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jeongguk loses yoongi somewhere in the kitchen appliance section of lotte mart, though he doesn’t realize until he’s gotten in line to pay and turns around to see yoongi is not standing next to him. he panics for a few seconds, because all of this is new and unfamiliar to yoongi and the last thing he needs in their first week of living together is to have to spend hours playing an unintentional game of hide and seek with his fiancé in a department store

but then he sees yoongi standing a few aisles down, holding something very close to his face and scrutinizing it like he’s just discovered a new element and is trying to understand it. jeongguk can’t even be exasperated, not when yoongi has been doing this all day and he expected it; yoongi is a curious person, especially when it comes to this strange world jeongguk has lived in his entire life.

“hyung,” says jeongguk when he returns to yoongi’s side, shopping cart in tow.

“what’s this meant to be?” asks yoongi, holding out the object he was inspecting.

jeongguk cocks a brow. “a bottle opener.”

“bottle opener,” yoongi repeats under his breath, as though he’d never considered putting those two words together in such a way. “to… open bottles?”

“yes. as the name suggests.”

“fascinating. and this?” he grabs another item from the shelf and shows it to jeongguk.

“that’s a can opener.”

“so many things to open other things. wouldn’t it be more practical to have one thing that opens everything?”

“cans and bottles have very different lids, hyung.”

“what’s this open, then?” he hands yet another item to jeongguk.

“those are chopsticks, hyung. i know you’ve seen chopsticks before.”

“well, maybe they’re used for something different around here—”

jeongguk sighs, pushing all three items back onto the shelf before grabbing yoongi by the arm and towing him back toward the cashier. normally jeongguk can be in and out of a grocery store in no time, but this has been a two-hour spectacle with yoongi stopping in every aisle to ogle the different items. the worst part is that he’s seen most of this stuff—he knows what a fucking cabbage is, but he continues to insist that it’s different.

it’s different because it’s muggle.

(as though this store isn’t filled with wizards and witches, too, but jeongguk, being the muggle, isn’t actually sure about that. but there’s one wizard here, at least, and that wizard is min yoongi.)

“i think it’s best we leave before you draw too much attention to yourself,” jeongguk murmurs to yoongi as they wait in line at the cashier. “you keep acting like captain america after he came out of the ice.”

“i understood that reference,” says yoongi with a bright grin. “but i can’t help it. the muggle world is so fascinating, jeongguk.”

“it’s not that different from the wizarding world. we just… don’t have magic. so we have to use can openers and bottle openers to get into our food rather than just waving around a stick of wood.”

“my wand takes offense to being called a stick of wood.”

“you are so strange, min yoongi.”

despite the teasing, yoongi’s grin widens and he slips an arm around jeongguk’s waist, pulling him in to plant a kiss on his cheek. his cheek, which immediately flushes at the attention, especially in public. his and yoongi’s relationship, at least the one where they’re allowed to do things like this, is still so new, and despite having been in love with yoongi for so much of his life, jeongguk can’t help getting flustered at the simple things—the gentle touches, the casual kisses. the domesticity. they’re grocery shopping, for god’s sake. after spending his entire childhood and all of his teenage years and the beginning of his adulthood pining after yoongi and wishing for nothing less than this, it always feels like a dream to know that they’re here.

it shouldn’t have worked out, probably. yoongi is a wizard, can make things appear out of thin air and hurt or heal someone with a few words and a flick of his wand—and jeongguk is just normal, or a muggle as yoongi knows him. but jeongguk’s older brother is also magical, a muggleborn, and was not only in the same year as yoongi at their fancy magical boarding school but was also one of his best friends during their time at school. for a much younger jeongguk who wanted to be magical too, yoongi was a shoe-in for someone to hero worship.

but hero worship turned to friendship turned to feelings—and there was a brief period when they were both teenagers where they snuck around during the summer, when yoongi was home and they could be part of the same world. but all too soon, yoongi had to return to his magical school, to learn about vampires and dragons and dueling, and jeongguk had to return to a life without the glimmer of something more. despite his own feelings for yoongi, which grew with each passing year, jeongguk was certain that yoongi would want to be with his own kind. so their brief summer tryst stayed as just that.

