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your flaws and scars are mine

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Two Months Later

Draco held Scorpius as he was screaming. “Granger, he’s not stopping .” He said in a stressed tone as he paced in her front room. 

“I can hear him, Draco. Thank you.” She was busy finding the gum-numbing cream. “Have you given him the ice chew?” She asked. 

He almost growled, “it’s in my hand, trying to get him to take it!” 

“Do not snap at me,” she huffed. “There’s breast milk in that, there is no reason for him to not take it!” She fumbled for her wand. “Accio Orajel Gum-Numbing!” She all but shouted. 

Scorpius had just started teething and he wasn’t handling it well. He was consistently snotty, feverish, and crying. Their poor son was just so entirely uncomfortable. “Can’t we just silence his screaming?” Draco begged.

“Don’t make me hex you, Draco Malfoy,” Hermione growled out and plucked the cream out of the air, and hurried over to where her son was being bounced. “I know, my wee bear.” She murmured and put some on her finger and rubbed up against his gums. He continued to cry and Hermione went to the icebox for the pacifier-shaped chew in which it was only her breast milk. “There you go.” Scorpius’ sobs turned into sniffles before he was content with the breast milk ice-pop and the numbing cream started to work. 

“I’m going to put him down,” Draco said gently, rubbing the back of his son and heading for his nursery. 

Hermione sat on the sofa, rubbing her face. “Oh my god.” She muttered to herself. This was the less glorifying moment of motherhood. She felt the sofa shift with the added weight from Draco. 

“Couldn’t bloody agree more.” He sighed. Draco had all but moved into her flat in the last couple of weeks. The teething had come to a head and she couldn’t do it on her own anymore. “Sorry for asking if we could just silence him.” His tone was sheepish. 

“Honestly… it crossed my mind too.” She admitted and looked at him. “Gin and tonic?” 

“It is only one in the afternoon.” He drawled slowly, a smirk gracing his features. 

“Our son has all but made it himself for us.” She muttered and waved her wand towards the kitchen. 

“Pump and dump?” He asked. 

“There’s plenty in the freezer for him.” She sighed and grabbed the drink that was levitating toward her. Draco did the same. “To parenthood.” She scoffed, clinking her glass with his.

“To parenthood. You wear it well, Hermione.” His tone was soft before he took a sip. 

A blush worked itself across her neck and cheeks. “As do you, Draco. Never did I think I’d love to see the day of The Draco Malfoy in joggers and an old Slytherin quidditch shirt.” 

“I’ve already seen you at your worst.” He winked at her and took a long gulp. 

“Rude.” She scoffed and lightly slapped his thigh. 

He caught her hand and held it in his. “Simply stating facts, darling.” He teased and kissed her knuckles before letting go.

Hermione rolled her eyes and squeezed his hand before he let go. She took a long sip off her glass and then a second one. Once a soft buzz started in her head, she closed her eyes. “I’m so tired.” She yawned. 

“Me too.” Draco mused and peeked at her from the corner of his eyes. 

“Thank you so much, Draco. I know you’re going to push it off and say “oh just bein’ a good ol’ da’,” she shook her head, “but you sacrificed just as much sleep as I did this week.” She smiled softly before yawning again. 

He pulled the throw off the back of the sofa and placed it over her. “Take a small nap. Ah, here he is.” He nodded towards the orange cat. 

“No naps.” She sighed. “I’m going to take a bath. Nice, long, and extremely hot.” She watched Crookshanks make his way down the hall, no doubt going to find his way to Scorpius. 

Draco hummed, “I made you something for your bath.” He said and went to his duffel bag. He dug around in it for a moment before pulling a small vial out. “I know how you love baths and I’ve been working on this. For you.” His tone dropped to a shy one. 

“What is it?” She asked, leaning over to take it from him, admiring the opalesque coloring. It was faintly pink. 

“Remember the prefect bathroom’s scents, oils, bubbles, all of that? I re-created the one you mentioned loving.” He started the blush. 

