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Touken Ranbu: Pair of Flowers

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((I wonder who the person who loves me the most is?))




'Wrong, wrong, wrong.'

Chanted by Yamatonokami Yasusada as he leap through time to time.

((Am I that odd?))




'This isn't the right timeline I belong.'

Eversince he became a kebiishi, ever since he broke his promise...his memories had shattered piece to piece.

His good and bad side no longer co exist. Only one should remained.

To possess something he yearn so bad that he cannot put it on words.

'Why it feels so wrong...? What did I do?'

His reason to betray and to fight had been lost in history ever since he tried to change it and it changed drastically.


Some random broken hairclips he saw,

someone else's tears.

What is it?

'Where is it? Where do I belong?'

Flashes of Okita Souji whose healthy with the rest of the 'still alive' Shinsengumi crew.

Then flashes of coughing blood of his Okita.

'To be closer to Okita-kun?'

A glimpse of the citadel where a smiling Kashuu is with him and the rest of his so called 'friends.'

' get back to Kiyomitsu?'

He felt a heavy burden in his soul.

His sword is falling and falling deep down the abyss as it keeps going to burn him to blue flames.

'I can't even tell what I want anymore.'

((Is changing history really is the right thing?))

That's what his other mind echoes however as said...because he mess with it, it punish him as well.

It was a price to disappear, to revert back to something that is heartless.

Yasusada fell and fell, until he reach a open worm hole.

It reminds him of who on earth he was.

' Yamatonokami Yasusada, not easy to handle but a good sword.'






**Second Timeline**

Unconscious Yamatonokami, Kashuu is afraid of everything.

His negative thoughts stops when the Saniwa spoke as they are currently in the repair room, even though there isn't anything seems to be repaired physically.

"May I see the sword of Yamatonokami? His real body."

Horikawa is the one who moved first. "I'll go get it!" He runs off. Kashuu thought it is time to know what is going on to his sword partner whose cold and basically stiff like a corpse would be.

Gulping down he really tried his best. " Yasusada even alive?" The Saniwa contemplates at the situation, she was not in any panic but more like...disturb at the sight of Yasusada seems dead indeed. "We will see by his sword. According to you he suddenly screamed like he was pierced by something then he collapsed."

Kanesada whose just beside Kashuu frantically asks. "C-can you fix him?" The Saniwa looks at them both. "I will do everything I can."

The loud footsteps of Horikawa disrupts the intense silence, on his hands is the sword of Okita's favorite sword.

"Aruji! This is bad! Yamatonokami's sword is painted black!"

The Saniwa gasps. "This is...! Sword corruption...!"
Kashuu whose not liking this outcome. "What do you mean Aruji? Please explain?!"

The Saniwa carefully took away the body sword of Yasusada away from Horikawa to the sword stand.

"Yamatonokami Yasusada had been tainted. He will become a fallen sword if not cured."
Horikawa covers his mouth in realization.

"Wait...does that mean..."

The Saniwa reveals to this timeline the truth.

"A Kebishii."

The said Kebiishi Yamatonokami Yasusada is just standing at the cherry blossom tree, he knows what happen here and is no longer interested to stay.

He smiles with sweetness in his lips as he marches forward to teleport again.

"Now off to the other timeline where I can blend in. Wait for me Kiyomitsu.."

He cannot help but get excited. Yasusada giggles to perish his own thoughts. 'The main performance... is yet to come!'






**Before the Timeline.**

((Was I... loved until the end?))


'The last thing I saw is how I was left behind, because I was broken already. A sword in half is technically useless to any samurai...So I shouldn't wonder why he abandoned me. Who knows if he did tried to repair me? I wouldn't know...He won't be alone anyway, he has Yasusada with him. Yasusada...he is Okita Souji's favorite sword...and am just...'

In the darkness a single light glows to approach him as he was in deep slumber.

'...Right, I Kashuu Kiyomitsu is the child of the river bank.'

A voice called his name from the depths of death. Wondering who it was since it was echoing so much in his supposed to be dead ears...he opened his eyes and found himself summoned from an altar like sword stand.

A short pinked haired who looks like a boy but apparently female spoke to him with the most welcoming smile.

As if the person was relief that he woke up.

"Kashuu Kiyomitsu! I thank you for being able to exist on my very first attempt to rebirth a broken sword...!"

It sounded like he was some kind of a successful product. Kashuu blinks twice before he was able to produce sound in his throat, "...Eh?" and shock to hear his own voice was there. Instead of questioning that, he decided to think about the present person before him. "Who are you?" His red eyes scanned the room while he stood still and finally looks down to see he had physical toes, legs, body, arms and...

"What is this...?" Especially his head is back to his neck.

Freaking out..."Aren't I...broken?"

The Saniwa chuckles softly and introduce herself. "I 'am the Saniwa, from now on am your new master. Kashuu Kiyomitsu, I summoned you for a purpose." She offers her hand to help him take his first step. Kashuu still wonder if he move his feet if there will be a solid feeling.

'Is this a human body?'

Speaking up, "You have a purpose for someone like me?" Moving his right foot first then followed by the other, his hands unconsciously grabs the Saniwa's offered support in fear that he might stumble. "...I...I was abandoned...I was not needed, because am not..." getting a help to stand straight, Kashuu met the kind eyes of the Saniwa, those eyes that cares and most of all...they look understanding. "You are very beautiful in your human body Kashuu Kiyomitsu. Like I said I need you."

