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Traditions of the Wolves

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Stiles sighed as he plopped down in one of the restaurants booths. He was tired, annoyed, and starving. Being a human while being friends with werewolves was tiring but more on the mind than on the body...though his body still ached. As usual he wasn't taken seriously and ignored and yelled at and never defended.


We feel free when we escape, even if it be but from the frying pan into the fire. Yet I cannot help but weep at seeing such a young pup sigh so ominously.”


Stiles' head snapped up at the voice and he smiled widely, standing up to hug Mozzie, who was awaiting with open arms.


Oh my god! Mozzie! You're here! Is pops here too!?” Stiles asked excitedly.


It brings great joy to know our presence lifts your spirits, young pup.” Mozzie grinned as he and Stiles parted and sat down in Stiles' booth.


Pop usually calls or sends a message or something when he comes to visit. I haven't received anything,” Stiles said as he offers some of his curly fries to Mozzie.


Yes, well, Neal has to be extra cautious these days. Sending warning would have been a bit too dangerous,” Mozzie said as he dipped a fry into some ketchup.


Stiles eyes widened, “Is he okay?”


Of course he is. He's here to see you. But first he had a meeting to attend to with the Hales. I was supposed to wait but I got bored and you seemed like you needed a chum.” were spying on me.” Stiles stated rather than ask.


Carefully observing from a distance while acknowledging all facts about your actions and reactions,” Mozzie corrected, to which Stiles only rolled his eyes to. “Also, the wolves in this town are foolish to not see the gem that you are.”


Stiles blushed and groaned as he hid his face in his arms on the table, “Mooooooozzzieeeeeeee!” he mumbled in embarrassment.


What? It's true. From what Neal has told me, if it wasn't for your clever mind, they'd have been so completely lost it would go beyond being funny to pathetic.” Mozzie said with a smile.


That's just pops. He's...he's...” Stiles tried to find the right word.


Encouraging of your mischievous talents and very proud but would never let that get in the way of being blinded by a shabby job. Which you never do. You have talent, young pup. One day, and hopefully one day soon, you will see what we see.”


Stiles sat up and raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean by that?”


Me? I didn't mean anything by that. Though you may want to be prepared for a particularly live changing conversation with Neal later tonight.” Mozzie said with raised hands in the surrender gesture.

Does it have anything to do with any trouble he's in?” Stiles asked.


I will neither deny nor confirm.”


Dad's not going to like this, is he?” Stiles asked warily.


It...may be wiser to invite the good Sheriff to a drink first,” Mozzie suggested making Stiles groan. Mozzie raised an eyebrow, “What? You've never really been against this tactic.”


It's and Mr. Argent have been a thing for a while.” Stiles began.

“Ah, yes...the hunter. Neal wasn't very happy about that family being so close to you,” Mozzie confided.


As psycho as their family is, Chris and Allison are actually good people. Chris makes dad happy and Allison makes Scott happy.” Stiles defended the Argents that had basically become his family.


Well the fact that they are overzealous about killing werewolves and one of your fathers happens to be one makes it a bit concerning. The fact that one of them tried to kill an entire pack just because is a bit more concerning. Actually it's really concerning. Also do not for a second believe Neal doesn't know about the incident with Gerard.”


Stiles winced, “Mozz...”


In the end people always look out for themselves and what matters to them the most, young pup. For Neal, there is no thing or no one more important than you and your safety.” Mozzie said.


He and Stiles had a bit of a show down staring contest before Stiles sighed and closed his eyes, “Something's happened.”




It involves me.”




Pop's here for me.”


It's a possibility.”


What the hell is happening, Moz?” Stiles asked exhausted, pushing his fries away, appetite gone.


What was always meant to happen, young pup. The full moon rises, and with it, the howling wolf.”



Erica, Boyd, and Isaac walk into the Hale house in front of Derek, all heading towards the kitchen for a snack when they see a visitor sitting with Alpha Talia, Mr. Hale, and Laura.


