tab to see just what we have in stock!"

"Enjoy your video! And don't forget to smile!"


Video begins

A female with black hair sat in her colorful bedroom

She holds up a peace sign and smiles

"Ohayō gozaimasu everyone! It's Nari, back again with another video!"

"Oh boy, it's been awhile, sorry for the lack of uploads, I've been busy with school and some side projects."

"But enough of that! I'm sure you all didn't come to hear me talk about my boring life, you came because I have a new slave!"

"Last week, I decided to get rid of the old slave, he wasn't moving that much and just looked..ugh!"

"So I saved up some money to buy myself a brand new one!"

"It took a week, but he's finally here-"


"In this box!"

A large beige box stood in the middle of the girl's room

It had the website's logo on the front along with the slogan in small words


"I ordered him from this company called "Animals_for_sale", they were very nice and even agreed for him to be sent blindfolded!"

"I really like this box, the boxes the slaves usually come in are really well made and are built to withstand beatings, block in sounds, and hold anything in no matter the size."

"They also don't have any holes that'll show light or let air in, theres enough air in these things to last a week at best, that's what I'm being told and that would explain why most of my slaves come out exhausted or just tired."

"But who cares in the end, am I right? It's just another onahole filled in the end."


"Let's open this bad boy and see who I got! I'm so excited!"

The black haired girl grabs a knife off camera and cuts along a dotted line on the side of the box

She places the knife down on her desk and opens the box

Inside sat a creature who's hands were put together with tape and a blindfold was tied tightly around his eyes

He wore a ripped white t-shirt with a collar around his neck

He flinched at the feeling of the sun hitting his fur

"Woah..look at this guy!"

The camera zoomed up to his face

The girl removed his blindfold

"He's so cute!"

The creature's eyes were squinted due to the light but when they adjusted, he jolted up

He struggled to try and sit up

"Don't struggle too hard, you'll hurt yourself before I even do."

"Where am I?! Who are you?!"

The girl approached him and read what the tag on the collar said

"His name is Yakko, that's a weird name, sounds like it would belong to a dog."

"You'll be my new dog, Yakko!"

The creature pulled at his wrists

"No! No! No! Help! Somebody!"

The girl giggled

"Soundproof walls bitch."

"It funny how all my pets act like this when they first come over, but I'll fix them."


"I want to go home! I wanna go home!"

"Nobody wants you, mongrel, be happy I even picked you."

"I'm scared!"

"Nobody cares."


The girl walked back to the camera and pulls a box she had on the side

"I almost forgot! While checking out, I was given this personalized gift box from the moderators for reaching one million followers! Thanks again guys!"

"They said it comes with, two whips, two pairs of handcuffs, five gags, two blindfolds, one has "slut" on it and that makes me happy, a leash, nipple clamps, some buttplugs and dildos, a cross strap, some strap ons, piercings and, this one I'm most excited for, a chastity belt!"

"Let's see what's inside!"


She opens the box


"Yep! Everything's accounted for!"


She stands up and walks over to the creature with the box

"Let's get you all set up!"

"Let me go! Please! I have to take care of my siblings!"

"Siblings? Aw, an older brother? How sweet."

She grabs the handcuffs and pulled the creature's arms behind his back while they were still tied with the tape

Minutes pass and soon the girl pulled the creature over to the desk and sat him beside her

He had the slut blindfold on, a ring gag in his mouth, a leash connected to the collar that she held tightly, the clamps on his nipples, and piercings that were carelessly forced into him


"There we go! Doesn't he look like a doll?"

"By the way, you can order your own slave by clicking on the store tab on the right of your screen!"

"Now time to see just how experienced he is-"














17-10(will cost more)

9-newborn(will cost more)








Doesn't matter





Virgin(will cost more)


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Nonhuman(will cost more)

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Pick your slave

Refreshed three minutes ago

Saiki Kusuo

17 1/2

Trans male



Owned by: Amateur- teens936

Introduction video




The video plays, showing the wall of a building

The camera moves over and captures the movements of a male with pink hair who looked to carrying a bag of something

A voice begins to speak

"This young man, is seventeen year old, Saiki Kusuo."

"He's an honors student attending a prestigious high school in my hometown."

"Ever since he was born, I knew he meant to be degraded and used for any means deemed necessary."

The scene cuts to the male sitting in class, writing

The camera is angled as if it was in a somewhat low leveled location

It zooms into his blank face

"He doesn't talk a lot, hardly raises his voice, and loves coffee jelly."

The scene cuts to the male enjoying a cup of coffee jelly at a cafe

The camera was already zoomed into his face

"He's perfect, isn't he?"

"I know."

"That's why I kidnapped him."


The scene cuts to the male sitting on his bed, doing homework 

"It was hard, turns out, he was a psychic, made getting him here a living nightmare but nothing like a little brain surgery didn't fix."

"He can be all yours, for one million dollars."

"He's pure, and ready for you."


The scene cuts to the male sobbing in the corner of a dimly lit room

He was only wearing a long dirty white shirt

Bruises covered his arms, legs, and a large stitch crossed the sides of his head

"He'll be there in a week or so."

"Enjoy and send me photos."




The Shepherd





Owned: Creatures_from_another_world-320

Introduction video




The video starts with a masked figure standing beside a tied up creature with a bag over it's face

It wore nothing but a collar that seemed to scratch into it's neck

The figure waves at the camera

"Hello, I have another pet for you all."

It's voice was  distorted

"I found her on the streets, begging for money."

"She's clean, she was pure."

"And I took that."

The figure ripped the bag from the creature

Her face held emptiness, her mouth was agape and her eyes were listless 

She looked to be in a daze

"She can be all yours, for a good sum of money."

"One million and two dollars, sound good?"

"Want to say anything to your future masters, slut?"

The figure pulled at her hair making her wince

She looked at the camera with a broken smile





Spamton G Spamton





Owner: Bitchass_fags-forsell_1110

Introduction video




The video starts and shows a kneeling male with what looks to be a female, standing beside him and pointing a gun to his head

He was holding a paper with shaky hands and a trembling body

The female leaned into his ear

"Read it."

The male wiped the tears from his eyes


His voice was having trouble stabilizing 

"I-I..w-w-will b-be on..s-s-sale..t-t-through..O-Oct-October.."

The female poked the gun into his head making him cower and whimper

"Read normally you worthless fag."

He softly cried


He gasped for air


He broke down, sobbing into his hands


"God damn worthless piece of garbage."

The female kicked the creature to the side

"No wonder you were abandoned in a dumpster."

He curled himself into a ball and sobbed


The female stood in front of the camera

"He will be on sale throughout October, I'll be lowering his price to five hundred thousand and even include some dildos he hates."

"Just get him off my hands, he's a whiny piece of shit."




Are you sure you want this one?








Pick your slave

Refreshed a few seconds ago


Toren Kota





Owner: For-your-pleasure-inc

Introduction video




The video showed a business man sitting in a chair in front of the camera, he looked stern and like he meant business

He sits up

"Hello future costumers, I am who they call, Mr O, I have a new product you might be interested in."

He reaches into a cupboard

"You all know the drill at this point, I pick someone from my catalog and then put them up for sale."

"I've picked a good one."

He closes it once he grabbed a file, he opened it

"His name is Toren, bright kid, extremely shy and squeamish, very innocent..hasn't even kiss someone yet."

"Sounds like a dream, doesn't he?"

"I'll be selling him for a million and five."

"Good day."






Are you sure you want this one?






Fill out your information

Email address:


Phone number:


Account name:


Name your price:






Zip code:


Credit card info:










































Hello, Mr Virginity- destroyer_929

Would you like a special gift box as a present from us?








Thank you for your purchase!





For-your-pleasure-inc has sent you a message..




"Nice to see you're back to your usual antiques again, Mr Virginity-destroyer, thank you for ordering product 794, I assure you won't regret buying him."




"It's good to be working with you again, Mr O, I do have a few questions about him."


"Ask away."




"Is he a pure virgin? Do you know if he ever touched himself before?"


"He has not, I checked, and you know all our products are pure."




"Is the green natural?"






"Any piercings? Hair on body? Tattoos? Was he harmed?"


"No piercings, scars, tattoos, or hair."




"Alright, that's all I wanted to know, when can I expect him here?"


"He should be leaving the warehouse now, around next week to be precise."


"Mind if I ask something?"




"Go ahead."


"Is there a reason you bought him?"




"I just reached 4 million followers and I wanted to buy a slave to celebrate."


"Treating yourself a bit, huh? I understand that."




"I'll be seeing him then, have a good one."


"You as well, I'm looking forward for our future conversations."




"You can count on it, Mr O."
















Ad plays..


"In a small town, there lives a girl, an innocent and pure girl."

"She hates sex, sees it as disgusting."

"She wants to stay pure forever."

"But, theres one problem-"

"Her town-"

"Doesn't know what consent it!"

"Will you be able to keep this girl pure or will you let the sick fucks have their way with her?"

"Play, Consentless Town today!"

"This game is still in development so some features are missing or aren't finished, report any bugs you may find."

"MangaKitty! Meow!"



Video plays

A guy sits in a bedroom turned studio room

He seemed to be very happy

"Hey guys! Before the video starts, I just wanted to say thank you all for the support you gave last month's episode!"

"We passed over twenty million views!"

"You guys are insane! Literally! We told Wakasagihime(our producer) and she fell right out her chair!"

"If it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't be able to produce any new episodes of "Stop Crying Bitch!" or any random video we felt like posting that day!"

"It's crazy how this idea me and my friends came up with on a Sunday afternoon, turned into such a hit!"

"We're closer then ever to hitting over fifty million followers!"

"Thank you, so much for the support and love you've been giving us and the actors!"

"This episode is for all of you!"

"Enjoy this month's episode and see you all soon!"


The screen cuts to a female with orange hair sitting at a cafe table while looking at her phone

She takes a sip of the coffee she bought

A giggle escapes her mouth as she responds to a message one of her colleagues sent

She looks up from her phone when approached by a rabbit 

"Hey Vanilla, what's up?"

The rabbit sat across from the human

"Alex..I've finally decided..I want to quit working for Rose."


Title screen pops up

The intro plays


The screen cuts to Alex's confused expression

She puts her phone down

"You're..joking right? Is this a joke you and Luan are pulling?"

"No, I'm done, I'm quitting."

"Quitting? Why?"

Vanilla sighed

"Last night, with..what's his face-"


"Yeah, him, I realized that doing this..was wrong."

"You've fucked a lot of people like him before, what makes him any different?"

Vanilla holds her head in her hand

"Well, despite being told not to..I..looked at his face before I did it..without a blindfold.."

Alex's furrows her brows

"The way he finally hit me that all of this was..everything..from the drugs, to the sex..was wrong."

"And, that's it? Just because one guy made you have a reality shock? What about all the other guys we scammed? They didn't mean a thing to you?"

"The guys before were older, they, knew what they were doing and what they'd lose. That kid, he didn't know what he was getting himself into and the fear on his face just..  held so much regret-"

"But you still fucked him."

"Yes! Because I had to, I needed to, I needed the money-"

"Stop right there, say that again."


Vanilla paused

"I.. needed the money.."

"Exactly, if you quit, you'll lose your main source of income, and you and your daughter will end up on the street. Don't you remember when you told me you were scared of being poor and having to sell your body off in order to make money?"

"Yes, but I can find a job-"

Alex sighed

"You can't, without Rose's protection, you'll be considered a criminal, you'll never get a job again."

The rabbit looked away

"Listen, Van, I'm not trying to scare you, but you know damn well without Rose, we're all in deep shit. You think you're the only one who realizes this job is fucked up? Hell, I wanted to quit years ago! But I can't, because, I'll have nowhere to go."

Alex crosses her arms

"So I stayed and did my job until I got high enough in the ranks. And now here I am."

"There is no other option, is there?"

"Besides dying, but you have a child to take care of, I'm sure you don't want to leave her."


Vanilla covered her mouth

She closed her eyes and shook her head

"I'm a damn fool."

Alex placed her hand on Vanilla's hand

"Hey, don't cry, you'll smear your makeup."






A week later





Logging on..



Welcome back!














Incognito window










Don't feel bad

They're just onaholes after all 
















Welcome back, Mr Virginity_ destroyer_929

You've received 1,903 new followers while you were away







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Keru the wannabe succubus||episode 1- 23:10- 1,998,320 views

Dealing damage on school girl- 1:40:53- 6,952,349 views

Hey guys! Did you know that in terms of- 1:45- 2,221,379 views

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Stalking the girl next door||part 540- 1:30:12- 10,330 views

How to..tie someone by the ankles upside down without killing them||episode 12- 10:09- 3,999,014 views

Mind broken solider begs for the D||teasing||begging to be fucked- 58:21- 5,941,201 views

Strolling by the school, looking for a new playmate- 12:48:18- 29,481,340

Ebony 15 year old taken virginity||ruined innocence- 3:21:00- 8,220,910 views




Post a video

Go live




Going live


Please wait...



Type in name














Choose camera set up




Click "go" when you are ready to begin streaming






An identified figure in a mask came up on the screen

They sat in a dark room covered in concrete with a bed and unknown items hanging on the walls and on the tables

They waved at the camera

"Hello everyone, it's your favorite virginity taker here with a special video."

"I know you're all wondering where I've been-"


"To be blunt, I've been dealing with some issues outside my favorite pastime."

"My brother was admitted to a ward, I had to take care of work outside the state, deal with the detective looking into the noise complaints- you get it."

"But I never left this website, I've been watching my favorite creators and keeping in touch with my buddies."

"This place is my home, everyone here is my family, and you all watching now, are my brothers."

"Thank you all for getting me to four million followers, it's..the best thing I could ask for."

"And this video, this video right here, is for you all."

"I decided to buy someone from my favorite organization, For-your-pleasure-inc, he's right here. Tied up, ready to be abused and used."

They pick up the camera and turn it to the boy on the bed

He was asleep and none the wiser

"His name is Toren Kota, a pure virgin and..the best part of him..never once touched himself, how the hell did he make it past middle school like that?"

"Not that I'm complaining, he'll be perfect for my comeback."

They turn the camera to their masked face

"But before we start..I want to reveal something."

They placed the camera back on the desk

They moved back so the camera could see their body in full

"A lot of you been asking what my gender is."

"It is rather hard to tell what my sex is with this baggy coat on and this voice changer, so, for helping me reach four million, I'll show you guys."

