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An Alpha Like Me

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Hoseok was beautiful. Beautiful and deadly in a way that Namjoon grew mesmerized by. The other was all hard lines and sharp-pointed grace that when he happened to catch the omega coming back from a hunt all he could do was stand still and watch, mouth agape and helpless in the face of the other. In their pack, Hoseok was an oddity, an enigma. Had always been since the moment they had been pups. Everyone thought that he would present as an alpha. He was strong, swift, cunning. All things that were desired with an alpha. There had even been talk at one point that when the day came and he finally presented that the elders would consider training him to be one of their own. To be one of the head alphas within the pack. Though, as the years passed by, Hoseok grew leaner, more beautiful, and it sometimes felt like Namjoon. Lanky, too big for his body, clumsy, Namjoon, was the only one that could see it.

He couldn’t help but wonder if maybe that was the only reason he wasn’t surprised when one day, Hoseok’s scent sweetened into something soft and gentle, reminding Namjoon of a field of sunflowers on a spring day. Everyone else had been shocked. Almost dumbfounded by the fact that Hoseok, their best hunter and fighter in decades, was an omega.

Namjoon remembers that at the time, some had tried to tamper Hoseok’s spirits, had tried to make him into something he wasn’t. It never worked though. And over time, the fiery omega had sealed his spot within the ranks of all the much larger and stronger alphas within their hunting party as well into the politics of the elders. He was making history. Redefining roles and breaking stereotypes.

Needless to say, Namjoon was in love.

Had been smitten even as pups. Was even more smitten now. But it wasn’t like Hoseok was ever going to notice him. Would even give him a passing glance when he surely had admirers begging for his mark around every corner. Namjoon wasn’t allowed to hunt because of his clumsiness. He had caused way too many accidents in his youth for the generals to ever even consider him now. Some even coming by from time to time to make sure that he hadn’t accidentally killed himself in his little cabin at the edge of the woods.

It wasn’t that he was hopeless in caring for himself. It’s just that Namjoon was, as his brothers, had put it, unaware of just how large he is and often forgets because he sees himself as smaller then what he really was. He was just a large wolf that behaved like a puppy.

So he stayed in his cabin, building furniture for the pack and going out to do repairs whenever someone’s den needed some fixing, helped out his mother and eldest brother Seokjin at the infirmary whenever he could, painted with his youngest brother, Taehyung, and his mate Yoongi on his days off, and watched Hoseok every time he passed his cabin after every hunt, sighing wistfully to himself as he went. The other never sparing him a passing glance as Namjoon leaned against his window seal in longing.

Maybe he actually was a little hopeless.

Still, a part of him wished that one day, Hoseok would notice him. Would notice the lonely carpenter at the edge of the woods. But, that’s when Namjoon would start to doubt himself. Would start to worry about not being good enough. Because at the end of the day, he wasn’t that great of an alpha. Like Hoseok, everyone had assumed that Namjoon was going to be a beta. He had been too plain-looking as a child to be seen as an omega, and while he was strong and large, the normal alpha things that people looked for when making their assumptions during his youth, he just wasn’t aggressive enough. The thought of killing any of the precious little animals in the woods, even if he did need to eat made him cry. He never could do it. And as such, depended heavily on the hunters when normally he would be the one out there hunting like was mandatory for all alphas in their pack. Him being the only alpha in his household as well, especially since his father had passed nearly a decade ago, just made it worse.

Every time his mother got a pitying nod from her friends made him want to curl up into a ball and cry. Not to mention the pressure it added to Seokjin, who was an omega, to marry and mate a high standing alpha just to save face. Their mother never said it, but it was easy for them to tell that she was placing all her hopes on him. That thought made Namjoon sick, made Taehyung laugh because this was Seokjin they were talking about after all, and Seokjin snicker since to him he was the prettiest omega in the pack and in his own words, “Every knothead in the pack should be begging to mate me.” So Namjoon shouldn’t really worry, but he did, because there was always the fear of his mother trying to marry his brother off like so many other omegas have to go through and he didn’t want that to happen. Knowing Seokjin though, the other would make it a grand spectacle so he really shouldn’t worry as much as he does.

