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The Witch Slayer

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Chapter 1: The (witch) slayer

4th Year - March - Hogwarts

Draco hadn't meant to eavesdrop. Later, he would explain that he was minding his own business, scanning the shelves with his helpful notice-me-not charm with the sole desire to be left alone. But then he heard a few choice words and couldn't really help his actions.

"I know it was a dream but it felt so real. They were vampires! And there was a girl fighting them – " he whipped his head around, all blood draining from his face as he heard those words from the queen of swot, Hermione Granger herself. She was doing a poor job of whispering (though to be fair to her, his charm kept her from realizing just how close he was). "Look – I broke my bed! Something is wrong."

Draco watched the trio for another moment – Potter wearing his typical mask of concern, Weasley looking bored and dubious. They were surrounded by books and Granger was randomly pointing at something with passion. Unable to contain himself any longer, he grabbed a seat at their table, causing the 3 to do some sort of awkward jump and Draco to roll his eyes in condescension.

"When did this start?" He asked Hermione, looking at her with an intensity she didn't recognize. Potter and Weasley immediately pointed their wands at him, but there must have been something in his eyes because Hermione asked them to relax.

"What do you know?" She asked him, her hand gripping the table. Draco pointedly looked down at the table, a piece of the solid stone smashed in by her hand and looked back up at her with eye brows high.

"When did this start?" He asked again, the pair were locked in some sort of battle of wills.

She lost – her desire for knowledge overtaking her skepticism of the Slytherin. "2 days ago." Without warning, Draco whipped a cell phone out of his pocket and started dialing.

"What's that?" "You can't use muggle technology here!" and some other exasperation came out of the trio which Draco studiously ignored as he stood up, pacing as the phone slowly rang.

"Hello?" The voice gave him a moment's relief.

"Giles – is Buffy OK?" He asked.

"Draco? Yes – she's fine. She's at school – I saw her just this morning."

Draco gave an audible exhale and sat back down, vaguely aware of the trio's intense stares on him.

"What about Faith?"

"She passed away two days ago in the hospital – why did you call Draco?"

Draco paused – looking at Hermione thoughtfully, "I think I found the next Slayer – I'll call you back."

"Draco-" Giles began but Draco had shut his phone already.

"I can tell you what's going on – what I think is going on. But you cannot tell anyone." He told her.

She looked dubious, "What the hell is going on Malfoy?"

Draco shut his eyes for a moment, letting the utter ridiculousness of the situation sink in. He had to tell her – or her next stop would probably be the headmaster's office or the hospital wing. He grabbed some powder out of his satchel, sprinkled it on the table and mumbled a few words causing the space outside of their table to appear fuzzy.

"What did you do Malfoy?" Potter asked, his wand back in his hand. Draco put his wand on the table and his hands up in the universal sign of surrender.

"I put this table just out of phase with the rest of the library. Until I lift the spell, no time will pass outside of this table. This is the only way I can guarantee we will not be overheard." Draco explained intensely.

Hermione frowned, "I've never heard of a spell like that."

Draco smiled – a genuine smile in a way one does when recounting a pleasant memory, "there's a lot more to magic than is taught here at Hogwarts," he began. "You,", he looked at Hermione, "are a Vampire Slayer."

"A what?" (from Potter) "No she's not!" (From Weasley) "But that's a myth!" (From Hermione).

Draco smiled again, but this time it was more predatory. "What do you know of the Vampire Slayer?"

Helpless to show off her knowledge, Hermione responded, "A girl whose cursed with strength and other supernatural abilities," she paused for a moment, "but from the few references I've seen, the slayer is referred to as a killer – someone who kills without thought or mercy and eventually goes crazy. There are no documented slayers so I assumed it was a myth." She was now visibly shaken.

"It's not a myth – the slayer is a creature – it takes over teenage girls and turns them into monsters. They're rare though." Ron started, "Look – Malfoy – I don't know if this is some ploy to get rid of Hermione but she is not a slayer!"

Malfoy sat back with a soft smile, contemplating his next statement, "I have no desire to 'get rid' of anyone. The slayer is very real but she is nothing like either of you describe." Hermione looked about ready to argue back when a pointed look from Draco convinced her to stop.

"Into each generation a slayer is born – one girl in all the world to fight the vampires, demons and the creatures of darkness. When one dies, another is born" he started, "She is not a monster, or cursed. She is chosen." Draco now smiled. Hermione looked contemplative. Harry looked dubious. Ron looked angry.

"What are you playing at?" Ron asked, "Is this some sort of pureblood conspiracy?" Completely ignoring the fact he, too, was a pureblood.

"That," Draco started, grabbing his temples, "literally makes no sense."

"Why should we believe you?" Harry asked.

Draco paused for a moment before reaching into his satchel and pulling out a couple of worn pieces of paper and placing them in front of Hermione. She glanced at him before smoothing them over, gasping.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"Do you recognize anyone?" Draco asked knowingly.

"Yes – she was in my dream." She pointed to the short blond girl, smiling happily in the photo. But what really shocked her was Draco standing next to her, "How do you know her?"

"She's my sister." Draco let the bomb drop and sat back.

