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“Do you have to leave?”

Jeongguk can’t see Jimin’s face from where he’s sprawled out on his bed across the room but he can still feel his boyfriend’s dramatic eye roll all the way from the closet where he’s busy plucking shirts and hoodies from hangers and draping them over his shoulder. He’s spent the better part of two hours doing his last-minute packing for his trip. The dreaded trip.

“No, Jeongguk. This is only the most important event of my entire life so far, but I’ll just call them up and say sorry, I can’t make it because my boyfriend wants to stay in bed for the next two weeks and have sex and watch anime.”

“Hey.” Jeongguk scrunches his nose, picking at the sheet under his hands. “I’d take you out to dinner, too.”

Jimin snorts into the pile of clothes in his arms as he carries them back to the bed, dropping them unceremoniously into the suitcase at Jeongguk’s hip. “How romantic of you.”

He hates that suitcase.

“You’ll call me every night, right?” Jeongguk asks, pulling back onto his knees and accepting a hoodie that Jimin tosses into his lap, laying it on the bed in front of him so he can help him fold it.

“You know I will.”

“And we can video chat sometimes?”

“My laptop was the first thing I packed.” Jimin pats the laptop bag sitting next to the suitcase.

“And on Sunday evening we can watch anime like we always do on Sunday nights?”

“As long as my team doesn’t have anything planned I’m all yours.”

Jeongguk pokes his tongue into his cheek and goes silent, nestling the now-folded hoodie into the suitcase. Jimin’s answers have satisfied him, but he’s still going to miss him a lot. Ever since they started dating a little over a year ago they’ve been inseparable, hardly spending a night alone in favor of trading time at each other’s apartments. He runs his fingers over Jimin’s blanket— it’s warm and soft and smells like him. He’ll miss it.

“I’m only leaving for two weeks,” Jimin says softly. Warm fingers dance under his chin and he tils his head up to meet Jimin’s eyes, heart thudding at the tender, private smile playing on his lips. “And your fall break will line up perfectly with when I get back, so we can spend every second together until you go back for finals in winter. Plus, you’ll be busy helping Jin and Yoongi prepare for their big move and send off party next weekend.”

Jeongguk runs his hand down Jimin’s arm and then links their fingers together, brushing the pad of his thumb over his knuckles before tugging a little bit. Jimin giggles, taking the hint, and lets Jeongguk gently pull him onto the bed until their knees knock together and their faces are just inches apart.

“I don’t want to go to the party without you,” Jeongguk says, staring down at their linked fingers. He knows he sounds unbelievably clingy right now but he can’t help it. He’s gotten so used to having Jimin’s warm, bright presence around and he’s afraid of feeling lonely while he’s away. He can’t imagine waking up in the morning without being able to roll over and wrap his arms around his waist. The whole thing puts a sour taste in his mouth and tears a pit of anxiety deep in his gut.

“We can spend every Halloween together after this.” Jimin slides his hand to the back of Jeongguk’s neck, toying with the hairs at his nape.

“Can we wear couple costumes?”

Jimin laughs brightly. “I don’t think going as Light Yagami and L from Death Note counts as couple costumes, baby.”

Jeongguk scoffs. “I may not have been paying very close attention when we watched it together because it was, like, the second week we got together and you kept touching me and my dick was so hard I had twenty percent of the regular amount of blood in my brain, but I think even an idiot could see the unmistakable homoerotic enemies to lovers tension between them throughout the entire show. Don’t patronize me.”

Jimin throws his head back and roars with laughter, grabbing Jeongguk by his hoodie strings and yanking him into his chest into a full-on bear hug. Jeongguk breathes deep, nuzzling into Jimin’s collarbone. He always smells so good, like frosted vanilla cupcakes, and somehow his skin is always so warm even with the autumn chill blowing in through the cracked window at their back.

It’s going to be a long two weeks.

“I’ll miss you,” Jimin mumbles into the hair on Jeongguk’s crown, kissing his words and then giving his shoulders another tight squeeze before pulling away and sliding backwards off the bed to resume packing. Jeongguk chases his touch but reigns himself in, not wanting to look any needier than he already is. He frowns as he watches Jimin cross the room again, this time to his jewelry box and necklace tree where he starts picking shining silver chains and draping them over his fingers.

“I’ll bring you back a souvenir from Osaka. I’ll try to dip into the lewd section of one of those big Japanese doujin stores and bring you back a big stack of narusasu. As long as none of my instructors are with me— that might be hard to explain.”

Jeongguk sighs dramatically, slapping a hand over his heart and squeezing at his hoodie. “You’re so good to me.”

Jeongguk manages to hold back his tears when he bids Jimin farewall at the gate, giving him a tender goodbye that consists mostly of a hug so long and tight that Jimin is struggling to claw himself free just minutes before the plane is set to depart. That night, when Jeongguk gets back to his apartment, he finds the soft grey blanket from Jimin’s bed folded nicely on his dresser with a little handwritten i love you, don’t miss me too much note placed delicately on top. When he brings it to his nose it smells like vanilla cupcakes.

Jeongguk is acutely aware of how dramatic the two of them are— Jimin is only going to be gone for two weeks. He hates how it feels like a year.

But life does go on, and Jeongguk has his last midterm to study for creeping close. He spends the next few days doubling down on his studies, spending late nights on campus with books stacked above his head and a bag full of energy drinks and doubleshot espressos, texting Jimin when he has moments of caffeine-induced lucidity between library naps.

It isn’t until Jimin’s third night in Japan that Jeongguk’s laptop rings across his bedroom with a video call notification that he’d come home early in anticipation of when his boyfriend had sent him a free tonight! text peppered with heart and blushing emojis. Jeongguk practically falls over his own feet as he flies across the room, hitting answer the second he lands in his seat.

Jimin is bright-faced, legs crossed in front of him where he sits at the end of a pristine white hotel bed with a fluffy robe wrapped around his shoulders. His hair is damp and skin scrubbed pink, a tired smile on the edges of his lips as he towel tries his hair.

“Jeonggukie,” Jimin says affectionately, his smile deepening. “You look happy to see me.”

Jeongguk scratches at his head sheepishly, sinking into his chair. “I may have just sprinted across my bedroom— I just really, really miss you.”

“I miss you, too.” There’s a heaviness in his limbs when he drops the towel into his lap and shifts, the bathrobe crawling up his thigh and exposing a long stretch of bare, golden skin. Jeongguk’s eyes linger there for a second before snapping back up to Jimin’s face. “My dance crew and instructors invited me out to a celebratory dinner for our first successful performance tonight but I couldn’t wait to get here and call you so I just grabbed some food on the way back and came straight here to call you.”

Jeongguk frowns. “You didn’t have to do that. I want you to go out and have fun, not worry about me.”

Jimin scoffs. “This is fun. You think I wanna sit around with a ton of people I hardly know over an awkward dinner rather than be sitting right here talking to you? Yeah, right.”

“You’re gonna make me blush.” Jeongguk scrubs his hands over his face and then leans over his desk closer to the webcam as if he’d be able to climb inside and teleport straight to Osaka. “You look so exhausted.”

“God.” Jimin laughs. “I thought I knew what tired was from all the late night practicing when preparing for dance meets but this is a whole new level. It’s like packing all of that practice into one or two days. My legs feel like paper weights.” He reaches down to massage at his calves, wincing when his fingers dig into the skin. They look tough and tight, and Jeongguk’s heart aches at the sight.

“I wish I could give you a massage,” he says, twisting a piece of hair between his fingers. “I’d take such good care of you if I was there.”

Jimin giggles. “Yeah? How would you do that?”

“I’d draw you a long, hot bath. With bubbles from that vanilla soap you always use.” He watches as Jimin’s eyes fall shut and his hand drifts to his shoulder, rubbing at the skin with the pads of his fingers like he’s trying to imagine Jeongguk’s touch. “And then while you’re soaking I’d massage your shoulders.”

“That sounds nice,” Jimin whispers. He shifts, the collar of his robe falling off his shoulder and exposing the expanse of his neck curving into his shoulder and collarbone. A little bit of the stubborn stage glitter still clings to his skin despite it being scrubbed pink. Jeongguk knows all too well that Jimin takes showers so hot they’d put the inhabitants of hell to shame— the few times they’ve tried to shower together Jeongguk has spent them cowering in the corner away from the stream of water while Jimin teases him. Needless to say, their showers aren’t particularly sexy. “What else would you do?”

“I’d wash your hair and scrub your scalp the way you like it.” Jimin smiles softly. “And then once you’re done with your bath I’d lay you down on your stomach and massage all the knots out of your back and calves.”

“Would you use the nice oil I like? The warm strawberry one?”

“Of course. Whatever you want.”

Jimin frowns slightly, a pinch forming between his brows. He sighs. “I meant to pack it. I left it on my nightstand at home. It’s all your fault.”

Jeongguk thinks back to what they’d been doing with that strawberry oil just before Jimin had taken off and his cheeks turn a little red.

“Oops,” he says. “Worth it, though.”

Jimin giggles. “Definitely,” he says, opening his eyes and brushing his hair back off his eyes. “Next time you’re coming with me. I hate this.”

“If I didn’t have an exam tomorrow I’d be on a plane to Osaka right now. Hell, I’ll get one right now if you ask, this exam is only worth like thirty percent of my grade. I can slide through with a C minus.”

Jimin shifts back onto his heels trailing his fingers from the meat of his thigh to linger at the hem of his robe. He nervously chews his lip, glancing at Jeongguk through his eyelashes.

“Um,” he says, a little nervously. “If you were here— is there anything else you’d want to do right now?”

