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Never Been My Type of Style

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When Xiao Zhan arrived at Yibo’s school a few minutes after their agreed-upon meeting time, he sent him a quick text. I’m here.

The reply was instant. Look up, Zhan-ge.

Xiao Zhan lifted his head from his phone, and promptly did a double take.

Yibo was leaning back against the wall next to the school gate, blond head slanted lazily to one side. Except that his hair, usually combed into a neat, no-nonsense bob, was bunched into two short pigtails on either side of his head. And his lips, tinted shiny pink with balm, wrapped absently around a cherry red ice pop.

When he caught Xiao Zhan’s gaze, Yibo’s mouth twitched. He shifted his weight, and Xiao Zhan helplessly tracked the movement downwards. Xiao Zhan realized with another surge of disorientation - not unlike vertigo - that Yibo’s long fawn legs were bare underneath a schoolgirl skirt. The long tube socks didn’t quite reach his bony knees, but the lines of Yibo’s calves were sweet and vulnerable, and he’d lifted one skinny thigh to set his loafered foot against the wall like the delinquent that he was, fabric slipping high up on his -

“Eyes up here, gege,” Yibo smirked, his lips making a soft plosive sound as they released the ice pop. “You’re late.”

Xiao Zhan flushed hotly as his gaze immediately locked back onto Yibo’s face. Which didn’t feel any safer, somehow - the soft skin beneath Yibo’s eyes and along the slope of his rounded cheek looked especially rosy and fresh, like it belonged to a heroine in a drama. Was that glitter on his eyelids? There were definitely pink beaded scrunchies in his hair.

Xiao Zhan swallowed. “Yibo. Why are you… dressed like that?“

“Dance class. The girls thought it would be funny if I joined their group. Cheng Xiao lent me her spare uniform and did my makeup.” Yibo finally shoved himself off the wall and stretched out his arms. “Thought I’d surprise you with my new look.”

Skirt flaring, Yibo twirled and cocked his hip, swung his arms to and fro over his head in a few cutesy moves that Xiao Zhan recognized from a girl group performance on TV. Xiao Zhan stared, speechless and mortified by the twitch in his pants to realize that this was doing it for him.

Thankfully, Yibo didn’t seem to expect any wordy reaction from him. After holding the final pose, he skipped over and hooked his elbow into the crook of Xiao Zhan’s arm. “Let’s walk home,” he said decisively.

“Right,” Xiao Zhan said, willing his legs to cooperate. His voice came out a bit higher than usual, and he cleared his throat as Yibo, fast-paced as always, tugged impatiently on his arm. “So when’s the show?”

Yibo was sticking much closer than usual, leaning into their threaded arms as they walked, and his excited voice vibrated into Xiao Zhan’s side. “End of semester. Not much longer. I can’t fucking wait.”

“Stop swearing, you menace,” Xiao Zhan said fondly. “Your parents will think I’m a bad influence on you.”

Yibo huffed out an incredulous laugh. “I’m pretty sure they think that I’m the one corrupting Zhan-ge, the most perfect son in China, straight-A university graduate and successful co-founder of his own design studio -“

“That’s enough, Lao Wang,” Xiao Zhan said loudly, but of course Yibo only started talking even louder.

This devolved into a shouting match on the quiet residential street leading to their homes, the antithesis of Xiao Zhan’s usual behaviour - he prided himself for his exceptionally polite and gentlemanly mien towards the clients at his studio - but any onlookers could hear that both their voices were strained with oncoming laughter. At the end of it, all of the day’s tension had released from Xiao Zhan’s shoulders, and his pace was loose and easy next to Yibo’s.

At the door to Yibo’s family’s apartment, Yibo didn’t release his arm. “My parents aren’t home yet. Wanna play some games?”

“Shouldn’t you do your homework?” Xiao Zhan asked, but he let himself be tugged through the door. One of Yibo’s pigtails brushed against his face as they struggled to remove their shoes in the narrow entryway, and Xiao Zhan finally got his arm back when he almost slipped on another pair of shoes and caught himself sideways on the wall.

“Grandma said I only have to do what I like,” Yibo declared. Before Xiao Zhan could argue the surely conditional nature of that statement, Yibo was tugging on his arm again. “Come on.”