it wasn’t until nearly a year ago—as a twenty-four-year-old with a successful career as a helicopter pilot for a tourism company on jeju island, as someone who had pined over yoongi for sixteen years and had resigned himself to having to settle for someone who didn’t know how to make him feel magical, too—that jeongguk found out yoongi had been thinking the same thing all along, thinking that jeongguk wouldn’t want to be with a wizard.

the differences between their worlds were too big—weren’t they? it was easier to stick to what they knew—wasn’t it?

well. they got engaged a few weeks ago, so jeongguk now has answer for those questions that once plagued the two of them. and the answer is—they’re not so different after all, not when love transcends all barriers, especially the ones between the magical and non-magical worlds.

although jeongguk could do without yoongi being so fascinated with every muggle contraption he sees that they absolutely must stop to admire it for ten minutes. that’s the problem, really—jeongguk used to worry that yoongi would find the muggle world too boring compared to his own filled with magic, but it’s really much the opposite. yoongi was obsessed with muggle pop culture back in school, as his weekly letters to jeongguk would frequently include requests for muggle comic books, cds, movie reviews, and updates on the latest trends. these days, though, his interests have taken a turn; he works as an obliviator for the korean ministry of magic, and after he and jeongguk began dating a year ago, he began specializing in dealing with cases involving the misuse of muggle artefacts.

the truth is that jeongguk has known for a year how fascinated yoongi is with muggle technology, but they’ve been living apart that entire time—yoongi was stationed in seoul while jeongguk has been in jeju since he got a job here four years ago. now that they’re engaged, though, they’re trying to decide what their living situation will be like after they get married. it’s easier for yoongi to install a floo network in their house and magically travel to seoul from jeju, so they’re running a bit of a trial for the next month as yoongi stays with jeongguk.

it’s the first time they’ve ever lived together or been able to spend copious amounts of time together, even since they started dating. it’s been wonderful, really—they’ve had plenty of time to talk and cuddle and fuck, but there are a lot of practical things they have to worry about when it comes to living together.

like grocery shopping.

which has become a whole thing because yoongi insisted jeongguk show him how real muggles do it, whatever that means.

despite having to tow his fiancé around the store to make sure he doesn’t start asking strangers invasive questions about how their houses work, jeongguk can’t help feeling giddy about it all—shopping together, deciding what they want their place to look like, arguing about which brand of food to buy. they can do that now. they can hold hands and kiss each other and plan their future together. after silently pining after yoongi for so long, it’s surreal—but it’s also magical. a different kind of magic from the kind that runs through yoongi’s veins and allows him to manipulate the world, but magical nonetheless. a kind of magic that is theirs and theirs alone.

“oh, quick, jeongguk-ah. it’s almost our turn.” yoongi tugs jeongguk along by the sleeve, looking far too excited about paying for groceries than any human has the right to be. “we need muggle money.”

“no one pays with cash anymore, hyung. i’ll just put it on my credit card.”

yoongi’s face visibly falls at this piece of information. “but… muggle money is so fun… it’s paper. who would have thought?”

jeongguk laughs, shaking his head as he digs in his pocket for a 5000 won note he knows he left in there. when he finds it, he hands it over to yoongi—“for safe-keeping.”—who looks like he’s just won the lottery. jeongguk is beginning to think this fascination with muggle society might be a little worrisome.

but then he remembers a conversation he had with his brother shortly after jeongguk and yoongi began dating. he asked jeonhyun about yoongi’s love for the muggle world, questioning if it had been so intense when they had been in school, because jeonhyun was the one who had physically been with yoongi most of the time and had borne the brunt of it.

