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Soulmate Shorts AKA The Crackship Armada

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So, I’ve become somewhat addicted to amusewithaview’s Soul Mates AU. And, because I am trying to challenge myself to get a bit less long-winded and carried away by the plot fairies every time I write, each pairing chapter (possibly the odd triad) in this fic is intended to be no more than 1,000 words (some may be a lot less).

If you don’t already know, the premise of this AU is that the first words soulmates say to each other appear somewhere on the skin of each partner, in the handwriting of the other. The younger partner is born with the words, the older receives the words the moment the younger one is born. Asgardians are a bit different (in my AU) – their soulmarks are triggered by touch.

Amusewithaview has already written an amazing chapter fic about Darcy Lewis and her possible soulmates called Write Love On My Skin. This is intended to be my version, but mixing and matching members of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast with various Avengers, X-Men and other MCU characters.

I've also included entertainingly badly Photoshopped images of each pairing by me, in the hope that they might help you to visualise the characters together... hope they don't offend too much! I've also added my own cheesy hair rock (mostly) soundtrack for which I am entirely blaming Peter Quill. Each pairing has a theme song advised in the beginning notes - for maximum feels cue up the song and listen while you read!

These are the first meetings of soulmates, so sexual contact is implied in the future, but won’t be written in, although there’s a few kisses – okay, Tony Stark broke that plan, but it’s not explicit. This is still rated T. (Some of the sequels aren’t – be careful if you don’t want to read smut).

I’ve created a poll for you to vote in, for which pairings you’d like me to write first. You get up to TEN votes in the current version. They are written STRICTLY in order of most votes to least. If you want to see other pairings than those on the Poll you can ask, but bear in mind that I won’t write those that are contradicted in MCU canon – so generally it’s restricted to people who haven’t ‘met’ onscreen.

Now that there are 50+ of these written, it’s been pointed out to me that an index would be useful, particularly for those reading on their phones where full chapter titles don’t appear. Therefore, here’s an index which I will endeavour to update every few fics… and include details of sequels.

Soulmate Shorts Index by chapter number:

  1. Introduction/Index

  2. Jemma/Clint

  3. Skye/Johnny Storm

  4. Hunter/Darcy Lewis

  5. May/Tony

  6. Skye/Bucky                                               sequel The B.ER.S.E.R.K.E.R. Stratagem by AiyanaS

  7. Skye/Peter Parker

  8. Skye/Tony                                                 sequel So You're The One

  9. Jemma/Bruce/Hulk

  10. Skye/Deadpool                                        fits into the Jemma/Gambit major sequel,The Gambler

  11. Jemma/Bucky                                          sequel currently being plotted by me

  12. Jemma/Steve                                           sequel A Very Eloquent Speech

  13. Jemma/Johnny Storm

  14. Skye/Steve                                                sequel Trust Cap by jennaloohoo

  15. May/Wolverine

  16. Darcy/Trip

  17. Skye/Darcy

  18. Skye/Clint                                               sequel I Can Jump...No! by AlekWalker

  19. Jemma/Tony                                            sequel Prior Consent COMPLETE

  20. Steve/Bucky/Skye                                   sequel I’m So Scared, Please Help Me by LadyWinterlight

  21. Steve/Bucky/Jemma

  22. Skye/Thor

  23. Skye/Loki                                               sequel It Is You by VulpeculaNight

  24. Skye/Wolverine

  25. Clint/Bucky/Skye                                     sequel Are You Two…? (total porn without plot) by me COMPLETE

  26. Jemma/Loki                                              sequel What Right Have You?

  27. Jemma/Wolverine

  28. Jemma/Sam Wilson

  29. Jemma/Gambit                                        sequel The Gambler by me COMPLETE

  30. Skye/Sam Wilson

  31. Clint/Bucky/Jemma

  32. Fitz/Tony (platonic)                                  follows on from no. 28, Jemma/Sam

  33. Skye/Peter Quill                                        reserved for Lady Winterlight

  34. Clint/Natasha/Jemma

  35. Skye/Gambit

  36. Jemma/Peter Quill

  37. Skye/Quicksilver

  38. May/Bruce

  39. Jemma/Quicksilver

  40. May/Natasha

  41. Jemma/Brock Rumlow                             sequel You Need To Trust Me by me COMPLETE

  42. Clint/Natasha/Skye

  43. Jemma/Deadpool

  44. Fitz/Darcy

  45. Jemma/Peter Parker                                 follows on from no. 44, Fitz/Darcy

  46. Natasha/Skye                                           sequel TBC reserved for catandmouse10

  47. Clint/Natasha/May

  48. Skye/Brock Rumlow

  49. Skye/Fandral                                            fits into the Jemma/Loki sequel What Right Have You?

  50. Skye/Pyro

  51. Skye/Rhodey

  52. Steve/Bucky/Sif

  53. Skye/Colossus                                          follows on from no. 15, May/Wolverine

  54. Skye/Angel                                              sequel If I Had A Dollar... by me

  55. Natasha/Jemma

  56. Jemma/Colossus

  57. Fitz/Natasha

  58. Jemma/Fandral

  59. Skye/Victor von Doom                             sequel Let Go Of Me  by storieaddict

  60. Skye/Iceman

  61. Hunter/Bobbi

  62. Skye/Wanda (Scarlet Witch)                     follows on from no. 39, Jemma/Quicksilver

  63. Skye/Bruce Banner

  64. Jemma/Iceman

  65. Melinda May/Drax the Destroyer             follows on from no. 36, Jemma/Peter Quill

  66. Bucky Barnes/Sif

  67. Jemma/Angel                                          follows on from no. 15, May/Wolverine, and no. 53, Skye/Colossus

