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Potential Friends.

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By Steeleye.


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or ‘The Professionals’. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS/The Professionals.

Timeline: Set around the year 2000.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: Written in glorious UK-English (the original and best) which is different to US-English..

Words: Nine Chapters each of 3000+ words

Warnings: “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!”

Summary: Life for 15 year old Schoolgirl Kennedy DeSilver is such a pain! Not only must she come to terms with being a Potential Slayer, but, in between slayer training and shopping she must make friends with the most unfashionable girl in school.


“I’m sorry,” there she’d said it.

Kennedy didn’t know why, Mr Doyle, he of the murky past and Kennedy’s newly acquired Watcher, was making her do this. He’d spent half an hour expounding, in minute detail, on her every character flaw and weakness. Even when she’d burst into tears, something she'd not done since she'd been twelve, he’d just kept going on and on until he'd completed his character assignation. He’d not even offered her a cup of tea afterwards he’d just sent her back to her room. Right at that moment, Kennedy made up her mind then and there that Mr Doyle was a real ‘pig’ and decided to hate him for the rest of her life.

Earlier he’d explained what he expected of her if she was ever chosen as the next Slayer, she needed to change and change quickly, there may not be much time. The first thing she had to do, he told her, was to say sorry to the girl who’s life she'd made a misery for the last two or three years. After all hadn’t he not just explained to her that she was a bossy spoiled bitch and a bully and it had to stop…now!


“It’s a trick!” Jackie Carter-Brown looked around the old lawn tennis courts her eyes darting from side to side like a trapped animal searching for an escape route.

‘The Courts’ hadn’t been used in years, the grass was well over knee height and you could just see the top of the old rotting nets peeking above the undergrowth. The entire area was surrounded by a tall unkempt hedge that towered above the two girl’s heads and hid it from the rest of the school grounds. This was Jackie’s refuge, the place she went when she wanted to be alone and escape the continual teasing that her so called school-mates subjected her to.

“It’s not,” Kennedy stepped towards the girl, but when Jackie looked as if she was going to bolt she took a step back. “Look, it’s not a trick I totally mean it, I’ve been a complete bitch to you and I want that to change.”
That sounded so trite that even Kennedy winced inwardly. Jackie was everything Kennedy wasn’t; Kennedy loved sports, she played Netball, Hockey and was a leading light in the school’s Track and Field team. She was attractive and intelligent, she wasn’t a ‘nerd’ but she got good marks in most of her subjects. She was also popular with all the ‘right’ girls at Linton Park Academy, and that popularity would be useful to her in the years to come.

Looking down at the girl in front of her, Kennedy had an almost irresistible urge to grab hold of her and give her a good shaking…she was such a ‘dog’! Jackie wasn’t exactly fat, she was plump. She had a fine collection of spots and her hair was straggly and lifeless, and my god those glasses! Kennedy felt like screaming, why was she like that? It wasn’t as if the girl was dumb, she was in fact incredibly bright; she’d be the girl who would end up at Oxford or Cambridge, and no doubt discover something incredibly, earth shatteringly important.

The best Kennedy thought she would manage was maybe a degree in Art History or something at a minor university. That, of course was before she'd found out she was a Potential Slayer and would probably not live long enough to go to ‘uni’. These thoughts made her angry again; Jackie saw the look in her eyes and made a dash for safety, Kennedy didn’t even bother to chase after her, she knew exactly what would happen.

Watching as Jackie lumbered towards a gap in the hedge and after no more than half a dozen paces Jackie tripped and fell and sprawled in the long grass, her books flying one way and her glasses flying another. Sighing heavily, Kennedy walked slowly over to where Jackie lay and retrieved the girl’s glasses from the long grass; Jackie would never have found them by herself, Kennedy blew on the lenses to clear them of grass seeds. The glasses were Jackie in a nutshell; they were clumsy, heavy and unfashionable. Looking down at Jackie where she searched in vain for her spectacles, she resisted the urge to hang the glasses on the hedge and just walk away, Mr Doyle would never know…she had tried after all.

It wasn’t as if Jackie was poor (no girl at Linton Park was). Her family were big into ‘Agro-industry’ and owned half of Yorkshire. Her people could have bought her nice light fashionable specs, or easily paid for corrective surgery; Kennedy looked at the chunky black plastic frames and the milk bottle thick lenses and sighed again.

“Here,” she held out the glasses to Jackie, it almost hurt to be kind to this…words almost failed her (but didn’t)…dweeb!

Jackie reached for her spectacles expecting them to be snatched away at the last moment; she didn’t know whether to be pleased of suspicious when they weren’t.

“Thank-you,” grudgingly Jackie took the glasses from the hand of her tormentor and replaced them on her face; the world swam back into focus.

“Here,” Kennedy reached out her hand to help Jackie to her feet, “I’ll understand if you knock it away…”

‘Oh please’, the thought went through Kennedy’s mind, ‘please knock it away’, then I can walk away from this and tell Mr Doyle I tried but…

Jackie looked around; this must be a trap, some new degradation that would send all of DeSilver’s friends into fits of hysterical laughter, but there was no one else in sight. Reaching out for the offered hand and once again expecting it to be snatched away and humiliation rained on her once. Cautiously she took hold of the proffered hand and much to her surprise she was pulled to her feet.

