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“Are you fucking kidding me, Henry? Like, are you actually fucking kidding me? You telling me you waited for hours to get my son to a hospital cuz you thought you could DIY the kid back to health?” 

“Well I–”

“Need I remind you you ain’t a medical doctor or a surgeon? You’re a professor at a community college.”

“I got the bullet out, didn’t I? And I gave him an antidote. He’s fine.”

“He’d be more fine if you let him go to the hospital in the first place, ‘stead of insistin’ you play operation on him back at your haunted mansion.” 

“He’s here now though.”

“Yeah, after those vampire ladies dragged him here since your ass was too stubborn to admit you couldn’t do everything to fix him.”

“They kidnapped him!”

“For damn good reason! They’re not the bad guys here, Henry. You are. I thought I could trust you to keep my son safe. Anne told me I could trust you, told me ‘ooh my brother’s the safest place our son could be, he’ll take care of him’ but apparently not!”

“Tony, it’s not my fault Ethan was shot. He was away from the house. How am I supposed to protect him when he’s gone from my domain?”

“Ain’t your fault he got shot, but it is your fault he didn’t get to the hospital as soon as he shoulda. Can’t believe his girlfriend and her mom care more about him than you do.” 

“That’s not true and you know it! I care about the boy very much–”

“Then why didn’t you do the right damn thing and take him to the hospital, huh? You’re outta excuses. You’re done, Henry.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said, you’re done. I’m taking my son back.”


Ethan opened his eyes. 

Lex was sitting at his bedside, absentmindedly rubbing his hand with her thumb. When she noticed he was awake, she shot him a soft smile. 

“Hey.” She murmured. “How you feelin’?”

“Better than when I got shot.” Ethan forced himself to sit up with a grunt. “What about you? Are you ok? Didn’t you have a crazy seizure or something?”

Lex’s smile flickered. “I’m fine, babe. It was nothing.”


It didn’t look like nothing, but ok.


A voice distracted Ethan from whatever he was going to say. It was muffled— coming from the other side of the hospital room doors— but more than audible to him above the sounds of faint machinery whirring and the ringing settled in his ears. “I’m tellin you Henry, this is the last damn straw!” 

Sitting up a little straighter, Ethan turned his eyes to the source of the voice.

The familiar voice. 


“Is that my dad?”

Lex faltered. “Uh– yeah. Yeah, he’s been here for a while now. Mostly been arguing with your Uncle. He was surprisingly grateful that me and Becky brought you here. Your Uncle, though… I think his opinion of me went from bad to worse.”

“Sounds like Dad wanted to take me away from Henry.” Ethan’s voice quieted a little. 

“Do you… do you like your Uncle more than your Dad?” Lex asked hesitantly.

Ethan shook his head. “Nah, I still love my Pops. It’s just… I dunno, my Uncle’s house and my folks’ house are very, very different. And while I miss my parents, I wish we could’ve met up under better circumstances, ya know?” 


Lex was silent for a moment. “Must be nice to have family that loves you enough to fight for custody over you. My real Mom wanted nothing more than to get away from me.”

Oh right, Becky isn’t her real mom. She’s adopted. 

“You got Becky now though. And she loves you a lot.” Ethan squeezed Lex’s hand one, two, three times. “And I love you a lot too.” He ran his thumb over Lex’s. “...Can I kiss you, or am I still poisonous?”

Lex’s lips quirked into a half-smile- and with a shaky nod, she brought herself closer. “Yes, of course you can, Eth.”



He could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks as they kissed.

“Why are you crying, babe?” Ethan murmured in between soft kisses, wiping away the tears with his thumbs. “Hey, hey, you’re shaking. You’re shaking.” His lips moved to press kisses to her wet cheeks. Even with her tears, her skin was ice cold. “It’s ok. I’m here. I’m fine.” 

Lex’s lower lip trembled. “I nearly fucking lost you, E! Th-there was a bit where I thought… I thought that you weren’t gonna make it. Do you– do you know how hard that would’ve fucking wrecked me if you died?” Her voice grew thick with tears. “Like I know we’ve only been together together for a little while– hell, we haven’t even known each other for over a year yet– but I care about you so fucking much.” She buried her face in Ethan’s shoulder. 

