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Pure Chaos

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Once there was a Bunny who hated being called a Kangaroo... even though he looked kinda like one. His friends would tease him and offer him chocolate which would make him crazily big and powerful (which he did despise). And then he heard a big explosion, he turned around and saw that the giant eraser had exploded. He started crying; he loved his giant eraser, it was his only friend. Bunny then vowed to get revenge on whoever had blown up his eraser. It became his quest.

Jack decided to help him so he could get chocolate. They hired Sherlock to find out who had blown up the eraser! Before they could start, Gandalf came and stole Watson to go on a quest with Harry Potter to try and stop Tigerstar from taking over the forest with Voldemort.

But Tigerstar and Voldy had also allied with the Daleks and Great Mantid and also Lord Sauron! And the good guys knew they'd need help if they wanted to save the forest. So they recruited Meridah and Thor, who convinced Iron Man and the Autobots to help! 


During the fight, Jack suddenly found himself in the way of a rebounding laser from Iron Man. But before he could be hit, a blue lightsaber deflected it! Anakin Skywalker had arived with Padme, Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie. They also brought Dracula and a bunch of people from the Cahill family. Sherlock and Bunny jumped into the fray complaining that they couldn't figure out who blew up the giant eraser. 

"I was the one who blew up your eraser!" a voice called. The Sith Lord, Darth Sideous, walked up to Bunny. "Yesss... I can feel your hatred. Take your eggs, strike me down!"

"Don't do it, Bunnymund!" River Song cried while grabbing Sideous' ear. "This is not healthy! No one will join the Dark Side, so forget it! No more striking down!" 

While everyone fought, Loki silently snuck into the TARDIS. To his surprise and great annoyance, he found Leisha already there. "What are you doing here!?" He screamed, furious.

"I don't know... I was following a man with a bow-tie and I ended up here and he gave me this fez. I've been here fore two weeks! And I was kinda lonely without you guys... but there's a library in here with a SWIMMING POOL!!! Who knew?" Leisha said all of this in under three seconds (Who knew?) and Loki got even madder cuz she really looked ADORABLE in her fez.

"So basically, she beat you again." said none other than Percy Jackson as he stepped into the TARDIS.

"LEAVE!!!" Loki shouted. "You are not part of this fandom -" 

"And you must leave as well!" Cried Captain James T. Kirk as he, Spock, Uhura, and Sulu leaped out with phasers set to stun.

"Good Grief!" said Charlie Brown, walking out of the story because there were too many fandoms.

Then a barrage of arrows came out of nowhere and pinned several Jabberjays that had been spying for President Snow against the wall. "Those things are annoying..." Will Treaty commented as he and Halt stepped out of the shadows. 

"I am the Box Ghost!" a stout, blue ghost shouted while whizzing into the TARDIS, followed closely by Danny Phantom.

"Great. A giant police box." Danny muttered, "I'm doomed."

"Not until I capture you, Ghost Child!" Skulker boomed while appearing through the door with many other ghosts.

"What are all of you doing in my TARDIS?!" the Doctor exclaimed, "Get out! Get out! Out, out, OUT!!!" He started to push a huge group of people out of the TARDIS.

The characters mentioned above hurried out with hurried apologies, a long with a ton of others previously unseen. The Doctor glared at Max and the Flock and cowered as Chuck Norris passed. The very last person to leave was Ayame Shoma, who looked very proud for hiding in the TARDIS and did not apologize. The Doctor did not cower, but kicked him out the door. "And STAY OUT!!!" he shouted.

 Outside the battle still raged. Po the Panda was locked in battle with Prince Humperdink, while Hiccup and Astrid fought Shere-khan. The battle raged for hours and neither side gained... but finally only the evil Rothbart was left standing. Then Mulan stuck him down! and the good guys won!

"Inconceivable!" cride Vinzzini. Westley got mad and knocked him out and dragged him away from the hode-podge of fandoms.

"Anakin..." moaned Edward Cullen crawling pitifully on the ground.


"She hit me with a mace..." Edward pointed behind him. 

"What?" asked Anakin. "A mace? What do you m-" Anni jumped backjust in time to avoid being hit by Mace Windu, who was apparently being used as a weapon. "M-master Windu? What are you doing?"

"She's using me as a weapon," Mace replied, referring to the girl who was holding his boots and swinging him around.

Amy swung Mace again, knocking down seven fandoms at once.

Anakin decided it was time to leave. "But we have to save Master Windu!" Padme exclaimed.

Before they had a chance to begin planning, the Roadrunner ran past, followed closely by Wile E. Coyote. Leven Thumps watched them run past then commented, "I've always wondered... if Coyote can afford so much stuff from ACME... why doesn't he just buy some food?"

"No-pony really knows." Rainbow Dash responded, trying to ignore the minions crowded around her.

"We have a plan!" exclaimed agents Jay and Kay as they parachuted from the sky. "We must fill the room with knockout gas so we can save Mace without getting hit!"

"But we're not in a room," said Sadie Kane, "so that won't work."

"I can fix that!" Fix-it Felix cried, pulling out is hammer and some pieces of wood. Within seconds everyone was gathered n one big fandom house.

Shigure slumped against a doorframe as the sound of Yuki, Kyo, and Haru fighting echoed. "Why must they break the house?"

To Be Continued....