Kennedy bent and started to brush grass and seeds from Jackie’s uniform (Oh god this girl really needed to take more care with her personnel hygiene!). It was the height of summer and she was still wearing her dark grey winter tights. No wonder she smelt slightly of BO, standing up straight she looked Jackie up and down and shook her head sadly.

“Do you totally wanna change?” Kennedy stood back from the target of her question, “I can help you know?” Not a lot but a little…well she couldn’t make her much worse.

“Wha’?” the surprise on Jackie’s face was plain to see.

“Look,” Kennedy became very serious, “you’ve got maybe three more years of this hell,” she waved her arm around to encompass the school grounds. “Now, you can either stay as you are and be a pathetic loser for the next three years…or...?” Kennedy let the question hang in the air, was that hope she saw in Jackie’s eyes? “Or you can put yourself in my hands and life will at least be bearable. It’s up to you.”

Please, please tell me to piss off, Kennedy’s mind begged an uncaring universe.

After a minute when there had been no answer Kennedy turned on her heel and started to make her way through the grass back towards the school buildings. Not having gone more than a few yards she heard footsteps stumble along behind her. A moment later she cried out in shock as she was brought to the ground, Jackie had tripped and fallen again this time bringing both of them down into the long grass.

“Sorry,” Jackie muttered as she looked hopelessly up at Kennedy.

“Let’s walk before we run huh?” suggested Kennedy as she climbed back to her feet.

Please no! Her mind screamed at her, now she was stuck with this stinky chick who’d no doubt follow her round like a puppy for the next three years. What would she tell her friends? How would she live this down? As she picked herself up and dusted herself down Kennedy decided that she really, really, really hated her watcher!


Kennedy had been sent to Linton Park Academy when she was twelve. Her father, Michael DeSilver, hadn’t wanted to send his eldest daughter so far away to go to school, but he’d had to for her own safety. He’d explained to Kennedy that some of his ‘business rivals’ might take advantage of Kennedy’s presence in the States to pressure him into doing things he didn’t want to do. In Britain she would be safe…far away from prying eyes, as her father had put it.

What this all meant exactly was beyond a twelve year old Kennedy, she just knew she was being sent away by her Daddy. Even if her step-mother had cried like a real mom when her parents had seen her off at the airport she still felt bitter and rejected. At first she'd hated Linton Park and the stuck up English girls who snubbed her at every turn that first term. It wasn’t until she started her second year at the school that she worked out what the real situation was.

Linton Park Academy was a very exclusive school for the daughters of the very rich; or more precisely for the daughters of rich parents who couldn’t be bothered with them. As soon as Kennedy realised this she found she could manipulate the situation for her own ends. Kennedy was, after all, her father’s daughter and wasn’t that what he did in his ‘business’ deals? Very soon she started to fit right in and even began to enjoy herself; she became ‘popular’, she became a leader among the girls of her own age and idolised by the younger girls. Then in the Autumn Term after her fifteenth birthday it all started to change.


It was then that Mr Doyle came to the ‘Park’ to teach history. He was a distinguished looking man in his mid-fifties with an air of mystery about him. No one seemed to be able to find out much about him. Where he'd taught before, where he’d got his qualifications from, what he’d done before he became a teacher. Yet the school board had no hesitation in employing him, in fact they seemed eager to do so.

The first few weeks of term went by normally until Mr Doyle started to take an interest in Kennedy. At first it was just the normal stuff teachers did if they thought a bright girl wasn’t trying hard enough. Then he'd started to tutor her after school, it was all weird stuff about ancient myths which was interesting but nothing to do with Modern European History which was what Kennedy was supposed to be studying.

Next he'd started going on about vampires, werewolves and demons. Obviously, Kennedy thought, he was some type of pervert who preyed on teenage girls after filling their heads with stories about the occult. Well, Kennedy wasn’t going to fall for that one and had remained firmly sceptical and on her guard for any wandering hands. Until that fateful night she'd been tricked into going to the local cemetery.

Expecting to be attacked and raped by the ‘Pervert History Teacher’ she nearly didn’t notice the vampire dig itself from the fresh grave…nearly. Screaming she’d run only to have the vampire appear in front of her. He lunged at the terrified girl, but she’d nimbly jumped aside and continued running for her life in the opposite direct. Just as she was about to get out of the graveyard and onto the main road the vampire sprang up in front of her again, this time it managed to grab her by the shoulders.

Fighting with all her strength as the vampire inexorably pulled her towards his waiting fangs, she’d punched, scratched and kicked the creature of the night but nothing seemed to have any effect. Then just as she was about to give up and let the vampire sink its teeth into her neck, it exploded into dust and she fell to the ground gasping and crying in fear and relief.

That was how Kennedy DeSilver found out about the evil that lay just below the surface of civilisation, and how one day she might just be the ‘One Girl in all the World’ who was destined to fight the creatures of the night. Of course she kicked Doyle in the shins as hard as she could, before storming off back to school. He’d limped for nearly a week.