They removed the coat slowly

It revealed a sex appeal body wearing a tight black jumpsuit with a slit where the breasts were

They posed with a hand on their hip

"Yep! That's right! Mr Virginity-destroyer is actually Miss Virginity-destroyer!"

They leaned forward in a seductive way 

"I hope this doesn't change the way you all treat me."

They said in a pouty expression

On the side, the chat box was lighting up with compliments and surprised responses

The figure giggled

"Thank you, I've got one hell of a body, I know."

They stood back up and sat back in their chair

"I knew you all could handle this reveal nicely."

They put their head in both their hands and tilted their head

"I loooove you all so much!"

They blew a kiss at the camera


"Now, should I wake him up or listen to you guys compliment me more?"

The notifications went off saying-

"Wake him now!"


"Okay okay! Only if you say please."

The comments spammed with please and squiggly lines

The figure giggled

"Okay everyone! I will, you're going to make me blush."


They grabbed the camera while they stood up and walked over to the sleeping male

They set up the camera so it would be facing the male and them

They got onto the bed and sat seductively beside their pray

Slowly, they ran their finger up their clothed chest to his throat, they leaned in and pulled the bottom of the mask up where they placed a simple kiss

With a devilish smirk they bit into his neck


The male gritted his teeth and began to stir in his sleep

His blue eyes fluttered opened where they met the ceiling, one being obscured by his hair. He tried moving his arm so he could wipe the sleep from his eyes, but realized he couldn't move either of his arms

Toren's body was hit with a sudden rush of adrenaline, the type that hits him when he's around a bunch of people or when he's in a situation that makes him uncomfortable. And right now, he was uncomfortable..and unsafe

He turned his head towards the area he was bitten and saw the seductive figure laying beside him with only the bottom of their face showing, they were wearing bright red lipstick and a toothy smile that made his blood turn cold

"You're up..perfect." They said in a seductive tone, their voice was robotic and didn't sound human, this set off red flags in the male's head and Toren began to pull at the handcuffs above his head,"Oh no, did I scare you? Sorry, force of habit.." They straddled the male's hips and grabbed both his wrist keeping them in place and unable to be moved. The green haired looked up at the being who stood above him with a fearful expression,"W-Where am I?" He asked in a shaky voice

The being removed their hands and brought one of their fingers up to the mouth where they made a quiet "sh" sound,"Not so loud, it's not good to'll hurt your pretty cords." They brought that hand down and placed it on his right hip while the other hand was on his left, they leaned into his ear and whispered,"You're far away from everyone who love you, you're inside my special room where I take virginity from pure adults, like you."

Toren moved around trying to get comfortable,"What do you mean..?" "I'm going to take away that special card you haven't used." The green haired male quivered,"Special..card?" The figure smirked,"Yes..that, oh so special and important V card that everyone wants back in order to feel pure and innocent again." "Y-You can't take it! Not now! I haven't even..kissed someone yet! "
"I'll fix that too." Toren struggled against the handcuffs again,"No! You can't! I won't let you!" He began crying,"Help! Help! Somebody!" The figure looked at the camera,"Isn't this guy so precious?"

The figure grabbed the male by the face and brought it up to theirs,"Toren. Listen to me." Toren's lip trembled but listened regardless

"I'm helping you by taking that card, virginity is a curse, it holds you back from doing stuff you would otherwise never do. Like getting a tattoo, hooking up with that hottie from the bar, doing drugs with hippies, drinking till you vomit on the sides of the street, gambling away all your life savings at the slots, you know, living life to its fullest!"

"With virginity, all you do is, what? Stay inside and watch porn like a incel? That's not living, you're twenty, you have your whole life ahead of you, a white canvas ready to tell a story. And I'll tell you something about canvases, if your painting is dull and boring, you won't captivate an audience or following, but if it has color and it's full of life, then the audience is yours, the fame, the fortune, the babes!"

"It's all yours! If you just give yourself a little spice in your life, a little color to your canvas, but you won't get it if you keep holding on to that cursed card, so, why don't you hand it to me.. and I'll show you what it's like to live on the other side, hm? Do we have a deal?"

Toren shook his head violently,"N-No! I like my boring life! I-It's safer.. and it's better that way!" The being sighed, they looked at the camera and shook their head,"He said no, sorry guys." The green haired male looked in the direction they were looking,"Are you.. recording this?!" The being turned back to him,"Of course I am, I want you to remember the moment you lose your virginity." Toren's eyes widen,"I'm not consenting!" "So? Who's going to stop me?" The male closed his eyes tightly and began begging,"Don't do this! I don't want to lose it yet! I want to wait! I want to wait! Please let me go! I'll give you all the money you want! Just let me go!" The being shook their head with a smile

"It's adorable when they beg, isn't it?"

The being ran a hand behind Toren's hair, they moved his bang to the side so they could see his other eye,"You're very beautiful.." They said with a sweet tone that held some semblance of a sane person,"Please try to understand, I'm doing this to free you from the curse of virginity, you'll understand once you're free, you'll feel relaxed and happy." They brought their face to the male's and connected their foreheads,"I was afraid during my first time too, it was all new to me, but afterwards, I felt free.. and I want you to feel free too."
Toren looked away from the being's stare,"I.. don't want to.. though.." The being placed a light kiss on his forehead,"It's better if you get this all over with instead of waiting for someone to take it by force.. I could never let something like that happen to you."

Despite the robotic voice, they sounded like someone Toren knew.. someone he trusted and loved..

Like his mother..

What a kind woman she was..

This being had the demeanor of a caring mother

Knowing what was for the best

Taking care of the one who needs it the most


It was weird..

He didn't understand it..

He couldn't get a grasp on anything..


Before he could speak, the figure placed a soft, sweet kiss on his lips

Toren's eyes widen once more, confused and yet.. relaxed?

Their lips pressed against his felt so natural, like it was meant to happen

Did all kisses feel this way?

Why hasn't he kissed anyone else before? This is amazing!

Kinda makes him regret turning down all those girls in high school

The being moved their head back,"How do you feel?" The green haired male was in a type of daze, he tasted the lipstick on his lips..tasted like colored wax, yet, it's taste was intoxicating,"Do you want another kiss?" Without hesitating, he nodded. The figure brought their head back down and kissed him again, Toren sighed happily and closed his eyes letting the kiss engulf him into the blissful environment

His head was brought upwards which strength the connection between the two, the being licked the male's bottom lip and forced their tongue inside his mouth. Toren reopened his eyes in confusion, what..were they doing? He was about to ask but instead jolted up when feeling their tongues come into contact. The being danced around his mouth gracefully like an angel in disguise, it was..interesting..unknown..and exciting, Toren closed his eyes again giving full permission to this person. They still held his head up and in place so he wouldn't move away from them, they cracked their eye open and smirked, perfect..

They ran their tongue around the green haired male's mouth once more before deciding to pull away, a line of saliva connected their tongues. Toren's eyes were shinning with some sort of feeling that he didn't understand,"What..was that?" He asked, the being placed a hand on his head,"A kiss, did you like it?" The male looked to the side, a little flustered, and nodded,"Are all kisses like that?" "Oh yes, yes they are. But I know something that's even better." Toren resumed eye contact,"Really?"

"Yes..oh yes.." The being walked their fingers down to the male's pants, Toren tensed up,"Relax..just relax, this will make you feel..amazing.." They pulled the green boy's pants down followed by his briefs, they threw them on the ground like trash. The figure stared at his hardly erect penis with an expression of playfulness,"How's so small." Toren looked away with a red face,"T-This" "Don't be embarrassed, I'm not here to judge." They grabbed the male's cock and slowly moved their hand
Toren gasped, his body began to tremble and his grasp on reality hazed,"W-What-" The figure brought a finger to their mouth and made another "sh" sound, they picked up a quick yet enjoyable pace they grew accustomed to. Toren turned his head away and bit into his lower lip occasionally letting sounds of enjoyment escape,"How does it feel?" "W-Weird.." The being giggled,"It will always feel weird the first time, but trust me, this feels better then touching yourself." Toren squirmed,"People..touch themselves..?" "Yes, it's a normal human need, everyone does it."

"I do-don't." "Well, now you know what it feels like.." The being sped up their movements, the male's body heated up like never before and those sounds were all that came out now. The being stared at their pray's expression, flustered, confused, and hot. Just what the doctor ordered. The figure's smirk grew,"Ready for something even more amazing?" Toren cracked an eye open, tears spilling from it. They tightened their grip and went at an inhuman speed with that same smile

By doing that one act, Toren's body convulsed with an indescribable pleasure and high that he reached


His head flung back, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his mouth hung open as a scream of confusing joy echoed throughout the room and his mind


Nothing but white stars and clouds filled his vision, he heard nothing but the sounds of his breathing and echoing scream, nothing existed outside that place


He didn't want to leave



The being moved their hand away and looked at the mess that the male left on his chest and their hand, they shook their head and rubbed the sperm on his chest

They waited a bit for him to regain his senses

It took awhile, but Toren was back to reality

He shook his head and caught up to his breathing,"Did you like it?" Toren hesitated his answer, he tensed up when he had an answer,"Not..really, it..felt weird.." The being crossed their arms,"Of course it felt weird, it was your first time, was there any part you liked?" Toren shrugged,"I..kinda liked the ending..that felt nice.."
"Ah, see? The virginity has already taken control of your thinking! We have to eliminate it, now!"

The being stood up and approached the computer

"Hey guys, how are you enjoying the stream so far?"


The comments were saying they were having a great time

"That's great! Since you guys are awesome, I'll let you pick how I pop his cherry."

The being typed in a poll and sent it out

"Pick between those five and I'll use it on him."


The results are in




"You guys really want me to use that vibrating dildo I got in the box..not that I'm complaining, but just for future reference, I can grow a dick, I'm a shapeshifter least you forget."


They walked over to a box on a table and walked back to the desk

"This was a personalized gift from the moderators, thanks guys, keep up the work!"

They reached inside and pulled a black dildo out that had an extending function and a remote with many options labeled on them


They walked back to the male, they sat back on the bed and presented the item in front of the confused male


"What is that?" The being smirked,"This is called a dildo, you insert it into one of your holes." They brought it to Toren's mouth,"It might hurt if I were to stick it into your virgin ass, so get it wet." The male stared at the tip, he turned his head away,"Uh..can't we go back to..kissing, I like that a lot..more.." The being sighed aggravatingly,"Come on! It's not scary! It'll feel amazing!"

Toren didn't turn his head,"B-But-" The being groaned, losing their patience,"You either suck this thing til it's dripping with spit or I shove it in your ass where your blood will be lubricant! Pick!" The green haired male stared at the being with a hurt expression, he looked away from the..dildo..and quivered,"I..I changed my mind..I hate all of this.." The being rubbed their forehead,"You god damn retard.." Toren felt the words hit his heart like a knife piercing thin flesh, the being positioned the dildo at his ass' entrance,"Deep breaths, this'll hurt a lot without lube." 
Without a warning or sign, the being thrusted the dildo into the boy






A scream of discomfort filled the concrete room, the male's hips rocketed upward while tears exited his wide eyes, the being moved their hand away from the base of the dildo and grabbed the remote. They pressed the button that said on, the vibrations began at a slow pace that wouldn't cause any sever feelings to hit Toren, the figure clicked another button and watched Toren rive where he laid,"It hurts! It hurts!" He screamed,"Feels amazing doesn't it?" They asked with a smile

Toren closed his eyes tightly and dug his nails into whatever they could reach, he was screaming all his objections in his mind saving his breath for his protests and crying,"I think it's time for an..extension." The being pressed another button, this time, the dildo extended it's size upwards brushing the male's prostate in the process. Toren-







We're sorry, we can't seem to access the server right now

Come back later, okay?



"Damn it..ah well, I can watch the stream later."











Logging off...






















"Hello there! I'm Sarvente, one of the moderators here on Kinkster!"


"I just wanted to say, thank you for visiting our website!"


"Weather you got here by accident, a friend sent you here, or you were just curious, we welcome you anyways."


"And, if you tell anyone..of authority about this website-"


"Let's say, it won't end well."


"Other then that, we hope you enjoy your stay."





"Samuel Oak."





Chapter Text













Best of luck :D



















I wish you all the best :D

























Good luck


























You're gonna need it


































For real



















































































Good luck :|




















I'll see you at your funeral





































Chapter Text

Uh, yeah, enjoy :D

Chapter Text

"Judy! We're going to get in so much t-trouble!"

"Shut up Ione! I've gotta do this! For the betterment of every female villager in every Animal Crossing game!"

"Y-You didn't even like New Leaf!"

"Just shut up and keep Nook out!"




The speakers turn on



"It's another day on the island of Bálo Yumi, but fuck this shit! I've came to make an announcement, Ankha is a basic ass bitch! She took the attention away from the rest of us and ruined our reputation! Her dancing isn't even that good! So I'm making a call out post on my Twitter dot com:

Ankha, you're techniques are shit and so is your dancing! Your tits are smaller then Isabelle's and that's saying a lot! And here's what my tits look like bitch!"


"O-O-Oh my.."


"That's right baby! All fluff, no pillows, no stuffing, look at them, it's like two mountains having a fiesta!"

"Judy! Put your shirt back on!"


"Not until Ankha gets her stank ass off my island! Oh! And by the way! I'm prettier then you! Look at me! Pastel fur, adorable face, dazzling eyes, and a cute style to top it off! What are you even wearing?! Toliet paper?! A plain white dress?? You have no sense of style and you're ugly! How could anyone look at you and want to fuck you?!

That expression would drive people away! Why didn't nobody come to me with a request of filming a sex video with our representative?!"


"Don't tell me you're not out raged by this!"

"Anger..solves nothing Judy.."

"I'm a social justice warrior! I've gotta do what's right for my kind!!"

"I wanna go home.."


"Listen here Ankha! You're not the only sexy villager out there! So stop acting like you are! Besides, who'd want to be remembered for what they do on all fours instead of having an interesting design and character!"

"But Ankha is remembered for her design..she's..unique. Just how you have a pastel blend and I have a starry appearance and aura, Ankha has an ancient and mature vibe..I-I think.."

"Who side are you on?!"

"I-I don't pick sides.."


"Judy! Ione! Open this door!"


"Don't let him in! I still have one more thing to say!"

"Please hurry.."


"But I still think you're sexy, we should hook up sometime and we can both fuck the living hell out of our representative, kay, bye bye bitch!"