Xiao Zhan had been over so often throughout their childhoods and teenage years that he knew to grab snacks and drinks from the kitchen while Yibo booted the gaming console, else he’d be dealing with a grumpy, hungry teenager in a few hours. He dropped a juice carton onto Yibo’s lap, hoping he’d get the hint and hydrate himself, but of course it was Xiao Zhan’s tea that vanished under his own nose when Yibo finally decided he was thirsty.

“You’re so bad at this, Zhan-ge,” Yibo complained after about an hour that required Xiao Zhan’s full concentration. “How are you still so bad?”

“You literally just bought this game last week and I haven’t played it before, have you forgotten?” Xiao Zhan rubbed his tired eyes. “Ugh, how am I supposed to keep up with you?” He tossed away the controller and leaned back against the sofa with a groan. The exhaustion of the evening was catching up to him.

Of course, he barely had a moment of reprieve before Yibo was appearing in front of him, climbing up onto the sofa from where he’d been sprawled on the carpet and settling himself directly onto Xiao Zhan’s lap. Xiao Zhan had a brief moment of disconnect when he felt the warm bare skin of Yibo’s thighs against the thin material of Xiao Zhan’s slacks, the firm plush of Yibo’s bottom pressing down while the schoolgirl skirt fanned out demurely over his lap. This position was - it was - but Yibo bit his lip and looped his arms around Xiao Zhan’s neck, hands coming to massage innocently at his shoulders.

“Sorry, Zhan-ge,” he began, voice low. “I didn’t mean to make you mad. I should go easy on old men, after all.”

Xiao Zhan’s hands, which had settled automatically around Yibo’s hips, tightened in warning. Yibo grinned.

“Make it up to you?” Yibo said, tongue flicking out like he was about to take another one of those bratty, self-absorbed selfies he kept sending Xiao Zhan over WeChat. “Zhan-ge.”

And then he leaned forward, and they were kissing.

Xiao Zhan let himself enjoy it for a long moment, because he was hard as a rock and he knew Yibo wouldn’t take it well, otherwise. Yibo’s lips were chaste and gentle against his, but after a few pecks Xiao Zhan deepened the kiss, following his own wet hunger, until Yibo leaned back on his own, gasping for air. He looked properly debauched already, lip balm smeared and hair mussed, and the sight of him made Xiao Zhan’s heart seize with affection in his chest.

“Wait, Yibo,” Xiao Zhan said when Yibo dived back towards him, lifting his hands to catch him by the arms. “Let’s not do this.”

“No, let’s,” Yibo said, squirming in his grip. “I know you find me hot like this, Zhan-ge.”

When Xiao Zhan didn’t answer, not releasing his hands, Yibo ground down into his lap with all the strength and sensuality of his dancer’s hips. Once, twice - Xiao Zhan cursed. “Your parents could come back at any time.”

“They won’t,” Yibo said. “I made sure of it.”

He bounced a few more times, until both their erections were lifting up the hem of Yibo’s skirt, impossible to be ignored. Xiao Zhan felt the situation escaping his brain as his dick took over. “You brat,” he hissed. “I can’t believe our first time is happening with you wearing a schoolgirl outfit.”

The grin on Yibo’s face was wide and instantaneous, the apples of his cheeks lifting in absolute victory. “Zhan-ge,” he said, and there was a hitch of wonder in his voice. “Finally.”

“Yes, finally,” Xiao Zhan said, following the tender pull in his chest as he leaned forward and sealed their lips together once more, a promise kept.

He could tell Yibo was impatient; of course he was. Xiao Zhan gripped one bony knee, parting Yibo’s legs further and dragging him by the waist until Yibo fell against him fully, chest to chest. Yibo whined into his mouth when his erection brushed against the bulge in Xiao Zhan’s pants. Xiao Zhan slid his hand up one trembling thigh, reached higher and higher under the skirt until he felt the elastic band of -

“You’re killing me,” Xiao Zhan broke their kiss to say, tugging at the lace panties and letting them snap back against Yibo’s dick. A little pained moan escaped, pressed into Xiao Zhan’s neck where Yibo had immediately hidden his face. Xiao Zhan did it again, fascinated, and Yibo lifted his head in teary-eyed frustration. “Did you torture your girlfriend like this? You’re so mean!”