Still, Namjoon felt like a disgrace, and despite people being civil to him, he still knew what they thought, could tell from their scents whenever he would enter a room, and knew that his soft nature is what doomed him. He would be lucky to even find a mate. There was no chance in hell that Hoseok would want him. A disgraced alpha who couldn’t even hunt…

Whittling the final touches on a miniature cottage he was building for his nephew, Taehyung and Yoongi’s son was turning three in about a week and he loved playing house so Namjoon had gotten the thought to build him a playset of their childhood den, he heard a sound. Ignoring it, Namjoon continued to whittle in the final details, squinting his eyes and biting his lower lip, when he heard it again. This time a little louder.

Pausing, Namjoon strained his ears to listen, holding the small cottage in his hands and cocking his head to the side, eyes automatically going towards the open window where his curtain was blowing lightly from the wind. It was dark, the sun having set what most likely was hours before, Namjoon’s internal clock telling him that it was way past his bedtime, but when he felt the itch to work he had to do it then or it just wouldn’t turn out right the next time he got around to it.

There was a growl. Multiple growls. Growls that sounded like a warning, and the other’s danger.

Setting the cottage down, Namjoon cautiously pushed himself up from his seat and walked towards the open window, trying to see if he can spot something within the darkness when he heard it again. This time louder. The growls weren’t that far away, and when he strained his ears to listen a little closer it sounded like fighting.

Ready to turn away, the hunters would handle this after all since they always patrolled their packs borders at night, Namjoon suddenly paused.

That smell.

It was Hoseok’s smell.

Namjoon wouldn’t miss that scent for anything in the world and now that he was paying attention he could smell something else as well. Other alphas.

Realistically, Namjoon knew that the omega could handle his own. That he was strong, powerful, disciplined. That he didn’t need Namjoon to rush to his aid and posture himself like so many other wolves would do. But, he couldn’t help it. The simple thought of Hoseok, beautiful and powerful Hoseok, the omega of his dreams being out there, fighting multiple alphas on his own, made something deep within Namjoon’s body feel… He really couldn’t put a name on it. All he knew was that it made him feel a certain way that he had never truly felt before and his wolf was nearly dying to get out.

Not thinking, Namjoon transformed.

If anything, he could use the excuse that he was going on a nightly run. It wasn’t too far fetched of a lie, after all, he had done so multiple times in the past, often talking to the guards that patrolled their border as he did, exchanging conversations with childhood friends and catching up. So there was no reason that Namjoon possibly couldn’t be going out right now, of all times, just to take a simple run by his own home.

Yeah, it wasn’t strange at all.

Except that it was by all accounts since anyone nearby would be able to smell the increasing scents wafting through the air and would be able to tell that Namjoon was going there for not so simple reasons.

He couldn’t stop himself though.

Not when Hoseok could possibly be in danger. Not when he was sitting safely in his home when the omega of his dreams could be hurt. God, he felt like the typical knothead right now, the ones that Seokjin and Taehyung would complain about. And while he did his best to not be that knothead that felt it was his place to protect an omega, he couldn’t help himself when it came to Hoseok despite knowing that the other was completely capable without him. It was his wolf. Not him. His wolf didn’t care. His wolf had to make sure that everything was okay.

Before he could talk himself out of this, Namjoon marched himself out of his den and as stealthily as he could, headed towards the increasing sounds. The growls grew louder and louder, and he whimpered. He really didn’t like violence. He shouldn’t be doing this. But… There was Hoseok.

Hoseok, who’s scent was becoming more distressed and distressed by the second and before he could psyche himself out of this, Namjoon moved forward. Willing his legs to carry him as fast as they could and just acted on instinct. No thought. Allowing his inner wolf to move him so that he couldn’t get in his own head like he always did, and jumped.