Chapter Text


Nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapter Text

  • Welcome to Color Cafe
  • Let us warm your day




  • Our menu is specially prepared


ButJuice    $200

SpagettiCode   $180

B.ShotBowTie   $300

RoyalPin   $1000

SpecialTime   $9999


  • It seems our machine is experiencing a malfunction, that service should not be on there
  • Forgive me, master, an inconvenience like this shall not happen again, in the near, and bright future


SpecialTime   $9999


  • We're sorry, master, we do not offer this service anymore
  • We hope you can understand




  • Chatting would be our pleasure


About yourself

Mission statement

Rouxls Kaard


Special Time


  • That was an old service we used to offer to customers, we no longer offer it
  • Much to Our Lady Grace's dismay




  • Queen decided to add that option after she found how to turn safe search off
  • However, that option, ended up becoming too popular and required a lot more focus, taking our eyes off our other customers
  • In order to guarantee every customer an enjoyable experience, we had to remove it
  • It did put a strain on us, financially, but we care more for our customers enjoyment then the money they carry


What did it offer?


  • You seem rather.. persistent to learn more about the "Special Time" option
  • I suppose, I could show you just why we had to remove it
  • For a sum of $9999, what do you say?


  • Oh..
  • I.. didn't expect you to.. actually pay
  • ...
  • Well, it has been awhile since anyone asked for the service, and it would be wrong of me to deny such a generous donation to Queen, I suppose I'll have to-


  • Make an exception for, just once
  • But we'll have to go to a more private space for me to show you, allow me to lead you there


Swatch joins the party!


  • With this doting gentleman following close behind, you feel a sense of securement
  • But also the feeling you're about to have a good time, it fills you with a certain power



  • We have arrived
  • After you, master


  • (It's a door)
  • (Open it?)



Run run run run-


  • You opened the door
  • It's a regular sized room
  • Theres a king sized bed in the middle with cyan blue sheets


  • Let me lock the door-




  • Okay, now nobody should be able to interrupt us
  • Allow me to explain everything-
  • The "Special Time" option was a service we offered to customers who were having.. pent up feelings
  • As I stated, Queen added it after finding out how to turn safe search off
  • It was only offered for.. a day before we had to take it off
  • We didn't expect it to pick up or anyone to buy it due to the high price Queen set it for
  • Oh boy, were we wrong..
  • It was a big hit
  • Too much of a big hit.. too many customers had ordered it, and we didn't have enough staff to handle both the cafe and special
  • That day didn't go very well.. a lot of customers were unhappy and we were overworked to the point of exhaustion
  • To ensure we didn't get another day like that, we removed it


  • It had been months since someone had requested that service
  • And it seems, you are interested in that service, despite not knowing what it promises to offer


  • Would you like me to.. explain it?



I'm good, bye!


  • Alright
  • The "Special Time" option promises a sensual experience for the buyer
  • Our bodies now belong to you, to be used for whatever desire you can imagine
  • For how ever long you wish to go
  • And we shall not complain
  • Your pleasure comes first, does it not?


  • There you have it
  • Are you still interested in the service? If not, we will give you a full refund
  • The choice is yours





  • I see..
  • Alright, master, I am yours for this evening
  • Please, do what you wish with me


  • Shall I go on the bed?





  • Oh? Then where shall I-


  • You grab Swatch by the shoulders and pull him to the ground


  • Oh, I see..


  • He looks up with half lidded eyes


  • Shall I.. pleasure your rod, master?





  • In a flash, your pants were thrown across the room
  • Swatch looks stunned


  • Oh my, master, it's..
  • *Ahem*
  • Quite amazing
  • I am honored to be given a chance to.. pleasure your.. wonderful.. and.. huge.. mmmh..


  • Swatch opens his mouth and takes you in
  • You tensed up
  • His tongue was already working, licking around the head and down the shaft
  • He bobbed his head slowly, sucking very slightly
  • He looked to be enjoying himself


Pull out


  • You dug your fingers into his hair
  • You move your hips back
  • You thrust back into Swatch's mouth


  • MMMH.. ?!


  • Swatch's eyes widen
  • He's visibly struggling to be relaxed
  • But he's still using his tongue
  • You placed your hands on his throat and felt your rod bulge through


Turn him around

Pull out


  • You pull out
  • Swatch gasps, saliva dripping from his mouth
  • You turn him around and pull his head back
  • You thrust back in his mouth
  • Your hands return to his throat
  • You begin to push in and pull out slowly


  • Swatch closes his eyes and lets you work
  • He moves his hand down his body and undoes his tie followed by his vest and finally the buttons on his shirt
  • He runs his fingers through his feathers occasionally tugging at them
  • Every thrust made him moan and gasp
  • He sounded like he wanted more


Cum in throat

Pull out


  • You thrust in a few more times before pulling out
  • Precum leaking from your now wet rod
  • Swatch still had his mouth open, awaiting more
  • His throat was stretched wide from the previous action


Thrust back in



  • You grabbed your rod and started stroking it in front of his face
  • Swatch watched lustfully


  • Master, give it.. to me.. all of it.. I can't.. take it.. anymore

Give it



  • You point at the bed
  • Swatch got up and walked over to the bed
  • He sat down and removes his pants
  • He spreads his legs wide revealing his soaked cloaca


  • T-There.. I'm ready.. for you.. m-master..





  • Please.. don't.. I-I can't.. take it





  • Master.. please.. y-your rod..





  • Master.. please.. fuck me!!





  • Master..





  • Please!!





  • I-I.. can't.. take it anymore!!


  • Swatch thrusts his fingers into his cloaca
  • He falls onto the bed, his head back and releasing a series of loud moans
  • He drills his fingers deep and hard
  • He spread his finger's apart, his moans got louder, and a clear liquid began protruding from the hole and dripped onto the bed
  • He looked like he was desperately trying to find something


  • Master.. gah ah! Master! Ram into me! Please! Ah!


Stick rod, balls deep, into bird!!



  • You grabbed your rod and stroked yourself while watching
  • Swatch arched his back, his moans got noticeably louder, and that liquid was coming down faster
  • His thrusting became faster and he seemed to love it


  • Yes.. Yes! YES!
  • I-I found it! F-Fuck!


Put reproductive organ, inside the reproductive hole, and move in and out til semen, comes out, okay?!?!



  • I'm gonna.. come! F-Finally! Ahhh-!



Jump out window


  • You walk over to Swatch and grab his hand, stopping him
  • He looks at you like you just saved his life


  • Master..


  • You line your rod up to his cloaca
  • Swatch wraps his arms around your neck and watches you slowly push in
  • He puts his head in the croak of your neck
  • You finally slid your rod inside his cloaca
  • The walls clamped around your rod almost instantly
  • The wetness making it easier to push in


  • Swatch choked on a moan
  • His legs were shaking and his breathing became rough


  • Oh.. my.. m-master.. you're.. h-huge!


  • You stopped pushing once you hit your knot


Knot him

Start moving


  • You began pushing again, a little more force needing to be added
  • Swatch dug his nails into your skin, a pained cry escaping his mouth
  • You kept pushing despite it


  • Master.. i-it's.. too.. much!


  • Eventually, you were able to shove it in with only slight discomfort
  • Swatch took a deep breath and looked into your eyes with a smile and eyes hazed with lust


  • You're.. inside me.. master, a-are you.. having.. a good time?


I'm inside a bird, of course I'm having a good time!

I want to jump out a window


  • Swatch chuckles followed by a moan


  • I-I'm.. happy.. ahaha.. please.. no more waiting.. fuck me.. hard.."


  • You lay Swatch on the bed and aimed your rod for the spot you saw him hit
  • You move your hips back and thrusted in
  • Swatch screamed his enjoyment out as his body took the first thrust graciously
  • He gripped the blankets til his knuckles turned white, though it was hard to notice


  • You thrusted into Swatch repeatably, hitting the spot each time
  • Swatch seemed to really be enjoying himself
  • His body trembled with pleasure and pain, tears pricked the sides of his eyes but never went down
  • His glasses had fogged up but stayed on despite it
  • You spread his legs out, speeding your thrusts up while keeping them deep


  • Master! I'm gonna.. gonna come! K-Keep going.. please! I want.. I want your.. ah! Come.. in me!
  • M-Make me your plaything! Yes! Yes! I-I'm yours! I'm yours!


Keep speaking like that

Jump out window


  • Yes.. master!


  • Swatch started screaming out absurdities, along the lines of him being your plaything
  • Either way, you liked it
  • You thrust faster
  • You feel the edge rising
  • It seems he was also nearing it


  • Come inside me, master! I-I live to.. ahh.. pleasure your rod! Oh gah.. I-I won't last.. please.. put your.. warm.. cum inside my.. my cloaca.. please!


Fuck it, come

Question the possibility of a male bird getting pregnant and then question if he's a bird or not


  • The moment has come, no pun intended
  • You forced your knot inside and with that, you came
  • Swatch had also seemingly came
  • He screamed "master" as he did
  • That one word seemed to echo for a long time
  • You take your rod out and fall down beside Swatch


  • Time passes, the gasping had became less audible and your rod finally went down
  • Swatch moved his hand to his cloaca and flinched slightly when touching your seed
  • He hums as he inserts a finger inside, his breathing hitched and he eventually pulled his finger out
  • He wiped it on the blankets and sighs


  • You came inside me..


You asked me to

You're welcome


  • I know I did! Why did you listen to me?!


Because you're hard to say no to

Because you're sexy


  • It's fine.. I think I still have some pills left over
  • Even if I don't, I could ask Queen to get me some..


  • Swatch looked at you


  • But.. uh.. you were, really good.. I really.. enjoyed myself
  • D-Did you enjoy yourself?





  • I'm glad! But now you know just why we had to take the service off sale
  • Don't tell anyone about this, and I won't tell Queen why I need the pills



Nope, I'm gonna tweet about this


  • Good, now, let's clean up




  • HEY      EVERY      !! IT'S ME!!!
  • EV3RY  BUDDY  'S FAVORITE [[Number 1 Rated Salesman1997]]


  • Spamton?! How the hell did you get in here?!


  • HEY THERE! [[What The Dog Doing]] WITH THE LIGHTNER?


  • Important.. business.. go now!


  • How scandalous! How art thou regain thine reputation from such a devious scandal?


  • Rouxls! Get out!


  • Why? Art thou afraid of exposure to highest power?


  • Rouxls, I don't.. just get out and take Spamton with you!


  • HOLY [[Mama's Fine Chili 1997]] THE LIGHTNER HAS A HUGE [[cock]]!!


  • Ah, so they do


  • Why me.. ?


  • hey.


  • How did you get here?!


  • i walked.


  • OMG!! IS THAT SANS UNDERTALE FROM [[Insert Game Title Here]]???!!!


  • What a nice day this is turning out to be, the King shall hear of this momentous occasion!


  • Swatch screams into his hands


  • while we're here-
  • let's have an orgy.


  • [[Now Playing: George Micheal - Careless Whispers(Audio)]]


  • I shall also participate!


  • Sure, why not at this point?



Jump out the window


  • Wait.. what?






  • That was stupid, very stupid indeed
  • The King shall hear of this stupidity


  • WHAT A [[Penis Enlargement Pills only 495]]!!"


  • gamer moment


  • I need sleep..

Chapter Text

Pleasant Grove School for Boys

A prestigious high school that castors to mainly rich families and high academic young males


It's hidden behind a grove of trees on top of a mountain up west


It sticks out like a mansion in the middle of a small town


I was successfully able to attend not because of a long line of riches but because I passed middle school with the highest score on the college acceptation test anyone had ever seen


The looks on my peers faces filled me with a sense of betterment, but I never gloated about it, what would the purpose be? I would get nothing out of it so I left and starting freshmen year, I attended the school


This school is amazing


It's surprisingly well kept and everyone is more respectful then anyone at a public high school


It's a breath of fresh air, not being surrounded by a bunch of babbling idiots all day


Due to my academic score, I was put into a set of high level classes that reach as far as college level  assignments


Not to brag, but most of it feels like work I would do in Elementary


I usually like to spend my time helping my underclassmen, or kohai's, study in order for them to get into their dream classes


One of them.. I'm taking a liking towards


I plan to pursue a career in teaching, starting a family isn't completely out the question.. I do find myself enjoying the company of children, I'm still thinking some things through


But over all, I'm enjoying my time here, this place is like a safe haven for me to just study and work alongside my peers


Well, it would be, if there weren't.. a few.. annoyances that make concentrating hard


I've tried ignoring them, but no matter what I do, it only seems to edge them on and continue their antiques 


How bothersome..


I'm not the only one who feels this way, I've talked to my peers about them before, they all seem to think the same thing


Thankfully, there is a way for me to stop them and change their behavior, once and for all


Now, this next part might be hard to believe..




I can manipulate time along with mine and others bodies with just the snap of my fingers


I've been harboring these abilities ever since I was a child


It's due to a curse that runs in my family


It begun millions of years ago in a village lost in the  mountains, magic and industry were starting to see eye to eye and began to help one another with tasks the other struggles to succeed in

The entire village was at  peace

Until one moonless night, an entity only known as "The Whisper" emerged from the ground and wreaked havoc across thousands of towns, making their way towards their village

But when the entity arrived, m y great grandparents, who had prepared for their arrival, sealed them within their village's mountains so it would never harm humanity in anyway ever again

However, my grandfather was lured to that mountain by The Whisper in attempt to fool him to set them free, but by fate, The Whisper had fallen in love with him

Stricken by an emotion they could not control, The Whisper took form of a human woman with no memory of her past as the entity

My grandfather freed her and announced to the village that The Whisper was no longer a threat for he would help her find her way

And true to his word, The Whisper was no more, there was only the woman who became my grandmother

But The Whisper's influence still lingered in her being, this caused their three daughters to be born with inhuman abilities


My aunt harbors the time manipulation and my other aunt harbors the body manipulation

My cousins haven't shown any signs of the  abilities as far as I can tell


Only me and my mother posses both abilities

The day she found out, she told me to keep them hidden and only use them for when I find myself in danger

But before she walked away, she whispered in my ear with a smile:


"Or when you find someone who needs to be fixed."


Turns out, a mother and son aren't so different from each other as one believes


I can see why my father chose her over her two sisters


It took months of preparing


But their judgement day has finally arrived


My mother wished me luck


She played it off like I had an important test to do, but when she winked at me, I knew, she knew


As I approach the school, I can feel my power ready to burst out


Today, is the day-


This school gets the cleaning it needs



Westminster's chimes went off, signifying that the first class had ended


The teacher in class 3-9 looked at his watch and turns it off,"We will pick up where we left off after lunch."

