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Someone To Run To

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He heard her laughing. Bellatrix. Bellatrix Black Lestrange. Sirius's cousin. Sirius's murderer.

He couldn't breathe. He couldn't believe. Maybe, just maybe, if he didn't breathe long enough Sirius would fall through the other side of that strange, whispering veil. But he didn't, no mater how long he held his breath.

He was yelling now. Someone was holding him back. He fought against them. He had to save Sirius – that was all that mattered. He was his godfather. All that was left of his family.

He forced his way out of the arms that held him. He'd give anything for Sirius to live. And these were the last thoughts Harry James Potter had before throwing himself through The Veil.

And Time saw what Fate knew. And she turned back whilst Fate shuffled its deck. It had not worked. They must begin again.