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Virgin Classroom One Shots

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Some good old fashioned Namgi smut for yall uwu

So this one shot takes place in the beginning of the first book where Namjoon is still straight and hates Yoongi uwu we stan the good old days


Everyone stared at the prop that was sitting at the front of the classroom.

It was a few feet long and a few feet high, made out of what looked like wood painted white. There was a hole cut cleanly in the middle, padded with plush leather. It was propped upright by metal posts on either side of it.

"What is it?" Jimin asked.

Hoseok got up and walked over, inspecting it. "Looks like a wall with a hole in it." He knocked on it and it did sound like wood.

"Sound analysis, dumbass." Namjoon rolled his eyes.

"What's it doing in the classroom?" Seokjin asked.

"Yoongi must have set it up last night to use today for a lesson." Taehyung reasoned.

Namjoon crossed his arms. "The hells wrong with him? It's obvious what this is to be used for and I refuse to-"

The door opened and Yoongi entered.

"Shut up, sub," Yoongi said, placing his briefcase on the desk.

"Mr. Min, Namjoon swore at me!" Hoseok tattled eagerly. "Can I watch you punish him?"

Yoongi's eyes glittered as he looked to the defiant alpha boy. "Oh, he'll get his comeuppance, Hobi."

Namjoon scoffed, tossing his head back. "Lay a finger on me and I'll run straight to the principal and expose your ass!"

Yoongi just smiled.

It would be Namjoon's ass that got exposed.

But it was just fine with Yoongi that the student didn't know that yet.

Class proceeded with their lesson on how to properly tease someone with a vibrator, and despite Namjoon refusing to participate in the discussion or fill out the homework, class went smoothly and then the bell rang, dismissing them.

"Have a good weekend, class," Yoongi called as they all packed up their things. "Namjoon, stay behind for a moment."

Namjoon groaned, letting his backpack fall back to the floor as everyone else trickled out of the room, and then Yoongi and Namjoon were left in silence together.

"What do you want?" Namjoon demanded, crossing his arms. "I have a test in science today and I was going to study during break for it."

"You put in so much effort to your other classes, but in my class the only effort you make is to be an ass." Yoongi said.

"You're the ass." Namjoon retorted.

"I'm doing my job of being a teacher and you're getting in the way of your classmates learning experience by acting out like you do." Yoongi shook his head.

"Good." Namjoon didn't care. "This class is fucked up and just because you brainwashed them doesn't mean you'll get me too."

Yoongi sighed. "They all enjoy this class because they gave it a chance and didn't judge a book by its cover, like you're doing."

Namjoon held on stubbornly. "Sometimes the cover shows you exactly what the inside contains, and you're a pervert through and through, Min Yoongi."

Yoongi smirked. "I'll show you exactly how perverted I can be, Kim Namjoon."

Namjoon scoffed. "Oh yeah? Try me, bitch."

Yoongi raised an eyebrow. "You sure about that, sub? Nothing off limits?"

"I'm not your sub, asshole, nor will I ever be." Namjoon glared.

Yoongi grinned. "Sounds like you just need to have that arrogance fucked out of you. I'll gladly do that, sub."

"Not your fucking sub!" Namjoon almost shouted, getting heated. His hands curled into fists at his sides. "And don't touch me!"

"You just said nothing is off limits." Yoongi reminded him. "And besides, it's not like you could ever touch me." He laughed.

Namjoon didn't want to touch his teacher like that but if he could fuck the assholery out of his teacher then maybe Yoongi would let him leave the class. It was worth a shot.

"If I top you, you let me leave the class." Namjoon bargained.

"And when I win?" Yoongi started slipping off his black tie.

"You won't." Namjoon growled.

Yoongi shrugged. "Fine, I'll have some time to think about what I want when I win, then."

Namjoon decided pinning Yoongi down would be the best way to start, and he suddenly charged at the tiny teacher without warning.

Yoongi wasn't surprised and nimbly stepped aside at the last second.

Namjoon stumbled when his hands grabbed nothing, but he recovered quickly, spinning around and seeing Yoongi was already a few feet away, standing behind the weird prop.

"Scared?" He taunted, walking slowly over.

Yoongi just smiled.

Namjoon surveyed the scene quickly. Yoongi was standing directly in the middle behind the prop. If Namjoon went left, Yoongi would go right, and vice versa. The only way to get at him would to be to go either over the wall or through the hole, and since the hole seemed big enough for him to be able to get through, he decided Yoongi wouldn't be expecting him to leap through it and could surprise him.

Yoongi was so arrogant. Always in charge. Always at the top. Namjoon wanted to knock him down a peg. Or several.

So he suddenly sprinted at the man, diving through the hole, his arms outstretched to grab his teacher.