Jeongguk’s heart beats against his chest. He thinks he knows what Jimin is implying— especially based on how nervous he seems. It’s out of character for him to be shy about sex (that’s decidedly Jeongguk’s role in their relationship) but this is something they’ve never done before. Something they’ve never had a reason to do.

“Um,” Jeongguk says. “I— uh. I mean… yeah.” He clears his throat. “Yeah.”

“Aw, baby,” Jimin singsongs. His fingers trail upward a bit more, sliding over the bare skin just under the hem of his robe. Jeongguk’s throat goes dry as he watches, clamping his legs together at the slight wave of arousal that rushes downward. “It was just an idea. You know we never have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. I just thought it might be nice to blow off a little steam… I miss you.”

“No I— I want to.” Jeongguk shifts, thoughts drifting to the idea of Jimin putting himself on display for him, like his own private little cam show. His breath hitches in his throat when he sees the devilish smile that curls its way onto Jimin’s lips. “I just— I don’t—”

“I love when you get nervous.” Jimin leans back against the pillows, unfolding his legs and pressing his knees together. the robe rides all the way up to the tops of his thighs and Jeongguk can see the swell of his ass behind his feet— his ring finger dances over the slight line of his half-hard cock under the pillowy robe and the webcam mic picks up the hint of a gasp. “Do you want me to put on a show for you?”

Jeongguk squirms, gripping onto his joggers just a few inches from where his cock is slowly filling with blood. He swallows around his dry throat. “Yeah. Please.”

“It’s been so hard not having you here with me,” Jimin says, voice getting breathier as he presses his palm against his cock. “Just thinking about you when I touch myself isn’t the same— doesn’t satisfy me the way your cock inside me does.”

His words trail off into moans as he starts working his palm down against his cock, wrapping the soft fabric around the outline of his erection— and god, he’s so fucking pretty, lips bitten cherry raid and hair falling in little damp pieces around his forehead, messy from towel drying.

“You look gorgeous,” he breathes, still not touching himself but all too aware of his cock already almost at full hardness just from watching him. Jeongguk is all too used to Jimin freely spilling filthy words and, well, being the most stunning man alive— but there’s something so much more thrilling about it being on cam, something akin to being restrained and unable to touch even if he begs for it.

“It’s not fair, is it?” Jimin pinches his fingers around the tie of his robe and plucks it open, the fabric sliding off his shoulders and dipping between his legs to reveal his cock; it’s almost fully hard, sticky precum dragging from the robe and leaving a pretty pearlescent streak over his thigh. “You get to see me—” he gasps when he wraps his hand over his cock, sinking his teeth into his lower lip— “but I don’t get to see you? Let me see that big thick cock of yours, baby.”

Jeongguk’s cheeks flush and he scrambles, nodding quickly before complying— he pushes his desk chair back so suddenly he fumbles and nearly falls out of it, making Jimin giggle even as he works his hand over his cock with half-lidded eyes. 

“Just like that,” Jimin sighs when Jeongguk pulls out his cock, smiling when he sees how he’s already rock hard, cock straining against his hand when he wraps it around the base. Jeongguk gasps at the contact, leaning back in his chair with his eyes glued on Jimin. “You’re already so hard for me. Stroke your cock baby, let me see you fall apart while you watch me.”

“Fuck,” Jeongguk groans, spitting in his hand and slicking up his cock, hissing at the wet contact and trying to imagine it’s Jimin’s mouth instead, thoughts flashing to thoughts of Jimin’s head between his legs and small hands gripped around his thighs as he deepthroats him. “What would you do if I was with you right now?”

“I’d ask you to suck me off,” Jimin gasps, pushing his hips up into his fist. Jeongguk’s mental image of Jimin between his legs flips just like that, picturing instead the way Jimin gazes down at him with heat as Jeongguk licks up the side of his cock, twisting his tongue around the head and tasting bitter precum on his tongue. “I’d grab your hair and push you down to your knees— push my cock into the back of your throat until you gag on it. You look so fucking hot when you choke on it.”

Jeongguk is so hard it hurts — he pants as he jerks himself quicker, harder; his cock throbs in his hand when he groans. “You make so many pretty noises when your cock is in my mouth,” he gasps. “Wanna hear you moan for me like that right now.”

“Oh yeah?” Jimin curls his hand into the sheets. “I’ll moan your name so loud my team hears me through the hotel walls— wanna show them you fuck me so good I can’t even go three days without dreaming of being split open on your cock.”

Jimin’s cock always gets so wet when he’s hard and Jeongguk’s mouth waters at the sight of the precum drooling over the sides of his cockhead before Jimin swipes his hand over it to help the slide, twisting his wrist around the head and whining. His toes curl into the bed.

“Fuck, Jimin— god, show them. Show them you’re all mine,” Jeongguk gasps. He can feel that he’s embarrassingly close already.

“Your cock is so big,” Jimin babbles. “Get closer to the camera, wanna see it, wanna be closer to you— god, how the fuck am I gonna last another week and a half without having you inside me, I’m so fucking empty —”

Just as Jeongguk is about to angle himself to give Jimin a better view, watching the way he’s squirming and fucking into his hand like he’s as close to coming as Jeongguk is, a noise in the living room has him take pause.

Keys jingling in the lock, and then—

“Hey, Jeongguk?” Taehyung’s voice calls into the apartment. “Are you home?”

The door slams shut and Jeongguk freezes, halfway between getting up from the chair.

“Ignore him,” Jimin gasps. “Please, I’m so close, I wanna see you come for me, okay? See what he wants after, I need you right now.”

“Okay. Yeah,” Jeongguk breathes, settling back in the chair and pushing his hips up into his hand, chest swelling with pride when he sees the way Jimin keens, eyes focused on his cock— “I want you to ride me,” he gasps, jerking himself messily, right on the edge of his orgasm. “I want to—”

“Jeongguk!” Taehyung’s voice grows closer. “Hey, Yoongi and Seokjin asked if we could come over tonight to help clean up their place, remember? They’re moving out in a couple weeks and they want to try to get their security deposit back— and then we’re having that Halloween party so they want to decorate and stuff too. Are you ready to go?”

His doorknob wiggles.

Pure, white-hot panic floods through Jeongguk’s veins as he desperately tries to remember if he locked the door or not. His brain gets stuck in an endless loop of deciding if he should stuff his dick in his pants, slam his laptop shut, or just scream for Taehyung to go away because he’s busy.

In his terror, he does none of those things.

“I think Taehyung is—”

“Just tell him you’re busy,” Jimin hisses. His hand is still on his dick but he’s frozen, eyes on the door at Jeongguk’s back. “Jeongguk, literally just tell him you’re jerking off—”

“That will make him want to come in even more!”

“Tell him I’m naked!”

“I don’t know how to move my hands. I’m panicking so much right now I think my brain stopped working. I’m so sorry.”

“Please tell me you locked the door.”

It slams open.

Jeongguk somehow manages to regain control of his body just in time to stuff his dick back into his joggers. Jimin flies halfway over the bed to grab a big plushie that wasn’t in view of the camera a minute ago, closing his robe and placing it over his lap to hide the evidence.

He glares daggers at Jeongguk.

He will definitely need to make up for this later.

“Did you hear me?” Taehyung pauses in the doorway, cocking his hip against the frame. Jeongguk doesn’t turn around but watches him on the webcam screen again, afraid if he turns around his disheveled appearance will clue him in to what has transpired. “I asked if you’d help come and— oh, Jimin!”

Jimin winces but then he’s sheepishly waving at Taehyung, one hand still firmly pressed to the pillow (or is it a plushie?) in his lap. “Hi, Tae.”

“Jimin, I know you haven’t been gone for very long but it feels like years, I miss you so much, Jeongguk is so boring when you’re gone. All he talks about is how much he misses you and how much he wants you to come home and I always catch him in here watching stuff on his laptop with your blanket in his lap and—”

“Tae.” Jeongguk shifts in his seat, crossing his legs at the knee and hunching down in a desperate attempt to hide his waning erection. “I’ll get ready and come help you in twenty, okay? Why don’t you go do the dishes from last night, the kitchen is a mess.”

Taehyung waves his hand dismissively. “Who cares about dishes, we can do them together later. Or just throw them away, I don’t care. I want to talk to Jimin!”

Jimin laughs, shaking his head subtly at the I’m so sorry look Jeongguk is shooting him. “It’s okay, Jeongguk,” he murmurs under his breath before reaching his hand up to fix his hair, obviously trying to look a little less messy. “I miss you too, Tae.”

“Oh!” Jeongguk watches Jimin draw closer to his back in the camera. “Is that a Kyubey plushie?”

Puzzled, Jeongguk looks closer at the “pillow” in Jimin’s lap and realizes it’s actually a big white cat beady red eyes— Jeongguk feels slightly unsettled by it, and he thinks he may have seen it somewhere before but he’s not one hundred percent sure.

“Yeah!” Jimin smiles fondly down at the plush just as Taehyung makes a move to round the chair to get closer to the laptop, making Jeongguk wince and shift in the chair to hide his… still unfortunately present situation. “One of my instructors bought it for me at a little shop we were looking around at this afternoon when we took our lunch break. I mentioned that I love Madoka Magica and other magical girl aesthetic stuff and he bought it for me for doing such a great job at practice. It was really nice.”

Jeongguk bristles a little bit at the thought of someone who isn’t him buying Jimin presents, but internally scolds himself for being ridiculous because Jimin has never given him any reason to be jealous. The name Madoka Magica definitely rings a bell— he remembers watching it in anime club back in high school, but nothing about it really stands out to him except that it was a cute show about magical girls aimed toward children and not really worth paying attention to.