“Shhh, don’t be mad, puppy, I’m sorry,” Xiao Zhan relented, instantly guilty. “I forgot how intense this must be for you.”

Yibo squirmed against him, trying to regain his balance and create some distance in retaliation. Xiao Zhan let him, reaching up to unbutton Yibo’s blouse instead. He left it tucked in, opening it just enough to expose Yibo’s flat chest and cute, dark brown nipples. Yibo’s shoulders twitched forwards a bit, nonsensically, like he wanted to hide his chest from view. Before he could do any such thing, Xiao Zhan ducked down and bit lightly over one nipple, then lapped at it with his tongue. He felt Yibo’s entire body shudder in his arms.

“Don’t hide yourself,” Xiao Zhan chided. “You’re such a show-off normally, why are you so shy?”

Yibo’s gaze shifted sideways. “I know you’re used to boobs,” he said, somehow managing to sound sullen even while Xiao Zhan was pleasuring him.

Xiao Zhan frowned. “And you mentioned my ex. Is that why you wanted to dress up?”

Yibo shrugged. “I overheard her once, talking about that time you bought her lacy underwear. I wanted to know what you liked.”

Baiyu had been Xiao Zhan’s girlfriend in his final year of high school, before they both arrived at the conclusion that Xiao Zhan would always be waiting, in whatever shape or form, for Yibo. Six years ago, she’d worn the exact uniform Yibo was wearing now, crashing their evenings together once a week and helping with Yibo’s homework even when he’d refuse to say more than three words to her. Xiao Zhan couldn’t bear thinking about how young Yibo must have been at the time, petulantly taking notes and plotting ways to seduce him.

“Oh, Yibo,” he said finally. “It’s so simple. I like you.”

He lifted his head and felt Yibo swallow against his lips, kissed his Adam’s apple, his soft round cheek. Licked away the wetness from the corner of Yibo’s eyes. “You silly puppy.”

“Not silly,” Yibo said finally, voice trembling a bit. “You waited so long, I figured you didn’t want me anymore, if you even ever did.”

Xiao Zhan groaned in despair, “I felt like a cradle robber for six years, Yibo. And here I am, even though I swore to myself I’d wait at least until you graduated. Are you satisfied now, you brat?”

The pause was pregnant with smugness. “I suppose I am.”

Yibo leaned down and whispered into Xiao Zhan’s ear, “You’re an old cow eating tender grass, Zhan-ge - better get used to it.”

Xiao Zhan shook his head - he was used to it, alright - and used the strength of his six additional years to tip them over. Yibo landed on his back on the sofa, wide-eyed, legs akimbo and skirt flipped over his stomach. His lace panties were wet with precome, stretched tight over his erection, and Xiao Zhan saw that they were almost a duplicate of the pair Xiao Zhan had gifted to Baiyu. Yibo did nothing by halves, of course.

Xiao Zhan tugged the lace out of the way and firmly gripped Yibo’s dick, squeezing a bit as he tested its weight in his palm. Yibo’s head jerked back and he whimpered in the back of his throat, lips parting in surprise. It took only half a dozen pulls before Xiao Zhan felt Yibo’s legs kick out underneath him with a sound of protest or confusion, and then Yibo was writhing on the cushions, coming all over Xiao Zhan’s hand and the godforsaken panties.

Xiao Zhan petted him through it, feeling oddly like he’d himself received a hit to the solar plexus, raw at the core. The tenderness in his chest was hot with his own aching urgency, but he ignored it, focusing instead on pressing kisses to Yibo’s face as he slowly recovered from the orgasm.

“Zhan-ge,” Yibo murmured at last. “I’m so glad you’re my first.”

Xiao Zhan smiled against his neck. “Mmm, so am I. Thank you for waiting for me, Yibo.”