His fingertips grazed Yoongi's white dress shirt, and Yoongi smirked, not bothering to take a step back.

Namjoon saw Yoongi's sneer in slow motion and he knew he had fucked up somehow, but it wasn't until the hole suddenly whirred and tightened up around his waist, trapping him in place, that he realized how stupid he had been.

He quickly looked behind him, pushing his hands against the wooden stand, trying to push his lower half through the hole. "What the fuck?" He exclaimed.

"Motion sensor." Yoongi walked around the prop and the boy stuck in it, watching and admiring how the strong student tried to free himself. "It can tighten itself to a circumference of three inches, or to accompany the size of whatever goes through it, like your body, sub."

Namjoon struggled to free himself, kicking out and pushing with all of his strength, but the solid wood wouldn't give and he wondered how the hell he was ever going to get out.

Yoongi stopped behind the students ass, tilting his head as he watched Namjoon curse and struggle.

"Let me out!" Namjoon shouted, banging his fists uselessly against the strong wood.

Yoongi chuckled. "Why? You've been a bad student. I think you deserve a time out."

"I have other classes to get to!" Namjoon spat, trying to glare at him, but he couldn't see the teacher from behind the wall.

"They'll still be there for you to attend tomorrow." Yoongi said. "I'll be kind enough to write you a note to excuse you from them today."

Namjoon groaned at the tightness around his middle, trying to either go forwards or backwards to get free, but as soon as he made any space, the edge of the hole tightened to fill it. He stopped, realizing that wasn't going to work, and tried to think as he caught his breath.

Yoongi took a seat at his desk. "I have papers to grade sub, so you just sit there and be a dumb, stuck sub while I get some work done. I'll let you out when I've finished."

Namjoon scowled, his hair hanging in his eyes. "I said let me go!"

"And I said I will, after I finish some work." Yoongi grabbed a stack of papers and placed them in front of him, sifting through them.

"Let me go now!" Namjoon shouted, pushing against the wall again.

"Silence, sub. Either you'll attract attention or I'll gag you, and I'm sure you don't want either of those options to happen." Yoongi hummed, reading the first paper from the stack.

Namjoon grumbled, still deciding to struggle and be a brat. If the hole ended up cutting him in half, then at least he wouldn't have to deal with his asshole teacher anymore.

Yoongi got to work on his papers, occasionally smirking at his student, who still insisted on struggling fruitlessly, cursing and stomping his feet cutely when all his attempts failed.

Slowly, after half an hour, Namjoon started getting quieter and quieter, finally hanging his head in defeat.

Yoongi noticed the silence and looked over, seeing his sub breathing heavily, his arms shaking to hold his upper half up against the wooden wall, clearly exhausted from all his struggling.

Yoongi got up and walked over, his hands clasped behind his back as he stared at the tired student.

"Are you ready to admit defeat yet?" He asked, head tilted to the side. "Or should I tell you what I want for winning our little battle first?"

Namjoon glared and didn't answer, his cheeks red with humiliation. He felt like he was some stupid bitch put on display for Yoongi to look at and do whatever he wanted with.

Yoongi walked behind the student again and Namjoon jolted in surprise when a hand came roughly down and spanked him harshly.

"That's for being disobedient," Yoongi snapped.

"Fuck you, don't touch me." Namjoon hissed, trying to crawl away even though the was still stuck.

Then hands were rubbing and squeezing his ass.

"And this is what I want." Yoongi's deep voice penetrated through the wall, his long fingers digging into the plump flesh.

Namjoon squirmed, wishing he could reach back and knock his teachers hands away. "Don't touch me, pervert!"

Yoongi chuckled. "You won't be saying that soon."

Namjoon growled. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

"You said nothing was off limits." Yoongi's voice drifted away, and Namjoon tried to look over his shoulder to see where the man was going, but the wall cut off his vision.

He heard Yoongi rummaging around for something, and then his footsteps returned and Namjoon tensed.

Nimble fingers hooked around his jeans, tugging them down over his ass.

Namjoon struggled, trying to kick him away but he couldn't see. "Stop it! What the fuck are you- don't fucking take my pants off you pervert!"

"Now, now, sub," Yoongi said, sliding the fabric all the way off the struggling students long legs. "You lost fair and square. You dove through this hole all on your own free will, on a bet that you wanted to make, I didn't force you to any of this. You got yourself into this mess, so accept your loss like a grown up."

Namjoon felt his face heat up, knowing his ass was on full display for his perverted teacher and he was only in his black boxers. The fact that his teacher was right didn't make his situation any better.

Yoongi slowly pulled down Namjoon's boxers, enjoying the show as well as how the student squirmed.