Everyone started leaving the class to either buy a lunch, eat their own lunch, or find their friends to just hangout


Aizawa gathered his belongings into a messenger's bag and was about to leave but stopped when seeing his best student still sitting at his desk, with closed eyes as if he was in deep thought. The teacher approaches the student and taps his desk,"Mr Cameron, class is over." The student opens his eyes and looks at his teacher,"Okay." He stands up from his seat and puts his bag over his shoulder,"See you after lunch, Mr Aizawa." He said, bowing his head in front of the male, the older male bowed in return,"I'll see you after, Mr Cameron."

Cameron walked the school's hallway with his right hand in his pocket and his left hand holding his bag strap, his expression was filled with determination and looked like he was a bit hesitant

"Senpai! Hey hey! Wait up!" The male looked behind him when hearing the high pitch yelling of a fresher coming up to him, the freckled maroon haired male stopped in front of Cameron with a bright smile,"Hello kohai, what seems to be the problem?" Reece digs through his bag and pulls out a paper with a big 'A' in the corner,"I passed the test! I'm going to be in your class next semester!"

The upperclassmen's eyes widen, stunned at what the kid had said, he snaps out his state and smiles,"That's amazing!" He placed his hand on his kohai's head and started to pet him, Reece closes his eyes and giggles,"Will you still tutor me?" "Of course I will, you're still my kohai." Cameron moved his hand back and watched the younger male happily dance in place. The older male's mind went back to what he had to do,"Hey Reece, meet me at the school gates after classes, I have to go do something right now."
"Upperclassmen stuff? I get it, I'll see you later!" Reece turned his back and ran in the other direction while waving goodbye at his senpai, Cameron waved back before continuing to walk down the hall



I have about forty minutes to do this

I mean, technically, I have all the time in the world, but that depends on how long I spend talking to my classmates and walking to the other areas


The council room isn't that far but it is far from the other areas I need to be at


I could always just stop time and walk there


I should do that, it'll give me time to eat lunch and get to class


Cameron closed his eyes as he took his right hand out his pocket and brought his thumb and index finger together,"Time-" He opened his eyes as his fingers slid past each other, making a snap sound,"Stop!"

The upperclassmen looked out the window, a bird that was flying was now frozen in place with no movement to be found

"Let's get this over with." He said under his breath as he continued walking


After walking past his frozen classmates in the hallways, he made it to a room that had a sign in front of it

Do not disturb, meeting in process

"Sorry to intrude, but I have to speak to your vice president." Cameron ripped the sign off and slid the double doors open


He sighed internally once greeted with an empty room with only one council member sitting at the table eating his lunch,"What a use of power." Cameron walked up the council member and looked into his blue eyes that had no shine in them,"I suppose I could just talk to you like this, but as much as I loathe your voice, I would like to hear you try to defend yourself."

Cameron walked back to the door and closed it, he made sure there was no way for any of the magic to escape before turning back to his target


Byakuya Togami


Heir to the worldwide financial conglomerate that is his family, the Togami's

Ultimate Affluent Progeny

Future head of the Council of Global Controllers


The amount of times he made me say that stupid introduction just because I wanted to join the student council

He's one of the worst people at this school just because of how he treats everyone around him


Unless you're here because you're rich, he'll see you as a lesser and act like he's better then you when he's not

I tried to ignore him, appeal to him, and even once tried to be his friend

But all my attempts come out a waste of time I could have spent studying or helping my kohai's get into their dream classes


He's quite the bother, actually, the most bothersome person here

This school would be better off if he was just another student who so happened to think he was better then everyone 

Sadly, with him being a Togami, he had the right to think he was


From what the rumors say, he won a battle between all fifteen of his siblings to become the heir of the Togami fortune, he was the youngest out of them too!

He did have a bragging right, but with the way he treats everyone like they're below him and not worth the time, it pisses me off

So if he can't become background noise-


He'll just have to shut his mouth or just-

Stop acting the way he does


I think we can have a civil conversation about this

After all, we both have the best grades in the school and are looking to graduate early if all goes well


I'm sure this will go well



"Time-" He snapped his fingers,"Start!"


Everything in the room began moving once again, including the council member who accidentally dropped his fork when seeing someone in the room. He placed his bento box down and crossed his arms,"There's a sign outside the door." Cameron placed his bag on the ground and walked up to the table,"I saw, it's very unpractical to say there's a meeting when you're the only one here." He sat down beside the heir and folded his hands together,"I would like to discuss something with you."

"I do not have the time to speak to a commoner like you." Byakuya said with a side way glance,"Might I remind you, I held the highest grade on the finals last year and passed first place on the SAT's last fall." The heir rolled his eyes,"Mere luck." "Mr Togami, I'm not here to argue or upset you, I just wish to speak to you about some matters that I've noticed that have disrupted production here."
"And I do not care to listen, go complain about it to the other commoners." Cameron got his fingers into a snapping formation,"But I feel as if I can speak to you about this since we're both valedictorians."

Byakuya glared at his peer with a look of dislike,"And I plan to surpass you in anyway possible for that title just so the future students don't look up to a commoner." The brown haired male looked through his hair,"Now, unless you have something actually worth my time, you can leave and I can eat my lunch." Cameron brought his hand up and presented it in front of the heir,"I guess I was wrong, you don't want to make peace, you want chaos and I can't have that." 

The heir raised an eyebrow, he rolled his eyes and shooed the other male away,"Whatever you're getting at, I do not care for." He put his head in his hand,"Begone from my sight." "Time-" Byakuya looked at his peer,"What-" Cameron snapped his fingers,"Stop!"

Byakuya's eye shines faded away and his movement stopped completely but the same could not be said about his thoughts since he was still well aware of his surroundings and could feel everything his body touched

"At least I can say I tried but I guess you can't convince a wall to stop being a wall."


Cameron got up from the chair and walked over to his peer, he made him stand up and placed him with his arms by his side. The brown haired male began examining his physical attributes first just with his eyes,"For someone who takes most of his attributes from his father, you have a lot of feminine characteristics." He walked around the heir and stopped in front of his face, he chuckled,"That expression makes you look dumb."

He placed his hand on the blonde's face and ran it down to his neck then to his shoulders,"Firm structure yet still gives you the vibe you're in front of a women." Cameron went lower til he reached where he wanted to be,"Let me see something-" He pushed his hand up against Byakuya's crotch receiving a somewhat audible sound of unwanted liking,"You are a male but what a twist that would be, Byakuya Togami, heir to the worldwide financial conglomerate that is the Togami family, is actually a female in male's clothing!" Cameron laughed to himself,"You wouldn't be Mr perfect anymore, would you?"

He let a smirk cross his otherwise expressionless face,"Thinking of your downfall makes me wish it would happen already." Cameron decides he's done examining the blonde and places him on table,"It feels like I'm carrying a human sized doll with a pulse." The male pushed the heir's arms through his suit jacket and placed it on the ground. He grabbed Togami's shirt with both hands and rips it apart causing buttons to fly across the room and a piece of torn fabric to be in the male's hands, he pushed the blond's arms through the holes and leaves the ruined article of clothing on the ground along with the half ripped cross tie

"Your femininity is beyond just coincidental, you must have been planned to be female but for some reason came out a male. How odd. But I do not mind, it's..quite a turn on actually." Cameron ran his hands down the male's exposed chest,"Call me a deviant, but I have a thing for males with feminine features, and you, Byakuya Togami, happen to have those features." He said, his voice going a little dark as he said his peer's name. The heir tried to speak but all that came out were sounds that a dying cat would make,"It's so much better now that you can't speak."

Cameron moved Byakuya back and propped his hands behind him so he wouldn't fall on the desk, the brunette undid the blond's pants and pulled them down in one quick motion taking his shoes along with them leaving him in his gray briefs and socks,"You can feel everything but your body can't react to it, fascinating." Cameron wrapped his hand around the elastic of the heir's briefs and slid them slowly down his abnormally long legs
"How disappointing, with the way you carry yourself, you made me believe you were big, I suppose it's always the ones who gloat who have the smaller manhood." He dropped the last bit of clothing finishing the first part of his plan

He observed the heir's body once again, this time, running his hands around each location his eyes lands on,"Quite the body you possess, if it wasn't for your height, you could pass as a pretty cute girl." Cameron brought his face to Byakuya's stomach and placed a kiss on his abdomen,"If you didn't have these looks, then you'd be a total waste of time to everyone." He placed small kisses on the way up until he reached the heir's jawline, he went back down to where he started and ran his tongue all the way back up

Byakuya's pupil would have shrunk if he could control his body, he would have punched this commoner in the jaw for putting his disgusting tongue on his body, hell! Just for putting his filthy, unkept, hands on his body! What gave him the right to do this?! Did he forget who he's messing with?!

Cameron licked around the heir's mouth occasionally slipping his tongue through his guarded lips just to see how he reacts, the brunette pulled his head back leaving a line of saliva connecting his tongue and Byakuya's mouth,"I suppose that's enough-" He wiped his mouth and began undoing his pants,"Time to move on to, this part." He sounded uninterested and tired, he didn't want to do this, he wanted a normal, straight forward conversation with his peer but was forced to do this instead
How annoying..

After undoing his pants, he moved his hand to the heir's ass and placed a finger at the entrance. It has never been touched, not surprising in the slightest but it would make this a lot harder to get going,"I didn't feel like buying any lube or condoms this morning, so do you mind if your first time is dry?" Cameron asked using his other hand to pull his cock out his boxers. He took hold and lined it up so it's head would be ready to be inserted, he wasn't new to this, he's quite experienced and it had been said that he was gentle with all his partners

But not today, not to this spoiled brat


He gets everything he wants, just because he's a Togami


That name means nothing to me, it doesn't strike fear, it strikes disgust


To everyone, he's a figure that must be taken serious due to that cursed name he kept


To me-


He's a whiny child that needs to be straightened out and taught his place in order for work to continue in peace


He may be a future leader and even my boss if the cards are played in his favor


But right now-


As time ceases to exists-


He's my bitch, my plaything, my slave


Everything but an important figure I should tremble before in fear


Time to make this brat suffer


And I will not, be merciful



Cameron narrowed his glare as his eyes glued themselves to Byakuya's, without any warning and or prepping, he went inside the blond's virgin ass stretching it out beyond it's breaking point. The brunette took a deep breath once he slid himself into place,"It's in." He said nonchalantly brushing a piece of his hair out his face,"I'm going to move now, try taking in as many breaths as possible." Cameron grabbed his peer by the knee joint and pulled his dick out while keeping the tip in, he laughed under his breath before slamming back inside the heir with all his strength

The brunette could feel a slight pulse go through the velvety walls of his unsubmissive peer, Cameron moved his hands to Byakuya's hips and started his thrusting. It was almost jarring to fuck something so unmoving yet still so warm, nether the less it felt pretty good, all the while he never shifted his gaze away, he wanted to see the pain and pleasure on the heir's face as he's being fucked senseless for the first time with someone he didn't give permission to. Cameron brought his left hand up,"The moment I start time again, I bet you'll be crying like a bitch-" He gets ready to snap,"And I want to be the first to see it."



Byakuya regained full control of his body but the first and only thing that hit him was the unbearable pain within his derriere, his lower body felt as if it was being torn apart by an unforgiving force he couldn't fight let alone defeat. Out of every word that was bubbling up his throat, the heir only cried out in pain making the brunette sigh in relief,"Sweet music.." Cameron put his hand back on the male's hip,"Your voice is actually more tolerable like this." Byakuya tried moving his arms but the position he was stuck in made it hard to move without inflicting pain on himself, the blond began biting his lip attempting to keep what little dignity he had remaining,"That's good too, as long as you don't talk, I'm happy."

The heir's body shook violently with each thrust, his face had yet to be completely drenched in tears,"Such determination, you're taking it like a real man, it's a shame this is the only thing you can say you're good at." Cameron grabbed Byakuya's head by the chin forcing his eyes onto him, they held hatred and an urge to scream at him which made the brunette laugh,"You look like you have something to say-" He placed his hand on the table,"Since I'm in a good mood, I'll let you speak." He forcefully removed himself from the blond causing some blood to coat the edge of the hardwood table, the heir gasped in shock and pain causing him to shut his eyes

He cracked an eye open after a few seconds of nothing but his own gasping, he lifted his head and started yelling

"You're.. dead! How dare you put-put your.. your.. prick in me! Y-You're done for, Ca-Cameron-" The brunette smirked at the sound of his name being spoken with a breathless and pained voice, Byakuya gritted his teeth,"Did you hear me, commoner?!" "It surprises me how you still act this way even after all of that, I suppose I need to be more-" The blond's words disappeared into the fog being replaced with his screaming,"Rougher." Cameron hissed into his peer's ear as he picked his rhythm back up. He tightened his hold on the blond's hips and sped up his movements just to watch the heir's body react negatively to the unwanted feeling

While it hurt, Byakuya was slowly beginning He didn't like this! He didn't want this! This was wrong! It was gross and..terrible! Only lowly commoners participate in such activities!
He fought back all enjoyment his body and mind wanted to express, he was good at that..but why wasn't it working? Why was he moaning?

Cameron showed just as much confusion as his peer but it was quickly discarded when an idea came up,"Are you really enjoying this?" He said with a tone of disgust, the blond tried defending himself but the pain stopped any other words from escaping,"You're getting your virginity taken by force and bleeding from the ass, and even with all that, you're moaning. Byakuya? Are you a masochist?"

No! He wasn't! He'd never enjoy being harmed, especially by a commoner not worth his time!

"Oh yes, I love being hurt by you, Cameron senpai~" The brunette mocked tauntingly,"I knew it, you present yourself as this high and mighty figure with a stick up his ass 24/7 but when nobody's looking, you beg to be fucked by anyone who you see as lowly just to get a new rush that you've been seeking." Cameron leaned into Byakuya's ear,"You've fantasized about this before, haven't you? Imagine what your daddy would say if he knew you wanted this..I don't think you'd be allowed to call yourself a Togami, will you?"

"S-Shut up!" Byakuya screamed, not in his regular stand-offish tone, but in a way that made it sound like he was struggling to keep it together. Cameron smirked, he found his weak point,"You'd be out on the streets nothing to your name, or..I guess, with your looks, you'd easily find yourself on the casting couch. Oh, what a sight it would be to see your face on those porn adverts." He ran his hand up to the dirty blond hair and tugged at it,"Imagine, the promising and clever Byakuya Togami, on his knees, begging his masters to fuck him til his body becomes numb with pleasure."
Cameron tugged harder watching the heir fight his emotions more,"Oh wait..if daddy cuts you off, then that would mean you'd have to change your last name, hmm, how about-" He peered through his hair and glared with a smile of pure evil at the weak male,"Byakuya Slut-gami?"


