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Truth or Dare of Many Fandoms

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Max: Kiss...Jacob.

Bella: Ok. (Kisses Jacob.)


Edward: If you don't stop kissing Jacob, I will kill him

Renesmee: No dad don't kill Jacob, kill mom instead.

Sasha, Alex, and Zoe: YAY! (High-five each other)

Edward: NO!

(Renesmee attacks Edward)

(Sasha, Alex, and Zoe laugh along with everyone else)

Fang: STOP!

(Bella & Jacob stop kissing and Renesmee & Edward stop fighting)

(Edward glares at Bella, Renesmee glares at Jacob)

(Jasper calms everyone down)

Sasha: Ahh funs over.

Zoe: Shut up, they are starting again.

(Sasha kicks Zoe, Zoe kicks her back)

Bella: Me next. Jasper truth or dare?

Jasper: Dare.

Alex (whispers): I dare him to marry Kenzie.

(Sasha and Zoe start laughing.)

AN: Kenzie is a friend of ours who likes Jasper. Parentheses for when Bella is talking is what she is saying in her head.

Bella: I dare you to kiss a girl that is not Alice... (please pick me)

Jasper: Do I have to?

Bella: Yes ( Can I give you a suggestion? How 'bout me?)

Jasper: Uhh... Nudge?

Iggy:NO! You will not touch her.

Bella: Iggy it's only for a second.

Iggy: It's easy for you to say. If someone dared you to strip, you would do it.

Sasha, Alex, and Zoe: You go Iggy.

Bella: Ugh Edward (leans on him to 'cry')

Edward: Go cry to Jacob.

Bella: Ok (gets up to go to jacob)

Edward: Ok never mind (punches Iggy) stop being mean to her even though she deserves it.

Sasha, Alex, Zoe: Stupid Edward.

(Sasha tries to go outside to punch Edward, but Alex and Zoe stop her.)

(Jasper kisses Nudge for 1 second)

Jasper to Alice: I'm sorry sweetie.

Alice: It's okay.

Nudge to Iggy: I'm sorry. (They hug.)

Edward: At least they can apologize unlike someone I know.

(Sasha, Alex, and Zoe high-five each other)

Bella: Shut up Edward.

Sasha: No, you shut up you-

(Zoe covers Sasha's mouth, but then removes hand)

Zoe: Did you just lick my hand? EWW!?

(Zoe and Sasha fight for two minutes then suddenly stop)

Macey: Me next. Fang truth or dare?

Fang: Truth.

Macey: What is the one thing you regret the most?

Fang: Leaving Max. (Fang and Max kiss)

All the girls: AWWWWWWW

Edward (whispers): Marrying Bella.

(Sasha, Alex, and Zoe crack up)

Sasha: We all regret that Edward.

Alice: Me next. I got a good one. Bex I dare you to fight Edward.

Sasha: Why didn't she ask her truth or dare?

Zoe: Alice can see the future and Bex ALWAYS says dare.

Alice: Fight Edward.

Zoe: I bet on Bex.

Alex: I bet on Edward.

Sasha: (slaps them both) Shut up and watch.

Bella: No. Don't mess up my husband's face any more.

Bex: Lady you got problems

Renesmee: She ain't no lady, she's a monster or should I say momster. (glares at Bella)

(Everyone laughs)

Cammie: My turn. Jake truth or dare?

Jacob: I'm scared, but truth.

Cammie: is it true your abs are fake? Wow I sound like Tina. (Shudders)

Jacob: (Takes off shirt) Touch 'em they're real.

Edward: He's lying they're fake.

Jacob: You're just jealous.

Edward: (stands up and touches jake's abs)

Sasha: he's feeling him looks so gay. (We don't have any thing against gay people)

Edward: They're fake. (Rips them off)

All: (Gasp)

(A fake six pack falls to the ground to reveal an eight pack.)

Cammie: Zach's are still better.

(At the same time) Max: Fang's are still better.

(Both blush after realizing they said it out loud and Zach and Fang smirk)

Renesmee: my boyfriend is hotter than I thought. But he still lied. (Punches Jacob.)

Zach: Me next. Bella truth or dare?

Bella: Truth.

Zoe: Wimp.

Zach: what's one thing u hate about Edward?

Bella: There are so many to choose from but I'll say the fact that he doesn't have abs.

Edward: Yes I do. (Takes off shirt)

Sasha: At this rate they're going to be stripping at any moment.

Zoe: You'd like that, wouldn't you.

Sasha: Shut up.

Zoe: I have a dare for them.

Alex: What?

Zoe: I want...