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They arrived at Hogwarts a few hours later and Marvin decided to leave Charlotte with Whizzer and Cordelia. The Head Boy went straight to the Gryffindor Tower and into the dorms to settle down and meet his new roommate: A timid boy named ‘Blair’ who was only a year younger than him. Marvin liked Blair because he didn’t seem to be the type of roommate who would try to hold parties in their dorm. In fact, Blair didn’t even seem like the type of kid who would go to parties anyway. Both boys had come to an agreement, and finally, they were all set to start the school year as roommates.

Whizzer was lucky to have a single dorm room all for himself. It was found at the very end of the hall. He had all the space and freedom to do whatever he wanted.

At the present time, both boys were currently sitting in Potions class, forced to sit next to each other because some jackass had taken Whizzer’s seat. They were being asked to take notes regarding the list of ingredients they would most likely be using that year.

Marvin glanced at Whizzer, whose eyebrows were furrowed. He noticed how Whizzer had frowned when their professor added a couple points for them to copy. Whizzer had never been particularly amazing at potions--- it wasn’t his thing. But give him a broom or tell him to memorize a hex and he could blow you out of the water.

“Having a bit of trouble there, I see.” Marvin snickered quietly, loud enough for his seatmate to hear. Of course, Marvin couldn’t just sit there in silence and ignore Whizzer’s existence.

Whizzer rolled his eyes in response, “Shut up, Marvin. Why are you so obsessed with me?”

Marvin kept his mouth shut when the professor’s eyes landed on the both of them, glaring at the two as a warning before he carried on.

“Why would I be obsessed with you ?” You’re the most boring person I know.” Marvin mumbled, keeping his eyes down at his notes. His words had no real ill intent. Whizzer wasn’t boring, and Marvin knew that.

“Yeah, well you’re bothering me . If you weren’t so obsessed, you’d keep your mouth shut. Also, you’re calling me boring? Have you been living under a rock, Cohen?” Whizzer responded, slamming his book shut and putting his quill down, “Why can’t he just sit there and look all suave and handsome? He ruins every ounce of attractiveness as soon as he opens his mouth.” Whizzer thought to himself.

The professor turned towards the pair, “You two? Again?” Marvin looked up to see the professor, who appeared more frustrated than before.

“Fine. I’m assigning you all an advanced project to work on whether you students like it or not!” He announced, causing the entire classroom to erupt in tired groans, “Well, if you’re upset you have these two to thank.” He added, “Now, everyone go ahead and choose a partner—except for you two. I’m forcing you both to work together on this, understand?”

Whizzer sat there with his mouth open in shock while the professor explained what they were supposed to do until he eventually dismissed the class. Whizzer wanted to cry. He was frustrated, upset, and now he’s gotten a headache. All because of Marvin .

“Way to go, Whizzer Brown.” Marvin spat, getting up from his chair as the students began to file out of the classroom.

“So, you’re saying it’s my fault?!” Whizzer said, “I was just sitting here! God , Marvin, why are you such an asshole?!” He added, voice full of emotion before he dashed out of the classroom. Everybody said Gryffindors were kind and bold. But according to Whizzer, they were far from it. They manipulated situations to put themselves above others, and it had driven Whizzer crazy for seven years. It’s unfair, and Whizzer was sick of it. Which was why he wanted to get this assignment over with as soon as possible. He wanted to go out of his way to avoid Marvin—and imagine a world in his head where a sweet, nice boy matched Marvin Cohen’s distressingly handsome face.

Marvin still thought it was a fun joke to mess around with Whizzer. He loved teasing him, starting arguments with him, and so much more. Why, you might ask? Was it because Marvin wanted all of Whizzer’s attention? Maybe so, but that was just one of the many reasons why. His best friend, Charlotte, knew this. She had been close friends with Marvin for so many years that she eventually learned how to read him. She had addressed his interest before, but obviously, Marvin denied it.

Marvin kept his mouth shut as he watched Whizzer charge down the hall. The Gryffindor couldn’t help but feel guilty for what he had done. He didn’t want to let his wall of pride down for Whizzer. Hell, he wouldn’t do it for anyone , let alone his absolute rival, but he saw how genuinely hurt Whizzer seemed and it almost made him want to lower his pride just a bit. Maybe he should apologize.

After class, he met up with Charlotte at The Great Hall for dinner.

“So... I heard something happened with you and Whizzer today during Potions class.” Charlotte began as she took the seat across from Marvin.

Marvin looked up from his plate and to his best friend, “ Good evening .” He greeted, to which Charlotte responded with a simple ‘Evening.’ He let out a sigh, “Yes, something did happen but it wasn’t that big of a deal.” He shrugged.

“Yeah? Somebody told me that your entire class has to work on an extra project all because of you two.”