It confirms it is indeed a human body!

'Am human now...?'

He wish for this before and it is happening for real?

The Saniwa says as she cups his cheeks before letting go from his face and the hand support. "You were serious?" Kashuu had doubts, also he notice he was wearing his blue shinsengumi uniform, similar red scarf and white if he was never shed in red during that incident.

The Saniwa looks at him knowingly with pity but a smile on her lips to assure him that she isn't joking. "Will I revive you piece to piece if it was a lie...? I understand you are confuse, but please do trust me. I want you to help me protect the history against the Retrograde Army."

The Saniwa began explaining things to him of what year it is now, how the age of swords had ended and that some dark entity known at Retrograde Army is trying to mess with the past.

Kashuu just thought to accept it since he was been reborn.

'If it ended a very long time ago...then surely he is dead.'

Those where his thoughts for Okita Souji. His attention went back to reality when the Saniwa took his hand and, "Since you have a human body now, it is up to you how do you wish to look like. Here..." she put a bag to his palms. Kashuu felt them in his fingers, its a heavy pouch of .."Money?! This huge!?" He jaw drops when he peeks inside the said money bag.

The Saniwa giggles and push his back gently to get out of the room where he was summoned. Still not getting why everything seems like yesterday he had to cope with so called history enemy and stuffs...the Saniwa smiles dearly. "Enjoy and get used to your body first. Meanwhile I will call the souls of the other swords to join our battlefield against the history retrograde army." She turns her back to grab some weird human shaped paper that Kashuu can guess it is the tool that was used to awaken him.

"You are going to call other swords...?" Hearing that it clicked to him, if he was repaired as brand new then perhaps the other sword who stayed with Okita would be also..."Does that mean even him...?" he faintly mumbles. The Saniwa did not seem to hear him asking that question so he changed it to something he should be actually saying now.

With sweat forming at his cheeks to doubt himself yet he wanted to be thankful since he is needed.

"I-I do not know why you picked me first, but I will not disappoint you! Aruji!" He bows.

The Saniwa just wave and so Kashuu left the Saniwa's room.

' alive?' Walking down the stairs till he reach the hallway...the place was nothing so modern as he thought it would. It is still a Japanese home style he knew except he did saw some stuffs displayed that seem unusual.

He guessed those are so called modern tools. 'The Saniwa mention am the first to be am all alone right?' By strolling around the whole place, every room was empty. It confirms the Saniwa's words were true. "Nobody is here except me and..." gulping to make sure he did had throat this time and not beheaded. "My new...master."

Kashuu stops when he encountered a rather human height mirror somewhere around the hallway.

"I feel it...I have what they called flesh...? And.." Shock that he is indeed in a form of a human not a soul...his hands travelled to touch his body crawling up to his face then it landed to his neck. Curiosity within him that the scarf must be the only reason why he had a head. So he dared to removed them a bit to peek on his flesh and saw a faint scar marked on his neck.

"Aahh!?" He screams as he thought his head will fall off but it didn't. "H-hhuhh..?" Taking a closer look by zooming to the mirror, his pinkish fingers teased his own neck and felt his pulse there.

He was breathing. When he exposed his own neck, his hands also decided to expose his chest then his arms and legs.

There are faint scars on it.
Thousands of evidence that he was broken and very unlikable.

So many battle scars from Ikedaya Inn.

"My neck...and my body there are lingering scars!" Almost feel like he is going to get angry at his reflection, a footstep stomps to stop at his side and found the Saniwa watching him. "Forgive me if am not able to undone the evidence of that day." She says apologetically.

Kashuu pauses a moment and suddenly puts back his shinsengumi clothes to cover his almost stripped body.

"N-no! I'm just glad am needed...Will you still love me even if am beaten?" There was fear in him that he cannot quench. Without shame he asks the Saniwa that issue he had, no matter how funny it may sounds.

Kashuu thought the Saniwa will mock or laugh but she instead gave him assurance and that smile melted Kashuu's doubtful heart. "Of course I would, but I will mostly appreciate if you take good care of yourself. Well then I got to get going. Later~"

Saniwa lefts.

It was just a praise for him to get a boost of trust and confidence.
Little did the Saniwa knows that made Kashuu got heart strike like a cupid stab an arrow to his human heart.

It was his goal now.

"Ahaa..haaa!" Kashuu becomes red in his cheeks and covers them in embarrassment yet joy. "A-Aruji wants me to take care of meaning I has to be pretty all the time?" Looking at the mirror again and saw how he look old. By means old is that he is stuck at the past and that doesn't sound pleasing if this is a modern era and such. Raising his fist with a goal in his mind.

Kashuu Kiyomitsu thought to adjust to his new life and master. "Alright! Let us use this money for make over!"

And went out to the market.

It was fantastic sight, Kashuu had never explored the market with life. " this for real?" He was like a kid when he goes window sighting shops and stalls and decorations. The shinsengumi was feared and therefore whenever they patrol the market site, everyone hides or closes their stores.

Worst nobody is around.

But now it is different.