"You have a sister?" (From Harry) "Your sister was a slayer?" (From Hermione, somewhat sadly actually) "But your sister is dead!" (From Ron)

"Yes I have a sister, she is the slayer – it's complicated, and no, she's not dead, that's just what we wanted everyone to believe." He answered the trio's questions ending with eyebrows raised at Ron's lack of social skills.

"But I remember it was a whole scandal – your sister was supposedly a squib and then went 'missing'." Ron reiterated, using air quotes on the word missing, obviously trying to reconcile some rumor he heard once a long time ago with this new information from an admittedly dubious source.

"Buffy is a squib. We found out when the watcher's council found her and told my parents she was a potential slayer," Draco started – knowing this is where things would start getting dicey, "What I'm going to tell you next is something we've kept purposefully hidden from the wizarding world for pretty much my whole life – and for good reason. I'm only telling you all now because you," he pointed to Hermione, "for some reason have been called."

Again, they looked skeptical, but this was too juicy to ignore. They nodded their agreement and Draco continued, "The watcher's council is the group that monitors slayers – one of their tasks is to identify and train potential slayers. Now – and here's where it gets complicated – the watchers and the British ministry of magic had a falling out some time ago. At that point, witches were no longer able to be identified as potentials by the Watchers.

"So when a watcher showed up at our house 15 years ago when Buffy was just 4 years old and told my parents she was a potential slayer, he also got to tell my parents that their daughter was a squib." Draco explained taking a breath to make sure everyone was keeping up – well, at least Hermione was, "My parents were under the same impression as Ron on slayers. As far as they were aware, they were inhuman creatures. BUT – my parents had never even heard of the concept of a potential slayer-"

"Because the watchers council and ministry had cut ties," Hermione cut in, excitement clear on her face.

Draco did everything to avoid rolling his eyes (but failed), "Yes. So my parents were more or less caught off guard. The watcher was able to convince my parents that the wizarding world was holding on to some old, medieval interpretation of the slayer. However, what they didn't realize was what a precarious position my parents were in at the time." He paused for dramatic effect.

"Because 15 years ago," he started slowly, waiting for the eureka moment that finally showed up on Hermione's face.

"15 years ago, we were still at war!" Hermione exclaimed. This got the attention of Ron and Harry for whatever reason, even though this story really had nothing to do with Voldemort.

"Exactly. So my parents couldn't just have some stuffy muggle hanging around training Buffy – and they weren't about to let them take her like that wanted. They faked her death and moved her to California – where we've more or less lived a double life." He explained, leaning back in his seat casually. "Oh – and they obliviated the shit out of that watcher."

"You're trying to tell me your parents have been living a double life with your supposedly dead squib sister in America for the last 15 years?" Ron stated with a surprisingly astute summary of the situation at hand.

Malfoy rolled his eyes, blatantly this time, "Yes. Not sure if you ever noticed that my mom spends in awful lot of time at our 'estate in France'. But yes, we have made sure that no one in the wizarding world knows she exists."

"Until now." Hermione stated thoughtfully. "You're either messing with us – which I do not want to believe, or you're taking a big risk talking to us."

"I need you to believe me – no – I need you to trust me." Draco pleaded, his eyes softening, "If you've been called, there has to be a reason. As far as I'm aware, there hasn't been a witch called in about 80 years – and before that it was over a hundred. Witches are rarely called as slayers."

"Shouldn't we go to Dumbledore about this?" Harry asked – a reasonable suggestion really. "This doesn't seem like something a group of 4th years should be dealing with."

Malfoy sighed – not surprised to have reached this point in the discussion, "Granger, as the slayer, is entitled to tell who she wants about who she is. But don't forget, as far as the wizarding world is concerned, slayers are malicious creatures."

Hermione's eyes narrowed, "There's something more isn't there?"

"I don't trust Dumbledore." Draco stated, his arms crossing over his chest.

"Why?" One of them (or maybe all?) asked.

"I have my reasons." He responded – hoping that was the end. The last thing he wanted was for the trio to embark on a holy crusade on the headmaster's behalf.

"Fine." Hermione said with a nod, "If we don't tell Dumbledore, what am I supposed to do?"

Draco breathed a sigh of relief and felt he had the first victory, "The man I was just on the phone with, Rupert Giles, is Buffy's watcher. I trust him implicitly. I'll call him and hopefully he will come up with some sort of plan to train you. And figure out why you have been called."

"Speaking of that, how did you get a cell phone to work at Hogwarts?" Hermione's earlier curiosity returned.

Draco groaned, "Focus. It just does. Magic. You can ask Giles," he took a deep centering breath, "OK. I'm going to break the spell – then walk away and make my phone calls. I'll owl when there's more information or a plan – OK?"

Hermione nodded in agreement. Harry and Ron looked skeptical and overall seemed to not approve of the whole thing but seemed to realize this was Hermione's ordeal and their opinion/feelings/input didn't really matter.

"Wait – Malfoy – a few more things..." Hermione interrupted, catching Draco right as he was about to break the spell, "How am I a slayer if your sister is still a slayer? What do you mean by 'more to magic than they teach at Hogwarts'? What are the 'other' creatures and demons you've been referring to? If your sister is a squib and you live some weird muggle double life why do you act like a dick to everyone? Why did your parents not just send Buffy away when the watcher first came?"

It was just Draco's luck that the swottiest nerd in school would be a slayer. He braced himself for a long night ahead…