Well , yes. There’s that, but we just had a little argument, that’s all. You know how we always do that.” Marvin mumbled, picking at his food.

Charlotte watched Marvin’s behavior, “Delia told me that you started it this time and that Whizzer was legitimately frustrated and hurt because of what you did.” She said casually, before taking a big bite out of her sandwich.

“Oh come on , it wasn’t that bad. Whizzer and I have had worse arguments.” Marvin replied, hiding the fact that he was starting to feel even guiltier than before.

Charlotte looked like she was about to give him another hell of a lecture, but she decided to control her temper and address this calmly instead, “I don’t know, Marv. Whizzer seems like he’s actually trying to make this school year better for himself... Maybe you should stay out of his business and not ruin it for him. This is our last school year after all.” She said before taking another bite.

“Are you defending Whizzer Brown?” Marvin snorted.

Charlotte shrugged, “You know what, Marvin? I am. I’m also asking you to try and change. Why are you being such a dick towards Whizzer, anyway? Out of all people? Do you have some sort of secret crush on him or something?”

Marvin nearly choked on his own food upon hearing that last line, “I have a girlfriend , Charlotte! I’m straight! Why the fuck would you think of it that way?” He responded, defensively.

“I don’t know, Marvin. You tell me!” Charlotte held up her hands in surrender. The two best friends were about to start bickering again, but before they could, a gorgeous, young brunette sat and wrapped her arms around Marvin’s shoulders, pulling him in for a big kiss on the cheek. It was Trina, Marvin’s aforementioned girlfriend. They’d been together for five years now.

“I’ve missed you, Marv!” She beamed. They hadn’t seen each other that much over the summer, which was why the young girl was so excited and eager to see Marvin.

“I’ve missed you too,” Marvin returned the kiss, wrapping an arm around her waist.

Charlotte greeted Trina with a smile on her face, exchanging pleasantries, before finishing up whatever food she had left on her plate. There was light conversation until Charlotte stood up to leave, “I’m off now. Have a great night, you two.” She said, reaching over to playfully ruffle Marvin’s hair before walking off.

“I should walk you to your dorm.” Marvin said, turning towards Trina, who held onto his arm.

She nodded, before the both of them stood up and walked off. Trina was practically clinging onto Marvin, but could you blame her, really? Marvin had been secretly avoiding her all summer, even with his parents always insisting he meet up with his girlfriend.

The two began walking towards the Gryffindor Tower, which wasn’t that far from The Great Hall.

“How’ve you been?” Marvin asked, breaking the silence between them.

“I’ve been doing so well, Marv. I’ve been very productive during the summer.” Trina responded, still holding onto Marvin’s arm, “You?”

How had Marvin been doing? He wasn’t entirely sure. He didn’t really have a clear answer, “Well… I’ve been busy.”

Trina offered him a smile, “Of course, how could I forget. My boyfriend is Gryffindor’s Head Boy.”

Marvin chuckled softly, “It’s tiring. I have duties every day.”

It grew silent again, so Marvin decided to ask Trina what she had been doing all summer. She began to talk about her summer vacation, her new experiences, and how she had met a boy named Mendel (who was a Hufflepuff) on the train. Marvin didn’t pay close attention, his mind wandering elsewhere. This went on until they finally made it to the dormitories.

“... and so that’s how my summer went.” Trina said, standing in front of the hallway to the Girls’ Dormitories with Marvin.

“I’m so glad I could catch up with you, Trin.” Marvin told her, facing his girlfriend.

She took Marvin’s hand in his, “Likewise,” She hummed and reached up to hold Marvin’s cheek, pulling him in for a kiss. Marvin slowly wrapped an arm around her waist, kissing right back after a few seconds.

“Goodnight, Marvin.” She whispered after pulling away. Trina gave his hand a gentle squeeze before she turned around to leave, walking into a group of young girls who squealed in Marvin’s presence. Marvin immediately turned around to walk away sheepishly, knowing they had been watching them kiss.

Marvin couldn’t sleep properly that night. He thought of how guilty he felt after learning that Whizzer was hurt by what he did. What bothered him the most, though, was the fact that he felt nothing towards Trina earlier that night. Their interaction felt so dry. How could he not? Trina was a bright and gorgeous young girl. She was nearly perfect and any boy would kill to have her as a girlfriend. She took care of Marvin, held his hand, cooked for him whenever Marvin’s parents were away during the summer, and supported him indefinitely. Marvin thought of how she looked at him earlier before she kissed him goodnight. Her soft, brown eyes held so much love. Trina loved him, and Marvin convinced himself that he loved her too.  He did, right? Marvin was so hesitant around her, but he somehow managed to convince himself that he loved her.

Marvin groaned, tossed, and turned, then forced himself to sleep.