Ethan rubbed her back soothingly. “Don’t worry. I’m not dead yet. And I’m not plannin’ on it any time soon.” He kissed the top of her head gently.

Lex stiffened in his arms. 

“Yeah.” She whispered, her voice barely audible even in close proximity. “Not any time soon.” 


“You’re really cold.” Ethan put a hand on her forehead. “You ok?”

Lex chuckled weakly. “Sorry. Haven’t eaten in a while. I don’t like hospitals for many reasons.” Averting her eyes, she sighed. “I’m not gonna bite you or whatever. Just… lemme rest here for a second.” Her hand curled loosely over Ethan’s heart. 


Someone cleared their throat loudly. 


Ethan looked up to see his dad, leaning against the doorway and trying his damn best not to look awkward. Upon noticing Tony Lex broke away from Ethan, obviously embarrassed.

“Dad!” Ethan held out his arms to embrace his dad. 

“Ethan.” Tony hugged his son tightly. The old familiar scent of axle grease and cheap stocking stuffer aftershave washed over Ethan as he took a deep breath in. “I missed you kiddo.” 

“Missed you too dad.” Ethan mumbled. “Haven’t seen you in what feels like forever.”

“Don’t tell me you forgot your old man already.” Tony half-joked. 

Ethan laughed. “I couldn’t forget you even if I tried.”

Running a hand through Ethan’s tousled hair, Tony gave him a gentle smile. “Good. I’m just glad you’re safe.”


He turned to Lex. “And thank you again Lex for saving my kid. I know it mustn't of been easy.”

Lex straightened a little. “Of course, sir. I couldn’t just stand there. I had to do something.”

“Lex is amazing, y’know that Dad? She’s saved my ass like, 4 times now. She even helped me the first night I got bitten. She’s done so much for me.” Ethan added. “You gotta give her a chance–”

“Woah there kiddo, I ain’t got nothing against your girlfriend.” Tony raised his hands in defense. “In fact, I’m really happy she took action. Unlike your damn Uncle.” His voice lowered at the end and he scowled.

“All that matters is Ethan’s safe now.” Lex said, putting on her best placating customer service voice. 


Tony sighed. “Right, right. It’s just… God I could use a smoke ‘bout now.” He rubbed his temples. “I haven’t been this stressed in a hot minute.”

Wordlessly, Lex handed Tony a cigarette from her pocket. 

“Oh. Thanks, Lex. Are you uh, are you old enough to smoke?” 



“Need a light?”

“I probably shouldn’t smoke in my son’s hospital room.” 



Tony looked down at Ethan. “...Actually, Lex, do you mind maybe giving me and Ethan some space? We have some important stuff to talk about.” 

“Um, right. Sorry. I’ll go now.” Lex rose from her seat, took one step, and immediately crumpled.

“Lex!” Ethan shouted, sitting up straight in bed. 

God please not another fit.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” Lex reassured unconvincingly, forcing herself to her wobbly feet. “Just a little weak, ‘sall.”

Ethan remained unconvinced. “You think the hospital could give you some blood?”

Lex laughed bitterly. “No way. You think the hospital has enough blood to just hand it out to any starving vamp?” She shook her head. “Becky offered me a plasma pack in the car. I never got around to drinking it because I was focused on helping you.” 

Fuck I love this girl.


“Becky’s your mom, yeah? The redhead lady who came in with you and Ethan.” Tony asked. “I think I saw her arguing with a nurse outside.”

“That’s her. I’ll go talk to her.” Lex smiled tightly. “Thanks.” 


“Hey Lex?” Ethan called softly.


“I love you.”

Lex’s smile softened. “Love you too.” With that she shuffled off, still obviously weak. 


It was silent for a moment.


Ethan raised an eyebrow at Tony’s grin. “...What.”

“Nothing. You’re really smitten with that Lex girl huh?”

Ethan’s cheeks reddened. “...Yeah. So?”

“Nothing. Just uh, reminds me of how I was when I met your mother.”

Ethan groaned and laid back with a thump. " Dad , oh my god .” 

Tony sat down in the now-empty seat. “Did I ever tell you how me and your ma met?”

“Several times.”