“he liked it in school, sure, but it was mostly nerdy stuff like books and superheroes,” jeonhyun had said. “i’ve never seen him geek out about money and escalators like you’re talking about.” he’d paused. he’d thought about it. and then he’d added, “he did say something to me about it once, though, and i think… well, if i’m being honest, i think he loves it so much because it’s your world, jeongguk-ah. he wants to understand muggles because you are one. maybe muggle stuff is cool to him on its own, but to him, everything that’s muggle is automatically associated with you and bears your essence. it’s like when you get interested in a tv show because the boy you like is too, and you want to be able to talk to him about it. except the tv show is an entire society and culture and world. and the boy is you.”

jeongguk is suddenly overwhelmed with love for this man in the middle of lotte mart. for this magical being, this wizard who loves him enough to love an entire world. to learn its ins and outs, to explore each of its nooks and crannies just so he can make sure jeongguk feels loved and secure with him. he reaches out and catches yoongi’s wrist, tugging him in for a kiss, even if it surprises yoongi and makes someone behind them make a weird noise of disapproval.

he can’t help it. he never can.

back at home—their home now, and the very thought makes jeongguk giddy—they’ve barely stepped inside before jeongguk remembers the other errands he has to do today. “ah, shit,” he says with a sigh as they set their bags of groceries on the kitchen counter. “i have to throw a load of laundry in the wash, so could you put this stuff away? it’ll only take a minute or two.”

“oh, laundry?” asks yoongi, visibly perking up at the word. “like—washing clothes?”

“yeah, all of my work uniforms got dirty last week so i have to clean them.”

“i can do it.”

jeongguk hesitates one step toward the laundry room, brows furrowing as he sees the genuine excitement and hope on yoongi’s face. laundry in a washing machine is certainly not a magical thing; jeongguk never actually asked how wizards wash their clothes, since it was the sort of mundane thing that he never needed to know, but he’s certain that yoongi has never done laundry the muggle way before.

and yet… here he is.

“you… want to do laundry for me?” asks jeongguk. “do you even know how?”

“i studied this!” yoongi is awfully chipper, beaming as he pecks jeongguk on the cheek on his way out of the kitchen. “i’ve totally got this, babe!”

“are—are you sure?” jeongguk calls after him.

“jeongguk, i’m on my way to becoming the youngest department head in the history of the department of magical accidents and catastrophes. i think i can handle a muggle washing machine.”

all jeongguk can do is stare after him. he wouldn’t be surprised if yoongi had done his homework and studied how to deal with simple muggle household objects, but it’s both perplexing and endearing. yoongi really is trying. he’s trying so hard, because he wants to make this work. and jeongguk wouldn’t mind if their house was filled with magic instead, if that was easier for yoongi, if that’s what he wanted. because jeongguk loves yoongi and wants to spend the rest of his life with him, and jeongguk knows that yoongi is magical. it’s not something he’ll ever separate from yoongi, and he doesn’t want yoongi to be without his magic.

but knowing that yoongi is trying this hard to seamlessly transition into a life that also includes muggle technology and culture… jeongguk knows this is the right choice. he’s always going to be well taken care of when it comes to min yoongi.

so jeongguk goes back to the groceries, keeping an ear out for any noises of distress as he sets about putting the food away. he doesn’t want to pry, though, figuring that yoongi would only think jeongguk doesn’t trust him if he’s constantly keeping an eye on him. but it doesn’t take that long to put away the groceries, and once that’s done, yoongi isn’t back. so jeongguk organizes his shelves a little better, knowing his spice cabinet has gotten a little out of alphabetical order. then he cleans the sink, wipes down the counters, sets out the ingredients for the dish they agreed on making tonight.

and yoongi still isn’t back.

it’s definitely been much longer than it would take jeongguk to put in one load of laundry—but yoongi hasn’t called for help, and it’s understandable that it’s taking him a little longer, never having done anything like this before. but jeongguk can’t help it—he casually walks through the apartment, slowly moving past the laundry room and peeking inside to see what yoongi is doing. he barely sees more than yoongi hunched over the washing machine with the laundry detergent in his hand before yoongi notices his presence and says, “hey! are you snooping?”