Ah, Derek. You remember Mr. Caffrey.” Talia motioned towards their visitor. He was sophisticated and posh, but had this easy charm about him, yet there was this underlining strength in him that the younger wolves noticed.


Derek though stiffened a bit as he looked at his feet. Yes, he remembered Neal Caffrey. How couldn't he? When Kate had set out to kill his family by trying to burn down his home, it had been Neal Caffrey that had saved them. Some of the house had suffered, but everyone inside made it out, all thanks to the Alpha Wolf in front of him.


His young and stupid mistake nearly cost him his family. Though he was extremely grateful to the wolf, he was always embarrassed. His Uncle Peter always calling Caffrey a 'Noble Wolf' and when Derek asked what he meant by that, he learned that though Neal was a wolf, he was different than them.


Nodding in acknowledgment, Derek turned and headed towards his room. His wolves following him after a few words themselves.


Who was that?” Erica asked when they were in his room.


Neal Caffrey. He's an Alpha. Friend of the family.” Derek said curtly.


And savior of our family,” Cora said as she waltzed into the room, earning a glare from Derek but she ignored it.


What do you mean?” Isaac asked.


He saved the family from dying in the fire that one of the Argent's set.” Cora replied.


I thought they couldn't touch us?” Isaac asked.


Normally they can't because we haven't done anything or hurt anyone. But they broke their code and tried to kill us. Mr. Caffrey helped us all get out.”


Sshhh...I'm trying to eavesdrop,” Erica said and then everyone remained quiet, interested in what the adults were saying downstairs.


How long are you in town for, Neal? The moon is almost full. We'd be more than honored if you'd join us in our run,” Mr. Hale suggested.


Neal grinned, “That's very generous of you, but I'm afraid I shouldn't overstay my welcome.”


I doubt you'll ever do that. You know we do not mind housing you. We are different enough that you can stay as long as you like without there being a fight over territory.” Talia said.


That and I have no intention of gaining a pack or settling down roots,” Neal confirmed as he nestled his cup of tea. least about the first part,” Peter said as he walked in and took a seat at the table.


Peter,” Neal lifted his cup in greeting, grinning that mischievous grin of his.


Are you here for him?” Talia asked. Happy demeanor from earlier leaving her immediately.


Neal sighed as he sat up straighter. “Maybe.”


That's a big fat yes,” Peter said as he leaned back into his chair, gaining a half glare from Neal, Talia, and Mr. Hale. Laura just watched with a mix of a curious and amused face.


Talia ignored her brother and turned to Neal, her aura of Alpha clear and strong, “When you saved our family and asked us for a favor in return, we promised you Neal, we would keep your son safe.”


Normally Neal is the last one to invoke violence, claiming there is no creativity in it, not like in his crimes, but the anger that roared off of him in waves as something that made the other's stiffen with anticipation. Neal's voice was harsh and cold, “And yet...Gerard Argent still got a hold of him and tortured him.”


The Hale wolves looked away at the accusation before Talia dared to meet Neal's eyes once more, “You wouldn't come back unless something really big is happening. Will you at least let us know?”


The less you know the better, Talia. Believe me.” Neal said, his voice still cold, but less harsh.


Stiles is important to us. There have been lapses, and I am very sorry. If you think I didn't want to go for blood when I found out, you're wrong. But I have to be careful...war is something I don't want. None of us do.”


If that remains true then you will let me take my son without question. Now or later.” Neal stated seriously.


You're awakening his wolf.” Mr. Hale said.


It's been long over due,” was Neal's reply.


John won't be happy.” Peter commented nonchalantly.


He's always known this day would come. If I experience any resistance on the matter, I'm sure it'll be an Argent's fault.” Neal said sourly.


Is there anything we can say to make you reconsider...just a few more years?” Talia asked.


Neal stood up, “Stiles is my son. A descendant of Loki, Wulfenkind, and a huge part of his life has been repressed for far too long. You may feel some attachment to the boy, but there are things at work that do not and cannot involve's a family affair.” Neal turned towards the door and began to make his way out.


