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I'll keep you (my dirty little secret)

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“You’re bringing in a total outsider to run our division! It’s never going to work,” Dolls was furious as the volume of his voice rose. 


And why wouldn’t he be -- he was meant to be division Captain, he had fought everyday to be Black Badge’s highest performing agent and he was the best soldier they had. But instead of awarding him the position they promised, they were bringing in someone else -- someone who had not earned their right to lead and was simply appointed for whatever political bullshit Black Badge had decided to run with. 


“Cool your head Xavier,” Captain Nedley said loudly, a finger pointed at him in serious fashion, “it’s done. She’s being brought on at special request for the blacksite mission! I know you don’t want to hear it but this is her expertise, son. After this mission we can discuss your promotion on my recommendation but Agent -- no, Captain Haught, is the best of the best and I trust her with my life. Which she has saved. Countless times. Yours too.”


“She has never saved my life!” Dolls grit out. “I’ve never even heard her name until today.”


“That you know of,” Nedley lowered his voice now, aware the whole bullpen had heard some shouting from his office. “It’s my retirement too, Dolls. I would never leave you all with incapable hands. Haught is the real deal.”


Still furious but reluctantly accepting Nedley’s decision, Dolls stormed out of the office and slammed the door so hard Nedley’s painting fell and hit the ground. Nedley sighed. Nicole was going to have her hands full with his lot. 


Dolls angrily tugged at his tie and threw his blazer off. When angry, he sweated. As team leader he knew every single one of his agents trusted him and this was the biggest mission of their life coming up -- he and they could not trust an outsider to lead it even if Nedley and Black Badge did. They had come too far to drop the ball on this now. He growled his anger and collapsed at his leather chair. 


“What did he say?” HIs colleague agent Eliza Shapiro was the first to ask, concern evident in her eyes. Dolls bristled, feeling like he had let all his comrades down by not being selected as their new captain. 


He knew they were all heading to their blacksite location next week and the idea of some stranger calling the shots was not going to sit well with any of them. 


“That apparently this new Captain Nicole Haught -- who no one has ever heard of --  is a gift to us! A special request or some shit.”


“Agent Haught? I’ve never heard of no Agent Haught,” Agent Ramon Quinn furrowed his brows, scowling as he leaned over, “some old timer?”


As it would turn out, the whole bullpen had heard his shouting match with Nedley and his comrades whom he trusted with his life had come to check in on him. 


“She’s deep in black ops,” Agent John Henry Holliday told everyone. “I did a mission with her before… she’s good. Red hair. Tall..” 


Dolls groaned, he didn’t need to know his competition was respected by Holliday. Impressing Holliday was rare and it had taken him multiple missions. 


“So I’m right, an old timer if she did a mission with your ancient ass,” Quinn tossed back snarkily at John Henry, though he was only ten years older than. Quinn hardly liked the guy and the feeling was mutual over the years. Everyone tried to keep them away from missions together or distant to avoid arguments.  


“Fuck off Quinn,” Agent Wynonna Earp said from underneath her sunglasses as she perched her hip on Doll’s desk, “Doc there can still whoop your ass.” 


“Damn straight,” Holliday huffed. 


“And whether she is black ops or senile, we are the ones who have been tracking Cult of Bulshar for years . I don’t trust someone to know it better than us,” Dolls practically slammed his hands against the table. “Fuck this bullshit.” 


“We need to have each other’s back with this new Captain, Dolls is right,” Wynonna offered a small smirk his way, pleased to see her words calmed him slightly down. “In the meantime, team leader -- let’s go over our mission for next week’s intel. Where the fuck is Jimmy?”


“It’s Jeremy,” the scrawnier Agent in the pen, the designated intel guy sheepishly handed them all their folders. “And for the record, I trust Captain Nedley… we should give this new captain a chance...”


“No one asked you,” Agent Quinn rolled his eyes, shutting Jeremy up. 





Waverly tipped the last of her whiskey down her throat, sighing and debating the pros and cons of drinking another. It was the annual forensics conference after all -- and she didn’t have to get up early in the morning… and her bodyguard, Rosita was there so... 


“If you decide you do want another I’d like to buy it for you.” 


The smooth voice that seemed to have read her mind had Waverly pause and cautiously turn, very much pleased with what she found. 




Tall and a lean body, red hair (a fetish Waverly accidentally stumbled upon about herself during her year in Scotland) cropped stylishly short, soft brown eyes that were not leering yet clearly attracted to Waverly’s lips, and confidence. 


The kind of confidence Waverly had always shivered for -- not that she let anyone know that of course. Kinks were private for a reason. 


“I’m Wav--”


“Waverly Earp.” The woman straightened her shoulders, knowing Waverly’s name. Suddenly Waverly felt thirsty. Yes. Another drink did sound okay from this attractive stranger hitting on her at a forensics conference. 


“You know my name?”


“Quite the popular girl around here,” the woman extended her hand, bearing nice white teeth and dimples that had Waverly feeling shy and self conscious all of a sudden. She shook the offered hand and felt the pull between them.


Hopefully it was a pull and not her misunderstanding the effects of whiskey.  


“And you are?”


“I’m Nicole. Nicole Haught.” 


Waverly bit her lip, feeling more sure of herself as Nicole dropped her hand and cleared her throat, obviously affected by their exchange from the gulp of her throat.


“I’ll take a whiskey, Nicole Haught… I’m feeling that your name carries Anglo-roots… scottish perhaps? I’m assuming it’s spelled with the same way someone could call your approach to buying me a drink ‘haughty’ yet very much welcome.”


Nicole raised an eyebrow down at her, “yep. Before my grandparents migrated to the East Coast, making me as North American purebred as they get… and I suppose my arrogance has always been there, but I’m not that arrogant to assume you’d appreciate my interest...” 


Waverly giggled, allowing her eyes to caress the nicely fitted outfit of her interested candidate who was asking the bartender to give them both a refill on her tab. She was hardly one to encourage more than minor flirting here and there but this, well, this was delicious and Waverly was feeling it on all cylinders. Metaphorically. 


The charmingly arrogant Nicole seemed to be attending the conference with a simple light blue blouse tucked into tight black dress pants. Her sleeves were rolled up her forearms, and her ass looked… well, Waverly was appreciative. Nicole must work out. 