“nope,” says jeongguk with a grin, hands held behind his back as he hesitates before continuing his impromptu tour of the apartment.

“i said i know what i’m doing!” yoongi calls to him.

“i never said you didn’t!”

“this machine is just a little different from the one in the book.”

“if you need help—”

“i got it!”

so jeongguk cleans the bathroom instead. it could use a cleaning and he’s been putting it off, anyway. the shower has been looking a little worse for wear, so he breaks out the cleaning supplies and gets to work. he means to do so while still keeping an eye on yoongi, but before long, he’s lost himself completely in cleaning. he does find it therapeutic, which means he usually keeps his place very clean and he’s known to do laundry more often than is probably reasonable, but it smells so good


yoongi’s voice is rife with panic when it reaches jeongguk, and jeongguk curses as he drops the scrub brush in favour of hurrying out of the bathroom. he collides with yoongi only a step into the hallway, his fiancé’s face ashen and horrified. “i’m so sorry!” he exclaims. “i didn’t mean to! i thought i had it right, and it was going so well and then suddenly it just—it just—” yoongi makes this gesture with his hands, like a volcano exploding with lava.

jeongguk’s eyes go wide.

“what did you do?” he asks as he steps past yoongi and hurries toward the laundry room. but what yoongi did reaches him first—because there, pouring out of the room, is a mountain of bubbles. it’s the sort of thing jeongguk has only seen in movies and has certainly thought was only possible in movies, but here, in his jeju apartment, is a disaster of laundry soap trying to overtake everything.

“i’m sorry,” yoongi repeats from behind him, hands curling into the back of jeongguk’s shirt. “i really did study.”

“how much detergent did you put in, hyung?”

“it wasn’t that much—”


“maybe… half the bottle?”

half the bottle?” jeongguk’s voice is embarrassingly shrill as he twists around to stare at yoongi. “you put half the fucking bottle in there?” yoongi looks sheepish, but then he just shrugs a little. if they don’t drown in bubbles, jeongguk is going to sit him down and have a very serious talk about this kind of thing. it’s still endearing that yoongi is trying so hard, but maybe he could refrain from flooding the place with suds and water.

the water reaches jeongguk’s foot and he lets out a yelp, hopping out of the way. the suds have now begun to advance down the hallway toward them. “this is a disaster,” jeongguk sighs, running a hand through his hair. “how do we stop this? it’s gonna flood the place and ruin the flooring and i don’t have one of those wet vacuum things.”

yoongi clears his throat. when jeongguk turns to him, he’s holding up a thin stick of wood in one hand—his wand. his wand, which lets him do magic. magic, which… can fix this.

“you don’t mind, do you?”

fuck no. please clean this up, hyung,” sighs jeongguk. “otherwise it would cost me so much money.”

the truth is, jeongguk has only seen yoongi do magic a handful of times. he knows a lot about magic and what different things yoongi can do with it, but when they were growing up, yoongi wasn’t allowed to do magic outside of school. they grew apart after he graduated, and whenever they were able to see each other again, there was no reason for it. then after they started dating, they were apart so much anyway—and most of the magic jeongguk saw was yoongi apparating and disapparating in order to meet him somewhere. jeongguk loves magic, though, and yoongi has done such cheesy things as conjuring flowers for him, making fireflies appear in the darkness, set off magical fireworks, and definitely charmed mistletoe to grow all over his apartment at christmas time just to have an excuse to kiss him every second of the day.

but he’s never really seen yoongi do magic casually, because he needs to, because he can. he feels his own fascination with magic awaken once again as yoongi steps forward and points his wand at the mess of water and subs in the hallway. with a few words, the suds rapidly pop and the water shrinks back into the laundry room, leaving no trace behind. inside the laundry room, jeongguk then watches as the suds and water get sucked back into the washing machine, and within only thirty seconds, it’s as though nothing had happened at all.

“i’m really sorry, again,” whispers yoongi.

“is it weird that i found that hot?” asks jeongguk.

