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Touken Ranbu: Pair of Flowers

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They said history shouldn't be change. But what if it already did?

**Original Timeline**


"Is something the matter?"

"Something is off..."

"Ah! Yamatonokami-san!"

"He disappeared!"






"What a strange thing to happen."

Imanotsurugi and Iwastoshii had an agreement while looking at the photo where Yamatonokami Yasusada should be.

It has become a ruckus in citadel due to this weird phenomenon. "Yeah you are right." Added by Ishikirimaru with his hunch. "I have a bad feeling about this."

Before he looks over to Mikadzuki Munechika who had a serious look at his face. "What do you think?"

Mikadzuki narrowed his eyes and focus his vision to the photo where Yamatonokami is nowhere existing. "This probably means that something is happening at the Ikeda Inn." He says. Kogitsunemaru couldn't get the gist of it so he asks. "What could it be?"

"Yamatonokami," Mikadzuki specified the possible source of the problem. "If he were to try and alter the history..." he trailed off with a darkening voice.

"Alter the history? What will happen?" Iwatooshi was a bit impatient and so is everyone.

They waited for him to finish even though they wanted him to hurry.

Mikadzuki refuses to look at everyone instead he kept his gaze beyond as he tells them partly the truth from alternating the history. "A new assassin will appear, though I hope my suspicions are wrong..." he did sound concerned.

The Sanjo swords echoed his name. "Yamatonokami..."

But Kogitsunemaru tried to cheer everyone up by positive thinking.

"Guys, do not worry! Shinsengumi swords have strong bonds." Imanotsurugi perk his head and agreed.

"Yeah right! Whatever happens,Kashuu-san is there!" Iwatooshi laughs and says too.

"That is right! Kashuu-dono will take care of him!" Ishikirimaru nods and joined their positivity.

"He is the most veteran member of this citadel. We can depend on Kashuu-san." The Sanjo swords started to laugh at eachother but not Mikadzuki.

Mikadzuki Munechika is still not confident on that, he had doubts but he pretended to chill with them regarding this matter.

"Let's pray for their safety then."











Meanwhile, evening of june 5th 1864 - Kyoto.

"Yasusada...!" Kashuu was frantic as he is covered in bruises.

He never doubted him at all. He trusted him because they had an agreement about it before arriving here in Ikedaya Inn. To stop the retrograde army yet...

"What do you think you are doing?!"

On the second floor, the distance between them is the staircase itself. The familiar blue haori with a mark of sincerity, slowly he turned around and softly said the other's name. "Kiyomitsu." To let him know that he can still converse. Kashuu did not hesitate to ask, but he was fearful that the answer will be just there...

"These corpses...did you slay them?" However the other did not respond fast. Kashuu's voice began to plead in denial and being unable to call his name to be listened on to. "...Answer me, idiot!?" For him to shook his head in desperation, Yamatonokami Yasusada frowned a little before he became emotionless as he shared his sincere confession.

"Kiyomitsu...I...I did it for Okita-kun." Taking a look at his bloodied hands with his sword itself.

Yamatonokami was not even shaken by the sight, because he always missed this sensation...the battlefield with uncalled deaths.

"He..he needed help. It cannot be helped. He..he was coughing blood. He may get slashes on if I did not..." That's it. Kashuu snaps and made his battle cry.


About to go up stairs, a voice interrupted him to pause for a second. "What's going in here?!" It was Izuminokami Kanesada with Nagasone Kotetsu, Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki and of course Horikawa Kunihiro. Hesitant, Kanesada approached Kashuu whose visibly bloody angry. "H-Hey..."

Nagasone who can tell what will Kashuu do any moment now, he leap to Kanesada's side to pull onto Kashuu's angry wrist with his tightening grip onto his own sword. Kashuu growled darkly. He knows Nagasone is trying to stop his bloodlust. "Let me kill him." He said it.

