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The Chemistry In Darkness

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The Chemistry In Darkness

Chapter One Hundred

Wednesday 6th August 2025

Chloe stumbled gently over to her brothers’ house, worried about what Mark and Aaron would think about where she’d been taken for the past fortnight, trying to work out what she could possibly explain to them sans all the werewolf supernatural part and the poisonous silver she’d been dosed with. She couldn’t let Elly’s secret get out and that was going to be impossible to hide knowing she’d likely never be able to be near Elly again.

The side door at Aaron’s place was unlocked, with Chloe entering the house she’d lived in with Aaron and David years ago, before she’d gotten together with Pierce. Chloe worried if Elly was at the Kennedy’s that she might be able to smell her and come running to find her, she was terrified how Elly would cope with what Shaun had done to them.

Chloe knew she needed to warn everyone about what Shaun had done for fear of him spending the following day with Aster as he had done disappearing from the mansion each and every day since she'd first seen him. She didn't know what Shaun was thinking by releasing her back to her family before he had managed to get Aster, Chloe’s baby brain wasn’t allowing her to realize that Shaun hadn’t driven off in the van with Cody like she thought.

Chloe didn’t even know how Elly could take the news of Shaun wanting to take Aster from them but she knew she needed to let her know.

And yet Chloe didn’t think that she could bare to cope to see Elly find out they could never be together and it turned out there was one thing in the world that could keep the mates apart – poisonous silver stopping Elly ever touching her or the baby and would halt any chance of Chloe even considering joining Elly in her life as a werewolf so they could spend eternity together.

If Chloe didn’t want to cope with watching Elly unable to cope with their future been take away from them, what else could she possibly do?

And Chloe felt like there was a reason why she was turning to her brothers instead of Elly and Aster because she was certain in her heart that her family were waiting for her at the Kennedy’s, where they were supposed to spend one night after Bea’s wedding, and hadn’t returned to the Island without her.

Chloe heard her brothers in the main area of the house, stumbling down the hallway until she managed to get to them, “Aaron? Mark?”

Aaron and Mark were sitting on the couch together but it was obvious both had barely slept for weeks and were practically falling asleep there. But they jumped up from the couch as soon as they heard Chloe calling out to them, waddling into the living area from the hallway.

“Chlo?” Mark stumbled out as he and Aaron both rushed over to the blonde, both enveloping her into a hug, “You’re back? What happened? Who took you? We have been searching for you everywhere, Chlo. We couldn’t find you!”

“We didn’t want to fear the worst,” Aaron added, silently indicating the two men had done the opposite believing Chloe was lost to them forever.

“I’m so sorry,” Chloe muttered into her brothers’ shoulders as they continued hugging her tightly, even though she knew her disappearing was no one’s fault except Shaun’s, “I wanted to be back here with everyone so much!”

After a few moments of simply standing there hugging each other, Mark and Aaron reluctantly pulled away and then lead Chloe over to the couch, where they sat her down with each of them sitting on either side of her.

“Do you need food? You look like you haven’t eaten in weeks,” Aaron said with concern, “Paige and David are just putting all the kids to sleep. We can get one of them to go out and pick up whatever food you want or we can cook something quick here for you.”

Chloe smiled at her brother’s worry for her, “I’m okay…I was fed pretty well so I don’t need food. I just…guess need some reassurance that I’m home with my family.”

“You are, Chlo, you’re back home,” Mark reassured his younger sister, “Or home in a way because home should be with Elly and Aster. Have you seen them yet? They’re still staying at the Kennedy’s waiting for you to come home or for us to find you. They’ve been so worried, Chlo, they need to know you’re safe. We’ll call them, I’ll call them.”

“Wait! Don’t…” Chloe suddenly cried out to both her brothers as they both made a move to stand up, stopping them in their tracks, “Don’t call Elly or anyone…I think that’s why I came to you first.”