'Am indeed no longer in Bakamatsu Era!' Before Kashuu went outside he saw a calendar with year charts displayed one of the citadel rooms.

It shows him year charts like Heian, Edo and etc.

That is why Kashuu is very amazed that those chart box were real.

His fantasies stops when he thought to buy clothes as a fresh start. He quickly found what he wants, a casual red clothes. "T-they look cute." And purchased them. Another thing he found was a French uniform with leather and fancy golden lines. "I'm gonna buy this!"

Then some boots. "So unique!"

Some merchant tricked him to buy what they called earrings. "Waa so pretty!"

Till his eyes landed to a blue kimono. "Hmm? Blue..." he pauses as he thought it would look good to the other if he was even here. "Looks cute...but not my color." Without facial reaction he admits."...More reminds me of him." Deciding to buy it as well. "Right I can use this too as spared clothes." Is what he tried to convince himself.

He bought other flashy things like make up, nail polish and lipstick.

Kashuu didn't question himself why he bought it, all he know is that when he ask the people in market to give him something to make him pretty...the vendors starts to offer this and that.

Since it all looks cute and curious enough he bought them for himself.

After that Kashuu went back to the citadel.

It wasn't odd for him to perform art since Okita Souji always polish him so he knows how to stroke the brush and make himself beautiful.

Knock, knock.

The Saniwa looks up and found the Okita sword wearing a new outfit for battle.

"Kashuu Kiyomitsu?"

Kashuu enters the room with rather needy offering. "Hi Aruji~" somehow his voice crooked at the end that he had to clear his throat. "E-Ehem." And smiles at his new master.

"I'm Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Uhh. I'm the child beneath the river. I may be difficult to handle, but my performance is good."

The Saniwa blinks twice before she laughs and purely grins.

"Haha, of course! I will be in your care as well Kiyomitsu."

Meanwhile the other...

"K-Kondo...san..." Okita Souji said while he was dying at his bed.
("Okita-kun...?") Yamatonokami Yasusada heard it but he was not able to see the last day of his master.

'I was kept in a box eversince Okita-kun failed to slay the black demon cat at his yard...He cannot wield me anymore.'

All Yasusada can hear is the weakening breath patterns of Okita Souji. "Hiji...kata...san..!" Followed by harsh coughing.


Yamatonokami flinches at the sound while he was in darkness.

By this time they heard Kondo Isami will be executed, Okita tried to get out of his bed was all fruitless effort.

'Okita...kun, please...please do not die like this...Because I-'

Until he can no longer hear him.



'Okita Souji...He died a lonely death. And I was...trapped in eternal darkness, before I even realize that the age of sword has ended. That am...just a part of a history.'

Yamatonokami Yasusada had gone to a deep slumber. His loneliness killed him, nobody is able to use him properly so nobody dared to inherit his sword. His last was the one and only master Okita Souji who just disappeared like that.

'Just like how Kiyomitsu...left me behind.'

Somehow, the tsukumogami was angry.

They should have ended like a warrior.
You know, die in a battle field.

But no...

'Okita-kun perish from an illness.'

It was a lame death and it hurts the pride of samurais. It cannot be helped, he was so skilled yet such illness defeated him. Yasusada finds it insulting for Okita, how he wish he can slice the illness and spit on it.

'My existence is no longer needed...hurry and I want to go to the place where Kiyomitsu had dissipate.'

His wish came true when a light reaches out to him.


It was so bright that when he open his eyes, the beautiful red eyes he admired was staring at him.

Both of their eyes widens.

Yamatonokami Yasusada is finally summoned to the citadel and who greets him was... "Eh...? Kiyomitsu...? Is that you?"

It was hard to tell if this is the after life for tsukumogami's. The gods themselves does not know if even their souls will go somewhere. All they thought they just cease to exist and they are reincarnated? Kashuu laughs and looks proud as he introduce himself to him.

"Who else would be the pretty cute Kashuu Kiyomitsu? You are not dreaming Yamatonokami Yasusada~"

'Ehh...he was fix?'

It got to be a lie but, if it's true...then, then...!

Unable to control his loneliness, Yasusada jumps to embrace Kashuu with tears.

"Uwah?! Y-Yasusada? Hey-"

Blushing from the sudden contact, Kashuu cannot argue that he did miss him too.

But he cannot say it in a straight face so he just kept quiet without hugging back.

Yasusada sobs and tightens his embrace to his whole body, to make sure that he wasn't split apart unlike the last he saw his blade.

"You are back in piece...! I..I..Uhh you broke at Ikedaya Inn. You were unrepairable!" However Yasusada is being overly dramatic that Kashuu thought it was ugly.

"A-and then...Afterwards Okita-kun-"

"Alright stop!"

He pushes him away by grabbing Yasusada's shoulders and staring at his soul. "Eh?" Not understanding why Kashuu did not seem to be attach from this reunion, his partner even ordered him around. "Fix yourself, you will have to speak to our new master! The Saniwa in this citadel!" Yasusada made a confused face. "New...master? Saniwa? Citadel..?" Kashuu pats his shoulders with confident smile that he will like it here. "That's right~! So save your reunion tears later okay?"

Yasusada is shock how cold is this?

It does not sit well for him this new Kiyomitsu.