  68. Bucky Barnes/Pepper Potts                      sequel In Extremis Veritas  by zathara001

  69. Skye/Hogun

  70. Grant Ward/Natasha Romanoff

  71. Steve/Sif

  72. Jemma/Jane Foster Platonic                     fits into the Jemma/Loki sequel What Right Have You?

  73. Jemma/Pyro                                            follows on from no. 60, Skye/Iceman

  74. Thor/Storm

  75. Loki/Rogue                                             follows on from no. 74, Thor/Storm

  76. Phil Coulson/Pepper Potts

  77. Fitz/Darcy/Jane Foster

  78. Darcy/Deathlok

  79. Clint/Bobbi/Natasha/Hunter

  80. Fitz/Rogue part 1

  81. Fitz/Rogue part 2

  82. May/Rhodey

  83. Phil Coulson/Wolverine

  84. Bucky/Wanda                                            sequel My Mission by me

  85. Phil Coulson/Melinda May

  86. Grant Ward/Rogue

  87. Fitz/Sif

  88. Mack/Darcy

  89. Skye/Heimdall

  90. May/Clint

  91. Steve/Wanda

  92. Darcy/Deadpool                                         sequel One Too Many Shocks by pretzel-logic

  93. Steve/Pepper

  94. Bucky/Bobbi

  95. Hunter/Bobbi/Clint

  96. Phil/Gamora                                               follows on from no. 36, Jemma/Peter Quill, and no 65, May/Drax

  97. Jemma/Rhodey

  98. Peggy Carter/Wolverine 

  99. May/Loki

  100. Clint/Sif

  101. May/Sam Wilson

  102. Fitz/Wanda

  103. Clint/Bobbi Morse                                      sequel You Can Come Out Now by AlekWalker

  104. May/Heimdall                                             fits into the Jemma/Loki sequel What Right Have You?

  105. Clint/Wanda

  106. Darcy/Angel                                               sequel Broken Wings In The City That Never Sleeps by BirdofFire

  107. Clint/Hunter

  108. Clint/Brock Rumlow

  109. Sif/Tony Stark

  110. Fitz/Kitty Pryde

  111. Clint/Jane

  112. Clint/Pepper

  113. Natasha/Sif

  114. Brock Rumlow/Wanda Maximoff

  115. Clint Barton/ Pietro Maximoff                      companion fic to 114, Brock Rumlow/Wanda

  116. Jemma/Thor

  117. Jemma/Pyro/Iceman                                    reserved for Ellabee15

  118. Skye/Jean Grey/Scott Summers                   companion fic to 117, Jemma/Pyro/Iceman, reserved for Ellabee15

  119. Natasha/Heimdall

  120. Brock Rumlow/Lance Hunter

  121. Skye/Deadpool/Wolverine                           reserved for BirdofFire

  122. Darcy/Gambit

  123. Skye/Sam/Angel

  124. Fitz/Bucky

  125. Skye/Sunil Bakshi                                        reserved for Dubstep Wombat

  126. Jemma/Sunil Bakshi

  127. Darcy/Colossus

  128. Bruce Banner/Beth The Waitress

  129. Brock Rumlow/Beth The Waitress

  130. Bucky Barnes/Beth The Waitress                  now with sequel The Light In The Darkness by MelyndaR

  131. May/Deadpool

  132. Quicksilver/Deadpool

  133. Johnny Storm/Angel

  134. Jemma/Lincoln

  135. Fitz/Sam Wilson

  136. Brock Rumlow/Bucky Barnes

  137. Clint Barton/Beth the Waitress

  138. Jemma/Matt Murdock

  139. Pyro/Iceman/Skye

  140. Jemma/Hogun

  141. Darcy Lewis/Grant Ward

  142. Pietro Maximoff/Bucky Barnes

  143. Tony Stark/Wanda Maximoff

  144. Skye/Jack Rollins

  145. Skye/Scott Summers (Cyclops)

  146. STRIKE Team Uncles (not a pairing)

  147. Steve/Melinda May

  148. Darcy Lewis/Lincoln Campbell

  149. Phil Coulson/Helen Cho

  150. Melinda May/Odin


Not sequels but also inspired by this fic…

Until The Last Falling Star

Fate’s Arrow

Avengers Soulmates Snipets

Those Lovely Marks

What Pepper Said


Fate Has A Twisted Sense Of Humour

I Wasn't Expecting This Today

If YOU are inspired by one of these and want to write a sequel – first of all, please check the Index to see if someone already did. One sequel per Short, please. Second, please get in touch and ASK me, because a few I want to keep for myself – I’d like to see a plot and beta-read at least the first chapter of your continuance. I also politely request that you credit me and then I’ll link to your story from both this Index and the appropriate chapter in the story.