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In Sapphire Light

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In Sapphire Light

A story of Magic gone wrong and a whole lot of nasty consequences. Xander has helped beat Vampires, Demons, Hell Gods and the First Evil. He has been a stout friend, a trainer of newbie slayers, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and all that. Now thanks to a bit of bad luck he finds himself playing in the big leagues…well, sort of him. It's complicated.

Disclaimer - I don't own DC comics or any of its characters nor do I own anything to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This story is purely a work of fanfiction and does not seek to claim ownership or seek any financial gain.

This is more of a teaser chapter than a new story. Let me know if you like it and I'll add it to my update roster.

Okay, due to the barrage of hatred I've gotten (funny they were all guest reviews, go figure hey!) I've decided to add a bit of explanation. Contrary to FIRST appearances this is NOT what you are assuming, i.e a full-on gender bender. For those that wanted that, sorry. But seriously let the story be told before jumping up and down.

Chapter 1

The fight was going incredibly badly.

Xander cursed as he was forced to duck under a human missile. Whatever this demon was it was way stronger than a slayer. Hell, it was shrugging off mystical hits from Willow. The Scythe seemed to be the only thing that really hurt it.

Bringing his shotgun up he fired and ducked back behind the stone he was sheltering behind. Hearing the demon bellow he risked a look. Of course, his shot had done nothing. Dropping the shotgun, he pulled his trusty axe from its holder and charged forward.

Faith was still moving, but she was bloodied. Given that she was using the scythe Buffy must have been injured badly enough to be out of action. As he closed on the seven-foot demon, he realized that A) it looked uninjured and B) the portal was getting bigger.

He slammed into the Demon but was swatted aside landing on his back amid the shattered stone at the base of the portal. Cursing he reached for his axe and scrambled back to his feet, ignoring the pain in his back and shoulders.

Faith slammed the scythe in to the beast's knee making it stumble. Swinging his own axe, he struck at the demon's neck. Black blood sprayed as it turned and drove its sword straight through Xander pinning him to the floor at the base of the Portal.

It was a rather pyrrhic victory for the Demon, because, a moment later its severed head joined Xander on the steps.

Xander tried to get up, but he couldn't seem to do it.

"Xander, hold on," ordered Willow.

Xander finally realized that he had a sword sticking out of his chest. The moment of realization was followed by a wave of pain.

Willow worked feverishly pouring healing power in to Xander, but even as she did she knew that the battle had sapped her strength. If she could just stop the bleeding, he'd have a chance. She didn't stop as the pool of blood under him kept expanding.

"The portal is destabilizing," warned one of the British Slayers.

"Red, we need to move him," urged Faith.

"It will kill him," screamed Willow. "I need more power."

Faith slammed the butt of the Scythe into Willows' hand, "Use it and me," as she spoke, Faith grabbed the shaft.

As Willow began siphoning a part of Faith's energy via the Scythe, the Portal began to twist and buckle.

"You need to move," called another of the Slayers.

For everyone in the room, there was a sudden feeling of weightlessness as if they were about to float free of the earth and then a blinding flash of white light.

Faith had grabbed Willow and pulled her down as the Portal fractured sending tentacles of raw magical energy whipping around the room. One of the newer slayers, Amanda was struck, and as she screamed, she burst apart into motes of light that were drawn in to the magical vortex.

"Shit...fuck it," cursed Faith as she crawled over Willow reaching for Xander. He'd be killed if she left him there, so the fucking sword was coming out.

As she reached for the hilt, a tentacle hit Xander in the chest.

"Nooo," screamed Faith as his body was torn apart.


"What have we got?" Green Arrow asked as he entered the control room.

"We have a massive build-up of energy on the coast near Metropolis. The readings are off the charts," replied Cyborg.

Green Arrow's expression grew concerned, "Hey, It's not a boom tube is it?"

"No, it's something else," Batman activated the communicator. "Wonder Woman, Superman you are about a mile from it now."

"We can see it," replied Wonder Woman. "It is visible from, here as I can certainly feel it. It feels like magic, and it is putting out a lot of energy. Thank the Gods that it is far away from any civilians."

"Something, no someone has just fallen out of it," reported Superman. "Hold back, I am going to see."

"Be careful Clark," warned Wonder Woman.

Superman shot beneath the wildly fluctuating energy trying to reach the motionless body on the ground. Avoiding one of the energy streams he had just reached the figure when the energy dispersed in a wave of what felt like powerful static electricity.

Returning his attention to the injured figure he activated his communicator, "Diana, I think we will need to get her to medical help."

Wonder Woman landed just as blue and red lights appeared announcing that the first responders have arrived. Their mysterious figure was female, maybe fourteen and barely dressed in burnt almost entirely destroyed clothing. Given that she had fallen nearly thirty feet it was quite likely she was seriously injured.

Superman was waving the Paramedics over, leaving Wonder Woman to check the young woman. Diana knelt to do so when the girl's eyes snapped open.

"Don't move you might be...urk," the girl's hand shot up and grabbed Diana around the throat.

"Demon," snarled the woman.

Wonder Woman slapped the hand away and instinctively struck back. Her fist striking her foes jaw slamming her head back in to the ground and in to unconsciousness.

Superman landed and took in the scene, "Diana, what happened?"

"She woke up," explained Diana as she rubbed her neck, "I think she panicked and grabbed me."

"I see," said Superman.

"She's strong Clark, Meta-Human strong," warned Diana.

"Then we may have to keep a watch on her. We can't have her attacking people. Batman, I assume you are listening in, we need transport."


Xander cursed as he woke up to the sounds and smells of a hospital. He cracked open his eyes to see a white ceiling. Yep, a hospital. Hold the phones, EYES!

He experimented opening and closing his left and right eyes to confirm it. Okay, so that is a tick in the plus column. He was once more Mister Depth Perception.

He tried to sit up only to find that he was firmly strapped down. Well, now there is the tick in the minus column. He was tied down, in bed, in an unknown hospital, with two eyes...he also had something sitting on his chest. It felt like someone had left a book sitting on him, like a damn table. Actually, he couldn't move his head either. With a fair bit of trepidation, he wiggled his toes...okay that worked so probably not restrained for medical reasons. That left more nefarious, wiggy reasons.

With no leverage, he had no hope of breaking hospital restraints but sitting here waiting for Mad Maggie Walsh's successor wasn't an option. Gathering his strength, he tried to move his his surprise the strap gave a bit. Another effort and he could wiggle his hand.

He tried again, and his hand was free.

Right, head next.

Reaching up he pulled at the nylon strap and managed to loosen it enough to wiggle his head free to sit up allowed him to free his other hand and reach for his...legs. Wait, what since when did he shave his legs? Hell, since when were his legs shapely and feminine...FUCK...Since when did he have boobs!

Freeing himself he jumped off the bed and tried to find a mirror. Spotting a bathroom, he lurched in and sure enough, there was a mirror.

"Holy Mother of..."

Looking back at him was a stranger's face...a teenaged girl with long black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes.


Zamaron Space - Sector 1416

"She has arrived My Queen," reported a sultry voice.

"On Earth?"

"Yes, my Queen," confirmed the other.

"Finally, prepare your team Fatality."

"We will leave immediately," replied Fatality.

"She holds the key to defeating the prophecy and preserving love when the dark comes. She must wear the Sapphire."

Fatality raised her power ring to her battery, "For hearts long lost and full of fright, For those alone in Blackest Night. Accept our ring and join our fight, Love conquers all with violet light!"


Deep in space, something stirred…restless almost to the point of waking before it grew still again.