“You look good too,” Nicole was handing her the whiskey and nursing a beer for herself as she smiled, “and yes I do workout.” 


Damn. How does she do that?


Waverly leaned forward -- there was no point playing games when a hot stranger that pushed all of her buttons was worth some flirting. If one could call this flirting and not a ‘blatant come on.’ 


“Are you a mind reader, Haught?”


“Close, I read body language pretty well… and my colleagues call me Haught. I’d really prefer you call me Nicole...” Nicole smirked and leaned into her space, smelling like vanilla and something else Waverly wanted to inhale deeply. 


“You’re at a forensics conference and you read body language… FBI? Profiler?”


“You’re definitely as perceptive and smart as they say… close but not quite. Try again?”


Waverly leaned an inch closer and dropped her voice, “Hmm… well, you’re way too good looking and fit to be a lab coat.”


“You’re the prettiest girl in this place and you’re an established lab coat, Dr. Earp.” 


Cheesy but Waverly liked the flattery. She decided to loft some back. 


“Well Nicole Haught… you were definitely given an accurate name.”


Waverly saw the slackened jaw of her flirtatious guest and dared to reach down and gently touch their knuckles. When she looked back up, Nicole’s throat was swallowing again and her eyes were hooded. 


Waverly didn’t need to be an expert in reading body language to know desire when she saw it. She loved the thrill of being desired by someone she also felt was desirable. She was no stranger to being hit on, but rarely if ever could she recall a connection like this or wanting the attention to continue. 


Was it the high of the conference and her keynote address of applause that had her feeling daring and bold? Was it the whiskey giving her liquid courage? Or was it simply the fact that a gorgeously tall, redhead, breezily confident and literally hot stranger wanted her and she hadn’t gotten laid in a long while? 


“While not the most original your pickup lines are totally doing it for me,” Nicole murmured to her ear. “Would you… would like to get dinner tonight? Find out all the questions you want answers to?”


Waverly thought about the torture of a dinner, full of eye fucking and job pleasantries when they clearly both wanted something more urgent. 


“I mean, I’ve been in this attire all day,” Waverly said coyly, knowing it was her best skirt suit ensemble and her ass looked great with these heels. “Maybe you could accompany me to my room? I need to change first… something more comfortable...” 




“You okay?” Wynonna could see how hard Dolls was taking this new Captain news. And she was pretty pissed too… Dolls had ruffled some feathers to save their lives, sure, but he was the leader they all looked up to. Nedley had even earned her trust after a longer time than she gave Dolls, and she had grown up knowing Nedley through her dad. 


“Nedley says after the mission we can reassess if I’m due for a promotion,” Dolls sighed, “how can they do this to us Earp? We’ve been the best squad and we’ve tracked this fucking cult for over a year.”


Sighing, Wynonna hugged Dolls close. Both of them had a lot in common. They met in Academy and Wynonna never really got along with anybody -- being an Earp she was Black Badge legend and had a huge legacy to live up to. But Dolls never cut her slack or special attention because of her last name and Wynonna respected that about him. He had made her a better soldier in a way her family name could never, despite the fame. 


“I know Dolls,” she patted his shoulder and they sat in companionable silence. 


He sighed again, “anyways we just do what’s best for the mission and I’ll get over this shit by the weekend. Rumour is out blacksite in Tibet.” 


“Fuck at least it’s not Russia again.”




“Want me to change the subject?”




“It’s Waverly’s birthday and she didn’t pick up any of my phone calls.”  


“Shit… she’s still mad at you huh?”


“Yeah,” Wynonna felt the anger coil in her gut. She had made a decision to protect Waverly and Waverly was still not ready to hear her out on it. It sucked. 


“She’ll come around, Wynonna.” 


“She could at least let me wish her a happy birthday! We would be drinking whiskey all night and laughing, dancing… it’s our tradition. Now she’s at some boring ass forensics conference and probably miserable and alone.”




“Oh my god you’re so good at that,” Waverly moaned, arching off the bed and into the naked body above her. 


Happy birthday to me!  


Nicole’s confidence was definitely not coming from a lack of experience and Waverly was feeling too spent to return the favour as she came for the third time in under an hour, her body utterly satisfied. Her loud moans are hushed in Nicole’s mouth and with a slower grind of hips and hand, Nicole let her come down from her high before leaning her weight back to make sure Waverly was okay. 


Waverly had thought her first time with a woman had been a sexual awakening -- and since then any and all bed partners and her own experience had shown her what she liked but this… this


“Oh,” she smoothed her hands up Nicole’s shoulders and arms to her neck before combing into the softest red hair and smoothing what she had most definitely tangled. 


“You’re so beautiful,” Nicole said, kissing her again while slowly pulling her fingers out. She was weary that Waverly was probably tender -- their passion had included moments of furious rhythm and Waverly felt it in her vocal chords as much as her core. 


She was surprised as Nicole kissed softer, more languid kisses along her neck with a sweetness and aftercare that had her swooning before taking her mouth again. 


“You’re sweet,” Waverly whispered, tired but still wanting to kiss those lips. So soft and perfect as they had whispered dirty things in her ear and then almost made her cum just from the attention they gave her breasts. “Give me a moment and then… then I can--”


Nicole chuckled, cutting her off with one last  kiss before rolling off of her body and stretching, “I really hope we see each other again… there are so many things I still want to do to you. So take your time...” 


Waverly whimpered, turning on her side to see that Nicole was not playing around, and surprised to find tender affection in her brown eyes. She was a lot more sober now and very much not regretting her slutty decision to have sex with a total stranger. 


“That was amazing,” Nicole continued, clearly also not regretting it either, and as she leaned in closer on her side she brushed some of Waverly’s hair back and then smiled gently like they were in on the same secret. 


“That was the best sex of my life,” Waverly found herself admitting, “I am very much okay with a repeat. Was that a body language thing too? If you’re not FBI, are you CIA? I hear they are masters at the art of seduction...”


Nicole raised a brow, “I’m kind of offended and also flattered at the same time… but nope, not CIA and I’ve never picked up a girl like that before. I literally went to introduce myself to thank you… but… well, I did not expect that kind of resolution.” 


“Thank me?” Waverly is confused and brings the hotel sheets up her chin, starting to feel a cool chill as her body recuperates. “And me either… the stranger danger thing I mean… no offense.” 