Neal!” Mr. Hale called out, “Stiles is family. Taking him away will hurt all of us, but some of the younger wolves more so.”


Stiles' life is in danger...because of me. Someone wants to hurt me and they're targeting him. It's not a matter of who will hurt or not, until this threat is taken care of, Stiles needs to be trained.”


We can protect him here...everything is quiet now. Our attention can be on Stiles. We can help him with his wolf,” Laura spoke up for the first time.


We aren't the same...there are things I need to show him, but not here.” Neal sighed, “Look...I know you've been more of a family to Stiles than I have been but you have to let him go...” with that, Neal left without another word.



Isaac, Erica, and Boyd all looked towards Derek as Isaac asked, “He can't take Stiles away...right?”


Derek looked at his wolves and sister. After the Hale Fire had been avoided, Stiles had become a bit more of a common face among the Hale residence. Laura and Peter were exceptionally fond of him, though the rest of his family totally loved him too. Derek was still very guilty and pissed about what almost happened to get close to Stiles and was actually a bit of a jerk to him. But Stiles had this thing about him where he wouldn't hold back, even when he was scared, he'd tell Derek what others were afraid to. And when things went down, it was Stiles who would find a way to fix things. Things were complicated when Scott got bit by a passing rogue wolf that brought in the Argents, and Scott falling for Allison and the Sheriff and Chris' thing. No matter how much his wolves loved Stiles and how he cared for them, things have always been...complicated.


Did he want Stiles to be taken away...possibly forever?


I don't know...”



Are you going to tell me the truth about what's going on?” Stiles asked as soon as Neal stepped into his room.


Good to see you too, pup.” Neal replied with a grin.


Stiles couldn't help himself as he ran into his other biological father's arms and hugged him tight. He may be confused but he had missed his papa so much. Looking up at his pops as he pulled away he said seriously, “I know something's up. Please don't lie to me.”


Neal sighed, “'s time we talked about your heritage.”



I don't want to fight anymore,” Chris said as he met John at the station.


The Sheriff sighed as he walked out with Chris at his side, “You think I wanted to in the first place?”


No, course not but...I need you to understand how dangerous it actually it is out there.” Chris tried to reason.


Yet you're not really all that interested in enlightening me.” The Sheriff deadpanned as he walked to his cruiser, Chris stepping into the passenger side.


Look, I just want you safe...can we please about this later?” Chris asked as John began to drive home.


And by talk about this later do you mean ignore it until the next fight or actually talk?” about it later, promise.” Chris swore and with a hum from the Sheriff, they drove in silence.


When they arrived, Chris went to open the door while the Sheriff got a few things out of the cruiser. The last thing Chris expected to see when he opened the door was a half naked man only wearing sweat pants as he dried his hair in one of their towels.


He reached for his gun just in case but didn't pull it out as he demanded, “Who the hell are you?”


The man was too old to be a friend of Stiles. Said human came down the stairs just as John entered and closed the door behind him.


Neal?” John asked, surprised and Chris didn't miss how the Sheriff's eyes raked over the man's body. Jealousy rose inside of the hunter as he stepped next to John.


John.” Neal nodded in acknowledgment to the other, eyes locking into a heated stare.


You two know each other?” Chris asked, drawing their attention to him.


Haven't reached that stage of the relationship yet, huh?” Neal asked pointedly, a bit of bitterness in his voice but it was hidden behind fake sweetness.


What's that supposed to mean?” Chris asked, not liking the smug bastard in front of him more and more by the second.


Neal shrugged, “Just that fact that I'm Stiles' other biological father is all.”


Chris turned a confused face towards John and asked, “What?”


John glared a bit to Neal before turning to Chris, “It's...a long story.”


Which we don't have time for,” Neal cut in.


What are you doing here, Neal?” John demanded.


To pick Stiles up, of course.”