“It’s too bad you can’t make it to Jin and Yoongi’s Halloween party,” Taehyung laments. “Maybe you could have worn a magical boy costume— or maybe even a magical girl costume.” Taehyung raises his eyebrows. “Although I don’t think I want to know what would happen if Jeongguk saw you in a short skirt and stockings— that might get messy quick.”

The image of Jimin bent over his desk in that get-up flashes viscerally into his mind’s eye and Jeongguk’s cock twitches against his leg. He hates Taehyung. He hates him.

Jimin giggles. “That’s a good idea for next year.”

Taehyung presses his palms to Jeongguk’s desk and leans into the laptop screen, peering at the plush. “Can you hold it up to the camera so I can see it better? It’s so cute.”

Jimin’s cheeks turn bright red. “Uh, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he mumbles.

Taehyung cocks his head curiously but just before he’s about to ask why they’re saved by his phone chiming from his pocket— he fishes it out and leans against the desk to tap out a message, momentarily distracted.

Jeongguk and Jimin shoot each other a look through the screen that roughly equates to how the fuck did we get into this situation, please god just smite us down here and now.

“Jeongguk, we really need to get going,” Taehyung says, glancing up from the phone. “They need a lot of help cleaning their place.”

Jimin wheezes. “A lot of help is an understatement. Their apartment is literally the entrance to the underworld. Jeongguk is gonna have to get a tetanus shot before he’s allowed to touch me again.”

“Excuse me,” Jeongguk interjects. “The entrance to the underworld would be much cleaner than their apartment. Say what you will about Satan but he’s sexy. He has style.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “You can’t just want to fuck every single evil person or villain in existence.”

“Watch me.”

“Okay, I need to go shower and then we’ll go,” Taehyung says, ignoring them. “Meet me in the living room in fifteen.”

“Do I have a choice?”


Jeongguk deflates. Any hope of continuing what he and Jimin started is all but lost.

“Okay, give me a few to say bye to Jimin.”

Jeongguk nods, shooing him away, and just as he’s about to turn back to Jimin Taehyung pokes his head back in the doorway.

“By the way, you might wanna jerk off before we go. I can see your boner from outer space and you’ve been caught with your dick out at Jin and Yoongi’s one too many times already. We get it, Jimin’s hot, you don’t have to brag about it all the time.”

He shuts the door.

The two of them sit in silence for several moments.

“I don’t want to exist anymore,” Jeongguk says.

Jimin bursts out laughing so hard he hits his head on the headboard behind him and then flops uselessly on his side, clutching the cat plushie to his chest with tears streaming down his face. “Oh my god,” he chokes. “I love Taehyung.”

“At least someone loves him,” Jeongguk grumbles.

“But seriously,” Jimin says as he catches his breath, wiping the tears from his cheeks with the back of his hand. “Why the fuck did you not lock your door?

“I never lock my door!” Jeongguk scrubs his hands over his face. “I didn’t even know he was gonna come home right now.”

“You don’t lock it even when you jerk off? Are you trying to get caught?”

“I used to but I stopped jerking off when we started dating,” Jeongguk says sheepishly.

“Oh.” Jimin blinks. “Wait, that’s actually kinda sweet.”

Jeongguk shrugs, embarrassed. “It’s not as good as anything we do together so I don’t see the point,” he says. “Speaking of which, we could try…”

Jimin scoffs. “So Taehyung can burst in again? He said fifteen minutes but we know he takes freakishly long showers and has absolutely zero sense of boundaries so I’d be willing to bet he’ll be busting your door down in seven and a half minutes.”

Jeongguk knows he’s right, so he just wrinkles his nose and leans back in his chair, defeated. His gaze drifts absently to the soft white cat plush at Jimin’s knee— Taehyung had called it Kyubey.

“You said one of your instructors got that for you?”

“Oh! Yeah.” Jimin pats the plush’s head fondly. “It’s cute, right? I mean, Kyubey isn’t exactly a cute character once you watch the show but I still like how he looks. It’s been nice to sleep with it at night since I’m so used to having you in bed with me. I feel less lonely.”

Jeongguk’s heart melts a little bit at the sentiment but he’s still too curious about the plush to let it go. “What do you mean he isn’t a cute character? It’s just a cat. And I watched that show in anime club and it was just about a bunch of magical girls running around and solving crimes with little wands and dresses. What’s so bad about that?”

Jimin raises his eyebrows. “You said you watched it high school anime club?”


“Jeongguk, baby, I love you— but you and I both know I watched it in high school anime club is literally just code for I wrote narusasu fanfic while someone else watched it in the background and I paid absolutely no attention.”

Jeongguk gasps in mock indignation. “That’s not true. I paid attention.”

“Oh yeah? Name one show you paid attention to.”

“We watched Steins;Gate. That was good.”

“Explain the plot of Steins;Gate to me.”

Jeongguk pokes his tongue in his cheek. “Uh, the main character was a scientist who was trying to come up with a recipe for banana bread in a microwave or something? But it always failed and turned into goop. I’m pretty sure it’s because he was trying to cook bread in a microwave, I mean that’s just disgusting.”

Jimin knocks his head against the headboard, looking up at the ceiling in exasperation. “I wish you understood how hard you’re proving my point right now but I think it’s even more unsatisfying knowing you have no idea. Did you even catch the time travel? At all?”

Jeongguk is genuinely puzzled. “There was time travel? Did he like, go back to get his grandma’s secret banana bread recipe or something?”

“Okay— I can’t listen to this anymore.” Jimin sighs. “Yes, Madoka Magica is about cute girls who solve crimes wearing little hats with their sidekick Kyubey. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend watching it unless you want to cry.”

“Why? Is it sad?”

Jimin shrugs.

“Does one of them die? Or have an illness?”

Jimin shrugs.

“Oh no— does Kyubey die?”

Jimin shrugs.

“Jimin,” Jeongguk whines. “Tell me.”

“I thought you watched it already,” Jimin says airily.

Just as Jeongguk is about to whine some more, Taehyung’s voice filters through the door.

“Jeongguk! Ready to go?”

“Hey, that was faster than I thought.” Jimin taps his wrist like the invisible face of a watch. “I think that was only five and a half minutes.”

Jeongguk would much rather sit here and talk to Jimin all night than clean that hellscape of an apartment but he doesn’t seem to have much of a choice. “I guess I better get going. You need some rest, too.”

Jimin smiles, but it’s a little sad. “I’ll miss you. I’ll be thinking about you.”

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you since the second you stepped on the plane.”

Jimin hides his face in his hands. “Shut up. I’m not used to you being this cute even after an entire year together.”

They say a few more cheesy goodbyes set to the tune of Taehyung pounding on the bedroom floor before finally ending the call. Jeongguk stares at the blank screen for a second before hoisting himself out of the chair, wincing at the uncomfortable sticky damp spot inside his joggers from the unfinished business he had with Jimin. He should probably change first.

Jimin’s trip back home can’t come soon enough.

The first night spent cleaning up Yoongi and Jin’s apartment (affectionately nicknamed Operation: Security Deposit) is very eventful; too eventful. They find more than a few used condoms of unknown origin and other things that Jeongguk thinks should be named biohazards of such magnitude that the whole place should be condemned. There’s something growing in the fridge that’s completely unrecognizable, just a strange black paste, but when Yoongi bets Seokjin to smell it for twenty dollars he reports it smells rather pleasant, like citrus and lavender.

“How do you even live here ?” is uttered multiple times by at least every single one of them over the course of the evening, to which the two boys respond with shrugs— and then, at the end of the night when the living room is scrubbed clean of questionable stains and at least two parties worth of red solo cups are bagged up to be taken out to the trash, Seokjin walks in with his arms crossed over his chest.

“I liked it better before,” he sighs. “It was so homey.”

“I can hardly tell the difference,” Yoongi adds.

None of the other four boys even try to understand.

The next few days are spent studying while the next few nights are spent cleaning, and that combined with Jimin being busy with practice and shows means the two of them don’t have much time to talk to each other outside of fleeting texts scattered throughout the day.

Jeongguk misses him a lot, but it’s a lot easier than he thought it would be.

It isn’t until one night, three days before the Halloween party and four  days before Jimin is set to come home, that when he collapses into his chair from exhaustion at the end of a very long day that his thoughts drift to the webcam call with Jimin.

He checks his text first to see if Jimin is free tonight— there’s one that says practicing late, should be back to the hotel around eight and then we can talk for a bit before bed. love you~. There’s a selfie attached of him sitting on the floor of the pristine white dance studio with his chin propped in his free hand, smiling widely at the camera.

Knowing that Jimin will be busy for the better part of the night he decides to finally watch Madoka Magica. He honestly doesn’t really have much interest in magical girl anime— he much prefers watching shows with hot guys, sue him— but Jimin had insisted that it’s not just about cute girls and solving crimes and Jeongguk is determined to find out just what it is about.

watch madoka magica online free sub is typed quickly into his google search and within moments he’s leaned back in his chair, feet kicked up on the desk, headset on and phone in hand in preparation to livetweet his watching experience for the world to see. Or, well, his 72 followers, but that’s basically everyone he’s ever met so it’s the world as far as he’s concerned.

okay livetweeting madoka magica here we go

wait you’re actually watching it? lmao can’t wait for you to cry

i didn’t cry when naruto didn’t get that sasuke dick so i’m basically an impenetrable fortress

ok so madoka has been dreaming about this girl and now she suddenly enrolled in her school? why is this my actual love story with me (very hot) (very talented) boyfriend park jimin age 22

everyone knows jimin is your boyfriend jeongguk we get your weekly mass texts

yeah trust me if you were dating him you’d do the same thing

i’m supposed to be practicing but i really don’t want to miss jeongguk’s meltdown so i put him on notifs so i can sneakily check my phone between routines

you don’t have my notifs on already? i’ve had yours on for like a year


haha just kidding haha


why is madoka’s gf beating up the cute cat?? wtf animal abuse? is that why everyone thinks it’s sad?

i’d kill that cat if i could


wtf he really blocked me?? we literally live 1 wall apart how does he expect to shut me out???