Byakuya finally broke, he fell back onto the table and covered his face as he sobbed openly,"Stop it! Stop it please!" Cameron's smile widen, he finally got what he wanted


That didn't take that long..


The brunette relished in the sight of the future head sobbing into his hands, trying to squirm away from his attacker,"Now this, this is what I wanted, seeing you finally break down in's all I've wanted, and much, much more." Cameron slowed his hips down,"You look more like a girl now that you're crying, that'll make you very popular in the sissy tag." Byakuya kept his face hidden and softly cried for help,"Nobody can hear you, even if they could, it's not like they would help. Everyone here hates you and your stupid pompous attitude, you're better off just shutting up and taking it like a whore worth a cent."

Byakuya tried fixing his glasses but due to his hands shaking, he only made them more crooked,"Heh, fucking failure." The heir held himself and stared at the wall as he hiccuped from lack of oxygen,"Nothing? No insults? Have I really fixed your personality, permanently?" The blond didn't respond,"Well, just to make sure I did, I'll have to finish inside you, hold still." Cameron let go of his peer's hips revealing two bruises, he grabbed the edge of the table before using the kept up energy inside to slam his dick deeply and fast inside his target

The heir's eyes shot open and he let out another scream but this one only held pleasure, regrettable pleasure. He dug his nails into his skin while his eyes stayed tightly shut with tears falling down his cheeks, Cameron grabbed the blond's neglected dick and began stroking it causing the walls around his cock to squeeze around him,"Breaking down these walls feels amazing, soon, you will be nothing but a cum dump." He laughed, the blond's emotions and foggy thoughts combined into one giant blur of pleasure and pain
This wasn't how he wanted to do this, he didn't want him of all people to do it, he had a plan.. a plan he made with someone he actually cared about. The thought of that someone proved to cost the last bit of dignity that he held on to, tears began streaming down as the memories flashed in his mind,"Oh my, what's with all the tears? Did you finally admit to being a whore?" 

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, M-Makoto!" Byakuya sobbed brokenly, Cameron's eyes shot wide,"Who the fuck is Makoto? Are you moaning another man's name in front of me?!" The brunette gritted his teeth faking his anger,"You selfish..filthy slut!" He slapped the heir knocking his glasses off his face and leaving a burning red hand print on his cheek,"While you're being fucked, you do not dare moan another man's name! You disrespectful excuse of a human being." Byakuya froze with his eyes on the mark and a fearful expression on his face,"Now be a good boy and come, I want to see the pearly white jizz cover your chest and this table." Cameron demanded with a slight hiss
The brunette's thrusts became more sloppy while his rod made contact with that sensitive spot, he narrowed his eyes, focusing his power on hitting that one spot. Cameron cursed his peer's name under his breath just before he used all his power on this one last thrust

"Come!" Cameron screamed, the color in his eyes becoming lighter til they were a clear white and sent out an aura of euphoria

In between his crying, Byakuya cried out in shame as he came on his and the brunette's chests leaving his eyes rolled back and mouth hung wide open. He brought his hands to his face and covered his eyes,"One..last-" The blond bit his bottom lip as a warm substance entered his rear's entrance,"Step." Cameron sighed relieved,"Finished, we're done-well, you're done, I still have somethings to do." He forcefully pulled his cock out receiving a squeak sound from his peer

Cameron put his penis back in his pants and took his phone out,"Smile for the camera." Before the blond could react, a photo was taken of him,"Perfect, I wonder what daddy would think if he saw this." The brunette shrugged,"Eh, I'll think about it, you're already suffering as is." Byakuya tried sitting up but the pain and shock kept him down,"W-Why..why did this?!" He screamed, begging for an answer. Cameron sighed,"I'll give you another answer to a different question, keep acting the way you do, and I'll do all of this again, understood?"

Byakuya's glare soften as he turned his head away, he nodded and hugged himself despite his nails still digging in his skin,"Good." Cameron brought his fingers together
"Now if you'll excuse me, Mr Togami-" 

He snapped

Everything in the room froze


"I have a few more issues to fix, see you later." He turned his back around and exited the council room



That was surprisingly easy


I thought he'd be the hardest to deal with so that's why I chose him first


Huh, guess it's always the ones who seem the strongest are actually the weakest


I'm sure the next one will put up more of a fight


Me and him have something in common


We both share abilities that others at this school don't


Our difference lies in what our abilities are


He can create these purple things called abominations


They look useless to me, but who knows how witches see them


I'm not a witch so I do not see the value in them


I don't believe witches can do anything to resume time once it's been stopped, so I believe I can do this relatively easily


He should be in the fifth floor left wing conference room, that's where he usually goes to continue his little scandal



End of part 1

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The original Tumblr Sexyman


The guy who should be the new Tumblr Sexyman


The quiet barista bird




I'm noticing an unhealthy pattern.. again






Oh well :)

Chapter Text

Claire skipped gleefully down the small town's roads with a blue feather resting in the bag across her chest, she jumped onto a fence and held her balance til she made it to the end and jumped off,"You're awfully cheerful this morning." The town's librarian pointed out, having stopped her walking when seeing the blonde walk on her fence. Claire giggled, her face turning a little red,"I'm glad you noticed! Today's the day, Marie!"

Marie's eyes lit up and showed just as much excitement as her friend,"You don't mean- are you finally asking Doctor to marry you?!" Claire reached into her bag and pulled the feather out, the sun seemingly making it glow,"No, I'm just carrying this around for the heck of it, of course I'm finally am!" Marie squealed happily,"It's about time! The yearning between you two was beginning to kill us!"
"Us?" The blonde asked curiously,"Everyone in town has been waiting for you two to be a thing for months!" Claire laughed, a little embarrassed,"Oh wow! I guess we'll need to invite a lot of people to our wedding, huh?"

"Dibs on being the braids maid!" Marie chimed cheerfully,"You know you'll always be my braids maid!" "I just wanna call it, in case you find a new one." Claire put the blue feather back in her bag and fixed the strap,"I've gotta get going, the clinic opens in a few minutes." Marie waved as her friend continued skipping down the street,"Good luck! Stop by the library to tell me everything!" Claire waved back while still skipping,"I will! And thank you!"



"Good morning Doctor!"


"I am in a good mood today! You're really observant!"


"Why? I'm glad you asked!"


"Doctor, the moments I've spent with you have been the best moments of my life."


"I feel the most happiest when I'm with you and.. I want to continue feeling that way."


"I understand if you don't feel the same, and I hope we can continue being friends if you do say no, but-"


"Doctor, in my hands holds this feather-"


"Will you accept my proposal and become my husband?"



Claire took a deep breath before putting the feather back in her bag,"Alright Claire, you got this! You overcame those unsightly.. unwatered plots of land.. you can ask that wonderful man to be your husband and deal with his answer in a normal way!" She shook her head around violently before taking another breath and opening the door of the clinic


"Good morning El-"


The brunette who would normally greet patients was nowhere to be found, her station was empty from anything that had originally belonged to her spite from a few papers and a letter with someone's name crudely written on the front. The absent of that familer person made things in the clinic more eerie, it was too quiet, the silence echoing as if you were in a cave

Claire shook the odd feeling off and laughed to herself,"I must be too early, Elli doesn't come in until-" She looked at the clock mounted into the wall and fell short of words, it was a quarter past ten. Elli was never late to work, even on days she didn't want to work,"Well.. maybe she's taking the day off?" Claire grumbled under her breath about how dumb that idea was, from her understanding, she still comes to the clinic

Out of any logical ideas on the matter, the farmer decided to drop it entirely and go back to the task at hand,"Doctor? Are you here?" Claire called out, passing the desk and approaching the office. The lack of a response made her worry more, was the clinic closed? Then why was the door unlocked? Doctor and Elli wouldn't leave it unlocked, it didn't make sense..

The ever growing worry seemed to reach a peak as she stood at the door of the office, Claire gulped the growing lump in her throat, her hand just out of reach of the feather in her bag. Maybe she would just throw it in, hoping Doctor saw it and connected the dots accordingly. But that's not really professional or romantic, the blonde scoured her mind for another alternative other then speaking but nothing came up, it seems the only way she'll get this done and get it right is if she-


After adjusting to the silence, a second sound began to echo from the office, it sounded like the source of the sound was in pain and had been screaming for hours due to god knows what

The farmer furrowed her brows concernedly,"Hello? Doctor? Is that you?"


No response


She turned the door knob gently and pushed the door forward





Claire stood at the doorway, unable to comprehend what she was seeing


"Doc.. ?"


The man's body was shaking, unable to control itself or react to any changes in the environment

Those weird items on him, they looked to be causing him this anguish

His eyes were directed towards the ceiling, dulled out of any life that had previously been there and glossed over like newly painted glass

His body was covered in a white substance that slid down ever so slowly, some having made it to the ground where they formed puddles

And those sounds from before, they were now louder and more painful sounding with a small hint of enjoyment sprinkled in


The sight was enough to make the strongest weak


Claire covered her mouth, resisting the urge to vomit as much as she could


After what felt like an eternity of silent gagging and screaming, the blonde approached Doctor with her hand reached out to him,"Doc.. can you hear me?" She hovered her hand just above his shoulder, Doctor flinched as if he felt it and it was extremely painful. Claire retracted her hand immediately and her mind began racing, she needed to get help, but she couldn't leave him like this.. imagine what people would say if the public got hold of this image

She needed to get him to the bed without alarming or accidentally harming him, Claire looked around for anything that could help her in the slightest but nothing stood out to be useful. The blonde thought about if she could pick him up by using her own muscle strength, the amount of farm work she's done had made her quite muscular but was it enough to pick an adult male up?

Claire hesitated more before approaching Doctor, she wrapped her arms around his waist, seemingly giving him a hug. The vibrating pink items were moving rather quickly, they were digging into the male's nipples while being supported by two pieces of tape, it was clear they were the main source of his discomfort. The blonde caught note of a strange remote controller being held around his thigh by some sort of choker piece, at least that's what it reminded her of

Carefully, she reached down and pulled the small remote away with disgust, the blonde pressed the button in the shape of a heart and the vibrating items turned off, indicated by the lack of a buzzing sound in the room, Doctor gasped for air just moments after, it seems he was holding his breath that entire time or more the less, was having trouble breathing,"Deep breaths.. deep breaths.. follow me.." Claire began breathing slower, trying to get Doctor to follow her instructions. The man's mind was still a little fuzzy but it was clear enough for him to understand what she was saying, out of instinct and fear, he followed what she told him and breathed along with her

Claire removed the items, trying her best to not rip the tape off too quickly and throwing them to the side once she finished. She struggled to figure out how she would get that weird contraption off without a key, maybe it was in the room somewhere but she didn't want to leave the Doctor's side. Claire eventually decided she done all she could and should put him somewhere so he could rest

Doctor began breathing slower and his mind finally allowed him to process the things around him, which considering everything, wasn't the best option,"Please.. no more.. I learned my lesson.. stop.." He brokenly sobbed unaware of his voice being louder then per usual,"Doc.. are you okay?" His head shot up and his eyes widen,"C-Claire! I.." The man averted his gaze, a hint of shame in those dull eyes,"I didn't want you.. seeing me like this.."
"It's okay, I just need to know if you're okay." "I'm.. not.. in the best condition right now.. but.. I'll heal.." Doctor tried moving his hands to his face but hissed in extreme discomfort when doing so,"Claire.. can you.. untie me?" The blonde reached her hands behind the man's back and undid the tight ropes, a sigh of relief swept through the room,"Finally.. I was beginning to think I lost the circulation to my hands.." Slowly, the farmer lifted Doctor from the ground, making sure not to hurt him

"Can you stand?" The woman asked softly, the man tried moving with her but his body ached too much to move even a little,"N-No.." He hissed,"Alright, I'll have to try and carry you." Claire picked the doctor up with all her wavering strength bridal style, Doctor dug his nails into her clothing and bared down on his teeth,"Did I-" "No, you're fine, I'm just.. in a lot of pain.." The farmer nodded before walking out the office and across the hall to the patient's room


She laid the man on the sterile white bed and walked over to a cabinet to search for some sort of pain relieving medication, she read through the many labels and eventually found what she was looking for. The blonde walked back to her beloved's side with a medication bottle and some napkins,"Here, I found some pain killers, I think these'll help.." Doctor took the bottle from her hand and opened it,"Thank you." He swallowed a pill before closing the lid,"I.. really do appreciate-" The man flinched as the cold paper napkin touched him

"Oh, do.. you mind if.. I help clean you?" Doctor shook his head,"No, but.. please tell me before you decide to do something.." "Okay." Claire went back to picking the white substance out his hair followed by his chest and lastly, his lower body. The doctor was fidgety the whole time, his whole body reacted negatively to any contact especially when it came to the lower parts
Claire bit her lip, finishing up and throwing the ruined napkins in the trashcan,"All done.." Doctor sighed,"Thank you.. I feel.. a little better now." He leaned back on the headboard and looked out the window, the female sat in a wheel chair not too far away and stared at him. She had so much to say, so much to ask, but was right now really the best time to ask? Just seconds after she found him like that?

Claire, knowing full well that this question wasn't appropriate in this moment, couldn't stop her mouth from moving,"Doctor..? Who.. did this to you?" The man's eyes went half lidded and he gripped the sheets like they were last thing in the world,"I.. don't know.." The women caught the hesitation in his voice, it was clear to her, he was lying

Doctor would never lie, especially to her, what did he have to hide? He's the victim! He shouldn't feel obligated to vouch for this despicable person

The farmer takes a deep breath and fights the words piling in her mouth,"Alright, I'm.. going to get the police real quick, I'll be right back okay?" Doctor nodded turning his gaze to the window. Claire bit her lip and walked out the room trying her best not to start crying, she had to stay strong for him, any sign of weakness will cause the man to doubt everything, she didn't want to bring him anymore pain, she loved him too much to put that on him 



Not a lot of time had to pass in order for the clinic to be surrounded by the town's residents, all looking for an answer on why the police had to close the clinic off


Claire was allowed access due to her being the first person to find the doctor, they interrogated her, looking for anything that could help them find the culprit. But nothing had came through, she had no idea who done it and it was clear she didn't do it leaving the police with nothing

On the other spectrum, Doctor was also being interrogated but he could hardly form a sentence, the topic was too fresh for him, it seemed the police weren't going to get any info going at this rate


Doctor went to sleep after a solid hour of nothing but mumbling and body aches, the officers were having lunch and discussing everything they've learned which wasn't much but it was better then nothing

The blonde listened from the side, they were nice enough to get her lunch but she didn't have the stomach to keep it all down


She thinks about the ways she could have prevented this from happening and thinks about how those ways could backfire and then thinks about the ways she could have done to prevent those from happening

In the middle of her thinking, an officer walked over and tapped her shoulder, she jolted out her thoughts and faced them,"Sorry to bother you, but we found a note addressed to you, we think it might be the culprit." Claire takes the note from the officer's grasp and looks at it curiously, it was a letter with a crudely written name on the front.. like the one on Elli's desk

The farmer slowly undid the letter and took the paper out, the handwriting was cursive and written with a pink gel pen, Claire began reading:



"I don't understand what I did wrong, I've been kind, I did everything he asked, I even introduced him to my grandma!