Kashuu did not expect Yasusada to even question him. "Are you...really Kiyomitsu? Why do we have bodies anyway? Where on earth is this?"

Damn, three questions.
But it is okay, everyone is always confuse whenever they were summoned to life.

Kashuu Kiyomitsu thought Yasusada will be happy like him when he reveals to him what era they were in and what the hell had happened since eons ago.

"This is year 2250."






When he was summoned here it was actually night time already. No Touken Danshi are awake to see him. So Kashuu took the opportunity to tell him about everything what he was also been told when he first came, Yasusada still on his shinsengumi warrior attire nods as he followed Kashuu through the hallway.

"I see. So Okita-kun is really long dead..."
Kashuu chuckles, "Why do you even question that? Weren't you by his side till he died?" Yasusada bit his lips.

"I was! B-but a-at the same time not really...when he failed to kill the black cat at the yard, he hid me in a box. That was the last time I saw Okita-kun. The next thing I know I was still in the box in the darkness...unused."

Kashuu stops walking and opens the sliding door to reveal how the world looks like in the night. "Well not anymore~" a bright moon and the sound of nature shared its breeze of wind to Yasusada's. "Eh?" Both of their scarf waves and somehow it felt brand new light despite the darkness. "Welcome to Citadel, Yasusada." Kashuu smiled at him, a blank look before Yasusada manage to smile back.

"Yeah me too."

Yasusada had talk with Saniwa and was told to make himself at home.

Kashuu tour him to the whole citadel even though it is night time. He actually showed him the basic like kitchen, bath, living room, dojo.

As they move forward room to room, Yasusada cannot help but stare at Kashuu's quiet flashy armor. "So...uhh, how long have you been here?" Kashuu who did not notice the stares just hummed. "First." Yasusada tilting his head. "And when was that?"

"Aahh When~?" Kashuu yawns as a sign of getting sleepy. After all he just came back from a mission that is why when he got home and was told a new sword has arrive he forgot to change clothes. "I forgot already, took you long enough to come that I stopped counting~" he mumbles a bit, Yasusada perk his ears. "What?"

Embarass, Kashuu looks away aggressively. "I said nothing! Sheesh! Your questions are annoying!" Yasusada arch his eyebrows.

"Didn't you told me to ask you freely for things am not aware of and now you are taking back your statement?" Kashuu stops walking and faced him. "My goodness! You are giving me a headache!" Yasusada frowns. "...That is my line. You have changed drastically while am asleep." Seeing how Yasusada looks disappointed,disturb Kashuu in a way he felt anxious.

"Huh...? What do you mean?"

Yasusada points out. "Where is your shinsengumi uniform? And what is up with those flashy earrings and colored looks strange. Is that a requirement to fit within 2250?" Hurt, Kashuu thought of himself as ugly or more like super offended. "Huuuhh!? You think it is strange? I cant believe out of all swords, my own partner will call my fashion ugly!" Yasusada argues though. "Hey, I didn't call it ugly. I just said it is strange-" Hushing the blue sword by one finger to his lips.

"Forget it! Ahh~ahh! I lost my good mood now! Here I thought were gonna have some fun but you are an old school!"

Yasusada blinks and thought Kashuu's fingers were indeed solid to his human lips till it moves away ,he smile sheepishly.

"...I guess you had a point. Please do introduce me to everyone tomorrow, Kiyomitsu." Blushing, Kashuu cannot help but thinks of Yasusada attacking his fragile heart. "Stop smiling like that idiot!" Yasusada starts to walk before him and even gestured.

"Lets go, Kiyomitsu."

Pouting as he followed, Yasusada slowed his phase when he saw a rather mysterious blue haired man wearing an ancient armor like them.

His eyes were crescent irises and glows differently.

"Ahh Are you Yamatonokami Yasusada?"

Feeling cornered, Yasusada stutters. "Y-yes? May I know who you were...?"
Behind Yasusada, Kashuu making a face as the taller man introduce himself.

"My name Mikadzuki Munechika. Nice to meet you."

Mikadzuki and Kashuu were in one team when they got back here that is why he also still had his armor on, he probably took tea first before getting ready to bed.

"Same here."
Yasusada says with a small polite smile, Mikadzuki smiles wider too but he added something out of blue. "Were alike."

Wondering. "Huh?"

Mikadzuki chuckles and waves his hands. "Hehe, just your old man speaking to himself. Do rest for tonight and have some fun for tomorrow. Goodnight."

Awkward and strange... "O-ok...? Goodnight!" Yasusada waves back. Mikadzuki knowingly teases Kashuu a sweet smile and says his goodnight. "Also you too."
Kashuu shrugs.

"Yeah, yeah-" suddenly Mikadzuki whispered in his ears. "Keep an eye to Yamatonokami...Kashuu."

Then he left.

"Eh..? Hey wait Mikadzuki!" Late reaction, Mikadzuki is already gone in sight.
Yasusada moves closer to where Kashuu stands and chuckles. "He is a peculiar one don't you think Kiyomitsu?"

Uneasy, Kashuu nods. "Yeah...he is." Then he change the mood. "Alright! Lets get to our room."