Finally, the underwear joined the discarded jeans on the floor, already forgotten about.

Yoongi stared at the ass presented in front of him, licking his lips.

Namjoon tried once again to free himself, but the hole was much tighter now and there was no way he could escape on his own. He was just relieved Yoongi wasn't focused on his cock.

"Fucking let me go!" Namjoon huffed, humiliated.

"Why?" Yoongi hummed, running his warm palms over the exposed, soft skin. "You got yourself into this mess and you haven't been respectful to me, so why should I be kind enough to let you go?"

Namjoon, not having an answer, just struggled again.

Yoongi chuckled at the students stubbornness, before reaching down and picking up one of the items he had grabbed.

Namjoon heard the plastic cap of the lube bottle snapping open and his eyes shot open.

"What the fuck- what the hell are you doing?!" Namjoon screeched, hitting his fists against the wood.

"Would you rather I shove the toy into you without any prep?" Yoongi raised an eyebrow as he squeezed the bottle over his palm, coating his hand with the clear liquid.

"What toy?" Namjoon tensed. "No! You can't put anything inside of me! I'm straight!"

"Either you stay stuck there with a toy in you for an hour, or you stay stuck there with no toy all day before I let you out." Yoongi said. "Your choice."

Namjoon groaned. "What the fuck options are those?"

"Your only two." Yoongi hummed, warming up the lube between his hands.

Namjoon hung his head again, too pissed off to think.

Yoongi took that as acceptance to keep going with option number one, and squeezed one slippery digit into the student's very tight hole.

Both boys moaned at the intrusion.

"Damn, sub," Yoongi huffed, wiggling his finger a little. "Loosen up a bit, huh?"

"Shut the fuck up," Namjoon hissed, eyes squeezed shut against the feeling of his teachers finger up his ass. "I told you I'm straight! I don't shove horse dildos up there every night like the rest of you!"

Yoongi added another finger prematurely as punishment for swearing.

Namjoon yelped, banging his hands against the wood. "Ah! Bitch!"

Yoongi scissored his fingers, stretching the still tight hole out a little more. "Relax, it'll be less painful."

Namjoon winced against the third finger. "I'm not a weak ass baby, don't tell me what to do."

Yoongi just rolled his eyes fondly, slowly stretching his student out more before he deemed the hole was loose enough to take the toy.

But first.

He grabbed something else, as well as Namjoon's dick.

Namjoon gasped when a hand suddenly wrapped around his cock and he strained against the wall he was stuck through. "Hey!"

He felt his teacher slide something over his length, stopping at his base and knew instantly that it was a cockring.

He slammed his hips against the wall that separated his upper and lower halves. "No! Stop it! Take it off!"

"Scared?" Yoongi asked, picking up the last item.

"I didn't say you could use two toys." Namjoon argued.

Yoongi turned on the vibrator, and Namjoon's heart drained at the sound.

"You didn't say I couldn't," Yoongi reminded him, before sliding the smooth vibrator into his students lube filled hole.

Namjoon shook at the intense vibrations, biting his lip to keep from moaning.

Yoongi made sure the toy was pushed in too deeply to fall out, before sitting back and admiring his work.

Namjoon was sweating and swearing already, uselessly trying to free himself while Yoongi chuckled.

The teacher got to his feet and walked back to his desk.

"Stay silent, and I won't gag you." Yoongi said, shuffling his papers. He had gotten halfway through them and now he wanted to finish them.

Namjoon turned his face away from his teacher, not wanting the man to see how humiliated and turned on he was.

"Can you at least lock the door?" He mumbled, embarrassment covering his cheeks. He would die if anyone walked in and saw him stuck like this; like he was Yoongi's whore.

"No." Yoongi didn't even look up.

Time passed, and Namjoon felt more humiliated by the sound of the vibrator up his ass being the only sound in the room. He was growing harder by the second and wished desperately that he wasn't.

He knew he couldn't get free so he didn't even try. His arms were tired from holding his upper half up for so long, but it wasn't like he could lay down on the floor and give them a break. He wanted to reach behind him to pull the ring off so he could come, but the stupid wall was in his way, once again.

Yoongi didn't spare him any glances, as if Namjoon being a slut wasn't even worth a quick look.

He bit his lip harshly, angry at himself for getting himself stuck like this, figuratively and literally. He tried to focus on anything to get his mind off his painfully red cock, but the only other thing in the room of interest was Yoongi and Namjoon definitely did not want to think about that man.

His orgasm kept creeping up on him slowly, like a rising tide.

Namjoon tried to stave it off, but there wasn't much he could do in his defense, and then it hit him like a tidal wave.

He couldn't help the moan that burst from his mouth, dispersing into the quiet room and making Yoongi smirk at him.