“Asshole!” Taehyung yells through the wall. Jeongguk ignores him.

anyways now that my enemy has been taken care of i can continue

aww the cute cat asked madoka if she wants to be a magical girl!! i hope the cat sticks around tbh it’s the best part of the show. (keep madoka’s gf away from it)

jk is actually watching madoka magica even though he literally cried when we watched lucky star b/c he was sad that none of the other girls understood the main character’s love of smut doujin

it was a cause i can relate to. you can’t blame me for being emotionally invested??

ok wait hold on something weird just happened in this show? these witches are kinda creepy lol? oh well we’re back to the cute school stuff so it was probably just a fluke

does anyone ever wonder how jeongguk is an honor roll student who has made the dean’s list like four times?

does anyone ever wonder how BLOCKED

wait he really blocked me too

just wait he’ll come crawling back

i really need to get new friends. but not a new boyfriend because mine is perfect (i love you jimin)

ok so madoka’s girlfriend doesn’t want madoka to be a magical girl. she is also the animal abuser. i really don’t like her and i hope she disappears soon because madoka is very headstrong and independent and she deserves a partner who will respect her decisions and who will let her follow her dreams of defeating evil and granting wishes for sick and underprivileged kids. homura is literally stunting her emotional growth??

ok wait hehe did the cute blonde pigtail girl just die what is going on


oh no whats going on

oh no



A grainy video blinks into existence— It’s a dark hallway with Taehyung’s head in the bottom left corner, mouth obscured but eyes sparkling with a mirthful smile.

“Okay,” he whispers breathily, eyes darting to the door at his back. “Jeongguk is at the really fucked up part of Madoka so I’m gonna try to get his reaction on camera. I have a feeling he locked his door after I caught him jerking off to Jimin earlier so it’s a good thing I never told him there are keys above all the bedroom doors.”

A little silver pin that can fit perfectly in the circular door lock swims into view with Taehyung’s blurry yet obviously delighted face in the background behind it.

Jimin is just walking through the door of his hotel room when his phone rings, and he’s immediately surprised to see it’s Jeongguk calling him even though he’d told him he wasn’t going to be done with practice until a little later that evening.

He’d been planning on getting himself nice and cleaned up and surprising Jeongguk with a little treat in the same vein as either continuing where they left off the other evening or maybe sending him some pictures— he hadn’t quite decided yet. It has been a little while since he posted one of his (admittedly hilarious) Madoka livetweets. Jimin had been religiously checking them at every free second during practice.

“Hey, baby,” Jimin sighs into the phone, tucking it into the crook of his neck while he empties the contents of his pockets onto the television stand in his room. “I missed you, I was just about to text you and let you know I’m back and I’m hopping in the bath—”

“Now’s not the time for romance.” Jeongguk’s voice is frantic. “What the fuck is wrong with this show?”

Jimin can’t help but laugh— he immediately stifles it with his hand so Jeongguk won’t hear it. “I told you it was fucked up. We all told you. It wasn’t a joke.”

“But— but I thought it was a cute show? But then everything was all twisted and scary and evil and that cat… that fucking cat is an evil bastart who was lying to them the whole time? The witches they were fighting are what the magical girls turn into! Kyubey knew all along and never told them Jimin, what the fuck?”

“So I take it you don’t want to be a magical boy?” Jimin sighs, peeling off his hoodie and making a face at how it sticks to his sweat-damp skin before dropping it to the ground. “What a shame. I was gonna bring Kyubey back home. I thought you two could be friends; I heard there’s a shortage of magical girls and boys lately but I can’t imagine why.”

“If you dare bring that godforsaken hell creature into our sacred bed—”

“Our bed is far from sacred.”

“I will behead it and scatter the stuffing across the entire city to make sure it can’t reanimate. Oh my god— we really are Madoka and Homura. I’m your boyfriend who knows the truth about Kyubey while you embrace him and I must be the one to show you the light. This anime is somehow a perfect parallel of our entire relationship.”

Jimin lets his sweats drop to the ground and kicks them on top of his hoodie. “Somehow I just don’t see it like that.”

“Who let us watch this in anime club?” The show is still playing over the speaker. “Like, someone had to have approved this fucked up show for us to watch when we were just young impressionable teenagers but who? Who would do that?”

“Weren’t you the president?” Jimin kneels next to the tub and flicks the tap on all the way to the hottest setting, dumping some of the hotel body wash under the stream to make bubbles. He winces when he unfolds back into a standing position, still sore from the neverending performances. “Wouldn’t that be… you know… your job?”

The line goes silent for a second.

“Anyways,” Jeongguk says, not acknowledging Jimin’s statement at all. “I will be turning off this satanic ritual of a television show thinly veiled as a cute children’s cartoon—”

“It was never marketed as a cute show or a children’s cartoon, literally everyone on earth knows how dark it is.”

Just as Jimin’s bath finishes filling and he steps into it, his phone chirps with a new notification.


There’s a video attached of Jeongguk sitting in front of his computer screen, hands over his face in horror as he watches. At one point he literally screams NO in terror, gripping the edge of his desk and standing up so suddenly his desk chair falls backwards and crashes to the ground, completely oblivious to Taehyung snickering three feet away as he records.

It already has 25k likes in ten minutes.

“Uh.” Jimin swipes away and brings the phone back to his ear just as he hears Jeongguk gasp in horror at whatever he just saw on screen. “Babe, did you see Tae’s tweet?”

“Huh? No, I blocked him.”

“Ah.” Jimin winces when he sinks into the water. “Maybe you should keep him blocked for a little while.”

“Or forever,” Jeongguk supplies. “I can’t believe he didn’t warn me this show is so dark.”

“Yes, he did.”

“Nobody did.”

“We all did, and it’s also like fifteen years old.”

“And now I’m going to be traumatized for eternity, Jimin.”

“Maybe you’d have a thicker skin if you actually watched anime instead of just writing self insert porn about Sasuke.”

“Okay, I can’t take it. I’m turning it off.” The sounds across the line go silent. “I refuse to keep watching.”

“It actually has a pretty happy ending, all things considered. It might make you feel better if you just finish it.”

“And go through more trauma? Yeah right. Nice try.”

Jimin giggles. “Maybe we can watch it together when I come back home. I’ll protect you from Kyubey.”

“Don’t even think about bringing that doll back with you, so help me god.”

“Okay, okay. But aside from the emotional torment how was your day? Did your last exam go well?”

“Mm.” There’s rustling over the line and Jimin assumes Jeongguk has laid down in bed to relax while they talk. “I think so. It didn’t give me much trouble. I really need to figure out what to wear to the Halloween party in a couple of days, though. Seokjin is gonna kill me if I don’t wear anything.”

“Just do something bare minimum. Wear your camera around your neck and go as a photographer.”

“You want me to bring my most prized possession to one of Yoongi and Jin’s parties?”

“Okay, that was a terrible idea. Go as Naruto. Bring your favorite Sasuke doll along and pretend he’s your temp boyfriend. I’ll understand— I know you have needs.”

“Are you trying to get me beat up in a back alley?”

“Oh, I know!” Jimin snaps. “Go as a magical boy. If Kyubey thinks you already are one then he won’t try to recruit you and you’ll be safe.”

Jeongguk sighs. “I’m actually traumatized. Please stop.”

“Okay, okay,” Jimin says, stifling his giggles. “I’ll drop it. For now.”

They fall into a comfortable silence— Jimin tucks his phone between his neck and shoulder and does his best to continue his bath without getting his phone wet, and after a few minutes Jeongguk’s breathing evens out over the line.

“Baby?” Jimin whispers. “Are you asleep?”

“Mm,” Jeongguk mumbles. “Kinda. Water sounds relaxing.”

Jimin can’t stop himself from smiling. He loves when Jeongguk is all soft and sleepy like this. His heart aches with wanting to wrap his arms around him while he falls asleep.

“Why don’t you sleep early? You’ve had a long, long week.”

“I wanna talk to you.”

“I want to talk to you too, but I’ll probably finish my bath and go to bed in a few anyway. My last performance is tomorrow and then it’s only a few days before I can come back home to you.”

“Too long,” Jeongguk says around a yawn, more rustling over the line. Jimin imagines how he must be curling himself into his blankets like he does when he’s getting close to sleep. “Skip the performance and come home right now so I don’t have demon cat nightmares tonight.”

“Mm.” Jimin sinks deeper into the water. “What if I send you something for a little comfort? A few pictures after I get out of the tub?”

There’s a second of silence and Jeongguk sounds much more alert when he speaks again.

“As much as I really want to say yes, and on any other day I’d probably be hard just from you implying you want to send me nudes, but after the crippling emotional trauma I’ve endured today I don’t think I could get off even if I was held at gunpoint.”

Jimin blinks at the wall. “I— would you usually be able to get off at gunpoint?”

“It’s an expression,” Jeongguk sighs.

“So… you don’t want any pictures?”

A second of quiet contemplation passes.

“Okay, maybe you can still send them.”