He lifted himself up to gaze down at Yibo’s pretty face, haloed by a now-messy bed of blond hair and rosy with the flush of orgasm. Xiao Zhan had held himself back for so long that it seemed like every desire, every profession of love was rising to the surface, demanding to be acknowledged with the attention that Yibo always claimed so effortlessly. He wanted to hike up Yibo’s beautiful fawn legs and rut against him until he begged for mercy. He wanted to feel Yibo’s lips pillowed around his dick, stuck in that helpless pout until Xiao Zhan decided he was well-behaved enough and came down his throat. He wanted to spank Yibo until his rambunctious energy quieted down in the evenings, and Xiao Zhan could cook for him and make him do his homework. He wanted to hold him in his arms whenever he felt sad or tired with the world. He wanted to whisper into the tender dip of his back, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Yibo’s fingers were wandering inquisitively down Xiao Zhan’s chest, quickening when they felt the trail of hair begin beneath his navel. Xiao Zhan leaned back and let out a sharp breath when Yibo made quick work of his slacks, impatiently tugged his underwear out of the way, and finally closed around his erection. “Ah, Yibo,” he said, and felt the sweet tug of pleasure.

Yibo stroked delicately at Xiao Zhan’s dick with the tips of his fingers, far too gentle, as if it was a pet that he wanted to keep. It was a mild form of torture in itself, but Xiao Zhan let him, instead watching the minute shifts on his sweetly concentrated face. Finally, Yibo lifted his chin and hooked one leg over Xiao Zhan’s, so they were tangled face to face on the sofa. “Fuck, gege, you’re so hot. Will you put it in?”

“And you’re so horny,” Xiao Zhan huffed. “We need lube and condoms, I didn’t bring any.”

“No need,” Yibo said quickly, triumphantly. He twisted around until he was face down underneath Xiao Zhan and grabbed Xiao Zhan’s hand to place it over his bottom. Xiao Zhan took the hint and hiked up the skirt until it was bunched around Yibo’s waist, then slid off the destroyed panties which left a long drool of come on his pale skin, cloudy white along the crease of his tender inner thigh.

“Fuck, you’re so messy,” Xiao Zhan said, trying to fend off the spike of arousal.

Yibo lifted his ass impatiently, and Xiao Zhan parted his cheeks with a mild sense of foreboding. Yibo’s hole was flushed and glistening. Xiao Zhan swallowed when he realized the rim was stretched tight over the blinking, bejeweled end of a plug, its emerald green gem flashing like the keystone of a rich man’s gift. Nestled here between Yibo’s legs, beneath the lace and the skirt, it somehow managed to look both expensive and like the sluttiest thing Xiao Zhan had ever seen.

Yibo.” Xiao Zhan took a moment to regain control of his senses. “What -“

“Got ready for you at school,” Yibo said, voice muffled by the sofa. “God, I’ve been thinking about your dick all year, gege.”

Fuck,” Xiao Zhan said, and reached out to tug at the plug. Yibo keened, his body tightening and not giving way until Xiao Zhan applied more pressure on the third pull. When the plug finally slipped out, small but wide and shiny with lube, it leaked a wet trail at Yibo’s entrance.

Xiao Zhan tossed it aside and lined himself up, breathing hard. Beneath him, Yibo urged, “Zhan-ge, put it innnnnnn - nnngh!”

They both moaned when Xiao Zhan breached his entrance, Xiao Zhan at the tight heat of him and Yibo with a punched out breath of discomfort. Xiao Zhan bit down on the back of Yibo’s bared nape, blonde downy hairs tickling his nose, and narrowed down his point of focus to hold himself still. When the tight body beneath him only grew more tense, he pressed a kiss against Yibo’s sweaty skin. “Relax, bao bao, please.”

He felt Yibo try to obey, and pushed steadily deeper, until Yibo’s panicked hand was scrabbling at his and he was gasping, “Wait, stop, it’s too big, Zhan-ge, what the fuck -“

Xiao Zhan stopped again, gritting his teeth, while Yibo breathed through it. He reached around their tilted hips to pump on Yibo’s softening dick. The slide was easy with his come from earlier, and after a minute Yibo began to moan, hips pressing back onto Xiao Zhan’s dick as he gently fucked himself deeper. Xiao Zhan stopped moving his hand and Yibo whined, sliding his hips back and forth so he could chase the friction himself. When he was fully impaled on Xiao Zhan’s dick, Xiao Zhan grabbed Yibo’s hips and pulled halfway out, then slammed back in.