“It’s the rose scent?! I haven’t been able to find that anywhere!” She pulled the cork off the vial and took a deep breath of the floral rose smell. It wasn’t too strong or faint. “Oh my gods,” she breathed out. “Thank you!” She corked it and leaned down to give him a tight hug. “Thank you, that was sweet.” Hermione pecked his cheek gently. “I’m going to use this right now.” With that, she was off towards her bedroom. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧


Draco watched her head down the hall before he let the smile take over his face. She was pleased with him. She had given him a touch out of her own free will. A kiss on the cheek. He couldn’t wait to know what she smelled like with that bath potion. 

He drained the rest of his glass as Kinsley popped in. “Hi, Master Malfoy. I brought you fresh clothes.” She smiled. “How’s the young master doing?” 

“Scorpius finally has gone down. Hermione is in the bath.” He smiled softly. “Thank you for the clothes. Could I trouble you for a couple more gin and tonics? Doubles, please. One for Hermione.” 

Kinsley nodded and snapped her fingers. With a pop, the two glasses filled back up. “Anything else, Master Malfoy?” 

“Just dinner preparations please.” He picked up the glasses, “Thank you. After dinner, please take the night for yourself.” 

“But what about–” 

“We will let you know when we want you to sit our son through the night.” Draco smiled endearingly at the small elf. 

Kinsley nodded and went to the kitchen. He walked down the hallway and paused outside of Hermione’s bedroom door. He took a couple of deep breaths before he pushed it open and walked in, “Granger…” He called out loud enough to be heard over the music Hermione had playing. Her curtain-drawn, dark room was illuminated from the glow of the bathroom and by the flickering, Draco knew it was lit up with candles. 

“Yeah? Is Scorpius okay?” She called back, the music lowering.

Draco made his way further into her room until he got to the bathroom door. “Are the bubbles still full?” He called through the cracked door. 

“Yeah.” Hermione’s voice was quiet. 

“May I come in? I’d love to examine my handiwork.” He shifted his weight before adding, “I have another gin and tonic for you.” 

“Pretty sure you told me it was only one less than an hour ago.” Her tone was amused. 

“And you were right, our son basically made it himself.” He chuckled. 

“Come in,” she relented, “conjure a chair.” 

His heart went into overdrive when she told him to conjure a chair up. She wanted to spend time with him. Her time in the bath… her naked in the bath with him right there. He walked in and paused to take in the sight. The air was warm and smelled of roses and his mouth went dry. She was up to her collarbones in the warm, bubbly water, her feet crossed, resting on the edge, and her brown curls piled into a messy bun on top of her head. “Hand it over.” She held a soapy hand up and over the edge of the tub. He pressed the cold glass into her hand. “Thank you, Draco.” 

Even with the bubbles keeping her modesty, Hermione was to-die-for. “You’re welcome.” He forced his tone to stay neutral as he configured a chair. He settled into it, resting his feet on the toilet seat, and took a long drink from his glass. 

Hermione took three gulps before sinking further into the hot water. “This is lovely.” She smiled softly. 

“I think there’s room for two in there, Granger. Would love to experience the loveliness.” He winked at her.

She flicked some water towards him, “behave or I’ll kick you out and only call for you when I need a gin and tonic.” She took another long drink. “I’m going to be drunk before dinner.” 

Draco laughed, “Me too.” He leaned his head back. “But we’ve deserved it. Our child has been very difficult lately.” 

“He has the lungs of a Malfoy on him, what else did you expect?” She teased and finished her glass. “A single, please. I cannot do another double otherwise you’d be taking care of getting sick.” 

He nodded and tapped his wand on the glass and it filled up. 

“Thanks.” She sighed out, closing her eyes. 

Draco studied her. Her chest was flushed up to her neck and on her cheeks from the heat of the tub. “Want to watch a movie tonight?” He asked softly, reaching out to trace her wrist that was holding the class over the edge. 

She opened one eye and looked over at him. “Which one?” She grabbed her glass with her other hand and shifted her hand to hold his. 

“I liked the cartoon one with the lions.” He nodded. 

“Lion King.” She smiled and opened both eyes. “We can. Want to order in for dinner?” 

“I asked Kinsley to start on dinner.” He hummed and leaned down to kiss her damp knuckles gently. 