Just jumped.

Jumped right into the copse where the sounds were coming from and right in front of three alphas who were trying to corner a bleeding Hoseok where a fourth was unsuccessfully trying to mount him.

Namjoon saw red.

His alpha took over and for once he acted. Didn’t overthink. Just reacted and knocked the alpha still trying to climb onto Hoseok’s flank to the ground before stepping in front of him and growling as hard as he could at the other three closing in. There was no way in hell that he was going to realistically be able to fight all of them off. Namjoon knew this. He wasn’t stupid. But, he could try. Didn’t matter that his legs were trembling and that fear was mixing with the anger in his scent. He still had to try.

Lips pulling back into a snarl, he used his size to square himself up, growling as low as he could. Hoping that his unusually large size and deep timbre would intimidate the four alphas enough for them to back down, even though he knew that they most likely wouldn’t, he still did it. Standing in front of Hoseok who was pulling himself up behind him on weak legs, his front paw that was injured giving out every time he tried to stand, and he didn’t know what to do. How was he going to fight four alphas on his own?

Not backing down, Namjoon watched as they circled them, Hoseok being pushed further against the trees with how Namjoon’s much larger form was pushing him back when an idea struck. It was dirty. It was cowardly. And it was probably going to get him killed. But at least Hoseok would be able to get out of there.

If his calculations were correct, someone would be coming by this way soon, so he just had to time it right and-

There is was. The scent of others and one by one the alphas picked up on it and craned their necks to listen for the other alphas coming towards the copse and that’s when Namjoon kicked dirt in their faces as hard as he could, transformed, and grabbed a wide-eyed Hosoek in his naked arms, the burgundy wolf flailing at suddenly being carried as Namjoon shouted as loud as he could, “OVER HERE!” And raced towards his home.

Behind him, the four alphas were snarling and making chase. Clearly angry that he had grabbed Hoseok and ran off. He really was a cowardly alpha. But Namjoon didn’t know what else to do. He was a fast runner though, and his home was close, so he just needed to get inside of his den before-

Shooting pain cut through his calf and Namjoon unceremoniously went down like a bag of rocks, a loud scream passing his lips as one of the alphas dragged him down. Hoseok had fallen underneath him and another alpha was now on top of him, ready to bite into Namjoon’s neck, making him wrap his arms around the omega even tighter, eyes shut and tears threatening to spill when a miracle happened. The hunters from his pack had arrived.

The one on his back was knocked off of him with a growl and snarl, and the one tearing into his calf was dragged away with a whimpering howl. All Namjoon could do though was hold onto the wolf beneath him with trembling arms, eyes shut as tight as they could be, and wait for it to be over. God, he felt pathetic.

Before he knew what was happening, Hoseok was transforming back, the burgundy wolf no longer in his arms but a very naked man instead. “You can get off of me now.” His words were soft, a small smile to his lips, and Namjoon frowned.

“I d-don’t know if I can,” He hated how weak he sounded even to his own ears and looked away, not willing to see the look the other was surely giving him right now at his admission.


Eye’s widening in surprise, Namjoon startled as a pair of large arms pulled him off of an equally confused looking Hoseok. Jungkook, Taehyung’s best friend, lifted him up into the air as if he weighed nothing and jostled him.. Shrieking because of the sudden pain in his leg, Namjoon clutched tightly onto the younger alphas arms as Jungkook started shooting off a slew of apologies before laying him back down on the ground. “Shit Hyung, why were you even out here, what happened?”

The younger turned towards Hoseok, who was looking at them both with a strange glint in his eyes, his gaze never leaving Namjoon’s leg as he spoke, “I was outnumbered. My heat is due soon and the four alphas grew cocky. That’s when he,” He pointed towards him and Namjoon couldn’t help but frown at the fact that the omega didn’t even know his name, “Appeared out of nowhere and saved me. They were trying to claim me.”