But he still keeps his eyes on that dumb blonde bimbo! What does she have that I don't have double?!

I'm far more deserving of him! I work hard, I care about people, I try everyday and live life to the fullest! 

I'm the image of the perfect woman! And yet, he wants her!

She's annoying and.. and just terrible!

It's unfair! She came out of nowhere and I've known Doctor for years! Why doesn't he love me?!

It's unfair! Unfair! Unfair!

I'll slit that cunt's throat open for stealing my man!

Yes! I shall!

The next time she passes out, I'll slit her throat!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Or I could poison her..

As long as she's out the picture, and me and Doctor can be together, forever.."




Claire's eyes were wide with confusion and a sense of betrayal, she flipped the page over and quickly noticed that this entry was made a few days after the other one




"I couldn't find anymore paper so I'm writing on the back of another one of my entries

I've decided, it's not Claire's fault

I apologize for the things I've said about her

It was never her fault

It's Doctor's

He's blind.. he doesn't know the good thing he has in front of him


I guess I'll have to.. punish him

I called my cousin from out of state, he'll be here next week


Well, I suppose I should explain what I plan to do

I won't do anything, my cousin will do everything, I'm just gonna watch

I want to see Doctor suffer

And I want to enjoy it

I've got a plan for escaping, it's full proofed

Nobody will know where I am

Nobody will catch me

And we're the only ones who can say, we've seen Doctor at his lowest

Goodbye whoever ends up finding this

I hope we meet again, in the next life."

~ Elli



The night before..



Doctor stretched his arms out for the sixth time that night, it was becoming harder to keep himself awake without any coffee having sipped it only hours prior. Thankfully, this was the final file for that night, he'll be able to go home and rest up soon

He placed the tip back on the paper and went back to writing in the data he collected, his eyes threatening to fall with every word written at an agonizingly slow pace. His mind began drifting off to the events of today, nothing noteworthy happened, just some sick people who needed medicine. Why was he forced to write a report on these days? What was he even supposed to write? Doctor groaned, rubbing his eyes and yawning

Only a few more words and it'll be over


The words, however, stopped with the most delicate of knocks being put upon his door,"It's me Doctor! May I come in?" That sweet and hard to miss voice echoed in the room, Doctor straightened his posture and cleared his throat,"Come in."

Stepped into the room, was the clinic's nurse, Elli


"Doing paperwork late as usual, Doctor?" The nurse asked, her hand resting on the doorknob as she closed the door,"Yes, I'm almost done though." Doctor responded, going back to writing without regards of the female in his office. Elli approached her boss with her hands in front of her, clasped together tighter then usual, she stands just close enough to see what he was writing

Her eyes seemed to be observing every little thing he was doing, it made him a little tense with discomfort. Doctor gulped before looking from the corner of his eye at Elli, she was smiling, but it looked like she was forcing it upon herself. The nurse turned her gaze to the doctor,"You know.. my grandma asks a lot about you." Doctor furrowed his brows,"She's always saying we'd make lovely children, hehe! Isn't that silly?" Elli giggled placing her hand over her mouth

"I suppose.." The man responded nonchalantly, Elli dug her nails into her other hand and hissed slightly,"But wouldn't it be really silly if we.. did get married and had a family?" She asked though clenched teeth. Doctor, who was more concerned with finishing his work, responded with,"I don't see how that would be funny, more stressful then anything really." Elli's eye twitched slightly, it seems she was going to snap any moment now

A hand was placed upon the doctor's shoulder, directing his gaze to the female, a wavering smile plastered on her face along with an expression that looked merciful and seemed to be explaining how his next response should be worded carefully,"Wouldn't it be great if I was your wife, and we had a family of our own? Wouldn't it be great?" The doctor didn't get the message,"I suppose but I'm not looking to get married-" Elli forced herself to laugh,"Okay.. Doc! I see.." Doctor finally looked at his assistant with a blank expression

It seemed that made her more manic,"I pour my heart out to you.. and.. you still.. continue looking like that?!" The man sat back in his seat; his blank expression wavering slightly,"What am I doing wrong?! Why can't you look at me like I'm the last woman alive?!" Elli yelled, pulling her boss back to his regular spot, Doctor looked confused,"I'm the perfect woman! I'm kind, hardworking, and beautiful! How could you not fall in love with me?!"
Doctor furrowed his brows,"Is this why you're acting like this? Because I don't have any romantic feelings towards you?" He asked in an annoyed type of tone

Elli dug her nails into the leather chair as she listened,"I'm sorry but I can't fabricate my feelings just to make you happy, it would only make us both miserable and ruin our children's lives." Doctor spoke with rationality, hoping his assistant would try to understand,"But why.. why don't you love me?" "I just don't see you that way, I'm sorry." The nurse started to cry, she moved away from the doctor with her hands covering her face

Doctor sat up and watched as Elli cried in front of him, she manged to mumble something that was barely audible from her sobbing,"Could.. could you ever.. love me?" The man didn't respond, he only stared back with a sorrowful blank expression. The female removed her hands and wiped away her tears, she straightened her expression and glared back at the man she loved for years,"Don't answer then, this option was better anyways." Elli walked over to the door and opened it just enough for another male to enter before closing and locking it

He was tall, had an average body build leaning more on the muscler side, dirty blonde hair, a cold dead expression, and dark clothing with a duffel bag over his shoulder

"Doctor, this is my cousin, Tyler. He's from out of state, I invited him here as a sort of.. last resort if I couldn't convince you to love me.. but I guess not everything can be a fairy tale, can it?" The nurse looked at her relative with a stern expression and nodded, the male reached into the bag and pulled a wad of rope out,"The less you struggle, the faster this will finish, okay?" Elli approached the doctor and grabbed his hands, the male began panicking and jumped out his chair before she grabbed his other hand

But the taller male had stopped him from getting any further, he stood above him like a brick wall in the middle of a road. Elli grabbed Doctor's other hand and helped her cousin keep him still as he restrained him. Tyler threw Doctor to the ground in front of the desk and got on top of him,"L-Let's not.. do anything.. rash.. please.." The nurse watched from the doctor's desk as the tall male removed her boss' clothing






Body writing

Chapter Text


Unfortunate Ones

Group 1

Smut Shorts



Estimated time - 8 hours


Characters (left to right) - Balan, Napstablook, Jimmy T


Title along with the characters for group 1 and creator's name is center at the top reading what is displayed above, to the side is the name of the fic that this [redacted] belongs to

The words have a white border around them along with a mixture of a pink/purple blurred undertone with a blurred black top


Balan (Balan Wonderworld) to the far left looks horrified/mortified at an unseen threat that is slightly above him, he is not wearing his hat thus showing his entire face

Napstablook (Undertale) front and center looks afraid/distraught at an unseen threat that's around his line of sight but slightly higher

Jimmy T (Warioware) to the far right looks upset/angry at an unseen threat that's to the right instead of the left like Balan and Napstablook, his eyes cannot be seen causing his expression to be almost unreadable




Characters (Top to bottom) - Shin Higaku, Wu Zi Mu(Woozie), Sasha Nein, Isabelle, Mochi Miles, Giggles, Nikki Ann-Marie, Mettaton, Frett, Sherb, ENA, Zor


Shin Higaku (Yandere Simulator) to the top left sits on a couch inside a motel while watching an unidentified person preform acts on another unidentified person, he looks guilty/ashamed as he keeps his eyes averted away from the people

Woozie (GTA San Andres) in the center at the top stands still in front of a gas station in a forest as two unidentified silhouettes approach him carrying what is assumed to be rope and a pair of sunglasses, he looks annoyed and drained of energy as he stares into the night sky

Sasha Nein (Psychonauts) to the top right stands in front of an unidentified building at night holding his phone as an unidentified caller is trying to contact him, his expression is unreadable

Isabelle (Animal Crossing) just below Shin reads off a piece of paper sitting at a desk in an unfinished room with an image of Mochi Miles (Slime Rancer) blocking the camera with her hand in the right corner with the words "missing" written in the front

A photo of a building in the center with the lights glowing

Giggles (Happy Tree Friends) just below Sasha sits in a chair in a light red room with a wine glass and bottle on a desk, she smiles in a devious way while her eyes are hidden behind a black aura

Mettaton (Undertale) just below Isabelle holds a paper with a crudely drawn version of Napstablook plastered in the front for Nikki (Huniepop) to see, he looks hopeless and tried as Nikki seemingly walks away while in actuality, she's looking back with a guilty/sympathetic expression

Sherb (Animal Crossing) just below Giggles covers his mouth with a terrified expression with a dark aqua background and blurred fog obscuring an image of Frett (Animal Crossing) approaching something with his tongue out

Ena (ENA) just below Mettaton shows only the blue part of her face with her looking to side with a guilty/worried expression with a dark purple background and blurred black fog obscuring something long gone

Zor (Sonic) just below Sherb looks out into city with his back turned to camera


Mind Break.


A term that refers to the state of one losing all their sense of rational thinking and comprehension of the world


It has been romanticized by the media for years, mainly in porn and scenarios where one person isn't consenting


The same can be said for abuse and serial killers oddly enough, it can be argued that both have something in common with mind breaking but that's not why I'm telling you all this


This tactic was used mainly in wars as a form of brainwashing and interrogation, mainly for female prisoners but it wasn't uncommon for male prisoners to also experience this procedure


There are currently three known phases of mind break, all three have a way of being detected from an outsider's perspective but only two can be treated if picked up early


Stage one: The beginning of the decline


It's when the victim's mind is considering everything around them and is telling them the best coarse of action is to give into the enemy while they still have a sense of self


Their eyes will be noticeably mute in color and saturation, giving them an almost zombie like appearance, but this stage isn't really easy to spot at first glance since a lot of people look like zombies in general

The next stage is easier to spot, however, it is a little harder to convert them back to normal when they're in this stage


Stage two: The climax of the decline


This is when the victim's mind has given up trying to think for themselves and gives all their trust in the enemy leaving them vulnerable to whatever manipulation the enemy is wanting to do to them


Their eyes will still be mute but a strange and somewhat disturbing addition is the presents of a faint heart starting to form where their iris normally is, this indicates their mind starting to break down and consider the things it's told and convert it to the victim's new line of thinking 

In this stage, you will only have a limited amount of time before the next stage begins to save the victim since stage three is the point of no return for the victim


Stage three: The conclusion of the decline


Once this stage has hit, there is no way to reverse or even help the victim out of it. There has been some cases where the victim reversed the effects of their mind break themselves after being rescued and continued life normally but these cases are very rare 

Usually the victim, after being separated from their captor for long periods of time, will begin to self harm or harm the people around them. They are then sent to psychiatric wards where they can continue their healing in a safe environment

The heart in their eyes will be front and center, usually spawning a bright pink color though it isn't unnatural for a different color to spawn depending on how severe their mind break has effected them

They will no longer associate themselves with anything that doesn't involve their captor or what their captor expects of them


While these are the most commonly known stages, research shows that there are an additional three more stages that follow right after

However, we cannot gather enough data to pin point what these stages are and if they're life threatening or able to be reversed


Why I'm I telling you all something I'm sure you're already aware of?


Well, we've been experiencing an increase of kidnappings as of last March and an equal incline of mind break cases being reported


It's important to educate yourself with this term in case you come across someone who is experiencing or is mind broken so that we can help bring a stop to this terrible crime

In the case of finding someone who shares these attributes, approach them slowly and ask their name, after that, try to pinpoint anything odd about they way they responded, if they are hesitant to respond or sound lifeless, go to your local authority and let them handle it from there


I hope this brings more attention to this terrible and frankly, disgusting acts used by corrupt beings to torment vulnerable females worldwide


Let's bring an end to this, together, we can accomplish anything


Thank you for coming today, stop by my office if you have any questions you want me to answer

Chapter Text

Happy Val's Day

Ice cream & Shots

From Herb Cookie and Ione


Don't forget your lotion, your skin will thank you later :)

Chapter Text

You know the drill, I'm ranking each of the *current* chapters of this weird experimental fic from my least favorites to my all time favorites

I will also be going into detail on why I created them in the first place and why I put them in that spot

I'll be excluding the chapters where it's just a drawing and there's no actual smut/and or story


It's as easy as 1 2 3

Unless you got held back in kindergarten

To that I say: I wish the best for your parent's

Le go!



Chapter 25: Ice and Fire don't mix, unless you force it


I accidentally posted this chapter, if it was finished; it'd be ranked higher

I came up with it after watching the movie

And spending a minute in a discord call with my dumbass friends

Yeah, it's great..

How do YOU come up with shit like this?

The story that's already there isn't the worst, it's just.. not done



Chapter 14: When you miss elf practice


Around the time I wrote this chapter, it was a few days before Christmas so I decided to write a quick chapter about Hermey getting fucked by the meme lord himself

I didn't finish it in time because I didn't expect life to bitch slap me and.. also I may have also gotten drunk on Christmas and forgot about it

This chapter wasn't anything I was proud of.. I was just capitalizing on the fact it was Christmas



Chapter 6: Sex robot


This chapter was just lazy, I took it from one of my other fanfics because I felt like I needed to make consistent updates; now I update whenever I feel like it

I'm ranking this higher because I actually put effort into it when I first wrote it for the other fanfic, all I did was remove some of the "story" parts because.. why not? Who cares about story? Fuck first, story last

I'm not sure why it's still up, I'll probably get rid out it sooner or later



Chapter 7: Lay out of Smut


The fact I tried to sound like I know what I'm doing is pretty funny to me

I made the chapter because I had no other ideas(aka: I didn't want to work on the 15 chapter drafts I already created but never finished)

I have no feelings towards it now, I don't reread it at all and if I do.. I silently judge myself and questioned why anyone would click on this fanfic in the first place

This chapter's.. fine, but really bland



Chapter 36: Traps..are a lot harder to spot


It's.. a shitpost

I created it because I thought of the same scenario in my head and thought it would be funny..

