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Be Still, My Foolish Heart

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The ring light sits in front of Jimin’s window, casting a white glow on him accompanied by the gentle sunlight that filters through the curtains. He takes a glance at the monitor, his on screen self staring off to the side as he fixes his brown hair to the best of his ability before giving up and hoping he’s achieving a messy, but purposefully messy, look.


He presses the record button and readies himself in his usual position, sitting on the floor next to some of his plants, legs criss crossed and elbows resting on his knees as he leans forward slightly. 


“Hello,” he starts off gently as soon as he sees the red light flash. “Hope you’re all well, I’m feeling pretty good myself, actually. I think it’s a good day, and I hope it’s a good day for you all as well. Today, I’ll be doing something that has been requested here and there for the last few months. A plant tour! I thought it would be relaxing enough, and maybe we can talk a bit between plants. Remember, anything you need advice or some sort of guidance on, leave it in the comments. I’ll try my best to get to them in my weekly Chat with Jimin.” 


He smiles and claps his hands lightly, “Alright! Let’s begin. I thought I’d start out with some of my easier plants, this one here being my personal favorite, the snake plant.” He holds up the long, dark green plant up to the screen, setting it down between his legs as he plays with the leaves. “This one is really easy for beginners, I would highly recommend it if you’ve been thinking of getting into plants but don’t quite know where to start. It doesn’t require much sunlight at all and can handle a bit of neglect, so you don’t have to worry about frequent watering.


“I would recommend this to everyone, honestly. I find that taking care of plants, such as these ones, helps with taking care of yourself as well. Once you see your plant thriving, you can’t help but feel happy that you’re aiding it towards, well, happiness I guess you could say. It makes you feel good on the inside, and isn’t that what we all need? To just feel like we’re doing something right?”


The video continues in a similar fashion. Jimin tries his best to get as many plants in as he can, along with thorough instructions on handling and care. Every now and then he likes to slip in reassuring words to his viewers, reminding them that if they decide to get a plant and find themselves overwhelmed or killing the plant, that it’s okay. Learning requires mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over them. 


“Let’s end on a positive note, shall we?” Jimin smiles and holds his hands in his lap. “Be kind to others, but mostly be kind to yourself. Remember to take a step back when things become too much. Deep breaths, and remind yourself that you’ll be alright. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I’ll see you all on Wednesday!”


Jimin crawls towards the camera to turn it off and gets up to put his plants back to their respective places. 


In all honesty, he never really considered doing Youtube. It was something he stumbled onto and found out he needed his videos just as much as others did. 


He can’t remember how he decided to dedicate his channel to helping people with anxiety and stress, but he doesn’t regret it. Not one bit. He’s always been quite good at winding people down, speaking gently enough to ease nerves and rambling on long enough to help his friends forget why they were even stressed in the first place. He takes pride in being someone that anyone can lean on, so why not share that with others?


Jimin’s videos mostly consist of four things: short and quick anxiety soothing breathing and calming words, story times where he rambles for anyone who just needs to take their mind off anything, small challenges/ideas requested by his subscribers, and weekly advice videos where he tries his best to answer any questions or concerns left in his comments. 


People often ask him if the money is worth all the burden left on his shoulders. The thing is, Jimin doesn’t consider any of it a burden. Helping makes him feel lighter, and if he gets paid to do what he loves then he’s killing two birds with one stone. 


After cleaning up and dusting himself off he makes his way into the living room where Taehyung, his best friend of nearly ten years, lazes on the yellow sofa. His limbs seem to go on for miles in the position he’s in, legs hanging over the arm rest and arms crossed, raised over his dark, loose curls. He glances up when he sees Jimin stop behind the sofa to take a look at the television. 


“What are you doing?” Jimin asks. 


“Watching suga93 act like he hates Animal Crossing even though he’s been trying to get Stitches on his island for the past hour.”


Motherfucker! ” the TV, or rather, the voice, on the TV, yells. “This is my tenth fucking Nook Miles ticket and I get Raymond again? Again!” The man pauses to read the comments rapidly appearing on the screen. “Ah, fuck off. I don’t give a shit if he’s popular— that actually brings me to that topic. Why is he even popular? He’s a smug asshole that’s overrated. Jock villagers are much better in my opinion. If I even paid enough attention to this shit. Which I don’t. Shut up or I’ll turn the comments off.” 


Jimin giggles at the defensive tone, taking a seat next to Taehyung and bringing his legs up to get comfortable. “Why even upload this if he supposedly hates it?” 


“Hm?” Taehyung tears his eyes off the screen for a second before processing the question, “Oh, most likely for views. I mean it is really popular right now so there’s no doubt that this’ll make him some good money. Also, this is actually live on Twitch right now so I’m sure it’s actually for his own entertainment.”


Jimin raises his eyebrows, “Live?”


“Yes,” Taehyung drawls out as he side eyes Jimin. “Why are you giving me that look?”


“Well,” Jimin starts with a smile, “if it’s live, why don’t you comment something. Make yourself known to him, get his attention.”


“Oh my god, Jimin,” Taehyung groans, “he has, let me see… Oh, look at that. He has over seven hundred hundred thousand, thousand, people watching and probably over half of them commenting, and you think he’s gonna notice my comment? Out of all of them?”


“It’ll never work if you don’t try.”


“I’d rather have a crush on him from a distance and create beautiful scenarios in my head where he takes me on dates and let’s me sit in his lap while he plays Call of Duty or whatever the fuck.”


Somewhere in the middle of Taehyung’s rambling Jimin manages to sneak his phone out from beside him, fingers fluttering on the keyboard quickly before pressing send.


“Jimin ,” Taehyung hisses, watching in horror as his comment is displayed on the screen. Fortunately, or unfortunately, enough for him, the comments have died down at this point. 


Suga93  sees it, it’s painfully obvious in the way that he pauses, eyes darting back and forth as he reads, and a blush creeping up his cheeks as he smiles bashfully. 


_taehvung: i’d give up both my lungs just for you to pin me to the bed and have your way with me but also love me


“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck my life,” Taehyung squeaks. 


“Well,” suga93 chuckles softly before giving a small smirk, “tell me when and where, I’m sure we could arrange something.” He’s quickly distracted by another comment, “Oh, no I probably won’t do any Overwatch streaming this week. I’ll definitely look into it when Jeongguk has time to visit.”


Jimin cackles as he watches Taehyung bolt from the sofa, pacing frantically in front of the television. “Look at that! He practically loves you!


“My Twitch user is the exact same as my fucking Twitter and Instagram, do you know how easy it’ll be to find me?! If I ever get the chance to meet him and God forbid he fucking remembers this or he’s already looked me up  I’m going to skin you in your fucking sleep you little shit—”


“Whoa!” Namjoon raises his hands up as he walks in, Seokjin trailing behind him with arms full of groceries. “No one’s touching anyone. May I ask why, though?”


“Yeah, ask away,” Seokjin huffs, hoisting the bags onto the kitchen counters, “No, go ahead. Ask! Don’t even try helping your poor boyfriend with all the groceries. I’m sure he can handle it!”


“Baby, I did ask and you said you could handle it as long as I unlocked the door, and look what I did! I unlocked it, as you asked.”


“Jimin’s meddling in my love life!” Taehyung whines, throwing himself on the sofa, face buried in the arm rest. 


“It’s not meddling if it’s someone who you don’t even know,” Jimin says. Namjoon shoots him a glance all too familiar, don’t start . “I mean, if, when, you meet him I’m sure he won’t remember a thing!”


“Is this about his crush on that gaming guy?” Seokjin asks. “C’mon, Tae, you’ll be fine. I’m sure the opportunity won’t arise.”


“He lives in Seoul.” Taehyung replies, finally sitting up. “And half the people in this room are a part of his circle. Technically.”


“It’s a big city, plus you don’t even know if he watches me,” Seokjin shrugs. “You’re hardly in any of my videos anyways.”


“You know what, I’d like to have at least a little bit of sympathy. Can’t you guys just, like, try understanding where I’m coming from?”


And with that, Taehyung storms off to his room. Jimin feels guilt settle in when Namjoon sighs and shakes his head, helping his boyfriend with putting away the groceries. 


“You both know he’s very passionate about that gamer,” he scolds. “You both have fans that most likely feel the same way about you both, don’t you? People turn to people with your platform for a comfort that they can’t find in real life. That’s Tae’s comfort right there.”


“Yeah,” Jimin mumbles. “You’re right, hyung. I’m gonna try seeing if he wants to talk.”


Jimin knocks on the door with his knuckles. When there’s no reply he twists the knob to open it a little and speak through the crack, “Tae? Can I come in?”


A mumble that sounds like a yeah comes from inside and Jimin takes that as his cue to come in. Inside, Taehyung is laying on his side, laptop propped up next to him with a different video playing. Suga93 is on the screen, headphones on his head on top of a black

beanie. A mini screen in the corner shows a first person game that involves a lot of shooting that Jimin couldn’t be bothered to consider playing. 


“Can I watch with you?”


“Are you gonna make fun of me?”


Jimin sighs, sitting on the edge of the bed, “No, I promise. I’m sorry for being rude, I just wanted to push you in the right direction and I know that was wrong of me to do. And I’m sorry for teasing you, I know how much you admire him.”


“You know he watches your videos?”


“Oh— him? How do you know?”


Taehyung shrugs, eyes not leaving the screen. “He said it in one of his streams. Said that he gets a lot of anxiety, doesn’t really anymore but he used to a lot. His friend recommended your channel and he’s been watching it since. Says it helped his friend a lot and helped him too.”


Jimin somehow feels even shitter than before.“I’m sorry. But I’m glad I could help him. At least a little.” He nudges Taehyung’s leg, “Scoot over. Show me some of his videos. Your favorite ones.”


Taehyung finally looks at him. “Really? You want to?”


“Yeah, of course. You know, it’s weird. I don’t really have time to watch anyone other than Seokjin hyung’s stuff. I really should be trying to get into more Youtubers, you know? Why not start here.”


He can see Taehyung’s face light up, boxy smile forming before he squeals and grabs Jimin’s waist, pulling him down with him before he queues up another video. “This one’s my favorite one, it’s a game called Happy Wheels and basically you have to not kill the person you're controlling even though it’s, like, impossible. This always makes me laugh my ass off every time I watch it.”


It’s a funny video, Jimin admits. Suga93 ’s commentary has both men giggling as he dies over and over again, somehow never making it past thirty seconds. Another video loads shortly after the first one finishes. Taehyung shows him a few of his favorites, eventually he starts talking about the reason why he enjoys the gamer’s videos so much, and random videos from suga93 play one after another. 


Jimin’s attention goes between Taehyung’s talking and the videos on screen. The next video loads and suga93 greets his subscribers as normal, “Hello everyone, I’m Suga, hope you’re all well and healthy. Today, we have none other than the jjk97 with us, or as some of you may know him, the absolute legend!”


On cue, another man slides into the screen on a gaming chair.  He’s smiling, nose scrunched and eyes bright. “Hello! And thank you Yoo— I mean Suga for having me!”


Suga glares at the slip up, “If any of you even try deciphering that I’ll personally show up to your house with a bat,” he threatens with a grin. “Anyway! Today we’ll be playing— I mean is it even a surprise when he’s here? Overwatch! You guessed it, obviously.”


Jjk97 laughs on screen, nose scrunching up once again as his smile takes over his face. The rest of the video is drowned out in Jimin’s mind as he becomes hyper aware of the new man on screen. 


Jimin never really had a type. Or, so he thought . His last boyfriend was a bit smaller than him. Lighter hair and small frame. The one before that was taller and quite bulky, definitely a gym rat from what Jimin could remember. And the few hook ups that he’s had ranged from everything and anything. He’s never really considered what he’s found to be all that interesting. 


That is, until now. 


Jjk97 is ethereal. His dark, wavy hair is parted down the middle, strands adorning his forehead in a messy, but somehow flattering way. His smile, Jimin realizes, is reminiscent of a bunny, top lip disappearing slightly as his nose scrunches and his teeth become visible when he gets happy or excited. Jimin notices one of his arms is heavily tattooed while the other one has a few ones scattered around in various places. His knuckles also have ink stretching across them, the letters are unclear but they’re present nevertheless. His ears have silver hoops dangling from three piercings and Jimin takes in the fact that he also has a nose ring. He didn’t think that would be as attractive as it is on the gamer.


Unfortunately, his thoughts are interrupted. 


“Are you even listening to me?”


“Hm?” Jimin mumbles, tearing his eyes away from the screen before he can get entranced again. “Sorry, what were you saying?”


Taehyung leans up on his elbow, staring at Jimin with furrowed eyebrows. “Why so distracted?”


“Uh, no reason.”


“There’s a reason,” Taehyung presses. “Is it the video? Because we can change it I don’t care—”


“No!” Jimin slaps Taehyung’s hand away as it makes its way towards the keypad. “I mean, it’s—the video’s fine I mean I can tolerate it, I don’t mind.”


Taehyung glances between the laptop and Jimin, and Jimin tries his best to not pay attention to the screen even though Jjk97 is the main focus at the moment. Taehyung sits up abruptly, slapping Jimin’s arm, “Oh my god, you think jjk97 is hot!”


Jimin sits up with him. “What? No I don’t!” 


“Yeees you do!” Taehyung laughs, picking up the screen as pausing it just as the gamer glances at the camera, pink lips quirking up at the corners mid-word. “Look at him right now and tell me you don’t think he’s cute.”


“He’s definitely not ugly,” Jimin says softly. He gives in when Taehyung pushes the laptop closer and closer to his face. “Okay, fine! He’s cute! Really cute. Is that what you wanted to hear?”


“Yes,” Taehyung smiles, setting the laptop back down and pressing play. A few minutes pass and the video ends, quickly being replaced by another suga93 one. “You know, jjk97 will be streaming tonight.”


