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Wolves of the North

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The last of his Lords had signed his decree and Robb affixed the Seal of Winter to the document. It was done. His will was law now. His mother could protest it all she wanted. But Bran and Rickon were dead. Sansa was married to the Imp. And Arya? No one had seen Arya since the day his father had been arrested. And a nine year old girl in King's Landing had about as much of a chance of surviving as a mouse had after it had been bitten by a viper.

Despite the pleas of his mother, Jon Snow was now Jon Stark and his heir. The document that had been signed and sealed before him proclaimed it for all to see. He planned to present it to Jon personally after capturing Moat Cailin from the Ironborn and marching his army back through the North, liberating it as they went. The look on Jon's face was sure to be worth the trip to The Wall.

Though Jon was still a Man of the Night's Watch, this decree would handle that as well. Not only was Jon hereby legitimized by Royal Decree, he was released from his vows to the Night's Watch to fulfill his duty to his family. His sworn brothers may not like it, but as King in the North, he did have the authority to do that. And at any rate, he'd repay them for the loss of Jon a hundred times over. Every Ironborn that they captured alive would be given a choice: to lose his head, or join the Watch. Lord Commander Mormont was sure to appreciate the extra men.

But something in the back of his head was telling him not to wait. At times, he had the strangest feelings and dreams. Usually something to do with Grey Wind. But this was different. In the recesses of his mind, he could hear a voice saying, "Don't wait. Tell him now." If he had learned anything since leading the Northern host south and being declared King in the North, it was to listen to that voice.

As his Lords began filtering out of his tent, Robb spoke, "Lady Mormont, Lord Umber. Stay behind please."

Upon hearing both their names, Maege Mormont and Greatjon Umber both stop and turn towards their King. "Your Grace?" they said in unison.

"This document, Jon's legitimization. I dare not wait to make it known that Jon is my legal heir. Originally, I planned to tell Jon myself when we marched back North. But I don't think I can wait. So. I want Dacey and Smalljon to carry this letter to the Wall for me. I know that they're going to protest at being gone from my side. But I also know that of all the people in my camp, I can trust your Houses and those two more than any others. It'll go easier if I have your support with them."

Glancing at the Greatjon, Robb though it best to revise his words, "Well, at the least we'll be able to shout them down easier."

Roaring with laughter, Greatjon Umber slapped Robb on the back and told him, "Don't you worry, Your Grace. My son may have a head harder than the Iron Islands, but he'll do what he's told. Come on Maege! Lets go get our children so they can be on their way."

As his two bannermen made their way out of his tent, Robb poured himself a flagon of ale and drank down half of it in a single gulp before beginning to pace. This was the right decision, he was sure of it. Suddenly, he wished that he'd let Jeyne come with him to the Twins. He missed her terribly. He knew it was better for her to remain in Riverrun, Walder Frey was sure to be prickly as it was. But just for a moment he wanted to be selfish and have his Queen by his side.

Dropping into his camp chair, he picked up his ale and drank deeply from it again. Hearing the booming voice of the Greatjon yelling at his son that he would "bloody well do what his King commands," Robb couldn't help but chuckle. Trust the Greatjon not to bother standing on ceremony and to just get it out right away. As Smalljon and Dacey entered the tent followed by Maege and the Greatjon, Robb rose to speak with them.

"I'm guessing you know what I want you to do," he asked?

Speaking for both of them, Smalljon said, "Aye, Your Grace. And I don't like it. My place is by your side. Not ridding off over a thousand fucking miles from you."

Nodding fiercely, Dacey added, "Your Grace, it's a bad idea. I don't trust the Freys. Not one fucking bit. We should be with you."

"Aye, you should be. But that's not where I need you right now. Right now, I need you ridding hard for Castle Black. I want you both to head to Maidenpool, hire a ship and sail to Eastwatch. Then ride for Castle Black." Handing the sealed document to Smalljon, Robb continued, "Give this to my brother and Lord Commander Mormont. By the time you reach Castle Black, we'll have Moat Cailin under siege and possibly have already taken it. If you don't hear from me, take Jon to Last Hearth. I'll send word there once Moat Cailin falls. I trust the two of you more than anyone else in this world. Swear to me that you'll deliver this to Jon."

Robb could tell by the looks on their faces that they still didn't like it. But that they weren't going to keep fighting him on it. Not once they realized how strongly he felt about it. Both Smalljon and Dacey dropped to a knee and swore by the Old Gods that they would deliver the document to Jon at Castle Black. Thanking them, both Mormonts and Umbers made their way out of his tent. Robb meanwhile had to prepare to deal with Walder Fucking Frey.