“I was about your age. Summer of ‘95, I believe. I never thought I’d get the chance to talk to the mysterious Anne Hidgens who lived with her rich ass family on the edge of town. She was a pretty young thing then, smart too. Her car broke down while I was nearby and I offered to help… Well, I may be a damn fine mechanic now, but I wasn’t as good back then. I ended up fucking up her car more, so I offered to take her on a date to make up for it.  Thought she’d laugh in my face and reject me, but she said yes. Classic uptown girl getting with a downtown man story, I suppose.” Tony reminisced. “Now we’ve been together for… what, over 20 years? And I’m still as head over heels for her as the day we met.”

“Dad, you’re old. And cheesy.” Ethan deadpanned.

“Hey, I’m not old! I’m only 40!” Tony huffed. “Someday you’ll be old and cheesy too.” 

“No way.”

“Sorry kiddo, it’s inevitable.” 

“Not gonna happen.”

“If it’s any comfort, girls love cheesiness.” Tony nudged Ethan’s arm cheekily. “How long have you been with your girl?”

Ethan shrugged. “Not very long. Late September. But I’ve loved her for months. We were both too shy to confess our feelings, I guess.” 

“Late September, huh?” Tony rubbed his chin. “So only a couple of weeks. If you haven’t been together for long, you probably haven’t gone very far then have you?” 

Ethan knew his dad’s joking tone. 

That didn’t stop him from going even redder and averting his eyes, sinking down a little in his bed. 

Recognition crossed Tony’s face. 

“Ah. Or maybe not.”

Ethan remained silent.  

“Hey, I ain’t judgin’ or nothin’. I’m only joshing ya. It’s your own life. Just uh, make sure to be safe and–”

“Dad we are not having this fucking conversation in the hospital.”

“Fair enough.”


A beat. 


Tony took his hat off and ran his fingers through his curly hair. “So uh, Ethan. I’m not sure how much you heard of me and your Uncle– if you heard any, that is, but–” 

“You want me to go back to living with you and Mom, right?” Ethan interrupted. “I only heard a little, but you sounded really pissed.” 

“I was pissed. I am pissed.” Tony nodded. “He was supposed to take care of you, and he failed. Taking you back is the only responsible thing to do.” He paused. “Your Uncle… Well, your mom said that he had had… issues, ever since she was a little girl. She watched his mind fall apart, his paranoia grow as she grew up. By the time she was your age, he was already an apocalypse obsessed hermit. But she always insisted that he was brilliant, that he was smart and capable even in his old age. She trusted him. She believed in her older brother. I think… I think what just happened will break her heart in multiple ways. Not just because her son was hurt, but because her brother betrayed her trust.” He took a deep breath. “Mom’s working the graveyard shift right now, by the way. That’s why she ain’t here. She knows, though.” 


“I mean, Uncle wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger. It was a hunter.” Ethan didn’t know why the hell he was defending Henry, but it didn’t feel right to put the blame solely on him. 

“Alright fine, but he shoulda done more to save you. He had a choice to send you to the hospital, and he chose not to. That’s on him.” Tony waved his hand.

He’s got a point. 

“Trust me kiddo. I know you’re attached to your Uncle, but for now it’s best if you come back and stay with us.” He squeezed Ethan’s shoulder comfortingly. “‘sides, living with your folks ain’t that bad, is it?” 

Ethan shrugged. “‘course not. Though a lot of my shit is back at Henry’s place.” 


“I can help you get your stuff and move back in. Don’t worry ‘bout that.” Tony said. “I’ve only been over to your Uncle’s place once, and it was during a family reunion that went terribly wrong. If I remember correctly, at one point he was on top of the dining table singing some showtune. It was actually pretty funny, but your mom was so embarrassed.”

“Watching Henry get shitfaced is an experience. I love and hate to see it.” Snorted Ethan. 

Tony laughed softly. “I take it you’ve seen it more than once, then?” 

“Let’s go with that, yeah.” Ethan paused. “...I think it’d be good movin’ back in with you and Mom.”

Tony pulled him into a tight hug. “It’s good to have you back.”



“I'm so insecure, I think

That I'll die before I drink

And I'm so caught up in the news

Of who likes me and who hates you

And I'm so tired that I might

Quit my job, start a new life

And they'd all be so disappointed

'Cause who am I, if not exploited?”