But.. when I finished it.. it wasn't.. as funny as it was.. in my head..


But it ranks higher because I actually.. kinda like it, I mean, it's just describing what they look like but.. it's decent



Chapter 2: Get a damn room


God old chapters suck

I wrote it because there wasn't a lot of smut of Gregory and Hell Chef or.. anyone in GHS so I wanted to fix that

I actually originally wrote something similar to the chapter on my old phone back in middle school, though it happened in the storage room and not the kitchen

If I can somehow get those files back; I will post it because.. fuck was that the best thing I written while attending school

I place it here because it's not nearly as good as the original and I have to rewrite the scenes.. but I don't want to



Chapter 4: Stop thinking of her


I have no feelings towards this chapter, I made it in response to rewatching Aggrestsuko for the third time and loving the drama between Haida and Retsuko

But when writing it, I didn't feel anything; rereading it just makes me wish I was doing something with my life

Perhaps it's the way it's structured.. feels too.. close to home

IDK, I live in a computer :P

I rank it here because it's not the worst but it's not really ground breaking, I wouldn't put it on my portfolio; then again, why would I put written porn on a portfolio?




Chapter 18: When pranks go too far


The first and only requested chapter I had finished

Honestly, I learned a lot from making this chapter-

1: You can't force yourself to do things, if you do, your brain will kick you in the ass and tell you to binge eat and then fall asleep on the couch; making your neck hurt for the next eight days

2: When taking requests, ask what the client wants specifically; if you don't, you'll find yourself struggling to figure out how the scene will go

3: Make sure you're capable of taking requests or else you'll be crying under your desk for hours

I rank it here for the learning experience, not because it's good, it's actually pretty bad and I'm sorry for whoever requested it



Chapter 33: The Dirty Mind test


I thought I was funny for a moment but then I lost it

That's it, that's the only reason this chapter exists

It's ranked higher because I actually.. kinda tried

Not really I just.. like the ending, always wanted to say it but never found the right context



Chapter 1: The Love of a thirsty boy


Oh ho.. theres a lot to go over here..

Okay, so-

The only reason I made this fanfic in the first place was to share these poorly written smut thingys I made for no reason

This story was like.. the 10th one I made, and when I saw this fic was doing good for some reason.. I decided I'd start to make original chapters

The other 9 are shit, those will never see the light of day

Now why did I make it about the characters from that game: Toca Life World? Good question, I wasn't thinking, I didn't know they were children until halfway through and just.. went with it

I don't support that shit, who do I look like? A discord mod?

Being the first chapter, it's not good.. hell, I'd rank it lower if there wasn't the previous chapters listed

However, it holds a place in my heart because it began my slow decline into madness and the never ending question of life

Thank you :)



Chapter 42: Judy has an announcement


I was just bored one day, rewatching the Sonic Adventure 2 fandub for the 100th time while scrolling through the internet

Ankha was popular. Eggman's announcement came up. Judy is the true best girl.

Boom. It all falls into play.

It's not nearly as funny as it was in my head but I like how I portrayed Judy and Ione's friendship, could have been fleshed out.. but I'm saving that for later

It's ranked here because I'd reread it over the first chapter



Chapter 30: (Pending pt 1)


This chapter was made in response to a drawing I saw of Poindexter and Felix.. doing.. things

I never planned for it to go anywhere, I just wanted to see how many people I could fool with the first half

I see Poindexter and Felix having a father son dynamic, it doesn't need to be tainted

Also, if you're wondering why it's 'pt 1' I had another chapter in the works that was close to being finished-

But then my cat got on my keyboard and shut off my laptop before I could save.. so that's nice :D

It's ranked here because of how misleading it is, I love it for that reason alone



Chapter 9: Stuck in a tree


This whole chapter was ruined for me because of that stupid ending I decided to add

I made it because the tree episode in the show was too suggestive not to take advantage of

The writing isn't anything special, nor is the story

But the thing that makes it 10x better for me is the idea that; in theory; if this was made in the show.. Pat would just be smiling.. the whole time

That's what makes this chapter great to reread



Chapter 22: Sonic and Shadow give you a taste test


I saw the video..

I was inspired..

And oddly enough..

I believe this is best blow job scene I ever written

With that being said, I also like how I made Shadow more open to sex.. I'd do more with the concept but.. I'm busy

It's ranked here for the blow job and Shadow's complete character redo



Chapter 10: Do your part and fuck an evil doctor


This man is too sexy for his own good, he's gotta be knocked down a peg.. or 2.. or 3.. or.. 8-

This chapter isn't smutty but I love the back and forth conversation about wanting to fuck the enemy and the enemy is right there

It was also really fun to write, Dr T is amusing to me so rewatching the commercials was like a weekend with David Hasselhoff

I would rank it higher but it still has it's flaws, like it's too short

But if I were to update it, it would lose it's charm

Ah well, at least it was fun to work on



Chapter 8: Seduction


Remember that old file that I had back in middle school? Yeah, this story was one of them

And honestly, I never finished it.. why? Because I was busy with the GHS fic

I decided to rewrite it and I'm happy I did

The chapter itself is pretty decent considering when I wrote it but the thing that puts it in this rank is the idea of completing something you didn't originally complete

And that's the true key to happiness..

Something I keep forgetting, time and time again :D



Chapter 3: Sleepless Night


It was night. I couldn't sleep. I was listening to the Earthbound OST. It happened.

I've gotta say, I'm actually surprised how well I did with this chapter; I actually reread it a lot more then I think I do, I don't know why

The set up is generic but the execution is slick, I love the way I transitioned to the blow job

It's nothing special but for what my skills were back then, it's pretty great

It's ranked here just for the fact I'm proud of my younger self, I can't say that often; I owned a FNAF shirt, I was a disappointment since day 1



Chapter 17: Board Game!


This chapter was a product of it's time.. the beginning of a saga of half assed fics that are actually pretty decent

I got inspired by Derpixon, you know him, I know him, his animations are great

The game board part was repetitive but when it got to the action; that's where this chapter shines

I liked the little cutaways to a commercial, it's pretty good if I say so myself

Why isn't this chapter ranked higher?

Good question..



Chapter 29: 50 Shades of Blue


The internet told me to

And also I found a video that.. inspired the 50 Shades of Gray aspect

Fun Fact: I listened to a reading of 50 Shades during the creation of the chapter, safe to say it made me a lot more confident in my skills as a writer

I sometimes go back to read it to have a good laugh and feel better about myself

It's ranked here because the writing isn't terrible and the fact I cashed in on a popular trend, makes me feel included and part of the problem



Chapter 20: Pearl starts an OnlyFans


I was reading a Spongebob fanfic where Spongebob started an OnlyFans, wait- OnlyFins after being fired. I was inspired by it.. so that's why this chapter exists

To be fair, in the sea of mostly gay sex; this chapter was breath of fresh air for me, like.. I need to start writing stuff that doesn't involve two dude going at it
I'm trying.. not hard enough but at least I'm trying!

The writing isn't amazing, nor is the story but the fact I decided to write about a woman after months of only dudes, it's ranked higher for me due to the idea of me stepping outside my comfort zone

I'm going back in it though :D



Chapter 5: Strumming the cords


I forgot why I wrote this chapter, I think I was just obsessed with Judy and felt like making a chapter for her

The writing isn't bad, the pacing is shit though

The reason I'm ranking it here is because it was the official debut of Judy the slut, my obsession since the chapter had been created

Fun fact: I named the chapter "Strumming the cords" because I wanted to make music puns, sadly, I seemed to have forgotten to make the jokes

How does that even happen?



Chapter 13: The Glorkian Warrior encounters Two Big Dicks!


It was night and I was driving out to get ice cream as you do when you're alone on a Friday night when I was struck with  nostalgia out of nowhere, the book came into my head and I felt like reading it again so I bought it

After reading the first book, I got the urge to ruin it for myself

That's why this chapter exists

The sex isn't anything special but I do like the set up leading up to the sex, I'd reread it if it wasn't for a few things that bother me whenever I read it

The creatures aren't that amazing either, I'm sure somebody already made them before.. oh no.. what if I stole someone's closed species?! I'm gonna get so canceled!! My life's ruined!!!

Better make a 20 minute video of me crying and spouting out random nonsense!



Chapter 19: A Lion and An Owl


This chapter was based on a comic that I haven't updated in a year, I don't plan on working on it any time soon

I like the set up and the writing isn't too bad, I find myself rereading it a lot

Nothing really stands out about it and I believe that's why I like it

It's not complex, it's simple and to the point



Chapter 28: Collage Life: Prologue: Welcome to Sesso Fottuto


This chapter went through hell and back just to get published; I had to rewrite it, reconsider some plot points I wanted to put in, redo several backstories and remove characters I spent a long time creating head canons for..

But it's done and the prologue is up to view..

And I'm pretty damn proud of myself, yeah the story elements kinda slow it down but I also think it's a good introduction to Y/N and the characters who will play an important role going down
It goes in this rank for the soul reason I finally got it done and didn't force myself to finish it, usually forced chapters come out as shit

The first chapter of this series is still under works but so far, it's going better then the prologue's writing

I got the idea from browsing Nutaku and playing a game called College Life, yeah, the inspiration is in the title of the chapter

Fun fact: Sesso Fottuto translates to "Fucking Sex" in Italian, what? It was either that or School of Lust, I chose the one with more creativity and broken translation :)



Chapter 26: A gloryhole hotspot


I discovered there are places that function as gloryholes and they're somehow legal, these places are called; brothels

How did sweet innocent Ena get roped in? Well, she was on the list of potential candidates and I wasn't in the mood to write about a guy so.. they both somehow worked together to make this chapter

This chapter is by far one of the best things I've ever written(that's porn related)

It helped me figure out a balance of both sex and story, so that's why most of the future chapters have a story; but from time to time, I'll give up and just make it pure sex but for the most part they have a story

The writing is pretty good and the sex isn't really bad, it also set up a series of chapters I'm still working on

This chapter it ranked here for it's contribution to my ever decreasing sanity



Chapter 31: Who's laughing?


The title of the chapter makes me smile, since it's based on an episode of Apple and Onion called "Not Funny"

Get it?

It was funnier in my head.. everything is funnier in my head.. woo..

Anyways, I just thought the idea of the mirror version of Apple taking control of regular Apple would be an interesting concept and I'm sure somebody could use it to their advantage to make an interesting set of events

This chapter is ranked here for the writing and how well I paced it, kinda wished I kept the exposition of Onion's past a lot shorter but I'm too lazy to go and change it

It's higher then the last one due to my enjoyment of how simple yet effective it was, things can be simple and still work out; you just gotta make sure it's not too simple



Chapter 45: Gakkō de no jikandaga motto warui (dō iu wake ka) - Time at School but worse(somehow) | Part 1


Isn't hentai amazing? You get interesting titles like Time at School where everything doesn't make sense

The chapter was in response to stumbling upon the episodes and rediscovering my burning hatred toward Byakuya Togami

Why do I hate him? I have several reasons, but I'm gonna narrow it down to one for time sake: He. Got away. With tampering. With. Chihiro's crime scene.
Why didn't anyone kill him?? He's.. annoying and contributes nothing to the group!

Is it because he's rich? Okay?? Eat the rich!

That's the only reason he's the first character in this three parter series, I hate him(But also love him.. it's hard to explain)

As for the other reasons, I felt like the watch didn't make sense in this context; so I gave the character powers instead because it's convenient

This chapter is ranked here for the soul reason I finally got my revenge on that  arrogant blonde little shit.. but I also felt bad when I finished it.. but also happy that I wrote it

The emotional dilemma I face is the reason I enjoy rereading it

The second part is almost done, I'm just rereading it and adding some key parts to it

Don't expect it to get released anytime soon though



Chapter 27: First sexual live stream


The same reasons for chapter 26 apply here

But the way I came up with it didn't require too much thinking, I just felt like writing something with a cam show; so I took my most recent chapter and used it

Nothing much to say, I just enjoy this chapter more then the previous chapter; why? Because I enjoy it more, duh



Chapter 39: Don't forget to smile, it'll take the pain away


This chapter is a remainder that I can write dark shit and that dark shit probably already happen and I don't even know about it

When your own creation scares you, that's when you know you fucked up

How did I create it? Well, it was a few days before Halloween and I.. wasn't going to get the actual chapter done in time so I created this chapter just in time to post it on Halloween

It's ranked here for the fact I somehow was able to scare myself

That doesn't happen often.. wow

Will I do more with this concept? Probably not, I might make it a Halloween exclusive thing; I haven't decided yet



Chapter 44: 𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓒𝓸𝓵𝓸𝓻 𝓒𝓪𝓯𝓮, 𝓵𝓮𝓽 𝓾𝓼 𝔀𝓪𝓻𝓶 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓭𝓪𝔂


On a lighter note, this chapter was fun to write :)

The Undertale/Deltarune format is easy for me to follow but I can't reach the level of charm they have in their dialogue, that doesn't bother me though

The chapter is still one of my favorites to reread, I even decided to continue the story with the threesome Sans suggested

I made it.. because.. uh.. how do I explain this? I was tipsy and.. thought of an idea involving the newest character in the line of Tumblr Sexymen, yeah, let's go with that..

It's ranked here for the enjoyment I get rereading it, it was fun to write and even more so to read; I would rank it higher, but there are other chapters I enjoy reading more



Chapter 47: Who will love you now?


Despite being made to show off a drawing that I'm still proud of, I still enjoy the story following the image even though it doesn't involve porn

How did I get the inspiration to write the story and draw the picture? Well, I just felt like drawing it and decided to post it with a little story

No other reason, I just felt like it

Why characters from Harvest Moon? Because Doctor was my husband on my old Game Boy Advance and I can't afford Story of Seasons :(

It's ranked here for several reasons, the main reason being the drawing itself and the interactions between Claire and Doctor

It's not ranked number one, but I still like it



Chapter 34: Blackmail, works every time



This chapter right here is my favorite out of all them

I created it because everyone thinks I'm insane when I say I ship Sasha and Morry together, they look at me like I don't have taste

Sasha and Milla have their opposites attract dynamic

So does Sasha and Morry!