“Is that so,” Jimin says flatly. 


“Yeah. Same username on Twitch, by the way.”


“Don’t know why you’re telling me this.”


Taehyung hums. “Yes you do.” 



Later that night, Jimin logs in on Twitter, tapping on the search bar in hopes that—


First result. 


His finger hovers over the follow button for a second before quickly sliding up to close the app altogether, and then reopening it just as fast. He reads the most recent tweet. 


@jjk97: streaming in 10mins! hope you all can make it :)


Tweeted 9 minutes ago. 


It’s silly, really. He shouldn’t be so hesitant to click on the link considering there will be hundreds and thousands of people most likely watching. But Jimin can’t help the butterflies in his stomach when the link loads and leads him to the app he had downloaded previously that day. 


The screen buffers for a second before jjk97 , or JK, appears. A black bucket hat sits on top of his head, brim and hair covering his eyes slightly. He’s dressed in a black, oversized hoodie with Game Over! plastered in white letters on the chest. 


“I’ll wait until a few more people have the chance to log on,” he says, taking a sip of a water bottle as he looks through the comments. “No, no Overwatch today. Big shocker, yeah. I was thinking of doing something more simple, I need to chill out a bit. Maybe like Animal Crossing or Mariokart.” The comments come in rapidly after that. His eyes dart back and forth on the screen and he laughs, “Mariokart is relaxing for me . I kick ass at it, but you all knew that.”


Jimin smiles sleepily, watching as JK chooses MarioKart despite the comments begging for Animal Crossing. 


“Tell you what,” JK says, eyes locked on the monitor in front of him as his thumbs move the joysticks on his Switch control, “we’ll do an hour of Mario and then I’ll switch to Animal Crossing for the last hour. I’ll be honest, my island looks like shit. I wanted to try doing a Tokyo theme but I honestly have no idea where to start.” He glances briefly to the screen next to him, reading off a comment, “ Topdogg4 says I shouldn’t be playing that gay shit. What’s wrong with that? I happen to like gay shit. You can leave if you’re gonna be a dick.”


Jimin knows he probably doesn’t mean it like that , but his brain still short circuits. Seoul is quite big. The chances of running into the gamer are slim, but not too slim. Even if that’s not an option, he’s verified on Twitter and Instagram, so if he were to reach out it’s not like he would go unnoticed. Well, his chances would be slimmer, at least. 


His thoughts are interrupted when JK’s door opens with a creak, causing him to turn his head and look at whoever decided to enter. 


“Hello, sorry to interrupt,” the person says, slowly coming into frame with a white bag of takeout. Jimin quickly recognizes him at Hoseok, or Hobi as most of his fans call him. 


His channel mostly consists of dancing tutorials for idol choreography as well as some personal choreography. From what Jimin remembers of the videos he’s seen, Hoseok is a dance teacher at a dance studio that he prefers not to say the name of. He adores color and does shopping hauls from time to time. And, as Jimin is figuring out now, he’s friends with jjk97


“You’re fine,” JK assures him, taking the food and thanking him. “Everyone, thank him for keeping me fed. I’d probably forget to eat if it wasn’t for him.”


Hoseok leans on forward from where he’s now standing behind JK’s chair. His cheek presses against the other man’s cheek and he smiles as he reads the comments. 


“You are most welcome! Have to keep this cutie from dying in front of his fans,” he smacks a kiss to JK’s cheek before saying his goodbyes and heading out. 


The stream continues like normal, JK silently cursing as he’s pushed out of first place for the first time in four rounds. Jimin barely pays attention, trying not to let himself get disappointed at the fact that maybe—no probably, most likely— the gamer has a boyfriend. 


How could he not? He’s obviously beautiful and charming. It’d be a surprise if he wasn’t already taken. Also, would he even be interested in Jimin? Probably not, he thinks. Not much to offer. 


He sighs, watching the stream until JK loads up Animal Crossing, taking bites of his food in between conversations with his villagers. “Did Suga ever get Stitches?” JK laughs at the comment, shaking his head, “No, I had to make him an amiibo card. He owes me sushi the next time we stream, so don’t let him forget that.”


Jimin smiles at that, deciding that it’s about time to sleep and stop moping over a stranger. Cute stranger. Whatever. 


He scrolls through Twitter before dozing off, the last thing he sees is SUGA WHERE’S JK’S SUSHI? trending. 



Tuesday comes quickly and Jimin quietly sets up for the video in his room. Taehyung lays on his bed, arms holding his phone close to his face as he types and scrolls aggressively. 


“You okay?” Jimin asks, sitting near his friend's head. 


“Fine.” Taehyung mumbles, eyes not leaving his phone. 


Normally, Jimin would know better than to press. But nothing out of the ordinary has happened in the last few days that would easily explain the sudden change in behavior, so he tries again. “Are you sure?”


Apparently that’s all Taehyung needs to hear. He drops his phone on the bed and sighs. “I think Suga is dating someone.”




“No, listen. I know I shouldn’t be angry because, like, I don’t even know the guy, you know? But I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of me that maybe hoped I’d get a chance somehow. I don’t know, it’s probably dumb—”


“No, Tae it isn’t,” Jimin says softly. “You never know, you know? You said he watches my videos, right?”


“Yeah,” Taehyung mumbles, rubbing his palms against his eyes. 


“So then, film with me today.”


Taehyung snaps his eyes open, staring at Jimin with his mouth agape. “You—would you really let me?”


“I didn’t think you’d ever want to in the first place,” Jimin laughs. “You were only ever interested in filming with Seokjin hyung so I thought maybe this wasn’t something within your comfort.”


“Jimin,” Taehyung pouts, reaching out to hug him. “You’d really let me be in your video just to maybe be noticed by some gamer I’m in love with?”


“Of course! You’re my best friend, Tae. I’d do anything for you.”


“You’re gonna make me fucking cry. I owe you.”


“Please don’t,” Jimin begs. “But if you wanna owe me, just explain to me why you think he’s dating someone?”


“Oh,” Taehyung grabs his phone and moves to sit on the edge of the bed next to Jimin. “So I was watching his livestream that I missed last night and I saw this guy come in, and he was super touchy, right? And I was like, oh okay. Maybe a friend? No! I look at the comments and they’re all like ‘Aw! You two are so cute together!’ so, naturally, I’m like, together? So I’ve been on Twitter trying to find out who this guy is but all I know is what he looks like.”


“Well, let me see him,” Jimin says. Taehyung pulls up a screenshot from his camera roll and shows Jimin. “Oh, hey that’s—” That can’t be right. Isn’t he with JK? “That’s Hoseok. He’s a Youtuber too.”


“Why do you look so confused?” the worry in Taehyung’s voice is evident. 


“Well,” Jimin starts, “I just. I was watching. Um, I was watching jjk97 ’s stream the other night—”


Taehyung beams, “You do have a crush!”


“Hush, let me finish,” Jimin scolds, cheeks burning red. “Anyway, I was watching his stream and Hoseok came in, gave him food and then a kiss on the cheek. So, I just kind of assumed he was dating JK?”


Taehyung stays quiet  His mouth open and closes in an attempt to find the right words to say. “Do you think… Do you think they’re a throuple?”


Jimin smacks his arm, earning a small ‘ow’ from the other man, “No, dummy. Maybe he’s just good friends with them?”


“He’s probably dating one of them, realistically.” 


“Yeah,” Jimin hums. “If anything, I think he’d be with JK. I mean, the kiss on the cheek was pretty self explanatory.”


“But I give you kisses like that and we’re just friends.”


“Maybe Hoseok’s just touchy?” Jimin tries. “How about we assume they’re single until they say otherwise. We can live our delusional fantasies out until then.”


Taehyung smiles and claps his hands together. “Sounds like a plan! So, the video?”


“Oh! Yeah, I almost forgot about that.” Jimin goes back to propping the camera up in front of his bed, using books and a chair to make sure it’s at a good height to get their torsos and face in the shot from where they’ll sit on the end of the bed. “So it’s just the usual Chat with Jimin, I have some questions that I’ll read and we can answer them. You’ll be like my little guest star!” 


He pinches Taehyung’s cheek for good measure before allowing him to compose himself. 


“How do I look?” Taehyung asks. His hair is styled in loose curls, framing his forehead and lazily touching his cheekbones. A terracotta orange cardigan wraps loosely around his frame on top of his simple, white shirt with the words ‘peace and love’ across the chest. 


“Handsome as ever,” Jimin smiles, settling in next to him and fixing himself slightly. Today he chose a forest green oversized sweater and dark jeans. Simple and comfortable, as he usually does when he films most of his videos. 


The camera starts up and Jimin starts with ease. “Hello, I hoped you’re all well. Welcome to today’s Chat with Jimin! Some of you might have noticed already, but today I have a special guest joining us. Please welcome, my best friend, Taehyung!”


Taehyung waves shyly with a smile, “Hello, I hope you don’t mind me intruding.”


“You could never,” Jimin assures him before turning back to the camera. “Everyone knows the drill, before we start make sure to get yourself comfortable and situated. Maybe get a snack or make yourself something nice to eat. We want happiness only during our time together.”


Taehyung nods enthusiastically as Jimin begins. “Alright, our first question is from musicats67: Do you have any advice for studying? I feel like whenever I try to focus, my attention is always elsewhere. Please help! Help we will, musicats67. I’ll hand this one over to Tae, he just graduated last year so he knows a bit more than me.”


“Thank you, Jiminie,” Taehyung smiles, turning towards the camera slightly. “I understand the frustration of trying to focus when the focus isn’t really there. What used to help me a lot was talking a walk or, surprisingly enough, watching a video or going through social media. The thing is, when you want to be doing that and you’re forcing yourself to study, all you’re doing is letting the information you’re taking in get completely lost in your thoughts. So, take some time for yourself. Entertain yourself and then study, not the other way around. You’ll get it out of the way and, trust me, it’ll make it easier to focus once your distractions have been tended to.”


Jimin raises his eyebrows, impressed at the answer and the ease at which Taehyung delivered it. “I could not have said it better myself. Would you do the honors of reading the next question?”


“Of course! Let’s see, g0ldenboi wants to know how to get attention from someone you like. Very interesting.”


“I think,” Jimin begins cautiously, “I think the right person will notice you at the right time. You won’t need to constantly hope or fight for their attention; their attention will already be on you. That of course doesn’t mean they don’t like you, you know? Maybe they’re just shy. There’s so many factors to situations like this. But if you’re a adamant on getting their attention, honesty is the best way to go. Be kind, introduce yourself. Ask if they would be interested in hanging out, or something along those lines. Just be patient with them and yourself.”


“Wow,” Taehyung wipes a fake tear from his cheek. “You always know what to say, Jiminie.”


They answer more and more questions, taking turns answering the ones they can relate to and give advice on the most. Eventually, Jimin wraps up the video, thanking Taehyung for joining him before turning the camera off. 


“Suga is gonna fall in love with you,” Jimin winks as he uploads the footage to his computer to start editing and hopefully have posted by the morning. 


“Do not give my hopes up like that,” Taehyung whines. “Just the thought of him seeing that makes me nauseous. What if he thinks I’m annoying.”


“I highly doubt that.”


“He’s a stone cold, too cool for anything gamer who loves horror movies and acts like he hates Animal Crossing,” Taehyung says. “I would be surprised if he even thought about giving my irrelevant ass the time of day.”


“It pains me that you think so little of yourself,” Jimin sighs. “Tae, you’re gorgeous, you’re funny, you’re sweet, you’re compassionate. You answered all those questions with your heart and didn’t even think twice about it. He’d be an idiot if he watches this and thinks anything negative of you.”


“Jiminie,” Taehyung smiles and jumps onto Jimin’s bed, “you always know what to say to me.”



“Hey, your boy uploaded today.”


Jeongguk snaps his head up from where it laid on the arm of the sofa. “When did you get in here?”


Yoongi checks his bare wrist like there’s a watch on it. “About two seconds ago.”


“It’s late. And I didn’t even hear the door unlock.”


“I move quiet but fast, plus I thought I’d stop by,” Yoongi shrugs, taking a seat on the recliner next to the sofa and pulling his black beanie down further to hide his blond hair poking out. “So are we gonna watch it or what?”


“Since when do you wanna watch his videos with me?” Jeongguk asks but queues the video anyway. 


“Thumbnail looked interesting.” Yoongi says, leaving it at that and turning his attention towards the TV. 

“Hello, ” the light voice rings through the TV making Jeongguk’s chest feel lighter, “ I hope you’re all well. Welcome to today’s Chat with Jimin! Some of you might have noticed already, but today I have a special guest joining us. Please welcome, my best friend, Taehyung !”


The friend, Taehyung, waves before smiling and speaking. Jeongguk tries his best to listen to both men on screen, but his fragile heart and biased mind betray him; all his senses were locked on Jimin as soon as the video started. 


He doesn’t like calling it a crush. A crush is normally when you’re at least acquainted with the person you’ve found yourself infatuated with. He’s never met Jimin. Shit, he isn’t even sure if Jimin knows he exists. 


Jeongguk found Calm with Jimin on accident, about a year ago when his anxiety kept him awake for too long and his mind sought comfort deep diving into Youtube. There, on his front page of recommended videos, was one titled, Let’s Ease Your Mind


It seemed almost too perfect for his situation, but Jeongguk was in desperate need of at least a few hours of sleep, so it was better to at least attempt to seek help. 


The video started immediately, Jimin’s soft smile and equally soft features taking up the screen and Jeongguk’s mind. 


Hello,” the voice was so soft and light, it made his eyes flutter sleepily. “  understand things might not be easy right now, but I hope I can help at least a little. Is something troubling you? ” Jeongguk nodded slowly. “  assumed so.” Fuck, was he watching Jeongguk? “ ’m going to take a deep breath, and I want you to take one with me, if that’s okay. And when I exhale, I want you to do it with me as well. If you can’t hold your breath for as long as me, that’s okay. Try to elongate those breaths, separating them by the second. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but take your time.”