“Remind me why we’re doing this at my shitty place instead of your nice house?”

“Because you promised you’d show me your old house? And all we ever do is hang at my house anyways.” Lex raised her cigarette to her lips and took a drag, shifting the Sally's Beauty bag in her lap. “Also, Becky’s house has a ton of stairs and you need to rest your leg as much as possible.”

Ethan rolled his eyes. “C’mon, my leg ain’t that fucked up. I can trudge up and down stairs just fine, y’know.” 

Lex just shot him a look. Ethan promptly shut up. 


“When are you coming back to school, anyways? People think you’re fucking dead.” Lex turned down the radio slightly. “I keep getting these sympathetic looks. It’s annoying.” 

Ethan blinked. “People think I’m dead?”

“Well yeah. People heard gunshots from the woods after we were chased by that psycho, and you didn’t return to school so… people feared the worst, I guess.” She stopped at a red light and traced an invisible pattern on the steering wheel. “...Sorta forgot how lonely it is when you’re not around.”


“All I did was try my best

This the kind of thanks I get?

Unrelentlessly upset (ah, ah, ah)

They say these are the golden years

But I wish I could disappear

Ego crush is so severe

God, it's brutal out here”


“I’m here now.” Ethan rubbed her arm comfortingly.

Lex’s lip trembled. “You almost weren’t, though. Like yeah you’re here now but you almost– you-you didn’t–” 

He kissed her.

There was something infuriatingly gentle in the way he held her trembling face in his lightly callused hands. Something incredible about how he could silence Lex’s racing thoughts and quell her fears, just by pressing his lips against hers and pulling her close. 




The spell was broken abruptly by the sound of an angry horn blaring behind them.

“Light’s green.” Said Ethan, stating the obvious.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it.” Lex grumbled as she punched the gas.



Lex and Ethan stood in front of a small auto shop, with “Tony Green’s Body-Shop” painted on the front in big red letters. There were 3 open garages; though only one actually had a car in it. Tony was elbow deep in the hood of an old red Mustang, humming along to the soft disco music playing from a boombox resting on the ground beside him.


“Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain

Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain

The dark days are gone

And the bright days are here

My sunny one shines so sincere

Sunny one so true, I love you”


“Heya Pops.” Ethan called. “How’s the project goin’?”

Tony turned around, his grease smeared face lighting up in a grin as he spotted his son. “Ethan!” He nodded at Lex. “And Lex. Nice to see ya both. Project’s going fine. N a super hard job, just some wiring problems.” 

“Didn’t know you liked disco music.” Ethan said, gesturing to the boombox. “You usually play like, dad rock or macho music.”

“I don’t.” Tony admitted with a sigh. “Your Mom recently got into an old 70s band, and has been begging me to listen to it. I think they’re called Boney S? No, Boney M. Not really my style, but she loves it.” He smiled wryly. “Did you know your Uncle was a ‘disco king’, according to your Ma?”

Ethan’s jaw dropped. “No fucking way.”

Tony nodded solemnly. “Yep. He was in his 20s in the 70s. Perfect disco dancing age.” His smile faded. “Then his mind cracked and he uh, stopped going out and dancing. Or going out at all.” 


They fell into an uneasy silence, the only sound being the slightly crackly music on the boombox.


“Sunny, thank you for the truth you let me see

Sunny, thank you for the facts from A to Z

My life was torn like a windblown sand

And the rock was formed when you held my hand

Sunny one so true, I love you”


“Anyways,” Ethan coughed into his fist awkwardly, “I was gonna show Lex ‘round the house, if that’s cool.”

“Sure thing. Just don’t set anything on fire, yeah?” Tony shot them a wink. “You too, missy.”

“Right.” Lex tightened her grip slightly on her bag. 

She leaned up and whispered in Ethan’s ear, “Do you think he’ll freak out about us dyeing our hair? It's in celebration of you recovering 'n all.”

“If we do it well, he’ll think it’s cool. And we’re only dyeing a small section, right?” Ethan whispered back.


“Then no harm, no foul.”

“The hell you kids whispering about?” Tony butted in with a raised eyebrow.

“Nothing!” Lex and Ethan said together, then looked at each other with a grin. 