“Namjoon saved you?” Jungkook spat out the words in disbelief, and Namjoon couldn’t even get angry at him. He was surprised he did all this too. “Wait, they were trying to claim you! Are you-”

“Namjoon,” Hoseok finally looked him in the eyes and he couldn’t help but blush despite the searing pain he was in, “Stopped them just in time. Even threw one off of me and used himself as a shield.”


It was then that someone else appeared in Namjoon’s peripheral and he groaned. Of course, it had to be Jimin. “Jihoon and Sungho and taking the alphas to the compound. I already notified Seokjin.” He said that part while looking directly at Namjoon with a wide grin. The little asshole. Jimin had been trying to court his older brother for years now, much to Seokjin’s chagrin, and this is probably the brownie points the young alpha needed in order to gain his favor. Saving his brother was a good look after all. “I can take it from her Kookie.”

“You just want to see Seokijn.” At least he wasn’t the only one that had noticed.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You know exactly-”

“Can I go too?”

All heads turned towards Hoseok, who was sitting there with a contemplative look in his eyes. “Your arm doesn’t look that injured Hyung.”

Hoseok shrugged, “Feels a little sore. Might as well check it out.”

“If you say so,” Jungkook gave him a look before he and Jimin were both turning their attention to him instead.

“I’m going to lift you up Hyung, is that alright?” Jimin was squatting next to him now, concern etched onto his face and for a moment, Namjoon was all too willing to let the younger pick him up in his arms and carry him all the way to his older brother who was probably worrying himself sick at this point. But then he looked over at Hoseok, saw the other watching him, and made a decision that he knew he was going to regret.

“I can w-walk.”

Jimin raised his brow, looked between him and Hoseok, moving his head back and forth a few times before a grin took over, “Alright Hyung,” Namjoon didn’t like this smirk, “Let me help you up then.”

Without preamble, Jimin picked Namjoon up, the older having to grit his teeth from the pain, all while the other smirked knowingly at him and draped his arm over his shoulder so that he could help him walk. Which, was a mistake. Jimin was shorter than him, not by too much, but enough to have it noticeable and before he fell over there was another weight by his side. This time the weight of Hoseok suddenly coming up on his other side and giving the younger alpha a look. “I think I can take it from here Jimin.”

“You sure Hyung, what about your wrist?” That smile was definitely evil.

“I can help him. I’m going there anyway.”

Jimin snickered, “Well if you insist,” He turned towards a smirking Jungkook and Namjoon knew that he was officially screwed, “Why don’t you two head towards Namjoon’s den, it’s closer.”

Those little assholes.

Hoseok smiled, not seeming to notice the trap that was being laid out for Namjoon’s demise, “Sure why not.”

He was going to tell Seokjin to make Jimin suffer a little longer. His brother would do it for him too.

Not even able to glare because of the literal angel wrapped under his arm supporting him, Namjoon blushed and held his head down, refusing to look at anyone as Hoseok started to lead them towards where he said his den was. He could hear Jimin and Jungkook snickering in the background before they took off to most likely get his brother, and refused to look anywhere but at his feet in fear that he looked as panicked as he felt.

Hoseok was going to be in his home. Hoseok was going to be there when his brother showed up to tend to his wounds. Hoseok was going to see him scolded by said brother. And said brother was going to embarrass him because he knew just how much Namjoon was smitten for the omega and when he finds out what Namjoon did just now, something so uncharacteristic of him, Seokjin was going to have a field day.

What had he been thinking?

“Is this it?” Oh yeah, that’s what he had been thinking. Of the most beautiful omega that he had ever seen being in trouble and unable to look away.

“Yeah,” His voice cracked and he kicked himself from inside of his mind. Smooth Namjoon, smooth. Clearing his throat, he pushed open the door, getting a raised brow from the other when he dared to look his way and sheepishly scratched the back of his head and smiled, “I didn’t lock it.”

“That’s not really safe,” Hoseok tilted his head and Namjoon couldn’t help but laugh nervously.

