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Boy’s Night Out

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          It was the last call before the bar closed for the night so Majima sipped his whiskey slowly, savoring it. Nishitani was telling him about a collection job one of his boys had gone on earlier that day but the more he tried to listen the more his eye kept focusing on Nishitani’s lips instead of the words coming out of them. If Nishitani noticed Majima’s mind wandering he didn’t make any indication, gesturing with great enthusiasm and sloshing the remains of his glass of bourbon across the not so clean countertop. Majima pulled his cigarette pack out of his jacket pocket, hoping that maybe the nicotine would help him focus but after he put one to his lips and went to light it the barkeep told him the place was ready to close so he put it back in the pack and pushed himself a bit unsteadily off the barstool to his feet. He reached in his pocket for his wallet but before he could get it out Nishitani had already paid for them both.

          “You can pay me back later somehow,” he casually said, slinging his arm over Majima’s shoulder as they headed out the door. “Let’s go find another bar!” Majima chuckled, his head swimming with the spicy scent of Nishitani’s cologne mixed with his already inebriated state.

          “All the other bars’ll be closed too, it’s tomorrow already. If ya wanna keep drinkin’ we’ll hafta go somewhere a bit more private.” Nishitani gave him a scandalized look, the effect somewhat ruined by the mischievous twinkle in his eye.

          “Oh? Is Majima-kun tryin’ to take me somewhere secluded so he can do naughty, perverse things to me while I’m under the influence?”

          “Maybe, I guess you’ll just hafta come with me if ya wanna find out.” Nishitani let out a loud laugh that echoed down the empty street.

          “Count me the fuck in then, let’s go.” They continued jovially, their steps a bit unsteady but eventually they made their way to Shofukucho Street. The streetlights made walking a bit less treacherous but there were also more people around here, milling around even at this odd hour. Nishitani pointed out a sign covered in graffiti, someone having painted circles over the lady on the sign’s tits and they both found this uproariously funny. As they walked away and laughed, Majima accidentally jostled one of the motorcycle jacket wearing punks squatting around the Don Quixote. He turned to apologize but the man he knocked into was too pissed to listen to reason.

          “What the fuck do ya think you’re doin’ ya dumbass? Ya got dirt all over my coat!” He got up in Majima’s face to yell some more but recoiled back. “Ugh, you fuckin’ reek of booze. You better give me everythin’ you got on ya for my dry cleanin’ plus a little extra for havin’ to smell ya.” Majima rolled his eye and stood up straight, Nishitani’s arm no longer over his shoulder.

          “I ain’t givin’ you shit ‘cept an apology.” He bowed slightly. “Sorry for runnin’ into ya, now if you excuse me I got places to be.” Majima turned to walk away but the punk ran around and got in his face again, the rest of his buddies circling around like sharks.

          “That ain’t good enough. Unless ya want me and my boys to rough you up a bit ya better hand both of your wallets over.” Nishitani pointed at himself, amused.

          “Oh, ya want my wallet too now? Those rates of yours just keep goin’ up,” he chuckled.

          “You think you’re funny, old man?” The punk pulled out a knife and pointed it at Nishitani menacingly, baffled when Majima and Nishitani looked at each other and burst out into laughter. “What’s so fuckin’ funny?”

          “You mean besides your face?” Majima grinned derisively. “Do ya even know how to use that thing?”

          “Betcha he doesn’t even know which end he’s supposed to stick in the other guy.” The punk’s face turned a curious shade of red which only deepened as Majima and Nishitani sniggered at him. Nishitani crooked his thumb backwards, pointing to a nearby alleyway. “If you’re lookin’ for a fight big boy how ‘bout we take it off the street, eh?” The punk swaggered past them towards the alley, his cronies following behind him.

          “I’m gonna make you two eat those words!” he called out behind him. “You’re either ballsy or fuckin’ stupid to want to go into an alley with all of us.” Nishitani and Majima followed, still smirking as they squared up for the fight.