Yibo’s eyes screwed shut, shiny pink eyeshadow still gleaming prettily on his lids. His mouth was parted in an overwhelmed O, messy with displaced gloss and drooling slightly. Xiao Zhan had a brief awareness that they were desecrating the sofa of the living room in which they’d grown up, in which Xiao Zhan had spent years playing and laughing with Yibo, and later hosting the occasional fantasy. He wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to see it in the same way again. He thought with resolve that they’d need to get their own place when Yibo graduated, far away from Yibo’s parents and their life as children.

Yibo was moaning loudly with every thrust of Xiao Zhan’s hips, and when Xiao Zhan tilted Yibo’s ass up higher and leaned down, the hiked up schoolgirl skirt and half-open blouse sliding between his chest and Yibo’s trembling back, Yibo began keening like he couldn’t bear any more. The satisfaction of having Yibo underneath him like this, mindless and unable to form words besides his gege’s name, was so intensely satisfying to his hindbrain that Xiao Zhan felt himself slipping into an almost detached state of euphoria.

Yibo came with a sob, thrashing beneath him as his body clenched tight around Xiao Zhan, fingers clawing helplessly at the sofa like a frightened cub. Xiao Zhan followed Yibo before his legs could give out, jackrabbiting into the hot clutch of him and hearing Yibo whimper with every harsh stroke against his sensitive prostate. It felt like Yibo’s body milked the come out of him in never-ending spasms of tense pleasure, his muscles tightening for long minutes in the aftershocks of his orgasm.

Xiao Zhan listed to the side when he was done and hugged Yibo to him, digging his nose into his shoulder and reverently breathing him in. He felt like the life force had been sucked out of him. “Are you sure you’re not an incubus?” he muttered, only half-joking.

“Shut up, you’re the one with the insanely long dick. What are you so tall for?”

It was so ridiculous that Xiao Zhan found himself giggling into Yibo’s hair, until Yibo started shaking in his arms, too. Wincing, Xiao Zhan slowly pulled out, and looked down at the come drooling out between Yibo’s thighs. He guiltily tugged down Yibo’s skirt.

“We need to get you cleaned up, puppy,” he said gently.

“Mmm,” Yibo said. “Later.”

Xiao Zhan rolled his eyes and pushed himself up off the sofa and onto unsteady legs, stumbling to the bathroom, then past the kitchen again for two glasses of water. By the time he returned to the living room he felt like himself again, and though his world had shifted sideways, it also felt right, like a dislocated joint had slid into place. Yibo hadn’t moved an inch, but after submitting lazily to a towel bath he perked up when he heard Xiao Zhan chugging down water.

Xiao Zhan watched him fondly as Yibo sprang up and grabbed at his glass, as if a five-minute lie-down was all Yibo needed to be completely re-energized. Xiao Zhan reached out to finger-comb Yibo’s messy hair and tugged lightly at his slightly limp pigtails.

“The other girls at school must envy you pulling off their uniform so well,” he said.

Yibo looked at him, soft and bright-eyed. “They were very supportive. They knew I had lofty ambitions.”

Xiao Zhan smiled. “Oh really?”

“Yes. I had my sights set on seducing a mature, successful man into becoming my boyfriend.”

Xiao Zhan bared his teeth a little, but played along. “And?”

Yibo tilted his head to one side. “Hmmm. I suppose I still don’t know if he’ll treat me honourably or if he was just using my body for his own nefarious - mmmph!”

Xiao Zhan felt Yibo lick at the hand that he’d clapped over his mouth and removed it, ducking down quickly to shut him up with a kiss instead. Yibo responded enthusiastically, and when Xiao Zhan leaned back, they were both grinning.

There was a glow between them, Xiao Zhan thought, something sweet and incandescent that couldn’t be ignored.

“I pride myself on being an honourable man,” he said. “If you’ll have me.”

Even now, Xiao Zhan still remembered the way that Yibo had smiled at him on the day that they met. The way that Xiao Zhan had coaxed it out of him after Yibo had fallen at the playground, patient and true.

This time, on the cusp of the rest of their lives, it was another spot of light in the darkness.