Yasusada is surprised. "Our room? I don't have my own room?" To think Yasusada expect a solo room, it makes Kashuu angry. "Hah? Were you planning to have your own room?" Yasusada whose dense that he must have hurt his feelings just simply reasoned out. "I mean, isn't natural to have own rooms like how we got our own sword stand back then? So were roommates?"

Facepalm, "...Just shut up and follow me!"
Grabbing his wrist and pulled him to walk faster. "Eeehhh!"

Arriving their room.

"Here change." Kashuu shoves him his pajamas. "Woah, I have my own clothes already? Did the Saniwa magic them as well?" Kashuu shyly plays with his own hair tail while hiding his small blushing cheeks as he confesses. "I brought it." Again Yasusada is surprise that Kashuu is so thoughtful of him now. "You what?" Kashuu fidgets at his own hair. "I had extra money, I brought it. In case you suddenly get summoned without advance notice. So I got them in advance while they are on sale in market...d-dunno if it will fit you though. I-I originally have them as my spare clothes."

He finally finishes.
Yasusada is overjoyed.

"Thank you Kiyomitsu...!" Pointing at his roommate to put some distance. "Stop being so thankful just get dress to pajamas already!"

Yasusada starts to follow the command and undresses, but he notice it too...Kashuu was, "What about you? Aren't you going to change?"

Kashuu grabs the mirror at the table to look at his worn out make up. "I will, once you are done. I will have you to go outside for my turn!" Upset. Yasusada doesn't get it. "Eh? Were both male. Its alright for me, you can strip. Lets strip together-"

Kashuu blushes hard and hiss at him. "That sounds totally wrong in all angels Yasusada! Just hurry!"

Yasusada rolled his eyes.


After that Yasusada went out of the room and waited till Kashuu was finish dressing to pajamas but...he heard a sound inside.


Not knowing it was Kashuu's make up kit falling to the floor, Yasusada urgently opens the door. "WHAT HAPPEN?!" It was just plainly instinct for him to be worried...

Hearing some kind of shattering sound reminds him of what if Kashuu broke again?

Kashuu whose visibly all red that Yasusada saw him half naked, his blue eyes drops to the neck of his. "Kiyomitsu that wound!" Charging in, Kashuu covers them.

"Don't look idiot!"

Yasusada gently touch his cheeks to face him before they goes down to the nape. " were indeed decapitated...then how are you even back in piece?" Kashuu not liking this caring hands of Yasusada...he shoves him away. "How should I know! Stop asking it, the important thing is am me." Yasusada was just glad that's all.

"Yeah...I believe you."

After cleaning up the make up stains at the floor, the two laid at their futons and stared at the ceiling.

Kashuu Kiyomitsu has never been happy.

"Oh...yeah, good night to you too Kiyomitsu."

Hoping that Yamatonokami Yasusada will feel the same as him.
If only...


While everyone is asleep, the one who represents the moon still awake and still haven't gone to his pajamas.

A threatening glare in the darkness, Mikadzuki calls out. "Who are you? This isn't your timeline."

Emerge there was Yamatonokami from the original timeline with an evil look despite having a gentle smile traced on his whole face. "Fortune slips, right?" Yasusada say, it was his greetings to him, rather daring for a fight. Mikadzuki simply observes him with eyes. "Hm? Are you Yamatonokami from a different timeline? Are you here to keep changing the history?"

Yasusada from the original timeline stopped smiling.

Mikadzuki chuckles, "Well, well, I won't let you touch a finger to our innocent Yamatonokami here. He just arrive after all and you are planning to kill him and steal his existence."

He assumes.
Surprise, surprised.

Yamato whistled, "Medium luck. Well, it's not bad. Also...You sound like you did this. Did you?" Mikadzuki smirks at him. "Who knows?"

Not liking him a bit, Yamato uses his ability to time travel again. He flares with blue while having am annoyed look. "Did you think you could win the duel?"

Mikadzuki said nothing but widen his fake smile.

Clicking his tongue, Yasusada turns his back. "I'm out of here...!" And disappears.

"Good. Go back to your timeline." Mikadzuki says.
It just happen Kogitsune whose with them on the mission earlier already in pajamas notice Mikadzuki still wasting time outside of their rooms.

"Mikadzuki who are you talking to?" Mikadzuki laughs and lied so easily. "A ghost."



**Future Timeline**

[Dear Master,

I left on a journey to become stronger, but in the end, I ended up at the place of my previous master...Okita-kun. I wonder if you're angry at me.
But, please forgive me. I think that, even now, I have been placing myself at a standstill. In order to move forward, I have to sort things out in my heart, about Okita-kun.]

He wrote letters actually, but his letter's where never shared to his comrades in the citadel. Yamatonokami Yasusada whose doing his kiwame, he thought to try and move on by facing the fact how Okita Souji dies from his illness.

Yasusada didn't really wanted to betray his promise to Kiyomitsu, he thought he could trust himself but his body moved on his own to betray everyone in the citadel.

Especially Kiyomitsu who grapples him to the floor. The moment Kiyomitsu shed tears and told him how he really felt at the second floor.

(("I love him too! I did not want to break till the end...!"))

It was desperation, and Yasusada's dark thoughts regains light.

'I had to fix myself... That's right. If I keep looking backwards, it will be of no benefit to anyone. That's why... I will forget about Okita-kun. Because that's what he wants. When I forget him and become a sword that only belongs to you, I'll come back. Definitely.'