Nicole, perceptive as ever, brings her in for a body cuddle, warm and soft. Waverly felt inexplicably comfortable on her shoulder and nuzzled closer to a boob where she pressed a soft kiss on it’s slope and willfully allowed the intimacy. 


“Yeah,” Nicole was still brushing her hair. “You saved my life.” 


“Wait -- what?” Waverly furrowed her brow and looked up. “H-how?”


“A year back, I’m doing a mission... Our unit was sent out to protect a classified shipment in Shelterlands... we were attacked… I’m the only survivor.”


Waverly lifted her head from the shoulder in shock and instantly knew who Nicole was. She never got the name of the agent who survived, just the details. 


Cult of Bulshar had sent out an intelligence trap and Waverly had accidentally intercepted a code of their communication while trying to prove to her dad she was ready to be an agent. She had been unable to prevent the attack but hoped her interference had given enough time to warn the unit sent into the trap. Later she had found out two out of the unit made it back but one died from injury and the other survived. 


“You’re Black Badge?” The mystery was solved and so many confusing feelings started to whirlwind in Waverly’s mind. 


Glad that at least one person survived and the warning had served its purpose, sad because she had read the details on that massacre and knew whoever survived was definitely put through the ringer, and angry… angry because her interference was a big reason she was not currently working in Black Badge where she had been hoping to get a position in their intelligence department like every other Earp in her bloodline. Her father had made sure of that -- and the resentment she had at him and her sisters for cutting her out came full force back. 


But in Nicole’s eyes she saw a vulnerability at the confession and Waverly was glad she intervened. Even if daddy had kept her on the sidelines, Waverly had done what agents were supposed to do: saved someone before her dream was taken from her. 


“Oh,” Waverly reached forward, an inexplicable need to soothe what she saw in Nicole’s eyes, “I’m so sorry, Nicole. I wish I had communicated it faster...”


Nicole smiled, somewhat watery before she blinked and any hint of tears in her eyes disappeared. She rolled them over and Waverly found herself on her back again, legs intertwined. 


“If you had never cracked that code I’d be dead… you gave us a fighting chance. It sucks my unit didn’t make it… but I have a chance to avenge them now...”


Waverly understood. “The BBD is tracking Cult of Bulshar.”


Nicole nodded before she shyly looked to the side, “sorry, I didn’t mean to come on too strong. I’m moving to the city permanently with my new post in BBD, I looked you up and I heard you were going to be speaking so I needed to say hello…” 


“I’m very glad you said hello,” Waverly gently squeezed the ass she had admired a few hours earlier, giggling as Nicole playfully grinded into her, smiling into her kiss. 


“I’m very glad too… you are extraordinary, Doctor Waverly Earp… so smart and… thank you for saving my life.”


Waverly’s breath hitched, feeling validated really stung her heart -- she had truly felt cast aside and useless, so to hear her effort had actually done something… it made it all worth it. 


“You thanked me pretty well already,” Waverly joked shyly, her body arching into the pressure of Nicole’s thigh. She was feeling self-conscious in the way Nicole thought so highly of her… “and seriously all I did was share some information I came across… it's not that heroic. Not like you in the field.”


“Are you kidding? It was the most heroic… and I really did not expect you to be the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen,” Nicole moaned before increasing the pressure and speed of her grind, “so sexy… fuck... Waverly can I? Again?”


“Yes -- Oh god just like that… you’re so wet...” Waverly slid her hands up ribs, feeling the contour of obliques and muscles, and then gripped a defined back tightly, “can you -- can you come like this Nicole?”


“Yeah,” Nicole gasps near her ear, fixing Waverly’s leg around her hip for a better angle and sharply grinding a wet centre into Waverly, “oh fuck!”




“I thought that crap only happened in trashy romance novels,” Rosita was gasping behind her orange juice as Waverly recounted her evening in her hotel room. Rosita was a friend, sure, but also her appointed bodyguard and that meant telling her why Waverly had an overnight guest in her room. 


“It was so powerful,” Waverly recalled with a bright flush to her cheeks. “Like an out of body experience.” 


Nicole had lifted her up and taken her against the door first and it had been fabulous… with her skirt bunched up around her waist and the promise of long, sure fingers pausing before Nicole double-checked Waverly was giving verbal consent... then the way they both groaned when she started with one finger. 


After the door she had been let down on wobbly legs and undressed Nicole with vigour and need. Waverly found herself screaming during the second orgasm into her pillow because Nicole had rolled her over for a deeper angle and… God what a night. 


“Damn Waves,” Rosita clinked their juice glasses together, “didn’t know you had it in you… nice to see you going after what you want for a change. Also, happy birthday.” 


When they exchanged phone numbers to stay in touch, Nicole had whispered dirty things in her ear, ‘I want you to think about me using my mouth on you next… I know I’ll be thinking about it…’


“I miss her already and it was just sex,” Waverly groaned. 


“A porn plot more like it,” Rosita snickered. “So, you seeing her again?” 


“It gets even crazier… she’s BBD,” Waverly confessed out loud with a wince. 


“She’s BBD?” Rosita’s jaw dropped, “you said you would never date a BBD agent!”


“I know.”


“Does she know who you are?”


“She seems to?”


“You didn’t talk to her about it!?”


“We talked with our tongues mostly--” which was not totally true, but the other secret Nicole confided in her Waverly didn’t want to share with her friend. 


“Waverly! You turned down Champ Hardy the BBD golden boy, Perry Crofte -- hell even me when we first met! -- Roman Quinn AND Eliza Shapiro because they are all BBD agents! And we are all super hot too!”


Waverly looked up at Rosita tentatively. She had used that excuse a lot when younger and had meant it too. No one at BBD would take her seriously if she dated colleagues no matter how cute, fit, or appealing they were in uniform. 


“Yeah well I thought I would be working with you all there one day and… and you’re not still carrying a torch for me are you?”


“Not at all,” Rosita gave her a genuine smile and answer, “we’re just friends and no one ever blames you for not feeling the same… but girl, I’m just saying. You broke a lot of hearts at BBD. Champ still asks Wynonna about you… That creep computer guy Tucker still asks your dad if you’re single...” 