          “You’ll need a lot more men than ya got if ya wanna scare either of us.” Majima’s tone was still amused but there was an undercurrent of menace as he stared down the thugs and his voice dropped an octave as he continued. “This is your last chance to run ‘cause I’m itchin’ for a fight now and I’m not gonna hold back ‘til every last one of ya is bloody and beaten on the ground.” Nishitani let out a raucous laugh and pulled out his knife, rubbing the tops of his thighs in excitement.

          “Oh Majima-kun, ya always know just what to say to get me goin’. I’m half hard already and the fight hasn’t even started yet!” Majima grinned wide and the thug with the knife didn’t look quite so sure of himself any more, a thread of unease showing on his face. Instead of backing down however, the thug snarled and lunged at Majima.

          “I’m gonna stab that fuckin’ smirk off your face!” Majima sidestepped easily, ducking several more fists in succession as the fight was suddenly on and the thug’s friends jumped in. Nishitani leapt in the fray behind him, whooping and laughing as he slashed and dodged and Majima’s mouth couldn’t help but quirk up into a grin as he circled behind one man and grabbed him by the neck, quickly incapacitating him and dropping him to the ground. Fists were flying everywhere and it was pandemonium, Majima giving three punches for every one that managed to land. He wiped blood from his mouth as the man with the knife tried to slash at him again but this time he barely moved, sliding to the side just enough to dodge the knife and striking palm first directly into the man’s nose. Blood splattered everywhere as the man shrieked, his nose clearly broken and he passed out cold in a dead faint. The knife flew up into the air and Majima deftly caught it, stabbing it into the leg of an unlucky thug that was backing up and trying to avoid the wide arc of Nishitani’s knife. Majima grabbed another man from behind and pushed him against the wall, hitting him with a backfist before running to leap off the wall and backflip off it to kick him in the face. He glanced around and saw the last thug standing by Nishitani, clutching the side of his head and screaming as blood seeped between his fingers and dripped to the ground, a severed ear laying on the asphalt by his feet. He took off running and Nishitani started after him but Majima grabbed him by the lapels and shoved him against the wall. He smashed his face against Nishitani’s, licking hungrily against his mouth until it opened and let him plunge his tongue inside. Majima groaned at the metallic taste and they broke apart, both gasping for air as Majima leaned his forehead against Nishitani’s while they caught their breath. Nishitani wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him closer, erection pressing heavily against Majima’s thigh as his hands roamed across his hips and ass. Majima pressed him harder against the wall, grinding his knee against Nishitani’s cock and punching a laugh out of him that was half groan.

          “F-fuck, you’re so f-fuckin’ hot with fresh blood all over your face...f-fuckin’ pressin’ me up against a wall,” Nishitani whispered in his ear. “I saw ya flip over off the wall like that, it was so fuckin’ sexy I almost jizzed myself.” Majima laughed breathily and groped along the front of Nishitani’s pants, his chest heaving as Majima’s hand met ever hardening flesh under the cloth.

          “Well I’m glad ya didn’t because I wanna make ya cum myself.” Majima pressed their faces together again, blindly grabbing at Nishitani’s belt and undoing it as he slid his tongue along Nishitani’s and then sunk his teeth none too gently in his bottom lip. Nishitani groaned and then pawed at Majima’s hips as he unbuttoned Nishitani’s pants and pulled them down enough to expose his cock to the night. Nishitani let out a frustrated sound as Majima wrapped his hand around his cock, pivoting to the side enough so that he could undo Majima’s own belt and pull his dick out.

          “I wanna make you cum too,” he gasped as Majima started stroking him and pushed their cocks together, wrapping both their hands around them and sliding them against each other at the same time. Majima let out a low sound at the velvety sensation of Nishitani’s cock rubbing against his as they both jerked each other off. The precum flowed heavily from both of them and mingled as they fucked into their hands, making their dicks slide even easier against one another. Majima leaned forward, mouthing at Nishitani’s face as the pleasure built in his body and Nishitani licked up the side of his cheek with a glassy look in his eyes.They were both panting heavily, their breath fogging up in the cold air and Majima knew he was getting close.

