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Marks in Flesh

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Hawks watched the ocean of red and blue fire from the edge of a tall office building. He put another piece of chicken in his mouth and chewed slowly. It was anyone's guess who was going to come out the winner this time. Either way, Hawks was going to have work to do tonight. If the villain managed to survive. Hawks sucked off the sauce from his thumb, he wasn't too concerned about it. Dabi had a way of surviving anything.

Hawks narrowed his eyes at another sudden burst of blue, he was close enough to feel the heat off of that one. Absentmindedly he picked up another piece of meat and put it in his mouth still trying to see Dabi's condition. The wind rustled his feathers, it carried ash and an echo of manic laughter. That was something, at least he was still having fun.

Reaching for another piece he was surprised to find the box empty. Disappointedly Hawks stood up and brushed off his pants. There was no point in waiting here anyway. Might as well go to the meeting spot. Either the hothead would manage to drag himself there to get taken care of, or he wouldn't. It didn't matter, either way, Hawks wasn't Dabi's dom. Not really.

It would be annoying to have to find another connection to the league though.


Hawks waited in the place they had designated for this purpose. He had already shed his flight jacket and laid it across the metal fold-up chair. He was sitting on the old bed with his back against the wall. It was cool against the exposed skin between his wings. He had been scrolling through the news about the fight for quite some time before Dabi finally managed to avoid capture, shake the heroes, and slink into the simple room.

Hawks took a deep breath and let it out slowly. It smelled like burnt hair and flesh. He pressed his thumb back to his phone screen and continued to scroll. He didn't need to look to know the damage. And if that was a whine at being ignored it fucking served Dabi right. Hawks had told him not to go pick a fight with Endeavor. Dabi never listens to him, because Dabi isn't his sub. Not really.

The shuffling by the door sounded like Dabi was trying to take off his coat.

"Did I say you could do that?" Hawks asked, still not looking up from his screen.

The shuffling stopped. Oh, now Dabi is going to listen to him? Hawks angrily tapped on the breaking news article saying the flame hero suffered 'minor injuries'. There was nothing in the article on the condition of the Villain that had escaped. Hawks took another deep breath, this time he caught the scent of blood. He slowly lifted his eyes from the picture on his phone, of the crazed villain laughing as he shot blue flames at the new number one hero, to the figure standing just inside of the door. Dabi's ice-blue eyes were still wild and his breathing was shallow. A proper dom would probably help his Sub work through those emotions, Hawks went back to his phone.

Finally, it started ringing. Breaking the silence.

"Hawks," The hero answered curtly, locking eyes with Dabi.

"Yes I have him," Golden eyes finally took in the rest of Dabi's state, "He'll live."

"No, it's fine. The mission is still clear to-... Well if you would actually let me collar him this shit wouldn't fucking happen." Hawks felt the growl in his throat before he could check himself. He ignored the way Dabi had flinched at the word collar.

"Whatever, I have things to do." Hawks hung up the phone. He muted it and put it on the desk next to his jacket.

With the distraction of the Commission out of the way, Hawks walked back over to Dabi who had been starting to shiver violently. The hero squared up with him and crossed his arms. Now to see the actual damage.


Dabi's movements were slow and deliberate as he shifted his coat around until it finally came off. Hawks' attention briefly stilled on the right shoulder, something was off there for sure. The scar on his right wrist was oozing too. Dabi just dropped the ragged coat in the corner on the floor. When he crossed his arms and grabbed the hem of his shirt to pull it over his head he didn't get very far before he stilled.

"Can you do it?" Hawks didn't move to help.

Dabi's bottom lip was pulled between his teeth and he nodded. Slowly the shirt came off, accompanied with a nasty creaking sound from the shoulder Hawks had noted. The thin shirt joined the coat on the ground. Dabi rolled his healthy shoulder on his way back to his spot in front of Hawks, the injured one kept still. With the shirt gone Hawks found the primary source of the strong smell of blood. The scar line across his ribs was missing several staples and was still bleeding slowly.

"All the way." Hawks ordered before Dabi had made it fully back to his spot, he wasn't going to give the villain time to hesitate. No delays, no games. Not today.

The villain must have picked up his tone because he went straight to the button on his jeans without fuss. Hawks knew better than to think it would stay like this. Dabi was still high on the adrenaline. He would increasingly become more difficult as he drops. Hopefully after Hawks manages to staple him back together. Luckily Dabi's legs looked relatively unscratched. So if the media is to believed, both Todorokis managed to burn down an entire city block and walk away with 'minor injuries'. The least Dabi could do if he's going to blatantly ignore his direct order is cause more damage to the other guy.