“I can’t explain it but… she’s different, Rosita,” Waverly groaned, knowing that if her fling with NIcole ever got out or if they continued seeing each other and it became... something … then breaking her rule to never date in the agency was definitely going to ruffle some feathers and Wynonna was most definitely going to punch her. “Please don’t tell anyone.” 


“Not my news to share, promise… I mean good luck to this woman cuz Wynonna beat the shit out of Champ, remember? At the holiday party for the mistletoe kiss? And your dad, Waverly. Your dad! Willa! You are an Earp. You’re BBD royalty! She has to know that if she’s BBD! I mean, no offense but I was kind of relieved when you turned me down because you should have seen what Ward did to Perry when he found out about the flowers...”


Waverly rolled her eyes as Rosita shivered in fear. 




“What? You’re the youngest Earp. Anyone would be intimidated. I mean I’m literally your friend now and your bodyguard but you know your dad has me update him on your safety too… regularly. He’s scary.” 


Waverly totally knew that and she groaned. “I didn’t know she was Black Badge when I slept with her and… fuck. Fuck being an Earp sometimes, honestly.” 


It wouldn’t be so hard if her family had at least read her into Black Badge and not treated her like she was made of glass. She hadn’t answered any of their birthday texts or phone calls this year and they had no right to interfere in her life or love life. 


“So what’s her name? Mystery agent?”


Nicole is going to a blacksite for three months, Rosita, and she’s new to the BBD she said it’s her first post in the city… chances of her working with Wynonna or Willa or Daddy anytime soon are slim, I did the math! Until I know what comes from this… hookup I’d like to keep my family out of it.” 


“So, your latest fling conveniently goes away for three months at a blacksite meaning you guys had sex and then won’t communicate for three months?”


“We can still text and call… her phone is just going to be pinged to hide her location and I don’t know...  I really like her so until my crazy family scares her off I am going to stay in touch.” 


Nicole , huh?” Rosita smirked, “well, she must be a total noob. I've never heard of any Nicoles... That poor girl, I hope she enjoys her last days!”


“Hello it’s my birthday, can you be a good friend slash bodyguard and let me go shopping now?” 


“Waverly you know as long as Cult of Bulshar has made a threat--”


“I know, Rosita, believe me I know. You can tell Daddy I know.” it comes out with a bitter harshness that kills the playful banter they had going on and Rosita sighed. 


Rosita had sympathy for her friend. She knew Waverly had her future seemingly taken away from her and she decided to drop the heavy topics and go back to something fluffier. 


“So shopping…”




Nicole needed a dose of courage before facing what she knew was going to be a hostile environment. Nedley warned her there was unease amongst the team at her addition. And she didn’t care to be disliked, but having a coordinated team that had each other’s backs was important for their mission so she needed to deal with it and she needed their trust. 


It was Monday morning and on the other side of the room were the top Black Badge Agents, the Purgatory Squad.


They were wheels up in twenty for the blacksite in Tibet, and she was about to be introduced to them. She was going to meet them without reading their files for her own chance to read their body language, and then read up on them later during the very long flight.


 But for better or worse, she was stuck on this blacksite with them for the next three months and it was going to be a challenge on its own. 


Her phone vibrated and she glanced quickly at the text message she got from ‘Waverly’ whose name had been saved in her phone with a kissy emoji. 


‘Have a great first day, I’ll be thinking about your mouth and you are allowed to think about mine too.’ 


Nicole gulped, a wave of desire hitting her hard. Waverly was… unexpected in all the best ways. Nicole had not been looking for sex but it seriously didn’t hurt to have some good memories for her three months seclusion. 


‘I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it’ she texted back, smirking and biting her lip she added, ‘ or the way you say my name.’


“Nicole!” like a dose of cold water, hearing Captain Randy Nedley interrupt her had Nicole groan and reluctantly put her phone away in her pocket. She turned and saluted him, but he huffed and clasped her shoulder tightly. 


“You’re a captain now Haught, no need to salute me.” 


“You still owe me a beer Nedley,” she grinned before teasing him, “still wearing khakis I see?”


“Classic trouser. Still not buttoning up your jacket, huh? Shit, when did you get that star?”


She looked down and saw the black star next to her gold one. Black Badge awarded them for classified missions that tested soldiers. She had been in black ops for so long she had no clue how rare it was to get the black metallic star. She shrugged. 


“Lonnie would have gotten one too but he lost his head on that mission,” she said plainly, her professional tone cutting into the seriousness of the situation. “I’m not going to let you down Nedley, you are a tough act to follow but I am going to destroy Cult of Bulshar.”


“I know you will… and that team is a fine one, a little egotistic but finest group of soldiers. Come on,” he nodded gravely, aware of why Nicole was here again. They could catch up later, but now she was here to avenge her unit and that included Lonnie, one of the recruits Nedley had trained and recommended for black ops with Nicole. 


They entered the bullpen together and the chatter in the room died down instantly. 


Nedley stepped forward and Nicole felt every agent’s eye turn on her. There were nine agents selected for this squad and mission to head from headquarters to the blacksite: five field agents and four intel agents. Nicole was their Captain and lead for the next three months and pending mission status if it was needed to be extended or not, she would then become a permanent Captain in BBD field offices. 


She stood unflinching, shoulders straight for her posture. The agents were all in civilian attire for the flight over since no one was going out into the field, and the intel squad were easy to tell  apart from posture. The field agents were borderline glaring, but she recognized the one asshole who had the balls to wear a cowboy hat and moustache like he was from the wild west. John Henry Holliday, brave man and good agent. They exchanged nods of recognition. 


Nicole had her black ops combat boots and pants on, but paired it with a long-sleeve black shirt that had a BBD crest. Her decorated navy blue jacket full of ranks, medals, stars, and ribbons thrown over. She didn’t really get a dress code memo and wasn’t about to show up in full formals, combat gear or attire on day one with a flight ahead, but she needed her team to have faith in her selection and the jacket showed it off well. 


“Team it is my pleasure to introduce your new Captain, Nicole Haught. One of the finest agents I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing... she has made the transition from our Black Operations division which is why her name is excluded from intel and not well known around here what with the secret part and all --” whispers filtered, largely from the intel agents in the corner with excitement and Nicole held back a smirk, “ -- and she has been hand-picked for this mission to fight the terrorism cell Cult of Bulshar. I know this mission is personal to us all, and Captain Haught’s unit is the reason we even have any of the intel we do. At a great price.”