          “F-fuck I’m g-gonna cum….” Majima’s voice was strained and Nishitani let out a sound that was almost a growl and grabbed the back of his head with his free hand, pulling him into a fierce kiss. The copper taste on Nishitani’s tongue made him fall over the edge and he came with a muffled moan, Nishitani letting out a grunt into his mouth at the same time. Their hands moved erratically, cum flowing steadily out over both of their fingers as they pumped through their orgasms until they slumped against each other in exhaustion. Nishitani started to file through his jacket pocket, looking for a tissue but on a wild impulse Majima grabbed his hand and licked along his fingers, sucking them clean as Nishitani looked on in open-mouthed approval.

          “Shit, Majima-kun, you’re gonna make me wanna go again.” Majima glanced up, holding eye contact with Nishitani as he licked sensually between two of the fingers in his mouth before pulling them slowly out.

          “Fine by me but let’s go to your place.” Majima pulled his pants back up, tucking himself back in and then buckling his belt. “I don’t wanna stand out here, ass out in the cold all night.” Nishitani nodded and pulled his own pants back up. Once they were both technically decent they walked towards the entrance to the alley, stepping over the unconscious bodies of the thugs they beat up before they were both overwhelmed by horny adrenaline. They got some strange glances as they were walking down the street, both of them covered with dirt and blood and bruises but no one dared to challenge them to a fight for the rest of the night.


          The alley was silent now and a figure on the ground cautiously opened one eye, glancing around to make sure the coast was clear before pushing himself somewhat painfully to his feet. He had started to think they would never leave, rutting against the side of a building like a couple of horny animals. It was just his luck that he had swam back up to consciousness right as they took their dicks out, forcing him to try and breathe quietly around his bloody and broken nose and play dead while they got all hot and heavy out in the open where anyone could’ve seen them. And someone had seen them. He sighed to himself, it’s not like he wanted to watch them jerk each other off but when he opened his eyes there they were, perfectly in his line of sight. He told himself that the fact that he kept watching didn’t matter, not being entirely convinced. He glanced over to the stretch of wall they had been leaning on and then turned away guiltily, as if to make sure no one caught him and started slowly limping out of the alley. Once he got his nose fixed he was going straight to bed. He felt his face heat up and glanced down. Hopefully he didn’t run into anyone he knew on the way.


          They practically fell out of the elevator, arms and legs a tangled mess as they kicked their shoes off before stumbling drunkenly through Nishitani’s living room. Their progress was slowed noticeably by Majima’s insistence on trying to unbutton Nishitani’s shirt as they walked and Nishitani doing his best to swallow Majima’s tongue at the same time. Eventually Majima was able to grope behind him to open the bedroom door and they fell heavily on top of the bed. What was left of their clothes disappeared in a flash, flying in all directions before Majima pulled Nishitani on top of him. Nishitani kissed along his collarbone, licking up his neck as Majima ran his hands down the sides of Nishitani’s thighs possessively.

          “Sit on my face.” Nishitani glanced up from mouthing along his jawline in surprise.

          “You sure about that, Majima-kun? I don’t wanna break your neck.” Majima shot him a look that was equal parts lust and amusement.

          “If I get to choose how I go, havin’ your thighs around my ears and your cock in my mouth is number one on my list.” Nishitani chuckled and leveraged himself up onto his knees.

          “If you say so. I don’t want ya to go just yet though so tap my leg or somethin’ if I start to crush ya or you can’t breathe.” Majima nodded so Nishitani turned around and got into a partial crouch, carefully stepping over to straddle Majima’s head and lower himself into Majima’s waiting mouth. Majima swallowed his cock eagerly, the buffer of Nishitani’s thighs on either side of his head making him feel light headed with arousal as he breathed heavily through his nose and the musky tang of precum filled his mouth. He groaned around Nishitani’s cock, grabbing handfuls of his ass as Nishitani leaned forward and enveloped Majima in the wet heat of his mouth. Majima’s head swam, the closest thing to a coherent thought as electric pleasure ran through his body was a wordless feeling that loosely translated to this being the best idea he ever had in his life. Nishitani’s muffled moans on his cock echoed his own and Majima couldn’t tell which one of them tipped over the edge first but his throat was suddenly full of hot cum and his body had tensed and spilled out into Nishitani’s waiting mouth. Majima swallowed hungrily as Nishitani pulled out of his mouth and if anything he was more aroused now than he was before cumming. When Nishitani tried to sling his leg over to get off his face, Majima stopped him with a hand on his hip.