“it… wasn’t a very complicated spell.”

“it was still hot. magic is hot.”

yoongi cocks an eyebrow. “if i’d known you felt that way about me doing magic, i would have been much more of a show-off earlier in our relationship.”

“honestly, being able to blow up a building and erase someone’s memory is really cool, but you know what i find very attractive? competency.

“i just put way too much laundry detergent in the washing machine and flooded your house. i’m not sure i’d call that competence.”

“but you fixed it. and you know how to do laundry with magic… you know how to everything with magic.” he supposes his expression might be a little worrisome, because suddenly yoongi is looking at him like he knows he’s some sort of prey. maybe that’s why he pockets his wand so quickly, the piece of wood disappearing up his sleeve as though it was never there at all.

“i’ll learn how to do that properly, i promise,” says yoongi. “for now… how about i make you dinner? to make up for the flooding.”

jeongguk grins, tilting his head as he unabashedly checks out his own fiancé. “you can go right ahead,” he says, biting his lip. “i’ll… admire your handywork.”

“jeongguk-ah, seriously. if you try to get handsy when i’m cooking, you will burn both of us.”

oh, then you could heal me with magic. i’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.”

yoongi gives him a long and hard warning look, which only serves to make jeongguk giggle, and when yoongi turns around to lead the way to the kitchen, jeongguk can’t help but smack his ass before following.

jeongguk has known for a long time that yoongi likes working with his hands, and that yoongi is good with his hands. when they were kids, yoongi always seemed to be building something during their summers spent together; he always wanted to know how things worked, to take them apart and put them back together—sometimes to work better than they did before. yoongi used to show him the wand movements needed to successfully cast spells, just without saying the incantations so he couldn’t get in trouble for doing underage magic. but it was a lot of particular wrist movements, twists and turns, finger and hand positions. while the hand movements were quite interesting, jeongguk was always more interested in yoongi’s hands themselves.

he used to dream of holding them, of getting to play with yoongi’s fingers, of tracing his knuckles and the lines of his palms and the veins that run to his wrists and disappear into his arms. and he does get to do that now—but the fascination still hasn’t gone away. a few months ago, yoongi took up the guitar, and jeongguk decided to pick it up, too, so they could practice together, perhaps so he could have an excuse to stare at yoongi’s hands on the chords, to touch.

he wants to touch now, as he sits on the kitchen counter with a peach in his hand, watching yoongi chop vegetables. min yoongi has absolutely no right looking so delectable just holding a kitchen knife. and perhaps it has something to do with jeongguk’s obsession with domestic life, and his life-long dream of having this domesticity with yoongi, and realizing that while bad boys on motorcycles are hot, there’s genuinely nothing sexier than a man who knows how to cook a damn good meal.

yoongi is talking to him about something, low murmurs in the kitchen, and it’s only when he dumps the vegetables in the pot that jeongguk realizes he’s… not using magic. “hold on,” he says suddenly, snapping out of his rather intense daydream about yoongi taking him over the kitchen counter while dirty-talking him using a fucking recipe book. “can’t you use your magic for all of this?”

there’s amusement in yoongi’s grin as he stirs. “i can,” he agrees. “but that doesn’t mean i have to.”

“but isn’t it faster and easier?”

“i don’t just use magic because it’s faster and easier, you know. yes, for the most part, it is. but i use magic when i think it’s better. and i’ve never made better food with magic.” he shrugs a little, leaning his hip against the stove as he turns to watch jeongguk munch on his peach. “i’ve always really loved cooking, and i’ve found that i actually enjoy cooking without magic more than i do with it. if i’m in pinch, i’ll use magic, and i definitely include it in my cooking when i know it’s better for the dish, but… if i’m being honest, i don’t think we should do everything with magic. i like being able to make something out of all of these different components, and know that i did it, not my magic.”

jeongguk swallows the peach, wiping at his sticky mouth. “i’d rather cook with magic.”

“i’d teach you how to cook with magic if i could. but this is one thing you don’t have to teach me about the muggle world.”

