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Smut Shorts

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It was a warm day in Tocavile,Rita and Leon were outside in the backyard of Leon's house playing hide and seek. They went back inside as they began to feel tired



They sat together on the couch drinking water,"That was fun! Let's do that again when it gets cooler!" Rita said as she drank down her bottle a bit of water going down her white shirt that replaced her normal sweater since it was a bit too hot,Leon couldn't help himself from looking at her. He did have a crush on the girl but never had the courage to ask her out due to his anxiety

Rita crumpled up her bottle and threw it into the trashcan that was nearby. She leaned back onto the couch smiling,the boy looked down blushing seeing her in such a position made him..feel weird. Leon took in a breath and looked at Rita and he blushed deeply,she was in a very suggestive way and she seemed to not notice it. That was the breaking point for him,he just needed her now.



"I think I should be going. I promised Nari I would meet her-" Rita tried to stand up but was pushed down by Leon. She looked at him confused as his hands pinned her wrist by her head,"L..Leon?" The boy kissed her softly finally feeling her soft lips after all these years, Rita was in shock but fell into the sweet and tender kiss. The two held each other as they kissed

Leon removed his hands and slid them into Rita's shirt and under her sports bra,the girl opened her eyes and looked into the boys eyes that were filled with lust. Leon's hand brushed her breast finally feeling her,what a feeling that he can finally have to himself,"Leon..stop..I..I can't do this." Rita said sitting up and removing his hand,Leon looked at her confused hurt but didn't let himself cry

"We can talk later..ok?" She said trying to stand but the boy refused to let her up,"Leon,let me go!" "No.." "Why?! Are you really going to violate me til you get bored of me?!" "No..I..I don't want to violate you.." "Then why are you doing this?!" Rita lost her anger as Leon started to cry,"Because..I..I love you.." The boy let her go and covered his eyes,"I loved you..for..for so long..and..and I..I never had confidence to just tell you..that..that I love you. But..but now I ruined it for me..just because I..I wanted to do THIS!" He yelled. Rita sat up and placed a hand on her neck

"I'm..sorry Rita..I understand you don't want to be friends..I'll just-" Rita kissed his cheek causing him to look up,"I didn't know you liked" She backed up a bit and smiled,"I can be my first..just be gentle ok?" Leon smiled and moved closer to her,he kissed her lips again.



Nari walked down the road to Leon's house holding her spying equipment to see what her friends were doing,she went into Leon's basement and started to set up everything,she connected to the cameras that she placed around all her friend's houses. She turned it on and blushed seeing the two 'doing the dirty'. The girl with black hair watched as Leon moved his hand into Rita's skirt,Nari smiled as she ran her own hand down her pants and started to touch herself




"L..Leon.." The girl moaned feeling her friends hand going into her skirt and touching her clit,the boy pulled down her skirt,shorts and underwear finally having fully accuses to the part that he'd find himself looking when he begins to drift off. Leon licked the bundle causing a strong moan to come out the girl,he lowed his head down and began licking the area. Rita gripped his hair as she moaned louder not noticing how her screams seemed to echo throughout the house


Leon looked up at her as he ate her out,Rita was blushing deeply and a moaning mess. She griped tighter as his tongue entered inside her,Rita yelled out in ecstasy grinding herself on Leon feeling herself build up,"Leon! Go..Go faster!" She demanded,Leon lifted his head and licked his lips





The girl who was watching this ordeal was moaning herself as she slipped a finger inside her,a smile was plain on her face thinking of the one she stalks when she's feeling like this,"Zeke..yes.." She moaned going faster thinking of them doing it together like how Rita and Leon are doing it. Nari pressed deeper inside her,her face contorted with pleasure feeling herself getting closer






Rita watched as Leon removed his pants and boxer showing his cock which wasn't that big but looked nice from Rita's point of view,the girl looked in awe at the rock hard cock in front of her,"Ready?" He asked pressing it against her hole,Rita bit her lip and nodded. Leon began to push into her feeling the tightness of her hole,Rita took in a sharp breath and let out a soft moan. She smiled as she let out moans of pleasure squeezing her eyes shut,Leon gripped Rita's hips and thrusted inside her. Rita screamed out her thoughts disappearing and being replaced with only love,"Oh yes! Yes!" The boy bit his lip feeling the girl's hole tighten around him,"I..I love you Rita!" "I love you too!"

The two kids who were once fiends,but now lovers,locked lips their tongues dancing in passion as Leon's thrusts got more sloppier which meant he was close,"Rita..? C..Can I put it inside you?" the girl wasn't able to talk,but she nodded. She gripped Leon's neck and lifted herself with her legs around his waist,"I'm gonna..I'm..I'm gonna..AHHH!" 





Rita's vision hazed feeling herself release a substance and a substance enter inside her,Leon was also felt amazing. The boy pulled out and took in a deep breath,"I-" the girl grabbed him and pulled him down beside her,"Don't talk..I just wanna lie beside you.." She said hugging him feeling tired. Leon smiled grabbing the blanket off the couch and putting it over them


Nari caught her breath removing her fingers from her body,she licked it and smiled. The girl watched the two sleep from their love making,"You know..I think Zeke might be free-" The girl lit up and pulled up her pants


She had a lot to do today