The room is solemn again and Nicole clears her throat. She didn’t want to scare her team, she wanted to lead them and she could already tell the field agents were not happy with this change in leadership. 


“Hi everyone,” she offered a warm smile, “I just want to say that this unit  -- all of you -- have truly made great progress against the Cult of Bulshar. They are an unpredictable and dangerous enemy that have a personal grudge against BBD… have killed many of our soldiers as well as civilians we have sworn to protect. The next three months will be the hardest months you have ever experienced in Black Badge and rest assured the only outcome acceptable of this mission is the one where Cult of Bulshar is eliminated. It is an honour to be Captain of your squad, I know I am new but… the mission comes first. Understood?”


A chorus of “yes captain” came around the room and Nicole noted the field agents seemed to be more reluctant. They were going to be tougher to win over than she initially thought.  


“We depart for our blacksite, the flight will be a long one.” 


After her introduction, she let the agents have their privacy and entered the plane first. It was a comfortable plane with room for her to stretch her legs and she reached for her phone to see if Waverly had texted back. 




Glad no one was around to see her blushing, Nicole kicked her feet up as the agents took their seats and flipped open the files of her team Nedley had passed along. 


The intel team consisted of Agent Jeremy Chetri… Agent Chrissy Nedley? Huh, Nedley must really trust her if his daughter was in this unit. Agent Jeannie Lucado, the intel lead, and last but not least Agent Gloria Valdez (the actual science doctor of intel). All incredibly qualified in their field but, when NIcole read Chrissy’s file she couldn’t help but compare her role to Waverly Earp… Waverly had much more experience and could bring a lot of value to this team. Why had Black Badge never recruited her after she saved the life of one of their own? 


Nicole blinked away the thought and turned to the field agents next. Team leader, Agent Xavier Dolls… great record, a fast tracker for promotions. Agent Eliza Shapiro, the best in combat… Agent Roman Quinn, another great record in the field… Agent John Henry Holliday, sharpshooter with insane aim, and Nicole remembered his sniper hits during their missions. These agents were all the best of the best. Nicole was impressed. She flipped to see the last agent and her eyes widened in shock as they took in the words and details. 


Agent Wynonna Earp


Earp had the longest record -- having apparently been the agent who brought down the infamous biker gang The Revenants. Beyond that, her next of kin included three distinct facts that Nicole felt herself get a headache over.


Her father was Ward Earp, deputy director of BBD as in one of Nicole’s bosses. Her older sister was Willa Earp whose face Nicole remembered from the mission that earned her the gold star -- a very temperamental agent that had almost cost them all -- and Waverly. 


Waverly Earp. 


It wasn’t just the fact that Nicole felt Waverly should be included in this team for her expertise and suddenly was closer connected than she thought, or that now she unintentionally read facts about Waverly without her permission (apparently the young woman had just celebrated her birthday the same night Nicole had… well…), or that Waverly was the daughter of Ward Earp a man Nicole had met once (when he pinned a gold star to her jacket and thanked her for saving Willa’s life), or that Nicole was now acting Captain with Waverly’s sister Wynonna under her supervision…


It was all those things plus the fact that Waverly’s name was included with red notes Nedley made. 


After being valuable in helping resolve Shelterlands, BBD received targeted threats on Waverly Earp’s life. Waverly had a target on her back and was included in Cult of Bulshar files because she was considered a threat to them. 


She was not included on this team for her own safety, yet Nicole couldn’t comprehend how Waverly was ‘safe’ anywhere but in this mission. She was the best mind for this, and she was in more danger if kept at arm's length. 


Making the decision as an agent, Nicole picked up her phone and dialled the private line for the most senior BBD officer in charge as the plane took off, Director Richard Moody. 



“She’s my babygirl, Richard!” Ward yelled at his boss, angry and furious when the update on Cult of Bulshar mission change included the request to recruit Waverly Earp. 


“Captain Haught made the call and I agree with her, Ward.” 


“She’s hardly been captain one day! Waverly is not safe there, she is safest AWAY from there! They have a target on her back and her not being an agent is keeping her alive!” 


“Like it or not Ward this cult is the biggest terrorist threat we have ever faced -- it took out our most elite black ops squad and Captain Haught makes a fair point -- Waverly is the only agent who has ever successfully intercepted their communication!”


Ward flinched, “and they will make it their priority mission to eliminate her! With her conferences they don’t think she’s a threat, but if they can eliminate our most elite field agents my daughter stands NO CHANCE! And she is no agent, she's my daughter!” 


“I’m sorry Ward, but I’m with Captain Haught... Waverly Earp is our best asset to add to the intel team for this mission.” 




Waverly felt her phone buzz during her lunch hour. It was Nicole Haught, whom she had saved in her phone as just a fire emoji. She answered it quickly. 


“Nicole,” she crooned softly, putting down her half eaten sandwich in eager anticipation to hear Nicole’s voice. 


“So remember that time you found out I was a Black Badge agent?” came Nicole’s voice, and she sounded guilty. 


Waverly straightened up and tried not to sound disappointed, “you found out I’m an Earp huh… I was kind of hoping well… nevermind. I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore.” 


“You’re very smart Waverly, but this is the first and hopefully last time I will tell you that you are wrong,” Nicole said gently. “Of course I want to see you… I just hope you feel the same way after I tell you what I’m about to tell you…”


“W-what are you about to tell me?” Waverly was confused and nervous at the tone in Nicole’s voice. Why did Nicole sound like she expected Waverly to hate her?


“Well if we thought things were complicated before when we just thought you saved my life and I accidentally found out I met you on your birthday, I know I use the term ‘met’ loosely and also happy belated birthday…”


“Thanks,” Waverly said before an impatient, “out with it, Nicole .” 


And as Nicole explained what she had done, pulling her into the blacksite team to join the intel team, and that Waverly would be her direct subordinate… 


Waverly felt that same feeling in the hotel room. She wasn’t angry, far from it… Nicole saw her as a valuable person for more than just her body. Nicole didn’t see her as an Earp, she saw her as more… and Waverly felt truly seen. 


“I’m not mad,” she said after Nicole confided everything. “Though holy shit, Captain huh?”


“Mhmm,” Nicole sounded amused, “you’re not mad at all?”