In fact, all three of them should be in a polyamorous relationship!


Creating the story was fun in it's own right and being able to finally let this underrated ship find new ground is really nice in my eyes

It's number one on the list because I will always love the idea of two colleagues who constantly bud heads; fuck away their stresses together and say they hate each other after

It's fun :)

I actually had an idea that never got finalized for some reason, during when Sasha and Morry's plot was going on; Milla and Hollis would do their own thing
I'm not good at lesbian sex, but when I was drafting the scenes out; I was pretty confident in it

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Chapter Text

Why do I have to do this?

The TV works just fine, can we watch a movie or something-

Okay! Fine! Nothing but The Owl House please, I can't take anymore emotional damage today

No this isn't about Hunter!

Fuck you! Just show me the dumb pictures!


The Male Singer

Guitar Hero

That's his name? Just.. male singer?

He looks like an Elliot.. no.. an Edward, something along those lines

I guess.. he's kinda hot? Not a fan of his chin but the facial hair is a major plus

The tattoos are cool, his hair looks greasy but it's fine, I can over look that

Uhhhhh- I guess..



Anthony Herzen

Professor Layton



Is he a vampire by chance?

IDK, he just gives me vampire vibes.. and rich asshole vibes

Rich asshole? Could also be a vampire?




Naughty Bear

Naughty Bear


That teddy bear has daddy issues, you can tell by the way he's standing




The Owl House


Aww Hunter.. I'm so sorry.. BELOS YOU ASSHAT, I'M COMING FOR YOUR ASS!!

Okay, look, I like Hunter as much as I love procrastinating but I can't say I'd smash him

Because 1) He's a child. 2) He's going through some shit. And 3) He's unsmashable.


Don't worry, we'll get you some help.. stay strong..



Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil


Ew! Ew! EW!


What do you mean?! She smells like a corpse! You're FUCKING a corpse!

I don't care that she has mommy milkies, I rather stick by vapenis in a trash compactor!

Oh yeah, say I'm the weirdo when you're defending the literal enemy who wants to eat your blood!

I'm okay with vampires, but I'm not okay with said vampires trying to kill me!


Chain Chomp




HA! Jokes on you! I like having my vapenis chomped off!




Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon


Is there an option for "I'm going to put you in a situation where you will be fucked to an inch of your worth"?

Do I just say smash?




Sun(Or.. Sundrop?)

FNAF - Security Breach


I mean.. I already got a chapter for him in the works.. sooo-

Smash, yeah

Oh hush! It was inevitable.


Moon(Or Moondrop??)

FNAF - Security Breach


Sun but homicidal?




Mochi Miles

Slime Rancer


Oh you cunt

You know I hate this bitch! Why would you-!

SHE is annoying! Her range expansion is stupid! Why am I forced to wait five minutes to try and grab those stupid silver slimes again?! Not to mention, she hates me!

What? No! I'm smashing!

Of course I am!

Someone needs to teach this brat a lesson, I'm not a fan of the whole brat fetish, but I will do it-

For America.

Let me have this moment.







She's flexible..

She has mouths on her hands..




Judy the Snooty Bear Cub

Animal Crossing


Are you serious? You know my answer at this point!

Smash! Like.. why would you show me her if you already know?

Are.. are you planning something?

Don't you smile like that! What the fuck are you doing?!



Harvest Moon




This guy's a doctor??

He's from a Harvest Moon game?? Which one??


Damn it..

Why didn't I make that chapter about him?!

Guess I know what to do this weekend!


Huh? No, I'm talking about drafting out a scene for him

What else did you think?

Oh fuck you


Chihiro Fujisaki



Nope. He's unsmashable. It'd be impossible.

Besides, I already imagine him being this dominating figure that puts up a facade in front of everyone, gaining their trust and then stabbing them in the back!

Yeah, kinda like Junko but a lot less crazy and hot

But yeah, I'm gonna have to pass

I still don't think he deserved to die so early on, and I will NEVER forgive Byakuya for tampering with the crime scene!

Like hell! Nothing happened to him! Why couldn't Monokuma rip his eye out or.. break his legs?? WHERE IS THE JUSTICE????




Your Boyfriend




I will not be shamed! 



Your Girlfriend




Listen, if there's anything hotter then a guy wanting to kill your entire family, it's a girl!

Yanderes are so weird and fun!

Can I have them both?? Please??

Oh, yeah, says the guy who wants to fuck a corpse!


Minoru Mineta

My Hero Academia



Is this why you gave me those character, just so you can fuck me over at this point?

I hate you.

He's gross.


Well, I mean.. he's kinda cute..


But still, pass





Which one?




I'm not explaining, he's just smashable, shut up



Caramella Girls


Honestly, I didn't know her name was Nadine until now so I've just been calling her purple

Hey, she's wearing purple, it just made sense



Well she's part of the Caramella Girls so she might like the idea of playing Caramelldansen during sex

And plus, she's really cute!


I know they didn't make Caramelldansen but.. shut up!


Jet the Hawk





He's a bird.

That's all you need to know.

Listen, bird characters to me are interesting, like it's so confusing how they work.. but it's so intriguing

Shut up corpse kisser


Is this the last one?

No, I'm not enjoying this

Well 1) you're being an ass and 2) I would rather be watching Dog with a Blog right now, not saying I do

Alright, let's see what you got


Eridan Ampora




Fuck you.

No, fuck you! I'm not dealing with this shit anymore!

I'm going to an IHOP or something!

Go choke on your stupid test!


Chapter Text

That night started out so calming


Wardell had clocked out for the day and set off towards home


But he noticed how the stars, and it's sister, moon, shined brighter now that winter has left the island to tend to the other parts of the world


Being drawn to this, Wardell took a step on the beach and sat in the sand to take in the night sky


It was calming


It allowed him to think about how he did that day


He spoke to some of the residents


That was good enough for him


However, his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of another voice filling said thoughts


A panda bear with light red skin and eyes that stare into one's soul, approached him with a smile that would make Redd himself shudder


"How's it goin'?"


He asked nonchalantly


Wardell responded with a polite


"I'm.. just taking in the stars."


The panda bear got closer


"Fine things tonight, aren't they?"


Wardell responded


"They are.."


The panda bear got closer.


"Say, don't you work for that Lottie chick? Wardell, right?"


Wardell liked being recognized, this made him smile a little


"That's me.."


The panda bear got closer..


"I've gotta say, you've got some serious junk in that trunk of yours, if you know what I mean?"


The comment made Wardell uncomfortable


The panda bear got closer...


"You gonna let me hit or what?"


"I.. should be going.."


"Why? Weren't you enjoying the view a few moments ago?"


"I have somewhere to be.."


"It can wait, sit back down and we can enjoy the view-"


The panda bear placed his paws on Wardell's shoulders





That's where he prefers the memory to end



The next thing Wardell remembers was waking up on the beach, the sun rising just beyond the horizon


His body ached, feeling like it had been bruised


Looking down, he saw that he had been stripped of his clothing, dark purple marks covered his chest and a white substance emanated from his-

Unsightly bit


He managed to carry himself to his home to take a shower, put on new clothes, and eat in order to get ready for another day of work


He pretends it didn't happen


Hoping that the memories would fade away the longer he ignores them


However, they were just becoming more and more clearer 


He could still feel those paws violating his body, caressing his face, covering his mouth.. the taste of dirt and grime still haunted his taste buds, not even sweet chocolate could drown the taste out


He doesn't want anybody to know


That panda bear was weaker then him, he could have taken him on, but he didn't


He allowed this to happen to himself


And so, he doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy or help


Best to stay silent and wait everything out


He was good at that


Nobody would know, everything would be okay




"Wardell! Earth to Wardell! Wake up!"


The manatee snapped out of his resting position in an instant, he rubbed his eyes and stared at the one who awoke him,"There you are big guy! I was scared you wouldn't come back and we'd lose ya!" Niko laughed, sitting on top a desk and eating a box of souvenir chocolate. Wardell chuckled to himself before yawning,"How.. long was I.. asleep?"

"I don't know, the whole day?" "I'm serious." Wardell said in mockery to how some of the clients would act, Niko laughed,"Alright alright! Keep ya pants on lady! Ha ha!" Niko hummed in thought while popping some chocolate into his mouth,"Like.. eight hours?" 


It was getting worse..


Wardell forced out a laugh,"I should.. really limit myself to how much time I spend looking at the sky.." The monkey swallowed,"Yeah, you're looking deader and deader each day." Lottie snapped her head towards her colleagues,"Niko!" She yelled,"That's not nice!" "I wasn't tryin' be mean! I was just making an observation!" Lottie sighed into her paws before laughing,"I'm sorry for Niko's observation Wardell, he's just a big ol' meanie!" The monkey jumped up,"Hey!" Wardell smiled,"It's okay." At least he's always with the people who make him smile, even when he does sleep during work hours

The entrance bell went off, alerting everyone to a customer's presence

"Huh? Ophile? I thought you were going home for the night." Lottie asked the human as he stepped inside, he looked disheveled and needing of a nap,"I was.. but then this bear started chasing me, asking if I could set him up real quick.. and an extra amount of poki never hurt anyone.." He said, forcing a smile onto his face. Lottie looked worried but did her best to seem cheerful,"Alright! Let's see what we can do for them! What is their name?" She took out a clipboard of locations and a pen

Ophile yawned into his hand and scratched his head,"I think.. Chow or somethin'.." The otter walked to the door next to the human,"You don't have to make their house anything major, just give them the basic necessities, you can always go back and redo their home." Ophile nodded, his smile turning more genuine. Niko groaned the moment the door closed,"But I wanted to go home!" He complained, laying down on Lottie's desk,"I wanna relax and watch my favorite show! Now I'm gonna miss it!" Wardell pat his companion on the back, feeling his sentiment,"Who does this guy think he is? The king of England?" Niko asked, flicking an eraser with his finger

The door reopened with Lottie poking her head in,"Hey Niko? Can you.. come help us?" Niko sat up,"What's wrong?" "We need to know if this area's safe or not, you're good at telling if something dangerous." The monkey jumps off the table,"Say no more! Niko's comin' to help!" He ran out the door with no hesitance,"Oh and Wardell? The client wants to look at the catalog, do you mind-" The manatee shook his head with a smile,"Great! Thank you!"

Lottie kept the door opened for the client, apparently named Chow, to enter

But the moment his face was in view, Wardell froze like a deer in the headlights


It was him.


That fur was recognizable, even from a mile away


That smile.. how it haunts one's soul just from a glance


Wardell stood there, not sure on what to do


He needed to run


He needed to scream




But his mind had no effect on his body


The bear had his eyes locked on him the very moment he entered, his smile grew wider the moment he closed the door,"Well well, lookie who I have here-" He said as he approached the manatee with his hands out,"A tasty snack for me to enjoy for a second's time coming."


His mind was yelling at him, but no matter what he wanted, he couldn't get his legs to move or his mouth to open and scream

They were just outside.. they could hear him.. why wasn't he doing anything?!


Wardell gasps as the bear's claws dug into his hips, with one swipe, his pants were nothing more then shreds on the ground,"Come here, take my dick again, come on it again, just like last time." The manatee looked away, his body was shaking and tears just started forming. Chow licked his lips as he thrusted his dick into the manatee's opening but before he could scream, he covered his mouth,"Ohhh fuucck! I missed your warm slutty opening.. mmm.. so good." Chow slammed Wardell against the coach on display and began fucking his opening without any regards for the sounds that were probably seeping out the building, alerting the other employees

The manatee laid on the coach, his flippers beside his head, uselessly gripping the cushions as he was raped. The bear was careless with his movement, it made this whole experience worse for the second time, Chow had his tongue out and his head leaned backwards like a panting dog.. disgusting. Wardell cursed himself for not doing something, he had a chance to escape.. or maybe- "You wanted this to happen! You love being my cock warmer!" The manatee's eyes widen, if not for the paw in his mouth, he would have tried to protest or make a sound that would have denied the assumption

"I knew it! Don't worry, I'll kidnap you and keep you all for myself, I'll give you my cock everyday just so you can warm it and come all over it!" Chow brought his head back down and licked Wardell's face,"I've always wanted my own personal cock warmer!"



"No! Stop it! Get off me!"




The manatee opened his eyes to see he was looking at the floor with his flippers over his head, he lifted his head and saw Lottie and Niko staring at him with equally worried expressions,"W-What-" Wardell stood up, gripping the counter to steady himself,"What.. happened?" The otter looked at the monkey,"We settled the work with Chester and Niko went with Ophile to get him settled in and I went to grab something to eat." Niko jumped onto the counter,"But when we came back, you were screaming, you alright big guy?"

Wardell released a sigh knowing none of that was real, he made himself smile and laugh,"Yes.. I must have had a bad dream.." Lottie picked at her claws,"But you sounded like you were in a lot of distress.." Niko placed his paw on his friend's shoulder,"If something's botherin' ya, you know we're here to-" The monkey retracted his paw in the moment he saw Wardell's fearful expression, he backed away,"Help.."


He can't tell them


What would they say?


It was his fault it happened


It would be his fault if it happened again


He didn't deserve their pity


Wardell, despite his shaking body and tear filled vision, smiled brighter,"Don't worry about me.. I-I'll be okay.."



Unfortunately, his friends knew that something was wrong, they always knew


Why did he think he could hide it from them?


How stupid..


Lottie carefully approached the manatee, she stared at him with comforting eyes,"We don't want to force you to tell us anything, but don't try to push us away, because we're going to keep coming back, because we love you."


That smile faded with those words


Words hold more power then he had assumed


Wardell fell to the ground with his flippers covering his face, all his pain, all his fear, all the feelings he repressed since that night, echoed out in a deafening scream that would shake an entire island to it's core


Lottie and Niko went to his side and sat there with him, listening to that scream like it was an art piece needing to be respected


But like every art piece, the scream died out and became sobs of those repressed emotions 


Through it all, his friends stood by his side, even when the moon was halfway across the sky, they weren't ever going to leave



Hesitantly, Wardell lifted his head from his flippers, he didn't dare look at his friends, he couldn't let them look at him


"We're here for you, whenever you're ready to talk.."






His voice came out as a whisper but Lottie and Niko could hear him


He gulped


"Please don't.. hate me.."


"We promise."


"Take your time, we're not going anywhere."



Wardell, despite the pain he repressed for all this time, the nightmare he wanted to end, the fear clogging up his windpipe, and the hoarseness of his throat-



He opened his mouth