He inhaled softly and Jeongguk followed, exhaling and inhaling when needed. His eyes felt heavier and heavier with each breath he took. 


You’re doing amazing, ” the soft voice praised. “ Now just close your eyes and listen to my voice. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed it’s okay to open them back up. Take it at your own pace, be patient with yourself. Focus on your breathing if you need to.” Jeongguk closed his eyes, mouth falling opened slightly as he let the voice fill his mind. “ It’s easy to get caught up in your thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with the way we think too much sometimes. But it’s important that we don’t let those thoughts consume us. Focus on my voice. Are you relaxed? I hope so. I hope your day tomorrow goes well, and I hope your nerves pass. Let yourself be free for a second. Do you feel the peace?”


Jeongukk’s phone slipped from his hands as his snores rumbled over the audio. 

He remembers waking up the next morning, refreshed and confused, returning to the channel and saving several videos before getting up and taking on the day. Ever since then he’s been subscribed on his secret channel and watching Jimin whenever he had free time. 

At first, it was because of his immense anxiety over everything and anything. Slowly, it started to dissipate. It still appears every now and then, but usually not to the extent that it used to be. Even when it does get bad he remembers the exercises he learned from Jimin’s videos and manages to calm himself faster than in the past. 

But now, even though he tries not to admit it, he watches Jimin because… well, he’s Jimin . Jimin with his soothing voice and bashful giggles. Jimin with his kind eyes and breathtaking smile. Jimin with his endless knowledge and compassion towards complete strangers on the internet. It was hard for Jeongguk not to fall for him. 


Eventually, he told Yoongi about the channel when he found out his hyung was battling with his own inner turmoil. While his was significantly more serious than Jeongguk’s, it helped him develop healthier coping mechanisms that he still uses when he needs to. 


The thing is, Yoongi’s smart. The second Jeongguk showed him one of Jimin’s videos, he paused it before it could make it to fifteen seconds and turned to Jeongguk with, “I’m gonna assume you have a crush on this guy. Am I right, or am I entirely right?”


But even then, Yoongi was kind enough to entertain the idea that maybe Jeongguk should just go for it. 


It wasn’t that simple though, nothing ever really was. So instead, Jeongguk watches from his devices, content with what he has. 


Jeongguk focuses back on the video when Yoongi calls his name. “Hm? Sorry?”


“Did you send him a fucking question?”


Jeongguk’s eyes widen as he reads the screenshot of a question he left days ago, expecting it to get lost within the thousands of comments Jimin gets. 


Very interesting,” Taehyung hums on screen when he finishes reading it. 


Jimin answers it to the best of his ability but Jeongguk can’t hear it over the blood rushing to his head. 


“He just gave you a play by play on how to approach him and you look like you’re gonna pass out,” Yoongi says, pausing the video.


“I–It was a stupid question I don’t even know why I asked it,” Jeongguk refuses to meet Yoongi’s eyes. 


“Yes you do,” Yoongi pushes. “I don’t see what the problem is, just DM on Twitter or something. Ask for a collab or just say hi.”


“It’s not that easy,” Jeongguk mumbles, gripping the fabric of his hoodie in hopes that maybe it’ll swallow him whole. 


Yoongi gets up fast, hand reaching out and snatching Jeongguk’s phone from the coffee table. 


“Don’t you dare—”


“You don’t even follow him?” Yoongi holds the screen up at Jeongguk, showing him Jimin’s Twitter profile.

No,” Jeongguk grumbles, taking the phone and shoving it into his pocket, “I don’t because that would be weird.”


“It’s only weird if you make it weird,” Yoongi argues, scowl on his face. “You’re holding back for no reason.”


“Hyung,” Jeongguk sighs, burying his head in his hands.


Yoongi takes it as a sign to stop pushing and crosses his legs, settling further into the armchair. The two men on screen take turns answering questions, bantering and joking between heartfelt answers.


“You’ve never wanted to watch Jimin with me,” Jeongguk says, eyeing Yoongi after a few minutes of silence. “All of a sudden you’re interesting.”


Yoongi doesn’t even blink. “I said the thumbnail looked interesting.” 


It happens so quickly that Jeongguk almost misses it. Jimin’s friend—Taehyung—laughs loudly on screen and Yoongi’s lips twitch up in the smallest smile for a brief second. 


“Jeongguk rushes to sit up, “You like him?”


“I don’t know him,” Yoongi replies calmly, still staring at the TV. 


“You think he’s hot.”


“Beauty is subjective.”


“You never want to watch shit like this with me,” Jeongguk presses.


Yoongi shrugs, the slightest blush tinted on his cheeks. If anyone other than Jeongguk looked at him, they wouldn’t be able to tell. “I think he’s interesting.”


“Here’s an idea, instead of meddling in my crush, why don’t you take some of your own advice and go get him.” It’s petty, he knows, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t turn Yoongi’s words against him. 


“I’ve only just now been made aware of his existence,” Yoongi starts, uncrossing his legs and leaning forward to look Jeongguk in the eyes. “He’s interesting and not bad to look at but I’m not gonna make a decision based on one video. You, on the other hand, have been obsessed with Jimin for over a year.” 


Jeongguk swallows roughly, but Yoongi doesn’t stop. “If it was just a crush it would’ve died down, but it hasn’t. So, you can try to act like we’re in the same dilemma, but we’re not, Jeongguk. You tend to deprive yourself of things I’m sure you know will make you happy. If you were braver, I guarantee you’d be in some kind of relationship, romantic or not, with Jimin by now. You need to stop being so scared for once, it’s exhausting to watch.”


Yoongi leans back into his seat and fixes his cold gaze back into the video. 

Jeongguk blinks. Yoongi’s blunt, of course he is. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to know. That still doesn’t make the truth sting any less. 


“Yeah,” he says weakly. “You’re probably right.”


Jimin gets lost in emails and editing throughout the week. He almost forgets to upload his weekly Chat with Jimin and is struggling to come up with ideas to film for the next few Fridays. 


“Hey, Jimin,” Seokjin calls from the kitchen “Did you ever get that email from Creator Con?”


“Oh! Yeah I got one yesterday, but I forgot to let them know that I’d be there.”


It’s a stupid excuse, but in reality, Jimin only got the email because a beauty guru cancelled last minute. Everyone else got their invites months in advance, Jimin had barely gotten his yesterday morning. 


He had been debating on whether or not he should go. After all, it’s in Tokyo this year, and he’d be lying if he said he hasn’t been looking for an excuse to visit. It’s a silly dilemma but part of him feels like he’s not as respected as other creators. He knows all three of his flat mates would smack him if they heard him talking like that, but the insecurities constantly linger inside of him. 


Sometimes, he feels like a hypocrite. 


“Wait,” Taehyung grabs Jimin’s arm as makes his way to the sofa. “You got invited to Creator Con? And you didn’t tell me?”


“I’m sorry Tae, I forgot,” he lies. “But I was gonna take you with me anyway.” That’s a small truth. He was going to take Taehyung, that is if he decided to go. 


“God, you’re honestly the best best friend in the entire world.”


“I try,” Jimin hums. “It’s not for another month but I thought I’d start getting some content filmed in advance so I don’t have to keep my channel dead for the week.”


“Well that explains the constant filming,” Taehyung says, eyes not leaving his phone. “Do you think they’d let me sit at your panel with you?”


Jimin shrugs, “I don’t see why not. I can ask to be sure.”


“You’re the best.”


Jimin gives him a small smile, turning back to his laptop and hoping he can focus on editing and ignore the anxiety creeping into his mind. 



Later that night Jimin seeks comfort in Taehyung’s room. He finds Taehyung sitting against the headboard with his laptop in front of him as he scoops a spoonful of cereal into his mouth. 


“Jiminie!” He says happily through his chewing, “Just in time!”


“For?” Jimin asks warily as he sits next to Taehyung. From the look of the page opened on the laptop, he’s assuming it has something to do with Suga. 


“It’s Suga’s film night!”


“His what?”


Taehyung rolls his eyes and sets his cereal bowl onto his nightstand before clapping his hands together, “ Well , if I must educate you, Suga is a horror movie enthusiast. Actually, horror in general, but that’s beside the point. He does this thing every two weeks where he streams himself watching a horror film recommended to him, and it’s basically a cute little thing where I can act like we’re watching movies together!” 


Jimin blinks. “Don’t you hate horror films?”


Taehyung waves his hand like he’s swatting Jimin’s words away. “Yes, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.”


Jimin agrees reluctantly to watch it. They make it thirty minutes in before Taehyung let’s out a shriek. 


“Nothing even happened!”


“It’s the anticipation, oh my God,” Taehyung clutches his chest, grabbing Jimin’s hand and putting it over his heart. “Can you feel that? I feel like I just ran across the country.”


“You do this every two weeks by yourself?”


“Yeah, and?”


“Your dedication to this man is unreal.”


He’s unreal!” Taehyung points to the screen, “Look at him! He hasn’t even flinched!”


Taehyung’s right. On screen, Suga watches the film with a blank expression, shoving chips into his mouth and drinking what looks like soju, completely unfazed. When the jump scare actually happens, Suga pauses his chewing, blinks, and then goes back to eating before laughing. 


You would think they would try better with the makeup. I look scarier when I wake up.”


“That shouldn’t be hot,” Taehyung mumbles through his hands that are covering his face at this point. 


“Is it hot, though?” Jimin asks, mostly to mess with Tae, but also because. Well, is it ?


“Yes,” Taehyung answers without missing a beat. “Then again, he could sit on live for hours doing nothing and I’d still be drooling.”


Suga’s eyes flick to the comments for a brief second. “Oh, yeah I forgot to mention it, thank you for reminding me ssserpent76. Yeah, I’ll be at Creator Con, as most of you probably know. I’m told I’m getting a panel for whatever reason, but hey, I’m grateful. If you can, stop by I’d love to sign stuff and chat. ” He gives a small smile before turning back to the movie just as another jump scare appears. He snorts, “ Pathetic.” 


Jimin can feel Taehyung tense up. “You okay?”


“I honestly didn’t think he’d be there,” Taehyung explains, no longer paying attention to the live stream. “Should—nope. I’m not going. Have fun without me, Jiminie. I’m gonna stay right here, in the comfort of my room to live out my scenarios peacefully.”


Jimin turns to him, eyebrows furrowed and lips turned down. “Um, no the fuck you’re not.”


“That’s the thing, I am! And it’s okay! I’m fine, I’ll be fine .”


“Taehyung.” When the other man pays no mind to him, being painfully obvious to the fact that he’s trying to avoid Jimin, Jimin raises his voice. “ Taehyung.


Taehyung whips his head towards Jimin with pouting lips and wide eyes. “W-why are you raising your voice at me? Your own soulmate? You never do that.”


“You’re being difficult right now.”


“Am not,” Taehyung scowls.


“Yes you are,” Jimin sighs, holding Taehyung’s hand gently. “Why don’t you wanna meet Suga? You talk about what it’d be like to meet him all the time, Tae.”


“I-I don’t know,” Taehyung says nervously. “Honestly, I’m kind of scared. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting my hopes up or anything. I know nothing’s gonna happen, you know? But what if he’s not the same in person? I’ve practically made an image for him in my head, what if he’s actually an arrogant dick in real life? Or really rude? I don’t know, I don’t think I’d be able to handle that.”


Jimin nods before speaking softly, “Wouldn’t it be better to see how he is so you at least know you’re not supporting an asshole? Either he’s great and you can still be a fan, or he’s the worst and you save yourself from being let down in the end. Tae, live a little. Get out of your bubble and meet the man of your dreams. Who knows, maybe he’ll fall in love with you.”


“Ugh,” Taehyung groans and throws himself back against the mattress. “Fine, fine, I’ll go. God, you’re convincing. Also, do not encourage my fantasies, please. I’m already delusional and convinced I have a chance.”


Jimin laughs and runs his hands through the younger man’s dark hair. He still has doubts about going to the convention, but they slowly start to dissipate. He’ll go, if not for himself then for Tae.



The next morning, Jimin sends the confirmation to the organizers of Creator Con, letting them know he’d be more than happy to attend and host a panel. They reply quickly, thanking Jimin for his cooperation and letting him know they’ll send further details once they get the covered expenses sorted out. 


He lets Taehyung know and is greeted in a bone crushing hug as the younger man screams, “Soulmate trip to Tokyo! Soulmate trip to Tokyo!”


“Um, hello,” Seokjin interrupts. “We’re going too.”


Namjoon elbows him, “I thought we were gonna try making it into a couples get-away for us?”


Seokjin coughs, “On second thought, you two can ignore us the entire time.”


Later on, Jimin goes on Instagram to do a live and let his subscribers know that, as a last minute decision, he’ll be at Creator Con.


“Hello,” he smiles, fixing his hair slightly before smiling as the viewers and comments roll in. “I know, it’s weird I never do lives,” he giggles and continues. “Some of you might have already heard, but if you didn’t I’m more than happy to announce that I will officially be attending Creator Con. I know, it’s a bit of a late announcement but I’m really, really excited to get the opportunity to meet some of you! I’ll be doing a Q&A panel, as well and a meet and greet panel, so if you have the time, please say hello!”


The comments blow up with excited feedback, and Jimin can’t help but feel warm inside. “Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. And don’t worry, I’m prefilming to make sure that there’ll be a video for the week I’ll be gone. I don’t like leaving you all hanging… As much as I love you all, I do have to go and be productive. I look forward to seeing some of you in Tokyo!”



“I look forward to seeing some of you in Tokyo!”


The live ends and Jeongguk’s grip on his phone loosens slightly, “Shit.”