Jimin’s laugh echoes off the tiled bathroom walls. He sits up to turn off the tap and then unplug the water— he’s been talking to Jeongguk so long it’s already starting to get cold. “Okay. I’ll snap a few. Try not to have too much fun without me, remember I’ll be back in less than a week and I’m gonna be insatiable after we’ve spent so long apart.”

“Jimin,” Jeongguk groans. “Stop tormenting me.”

“Okay, okay.” Jimin steps out of the tub, wrapping a towel around his middle. “I’ll text you when I wake up in the morning, okay? Love you.”

“Love you.”

The line goes quiet and Jimin sets his phone down in preparation to get dried off with the ghost of a smile on his lips.

He has an idea.

“Guys, I have an announcement to make,” Taehyung says the next time they’re all gathered at Yoongi and Seokjin’s place. The last room has finally been scrubbed clean and they’re crowded around the kitchen island with a stack of pizzas between them, a celebration for finally being finished with their task. Bags upon bags of Halloween decorations are stacked at their backs, the next project to get started on.

“Oh no.” Hoseok grimaces, a greasy slice two inches from his lips. “Last time you had an announcement it ended up being a very descriptive account of that guy you hooked up with in the bathroom of that club we went to for Namjoon’s birthday last month.”

“I still think about what you said about his chest hair every single day,” Namjoon laments around a mouthful of sauce and cheese. “That it was so long it flowed like a field of flowers and grass in the breeze every time someone slammed the bathroom door shut.”

“I really hate how that story implies they didn’t even bother going in a stall before fucking in the bathroom,” Seokjin points out. “That was a classy place, too.”

“Not after I was done with it,” Taehyung says cheekily, wiping his hands on a napkin. “And you expect me to go in a stall to get my dick sucked? With a toilet ? That’s disgusting and unsanitary.”

“Ah yes, compared to the other option, the bathroom lobby, which is a beacon of cleanliness and sanitation,” Namjoon says.

“Can we just hear the announcement?” Yoongi gathers the paper plates and napkins and throws them in the trash, chasing the smears of grease on the counter with cleaner and a rag. He’s become a little obsessed with keeping the place clean, far more than any of them had expected. “My brain cells are slowly jumping ship.”

“Shouldn’t we wait for Jeongguk to get back from the bathroom?”

“No!” Taehyung shouts. “He can’t know about this. It’s top secret. Special orders from Jimin.”

When Jeongguk wakes up the next morning he immediately knows something is very, very wrong.

There’s a strange, out of place sound— he can’t exactly tell where it’s coming from, but just as his brain is trying to claw its way out of his sleep-induced haze he becomes aware that the noise is making him very, very uneasy but he can’t quite place why or what it is.

He groans, throwing his blanket off his legs and feeling around the sheets for him phone, eager to check Jimin’s good morning message. But he finds that it’s suspiciously missing.

Alarm bells ring in his brain. This situation reeks of Taehyung and he isn’t sure if he wants to find out exactly what it is.

“Taehyung,” he calls out helplessly, knowing it would never work. “Bring me my phone back.” He makes grabby hands at his room as if it’ll make the device fly magically to his fingers. 

The weird nose gets louder and his fuzzy brain starts to focus on it. The only thing he’s sure of is that it’s someone speaking in Japanese, but it’s muffled and his Japanese skills are extremely rusty— he’d only taken it for a bit in high school and then college in an attempt to be able to watch anime without subtitles (and read all the good smut doujin).

But the sentence is simple enough and he can sort of recognize the words if he concentrates hard enough.

do you want — 

Too curious, he heaves himself up from his bed in search of the noise, following it to his bookshelf filled to the brim with various manga and figures. He shuffles through the haphazardly piled books until, lo and behold, his phone falls from between the pages of a book in a particularly precarious stack and falls on his carpet with a gentle thud .

The japanese is loud and shrill now, clearly coming from his phone, and when he realizes what it is a chill runs down his spine.

jeongguk, do you want to be a magical boy ?

His eyes catch on his wallpaper, a zoomed-in picture of Kyubey’s beady red eyes and wicked grin.

“Very funny,” Jeongguk shouts to Taehyung over the wall, knowing his friend is definitely listening to see if his plan worked. He stoops to pluck it from the floor, tapping his password in to unlock it. “But it’s gonna take more than that to scare m— what the fuck —”

When the phone unlocks the photo of Kyubey morphs into a horrific, blood-splattered version of the cat’s face, eyes glowing deeper red with the voice turning from a cute voice to something demonic and distorted.

He shrieks, tossing his phone across the room onto the bed and shrinking back against the wall.

“Taehyung!” he yells, slamming his foot into the wall. “Get over here and change this right now.”

“Why?” Taehyung asks, far too close, like he’s already pressed against the other side of the wall listening. “What’s wrong with it?”

“You’re literally the only person who has access to our apartment and no one else would pull this shit anyway so I know it was you, come over here and change it.”

“Oh, you know what? I actually heard a weird noise coming from your room last night. Something like— meowing? I thought you adopted a cat or something. Guess not.”

Jeongguk takes a deep breath, pinching the bridge of his nose. He’ll have to vanquish the demon cat on his own if Taehyung won’t comply.

“I will never forgive you for this,” Jeongguk grumbles, crossing the room back to his bed and picking it up with his eyes closed.

“By the way,” Taehyung yells, his voice growing fainter as he walks away. “Kyubey told me you really need to learn to secure your passwords. Seriously, Jimin’s birthday? At least put it in backwards or something.”

Danger lurks in every corner from that day forward.

It starts as just the wallpaper change. But then Kyubeys are everywhere— one day when he opens his eyes in the shower there’s a floating, beady red-eyed cat head dangling from the ceiling. The day after, he’s at Yoongi and Jin’s sticking felt bats onto the walls and when he looks down to grab another stack he finds himself face-to-face with a Kyubey doll with LED glowing lights and a stitched mouth— when he yelps and nearly falls off the ladder he grabs it from the bucket of bats and chucks it onto the ground.

Jeongguk, do you want to be a magical boy? The toy recites.

“You put a lot of fucking effort into this,” Jeongguk yells to Taehyung in the next room. “Did you go to a horror themed build a bear workshop or something?”

“I commissioned it from the home ec department,” Taehyung shouts back proudly. “I paid them extra to get it done in two days.”

“Next time you’re late on rent I’m telling the landlord to kick you out.”

That’s not the last time he sees the doll. It shows up on the couch when he goes to get a glass of water at night, in his closet when he goes to change in the morning and various other places sprinkled around his apartment. But the worst of all is the night before the Halloween party when he and Jimin are whispering into the phone late at night and the conversation turns particularly steamy; Jimin’s breaths are labored over the line and Jeongguk’s fingers slip beneath the waistband of his boxers just as Jimin guides him to.

Jeongguk, do you want to be a magical boy? the toy recites from somewhere that sounds suspiciously like under his fucking bed.

“For fuck’s sake,” Jeongguk groans, pausing with his hand inches from his dick. He hasn’t gotten off since Jimin left ( nine days ago) and he’s pretty sure a light breeze would do him in at this point.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin asks breathily, a shaky little moan slipping from his lips. “Baby, please, it’s been so long—”

“I am going to kill Taehyung,” Jeongguk says, already rolling out of bed to fish the toy out from underneath it, another intimate conversation with Jimin ruined because of his godforsaken roommate.  “I am seriously going to kill him.”

Jeongguk isn’t looking forward to the Halloween party by the time it rolls around. He’s already prepared for a prank of massive proportions and he knows the doll has been tame compared to what they can really come with, especially at someone else’s apartment (now clean with plenty of space to hide things).

So when he shows up at the already-raging Halloween party, dressed in a cheekily thrown together cat costume consisting of a white dress shirt with trailing laces and a pair of fluffy white cat ears (along with some hand-drawn whiskers and a pink nose Taehyung had insisted on adding) all he feels is a mixture of dread and anxiety.

“Hi Jeongguk,” Seokjin whispers into his ear the second he steps through the door, making him leap backwards and almost slam back into the wall. “Want a drink?”

Jeongguk glares down at the drink in Seokjin’s outstretched hand, looking around for anything that might possibly jump out at him. He’ll need to be on full alert tonight if he wishes to keep his sanity.

“What do you have planned?” he asks.

“Me? Nothing.” Seokjin stuffs the drink into Jeongguk’s hand. He brings it up to his nose and takes a tentative sniff, fondly noting the tinge of raspberry flavored vodka that reminds him so much of his boyfriend. A fruity sip confirms no foul play. “But as far as your best friend and his minions are concerned? Can’t speak for them. I can say, however, that I doubt Yoongi is a part of whatever they have planned. He’s a little preoccupied.”

Jeongguk cocks his head. “With?”

“Oh, you’ll see him.” Seokjin waves his hand over his shoulder as he walks away. “Have fun!”

Jeongguk has always felt a little lost at big social events— it’s a little easier these days because he’s dating the life of the party and all he has to do is hide in his shadow, but with Jimin gone and his friend group labeled as his sworn enemies until the night is over he’s feeling pretty alone.

He shuffles aimlessly through the throng of dancing bodies— he’s greeted by a few familiar classmates and he pauses to make small talk, already getting a headache from being forced to yell over the bass boosted music. Twenty minutes of socializing is more than enough, and before long he finds himself retreating to the kitchen in search of something to snack on and another drink, defaulting to his tried-and-true method of getting too blackout drunk to worry about the embarrassing things he’s bound to say in front of random strangers.

It’s a pleasant surprise to step onto the tile in the kitchen and not have the soles of his boots stick to it, and he notes with delight that he’s the only one in the kitchen right now as he grabs for a nearby bottle of tequila to dump in his cup along with the first juice he finds in the fridge.

this party is so boring without you

babe :( i’m sorry
i miss you too
can i see your costume?

yeah sec

He snaps a picture of himself standing awkwardly in the empty kitchen, posing with his drink to his lips and the cat ears focused in the center of the frame.