“I have been dreaming about my first BBD mission since I knew what BBD was and I was in diapers… I… I was cast aside after I intervened on Shelterlands.”


“I know. I read the file… I’m sorry. I know I’m putting you in danger but I made this decision as a Captain of the unit expected to defeat Cult of Bulshar. You have every right to decide for yourself to accept the recruitment offer or continue but for what it’s worth Waverly… you deserve to be here. If you had been on this team earlier maybe more people could have been saved.” 


And Waverly believes her too, which is one of the reasons she still doesn’t answer her father’s phone when he calls. 


“So I guess I’ll be seeing you soon and not in three months…”


Nicole sighed, “it’s going to be torture to see you and not… see you.”


Waverly promises under her breath, “we will do that too.”


It’s not very professional and Waverly looks around the lab room knowing that she was alone but still wanting to make sure no one but Nicole heard her next words. 


“I’ve been thinking about you… all of you…”


She heard a soft moan and smirked proudly to herself. 


“Waverly Earp I am your captain…”


“Officially you’re not my captain yet ,” Waverly bit her lip, “but I did like the way you steered my ship.” 


“That… that was awful,” Nicole chuckled. 


Waverly pouted. 


“But coming from you it’s hot as hell...”


Her pout became a smirk and Waverly closed her eyes, the phantom kisses from a few days ago still pulsing in her veins. 


“Seriously, Waverly, we can’t be unprofessional when you’re here… sorry…”


It was disappointing but Waverly understood. “Like I said… you’re not my captain yet, Nicole .” 


There was a pause in their conversation and Waverly started to regret her words, if she had pushed too far, but then Nicole spoke with intent. Soft yet sure, playful yet assertive. 


“So baby, you like having someone steer you around huh? Tell me more… and be very specific.” 


So apparently Waverly had initiated phone sex while at work.


“Where to start? I loved the way you lifted me up and held me against that door… I loved the way you took care of me… no one has ever made me feel the way you feel… ”


“How did I make you feel?” came the desperate whisper. 


“Like I had no control over my body… like I would let you do anything you wanted and like it…”


“Jesus fuck,” she heard Nicole curse and Waverly grinned, loving the effect her words were having on the other woman. 


“Tell me what you would do to me if you were here…”


“I told you to think of my mouth on you,” Nicole whispered, “I’m at my desk right now… and I can picture laying  you out on it… parting your thighs… kissing your hip...”


Waverly felt herself get impossibly wet and she felt dirty as her colleague Dr. Wu walked by and waved at her politely through the window. She returned it with her practiced smile and wave as she continued to listen to Nicole. 


“I’d like to take my time there… feel your hands pulling my hair because you need me to give you more and you’re desperate… the way you moan my name, Waverly, has been ringing in my ears… no one has made me feel the way you feel either…”


Waverly dared to ask, “and how do I make you feel?”


“I…” Nicole hesitated, “it’s a little intense considering…”


Waverly felt her heart leap in her chest, “intense? What could be more intense than what we just said?”


“Waverly we… we met at your conference and hooked up in your room hardly thirty minutes later… and I told you that you saved my life…”


“I know, Nicole, and I… I really hope you don’t think you owe me and that’s why--”


“No, god, no,” Nicole assured her gently. “I’m grateful and thankful you saved me but I don’t feel obligated… but it’s hard surviving while all your colleagues don’t. Until Saturday, until I met you… you finally make me feel alive again. I survived but I wasn’t really living.”


“Oh,” Waverly’s voice was small and she felt the blood rush to her ears, not sure how to feel. 


“Yeah… I know it’s a little too intense… we have this whole sexy playful thing going on.”


“I mean,” Waverly blinked out of her own emotion, “as long you promise it’s not a hero worship thing I am fine with helping you feel alive anytime you want.” 


Nicole let out a relieved chuckle, “I promise it’s not hero worship…”


Waverly giggled, “well, I think I have to get back to work Nicole. We can revisit this worship talk, with your head between my thighs.”


A groan was heard, “God you are going to be the death of me aren’t you Waverly Earp? You know I have never been with a fellow agent…”


“Me either,” Waverly assured her. 


“Waverly I… you’re going to be working under me so we can’t--”


“So I can’t be under you while I’m under you, yeah I know,” Waverly winced at her own lame joke. 


Nicole laughed and it sounded light, “yeah. We can manage three months of professional behaviour, we’ll be too busy kicking this terrorist cell’s ass. We’ll be fine.” 


‘Totally we are grown, professional women who can keep our hands to ourselves!”


“Yeah,” Nicole sounded confident and Waverly nodded. 


“So I’ll see you when I see you Nicole. I mean Captain Haught.” 




Waverly descended from the plane. The blacksite operation was in China, so it turned out that her lunch time phone sex with Nicole had actually been nighttime for the captain which made it even hotter somehow, knowing they had internationally flirted over timezones while she was documenting skull shapes and Nicole was thinking of her in another country. 


Nicole who was her boss now. Like an actual boss. Who she could not touch. 


The small jet plane landed right outside the remote facility of BBD’s blacksite, far off the grid. It meant Cult of Bulshar was planning its next terrorist attack here in China and Waverly was glad she was up to date on her languages and culture research. She gulped as the plane took off as soon as she was outside the metal doors, leaving her in the dark outside. There was a buzzing and then the doors opened to grant her access. 


She raised her chin and stepped inside the facility, heaving her large suitcase behind her since the wheel had broken. 


“Let me get that,” a familiar and welcoming voice greeted her and Nicole easily lifted her suitcase, offering a dimpled smile. “Hey.” 


Waverly let her take the suitcase without objection. She had lugged it over her very long journey already and she liked Nicole’s shy eyes as they took each other in. She appreciated the gesture. 


“Thanks um.. Hi,” she tucked some of her hair back behind her ear and looked up from her lashes shyly as if they hadn’t seen each other naked. 


“Um,” Nicole cleared her throat and the doors closed, leaving Waverly inside the blacksite. “You’ll get your stuff as soon as security goes over protocol and checks it, um, out.” 


“Okay,” Waverly’s grin grew the more Nicole was obviously flustered. “So?”


“Right um, Agent Earp,” Nicole stepped back and led the way inside the facility, “welcome to operation Tingri.” 