Hoseok snaps his fingers in front of Jeongguk’s face. “Hello? Guk? Did you hear anything I just said?”


“No, no sorry,” Jeongguk rushes out, locking his phone before sticking it into the pocket of his sweatpants. “Sorry, Hobi. What did you say?”


“Don’t even try,” Yoongi interrupts, sitting down next to Hoseok, bowl of noodles in one hand and a soda for Hobi in the other. “If I’m correct, he just found out that Calm with Jimin is gonna be at Creator Con and I doubt he’s gonna be able to focus on anything else for the rest of the day.”


“Do you think I should go to his meet and greet panel?”


“Point proven,” Yoongi mumbles.


“Yes!” Hoseok encourages happily, “Look at you, Guk! The stars are aligning, the universe is helping you out!”


“Or,” Yoongi says, “or the universe is telling him to get his head out of his ass and tell Jimin he’s been obsessed with him for too long.”


Jeongguk squawks, “I haven’t been obsessed –”


“You have,” Hoseok says sympathetically, “and that’s okay! He’s helped you a lot, you know. We can tell. Now that I think of it–Yoonie–”


“Don’t call me that.”


“Yoonie,” Hoseok continues, “when was the last time Jeongguk called you to calm him down?”


Yoongi furrows his eyebrows, cheeks puffed out as he chews his noodles. “It’s… it’s been a while.”


“At least seven months for me,” Hoseok says. “Jimin has helped you a lot, Guk. I think it would mean a lot to him and to you if you got the opportunity to let him know how much he helps.”


“That wouldn’t be… I don’t know… creepy?” Jeongguk asks nervously. He wrings his hands at the thought of being near Jimin. It’s been something he’s wanted for so long, but the possibility of it actually becoming a reality makes his chest feel unsettled.


“No, that’s the point of his whole channel,” Hoseok says.


He has a point, Jeongguk thinks. He does want to let Jimin know how much he’s appreciated, and how much his content means not only to him, but to every viewer. It’s a small service that is often overlooked and underappreciated. He wants Jimin to be appreciated .


“Yeah, okay,” Jeongguk says. “I’m gonna meet Park Jimin.”



Taehyung is practically vibrating in the seat next to Jimin. His face is plastered against the airplane window as the plane begins to take off the runway. Jimin holds his hand, tugging on it to get his attention.


“Are you alright?”


“Jiminie, I’m so fucking excited I can’t hear my thoughts. It’s all static in there.”


Eventually, he calms down and ends up fast asleep against Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin tries his hardest to fall asleep, but he can’t help but feel a twinge of uncertainty as they get closer and closer to Tokyo. Does he deserve to be there? Will anyone actually show up? He was obviously a last minute addition to the line up. Is that all he is? Second best?


As if he can sense Jimin’s thoughts, Taehyung wakes up for a brief second, tapping his forehead against Jimin’s temple. “You’ll do fine, Jiminie. We’ll get there and relax for the night and we’ll start tomorrow prepared and okay.”


“Yeah,” Jimin agrees, letting his head rest against Taehyung’s. “Thank you.”

They arrive at the hotel a little past nine o’clock. The sky is dark and clear. Jimin takes a second to admire the few stars he can see before Namjoon and Seokjin catch up, pushing him along and into the hotel as they check in. 


Jimin and Taehyung share a room directly across from Seokjin and Namjoon.


“Let’s have a sleepover!” Taehyung claps in excitement, paying little mind to the fact that they’re all crowded in an elevator with no elbow room. “We can get room service and watch a drama!”


“We live together,” Seokjin says. “We have sleepovers all the time.”


Taehyung pouts. “That’s not the same.”


“Actually, Tae,” Namjoon interrupts, blush crawling up his cheeks as he clears his throat. “Um. We-we actually had different plans. For tonight.”


“Oh,” Jimin says.


“Oh , ” Taehyung repeats, before turning to them, eyes nearly bugging out of his head. “ Oh! Ew! Not my parents–ew! I don’t wanna think about that!”


Seokjin rolls his eyes, “Then don’t.”


They part ways when the elevator doors open, Seokjin practically drags Namjoon into their shared room, leaving Taehyung and Jimin to figure out why the fuck their key card isn’t opening their door.


“I tried it like that,” Jimin says, watching as Taehyung swipes it up and down multiple times. “Maybe it’s just a bad card?”


“Impossible, this place is too fancy for that shit,” Taehyung says as he focuses on slowly running the card through the slot on the door. “Maybe we’re just dumb.”




Jimin and Taehyung both snap their heads towards the voice that rings in the air. Down the hall, emerging from the elevator not too far from them, a man stands in a big, black hoodie and sweatpants with a cap pulled low to cover his eyes and a black medical mask pulled up on his face. 


“It’s one of those–here.” He walks towards them, setting his duffle bag down and grabbing the card from Taehyung’s hand and placing it in the slot, grabbing the handle and swiping it once quickly as the light on the doorknob turns green and clicks open. “Hold the door knob while you do it, and then swipe it as fast as you can.”


“Oh, wow,” Jimin laughs, scratching the back of his neck. “Thank you, sorry we’re not really used to these things.”


“Yeah, thank you! You’re a lifesaver!” Taehyung smiles brightly.


The man gives a grunt in response, eyes finally looking up towards Taehyung, “Uh, yeah.” 


With that, he turns around and walks quickly, taking a turn and disappearing into another hallway.


“That was nice of him,” Jimin hums, walking into the room and throwing his bag on the floor and then himself on one of the queen sized beds that is made up too neatly for his liking. He glances up when he notices Tae still standing in the doorway. “What?”


Taehyung shakes his head, “I don’t know. He looked really familiar.”


“There’s lots of familiar faces here,” Jimin answers and closes his eyes, letting his body relax into the bed.


“Yeah, yeah you’re right.”


Jimin smiles. “So? How does some room service and shitty dramas sound?”


“You are my soulmate,” Taehyung sings, flopping onto his own bed and grabbing a menu from the bedside table.


Jeongguk agreed to share a room with Yoongi solely because if he was by himself he’s sure his nerves would eat him alive. Also, he knows Yoongi agreed because Jeongguk won’t hesitate to slap Yoongi awake if the older man “forgets” to turn on all his alarms. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement.


As a thank you, Jeongguk takes it upon himself to grab them takeout from a restaurant not too far from the hotel after they land. Yoongi protests, telling Jeongguk that he’s more than content with just ordering room service but Jeongguk knows that there’s nothing his hyung hates more than the painfully awkward process of calling and having a stranger show up with the fuck ton of food they ordered.


Also, Jeongguk just needs an excuse to walk a bit and clear his mind. 


He arrives back at the hotel and knocks on their room door, still holding his luggage in one hand and the takeout in the other.


Yoongi opens the door, eyes wide under the brim of his black hat, letting out a breath and taking the food from Jeongguk.


“Well, hello to you too, hyung.”


“Yeah,” Yoongi mumbles, already picking beef up with his chopsticks and shoving it in his mouth.


“Someone’s hungry.” When Yoongi doesn’t answer, he pushes further. “Hyung, are you okay?”


“Yeah,” Yoongi says again. “I have a funny story.” 


The way he says it makes Jeongguk question if it’s actually funny.


“Uh, okay?”


“I had to help two idiots open their door.”




“It was funny to me.”


“Um,” Jeongguk presses his lips together. “It doesn’t seem like it was.”


“Well it was ,” Yoongi says, like he’s trying to convince himself. “It was funny, it wasn’t awkward.”




Yoongi sighs. “No, it was awkward.”


“Do you want me to ask any questions or do you wanna forget about it?”


“Nope, we’ll forget about it. I have to figure out a way to redeem myself,” Yoongi says, getting up to turn on the TV. “Also, thank you. For the food. I appreciate it.”


“Aw,” Jeongguk gushes, “will you tell me you love me?”


“Absolutely not.” 



Jimin wakes up before his alarm goes off. He decides against going back to sleep, instead opting to take a shower and take his time getting ready.


Technically, he wasn’t supposed to arrive in Tokyo until tomorrow, but he kindly asked the coordinators if he could be there the first day to take in the venue and walk around. Also, Taehyung informed him that the gaming Youtubers would be doing their meet and greet panels today, and their live gaming panels tomorrow during Jimin’s Q&A. 


As hard of a decision as it was to make, Taehyung decided he would rather attend the meet and greet rather than the gaming session, and instead spend the time watching Jimin’s Q&A. Jimin was eternally grateful considering he needs the support to keep him from becoming a nervous wreck. 


So, today he’ll give Taehyung his support and accompany him to finally meet the one and only Suga. 


He settles for a bare face and a beanie to save him from having to do his hair. He pairs an oversized black sweater with simple blue jeans to not draw too much attention to himself.


Taehyung wakes up with a gasp when his alarm blares out from under his pillow. His hair sticks up in a hundred different directions and there’s dried drool on his cheek.


“Fuck,” he mumbles, stumbling up and towards the shower, emerging ten minutes later, his outfit of choice being a white shirt and black jeans. Simple, but effective.


“You should wear your blue cardigan,” Jimin says, watching as Taehyung spends a little extra time fixing his hair and putting concealer and lip balm on. “It makes you look cute and boyfriend-y.”


“What would I do without you?” Taehyung asks and Jimin takes it upon himself to go through his best friend’s luggage to search for the article of clothing.


Finally, after what seems like hours, they manage to leave their room without forgetting anything. Taehyung power walks towards the venue and Jimin follows behind, jogging to catch up with him and thankful that the venue is connected to the hotel. If they had to take a cab, he doubts that Taehyung wouldn’t end up trying to get the driver to break every driving law in existence. 


They find the line to Suga’s panel. Jimin sucks in a breath at the sight, noticing Taehyung’s shoulders sag slightly.


“I forgot how popular he was,” Taehyung mumbles.


Jimin wasn’t sure what he expected, but he should’ve known the line would be as long as it is. People stand between black ropes that keep the line neat and orderly wrapping back and forth in several S shapes. 


The two men get into the line, entertaining themselves with taking photos and pointing out other Youtubers walking around. Jimin does his best to lay low, keeping his head down or buried in Taehyung’s shoulder. 


The line moves quicker than expected. Jimin can tell that Taehyung’s nerves are getting the best of him when he keeps rolling and unrolling the poster of Suga’s channel logo that he purchased off his website several weeks ago. Jimin grabs his hand to stop him from wrinkling the poster. 


“You’ll be okay.”


“I feel like my heart’s in my throat,” Taehyung swallows. “Or my ass. At this point, I can’t tell.”


Slowly, but surely, they’re next. A security guard keeps an arm out to keep them from interrupting the two fans currently talking to Suga.


“Oh my God,” Taehyung whispers, “fuck. He’s so cute, goddamn it. How do I look? Is there anything in my teeth?”


Jimin looks at the forced smile Taehyung is giving him in an attempt to display all his teeth. “You look great, Tae. It’s fine, you’re fine–”


“You two can go,” the security guard says, letting his arm down and motioning them through. 


Taehyung freezes and doesn’t move until he feels Jimin nudge him forward. 


“Hello,” Suga bows and both men follow suit. When Suga looks up, he pauses, eyes focused on Taehyung. “Hi,” he says this time.


Jimin smirks, taking a small step back and lets them have their moment.


“Um, hi,” Tae says. “Hi, how are you?”


“Good, good,” Suga says, giving him a smile. “How about yourself. Taehyung, right?”


A squeak leaves Taehyung’s as he stammers out a reply, “I’m–I’m good, great, fuck. You know my name?”


“Yeah, hard not to,” Suga answers. He looks at the poster in Taehyung’s hand. “Is that yours? Do you want me to sign it?”


“Yeah, yes! Please, if you don’t mind.”


“Of course not.” Suga takes the poster, sharpie working quickly against the paper. “You know, I was kind of hoping you’d be here.”


Jimin can see the way Taehyung’s eyes widen and he stifles a laugh.


“You were? What? What the fuck is happening?”


“Is that so hard to believe?” Suga laughs, handing him back the poster, now flipped over. Taehyung doesn’t notice. “How long are you here for?”


“Three more days,” Taehyung answers quickly. “What about you?”


“Two,” Suga purses his lips together before pulling up the sleeve of his hoodie, offering Tae his sharpie. “Here, do you have a Twitter?” Taehyung nods. “Write your username down.”


The younger man obliges, hand shaking slightly as he writes _taehvung on Suga’s forearm. “Sorry if you can’t read it.”


“It’s all good,” Suga winks. “I’ll talk to you later, hopefully? Only if you’re okay with that, I mean.”


“Yes, of course!”


“Wrap it up!” The security guard calls, earning a scowl from Suga.


“Thank you,” Taehyung holds up the poster. “It means a lot. It was really nice to meet you, Suga.”


Suga leans forward, tilting his head to encourage Taehyung to do the same. His eyes flicker from the younger man’s eyes to his lips, then back. “Call me Yoongi.”


With that, a security guard comes and motions Taehyung along, pushing his dead weight away from the panel. Jimin takes over and grabs his friend’s arm, pulling him along until they’re sitting on a small bench towards a window.


“Earth to Tae,” Jimin says, snapping his fingers in front of his unblinking eyes. “Hello?”


“What the fuck happened,” Tae finally says, eyes wide and unfocused. “Was that real? What the fuck was that?”


Jimin grins, “I think he was flirting with you.”


“There’s no fucking way.”


“Tae. I witnessed it. I almost threw up.”


“My life isn’t real.” He pauses, then, frantically flips the poster in his hands to read the writing. His eyes flicker back and forth, then stop before repeating the action several times “Jiminie,” he gasps “Jimin. Jimin. Park Jimin. Jimin–


Jimin grabs the posters and reads it out loud.




Sorry if I made it awkward, I’m not good with words. I saw you on Jimin’s video from a few weeks back and you seem like a kind and genuine person. It’d be a privilege to get to know you.