He shuddered with overstimulation as the toy deep inside of him kept going, its batteries fully charged.

Yoongi took out a small remote and pointed it at the stuck sub.

Namjoon lifted his head in surprise when the toy slowed down, just enough for him to catch his breath, and then jumped up to the highest setting.

"Ah!" He gasped, bucking his hips against the other side of the wooden wall.

Yoongi kept teasing him, lowering and raising the intensity with a smirk on his face, his dark eyes glittering.

Sometimes he turned it off for a few moments, letting Namjoon get a few seconds of relief, before turning it back on full force. He turned it to a series of short bursts. He turned it way down, before slowly bringing it back up.

He kept teasing the boy until Namjoon had another dry orgasm, groaning and shaking with the aftershocks and overstimulation.

He didn't even want to come anymore, he just had to.

Hasn't it been an hour yet? He wondered, but he didn't trust himself to speak, fearing he would embarrass himself further with another humiliating moan.

Yoongi stared at him, and Namjoon could feel the heat from his teachers intense gaze as his whole body shook from fatigue, pleasure, humiliation, desperation and anger.

"Still have four more minutes, sub." Yoongi said lazily, teasing him slowly with the remote in one hand as he crossed his legs and leaned back in his chair. His free hand propped his head up on the back of his chair. "I think that's enough time for one last orgasm, don't you?"

Namjoon shook his head desperately. "No, p-please, just let me g-go," he pleaded, flushing with renewed embarrassment.

Yoongi grinned at the shakiness in the alpha boys tone and turned the vibrator back up to its highest setting.

Namjoon jerked and moaned, his cock dripping despite the cock ring.

"That looks painful, sub," Yoongi commented, standing up. "If only you could see how much of a whore you look like right now. All on display for your teacher and your pathetic cock desperate to come. So naughty, sub. So useless at anything, except looking like a slut."

Namjoon hung his head at his teachers words, not wanting the man to know they were only turning him on more.

Yoongi stood up in front of him, grabbing the students jaw harshly and forcing him to look up.

Yoongi took in the boys sweaty, red face and starry eyes.

He smirked.

He let the boy go and walked over to the door.

Namjoon's eyes followed him. "Wh-what are you doing?" He asked, his voice shaky as he felt a third orgasm creeping up.

Yoongi didn't answer, just sneered at him as he opened the door.

Namjoon gasped, seeing the hallway and knowing he was exposed to anyone who would be walking by. "No! S-stop! Please! Close the d-door!"

Yoongi leaned against the wall, studying his fingernails. "No, I don't think I will, sub."

Namjoon moaned at the idea of anyone walking by and seeing him like this. He imagined they would take out their phones and take pictures and record him. The way they would all crowd around the door, all trying to get a better look at their Valedictorian. At the captain of the basketball team. At the smartest boy in the school. How Yoongi would stand over him, letting all the students know he was the one to make Namjoon like this. Into his own personal slut.

With those vivid images crashing around in his brain, Namjoon shuddered through his third orgasm, a hand pressed over his mouth to keep himself quiet.

Yoongi tortured the boy for a few more moments, before he finally pulled out the remote again and turned the vibrator off.

Namjoon cried out in relief, his arms nearly giving out.

Yoongi walked behind the stuck boy and grabbed his fully hard cock, teasing the wet tip with his nimble fingertips.

"Does the bratty sub need to come?" Yoongi asked.

Namjoon strained to get away. "Nnh! S-stop!"

"Does. He. Need. To. Come?" Yoongi repeated, not stopping his teasing on the red tip.

"Yes!" Namjoon shouted, not caring about anything other than getting his release.

"Beg for it." Yoongi sneered meanly.

Namjoon groaned.

Yoongi waited, his fingers rubbing and tracing lightly over the abused tip.

Finally Namjoon raised his head.

"P-please, please let me c-come, Yoongi." He pleaded, voice broken. "I-I'm sorry for being a brat, please just let me go."

Yoongi grinned. "There, was that so hard, sub?"

He finally reached down and grabbed the ring, making Namjoon hiss at the contact, before pulling it off.

Namjoon came instantly and with a loud cry, splashing the wall and part of his chest with the force of his fourth and final orgasm.

His arms gave out then and he slumped over the hole, his eyes fluttering shut.

Yoongi stood up and pressed the button in the top corner that Namjoon hadn't been able to reach, and the hole expanded back to its original size.

The student had a ring of red all around his waist from where he had been stuck and Yoongi smirked, knowing it would remind him for weeks to come about what had happened here today.

Maybe next time he wouldn't be such a disobedient sub in Yoongi's lessons.

But Yoongi hoped he still would.

He had so much more that he wanted to try out on the alpha boy.