“you know, you don’t have to do all of this stuff the muggle way if you don’t want to,” jeongguk adds hesitantly, reaching out with his foot to nudge yoongi’s thigh. yoongi catches it, holding onto jeongguk’s ankle and rubbing his thumb over his ankle bone. “the laundry and shopping and cooking or whatever. just because i’m not magical doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to do magic in our house. you’re a wizard, hyung. i want you to be comfortable and i want you to be who you are around me. please don’t feel like you have to learn all of this and change how you do things because of me.”

it’s been one of his biggest fears about marrying yoongi, admittedly; he loves yoongi and knows their relationship is strong, but at the end of the day, they’re still different in one fundamental way. they’ve had very different upbringings, have lived very different lives. jeongguk’s brother is a muggleborn so he knows about the magical world, but it’s not like he’s actively around wizards all the time—and while yoongi is clearly aware of the muggle world because of jeongguk, he’s spent his entire life immersed in magic. trying to bring their worlds together isn’t going to be easy and it isn’t going to be done overnight.

he’s always been worried that yoongi would feel like he had to hide his magic around jeongguk for whatever reason. but yoongi just watches him for some time, and then reaches over and turns the stove off before he joins jeongguk by the counter. he pulls jeongguk’s legs open so he can slide between them, hands coming to rest on jeongguk’s waist as yoongi looks up at him with the kind of adoration in his eyes that still knocks jeongguk off of his feet.

“i do feel comfortable,” says yoongi carefully. “i don’t feel like i have to change or like i have to do things the muggle way. i know you love me as i am, jeongguk-ah. i’m not learning this because i feel i have to. i’m learning it because i love you, and because this is your life. this is how you’ve lived for twenty-four years and i want to be a part of that. i want you to feel comfortable, too. i want to do the things you do, jeongguk. i want to know the things you know. i want to make a home together that is what you want, and what i want. if marriage is about two people becoming one, then i want to do it right.”

it’s so nice that jeongguk could almost cry. he remembers the first time his brother came home after he’d gone off to his magical school, over the christmas break in his first year, and how he’d been so excited to tell his family about magic and the school and everything he learned—but that first night, when it was just he and jeongguk under the covers of the blanket fort they built every winter holiday, jeonhyun cried while he told jeongguk how mean some of the other kids were to him. how they called him names, said horrible things about his family—all because he was a muggleborn, because he didn’t come from a long line of witches and wizards like some other kids. because he had dirty blood, because those without magic would always be inferior to those with it.

jeongguk had been nine at the time, and it had been hard to grasp exactly how those children could think such horrible things, but he could see how it made his brother feel. and as they grew, and as the blood purity issues grew among the worst of jeonhyun’s peers, so, too, did jeongguk’s fear. yoongi was never like that. he never said or did anything to make jeongguk feel like he thought them inequal—but jeongguk always kind of assumed that every wizard believed that muggles were inferior to them, deep down.

he always assumed that wizards thought magic was better than no magic, that using magic to do everything was much better and easier and more efficient than the muggle methods. jeongguk had begun to believe that himself, when he saw what jeonhyun and yoongi could do but he couldn’t.

and here is yoongi, loving to learn the muggle methods to everything he knows how to do. yoongi, cooking without magic because he honestly prefers it. yoongi, who is telling jeongguk that he wants their marriage to be a perfect mix of both of them, of their worlds and interests and abilities.

yoongi, who sees them as equals. who always has.

“you really want that?” he whispers.