“Ohhh!” Waverly was excited now that she knew exactly where in China they were, “Tibet! How exciting.”


She blushed when Nicole raised a brow at her. “No one told you?”


“Um nope,” Waverly nervously fidgets with her fingers, “I guessed China from the duration but um… I was rushed out pretty quickly.” 


“Well let’s get you updated, first I’ll leave your bag with security… and here is your badge,” Nicole handed her a lanyard and Waverly watched as her effects were handed off to a lower level agent in security. “Now we go to the control room, introduce you to the rest of the team. I couldn’t reveal their names to you until you arrive on the site--”


“Obviously,” Waverly’s fingers caressed her name and photo on the ID ‘Agent Waverly Earp’ before she gleefully put it over her neck. 


“But I think courtesy indicates I tell you your sister is here.”


“Willa?” Waverly wonders out loud, “I doubt she would have passed the psych eval for this kind of mission…”


Nicole looked amused and shook her head, “other one.”


“Shit, Wynonna,” Waverly winced. She had been actively ignoring her whole family but Wynonna had called the most. “Well… can’t say I should be surprised, she’s a pretty good agent so…”


“Hey,” Nicole paused at the entrance to the control room, eyebrow raised as she stepped a little close to Waverly and gave off that same scent Waverly remembered from the bar. “They vetted the best of the best Black Badge has to offer… and that includes you.” 


Waverly blushed, “you really think that, don’t you?”


“I really do,” Nicole said, genuinely, “and I need you to know you earned the right to be here. More than you realise.” 


Waverly nodded, “alright Captain… time to face the music.” 


Nicole smiled and Waverly didn’t comment when her eyes strayed down to Waverly’s lips. 


“Um Nicole,” Waverly stuttered out, grasping her bicep before she could open the door handle. 


Nicole froze, curiously looking at the hand on her bicep.


Squeezing her bicep gently, Waverly dared to tell her, “before we have to be all professional um… god you look good in uniform.” 


Nicole’s cheeks tinged but her dimples and smile were wide from the comment and Waverly was glad she said it when Nicole leaned down to whisper in her ear, “I know.”


Waverly dropped her hand as Nicole winked at her and then opened the door to the bullpen. She smoothed her wrinkled coat from the flight and glanced around the room as the team bustled around. She could feel the energy of the mission and Waverly was thrilled to be here, to have earned to be here not because she was an Earp but because she was good. 


“Attention!” The noise instantly stopped. “ I want to introduce you to our newest addition to the intel team,” Nicole stepped forward and Waverly shivered at the commanding tone of her voice. It was firm without yelling, still soft while carrying authority. 


She closed her eyes and shook herself of her thoughts, ignoring the magnetic pull of Nicole’s body in combat boots, form-fitting tactical pants, and the Purgatory issued attire that were black with a bright blue stripe to indicate a captain where other agents had only black. 


“Waverly?” Wynonna’s shock was the first as she stepped forward, “What the fuck -- no!”


Waverly scowled at Wynonna, having expected as much but still annoyed. 


“Um, hey Waverly,” Chrissy waved from a laptop the same time Jeremy said, “Waves!”


“Hey guys,” Waverly smiled genuinely at them before turning to Wynonna and raising her eyebrows to tell her ‘seriously?’


“Haught she’s -- no! She cannot be here! My dad--”


Agent Waverly Earp’s addition to this team has been approved by Director Moody himself,” Nicole said, firmly. 


“Agent?!” Wynonna looked furious and Waverly was about to snap at her in front of everyone until Nicole addressed the squad. 


“Back to work... Agent Earp, I’ll brief you in my office to catch you up to speed.”


Nicole walked forward and Waverly followed her, ignoring Wynonna’s glaring eyes with her head held high as Nicole walked up some stairs to an elevated office and waited until Waverly was inside until she closed the door behind her. 


Nicole’s office had no blinds, meaning anyone could look up and see them through giant windows. Waverly sighed as she took a seat across the desk, watching Nicole lean back in her chair before giving her a soft smile. 


“Your dad was pretty pissed about this too,” Nicole offered playfully. 


“Yeah,” Waverly relaxed, “Cult of Bulshar threatened my life so they wanted me as far away from here as possible.” 


“If they’ve threatened your life I think it’s best you're closer to the action, to anticipate it especially considering you’re competent enough… they should have never sidelined you.”


Waverly crossed her legs as Nicole leaned forward with her arms on the desk.   


“I’ve been thinking…”


“Oh yeah?” Nicole asked, waiting for her to finish. 


“Last time we spoke…”


Nicole coughed, looking to the side as if the bullpen could hear their conversation as she lifted her arms from it like it was on fire, “it was really inappropriate of me to speak about the desk I--”


“Nicole not that,” Waverly said quickly, embarrassed as she looked at the desk and the image of what Nicole suggested flashed through her mind. They exchanged a heated glance, “though you know I definitely was not objecting.” 


Nicole bit her lip, “Waverly--”


“Captain Haught,” Waverly cut her off, eyes more serious now, “you mentioned me earning the right to be here more than I realised… what did you mean? I’m not just here for intel am I?”


Nicole paused and then nodded, “you are… god you are clever and perceptive. I find that insanely attractive.” 


“I know.” 


“And cocky too, apparently.” 


“Says you.” Waverly stood up and turned her back on Nicole, looking down into the bullpen and seeing that Wynonna was glaring up at them with her arms crossed. “So?”


She heard Nicole stand up and walk up next to her, smelling her pleasant vanilla scent. She kept her eyes on the bullpen. 


“You are the only person I trust here, the only Agent. I suspect--”


“There’s a mole,” Waverly whispered, catching on to Nicole’s train of thought. 


“A traitor. It’s something I have suspected before, it’s why Director Moody and Captain Nedley brought me in, to allow me to investigate as I lead. I asked for you to come for two reasons, two missions…”


Waverly caught Wynonna’s narrowed eyes and held them before turning away to face Nicole who had a very grave face as she held up a folder. 


“This is the same folder I’ve given every agent, it has your mission and briefing… all actionable intel… you’re here officially to study their communication pattern and work with the intel team. You’re a languages and culture expert, you have a doctorate and you will be great.”


“And unofficially?” Waverly asked as her finger gripped the folder. 