[image attached]

LOL how long did it take to throw that together

literally 5 minutes
i think i might just leave

what? why would you leave?

i don’t really know anyone here and i feel super uncomfortable
and i don’t really care about halloween anyways so what’s the point?
are you free tonight? maybe we can just talk on cam or something. taehyung will prob be here all night so he won’t bother us for once

wait a sec
don’t leave yet
hold on

? is everything okay

Jimin doesn’t answer.

Jeongguk wrinkles his eyebrows down at his phone, confused.

“Everyone get out of the way!” Yoongi yells, slamming the swinging kitchen door open. He’s wild eyed, dressed in a big white sheet with a white hoodie underneath and pulled up over his head, arms sticking out from under the folds with a big broom clutched in one hand and a dustpan in the other. “Someone spilled their drink and I’m not letting that stain set in the carpet overnight.”

Jeongguk blinks at him. “Hi, Yoongi.”

“I don’t have time to talk,” Yoongi spits, tucking the broom under his arm and snatching a carpet stain remover from under the sink cabinet. “What the fuck is everyone doing out there, they’re acting like animals, I just had to scrape peanut butter off the wall and I don’t even know where they got it—”

He’s still rambling to himself as he disappears back through the doorway as quickly as he came.

Jeongguk shrugs, tucking an extra rag and spray cleaner under his arm and following him back out, tipping his cup back against his lips as he pushes the door to the party back open, the harsh buzz of clashing music and voices immediately filling the air. If he doesn’t have anything else to do he may as well help him keep the place clean.

His vision goes black.

“What are you d—” the spray cleaner clatters to the ground along with his cup, splashing sticky liquid over the floor and his shoes as he’s shoved somewhere— he flails his arm and hits soft skin, struggling to break free from whoever is blocking his vision, but before he can react he’s pushed against a hard wall and a door is slammed behind him, swallowing him in the room and dampening the noise outside.

“Taehyung, what the fuck are you doing!” Yoongi shrieks from the other side of the door. “This is gonna take me all night to clean up, and— oh my god, girl in the cheerleader costume you are NOT wearing shoes upstairs and you and your little boyfriend are sure as hell are not gonna go fuck in my bedroom. Get out.”

“Taehyung!” Jeongguk throws himself against the door, pounding his fists against it. “Let me out, I wanna go home.”

“Taehyung isn’t here right now,” Taehyung yells back. “But trust me, I have a feeling you’re gonna have a lot more fun at this party than at home.”

“I don’t want to deal with your stupid prank.” Jeongguk’s heart pounds as he looks around the closet, eyes starting to vaguely adjust to the pitch black darkness.Taehyung is all too aware that Jeongguk hates the dark and small spaces and this prank seems a little bit too cruel to be funny. “If you locked that fucking Kyubey doll in here with me I’m gonna tear its head off with my teeth.”

Taehyung doesn’t answer and Jeongguk sighs, pressing his forehead against the door. Tonight sucks. All he wants is for Jimin to come home.

“So you don’t want to be a magical boy?” a familiar voice says from behind him. His first reaction is to panic, flying around and pressing his back to the door, hand clawing at the doorknob— but then the wheels start turning.

He knows that voice.

There’s only one person who sounds like that, and— unless Taehyung somehow managed to record him and stuff him into that doll, he’s supposed to be hundreds of miles away in Osaka right now.

“Jimin?” Jeongguk says tentatively, stepping deeper into the closet and squinting into the darkness.

“Surprise!” Jimin shouts, leaping forward and throwing his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, taking him by surprise and toppling him back into the door. His back slams so hard against it he thinks he might take the whole thing with him but it stands firm, and then he’s standing there with an armful of Jimin while his liquor-addled brain tries to catch up to exactly what’s happening right now. “I was able to come home early and I wanted to show up with a bang. Are you surprised? You’re surprised, right?”

“Surprised and… confused and… fuck, who cares, god I missed you so much.”

Jeongguk slides one hand around Jimin’s waist and tangles the other in his hair, pulling him into a kiss. Their lips slide together so easily, practiced, and the way Jimin hums contentedly against him and melts into his embrace has blood pumping warmly through his veins. They keep the kiss chaste and pull apart after just a few minutes, and Jeongguk immediately presses his nose to the junction of Jimin’s neck and shoulder and inhales deeply, goosebumps scattering over his skin when he smells his familiar vanilla cupcake scent. It smells like being at home.

Jimin giggles, stroking the back of Jeongguk’s hair. “I told Taehyung to shake you up a little bit but I didn’t want him to genuinely scare you.”

“Giving him any kind of power was your first mistake,” Jeongguk laments. “He’ll take any opportunity to torment me.”

“He loves you,” Jimin says. He places warm hands on Jeongguk’s waist and steps back. His eyes haven’t completely adjusted to the dark but he would recognize Jimin anywhere, his big bright eyes and slender frame.

“I love you,” Jeongguk whispers, leaning down to press a kiss to the corner of Jimin’s mouth. “Can we go home? I wanna cuddle and watch Netflix.”

“Come on, Jeonggukie, we have a party to attend, don’t we?” Jimin turns his nose into Jeongguk’s cheek, warm breath ghosting over his skin. “I think once you see what I’m wearing you’ll want to stay a little bit longer.”

Jeongguk’s eyes fly open. He immediately jolts back and scans Jimin up and down, straining in the dark to try and make out his outfit but he can’t tell. “What is it?”

“Lemme text Taehyung and tell him to let us out and then you can see,” Jimin says, searching for his phone.

“Wait, I have a better idea.” Jeongguk turns to knock hard on the doorway. “Hey, Yoongi!” he calls at the crack. “I think someone must have spilled something in here because the wall is kinda sticky and—”

The door flies open.

“Where is it.” Yoongi’s arm is shaking, broom clutched menacingly in his hand. The bottom of his ghost costume is covered in stains.

“Impressive,” Jimin says, linking his fingers with Jeongguk’s and dragging him out into the living room. “Why didn’t you think of that about five minutes ago?”

“I was panicking,” Jeongguk mumbles. He spins Jimin around and wraps their other hand together, tugging him further into the light so he can get a better look at his costume.

He half expected it to be another Kyubey joke, or maybe the magical girl costume he and Taehyung had joked about on the call the other day, but when Jeongguk sets his eyes on what it really is, he swears his heart stops beating for at least ten entire seconds.

Jeongguk feels a chill that must reverberate five years in the past, all the way back to teenage Jeongguk sitting in anime club writing self insert Naruto fanfiction.

Jimin’s hair is slicked back behind a thick blue headband with silver accents; a white button-up with a wide collar sits at his shoulders, blue fabric draped around his waist and tied with rope. A cute little toy sword sits at his hip, slid through a makeshift holster.

“You’re.” Jeongguk’s voice cracked with how dry his throat is. “You’re—”

“Yes, baby, use your words,” Jimin says coyly. He tugs his hands free from Jeongguk’s and thumbs at the fabric, doing a little spin to show off his outfit. He has every detail perfect, down to the open toed boots and black bands around his wrists. “I take it that means you like it?”

“Sasuke,” Jeongguk breathes. “Oh my god, I don’t remember how to move my legs.”

“You better remember soon,” Jimin says with a pout. He wraps his hand around the open zipper of Jeongguk’s jacket and tugs him downward so he can whisper directly in his ear, plush lips brushing at his earlobe. “You’re gonna need those later with all the things I want you to do to me. Maybe while wearing this costume.”

Jeongguk is too shocked to register any kind of emotion. He’s pretty certain it’s his brain’s natural way of protecting himself against every single drop of blood in his body going straight to his dick.

“I think I might cry,” he says.

“Or you can make me cry later toni—”

“Jimin.” Jeongguk sets his hands on his boyfriend’s shoulders. “You need to stop saying things. We’re in public, please don’t do this to me.”

Jimin giggles, lolling his head onto Jeongguk’s shoulder. “Will you even make it through the party?”

“No. Under absolutely no circumstances will I last at this party for more than three minutes if you’re going to keep wearing that.”

Jimin giggles, flinging his arms around Jeongguk’s neck and pulling him into a long, deep kiss that has the room swimming when they pull apart.

“I guess we better go home then, huh?”

Jimin’s place is closer.

His roommate is out for the evening so they don’t even bother making the trek up the stairs to his bedroom; the second the door snaps shut behind them them Jimin is trapped between Jeongguk and the wall, roaming hands sliding up his thighs while his lips hungrily roam down his neck and collarbone.

“You l-like it that much?” Jimin breathes, hissing when Jeongguk nips at his collarbone and one hand slides up his thigh. In all the time they’ve been together Jimin has never seen Jeongguk this desperate and worked up and it has blood pulsing hotly through his veins, cock already half-hard where his legs are spread over Jeongguk’s thigh.

“This is like seven years of wish fulfillment all rolled into one night,” Jeongguk gasps against Jimin’s neck, his breath cooling the line of saliva and making Jimin shiver. He pushes his hands greedily under the fabric at Jimin’s hips, sliding his palms over the thin black tights stretched over his skin, pushing his cock against Jimin’s navel. “If I die at some point tonight don’t be sad or cry, just know I went out the happiest I’ve ever been and ever will be.”