You’re even more beautiful in person. I didn’t think that was possible.


Also, you’re welcome for helping you guys open your door.





“Holy shit,” Jimin laughs. “Tae–he called you beautiful oh my God!”


“I can’t believe he saw our dumbasses struggling with the fucking door,” Taehyung groans. “I’m gonna die.”


Jimin blinks. “ That’s what you focused on?”


“I’m trying not to pass out, forgive me for trying not to hyperfixate on the fact that my celebrity crush might be fucking interested in me.”


“Do you need to lay down?”




With that, they head back towards their room, Taehyung clutching the poster to his chest with a smile and Jimin guiding him gently.



Taehyung doesn’t hear from Yoongi that night. He says it’s okay, but Jimin can see the hint of doubt in his eyes. He tries to remind him that he’s most likely busy, and the younger man agrees, relaxing a little before heading off to bed.


The next morning, they arrive at the Q&A early for the soundcheck and setup. Taehyung sits next to the stage, shooting Jimin encouraging smiles and thumbs up as people begin to filter in. All the seats are filled and a few people are standing towards the back.


The Q&A begins and Jimin finds himself relaxing more and more as he interacts with his fans.


“What made you want to become, not just a Youtuber, but a Youtuber that dedicates their time to helping people?”


Jimin thanks the girl for the question, bowing his head before stopping to think his answer over. He hums slightly, tapping the microphone to his cheek before bringing it up to speak.


“I think I’ve always wanted to help people, ever since I could remember. I definitely thrive on making people feel happy, or helping people feel better about, well, anything really. My friends were actually the ones who suggested filming some of the exercises I used to calm them down when they were too in their head. I didn’t necessarily start doing this with the intention to be a Youtuber, I just wanted to help people and give people a safe place to seek comfort.”


Applause erupts from the audience and Jimin looks down as a blush paints his cheeks. He does his best to say his thank you’s before continuing.


It ends just as quickly as it began, and he’s up and heading back to the hotel room with Taehyung by his side.


“Jiminie hyung, you did amazing!” He praises, hugging his friend from the side as they keep walking. “I’m so proud of you.”


“Thank you,” Jimin blushes. “I actually feel really good about how it went.”


“As you should!”


They end the night with room service and The Notebook playing on Jimin’s laptop.


Jimin falls asleep feeling light.


“Stop pouting.”


“He still hasn’t DMed me.”


Jimin sighs, putting his phone down and looking at Tae. “He’s probably busy, he has things to do here too. And he already made it obvious that he’s interested. I’m sure once he gets back to Seoul he’ll get in touch with you.”


“I’m impatient,” Taehyung huffs. “I want him to be my boyfriend now .”


“He will be, just give him time.”


A woman in a suit walks up to them with a smile, “Good morning! I just wanted to let you know we’re going to begin letting people line up and we’ll begin the meet and greet in about ten minutes!”


Jimin and Tae bow at the same time from where they sit. “Thank you,” Jimin says.


“Well, that’s my cue to blend into the background,” Taehyung sighs, getting up and patting Jimin’s head. “Have fun, my beauty!”

The line is definitely longer than Jimin would have anticipated. Part of him can’t believe there are this many people who genuinely support him. His chest feels tight with fondness every time a new fan comes up and expresses their gratitude. He even tears up a few times at some of their stories. 


He gives as many hugs and pictures as he can, hoping that everyone feels like their heart is as full as his is.


Eventually, the last person in line reaches Jimin. They shuffle towards him, bucket hat covering most of their eyes and black long sleeves covering their hands. Shy fans are always Jimin’s favorite, he loves trying to make them feel at ease. He smiles at them warmly, trying to meet their gaze once they’re in front of him. 




“Um, hi,” they respond softly through the black mask that muffles their words. They seem to notice, stuttering an apology before pulling it down. “Hi, it’s really nice to meet you.”


Jimin tries not to gape at the fact that none other than jjk97, JK, is standing in front of him. He blinks. This is the last person he would’ve thought would be standing in front of him. A part of him feels guilty considering he hadn’t even considered the fact that JK would most likely be here, too focused on trying to get videos filmed, edited, and uploaded. At first, he brushed the guilt off since there was no way JK would care if he showed up to his panels or not. But now, it doesn’t seem like the most unrealistic thing. 


 In an attempt to not make a fool of himself, Jimin doesn’t even realize he hasn’t said a word. 


“I know I’m not, like, your usual audience, but I just wanted to let you know that your videos help,” JK rambles. “They help a lot. and they’ve helped me a lot so, thank you. And I know you probably don’t know me but—”


“How could I not?” Jimin interrupts, finding the confidence to put his hand on JK’s hand that rests on top of the table. “JK, right? Gamer and Overwatch enthusiast.”


JK’s eyes go wide. “Y-you know me?”


“Yes,” Jimin giggles, ignoring the hammering in his chest, “why are you so surprised?”


“I don’t know, to be honest,” JK’s hand rubs the back of his neck nervously. “I just didn’t think I was interesting enough for you to watch?”


Jimin’s immediately endeared. “You’re interesting enough to over one million people, and one of them happens to be me. So, the honor is all mine right now. Just let me know what you want and I’ll gladly do it.”


“What I want?” JK whispers, “I don’t, um. I don’t know—”


It’s obvious that he’s nervous. It makes sense that he watches Jimin’s videos. “Photo?” Jimin helps, “Anything signed?”


“Oh!” JK laughs suddenly, “Oh yeah um I just wanted you to sign this,” he holds up a journal, “It’s the only thing I have on me, I’m sorry.”


“You’re fine,” Jimin reassures him as he uncaps his pen with shaking hands. Why did his nerves decide to make an appearance now


He writes ‘Dear JK’ at the top before JK interrupts him, “Actually, can you make it out to Jeongguk?”


Jimin snaps his head up. “Jeongguk?”


JK, Jeongguk, blushes, bashful and cute and Jimin fights every bone in his body not to get up and hug him. “It’s my real name.”


“Jeongguk,” Jimin repeats, testing the name out. He smiles, and leans over the journal to block Jeongguk’s view as he writes. He closes it when he finishes, still not giving the other man a chance to look. “It was a pleasure meeting you, Jeongguk.”



Jeongguk practically sprints back to his hotel room where Yoongi is sitting on the small sofa in the corner. He raises his eyebrows as Jeongguk holds up his journal above his head. 


“I got his autograph!”


“You have more subscribers than him and you’re excited about an autograph ?” Yoongi rolls his eyes, “Aish, kid. How badly are you into him?”


“So bad,” Jeongguk groans, putting his arms down in defeat. “I was a fucking mess, and he was so fucking nice and understanding. You know he knows who I am? He watches my fucking videos? How am I supposed to stream knowing he might be watching?”


“What did he write?”




Yoongi nods at the journal still clutched in Jeongguk’s hand. “Was it just an autograph or did he say some shit like ‘thank you for supporting me’?


“I. I didn’t even check.”


Well ,” Yoongi says, shaking his head, obviously annoyed.


Jeongguk pauses before fumbling to open the page Jimin wrote on. 




There’s a lot of things I thought of saying. I’d rather we had more time. 




Text me when you can :)


Yours, Jimin. 


“Hyung, I might pass out.”



In the morning, while they board their flight, Jeongguk sends a text before putting his phone on airplane mode.


to: jimin

 hi! it’s jeongguk. i’m on my flight now, but i just wanted to say good morning, and i hope you slept well. let me know when you’re back in seoul, i’d love to hang out sometime :)



Jimin gets the text in the middle of breakfast with his three friends.


He rereads the text six times. 


“You get a text literally within twenty four hours and it’s been, what? Three days? And I haven’t heard anything from Yoongi! Like, what the hell, can't just tell me he’s not interested and move on?”


“I still can’t believe we left you both alone for three days and you both went and got boyfriends,” Seokjin says. “I feel like you should thank us.”


“We stayed an extra day to go to your cooking show, is that not enough?” Taehyung asks. “And also, he’s not my boyfriend. Did you miss the part where he’s been ignoring me?”


“I told you he’s probably busy,” Jimin tries, eyes still not leaving the text on his phone screen.


“How does JK, sorry, Jeongguk , have time then?”


“Maybe he’s taking things at his own pace,” Namjoon says. “Be patient, Tae. You even said he’s pretty reserved. He obviously expressed an interest in you, trust that he was being genuine. Let him get settled back home.”


Taehyung sighs, “You’re right, I’m being stupid.”


“That’s what I’ve been telling you this whole time!” Jimin says.


“Yeah, but when Joon says it I believe it.”


Taehyung dodges the spoon thrown at him and laughs when Seokjin scolds Jimin.


They finish breakfast and help Seokjin set up his station for his live cooking show. Jimin itches to reply to the text but decides to wait until they finish up and head back to the hotel.


to: jeongguk 

hi! sorry for the late reply, it’s been a busy day. my flight’s tomorrow, but i’ll be back a little after noon. maybe we can do dinner? let me know what works for you :)



Jeongguk has been cleaning since seven in the morning. 


Not that his apartment was filthy to begin with, but he’s trying his best to stay preoccupied to keep himself from hyper fixating on the fact that Park Jimin is coming over to his fucking apartment in about three hours.


When he got Jimin’s text, he practically shot up from where he was laying on the sofa, fingers rapidly tapping on his phone screen to let Jimin know that he was free all day. Eventually, they agreed to hang out at Jeongguk’s place for a simple night in with takeout and maybe some video games. Jimin’s idea, not his. 


It wasn’t a date, it was just hanging out but fuck getting to know Jimin in the comfort of Jeongguk’s own apartment terrifies him and excites him all at once. He wants to figure out who Jimin is, all his quirks and habits. What makes him smile and what makes him frown. Does he like rainy or sunny days? Winter or summer? 


Jeongguk’s phone rings loudly from where he set it on his kitchen island. He flips the screen to see an incoming Facetime call from Hoseok.




“Hey Hobi hyung,” he smiles. “What’s up?”


“I should be saying that to you,” Hoseok winks. “I heard a certain someone will be visiting you today.”


Jeongguk groans, “Yoongi hyung has a big ass mouth, you know?”


Hoseok laughs loudly, head thrown back and teeth shining in the lights of the dance studio. “He’s like an old lady, always gossiping. I can’t believe I missed the beginning of all this. I regret passing up Creator Con for the dance competition.”


“No you don’t.”


“You’re right, I don’t,” Hoseok says proudly. “I got first place.”


“Holy shit! Congratulations, hyung! Why didn’t you tell me sooner.”


“I didn’t wanna take away from your days in paradise. Also, do you want to tell me why Yoongi hyung has been grumpy since he got back? What did you do to him?”


Jeongguk gasps, “Bold of you to assume it was me!”


Hoseok gives him a stare. “Was it?”


“No! I think he’s trying to figure out if he wants a boyfriend or not.”


“Boyfriend? Wait, does this have to do with that one video of Jimin’s he kept watching before you two left? I think it was a Q&A or something?”


“He’s in love with Taehyung, Jimin’s friend, asked for his Twitter, and hasn’t done anything since then.”


“Ah, Yoongi,” Hoseok sighs. “You know, I’m gonna need hourly updates from you two the next time this happens. I hate being the last one to figure things out.”


“Sorry, hyung,” Jeongguk says sheepishly.


“Don’t apologize, Guk! I understand you’re both busy boys. I do have to go, though. Let me know how your date–”


“–It’s not a date–”


“–goes! Love you!”


Jeongguk puts his head against the cool counter, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.


It’s not a date, he reminds himself. Not a date.


God, he wants it to be a date. Especially when Jimin’s standing outside his front door, bare faced with his hair fluffy, wearing grey sweatpants and a lavender sweater that’s too big on him, and holding two bags of takeout. Jeongguk suddenly feels glad he stuck to his typical black sweats and black hoodie.


“I forgot to ask what you liked,” Jimin says before Jeongguk can say anything. “So I just got a bunch of stuff and figured you’d end up liking at least one thing.”


“I’m not picky,” Jeongguk laughs softly, motioning for Jimin to come in.


Jimin kicks his shoes off, placing them next to the door and letting Jeongguk take the food and start setting it up on the coffee table. They make themselves comfortable, Jeongguk puts on a random Marvel movie and sits on the opposite side of the sofa.


Things with Jimin are easy, he realizes. 


They talk about everything and anything that comes to mind. He finds out Jimin is from Busan too, and went to school only ten minutes away from him.


“You’re telling me I’ve barely missed you my whole life?” He says, watching as Jimin smiles and his eyes light up.


“Maybe things are going as they’re meant to.”


Jimin’s favorite color is orange. He loves romance movies, but hates crying. He had a guinea pig when he was five and named him Dog, and was devastated when he escaped his cage and never returned again. Taehyung has been his best friend for the last ten years, and he’s convinced that they’re the closest thing to platonic soulmates as any two people can get. He lives with Tae and his two other closest friends, Namjoon and Seokjin, who have been together for the last six years and are the closest thing he has to loving parents. He has a scar on his knee from his twentieth birthday when Seokjin dared him to do a backflip off a park bench, which resulted in him busting his knee open, needing twelve stitches, and having Namjoon yell at Seokjin for the two hours they were in the hospital.


He finds out that Jimin loves dance, and went to university with the hope to become a famous dancer, until he found Youtube and his life went a different route than expected. Unexpected, but good, Jimin said.


“You should meet Hoseok,” Jeongguk says, “he dances too and he has a studio! Maybe you guys can hang out.”


Jimin’s smile falters for a second before returning back to its original state. “Oh! Yeah, I watch his videos sometimes, he’s really talented.”


“He really is,” Jeongguk gushes, feeling proud of his best friend. “He’s so passionate, it’s amazing. I think you two would get along well.”