“jeongguk, baby,” says yoongi, huffing out a laugh. “i want you. and you are wonderful and smart and bold and funny. you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever met, both inside and out. you love clothes that are three sizes too big and always manage to fit yourself in places three sizes too small. you fly fucking helicopters for a living and you sleep with your legs crossed and you amaze me every single day. and you’re also not magical. it’s never going to be the most important thing about you, jeongguk. we do things a little differently sometimes, but i have known you for most of my life and i have loved you for just as long. it’s never been about our differences, you know?”

yoongi lifts his hands, cupping jeongguk’s face, and jeongguk knows he’s beginning to tear up, knows he won’t be able to hold it in, but he tries, he tries—“when i asked you to marry me, i would have been ready to give up my magic for you if that’s what you wanted. but i know you would never ask me to do that. so i’m never going to ask you to give up your normal, either. we’re in this together. it’s you and me. whatever our home looks like, it’s going to be perfect. but it can be both magical and non-magical. it can be whatever we want.”

jeongguk sniffs. “you’re really nice, you know that?”

you know i love you, right?”

“i know.” it’s a privilege to be able to say that. to know, after so long, that yoongi does love him, and that he means every word he says. jeongguk leans down until he can rest his forehead against yoongi’s, eyes closing. “i love you, too, you weird, magical man.”

when yoongi kisses him, it’s soft and careful and almost hesitant, but not with uncertainty of his own feelings—with something that seeks permission, seeks jeongguk’s heart and love and desire. and when yoongi pulls away again, resting their foreheads together, he says, “and you never know; there might be some magic in you yet, jeon jeongguk. i’ll teach you everything i know.”

“i think magic can be more than just what you can do with a wand.”

it makes yoongi laugh. “you’re a special breed of your magic.”

“you don’t have to ask, you know,” says jeongguk, leaning away so he can run a hand through yoongi’s hair. “to use magic, i mean. you asked earlier, with the washing machine—you can do whatever you want. it might take a little getting used to for me, but i want you to be comfortable. to do what you want.”

“it’s good for you to get used to it, so when we have kids, they’ll be used to it, too.”

jeongguk hesitates, brows furrowing. “thinking about kids already, are we?”

“are we not?” there’s genuine confusion on yoongi’s face, and jeongguk tilts his head a little as he considers it. of course he wants kids with yoongi, but they only recently got engaged, so he’s not exactly thinking about years down the road. but if yoongi is thinking about it…

“what if they’re all muggles like me?”

“then they’ll be perfect,” grins yoongi, leaning up on his toes to press a kiss to the corner of jeongguk’s mouth. “and if they’re magical, they’ll be perfect.” he kisses the other corner of jeongguk’s mouth. “and if they’re a mix of both, they’ll be perfect, too.” he kisses jeongguk’s cupid’s bow. “because they’ll be ours. and i don’t care about anything else.”

“you’re so cheesy, hyung.”

“come here.” yoongi steps away, tugging on jeongguk’s hands until jeongguk relents and slides off of the counter. the food is still sitting on the stove, waiting for them to return to it, and jeongguk’s laundry is still in the washing machine, waiting to be tended to. there is cleaning to do, and planning for how they’re going to make this home theirs. they have decisions to make, both big and small—for their wedding and their future. they have a thousand little domestic tasks to get to, things that used to overwhelm jeongguk sometimes with their immensity.

but when he thinks about doing them all with yoongi, he feels nothing but contentedness. because yoongi is right—this will be their home, and it will be both magical and muggle, which is perfect for them. it’ll be whatever they want. that’s love, at least to jeongguk.

“what are we doing?” he laughs when they nearly stumble into each other, and yoongi just grins as he lifts their linked hands, and he begins swaying side to side, and jeongguk realizes with a raised brow—“are we slow dancing?”


“but we don’t have any music.”

within seconds, there is music; yoongi has slipped his wand from his sleeve and muttered a spell to bring jeongguk’s old radio to life, landing on some top 40 pop station. it’s currently playing some upbeat tune with far too sexual lyrics, and it’s not meant for slow dancing at all, but when yoongi starts laughing, jeongguk can’t help joining in. and they dance in their kitchen just like that, connected, jeongguk lifting his arm to make yoongi twirl beneath it. yoongi tries to dip him at one point and nearly drops him on the floor instead, and it’s pure magic—this love, this hope, this desire for the future.

this is their home now. it’s magic and it’s normal and it’s theirs. it’s exactly as it should be.