“Unofficially… you, Agent Earp,” Nicole raised her chin, “are a threat to our enemy. And therefore your presence is a chance for me -- us -- to lure out the traitor on our team. I need you to report directly to me and study your team the same way you study the Cult.”


Waverly tugged the folder from Nicole and nodded. 




“She’s your protector so I doubt she is the traitor but… only you and me can be in on this. No one else, even if we know they are clean.”


Exhaling, Waverly nodded, “so I’m a double agent on my first day as an agent?”


“You’re just an agent,” Nicole grinned and walked her over to the door to open it. “Missions clear?”


“Clear,” Waverly said, promising her superior. If there was a traitor that meant they were all in danger. 


“I do one on one reports like this so we will chat when you’re scheduled for yours… and Waverly?”


“Yes?” Waverly lingered at the door as Nicole gripped the doorknob, aware that Nicole had used her first name. 


“You look beautiful.”


Waverly smiled as the door was gently closed behind her, before she sighed and went down to properly greet her team. 




“Waverly. Are you seriously going to ignore me?” Wynonna barged into her room and Waverly rolled her eyes. 


Everyone had their own private room and bathroom, but food and meals were prepared by the staff and taken at the blacksite’s cafeteria. After her briefing with Nicole, Waverly had met her intel team and then been allowed to shower in her room after her luggage was inventoried and checked by security. When she finally got to eat her dinner she chatted and caught up with Jeremy and Chrissy. 


“I’m trying,” she bristled at her sister, keeping her eyes on the folder Nicole gave her. 


Wynonna threw herself on Waverly’s bed. 


“You shouldn’t be here babygirl.” 


“That’s my choice not yours,” she shot back, “and you still can’t accept that so yes I am ignoring you.” 


“How were you even recruited? Daddy had you removed--”


“Director Moody himself, you heard Ni- Captain Haught,” Waverly blushed at almost letting her tongue slip to Nicole’s first name. 


“Ugh Captain Haught,” Wynonna rolled her eyes at the mention of their captain, “she’s a real stick in the mud.” 


“I think she’s impressive.” 


“So she’s a black ops hotshot with some medals so what? Dolls should be our captain,” Wynonna said. 


Forgetting she was supposed to be ignoring Wynonna, Waverly turned in the chair. 


“You should give her a chance, Wynonna. She’s our captain.” 


“Look this is your first mission,” Wynonna leaned up on her elbows, “so I get that you’re going to be a little starstruck but we can’t trust Captain Haught… she’s not one of us, Waverly. She was assigned last minute while we’ve been the ones leading this fight for the past few years.”


Waverly held her tongue even if she wanted to tell her sister exactly how Nicole got selected and why. She was on a mission and that mission required her to lay her opinions low. 


“Wynonna, I’m tired from my flight and I’m tired of being mad at you… can you let me sleep and we talk tomorrow? Like it or not I’m on the team now and it’s better we work together than you not let me work at all… and you and daddy need to chill. You're the one getting shot at, i just do research.” 


Wynonna scowled but finally relented by getting up. “Yet you’re the one they think is a real threat… whatever, fine but… you have to eat with me tomorrow, not the nerd squad.” 


“Hey! That’s my squad!”


“Yeah yeah,” Wynonna kissed her cheek and hugged her, “at least I can say happy birthday in person so… happy birthday babygirl.” 


Waverly melted into the hug, having missed her sister dearly even though she was mad. 


“Thanks… goodnight sis.” 


“Night,” Wynonna left her and Waverly yawned before getting up to brush her teeth. 


When she slipped under the covers, she noticed an unread message on her phone and blushed when she saw who it was from. 


‘I’m still thinking of you on my desk…’


Waverly bit her lip and texted back in the darkness of her room, ‘ I’m thinking of how cold my bed is...’


‘I’ll have them send you some bonus blankets?’




Nicole didn’t text her back and Waverly realised her sexting had led to bonus blankets which was awesome when the janitor softly knocked and dropped them off like it was a hotel and not a blacksite for an anti-terrorism unit in remote Tibet, but also not awesome. So she tried again.  


‘I was trying to sext you about keeping me warm.’


‘Oh? You know I like it when you’re specific…’


Waverly looked at the words and then closed her eyes, imaging Nicole in the sheets with her. And instead of texting her back, she called. 




“Morning captain,” Waverly said smoothly at the cafeteria coffee machine, pleased when Nicole spilled some coffee and cursed. 


“M-morning Agent uh, Earp.” 


Waverly smiled brightly at her red cheeks before spinning on her heel and walking back to where she was eating breakfast with a sleepy Wynonna. 


She had literally had phone sex with her captain last night. They had touched themselves and talked to each other about what it was and the thrill of nobody knowing what they were doing was as hot as the actual doing. 


“You’re chipper this morning,” Wynonna grumbled, taking the coffee Waverly had poured for her. “And the best. I take it back, you being here is the best thing ever, you make coffee the best.” 


“It’s from a machine, Wynonna,” Waverly rolled her eyes, “it’s my first official day. I don’t want to mess anything up.”


“Waverly,” Wynonna touched her arm, “I know we all kept you away from here and I still don’t think you being here is a good idea but… but you are smart and you know your shit. You definitely won’t mess anything up.” 


Waverly smiled and looked up when a flash of red caught her eye. She saw Nicole speaking with Agent Holliday and her heart fluttered. 


She berated herself. How had her foray into Black Badge felt like both having a secret crush in high school as well as a pornographic wet dream? How had she become a double single agent who had phone sex with a woman she was supposed to respect as her superior? How had this woman made her feel so safe and in control while making her lose control and all sense of rational thinking?


How had it only been a week since she met Nicole Haught and found herself in Tibet?


If she was rational she would stop her secret relationship with Nicole and focus on the mission, but she countered her mental debate with pointing out the timeline. 


If she hadn’t intervened and lost her chance to be an agent, Nicole would be dead. And if Nicole were dead she would have never approached her at the forensics conference. And if Nicole never approached her at the forensics conference or had been dead, then Waverly would have never been read in as an agent and Nicole would have never come to the conclusion Black Badge had a traitor and trusted her with the task. So really, her sexual dalliance with Nicole was basically a key ingredient and therefore until Nicole drew a boundary first, Waverly was going to continue her research in that sexual field. 


“Do you always think so loud?” Wynonna grumbled, chewing on her donut.