“How long,” Jimin pauses, focused on picking at a stray thread on his sweats. “Um, how long have you two been together.”


Jeongguk pauses. “What?”


“You and, um, Hoseok?”


Oh. Oh. “Oh, we’re not,” Jeongguk scratches the back of his neck nervously. “We’re just friends. I’m pretty single.”


Jimin looks up, small smile on his face. “Yeah?”




“What a coincidence. Me too.”


Jeongguk laughs, suddenly feeling giddy. “That’s– that’s good.”


There’s a shift in the air after that. Small touches, hands brushing against each other. Thighs touching as Jeongguk lets Jimin play Animal Crossing, teaching him to fish with a soft voice, hands unnecessarily touching as he shows what buttons to press and how to aim.


Jimin’s giggles are soft and settle comfortably in the depths of Jeongguk’s mind. He tries not to let his heart beat out of his chest when Jimin laughs at one of his jokes, letting his head rest on Jeongguk’s shoulder for the rest of the night as they go from playing games on Jeongguk’s Nintendo Switch to playing with each other’s fingers, too shy to hold hands but too bold to keep to themselves. Jeongguk hopes he’s reading this right, fuck, he’s praying he’s reading this right.


When their eyes threaten to close with every blink, they laugh and get up to stretch and bid their farewells.


“Let me drive you home,” Jeongguk says, taking in the smile Jimin gives him.


“Yeah, okay.”


Jimin’s apartment is only fifteen minutes away. Despite the short drive, they talk like they have all the time in the world. 


“You know,” Jimin starts quietly, “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life.”


“Me too,” Jeongguk admits, looking over to admire the street lights illuminating Jimin’s face. “It’s weird because normally with friends it takes me awhile for me to get comfortable. But with you, it’s nice. It’s easy.”


For a moment it looks like Jimin tenses, it happens so quickly it’s gone before Jeongguk can analyse it.  “Yeah,” he smiles and leaves it at that.

Jeongguk leaves Jimin with a hug and nothing else. Jimin does his best to not be disappointed, but Jeongguk’s words ricochet in his thoughts. 


Normally with friends . As in, he’s already categorized Jimin as just a friend.


There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Jeongguk doesn’t owe Jimin anything. Yes, he’s incredibly attractive. Yes, for a second Jimin thought they were both on the same page, both blushing at unintended touches and both leaning forward too often to be friendly. 


But, he’s reminded of the way Jeongguk is with Hoseok, and how he talks about Yoongi. It’s simply in the younger man’s nature to be affectionate with his friends to show that he appreciates and cares about them. 


So, Jimin focuses on the positive side of it. Jeongguk finds him worthy enough to be just as affectionate with him as he is with his closest friends. It’s more than he could ever ask for and he appreciates it.

Jimin enters his apartment with his heart a little heavy in his chest. He’s tempted to thump his head back against the front door and live out a scene from one of his preferred angst filled dramas. Unfortunately, he’s interrupted when the bright kitchen lights flicker on.


“What the fuck!” He hisses, eyes blinded.


“It’s almost midnight”


“Oh,” Jimin squints, realizing it’s just Taehyung standing in the middle of the kitchen in his obnoxious silk pajamas. “Why are you waiting for me?”


“I’m nosy and want to know how it went,” Taehyung smiles, making his way towards Jimin before dragging him to the sofa. “Tell. Me. Everything.”


Jimin can’t help the sad smile that spreads on his lips, “It was amazing. He’s the sweetest person in the world, and he’s so interesting and funny and… it’s like we’ve known each other for years.”


Taehyung raises his eyebrows. “I’m sensing a ‘but’,”


“But,” Jimin continues, “he sees me as just a friend.”


“Are you sure?” Taehyung asks, confused.


“Unfortunately. He pretty much made it clear that we’re just friends.”


“I’m sorry, hyung.”


“It’s fine! Honestly, I’m glad I can at least call him a friend.”


“I’m happy for you about that at least, Taehyung says, giving him a tight hug.


“Thank you,”


“Now, if only my man would just fucking try at least telling me anything. At this point, the silence is killing any type of feelings I had for him. Maybe he is an ass.”

The next morning, the apartment is greeted with a shriek from Taehyung’s bedroom piercing the air and causing Seokjin to drop the plate he was rinsing. 


“Taehyung-ah!” He yells angrily, trying his best to not step on the glass, “You better be getting fucking murdered!”


Jimin turns in the barstool he’s perched on when he hears Taehyung’s frantic footsteps making their way out his room and into the living room. 




Namjoon comes running out of his and Seokjin’s room, towel wrapped around his waist messily, “What the fuck is going on?!”


“Yoongi? Just now?” Jimin asks, getting up to meet Taehyung in the middle of the living room.


Seokjin and Namjoon crowd their space as well, looking over Taehyung’s shoulder in an attempt to see his phone. 


“Look,” Taehyung turns his phone so they all can read the shaking screen. 



i should start by apologizing. i’m sorry it took me a while to get back to you. i’ve been planning and editing like crazy since i got back in seoul, but i should’ve let you know right away instead of leaving you hanging. if i’m being honest, you make me pretty nervous lol. i’m not used to that.


you don’t have to forgive me, of course, i could never ask you to do that. but if it means anything, i’d like to make it up to you if you’re free tonight.



“I like him,” Namjoon says. “He seems nice.”


“I want to be mad but honestly I can’t bring myself to.” Taehyung panics, “What should I even say? Hi! I’ve been wanting to choke you ever since I left that stupid meet and greet because all I’ve wanted to do is kiss you and then you gave me hope and you crushed it but now you’re rebuilding it and I’m scared because I don’t want you to break my heart but for fucks sake you’re so  hot?


“Let’s go for something more subtle,” Namjoon suggests. “How about we start with, ‘thank you for apologizing’ and go from there.”


“No, here’s how I got Namjoon,” Seokjin says, rolling up his sleeves, “Tell him to come over and have dinner.”


“Oh my god,” Namjoon blinks, “ No , we were already friends and I was already in love with you, that’s the only reason that worked. Also, read the room.”


“I got it,” Taehyung interrupts, typing quickly. “There, sent.”



i hate you.


pick me up at 6. 



“That’s one way,” Jimin says.


A notification goes off just as the message sends. 



understood. i’ll see you then.



“Say thank you and—”


Taehyung hits send before Namjoon can finish. 



text me when ur here xxx-xxx



“Jesus Christ,” Namjoon throws his hands up and walks back into his room.


“Are you sure you actually wanna go out with him?” Jimin asks, watching as Taehyung throws himself on the sofa.


“More than anything,” he mumbles into the cushions. “I’m still gonna choke him, of course, but he better show me that he’s actually interested so I don’t get my hopes up. Again.”


Jimin can’t help to feel a small twinge of jealousy. It’s fine, he tries to assure himself. You’re fine, be happy for Taehyung. At least you have the privilege of knowing Jeongguk.


He tries to pretend that he doesn’t want more.



Jeongguk texts him later that night. 



did yoongi pull his head out of his ass and get Taehyung yet?



they actually just left lol. nice timing.


did you spend the last few days listening to yoongi’s complaints? or is he normal?



yes, unfortunately. u know, he tries to act like he doesn’t care but i think he cares too much sometimes.


also, he’s been nearly in love with tae ever since ur q & a video with him



god, don’t let tae know that lol 


he’s been convinced yoongi’s his soulmate for the last year. 


i actually let him be in my video because he let me know that yoongi watched my content sometimes lol i guess it worked !! 



you set them up?! i’m gonna hve to block ur number. ur the reason ive been dealing with grumpy yoongi





u cant see but im pouting rn :(



don’t do that




do what?



be cute

and dont say ur not because u know u are


Jimin’s thumbs hover over the screen as he reads the text over and over again, trying to make sure it says what he thinks it says. Friends can flirt, right? He flirts with Tae all the time, and Tae flirts with him. Hell, he even flirts with Seokjin and Namjoon, and they’re fine. He can flirt with Jeongguk. He can totally flirt with Jeongguk.



what if i want you to think im cute?


The grey conversation bubble reappears and disappears three times.



believe me

i think ur more than cute


Before Jimin can reply, Jeongguk sends a picture.



yoongi hyung says hi <3 lol


Just like that, the moment passes.



lol tell him i said hello !! im glad everything’s going good :)



me too :)

also, you can totally say no

but i was just about to game for a bit but i don’t wanna stop talking

do you wanna facetime


Jimin sits up from where he was laying down. Jeongguk’s seen him without makeup already, he doesn’t care about that. But his hair’s sticking out from every angle and the bags under his eyes look like they’re physically hurting him and–



also, i kind of want to just see ur face for a bit 


Fuck, It’s just Jeongguk .



of course! just call me when you're ready :)


Nearly ten seconds later his phone’s vibrating, Jeongguk’s face illuminating the screen once he answers.


“Hi,” Jeongguk smiles, adjusting his phone so it stands on its own and shows his torso and up from where he’s sitting at his gaming desk. He’s wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled over his dark, wavy hair that hangs over his forehead softly. Headphones sit on top of his hood with one side pulled back behind his ear so he can hear his phone.


Jimin lays down, setting his own phone against a pillow next to him and pulling his blanket up to bury the lower half of his face in it. “Whatcha playing?”


Jeongguk’s eyes flick over to look at Jimin. A small smile forms on his face before he focuses his attention back onto his computer. “I was gonna play some Battlefield. I haven’t played in a while, so I’m just hoping there’s some servers going that I can join.”


Jimin hums, “Fun. You always need company while you play?”


“Nah, I told you I wanted to see you.” Jeongguk makes a point to look at the cameras with wide eyes. “See? I’m seeing you.”


Jimin giggles, hand coming up to cover his face. “You’re ridiculous, Jeonggukie.”


Jeongguk perks up at the nickname. “For you, maybe.”


He watches as Jeongguk gets immersed in the game, mumbling curses every now and then and panicking when he knows he’s not gonna make it the full round. Jimin gives him words of encouragement whenever he deems it necessary and tries not to coo over the fact that Jeongguk very obviously lives for the praise.


“Ah, Jeonggukie,” Jimin says when Jeongguk’s avatar dies. “You know you can do better.”


“I’m trying!” Jeongguk insists. “It’s hard to focus when you’re all sleepy and cuddly in front of me!”


Jimin can feel his cheeks turn hot. “I’m–Jeonggukie, do I distract you?”


“I already said you know you’re cute,” Jeongguk says like he’s discussing the weather or something mundane and not like he’s making Jimin’s heart beat out of his chest. 


“I give it ten minutes before you die,” Jimin says, quickly changing the subject. Life isn’t fair. Why is it letting a cute boy flirt with him despite the fact that said cute boy sees him as only a friend? Life is fucking cruel.


Ten minutes –do you have any faith in me, Park Jimin?”


“It’s hyung to you, brat.”


“Yeah, yeah. As if you didn’t just doubt my abilities. Ten minutes. I’ll show you ten fucking minutes…”


Jeongguk lasts an hour and a half in the next round. He sits back, smugly looking at Jimin’s sleepy face as he shoots him a wink. “What’d I tell you?”


“Okay, I get it, you’re good,” Jimin yawns. “No need to brag.”


“I still like to.” Jeongguk picks up his phone, holding it close to his face. “I’ll let you go so you can sleep, hyung.”


“Mmm,” Jimin hums, letting his eyes flutter shut. “Thank you. This was fun.”


Jeongguk laughs softly. “Sweet dreams, Minie.”


Jimin’s in the kitchen, eating cereal and scrolling through Twitter when the front door opens. Taehyung walks in wearing a white shirt wrinkled and sweatpants that look too short on him, a big difference from the clean and polished version of himself that Jimin saw leave yesterday.


“So,” Jimin sings, letting a smirk form on his lips. “How’d it go?”


“Um,” Taehyung freezes in the middle of the living room. His hands play with the hem of shirt as he manages to mumble out, “It went… well.”


“Do tell.”


“Fine!” Taehyung yells, flinging his arms up. “We fucked on the first date! Happy? Is that what you wanted to hear? That he was a fucking sweetheart and held my hand the entire time and kissed me underneath the fucking stars and I let him take me to his apartment and have his way with me?!”


Jimin gapes at him. “I just wanted to know how the date went.”


“Fuck, Jimin, I’m gonna fall in love with him.”



Yoongi walks into Jeongguk’s apartment, plopping down on the sofa and ignoring the way Jeongguk and Hoesok stare at him from the kitchen.


“Your door’s unlocked.”


“That’s not an invitation!” Jeongguk yells as Hoseok says, “Yoonie!”


Yoongi shrugs, “I sent a text.”


Jeongguk checks his phone, “No you didn’t.”


“Alright, so I forgot to send it.”




“Why can Hobi be here but I can’t?”


“Because I’m Guk’s favorite,” Hoseok says proudly, nudging Yoongi aside so he can sit beside him. “Also, I knocked.”


“Can I help you?” Jeongguk sighs, giving up on getting Yoongi out and settling for enjoying the unexpected company. “Or are you here just for fun?”


“I think I’m gonna ask Taehyung to be my boyfriend.”


“Oh my God!” Hoseok squeals, “Yoonie! Good for you!”


Jeongguk chokes on his spit. “Already?”


“I know, it’s fucking weird,” Yoongi sighs, rubbing his hands over his face and running them through his blond hair. “But I don’t know. We talked for hours, hours , last night. And not once did I think oh my god, shut up . I wanted him to keep talking and laughing and smiling.”


“Well, shit.”


“Yeah,” Yoongi laughs softly. “Yeah, I know. I really like him, I’m not gonna waste time trying to do this ‘the right way’, there is no right way. This is how I feel, and I know he feels the same so I’m not gonna deprive us of that.”


“Good for you, hyung.”


“Yeah, you deserve to be loved,” Hoseok adds.