Is what he thought so then he ask the Saniwa a favor to let him go back to the past to face his darkest desires.

To torture himself in sadness and regret till he get bored with it.

'I didn't thought it will take long. All I did is after watching Okita-kun die, I repeat the cycle where he lives. Always, always the restart button. One time I got curious what lies beyond and saw the modern era called Hesei and so fort...the story of Shinsengumi, especially Okita-kun's were highly treasured and pass on generation to generation. To think even though he died a lonely death, people appreciates us. To think I had been trying to trample that sacred history I suddenly feel bad. I finally realize how important it is to protect history...I...I want to see more of it.'

Actually, Yasusada doesn't have plans to go home yet. Because he wanted to re visit Okita's grave to bid his last farewell before he returns.

However his time device malfunction and thrown him to the timeline where the Saniwa has yet to summon more swords.

He thought indeed it was weird that the citadel is empty...until he reach the point of realization where he is.

"Is...this the very begining of citadel?"

He stop on his tracks to hide when a familiar voice whines. It was Imanotsurugi.

"Ahh so lonely! Only the three of us! I wonder when Iwatoshii will come here!"

Hasebe laughs then proceed to scold him a bit.

"Now, now Imanotsurugi...Aruji had a lot of work to do to be able to revive the rest of the ancient swords. Right?"

The moment Hasebe looks down at his gaze, Yasusada followed and found Kashuu Kiyomitsu sitting and staring above the moon."Kashuu?" Yasusada's heart skips a beat when Kashuu from this timeline turned to his head to Hasebe with a smile.

'It's K-Kiyomitsu...' Yasusada knows that Kiyomitsu also had sharp eyes, he may spot him on the corner of his eyes so duck his head to the darkness yet remained unmoving from his stance. "I mean you were the first summoned so..." Kashuu chuckles and checks his nail polish.

"Yep~ Aruji is amazing, yet I still do not understand why she picked to revive me first! Maybe am loved!" He teases the two. However Imanotsurugi was too innocent to even take that as an offensive challenge. He instead cooed. "Does Kashuu-san waiting as well for a partner like me?"

For a second Kashuu pauses;his face was unreadable...but he did mumble.



Yasusada doubt that Kashuu even cares about him. Because if he did he wouldn't have avoided to talk to him regarding their past relationship. Doing his own assumption already, Yasusada sighs for himself. 'Nahh, I bet he didn't miss me...after all he acted like he hated me all the time-'
But he was wrong.

"Yamatonokami Yasusada. That is his name and yes am waiting for him." Kashuu said in a lonesome voice but he still had the relax smile as he shared to Hasebe and Imanostsurugi. "In fact I cannot believe that he is not yet summoned back to life~" Kashuu stretches' his arms and pouts. "~is Aruji teasing my patience?"

Yasusada's lips parted in shock. 'Patience...? Wait, so he was waiting for me?!' Yasusada finally realize he was indeed selfish and Kiyomitsu...the reason why he was always angry at him because he was dense and ungrateful to the present.

Gritting his teeth, Yasusada finally knows what he has to do. This adventure and reminiscence should end right now! 'Then you the present him, he is probabbly...still waiting for me. I need to get back-'

Moving to run away, he made his slippers make a sound which was the biggest mistake.


It bounces a creak.

Alerted the three, Kashuu narrowed his eyes along with his threatening voice "Whose there?" as Hasebe glares to the darkness and Imanotsurugi bracing himself if it was a monster. 'Ah oh!' Unable to move.

Before he can even feel his presence, the shadow of Kiyomitsu reflected at the wooden floor.

He was about to see him fully.
Yasusada decided to run real quick towards outside. To the three he is a unknown individual. "Ah! Bugler! Catch him!" Hasebe says.

With that everyone runs after him. Hearing their fast footsteps, Yasusada refuses to look back to see if how much they were catching up against him...because if he distract himself or he his face get seen by them it may... 'Eeehh! No, no, I shouldn't bother to explain! In fact am not suppose to meet them or it will change the history!'

He so screwed.

Reaching the Sakura tree, Yasusada grabs his time device and press it's button multiple times. As expected it is acting abnormal. "Dammit why are you malfunctioning on me?!" Cursing, a hand took his wrist from behind to twist. It was Kashuu himself.


Screaming inside his head. 'No...!'

Kashuu's eyes widen.

"...huh?" The clothes of this person...under the dark blue striped cloak...there was a nostalgic haori in sky blue.

Kashuu began to tremble. "That haori...shinsengumi?"

Imanotsurugi whose behind is worried. "Kashuu-san?" Speaking of which this person hiding himself to his hat.

Kashuu thought it was too good to be true, but there are other shinsengumi maybe his wish was answered earlier. "You...are you perhaps!"

Pulling him roughly, Yasusada kept his mouth shut as he refuses to be turned around. Needy, Kashuu shouts at him.

"Face me!"

Yasusada shuts his eyes, he messed up.

That is not good.

There was no escape anyway...might as well, 'I'm sure Aruji on this timeline will understand that it was an accident. Maybe I can even ask her to bring me back to my own timeline...'


Slowly he turned around, removing his hat and cloak. Indeed he was like that person.