“Whatta ya talking about?” Aaron asked quickly, “Why wouldn’t we call Elly to let her know your home? You have no idea how worried she’s been, we’ve been over to see her several times a day and she’s just not coping without you or your future child, Chlo, she’s barely eating. We thought she’d be one of the first ones out there every day looking for you but instead she shut us all out in favour of been there for Aster and letting everyone else worry about looking for you.”

“I can’t explain everything to you,” Chloe started, knowing she had to keep Elly’s werewolf secret at all costs, before making the hardest decision of her life, “But I can’t go home to Elly and Aster…ever.”

“What? Why not?” Mark snapped at Chloe at once before settling for a calmer tone, “Chlo, you still haven’t told us where you were taken…who took you…if you endured some trauma and need some time to recover from it mentally and physically then you need to know that Elly will be there for you every moment. You know how much Elly loves you, Chlo. She would do anything for you. You, Aster and this baby of yours are her whole world. She can’t cope without you.”

Chloe placed her hand on Mark’s knee, “That’s why I’m doing this. I know Elly can’t cope without me and something has happened to me that I can’t explain to either of you…but it means Elly and I can’t be together ever again and because I can’t let Elly be heartbroken by knowing that, Elly’s better off not knowing. I need you to help me runaway from here, set myself up to live a new life with my baby…where Elly and Aster can never ever find me…us…and I need you both to never come looking for me or tell Elly and Aster you helped me disappear…It’s for their sakes, it’s my only option…I wouldn’t ask you to help me disappear if it wasn’t…”

Mark and Aaron stared at Chloe, silently horrified at the prospect of Chloe disappearing from their lives entirely, this time by choice. Let alone lying to Elly, for as long as Chloe needed them to. And keeping Elly from potentially ever knowing her child.

Over at the Kennedy’s, knowing that Chloe had potentially already revealed to her brothers that he had been the one to kidnap her and hold her against her will for nearly two weeks, Shaun knocked on the front door with a little bit more anxiousness than he’d displayed coming to visit his daughter.

“Shaun? You’re here late,” Bea noted as she opened the front door, “Elly told us you’ve been spending most of your days here with Aster…didn’t think that meant you stopped by for evening visits too.”

Shaun spotted Elly sitting at the dining table, as she often had been for the past fortnight, phone in front of her, pleading for Chloe or someone who knew where Chloe was would call. Elly had no idea that it was he who had all the answers she sought about where her mate was.

Before Shaun could respond, Bea sniffed her nose at him awkwardly, “What cologne is that? Cause I am so glad I accepted my bisexual self and fell for Yashvi if that is the cologne men wear nowadays.”

Normally Shaun would’ve blushed at Bea’s rudeness but he was just glad that none of the other humans had detected his cologne. It happened that this cologne was invisible to werewolves and Cody had helped him create it because it was designed to stop Elly or any other werewolf from smelling Chloe on him. Spending all his days for the past two weeks with Aster at the Kennedy’s and his evenings back at his mansion, continuing to poison Chloe for hours on end by injecting her with liquid silver, he knew it would all be for nothing if Elly’s super strong-smelling senses caught Chloe’s scent on him.

“Maybe I’ll rethink the brand I’m using,” Shaun winked politely at Bea, pretending not to be fazed that one of them had caught on to the oddness of his specially designed cologne, then quickly changed the subject back to her first concern about why he had shown up unexpectedly, “Yeah, look I’m sorry about showing up here unexpectedly. It’s just I’m so bored hanging out at the hotel with nothing to do in the evenings. Aster is the only reason why I’m in town and when I’m not spending time with her…I feel like I’m just wasting away my time. I can’t even get into the mindset of working from here because I’m spending too much time thinking about Aster. Contemplating moving here to Erinsborough permanently so I can…work with Elly and…Chloe should…when she returns so that the tw-three of us can work out an arrangement for all of us so that I can be part of Aster’s life…even if it’s only several days a week or so. I just want to keep spending time with her…y’know?”