Horikawa tried to snap him out from anger for some logic. "But Kiyomitsu-san! That is Yasusada-san! Your partner-" Kashuu is so done with it that he shouted at his other friends. "Not anymore Horikawa!" He pointed above the staircase with the cold blooded Yasusada who just broke the rule. "That person betrayed Aruji for our dead master! Now the history is messed up!"

Yasusada flinched on his harsh statement and he decided to descend a bit on the staircase while his voice was dark yet same time unreadable if he would hurt him back. "So you don't agree with me Kiyomitsu...?" Somehow it sounded like the original Yasusada he know. Kashuu's heart were suffocating, he once again tried to plead for him to come back by reminding him that he was his sword partner. They should be protecting history!

'Didn't we made an agreement?' His head echoed. The rest watch the drama unfolds between the Okitagumi. "Of course not! Did you not promise to me before this sortie?!" Kashuu took out the pink flower pin on his pockets and lifted it to show it to Yasusada with a broken smile, as he tried to make him remember what was suppose to be the right thing.

"The...the hairpin...the charm...the seashell..." Yasusada's eyes widen a bit when he spot the broken hairpin that he had put to his bangs earlier before it was slashed off. When it was broken the spell of his rational thoughts disappeared with it. He couldn't deny that. So Yasusada clench his fists, he cannot waver from Kashuu's chihuahua face now. So he thought to brainwash him. "Even if I had refrain your blade to be still don't?" This time Kanesada couldn't keep his mouth shut to react on that revelation!

"What on earth Yasusada?! Did you seriously just done the unthinkable betrayal to the Saniwa?" This time he was angry, more angry than Kashuu who had been holding his frustrated tears.

"You are out of your mind!?" Nagasone had let go of Kashuu's hands and cup his chin into thinking out loud for everyone to realize this is out of hands. "Ah I see, no wonder Kebiishi had appeared, it was your doing..." his eyes narrowed and glared up to their assigned captain on this mission. He literally ditch them by messing the history here. "Explain yourself Yamatonokami!" Nagasone demand answers. Meanwhile the non Shinsengumi sword, Mutsunokami added. "That's right! Why did you do it?!" Horikawa crossed his fingers and prayed that Yasusada is joking. But Yasusada smirks with mockery and it triggered everyone as he said like it was normal.

"Isn't obvious...?" Then he started to chuckle before it turned into a sweet giggle.

"Hehe.." and he laughs shortly. "Haha!" It was laughable to him he was been ask with an obvious answer. He breaths, " is for my love to Okita-kun and..." he smiles at the red sword, his mirror. "Kiyomitsu...please join me." He lifted his open palm for invitation that Kashuu's tears ended up spilling..."Hahh...?" Kashuu bit his lips and he trembled.

"You lied to me."

Shaking. "What do you mean 'look into my eyes'?" So pissed. "That you do not need the protection anymore...turns out you tricked me! How, just how could you?!" He started to scream again, Yasusada shrugs and almost annoyed that he was scolded. So he corrected him as he somehow stop halfway on descending the stair to have a proper gaze down with his fellow swords.

"I didn't tricked you. It was not a lie that I wanted to move on with Okita-kun's protect the history with everyone in the citadel."

Yasusada clutches his haori,or more like where his heart is placed. "However...something snapped at me,I just saw him in that state my heart and blood went so wild. Human body is a pain, it is not my fault." The next thing he did made everyone felt stupid. It is how Yamatonokami Yasusada had a gentle smile on his face when he declared his official betrayal.

"In the end...I can't stay a blind eye if such opportunity is in front of me to save you and Okita-kun's fate. My fate of being alone..." somehow there is also sadness can be heard from the tone of his voice. Not Kashuu, he was offended and hurt.

"Alone...? Don't make me laugh!" To think his presence enough is still lacking to make his sword partner happy is totally insulting! Kashuu poise to charge an attack, his blade and his red eyes had become identical, he will kill him. "Grr...YASUSADA!" Without effort Yasusada leaps down to use his sword and slice Kashuu.


Their swords had met and started to spark a fire of fight.