Having managed to dump Jackie back at the dormitories with promises that she would return to start her transformation from slug to…well if not beautiful butterfly, at least to a reasonably attractive moth. Kennedy made her way up to Mr Doyle’s study to report that she’d completed her mission. After knocking on the door she waited, there was no answering call for her to enter; she knocked again, but there was still no sound from inside.

Looking up and down the dark, deserted corridor, Kennedy wondered why were all ‘Public’ schools so drab? It wasn’t as if they couldn’t afford a coat of paint or even a new light bulb; she looked up at the cobweb shrouded light bulb that hung from the ceiling, it had been dead for as long as she could remember.

The only light entering the corridor came from a window a dozen feet down the passageway from her; even so Kennedy’s sharp eyes could pick out no movement down there in the gloom. Her ears could detect no sound other than the background noise of the school on a sunny Saturday afternoon. she'd always had good eyesight and sharp hearing; it was one of the things that helped make her so good at sports. Plus, she was also stronger than most girls her age, not super-strong like a slayer was, but still stronger than a teenage girl should be.

Placing her ear against Mr Doyle’s door and listened really hard, she heard not a sound, she knocked again and listened. Only silence greeted her ears reaching for the door knob she started to twist it slowly and carefully, after a moment the door clicked quietly open. Slowly she pushed the door open and stepped quietly into the room, now maybe she could find out something about her mystery watcher.

Walking across the threadbare carpet Kennedy cast her eyes around the room. Dusty sunlight came in through a grubby window which looked out over the quad in the centre of the school. The occupant of the room also got a great view of the rest of the school’s roofs and chimneys from up here, they were about four floors up. There was a large old Victorian writing desk piled high with exercise books and test papers, a computer terminal was hidden beneath all this clutter, books littered the floor and several bookshelves lined the walls.

A floor board squeaked behind her then just as Kennedy started to turn to confront whoever was behind her an arm whipped around her neck and caught her in a strangle hold. Knowing just what to do, she grabbed her attacker’s wrist with her left hand and placed her right on her assailants elbow. Pulling down on the wrist she pushed up on the elbow at the same time. This would have the effect of breaking the hold and putting her foe into an arm lock. Well, that was the theory; it helped if you could move your attacker’s arm.

The aggressor tightened his grip and the world started to grow dark around the edges of her vision. Don’t panic, she told herself just before she used her elbow to jab her attacker in the ribs. Unfortunately he’d been expecting this countermove and her elbow bounced harmlessly off his upper arm as he twisted to receive her attack. It was now Kennedy started to panic as she gasped for breath and the world went darker still. Only one thing left to do, Kennedy stamped down hard on her assailants foot with all her strength and weight. There was a surprised gasp of pain and suddenly Kennedy could breathe again! Turning around where she stood she brought her knee up sharply; Mr Doyle fell to the floor clutching at his crotch.

“OH!” Cried Kennedy not sure what she should do next.

With a suddenness all the more surprising considering Doyle’s age and recent injury, he lashed out with his foot and connected with the side of Kennedy’s knee. Crying out in pain she joined her teacher on the floor.

“Never,” gasped Mr Doyle as he clambered, gasping for breath, back to his feet, “ever fail to press home an advantage like that again girl!” Doyle rested with his hands on his knees as he half stood half crouched on the other side of the room from Kennedy. “If I’d been a vampire that counter would have put me down for a few seconds only…you must learn to take advantage of your enemy’s every weakness.”

Looking up at him from the floor were she sat rubbing her knee, kennedy smoothed down her skirt to cover the expanse of thigh she'd been showing. Glarring at Doyle she cursed the stupid school rules that said she had to wear school uniform even on a Saturday.

“Did you do what I told you?” wheezed Doyle as he studied his potential through pain filled eyes.

Kennedy smiled to herself as she watched Doyle limp to his chair.

“Yes,” she answered petulantly.

“Good,” Doyle sat down with a sigh, “now piss off and be back here at nine o’clock tomorrow morning…and wear outdoors clothes.”

Kennedy stood and wondered if she should ask what they’d be doing.

“You still here?” Mr Doyle turned to his desk and started to search through the piles of paper that lay there, “Shut the door behind you as you leave!”

Turning quickly Kennedy headed out of the room slamming the door behind her before storming off down the corridor trying to control the tears that stung at her eyes. That had been a good counter to an attack by a superior foe, but did she get any praise? No she didn’t.

“Bastard!” she muttered under her breath; oh how Doyle would be sorry when Daddy found out what he’d been doing to his little girl.


Sitting, uncomfortably on his chair Ray Doyle winced, he was getting too old for this…training potentials was a young man’s game. For a moment memories of his old friend and partner Bodie came back to him and he smiled. Well, maybe not that young man he thought. He moved another pile of papers and sighed, he was almost sure he'd seen a telephone in here somewhere. Maybe he should have taken the Minister up on that offer they’d made to make him a Judge; it would certainly be less painful.


Note; for those who don’t know, Martin Shaw, the actor who played ‘Ray Doyle’ in the ‘Professionals’ TV series also played ‘Judge John Dee’ in another more recent TV series.