Elly sat there, not looking at Shaun, hearing his words and worrying immediately about how she was possibly going to have to deal with co-parenting Aster with Shaun at some point in her future. But dealing with Shaun wanting to help raise Aster wasn’t something she could contemplate when all she could think about was Chloe and if they were ever going to find her before their baby would be born.

Bea looked at her sister sadly, feeling everything to do with Shaun wanting to be Aster’s parent was too much for Elly to deal with, before smiling politely back at Shaun, “I totally understand you’re getting a bit bored of staying at the hotel during your evenings with nothing really to do but…I think talking to Elly about…custody arrangements for Aster is a little bit too much.”

Shaun smiled back at her sympathetically, “No, I get it, I never meant that’s why I stopped by tonight. We have plenty of time ahead of us for conversations like that. I’m not here to stress Elly or Aster out any more than they already are.”

“So, what are you doing here?” Bea asked bluntly, her concern for Elly already draining Bea the past week after the excitement of her wedding and honeymoon coming to an abrupt end when she and Yashvi had returned home to find out Chloe and her unborn baby had been taken from Elly.

“It’s a nice night…I thought maybe it’s not too late to take Aster down to the café for an ice cream and I can bring her home and put her to bed,” Shaun suggested, adding in his charming smile to milk the need to spend time with Aster away from her family before Chloe gave him up as her abductor.

“I’m not sure, I thought Elly only wanted you to spend time with Aster here when she’s here too,” Bea shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s just an ice cream, Bea, the café is a 10-minute walk away from here. We’ll be back before you know it. We can send you a photo of our ice cream when we get there,” Shaun offered wryly, desperate for Bea and Elly to agree.

Bea turned immediately to Elly, not wanting to make any decision without her, “Elly?” then when Elly looked over at the pair of them absent-mindedly, repeated for her sister’s benefit, “Shaun wants to take Aster down to the café to pick up an ice cream before he brings her back here to put her to bed. Is that okay?”

Elly shrugged, neither accepting or denying.

At that moment, Aster ran into the main living area where they all were, “Mama, are you gonna come help me change into my PJs and come read me a story for bed?”

Shaun skipped past Bea at the entrance to the house to scoop Aster into his arms, “Hey, my little Aster girl!”

“Hey Daddy, what are you doing back here this evening?” Aster giggled up at him.

“Missing you, my little princess,” Shaun replied just as giggly, “Hey, what do you say instead of a bedtime story…we go to the café for an ice cream and then I’ll put you straight to bed when we get back? No bedtime story, though, can’t have you staying up too late…” and then when Aster glowed up at him about to agree, Shaun added, “I mean I was just asking your Mum if we can go for an ice cream…as I’m missing spending time with you when I’m sitting around at the hotel on my own in the evenings…cause it’s up to your Mum.”

“Can we, Mama? Please!” Aster pleaded over at Elly.

Elly sighed in resignment up at the pair, hating how attached Aster had become to Shaun the past few weeks since he had reappeared, “One scoop of ice cream only, on a cone so the pair of you can eat it on your way back here…I want you home in twenty minutes…got it?”

Shaun smiled wildly at Elly, not for the reason Elly suspected, because he was definitely not planning on returning with Aster within twenty minutes let alone ever again, “We’ll send you a photo as soon as we get to the café and bring you back a vanilla ice cream cone…long as it doesn’t melt too quickly.”

Elly managed as much of a smile on her face as she could, “Thanks, Shaun. Be safe with Aster okay…she’s my whole world right now…okay?”

Shaun stared at Aster with admiration, “I’m starting to feel that way myself…I can’t imagine not having Aster in my life anymore…” then giving Elly a smile, “We’ll be back before you know it.”

Elly nodded in recognition as Bea shifted to sit down next to her at the dining table as the pair watched Shaun slip Aster down from his hip, then take hold of her hand, Shaun led Aster out of the house and down the path leading towards the street outside.

“What’s your favourite flavour ice cream, Daddy?” Aster asked Shaun adoringly.

“I think I’m going to choose when we get there,” Shaun mused, knowing he was taking Aster away from Elly, with the hope the pair would never see one another again.