Yoongi looks at them. “What? No talking me out of it?”


“Why would we?” Jeongguk shrugs. “If it’s what you want, then do it. We support you.”


“Thank you guys. Hey, Guk, how are things with Jimin?”


“I’m not asking him to be my boyfriend anytime soon, that’s for sure,” Jeongguk says dryly.


Hoseok pouts. “Oh no.”


Yoongi raises his eyebrows. “That bad?”


The younger man sighs. “No, it’s not bad. Like, the first night we hung out it was great and I thought we hit it off but… I’ll try flirting or teasing and sometimes he goes with it and other times he just shuts down and changes the subject. It’s weird.”


“Maybe he’s just nervous,” Hoseok tries. “Does he seem like he hates it?” 


Jeongguk shakes his head. 


“Then keep trying,” Yoongi adds. “ unless he tells you to stop. You never know, maybe he just needs to warm up to you.”


“Yeah, yeah probably.” Jeongguk leans back, taking in Yoongi’s appearance. “Hey, what’s on your neck?”


Yoongi’s hand slaps over the mark. “Fuck, I told him no marks.”


Jeongguk cackles, “Yoongi hyung, you got laid ?!”


“Why am I always late to these things?!” Hoseok gasps, prying Yoongi’s hand away to get a closer look.


“Aish, both of you, shut your fucking mouths.”



Jimin sees Jeongguk again two weeks later after finding time in their schedules. They texted and Facetimed throughout the days, but it wasn’t the same. Jimin hates to admit he misses seeing Jeongguk’s face outside of a phone and computer screen. 


This time, they agree to go out for coffee and a walk since the weather is cooling down and autumn is around the corner. 


Jimin meets Jeongguk in front of the coffee shop where the younger man stands, two coffees already in hand. 


“How do you know I’ll like this?” Jimin teases, taking the drink Jeongguk offers him. 


“I remember in one of your videos you said you don’t like sweet things that much,” Jeongguk says, stuttering slightly over his words as his cheeks turn pink. “I’m sorry, I know that’s weird—“


“It’s not,” Jimin quickly reassured him with a smile. “I appreciate it, Guk.”


They take a walk to the park and follow a worn out trail that runs next to a river and weaves in between trees and bushes.

Jimin listens to Jeongguk talk about an idea he has for a stream, consisting of letting his followers pick any game for him to play. The major rule being that he can’t see what the game is about at all, forcing him to play blindly. Jimin encourages the idea, not just to see the smile that takes up Jeongguk’s face, but because it really is a good idea. Jeongguk seems passionate about the content he puts out, making it his main goal to involve his fans in his videos as much as he can. Jimin admires him, on and off screen.


They find a bench to rest on. Jimin takes a second to throw their now empty drinks into the bin next to the bench before sitting down. Jeongguk wastes no time putting his head on Jimin’s shoulder once he gets settled and sighing softly.


“I feel like I could nap here.”


Jimin hums in agreement. The sun is warm on the side of their faces and a gentle breeze floats through the air. He could probably close his eyes and be out in less than five minutes. He looks at Jeongguk, taking a second to admire him while the other’s eyes are closed.


He notices a freckle under Jeongguk’s lip and another near his nostril. There’s a tiny scar on his left cheekbone, and Jimin makes a mental note to ask him about it another day. 


Jeongguk’s beauty is simple yet overwhelming. Jimin can feel the way his stomach erupts in butterflies when Jeongguk’s eyes flutter open to look at him and a soft smile adorns his lips.


“You’re very beautiful, Jiminie.”


Jimin blushes, looking away and towards a leaf that makes its way down from the tree text to them and onto Jimin’s lap. He picks it up, tucking it behind Jeongguks ear, earning him one of the younger man’s bunny smiles that he’s grown to adore. He lets his fingers brush against the scar on Jeongguk’s cheeks and pulls his hand away when he’s tempted to lean in and press a kiss to it.


“Am I pretty enough for you?” Jeongguk jokes, fluttering his eyelashes at Jimin.


“You’re always pretty, Jeongukkie.”



“Please,” Jeongguk begs, following Jimin into his apartment. “I’ll stay out of frame, I promise!”


“Jeongguk, I was already gonna say yes, you don’t have to beg,” Jimin says, setting his bag down and kicking off his shoes when Jeongguk does.


“Yes!” Jeongguk cheers, hugging Jimin from behind and hooking his chin on the older man’s shoulder. “I promise I’ll be good, you won’t hear a word from me.”


Jimin chuckles and rests his hands on top of where Jeongguk’s sit on his stomach. “You don’t have to be quiet, Gukkie. You can talk, I'll just edit it out.”


“But if I’m quiet that’s less work for you.”


“Always so sweet.” Jimin leads them into his bedroom.


Jeongguk takes it upon himself to jump into Jimin’s bed, making himself comfortable on the mountain of pillows Jimin likes to keep, and going on his phone. Jimin takes the opportunity to set up while Jeongguk is distracted.


Over the last month they’ve found themselves attached to the hip. Jimin got used to all the affection, willing his heart to settle down every time Jeongguk touches him because he knows he means it in a platonic manner.


It’s hard, though. Mostly because Jeongguk is really touchy. It seems like any time he has the opportunity, he’s going out of his way to hug Jimin, or tangle their fingers together. Sometimes, Jimin has to pry himself from Jeongguk’s grasp so he doesn’t do something stupid like kiss him. 


Jimin turns on his ring light and fiddles with his camera before deeming the angle and lighting acceptable.


“Filming,” Jimin warns Jeongguk when he turns the camera on. Jeongguk gives him a thumbs up, miming zipping his lips and throwing away the key and earning a laugh from Jimin.


“Hello,” Jimin greets, “I hope you're all well. Today’s been a good day,” he glances at Jeongguk briefly, matching his smile before focusing back on the camera. “I hope it’s a good day for all of you as well! Today, we’ll be doing some breathing exercises along with some words of affirmation. It’s been a while since I’ve done a video like that, so here we are! Get comfortable, settle down, and relax.”


From the side, Jimin can see Jeongguk send him two supportive thumbs up before replacing them with finger hearts, and can’t help the giggle that makes it past his lips. He makes a note to edit that part out.


“Alright, let’s close our eyes and take a slow, deep breath in. Hold it in for one, two, three, four, five. Good, now exhale for one, two, three, four, five. Good, you’re doing well. Let’s do that a few more times. Let your mind go blank, focus on your breathing and my voice if you’d like.” He repeats the exercise. “Alright, keep doing that. It may seem like things are maybe not the best at the moment, or stress may be getting to you, but know that in the end, things do get better. You will get better. And if you feel alone, remember there is a person in Korea, in the city of Seoul, who understands you, and who is proud of you.”


He continues with such words and exercises for another twenty minutes, ending the video with a gentle outro before turning the camera off.


“Hey Jeonggukie–” he pauses when he turns towards the younger man, and his heart nearly combusts at the sight.


Jeongguk lays on his side, arm tucked under his head and eyes shut, soft snores coming from his parted lips. Jimin lets his expression melt into a fond one he’s been finding himself having lately. As carefully and quietly as he can, he grabs a spare blanket from his closet and drapes it over Jeongguk. 


He grabs his laptop and camera and slowly lays on the other side of the bed, working on editing so he can let the younger man sleep. He throws himself into his work, taking breaks every few minutes to rub Jeongguk’s back or play with his hair, earning small noises of content from the sleeping man.


Jeongguk wakes up two hours later, wiping away a small trail of drool that made it out of his mouth and onto his cheek. He turns towards Jimin with scrunched eyebrows and tired, squinted eyes. 


He rubs his eyes and rasps out, “What time is it?” 


Jimin checks his phone. “A little past six.”


Jeongguk stretched, sitting up to drape himself over Jimin’s lap and nuzzling his head into the older man’s chest. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to fall asleep. I was trying to do the breathing exercises with you but your voice is so soothing.”


Jimin lets his nails softly scratch Jeongguk’s scalp. “Don’t apologize. Did you sleep well?” 


Jeongguk nods. “Yeah. Don’t stop, please. That feels nice.”


“Your wish is my command.” 


Jimin keeps editing as Jeongguk makes it obvious that he has no intention of moving off of him. He doesn’t mind. Instead, he lets himself enjoy the warmth radiating onto him and checks on Jeongguk every few minutes to make sure he’s okay. Eventually, Jeongguk ends up dozing off again. 


Taehyung opens the door to the room suddenly, mouth opened to most likely start yelling, before shutting once he notices both men. He raises an eyebrow when Jimin hushes him.


“I didn’t even say anything!” He whispers, earning a scowl from Jimin. “But okay, I’ll leave you lovebirds alone.” He goes to back out the room before pointing at Jimin, “‘Doesn't like you’ my ass.



When Friday rolls around, it’s Jimin’s turn to disrupt Jeongguk’s video.


“Gukkie, it’s fine I’ll just leave,” Jimin insists, putting his shoes on as Jeongguk pulls on his sleeve.


“No! Please stay,” Jeongguk pouts. 


“I don’t wanna disturb you!”


“You won’t, I promise, hyung,” he pulls on Jimin’s sleeve harder, beckoning him to follow Jeongguk. “I want you here, it’s not disturbing me if I’m the one asking you to stay. You can just sit on the sofa or pull up a chair out of frame or something, pleeease, Jimin.”


Jimin sighs, letting his shoulders drop in defeat and toeing off his shoes. “Okay, fine. You’ve convinced me.”


“Yes!” Jeongguk cheers, reminding Jimin of the other day at his apartment. “Let’s go, I have to start soon.”


Jeongguk gets him a blanket and ushers him onto the small, black two seater sofa shoved off to the side of his desk. Jimin watches as Jeongguk pulls his headphones on and starts up his programs, double checking his cameras and lighting before turning to Jimin.


“If you need anything let me know, I’ll only have one side of my headphones on. If you don’t feel comfortable talking, just text me,” he holds his phone up and makes a show of placing it next to his keyboard, “I’ll have it here so I can see it better.”


“I’ll be fine, Gukkie,” Jimin laughs, ignoring the need to pepper kisses all over Jeongguk’s face. 


Jeongguk nods and turns away to begin the stream. “Hello, everyone. I’ll wait until I have more people join. Yeah, yeah we’ll do some Call of Duty today. Nope, no MarioKart. Maybe next week? Let me know what you guys want to see.” He chuckles when he reads a comment, shaking his head. “Yeah, I’ll be playing with Suga. I know he’s streaming too, but who’s more important? That’s right, me. So if you click off to go watch him, you’re fake.”


Jimin rolls his eyes fondly, but opens his phone to join Jeongguk’s stream even though he’s witnessing it in real time. One view is still a view that he’ll happily give.


After five minutes, Jeongguk finally starts playing and Jimin decides that it’s easier to watch on his phone since he can’t see the monitors from where he sits.


“Alright where the fuck is this sniper?” Jeongguk curses when his character collapses dead on screen.

Who the fuck chose Piccadilly? This is the worst map for–fucking shit!” Yoongi’s voice comes through suddenly. “ I might fucking rage quit, but only if JK does.”


“No way,” Jeongguk says. “I’m on my first kill streak. I'm not ruining it because you want to be a brat.”


I’m not a brat you little shit I just hate this map!


“Excuses,” Jeongguk hums. 


I think I found the sniper, meet me next to the double decker.


Jimin watches as Jeongguk’s character makes its way towards the red bus where Yoongi’s character is already waiting.


“Alright, where–” Jeongguk is interrupted by an explosion that throws his and Yoongi’s characters in the air, killing them instantly. “WHAT THE FUCK?!”




Jimin can’t help the laugh that he lets out, quickly muffling it with his hand so he’s not heard by Jeongguk’s viewers.


Jeongguk notices, though, head turning to the side to look at Jimin. “You think that’s funny?” His voice is soft despite the confrontation. 


Jimin smiles and nods, pinching his fingers together. A little. He quickly shoots Jeongguk a finger heart that makes him laugh before turning back to his monitor. 


Who’re you talking to?” Yoongi asks as they respawn and continue playing.


“No one,” Jeongguk sing songs, and winks at the camera. 


Out of curiosity, Jimin looks at the comments.


jksbff76: i totally heard a laugh, jk has a bf????


swoonieie: jk totally has a girl over lollllll did you see how he looked at them????


kingjks002: the way some of u still think he’s straight when he’s literally sai d he’s not……. anyways who’s ur bf jk?


It seems like Jeongguk hasn’t noticed the comments as he continues to play and banter with Yoongi. Jimin tries not to scream at the fact that he’s already Jeongguk’s speculated boyfriend, and ignores the way he wishes it was true.



“Well, well, well,” Seokjin says from the sofa when Jimin walks into the living room. “If it isn’t JK’s mysterious boyfriend.”


Jimin glares at Taehyung, “Really? You’ve been gossiping with Seokjin hyung?”


“Hey!” Seokjin pouts, “I’m fun to gossip with.”


“Yes you are,” Namjoon assures him when his boyfriend looks at him for reassurance.


“We all watched the livestream,” Taehyung says. “We were simply observing, not gossiping.”


“How’d you even know it was me in Jeongguk’s stream?”


“Oh, please ,” Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Jeongguk only looks at one person with heart eyes and that’s you.”


“I second that,” Namjoon chimes in.


“Third!” Seokjin joins.


Jimin sighs, sitting down next to Taehyung and resting his head on his shoulder. “Let’s not put these ideas in my head, please. I can’t take any more pining.”


“Jiminie, how are you so oblivious?” Taehyung asks. 


“I’m not, I just know Jeongguk, okay?”


“Obviously not!”


“Drop it,” Jimin begs, “please.”


Taehyung presses his lips together and lets it go.



Jeongguk watches as Jimin tilts his head and pouts slightly. He can’t help the fond smile that spreads on his lips, Jimin’s just so fucking pretty it hurts.