          “Wait, Nishitani.” Majima nuzzled against the back of his thigh. “Can I eat you out?” Majima felt Nishitani’s leg shiver against him.

          “Fuck, Majima-kun,” Nishitani said almost reverently. “I don’t know where all this adventurous spirit came from tonight but I like where it’s goin’.” Nishitani sat up more, pivoting his hips so Majima had better access and cautiously lowered himself. Majima licked a long stripe up the delicate skin just behind his testicles, lapping along the seam that ran to his asshole. Nishitani’s breath came out in increasingly heavy pants as his tongue slid closer and Majima was enjoying all the little sounds he was forcing out of him. As he licked curiously around the edge of Nishitani’s puckered rim he heard him hiss out a sharp breath and plunged his tongue inside, wetly exploring along the inside with a hum. Majima felt himself enveloped in Nishitani’s thighs as his body tensed, muffling the sounds of his low moans until Majima was in a sensory vacuum where the only thing he could focus on was the feeling of Nishitani fluttering around his tongue as he alternated flicking it into his hole and sucking it and the plush softness of Nishitani’s ass in his hands. Nishitani’s hips rocked above him and started riding his face, his hands braced against Majima’s chest as he tried to fuck himself on Majima’s tongue with increasingly frustrated whimpers. Majima groped around behind him clumsily for a moment but his fingers finally closed around the hard plastic of the small bottle of lube he knew Nishitani kept under the pillow. Majima tapped Nishitani on the leg, coming up for breath when he moved enough to stop covering his mouth.

          “Scoot forward and get on your knees.” Majima’s voice was breathy at first but turned low and commanding and Nishitani didn’t hesitate before doing what he said. He crawled over Majima’s body, freeing him to sit up before settling down on his hands and knees, chest and face pressing against the bedspread as he arched his back and put his ass high in the air.

          “It’s been awhile since I was in this position,” he said sheepishly and Majima noticed an uncharacteristic tinge of red across his ears and rubbed his back reassuringly.

          “Did ya wanna do somethin’ else?” Nishitani shook his head.

          “Fuck no, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” He glanced back at Majima, eyes sparkling. “I never thought you’d be eatin’ my ass tonight and now ya wanna fuck me, I feel like I hit the jackpot.” Majima popped the cap open on the bottle in his hand, pouring it generously over his fingers before tossing it behind him. He rubbed his fingers together, warming the lube up before circling Nishitani’s hole, paying special attention to rub in and around the seam running between it and his testicles and making Nishitani’s knees shake as he let out low, muffled sounds against his silk sheets. There was an edge of desperation in his voice again as Majima took his time, teasing around his rim before making him both gasp in relief and buck his hips as he slid his finger inside. He whimpered as Majima slowly pistoned his finger in and out, still rubbing around the outside while he casually felt around for Nishitani’s prostate. When he found it, Nishitani groaned long and loud and Majima slipped his second finger in so he could start scissoring his fingers, alternately stretching him out and rubbing against the tiny bundle of nerves just enough to make the breathy noises he was letting out get faster and more insistent. Nishitani’s back quivered as Majima's third finger went in up to the knuckle, all of his muscles tensing and twitching and his mouth hung open in a silent moan. The sight was too much for Majima, his resolve to take his time came apart at the debauched look on Nishitani’s face.