The face of gentle winter yet deadly.
"Okita, Yamatonokami Yasusada...?"

There was no answer from the other except a somewhat guilty staring contest.

Imanotsurugi happily claps though. "Eh!? So he's your partner! How envious! He already appeared!" Hasebe whose super shock panics and runs away. "Aaaahh! I need to tell this to Aruji a new sword has arrive out of nowhere!" Yasusada didn't like Hasebe's fast action to report.

'Wait! Hasebe...! As if I can shout that...' biting his lips, Yasusada cannot interfere or say much to them...he just cannot mess up more than he did.

But his name was called with a rather relief excitement. "Yasusada!" He found himself getting hug by Kashuu!

Unable to react from the sudden closeness...he blinks multiple times, his nose can smell Kashuu's perfume to prove that indeed he just jumped to embraced him with warmth and yearning to be with. Eventually his tensed up body relaxes and it finally sinks in where he was. Seeing an honest Kashuu like this... 'Kiyomitsu is hugging me? This defintely proves am not on my own timeline...!'

Yasusada was tempted to hug back but he decided to stop himself. He shouldn't be attach to this timeline, any movements of words he spills can alter the history more than it did already when he was caught.

Thankfully Kashuu pulls away from hugging to only have his shoulders locked to Kashuu's hands.

He was shaking him. "I'm glad you arrive early! I was really bored you know! Guess what! Am pretty loved by our new master-" visibly he was overjoyed tonight. "Ah right! You aren't aware of the situation...Leave it to me I will explain-"

Kashuu stops talking when he saw Yasusada's cold act.

Usually a reunion involves a hi and hello but Okita's favorite sword is not even smiling, not even looking at him.

He isn't even responding to him.

"Yasusada?" Suddenly a crazy thougth crossed Kashuu's mind. "Could it don't recognize me?" Cracking up a smile, Kashuu is indeed afraid. "I-Its me Kashuu Kiyomitsu..." pointing at himself. "..." Yasusada still did not look at him.

Sad, Kashuu goes back a little step to put distance and touches his own arm for comfort as the cold wind blows.

"Ahh...right Am not wearing the shinsengumi uniform." When he said that, he spotted Yasusada's eyes lit some reaction. That was enough to make him a bit confident again."B-But am the same Kiyomitsu you knew back then! B-believe me! I may have broke that day...but I was been revived!" He cheerfully says.

Yasusad blurts out an order in return.
"Let me see the Saniwa."

Gripping his fist.

Imanotsurugi is not understanding one bit of this drama.
"Kashuu-san...who on earth is Yamatonokami-san?"

Kashuu thought the moonlight was pretty but...maybe it was nothing but a gloomy night, he answered him rather unsure and bit his lips.

"I...I don't know."


At Saniwa's office.

As per Yasusada's request he was introduce to the Saniwa. He immediately confessed his sin and summarize everything for the Saniwa in this timeline to understand quickly. "What am saying? Basically am not suppose to appear yet in citadel. I was the 75th to arrived but I ended up time leaping here by mistake. I did not meant to change history. Please forgive me Aruji."

The Saniwa had a blank face.
Meanwhile Kashuu is actually eavesdropping with Hasebe and Imanotsurugi behind the door. They cannot control themselves with human ears yet.

If they hear something, they get so curious to use more of this hearing ability as a human being.

The fact Kashuu heard the truth of how long he will suffer, he hated it.

'What...he isn't the Yasusada meant to be with me? You mean I have to freaking wait that long before he arrives...?!'


Barging inside the room.


Yasusada and Saniwa turned their head to the door. Spotting Hasebe and Imanotsurugi still bothering to hide even though Kashuu just opens the sliding door wide open. "I'm sorry for eavesdropping but..." It frustrates him to the core. "B-but I don't want to wait that long! If this Yasusada now is not the supposed to be Yasusada for me, then please hurry up and summon the real Yasusada!"

Yasusada is again surprise that Kashuu needs him much. "Kiyomitsu..." all he can utter.

It is surprising to see a Kashuu whose not trying to behave himself to change the history. Because...'R-right, they just recently got born so the Kiyomitsu in front of me is still I was.' keeping himself behave here, The Saniwa sighs and explained with a calm tone. "I understand you need him however if this future Yamatonokami said that he is suppose to appear as the 75th sword, we need to follow the flow of that history to avoid changing further."

Kashuu clench his fist. "No..way..."
Yasusada smiles and tried to convince him to calm down. "Kiyomitsu please do not be angry. "But Kashuu closed his eyes and grit his teeth.

Kashuu revealed his red eyes were in tears.

"How selfish can you be? How much do you plan to make me suffer than it is Yasusada...? When we finally have human bodies..." then quickly he runs away while screaming the lines he wanted to tell him.

"Can't you understand that I needed you that day! Idiot!"

"Eh! Wait up! Kiyomitsu!"

Yasusada can tell that Kashuu was referring he was needed at Ikedaya where he broke.
Glancing to the Saniwa whose did not bother to stand up to her sit.
"Aruji...forgive me, let me talk to him." The Saniwa smiles in understanding.

"Of course."






Running after Kashuu who reaached the cherry tree, he kicks the tree out of anger. "You terrible!" He kicks it again.