Jimin giggles, smacking Jeongguk’s chest. “Shut up,” he says, tangling a hand in Jeongguk’s hair and letting his eyes fall shut, feeling the way Jeongguk’s head bobs avariciously as he works his tongue over Jimin’s skin, chasing the touch with nips of his teeth. “I need you alive, who else is gonna fuck me as good as you do?”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Jeongguk says. His hand slides up Jimin’s throat and then he’s gripping his chin firmly with two hands, angling Jimin’s head to drag him into another hot, messy kiss. Every flick of his tongue and nip of his teeth is laced with intent; he kisses Jimin like he wants to eat him alive, like he wants to sear himself into his skin. By the time they pull apart Jimin is dizzy, smearing his fingers over his messy, kiss-bitten lips as he stares up at Jeongguk with glassy eyes.

“Want you,” Jimin gasps, winding his arms around Jeongguk’s neck and grinding down on his thigh, groaning when Jeongguk pushes his leg up to add more pressure. It’s been two weeks since they’ve fucked and Jimin is just about ready to crawl out of his skin with need, already so worked up he feels like he’ll come the second Jeongguk wraps even a hand around his cock. “Do whatever you want to me, baby, I’m all yours. Fuck me in the filthy ways you’ve dreamed about doing but never felt like you could.”

Jeongguk straight-up growls against his neck and the sound has electricity shooting down his spine, something guttural and feral that he’s never heard from him before. His cock pulses with blood and he ruts his hips forward again, shifting on Jeongguk’s cock so he can balance on the ball of his foot, the only thing stopping him from being completely pinned against the wall.

He feels helpless, completely at Jeongguk’s mercy, something that never happens because Jimin is and always has been the more confident one in bed between the two of them, the one who always calls the shots and guides Jeongguk through what they do.

But not tonight.

Adrenaline rushes from his chest all the way to the tips of his toes. Jeongguk slides his hand purposefully over the inside of his thigh, dragging his nails through the thin fabric of his tights and stopping just short of his cock, making Jimin whine with need and push his hips forward, desperate to be touched. Jeongguk is everywhere, pressed in on his body with his scent flooding his nose and it’s so primal that Jimin finds himself whining needily, hands scrambling over Jeongguk’s shirt through the fabric.

Jeongguk sucks a deep bruise into his neck and then glides his palm up to his navel, pressing flat against his stomach to pin him fully to the wall and then hitching the cloth around his hips up around his waist.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk moans when his fingers finally dance over the outline of Jimin’s cock in the tights, smearing through the sticky precum that beads through the fabric. He sucks a breath through his teeth and Jimin giggles cheekily, pushing down on Jeongguk’s shoulders to push his cock into his hand. “No underwear?”

“Surprise.” Jimin has to have some kind of trick up his sleeve. He can’t let Jeongguk have all the fun.

“You’re full of surprises tonight.” Jeongguk drags his teeth down Jimin’s collarbone and sucks one last bruise there before pulling his thigh away and letting Jimin fall gracefully on his feet.

“Hey,” Jimin whines, frustrated at the lack of contact. He chases Jeongguk’s touch, trying to press his cock back against his thigh, but Jeongguk just shakes his head and drops to his knees, pushing Jimin’s clothes back up his thighs.

“Hold these,” Jeongguk orders, pushing the fistful of fabric into Jimin’s hands. “Don’t touch— I just want you to watch.”

Don’t touch is the most torturous thing Jimin can imagine but he does as he’s told, taking the fabric and holding it against his belly to give Jeongguk full access to his nylon-clad legs. His eyes drip with reverence as he takes in the sight before him, Jimin back against the wall with his legs spread, fabric bunched in his hands to expose his thick, hard cock, trapped underneath the confines of the thin tights. He knows he must look filthy like this, with his hair all messy and lips bitten red like crushed cherries.

The feeling of Jeongguk’s mouth on his cock has Jimin reeling so hard his knees nearly buckle; he doesn’t even bother to pull his tights down first, instead dragging his tongue over his length through the fabric and then wrapping his mouth around the outline of his cockhead, suckling the mess of precum and then drooling it back down the fabric.

“F-fuck,” Jimin gasps, white-knuckling his clothes. He wants to tangle his hands in Jeongguk’s hair to push his lips onto him harder, the feeling of his tongue too dampened through the fabric to give him the wet sensation of his mouth that he’s craving. But something about it is so fucking erotic, Jeongguk working his mouth over the fabric and getting it all messy and wet with the same fervor as he would with Jimin’s full cock in his mouth, palms sliding up and down his thighs over the smooth tights. “Jeongguk that’s so— ah, dirty, god—”

Jeongguk hums against his cock and Jimin gasps, one fist flying to bite on his knuckle. He drops a bit of his costume on Jeongguk’s head and Jeongguk pauses, pulling his head away with a long, sticky string of saliva and precum hanging from his lips.

“Don’t let go,” he orders, shoving the handful of fabric into Jimin’s hands. “I want to hear every noise I fuck out of your pretty lips.”

Jimin whines, letting his head knock back against the wall with a loud thud. He ruts his hips against Jeongguk’s mouth, moaning when his cockhead almost fully slips between his lips, but he’s so endlessly frustrated because it isn’t quite enough. The tights are so wet now that the air in the apartment feels so cold and all he wants is to push his cock fully in Jeongguk’s warm, wet mouth but he’s not allowed and it’s fucking torture.

Jeongguk seems fully content with taking his time— he mouths up and down Jimin’s cock which pulses and strains against the fabric, more precum gushing from his slit and making a big mess of the tights which Jeongguk licks up obediently, milky white dripping from the corners of his lips.

“Please,” Jimin gasps. “More— need more.”

Jeongguk ignores him, dragging the tip of his tongue down Jimin’s length until he reaches the outline of his balls, tonguing at them through the fabric before licking all the way up to once again suck on the head. Jimin keens, his own head lolling against his shoulder. He’s shaking, feeling like his knees might give out any second, going crazy with all the built-up frustration of finally having Jeongguk’s mouth on him after two weeks apart but not having everything he wants right now.

“You told me to fuck you the way I’ve always dreamed of,” Jeongguk says voice dampened by Jimin’s cock half in his mouth. The vibrations make Jimin gasp, knees buckling just slightly. He grips the fabric in his hands so hard he thinks he might rip it in half. “I’m gonna get you so worked up you need my cock more than you need to breathe, gonna make you beg, and then once I’m ready I’ll fuck you can’t sit for a week.”

“Jeongguk,” Jimin gasps, squeezing his legs together to try to suppress the ache, but then Jeongguk just forces them back open again, fingers wandering to the swell of his ass and dancing over the fabric stretched over his hole. “Fuck, I want you inside me so bad.”

Jeongguk doesn’t miss the slight slick drip of lube on the thighs under his hole, a remnant of how he’d stretched himself open earlier in anticipation of Jeongguk fucking him open later. He’d sort of hoped it was going to be in the closet at Jin and Yoongi’s place, but now that everything is said and done he’s happy they’re home so he can scream as loud as he wants—

because Jeongguk is definitely going to make him scream.

It’s not until Jimin is a whining, shivering mess that Jeongguk finally peels the fabric away from his cock, using one hand to push it down to his knees. His cock springs free, so hard it hurts, slick and curved up against his belly.

“Need to come,” Jimin begs, dropping his costume from his hands and desperately trying to grab at his own cock to jerk himself off— he’s been teetering right on the edge of his orgasm for the past ten minutes after being edged for two weeks and he thinks if he doesn’t come right now he might start openly sobbing and that would be really, really embarrassing. Jeongguk catches his hand before he can reach it, pinning it against his navel over the bunched up costume. He squirms, helpless. “Please, Jeongguk please, please, please—”

“Since you asked so nicely,” Jeongguk rasps, gripping Jimin’s wrist a little tighter as his ducks his head down to his cock. His hot breath ghosts over his messy cockhead and Jimin whines, struggling to rut his hips forward against Jeongguk’s arm pinning him down.

He opens his mouth like he’s going to say something else but then his mouth is on Jimin’s cock— his lips are so soft and his mouth is so warm and the whole room swims as heat rushes down to his belly. Jeongguk takes his whole cock all the way until the head is in the back of his throat and his lips are wrapped around the base and Jimin gasps and moans, writhing against the wall and clawing at the costume clutched in his hands as his orgasm hits him all at once and he comes straight down Jeongguk’s throat, nearly collapsing from the force of it.

Jeongguk swallows every drop and the feeling of his throat milking his cock dry has tears streaming down Jimin’s face— he’s entirely sure that if Jeongguk was’t still holding him up by his wrist pinned against his stomach that he would have collapsed.

The second he’s done coming down from his orgasm Jeongguk hitches his hands under Jimin’s legs and stands, lifting Jimin fully off the ground and pressing him against the wall. His legs spread wide where they wrap around Jeongguk’s waist and the tights still clinging to his knees rip in half, the fabric straining against his boyfriend’s thighs.

“You sound so pretty when you come,” Jeongguk groans against Jimin’s lips, mouthing at him desperately and then pushing his tongue greedily between his tongue, making him taste his own release in his mouth. “Do you think you can come again for me? Do you think you can come on my cock?”

Jimin nods fervently, already feeling blood plumping his cock up for round two. He wraps his legs fully around Jeongguk’s waist and winds his arms around his neck, and within seconds Jeongguk’s cockhead is pushing against his entrance.

“Yeah,” Jimin breathes. “Can come again, need you inside— miss your cock so, so much.”

“You already prepped yourself for me earlier,” Jeongguk rasps in his ear, angling his hips so his cockhead presses against his entrance. Jimin keens, wanting to roll his hips down to force Jeongguk to press inside. He’s been dreaming of this for two weeks, riding thick dildos in his hotel room while he bites his fist to stop himself from moaning Jeongguk’s name. It’s never enough, nothing comes close to the real thing, and now that he’s seconds away from feeling Jeongguk inside him he feels like he might cease to exist if he doesn’t get fucked right now .