Tony looked unimpressed. “Rrright. Well, I gotta go back to fixing this car and listening to Ma’s weird music.” 


Ethan gave him a little finger salute. “See ya Dad.” He took Lex’s hand, giving it 3 quick squeezes, and led her through a door in the corner of the shop marked “GREENS ONLY”. Behind it was a small hallway with another door at the end.

“Your house is literally connected to the shop?” Lex asked with a quirked brow. “I knew you lived nearby, but damn. Doesn’t it get loud?” 

Ethan gave a sharp laugh. “It sure as hell does. One good thing about living with Henry was there wasn’t the sound of machinery whirrin’ almost nonstop. Ya get used to it, but no noise is better than background noise, ya know?” He opened the door for Lex and stepped inside behind her. “Well… here it is, I guess. My house.”

“Fair.” Lex glanced around the house. It was small, almost apartment sized, with a quaint kitchen, miniscule living room containing only a TV and couch, and a hallway filled with family photos and a few doors. 

From what Ethan could tell, Lex didn’t look displeased- almost fond, in fact. “Reminds me a little of my old home. The one before Becky or the hotel, I mean.” She paused. “Except way neater.” 

“It’s not much, but mom tries to keep it neat-ish whenever she’s around.” Ethan said with a shrug. “Here, the last door on the left’s mine.” 


“Welcome to uh, welcome to my room.” Ethan opened the door to his bedroom. “My room at Henry‘s is a lot bigger and nicer, but this is more… personal, I guess.”

And embarrassing.

Fuck, she better not comment on that..

Lex just nodded. Personal was a good word for his room. There were pictures of him at various ages all over the worn white walls– first day of school pictures, soccer games, random snapshots of his life growing up. 

His bed was fairly small and black, with a skull and crossbones patterned comforter obviously from his youth that he never bothered to change. The bed was hastily made, though Lex had a feeling that was Tony’s doing rather than Ethan’s.

Next to his bed was a little bedside table, with several empty cups and old candy wrappers or trash littered around a lamp covered in band stickers. One grey cup, emblazoned with the Hatchetfield High logo, even had a tiny bi flag peeking out from the rim.


“Dad told me he’d help me get some stuff from Henry’s place, like my music collection and laptop and shit.” Ethan said, sitting down on his bed. “So it’s lacking the usual stuff.”

“I like it.” Lex sat down next to him. “It’s very… you.”

“That a good thing or a bad thing?” 

“A good thing.” Lex rested her head on his shoulder. “Everything about you is good.”



“Even my dad jokes?”

“Even your dad jokes.”

“I’d make an amazing dad, by the way.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I’m real good with kids.”

“I remember you being good with Hannah.”

“Exactly.” Ethan laced his fingers with Lex’s, squeezing one, two, three times. 

Lex squeezed his hand back. “I love you too.” 


“You’re incredible, you know that?” Ethan gently brushed a piece of hair out of Lex’s face. “You’ve saved my life time and time again. I wish I could return the favour but… that’d mean you’d have to be in danger, and I never want that.” He paused. “But… There may be some other way I can make it up to you.” 

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” Lex asked– though based on the way Ethan was pressing reverent kisses down her jawline, she had a pretty good idea what he was implying. 

“Maybe make it up to you isn’t the right way to say it. How about just– this is my way of thanking you.” Ethan’s lips trailed down her neck, goosebumps rising under his hot breath. Lex threaded her fingers through his hair, her breath hitching slightly as he unzipped her jacket slowly. 

All of a sudden, the room felt 10 degrees warmer. Ethan’s fingertips burned against Lex’s cold bare waist, his lips were at her collarbone now, then her shirt collar. 


“Ethan,” Lex whispered. “Ethan, wait.”

Ethan’s hands stopped. “What?” His voice was barely above a whisper. “Do you wanna stop?”

Lex shook her head. “No, it’s– I wanna see something first.” 

“See something?” Ethan echoed.

“Your leg.”

Ethan raised an eyebrow. “What about it?”

“Is there like, a scar or something?” God I sound so stupid. “Cuz you walk sorta funny– not that that’s a bad thing! It’s just, um, something I noticed.”