“Jimin hyung,” he says, waiting until Jimin turns away from his editing and gives his attention to Jeongguk. “How are you so beautiful?”


“Jeongguk-ah!” Jimin scolds, cheeks painted pink. “Let me do my work.”


Jeongguk sighs, busying himself with an email from his sponsor of the month. He tries, he really does, to let Jimin know how much he likes him and how amazing he is. Jimin is always quick to shut him down with a blush or a change of subject. Maybe, Jeongguk thinks, he’s convinced himself that Jimin might have some sort of feelings for him.


He buries that thought when he thinks of the way Jimin brushes his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair, or on his back when he can sense that the younger man is stressed. Or the way he looks at Jeongguk when he goes on one of his random tangents that has nothing to do with what they had been talking about previously. And when he goes out of his way to pick up food for Jeongguk when he knows the gamer is too focused on a stream or video to make time to eat. 


It’s the little things, Jeongguk thinks, that give him hope.


So, for now he settles for the way Jimin glances at him when he thinks he’s not looking, and the way Jimin leans back into Jeongguk’s touch. 


He won’t push, He’d wait eternity for Jimin.



Taehyung bows formally towards the four men seated on the sofa in front of him.


“Thank you, gentlemen for joining me for this important meeting. Today, I will be presenting Operation: Jimin Is Stupid and Jeongguk Is Too Patient.”


“I thought you wanted to make us rewatch Twilight,” Seokjin interrupts, being hushed by Yoongi.


“Let him speak,” Yoongi says.


“Thank you, baby,” Taehyung smiles, clasping his hands together and admiring the blush on Yoongi’s cheeks before continuing. “This is a very important operation. I’m sure we’re all exhausted of Jimin convincing himself that Jeongguk sees him as just a friend, and of Jeongguk convincing himself that Jimin is aware of his advances.” Namjoon, Seokjin and Hoseok nod in unison and Yoongi gives a hum in agreement. “Exactly. So, let’s try taking things into our own hands.”



The impromptu movie night takes Jimin by surprise. A pleasant surprise, nevertheless, but they haven’t all hung out in one place since they celebrated Jeongguk reaching two million subscribers over a month ago. Sure, they all agreed they should get together more often, but he thought there would be at least a little bit of planning involved. 


But when Hoseok and Yoongi showed up a little past nine pm, confusing the fuck out of JImin, all Taehyung says is, “Oh! Sorry, I forgot to mention, I invited Yoongi, and Hoseok over so we could all have a movie night! Jeongguk should be here soon too, so you might wanna get dressed.”


So, he puts on a nicer sweater and some leggings he stole from Taehyung and happily greets Jeongguk when he shows up in grey sweats and a simple white t-shirt.


“Did you know about this?” Jeongguk whispers as Jimin makes popcorn.


“No, I found out when Yoongi and Hoseok hyung were standing in the middle of the living room with no explanation.”


They both shrug it off, making their way towards the living room. The only two spaces left are on the far right side of the main sofa, next to Taehyung and Yoongi. Jimin looks at where Seokjin lays across Namjoon’s lap on the smaller sofa and where Hoseok is laying on a pile of pillows on the floor.


“Hoseok hyung, you can take this spot. I’m fine with the floor,” Jimin offers.


“Nope!” Hoseok smiles widely, “I’m actually very comfortable right where I am. Too comfortable, actually. Very comfortable, don’t mind me!’ He laughs forcefully, earning a kick from Seokjin that makes him stop.


“Okay, just say the word and we can switch.”


Jimin chooses the spot next to the armrest, and Jeongguk settles in the middle next to Yoongi.


Taehyung excitedly starts the movie, telling everyone to shut the fuck up and pay close attention to the message it sends.


Jeongguk’s arm makes its way around Jimin’s shoulder and pulls him close, and Jimin happily rests his head on his shoulder. 


From his left, he can faintly hear Taehyung mouthing words, but when he goes to look his best friend’s focus is intensely on the movie.


“Watch the fucking movie,” Taehyung hisses when he feels Jimin looking at him instead of the TV.


It’s a decent movie, Jimin thinks. The plot revolves around two friends, one of them is hopelessly in love with the other, convinced that they’re strictly stuck in the friendzone. Both of them, in attempts to get over the other one, go through ridiculous hookups and relationships before realizing that there’s no way they’ll get over one another. At the end, it’s revealed during an intense kiss in the rain, that they both have loved each other the entire time. It’s cliche, but an enjoyable watch.


When the credits roll, Jimin looks away and jumps when he sees five pairs of beady eyes staring back at him.


“That was good,” Jeongguk says, stretching and failing to notice the eyes are on him as well. 


“That’s it?” Yoongi pushes.


“Yeah?” Jeongguk adds. “What, was there, like a deeper meaning?”


“There should’ve been,” Yoongi mumbles, rubbing his eyes and leaning back. “I mean, there should BE.” 


He says the last word loudly and in English, causing Jeongguk to turn towards him. “Are you okay?”


“Just dandy. Hey, baby, can you grab me that water?”


Taehyung nods and leans forward to grab a cup filled with water that sits on the coffee table. He offers it to Yoongi who accepts it with a sigh, holding it in his left hand, the one closest to Jeongguk.


“Oh no!” Taehyung exclaims dramatically, hand pushing the drink out of Yoongi’s hand causing it to spill all over Jeongguk’s shirt. “Oh how clumsy of me! Forgive me, Jeongguk!”


“Uh, it’s okay,” Jeongguk says, pinching the shirt between his pointer and middle finger to hold the soaked fabric away from his skin. 


“Jesus, Tae,” Jimin sighs, getting up, “I’ll go get a towel–”


“NO!” Seokjin yells, standing up suddenly and startling everyone, “Um, no, we don’t have any towels.”


Jimin blinks. “We don’t have any towels?”


“Yes!” Namjoon speaks up this time, “We.. lost them all. In the laundry room.”


“They’re probably somewhere in there,” Jimin says, starting to step away from the sofa.


“They’re not, we checked!” Seokjin presses. “Don’t bother, Jiminie, it’s fine.”


“Um, this is getting sticky,” Jeongguk says awkwardly.


“I’m sure Jimin has an extra shirt for you,” Hoseok speaks up this time.


“Oh, he absolutely does!” Taehyung exclaims, “Go on, Jeongguk, Jimin! We’ll wait right here for you both.”


Jimin and Jeongguk share a confused glance towards each other, and then towards the other men who all stare back with smiles that are too wide to be natural.

“You guys are weird,” Jimin says, pulling Jeongguk along.


When they disappear behind Jimin’s door, the five men let out a collective sigh.


“You sure that’s gonna work?” Namjoon asks nervously.


“Oh, absolutely,” Hoseok says, nodding. “Jeongguk works out and believe us when we say it shows . There’s definitely gonna be some tension that’ll be hard to avoid.”

Jimin digs through his drawers, looking for a shirt that’ll hopefully fit Jeongguk decently.


“Is it me or are they actually really fucking weird,” Jimin says, eyeing an old, oversized tee and holding it up to his own chest to make sure it’s close to Jeongguk’s size. 


“No, they definitely are,” Jeongguk says from behind him.


“Like, a random movie night? Without even telling us? I’m starting to think that–” the words die down in Jimin’s throat when he turns around and comes face to face with a very shirtless Jeongguk. 


Jeongguk points to the shirt, “That for me?”


Jimin can barely focus on his words, instead zeroing in on his tiny waist in contrast with his broad shoulders and the muscles that shift as he grabs the shirt and goes to pull it on.


“Yeah,” Jimin finally says, clearing his throat. “Does, um. Does it fit okay?”


“It fits perfect, Thank you, Minie,” Jeongguk smiles and pulls Jimin into a hug before ruffling his hair. “Let’s go see if we can convince them to play MarioKart.”


Jimin follows him, the moment already forgotten.


When they go back into the living room, the silence is thick.


“So,” Jeongguk claps his hands. “MarioKart?”


Jimin thinks he can see Taehyung’s eye twitch. “”M-MarioKart?” Yoongi rubs his thigh in a way that looks comforting. 


It’s an awkward few rounds, none of them speaking and most of them looking overly annoyed any time Jeongguk or Jimin say anything.


Jeongguk is the first to quit and call it a night.


“Sorry guys, but I have to be up early to download an early release of some game I’m supposed to sponsor,” he apologizes, standing up. “But thanks for tonight! I had a lot of fun.”


“Yeah, okay, Jimin walk him out,” Taehyung shoves Jimin towards Jeongguk, waving them out the door and shutting it a little too forcefully.


They’re left alone with nothing but the stars and the moon.


“We should all do this more,” Jeongguk says. “It’s nice having both our little groups become one.”


“I know,” Jimin laughs, looking down in hopes to escape Jeongguk’s overwhelming stare. He should be used to it by now, but it seems like it gets harder every day. “Hopefully we get a warning next time.”


“Yeah,” Jeongguk says, reaching forward to pull Jimin into a hug. “I’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully. If you’re not too busy.”


“Never too busy for you,” Jimin mumbles into his chest.


They pull away, eyes meeting for a second before looking away.


“Goodnight, Jimin hyung.”


“Goodnight, Jeonggukie–”


Oh for fucks sake! ” A voice yells from inside.


The front door opens and Yoongi sticks his head out, yelling, “Jimin, Jeongguk fucking likes you, not in a friends way but in a he wants to fuck you kind of way. He thinks he’s made it painfully obvious, but obviously he hasn’t considering we’ve had to watch you two pine over each other for months. Jeongguk, for fucks sake, not everyone can read your fucking mind, just tell him you want to kiss his pretty face and stop making everyone have an aneurysm over your dumbasses!”


He slams the door shut, leaving Jimin and Jeongguk alone in the moonlight’s glow.


“What?” Jimin turns to look at Jeongguk, who looks back at Jimin. “You like me?”


Jeongguk rolls his eyes, “I thought you knew I liked you!”


Jimin pauses, staring at Jeongguk, not even bothering to close his mouth that is hanging open. “What?”


“Hyung, I’ve been flirting with you every second of everyday, I’ve cuddled you multiple times, I hold your hand almost every second we’re together. Fuck, I let you kill my Call of Duty streak! What do you mean what ?”


“I just. I thought you treated all your friends like that?” Jimin cringes as the sentence comes out as a question. Slowly, everything begins to make sense. Now that he thinks of it, he’s never even touched Yoongi. And it’s always Hobi touching Jeongguk, not the other way around. “I’m an idiot.”


“In any other situation I’d jump to remind you that you’re not, but yeah, Jimin you’re a fucking idiot.”


Jeongguk doesn’t let him reply. Instead he closes the distance between them, hands cupping Jimin’s face and pressing their lips together before Jimin can process what’s happening. The kiss is soft, lips moving against each other gently trying to savor every second. Jimin’s hands rest against Jeongguk’s ribs and he can feel the way Jeongguk’s breath hitches when Jimin deepens the kiss.


Jeongguk breaks away to kiss Jimin’s nose and then forehead, hugging the older man close to his chest. “How could I not like you?” He mutters into Jimin’s hair. “You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.”


“You are too,” Jimin replies, resting his head in the crook of Jeongguk’s neck. “I’m sorry.”


“Let me take you on a date and I’ll forgive you.”


Jimin pulls back to press a firm kiss onto Jeongguk’s lips, “Yes, please.”


A while back, Jimin remembers reading something about falling in love. How it happens over time, and then suddenly, all at once. He thinks he finally understands as he pulls back and sees the way Jeongguk looks at him, lips pink and his teeth peeking through as he smiles widely.


Jeongguk makes grabby hands towards Jimin, beckoning him to sit on his lap.


“You’re streaming,” Jimin whispers, trying his best to stay out of frame. “I just came in to let you know that dinner just got here. Do you want it here or do you want me to wait for you?”


“We can eat together,” Jeongguk says, reaching towards Jimin again. “C’mon, come say hi before I get off.”


Jimin rolls his eyes but listens anyway, sitting on Jeongguk’s lap and letting him roll the chair back to where he originally was before Jimin came in.


“Look who came to say hello!” Jeongguk says. 


“Hello,” Jimin waves shyly. “Sorry for interrupting, you all know he’s stubborn.”


“Yes, he is very pretty,” Jeongguk answers one of the comments left by his fans. He kisses Jimin’s neck quickly, wrapping his arms around his waist and squeezing him. “Feel free to let him know that always.”


Jimin smacks his arm lightly, “Aish, Gukkie. Don’t encourage them.”


“Oh, look, kingjks002 says we’re the cutest couple on the internet, isn’t that sweet?”


“It is sweet,” Jimin laughs, getting up from Jeongguk’s hold and giving him a kiss when he whines at the loss. “As sweet as it is, I’m very hungry so I’m gonna go serve myself. Bye!”


He gives a quick wave before leaving the room, going to close the door softly. He pauses when he hears Jeongguk speaking.


“How did we meet? Oh, we met at Creator Con! Well. officially. I had a huge crush on him before we even met, I mean have you seen him? How could I not? I’m honestly surprised he liked me back, but hey! I can’t complain. I got a great boyfriend out of it… No, I will not do a Boyfriend Tag video, this is a gaming channel, come on guys. Alright, I have to head out, I’m too hungry for this shit. As always, thank you for tuning in, this stream will be uploaded by tomorrow ten in the morning, Korean standard time. I’ll see you guys on Tuesday for the next video! Goodnight!”


Jimin smiles, heading towards the kitchen to split the takeout between the two plates he set out. He feels Jeongguk hug him from behind, hooking his chin over Jimin’s shoulder as always.


“You know I love you, right?” Jimin asks, focusing on dividing the noodles evenly.


Jeongguk kisses the side of his head three times. “I know, and I love you. Very much.”


It’s easy, he thinks. It’s easy loving Jeon Jeongguk.