Thankfully Jeongguk seems to feel the same way because he doesn’t have to wait long before Jeongguk is moaning into Jimin’s neck as he pushes fully inside, pressing Jimin’s back against the wall hard as he bottoms out inside. Jimin feels like the wind has been knocked out of him because it feels so good to be full again, to feel Jeongguk again— he grabs a fistful of Jeongguk’s hair and tugs, pressing his forehead against his sweat-slicked shoulder.

“God, you’re always so fucking tight,” Jeongguk groans, sliding his cock out before slamming it back in, making Jimin slide slightly up the wall. “God, baby, I’m already close, ‘s been too long—”

“I can’t wait to feel you come inside me,” Jimin pants, digging his nails into Jeongguk’s shoulder every time he fucks into him, his pace quickening and becoming messier. His cock, already hard again but still sensitive from his orgasm, rubs against Jeongguk’s stomach with every thrust and it has Jimin whimpering and biting his lips, legs shaking where they’re clamped around his waist. “You fill me up so good, wanna feel your come drip out of me, baby—”

“Fuck.” Jeongguk’s hip stutters and his hands nearly slip from under Jimin’s thighs. “Fuck, fuck—”

“Just let go,” Jimin gasps, mouthing at the side of Jeongguk’s face and finally catching his lips, pulling him into a messy kiss that’s more tongue and breathy panting than anything. “Come for me baby, spill deep inside me— I’ll come again, too, wanna finish with your cum inside me.”

All it takes is Jimin’s permission and Jeongguk is coming after a few more thrusts with a cracked moan, his fingers digging into Jimin’s thighs hard enough to bruise. The feeling of hot cum flooding inside of him has him coming again, spurting weakly over Jeongguk’s shirt with a shudder.

They stay like that for a few moments, their sweaty skin cooling down and becoming clammy as their breaths and heart rates even out. Jeongguk’s cock eventually softens and slips from Jimin’s hole followed by a mess of cum that drips onto the floor beneath him.

“I’m so happy you’re home,” Jeongguk says tenderly, burying his nose in Jimin’s hair and inhaling deeply. “I missed you so much. It felt so empty here without you.”

Jimin is too tired to talk, throat worn and dry, but when he tilts his head to pull Jeongguk into a tender kiss the intent is understood; he feels the same way.

The two of them take a long, hot shower together and Jeongguk makes good on his promise of using Jimin’s favorite strawberry oil to massage all the soreness from two weeks of straight practicing and competitions from his muscles, which eventually leads to a round two, this time with Jimin fucking Jeongguk into the mattress as he whimpers and whines, hands scrambling against his slick, oiled thighs.

When they finally collapse into bed, curled into each other with all the lights off and the only sounds coming from the muffled sounds of Halloween parties and celebrations filtering in through the cracked window and their shallow breaths, Jeongguk clears his throat nervously.

“Is everything okay?” Jimin asks, curling his finger around a lock of hair at Jeongguk’s temple. “I wasn’t too rough with you, was I?”

“Oh, no, no—” Jeongguk shakes his head fervently, pulling Jimin closer and pressing a kiss to the top of his head. “Tonight was perfect. It’s just… I was thinking.”

Jimin might be alarmed by the nerves in Jeongguk’s voice but after being together for a year he knows it’s nothing to be worried about, that Jeongguk sometimes builds things up in his head a little bigger than they really are and all he needs is to quietly support him while he forms exactly what he wants to say. So Jimin does just that, doesn’t push the subject, just lets his fingers roam over Jeongguk’s thighs and navel, pressing kisses into his shoulders and chest as they enjoy being together for the first time after what felt like such a long while apart.

After a few moments, Jeongguk speaks up again.

“I was thinking… we both keep calling the place where we stay together home, right?”

Jimin nods. “Of course. This is my home and you’re always welcome here. It’s lonely without you.”

“No but I mean…” Jeongguk chews his lips. “What if we had a place we could both call home? Like… together.”

Jimin blinks into the darkness for a few moments but then it clicks.

“Oh— you mean like… living together.”

Jeongguk thumbs sheepishly at the sheets. “...Yeah. You don’t— I mean, if you think it’s too soon that’s fine, I just figured since we never spend any nights apart anyway and I graduate in the spring when my lease is up and it just seemed like a logical… next step? But if It’s too much for you I totally understand and I don’t want you to feel pressured to say yes to such an important—”

“I’d love to,” Jimin says, heart swelling. “Let’s live together.”

Jeongguk pauses. “Really?”

“Of course!” Jimin rolls over until he’s straddling Jeongguk’s hips, hands pressed into the bed on either side of his head. Jeongguk’s eyes are bright and sparkly, lips parted in surprise. It’s clear he hadn’t expected Jimin to actually say yes. “I’d love to live with you. I mean, we’re practically doing that already anyway, right? Being apart from you for two weeks made me realize how much I miss you when you aren’t around. If we lived together then we could do all kinds of cute things like cook dinner together…”

“...we could get a cat—”

“— and we could walk around naked all the time.”

Jeongguk holds up a finger. “You can’t do that. I need to be able to function in my own home.”

Jimin giggles, falling forward a little to kiss the corner of Jeongguk’s mouth. “Let’s do it. Let’s move in together.”

“I can’t believe we have to move all of Jeongguk and Jimin’s stuff while they just sit inside doing all the fun stuff,” Taehyung whines. “I know Jeongguk said it’s payback for all the pranks we pulled on him when we were cleaning your guys’ place but Jimin was in on it too and he doesn’t have to suffer.”

Yoongi shrugs. “Jimin sucks his dick. That’s enough to get him a pass.”

“I’d suck his dick to not have to move his damn furniture,” Taehyung grumbles.

Move-in day is a happy one; their little apartment is a mess, a mish-mash of all their furniture and kitchen goods, the living room covered in newspaper to catch fallen paint from their DIY projects and boxes stacked so high that Jimin pouts because he can’t reach the top.

They fit their new bed with brand-new, freshly washed sheets and Jeongguk insists on lighting vanilla candles around the house, insisting they remind him of Jimin and he wants their place to be as saturated with his presence as humanly possible.

They’d talked big game about fucking on every surface in their new place the second they moved in but they’re both too exhausted from carrying heavy furniture to even attempt it, curling into bed together and falling asleep before they even have a chance to say goodnight.

But Jeongguk finds himself waking up just a few short hours after falling asleep— he isn’t sure what exactly had jolted him awake, but he chalks it up to just being unfamiliar with the new place and the new bed, and after a cursory check of his phone he curls back into his blankets and closes his eyes, determined to chase a few more hours of sleep.

“Jeongguk,” Jimin whispers from behind him, tugging gently on his t-shirt. “Hey, Jeongguk.”

“Mm,” Jeongguk mumbles, wiping the sleep from his eyes and rolling over. He’s used to Jimin getting needy and wanting to cuddle in the middle of the night so he makes a move to wrap his arms around him, pausing when he hits something big and soft rather than Jimin’s slight frame.

He opens his eyes and is met with all too familiar big red beady ones.

“Do you want to be a magical boy?” Jimin whispers from behind the plush.

“Jimin, what the fuck!” Jeongguk shouts, adrenaline pumping through his veins as he scrambles against the sheets and backs up off the bed, staring wild-eyed at the plush. It’s that damn doll Jimin got as a gift in Osaka, the one Jeongguk had banned from being anywhere near him. Jimin roars with laughter from behind it, rolling around on the bed and clutching his sides.

“Oh my god, it was worth setting an alarm to do that, Taehyung was right, the look on your face was so funny, I wish I had recorded it.”

Jeongguk points at the Kyubey doll. “Jimin, please get that… thing… away from me,” he says resolutely. “I am not getting back into our bed until he’s gone.’

“Aww,” Jimin coos, sniffling as he wipes tears of laughter from his eyes. “ Our bed. I love how that sounds. Kyubey can’t share with us? He promises he won’t turn you into a witch.” Jimin picks up the cat’s little white arm and waves it. Jeongguk’s fight or flight instinct kicks in and he takes another step backward, scowling at its smug little face.


Jimin sighs. “Fine,” he says, tossing the plush over the bed. “Just go ahead and put him in the closet. I’ll find a new place for him to live tomorrow if you’re that afraid of him.”

Jeongguk doesn’t want to touch the plushie but he does want to cuddle his boyfriend and go back to sleep, so he tentatively steps forward and plucks it off the bed by a corner of its ears and carries it at arms length to their closet on the other side of the room, pushing the sliding door open to toss it in.

The second the door opens he’s face-to-face with the long-forgotten white Kyubey doll with glowing red eyes that Taehyung had promised he’d destroyed after Halloween.

“God damn it,” Jeongguk groans as Jimin breaks into another fit of laughter behind him, sheets twisting around his legs as he kicks at them with his hands pressed to his stomach.

“Okay, I’ll stop! I’ll stop. I promise I’ll burn them or something tomorrow,” Jimin says, patting the bed next to him. “Come back to bed, the pranks are over.” He pauses when Jeongguk gives him a look . “They are! I promise. Come on, I’m cold.”

Jeongguk gives in all too quickly, tossing the Kyubey plush next to the doll and slamming the door shut before crawling back into bed with Jimin and wrapping his arms around his middle until he drifts off to sleep, hair fanning around the pillow and hand clutched into the blankets at his chest.

(And if Jeongguk happens to get up in the middle of the night to barricade the closet door with a chair, that’s his business. He can never be too careful).