Ethan deflated. “Oh. Yeah. I mean, I don’t really have much of scar, but you can look anyways.” He began to roll up his pant leg, but his jeans refused to go past his knee.

“You can take them off, if you want.” Lex offered, noticing Ethan’s struggles. “It’s not like you’ll be keeping them on for much longer anyways.”

That seemed to cheer Ethan up a bit. “True.” He chuckled. He unzipped and shimmied out of his pants, then held his left leg up. “See? The scar’s barely visible. Doc said I mostly walk with a limp cuz of mental trauma, or something like that. It’s fucking embarrassing, but I’ll live.”

“Huh.” Lex peered at the underside of his leg. “Did Becky heal the scar for you?”

“She faded it.” Ethan corrected. “It’s still technically there.” 

Lex carefully traced the slightly raised skin on the back of his knee, smiling as he jolted a little. “Ya know, I don’t care that you have a limp. I still love you just the same.”

“Guess this means I can’t be your murder husband anymore, if I limp everywhere.” Ethan half joked. 


Tilting her head back and forth, Lex hummed. “Maybe, maybe not. We’ll have to talk to Susie.” She set Ethan’s leg down and sat up. “Be honest: That night when you first kissed me as my murder husband, were you actually trying to make the act more realistic, or was that just an excuse to kiss me?”

Ethan’s eyes glinted, and his lips curled up in a fox-like grin. “I think you know the answer to that, love .” His grin grew as Lex pushed him down and straddled him. “I was honestly surprised you kissed me back. I thought you’d like, slap me afterwards instead of kissing me again.” 

Lex laughed. “Well, a few months before you told me you were a good kisser– even if you couldn’t tie a cherry stem in a knot. I needed to test that out.”

“And? Was I right?” 

“I might need to test that again.” She teased, leaning down to kiss him. “Yeah, still true.” 


Ethan slid his hands up the back of Lex’s shirt, briefly squeezing her waist before traveling even further upwards. “Is that the only reason why you kissed me?” 

“...Maybe I was also subconsciously attracted to my hot best friend.” She admitted. “I was trying to reason with myself– like, I’ve heard of people kissing their friends before, and it not turning into anything more. But that didn’t happen with us.”

Snorting, Ethan shook his head. “Babe, we did more than just kissing, even back then.” 


The bands of Lex’s bra hung loosely at her sides, then next to her collarbone. The burning in her face intensified.

“Yeah I know but–” Her breath hitched and her eyes fluttered shut, “still. It… um…” She trailed off as her mind went blank. There were too many things going on, both on her top and bottom, for her to form coherent thoughts. “ Fuck Eth, please don’t stop– woah! ” 

Ethan suddenly flipped her over with ease, her back hitting the mattress as he climbed on top of her. “The walls are really thin, Lexie.” He whispered. “So you’re going to have to be quieter, ok?” 

Lex nodded and licked her lips. “Ok.” She whispered back. “I’ll be quiet.” 

“Good. I’m gonna thank you now.” One hand slipped out under her shirt and trailed up her leg. “Until these shake and you beg me to stop because you can’t take it any longer. Would you like that?”

Lex swallowed heavily. “Yes please.” 

“As you wish.” Ethan purred, giving her one last kiss before moving his lips south.



When Lex woke up, the lights were off.

This was weird because she was pretty damn sure the lights were on when they passed the fuck out at 1 AM, exhausted and locked in a sweaty embrace. 

“What time is it?” Lex grumbled under her breath, casting a glance to the clock on Ethan’s dresser.


5:23 AM.



Sighing, Lex nestled further into Ethan’s bare chest.

Badum badum badum badum.

 Two great parts about cuddling her werewolf boyfriend– One, he was warm and two, his heartbeat was so calming.


In his sleep, Ethan grumbled and pulled Lex closer, frowning slightly.

I wonder if he’s having a bad dream. 

She pressed a kiss over his heart and closed her eyes. By the time she opened them again, sunlight was streaming through the window blinds. The golden rays lit up Ethan’s skin and almost made it glow beautifully. 

Ethan was just beautiful in general. Lex would probably never get tired of looking at him. 

And he’s all mine. 

Even though a little bit of drool was escaping his mouth as he slept, Lex found it more endearing than gross. Plus his sculpted body was a huge bonus– perks of dating a young werewolf, she supposed. 