Blades shaking, teeth clenching, Yasusada narrowed his eyes with disappointment and a frown. "Do we really have to fight Kiyomitsu? You'll break." He warned him. Kashuu glared more instead, as he tried to overcome the strength of Yasusada's pushing blade. "Shut up!" Freeing from the clashing sword, like how they spar, that's how their sword had met and awed the rest. Though there is a difference now because they had the real intent to kill!

"Guys!" Mutsunokami panics as he noticed a blue fire is surrounding the whole Ikedaya Inn.

"The kebiishi is spreading!" He said and used his gun to fire some bullet.

*Bang! Bang!*

Nagasone also started to defend himself along with Kanesada and Horikawa.

"Look!" Horikawa points up."The roof of the inn is gone! The space is wrapping?"

"Kashuu! Yamatonokami stop fighting!"

Mutsunokami shouts for attention, he was ignored of course.

'Why?why?why!?' All Kashuu can yell inside his head is the never ending question of why Yasusada betrayed him. They looked at each other's eyes that day, beneath the cherry blossoms. Like a romantic day, Yasusada even showed him that he cherished the hairpin that he gave him. Even though he just gave it to him in a whim, he never thought Yasusada would treasure it just like how he treasured the seashell he was given.

"WHY...!" he cries out, Yasusada responded his battle cry.

"Ora! Ora!" He can tell Kashuu's unstable on his emotional stress, so he took advantage of it.
He did not mean to swung his sword that hard. Kashuu did not mean to also block that hard.


Everyone froze when the tip of Kashuu Kiyomitsu's sword. It was separate. "Eh...?" Everyone was horrified. "Kashuu Koyomitsu!" They screamed. Kashuu however had a late response of what is actually going on. He blinks and felt wet beneath his red scarf.'Huh...?' The reflection of his earrings to the tip blade flying in front of him...he started to notice who owns it. It was him. 'My blade broke...?'

As if history repeated itself.

Meanwhile Yasusada is also shock that his attack broke Kashuu. "Kiyomitsu!" He pulled him to an embrace, that is where the blood had spilled from his neck and drench his whole body a crimson red.

"Yasu...sada...?" He tried to speak but he was choking from his own blood. Yasusada press his back to comfort before they had curled into shaking finger nails. "I'm sorry," he whispered and kept his tender embrace to the broken Kashuu. Slowly their knees fell onto the wooden floor, everything seems to be muted. Only hearing the pair of heartbeat and pair of inhaling the air. Kashuu cannot feel anything but confusion.

His face was confused at the sudden kind action of his partner who just basically killed him. 'Did he just catch me when I fall?' As he rested his head to his partner's chest, Yasusada said something again. It boomed in his ears.

"...Kiyomitsu, do not worry I will prevent this future. Because I love you and Okita-kun, we won't be separated again." He pulls away from the hug and cups Kashuu's cheeks so dearly, so loving he smiled for him. "Goodbye for now."

Kashuu Kiyomitsu's lips were trailing blood and his tears had mixed up with his oozing blood. Yasusada started to glow in blue...?

'No...please don't.' The child beneath the river wished inside his heart. "Hey look! Yamatonokami is burning up!" Mutsunokami said and everyone had the same shocked reaction. "Holy hell, this is a lie right...?" Kanesada almost staggered, Horikawa goes to his side to support him before he muttered in disbelief.

"Noway, does this means...Touken Danshi are..."

Nagasone said the last sentence. "Actually the same as History Retrograde Army?"

Horikawa felt disgusted and so is everyone else. "So they are the swords who had fallen? Or swords without a story to protect...?"

As they ponder and kept themselves busy on being safe from enemies popping here and there.

Kashuu's eyes widen that Yasusada is burning in blue like the Kebiishi.


Yasusada is not even surprised. He instead stood up and is ready to leave, seeing the time clock on his hands.

Kashuu Kiyomitsu used his last strength to cuddle on him."I won't let you go Yasusada!" Getting forced to put in place, Yasusada tried to break free from his tight hug.

"Let go! Kiyomitsu...!"

Kashuu swore to him with his hoarse voice and bleeding neck.

"Not this time...!"