          “I can’t wait anymore.” Majima’s eye was riveted on Nishitani’s hole as he slid his fingers out, admiring the way it fluttered and gaped as Nishitani let out a shaky breath and mumbled breathy curses into the top of the bed. He stroked himself, slicking his cock up with lube and lining up with Nishitani’s asshole as his head buzzed with anticipation. “I hope you’re ready to be fucked Nishitani ‘cause if I don’t get my dick in you soon I’m gonna go crazy.” He pressed his dick against Nishitani’s quivering entrance, rubbing around the rim long enough to make them both groan before grabbing Nishitani’s hips and pushing slowly inside. Tight heat enveloped him, the soft push of Nishitani’s hole clenching around him making Majima feel pleasure shooting down to the tips of his fingers as he started thrusting steadily. Nishitani was making a sharp, high sound in the back of his throat, punctuating each of Majima’s thrusts with staccato moans. Majima’s eye flitted back and forth between watching what he could see of Nishitani’s face as he thrashed and bucked back into him and fixating on the sight of his cock plunging in and out of Nishitani’s hole, struggling to keep the rhythm of his body as he barreled closer to the edge. “Y-your ass f-feels so f-fuckin’ good.” He gripped Nishitani’s hips hard, deepening his angle and punching a loud moan out of him as he fucked into him mercilessly. “You’re awful quiet. Well, maybe not quiet,” he amended, chuckling as Nishitani let out another heavy groan . “Did I fuck ya speechless, Nishitani?” There was an extended moment of silence but before Majima could start to actually worry he heard Nishitani struggle to speak.

          “Y-yeah,” he managed to get out, his voice throaty and raw. “S-shit, it f-feels like your c-cock is s-splittin’ me in half….” Majima shuddered as he felt Nishitani clench hard around him. “F-fuck I’m g-gonna...y-you’re g-gonna make m-me…,” he stammered. “...Fuck!” Nishitani bellowed as his entire body tensed.

          “Yeah, cum on my cock!” Majima hammered into him, trying to hold out as long as he could but quickly spilling over the edge. His hips stuttered as he thrust deep inside and shot a hot sticky surge up into Nishitani’s twitching guts before feeling his legs lose their strength and they both collapsed to the side. Majima felt a cramp starting in his inner thigh so he carefully pulled out, both of them letting out a groan before settling together much more comfortably. He pulled Nishitani closer, spooning against his back and wrapping his arms around his chest. Nishitani looked back at him tiredly but with a satisfied air and snuggled back against him.

          “That was exactly what I needed tonight, gettin’ fucked into next week.” His voice was still raw, deeper and more raspy than usual from all the pleasurable sounds he had made. Majima hugged him tighter, affection welling up inside his chest.

          “Does that mean you’re in the future now?” Nishitani laughed hoarsely.

          “Yeah, the power of your love sent me through time!” Majima’s heart jumped, there was that word. They’d been dancing around it for weeks but somewhere between the adrenaline and the afterglow and maybe just a touch of the whisky from the beginning of the night he found it in him to say how he felt.

          “I do, ya know.” Nishitani looked back at him uncomprehendingly.

          “Huh, ya do what?” Majima leaned in close, resting his head against the back of Nishitani’s and taking a deep breath.

          “Love you. I have for a while.” Nishitani tensed and for a moment Majima thought he had made a huge mistake but when he glanced over he once again saw the tips of Nishitani’s ears tinged red.

          “Are ya sure you should say that, Majima-kun?” His voice was uncharacteristically hesitant as he tried to laugh it off. “An old perv like me, I might take ya seriously.”

          “I mean it,” Majima said simply. “I love you. I just wanted to tell ya, don’t feel like you need to-.”

          “I love you too!” Nishitani interrupted, the words spilling out of his mouth like he couldn’t contain them any longer. “Shit, Majima-kun. I’ve been in love with ya since the moment I first saw ya, to think you love me back I….” His voice sounded even more raw than before, this time with emotion so Majima pushed himself up on his elbows and leaned over, kissing the side of Nishitani’s face and nuzzling away the wet streak that spilled down his cheek. Majima didn’t remark on it, grabbing for the blanket and pulling it over the top of them before settling back beside Nishitani. He wrapped his arms back around Nishitani’s chest, this time feeling a tentative hand that eased up into his own and held tightly. They fell asleep like that, with their hands clasped together and even though normally they were both restless sleepers the next morning they were still holding hands when they woke up.