A really, really sexy werewolf.

Maybe I can give him a little treat.


Her hand wandered down his front. She watched as his face twitched, his eyebrows furrowing slightly and his breathing slowly speeding up. 

Eventually Ethan opened his eyes blearily. “Wha… what th’ hell?”

“Good morning, babe.” Lex greeted, feigning innocence. “Did you sleep ok?”

“Uh– y-yeah.” Ethan mumbled, clearly distracted. “Why are you…”

“Just felt like giving you a good morning gift.” Lex shrugged. “You don’t like it?”

“I-I do!” He stuttered. “It’s…” He didn’t finish his sentence before tensing with a strangled gasp, then going slack. “...Good morning to you too.”


Lex laughed and sat up in bed. “Thanks. Do you know where my shirt is?”

“No idea.” Ethan rubbed one eye sleepily and yawned. “I was busy doing somethin’ else when you tossed it.”

Lex wrapped her arms around his neck. “Your voice is really deep when you’re sleepy. It’s hot.” She mused, giving him a few quick pecks on the lips. 

“You’re just hot in general.” Ethan muttered, staring up at her adoringly. 


“No you.” Lex quipped, giving him one last longer kiss before getting out of bed. “Where’s your hoodies?”

“I think most of em are in the closet.” Ethan forced himself up onto his closet. “Mind tossing me some new underwear and pants while you’re near the drawer?” 

“You got it.” Opening the closet, Lex pulled out 2 hoodies, one for herself and one for Ethan. After slipping the hoodie on, she tossed Ethan’s outfit to him, smirking a little at his underwear. “You’ll definitely need this.”

Ethan’s cheeks reddened, and he scowled. “Shut up. This is your fault.” 

“Are you really that mad? You weren’t complaining earlier, ya know.” Lex pulled her hair out of the hood with a grin. Ethan didn’t reply and just stared at her, mouth slightly agape. “What? Cat got your tongue, E?” 

“Nah, you’re just… you’re just fuckin’ beautiful. Look real good in that hoodie too.” Ethan sighed. “C’mere?” He held his arms out. 

“Don’t ruin another pair.” Lex teased, crawling into his outstretched arms. “You just–” Ethan interrupted with a quick kiss “changed” kiss “them.” kiss. “‘sides,” kiss “we gotta dye our hair first. And maybe get some breakfast.”


That made Ethan pause. “Oh right, we’re dyeing our hair! Forgot about that.” 

“Do you think your dad or mom is up by now? I’m sorta hungry.” Lex asked. “Uh, if your parents are fine seeing me like this.”

“What, wearing my hoodie and no pants? They’ll be fine. They already know what’s going on between us.” Ethan tugged on his hoodie and blew a stray curl out his eye. 

“So we don’t need to pretend like nothing happened and we left room for Jesus while we slept?” Lex drawled. 

Ethan laughed sharply. “I don’t even think there’s enough space on this bed to leave room for Jesus. You had to practically sleep on top of me to not fall off. Not that I minded, ‘course.” 

Lex rolled her eyes. “Cheesy, Eth.” 

“Girls love cheesiness, don’t they?” Ethan smiled that adorable little crooked smile that always melted Lex’s heart.


“...Maybe.” Lex murmured, unable to stop the corners of her mouth from curling up.

Ethan mock pouted. “Aww c’mon Lexie. You know you love it.” He pulled her closer in his lap so they were chest to chest.

“I said maybe, not no.” Lex clarified. “There’s a difference.” 

“So basically yes.”



Before Ethan could lean in for another kiss, Lex put a finger to his lips. “C’mon, we gotta get up now or we’ll be here all day.”

“And what’s wrong spending a lazy day with my girlfriend?”

“We’re supposed to dye our hair. We can laze around later, babe.” Lex reminded.

“Ugh, fine.” Ethan huffed. “Let’s go before I fall back asleep.” 


After Lex grabbed the bag of supplies, she followed Ethan to the bathroom attached to his bedroom. 

“So. I got bleach, and a bottle of hair dye. Since we’re only doing a streak each, I thought we wouldn’t need more than 1 bottle.” Lex explained, setting the supplies on the bathroom counter. “Shouldn’t take too long to set… be out of here in like… two hours? Tops?”