"Hopefully you at least managed to hurt him more than he hurt you," Hawks found himself voicing his thoughts.

For the first time since entering the room Dabi's face lit up with emotion, the staples in his cheeks pulled with the wide grin.


Hawks interrupted him with a sharp smack to the back of the head, "Shut the fuck up and go lay on the bed."

Dabi swiped at the back of his head wildly trying to push Hawks off of him but he must have forgotten his injured shoulder because he quickly lowered his arm back down with a harsh hiss. Whatever calm he had managed to collect while Hawks was silently taking inventory of his injuries was gone with the new introduction of pain.

Hawks put his hand on the slightly hot skin between Dabi's shoulder blades and gently coaxed him to lay down on the bed. This part was the only part he allowed himself to be gentle with the villain. When he had to re-stitch the patchwork skin back together. Hawks pulled out the first aid kit he keeps stocked and stashed under the bed. He pulled out the familiar tools and got to work.

First he focused on the pulled staples across his lower ribs. Most of them were gone, he just had to pull out one that was barely clinging to the healthy side of the scar. He did his best to clean the wound and replaced the missing staples. The first time he had to do this had been a fight, back then he had to fully pin Dabi before the sub would let him do something like this. Hawks hummed in pleasure at the thought of how much progress they had made in such a short amount of time.

He applied burn cream to the worst of the burns while he considered if he should pop the shoulder back into place before or after he wrapped up the wrist. He noticed blue eyes started tracking his movements as he moved from burn to burn.

"Hey there, darling. How with me are you right now?" Hawks smiled down at Dabi softly. Just for now, he's only soft when the first aid kit is open.

Blue eyes searched his face but they lacked their usual sharpness and focus to hold eye contact, "mm..hurts."

"Where?" Hawks closed the burn cream and put it back in the box.

Dabi didn't say anything but his eyes slid to look to the right.

"The shoulder?"

Dabi stayed silent and kept staring off into nothing. Hawks moved his hand in front of his face, snapping lightly to get his attention. Slowly he drags Dabi's attention back to his face.

"I have to reset it, it's going to hurt like a bitch." Hawks searched Dabi for any signs that he understood. Finding nothing solid Hawks sighed. Either way, the shoulder had to go back.

Hawks shuffled himself around so that the bottom of his foot was firmly placed in Dabi's armpit. He picked up Dabi's wrist and gritted his teeth at the feel of the tacky blood beneath his nails. Carefully he maneuvered the joint back into place. He tried not to associate the feeling with how he had easily ripped into chicken wings only a few hours earlier. Dabi had finally closed his eyes, his face was contorted in pain.

"I'm sorry, love, I know it sucks. Almost got it, I promise," Hawks was grateful his voice came out steady.

After the joint was back where it belonged Hawks turned his attention to the wrist in his hand. The staples look fine enough, it just needed to be wrapped up for a while. And if he took his time making sure the bandage was softly wrapped around the tender skin and that it was at the perfect tightness... and if maybe his thumb absentmindedly rubbed comforting circles on the hand he was holding, well, no one else was in the room to know better.

After Hawks attached the final clip that would keep the wrap in place, he lowered the hand and looked back into Dabi's eyes. They were back to the crystal clear color they were supposed to be but neither of them spoke. Hawks leaned over and gently brushed the dark hair out of Dabi's face. He could almost just lean a few more inches in and...

"I'll be right back."

Before either of them could do anything more Hawks swung his legs off the bed and strode over to the bathroom to wash the blood from his hands. He looked at his reflection the man who looked back almost looked like someone capable of caring about another person. He made sure that was gone before he let himself walk back into the bedroom. It wouldn't do any good to care, they weren't a pair. Not really.

Dabi was sitting up next to the open medical kit by the time Hawks made it out of the bathroom. He looked deep in thought.

"What's on your mind?" Hawks asked as he started throwing the supplies back into the box.

Dabi watched Hawks make quick work of picking up, "On.. on the phone you said-"

'Babe," Hawks cut him off, "We've been over this, they won't let me-"

"I know they wont let you!" Dabi interrupted him right back, "I want to know if you want to."

Hawks paused with his hands on the lid and took a quick breath. He closed the lid with a snap. Causing Dabi to scowl.

"Don't ever interrupt me again. Lay back down. "

"Fuckin' make me."