Not knowing behind Yasusada already catches up while panting. "Kiyomitsu...I'm sorry if I had to make you wait for me."

Shoulder stiffens,Kashuu looks back slowly with a dark voice. "Is this a revenge?"

Yasusada blinks. "Eh?"

Kashuu frowns but his lips were showing a mocking smile for both of them. " perhaps waited for me to come back from Ikeda Inn yet my corpse was bought back instead. Are you doing this out of spite to hurt me?" Yasusada didn't like that so he snaps to defend himself, even though he shouldn't say more to this timeline.

"W-why would you even think of that way Kiyomitsu!" Kashuu childishly yells back. "Its true! are here instead of being by the Kiyomitsu you are suppose to be with. You are very cruel you know?" He was crying. 'Ahh...he is so broken.' That what Yasusada could tell by his out of control emotions.

'It cannot be helped, this Kashuu is the 'past' before he had grown to rational thoughts when I was summoned.'

Getting serious, he vowed to the Kashuu Kiyomitsu to this timeline. "I...I promise I will return to your side. Please wait a bit more."

Kashuu of this timeline felt dumb by Yasusada's straight forward promise, he wipe his tears and gained composure. Yasusada who notice Kashuu will be fine now, he walks to the cherry tree where he got teleported earlier.

Kashuu stops him by a random question.

"Before you go answer me this. Do you love me Yasusada? you only love him?"

The wind blows.

Yamatonokami Yasusada fix his kiwame cloak and hat as he declared with confidence and a gentle smile, making Kashuu of this timeline heartbeat skip a line.

"...Of course I love you Kiyomitsu."

But he wanted to hear more and to make sure that Yasusada is not lying to him...he put him to a tight spot.

"More than him?"

Yasusada did not expect that question but he tried not to be silent. "I...I cannot pick." He admitted as he clutch his chest, then again he regain the courage to keep moving forward. In order to return to the citadel where the real Kashuu Kiyomitsu waits for him.

"...But I will pick the present rather than the past if that is what you are asking me now."

The Sakura tree glows magically.
Kashuu and Yamato were shock but then again...the child of river chuckles.

"I see. Then you know what go back to your timeline! Take care."

Patting the back of Yasusada to go ahead and jump to the light, Yasusada cannot help but to happily grin by that treatment.

"You too."

So he went back to his original timeline.

'Because I finally realize we love each-other even without Okita-kun tying us together. I should hurry and return to the citadel with everyone is waiting for me.'









**Original Timeline**

The Saniwa whose trying to find where Kiyomitsu got thrown off to whose timeline, she saw the records.

1st -The Kiwame Yasusada is going back to the citadel after accidentally getting found by the Saniwa there.
2nd -The Yasusada in casual clothes is comatose due to his sword corruption. The Saniwa there also discovered the unbalance of the timelines and history records, she was trying to help.

'Not here, he is not here...where are you Kashuu Kiyomitsu...?'






**Yamatonokami Yasusada's POV timelines**

Yasusada of the original timeline admit he shouldn't have killed him like that the 'Yasusada in blue casual clothes.'

He screamed like that, he was definitely hurt to the deepest by using Okita Souji's best strike.

'Okay, calm down...' It was a failure that movement he made, should have broke his sword instead so that he can replace him. But as said that plan failed! So he went to another other Yasusada who recently arrive citadel and discovered the scar beneath Kashuu's neck is well guarded by Mikadzuki on that timeline. He had to run away because Mikadzuki Munechika knows too much. 'I have to take it easy.'

So once again Yamatonokami Yasusada who broke the law, in his Shinsengumi uniform arrives the perfect timeline he thought to stay forever.

["I found it, where I can stay and call home."]

Becoming a Kebiishi is a very bad thing. He himself did not realize he was loosing his treasured memories with Okita Souji ever since he alter the history on Ikedaya Inn. When the flames catches him, he fell to a timeline where Okita Souji did survived his illness but that did not become part of the real history.

Instead it became a mere parallel outcome.

But then again, it affects his memories.

He even forgot what he said himself, it was like a broken radio he heard on the back of his mind.

[["...Kiyo...itsu, do not wry I will event this future. caue I love youan kia-ku, e wn't be sparatd for ow."]]

It pains his head so he shunned it away. Yasusada who feels a very deep disappointment, he eventually forgot the main reason why he even become a Kebiishi and why on earth he wanted to leap through time and times. Everything he did was out of possessiveness, a story he cannot remember how it even started.

This Corrupted and evil Yasudada set foot to this new timeline.

Now here is a a timeline where after 'Yamato' arrived at was a few months before he will raid the Ikeda Inn again.

Something whispered to him that he apparently made a promise to be by his side this time.

'That person. He needs love, he was always needy...'

It was a very beautiful sky.

"Indeed this is perfect to blend."

Eyeing the citadel under the un bloomed cherry blossom at night, Yasusada is about to start his greatest mistake.

"Kiyomitsu...I will be here soon."

It was the remaining memory left in his head before he completely becomes some entity you cannot return to normal.


**Original Timeline**

'Hurry and save him Kiyomitsu!'

The Saniwa prays strongly. Hoping wherever the Kiyomitsu she repaired is alive on someone else's timeline.

'You are both a pair of not drought!'