“Ah, and here I thought ya liked spendin’ time with me.”

Lex’s elbow found his ribs in a sharp, yet playful jab— one that prompted a small laugh that she quickly joined in on. “Oh, shut up , Green, are we doing this or not?”

“We’re doin’ this!” Ethan sputtered in defense. “Just we ain’t fuckin’ doin’...”

“Just streaks,” Lex repeated, snickering under her breath as her hands found the bottle of bleach. 

Ethan watched with caution, though her reassurances caused his shoulders to relax a touch. “...right, yeah. Streaks. And uh, what the fuck is tha–”

“Bleach? Like… like what I told you it was?”

“You didn’t tell me it fuckin’ stunk!” 

“It’s fucking bleach , dumbass- did you think it smelled good?”

“Uh, no? But I didn’t think it’d be that bad.

“Try smelling the dye.” Lex popped open the bottle of dye and held it out to him. 

Ethan took a sniff, and his eyes widened. “Oh my god.”

“Good right?”

“Imma fuckin eat it.”

Lex’s smile dropped. “No the fuck you’re not.” 

“Glug glug."

“Don’t say sound effects out loud!” Lex held the bottle out of reach– only for Ethan to grab it right out of her hand. “Hey! Give it back asshole!”

“Nuh-uh.” Grinning broadly, Ethan stretched his arm well above Lex’s head, laughing as she tried to jump up. 


“You suck, Ethan– oh, don’t give me that dumb smirk!”

“And you spit Lex, what’s your point?” Ethan shot back. 

Lex gaped at him. 

“Green, you motherfucker–” 

“Nah, milfs aren’t my type.” He set the dye bottle on top of Lex’s head jokingly. “I’m more into sarcastic bi brown haired girls with little sisters and nurse moms.”

Lex crossed her arms over her chest, Ethan’s hoodie slipping over her fingers. “That’s awfully specific.” 

“Well would ya look at that.” Ethan leaned his elbow on the wall next to Lex’s head. “You check all of those boxes.”  

“Lucky me.” Lex drawled. 

Ethan gently bumped his forehead against hers. “I think I’m the lucky one.” 

Lex allowed herself a wry smile. “We’re both lucky, in our own ways.” She snatched the bottle still resting atop her head. “Now, who’s up first?”



“Are you done yet?”

“Patience, babe. It takes a lot to make my hair absolutely perfect.” 

“Looks fine to me.” 

Ethan smoothed the last of the gel into his stiff hair. “There we go. Huh, the dye looks pretty good in my hair.”

Lex wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, gazing at their reflections in the mirror. “Both of our streaks look good.” She tilted her head to get a better look at the medium blue streak framing her face. “Thanks for doing this with me.” 

Ethan turned around in her arms and kissed her forehead. “‘course, Lexie. I think it’s kinda romantic. It’s like our hair’s linking us together, or somethin’.”


Smiling, Lex moved her arms up around his neck. “Something like that, yeah.” A hand skirted over the blue curl gelled into a stiff wave on his forehead. “Y’know, I’m pretty sure we didn’t have to take a whole ass shower for one streak. Coulda just washed it off in the sink and blowdried the streak, not our entire heads.”

Ethan shrugged. “Yeah, but showering together saves water ‘steada washing it off separately.” His eyes slowly looked her up and down. “...And there are other good things bout it too.” He added with a little eyebrow pop. 

Lex looked away, clearly embarrassed. “Shut it. I can’t stand you.” She grumbled half-heartedly.

“Love you too, babe.” He chuckled. “But if I remember correctly, you said yes- fairly enthusiastically too, so…”  

Lex punched him in the arm.

“Ow! That hurt!” Ethan whined, clutching his bicep. 


Buzz buzz.

Ethan glanced at his lit up phone on the countertop.

“5 missed phone calls from Henry.” He read the notification aloud. “Jeez, what is wrong with him? Dad said I should probably lay off the contact while I’m living with him.” 

His phone rang again, but Ethan quickly pressed Decline and set his phone face down. “I’ve had enougha that. C’mon, let’s go get pancakes.” 


As he would soon come to realize, he really, really should have picked up that call.