“A home-cooked meal ? After all of that, I’m most definitely ready.” She giggled. And giggled… and continued to giggle. 

“Granger, are you pissed?” He asked, laughing at her fit of giggles. 

She shook her head and waved her hand. “No, no, absolutely not!” She laughed harder. “I just… am feeling really , really relaxed.” She giggled out before sighing. 

Draco’s stomach tightened and his dick went from being a semi to being a full-blown boner. At this moment, she’s never looked more lovely. Her tired eyes were relaxed and heavy-lidded, soft, bare skin was flushed from the gin, and her curls piled into a messy bun on her head with a Gryffindor scarf holding the flyaways back. “Hermione,” his voice had dropped a couple of octaves and had a husky tone. 

Hermione’s giggles slowed and she looked up at him. Her eyes were round, sparkling with the alcohol in her system. She blinked slowly and had a shy smile on her lips. “Hmm?” She hummed. 

“You are absolutely lovely. You look beautiful.” He breathed out, bringing his hand up to rub his fingers along her soft cheek. His dick jumped in his joggers. “I could lose my sight and still be-”

“Oh hush.” Hermione flicked him with water and rolled her eyes, starting to turn her head away, “The gin is going to your-” 

“It isn’t.” His tone was firm. He gripped her chin and made her look up at him. Her teeth sunk into her pink, plump bottom lip for a moment. His dick hardened at that. She had no business looking that sexy. Swotty witch . Draco dropped his gaze to her lips for two beats before looking back to her eyes. He traced his thumb across her bottom lip slowly, “The sovereign beauty which I do admire, Witness the world how worthy to be praised: The light whereof hath kindled heavenly fire…” He murmured, searching her eyes and noting the blush forming over her cheeks. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧

Hermione’s heart was pounding so loud she couldn’t hear herself think. Her brain was buzzing from the gin. Her pussy was throbbing. Not that she could think anyways. His hand was on her face, finger on her lip, her being naked with just bubbles maintaining her modesty, he was telling her she was beautiful and quoting poetry. Fuck . She studied his silver eyes, “Edmund Spenser.” Hermione finally got out, embarrassed by her breathy tone, her eyes breaking his gaze and dropping to his chest.  

“Mhm.” He agreed, leaning in a bit more. “May I?” He asked softly, his lips brushing against her lips. 

Her brain short-circuited and her mouth went dry. Her eyes fluttered shut and she closed the small gap between their lips. She had been wanting this for a while. Hermione had to know if his kiss would feel as good as it did the first time they’d kissed. She gasped softly as their lips met and Draco sighed. That sent a shiver from her spine straight to her tingling clit. Hermione tilted her head back a bit, pulling Draco in by his shirt. His tongue traced along her lip and she opened her mouth with a breathy sigh at his taste. Her hands went to rest over his strong arms, rubbing them gently. 

It was even better than the first time. Her pussy was throbbing and her nipples had hardened in the warm water. This was definitely going to her fantasy list to be able to reference when she needed it. 

He pulled away gently, pecked her lips once more. “Thank you.” He had a cocky smirk on his lips. 

Hermione blushed deeply and sunk back into the warm water. She was ashamed that she was annoyed at him breaking the kiss, she wanted it to continue. Wanted him to get into the tub with her and have them wash each other and spend a long night in the sheets. She blinked a couple of times before she drained her glass. Get a hold of yourself, Granger , she scolded herself. “You’re welcome.” She huffed, setting her glass on the side. 

She felt Draco’s hand rest on her head for a moment and adjusted a couple of curls. His fingers trailed down her slender neck and to her shoulder, “I meant it. That was lovely.” She looked up at him, the blush going onto her neck and chest. She prayed that he couldn’t feel how her pulse had jumped. How am I supposed to get a hold of myself when Draco is being so - “Shall I recite another poem then? Since you’re in disbelief?” His tone was teasing.

Hermione’s eyes met his eyes with a small laugh. “No. I believe you, Draco.” She said with a shy smile. 

Draco leaned back with a gentle smile. “Want me to get you a refill?” He asked, picking up her empty glass. 

“Just one more.” She giggled, eyes closing as she warmed the water again.