“I wasn’t really thinking when I did it.” For some reason, Hoseok blushed at this and turned away from him, helping him inside of his den where he gently placed him on his bed, face down so that his wound wouldn’t be hurt. That was when Namjoon got a good look at the other’s wrist. “That doesn’t look too good.”

“Doesn’t feel too good either.”

“You shouldn’t have offered to help me,” He didn’t want Hoseok to hurt himself just to help him. The wrist was bleeding from teeth marks. Not too deep. But still ugly looking.

“I’ve had worse.” Hoseok suddenly sat beside him, his wounded wrist on his lap as his other came up to comb through Namjoon’s hair. “Thank you for saving me.”

Namjoon blushed. “You don’t have to thank me.”

The omega chuckled, the sound like music to Namjoon’s starved ears, “You’re strange,” Oh, yeah, Namjoon shouldn’t forget about that. But just as he was about to turn his head away so that Hoseok couldn’t see the frown on his face, Hoseok spoke once more, “How have we not seen each other before?”

While it shouldn’t have stung as much as it did, Namjoon knew very well that Hoseok had never noticed him in all the times that he had watched him from afar over the years, it still hurt. His wolf feeling small at that moment. Turning his face into the pillow, he could feel his scent start to sour with his mood, but thankfully Seokjin barrelled into the room right then and Hoseok startled with a snarl.

“Namjoon what the hell were you thinking!” Seokjin stomped towards him and smacked the back of his head.

“YAH! Mother is worrying herself sick right now and I have to hear from Jimin of all people, the little bastard, that my own brother decided to play hero! What do you have to say for yourself! You could have gotten killed! You clumsy oaf of an alpha! All for some-” It was then that Seokjin had stopped and noticed that Hoseok was on the bed with him. “Oh for the love of all that is holy I swear to God if either of you is trying anything while you are in this position I will skin you both alive and hang you by your tails.”


“And look at your leg! Haven’t I told you time and time again that if you are going to hurt yourself that you need to do it while you are in your wolf form! You heal better that way! How did you even manage to get this injured! Your lucky if you will be able to walk again! I know Hoseok is pretty but your not a hunter Namjoon!”

“You think I’m pretty,” And just then Hoseok gave him the prettiest and widest smile Namjoon had ever seen. His heart started racing in his chest hard. His scent spiked, and all at once Seokjin ruined it all.

“Yeah yeah, he thinks your pretty, has since he was five. Now move over while I fix this knothead up and lecture him some about not playing hero.”


“Not another word out of you,” His brother smacked him on the back of his head and Hoseok giggled, getting up from his spot and moving to the chair that Namjoon had been sitting on not that long ago whittling the cottage for his nephew. Hoseok picked it up with tentative fingers, smiling softly at it, before sitting down and placing it next to the little people, wolves, and furniture he had made for it as well.

“Did you make all of these?”

“YAH! You be quiet too! And stop moving your wrist,” Hoseok tilted his head and smiled again, despite Seokjin scolding him, and went back to the figures and carvings with a shrug.

“Now hold still and bite onto this, it’s going to hurt.”


After that night, Namjoon hadn’t been expecting to never see Hoseok ever again. At least, not in the way that he would have liked. He was almost certain that he would be right back to were he was before with staring at the omega shyly from his window. But, that wasn’t the case at all. The other started waving at him every time he passed by his den, even coming in to talk despite how much Namjoon spluttered and made a mess out of his words.

It was nice.

A little too good to be true in fact.

So when Hoseok didn’t show up for five days in a row Namjoon had figured that the other shoe had finally dropped and the omega was coming to his senses. There was no way after all that an omega like that would be interested in an alpha like him. Resigned and depressed, Namjoon threw himself into his carpentry as a way to distract himself. Spent time with family, gave his nephew his birthday present a little early since he gave him puppy eyes and begged so cutely to the point that Namjoon melted, and all-around ignored his breaking heart because he had allowed himself to think for one brief, but unlikely, moment, that the other may be a little interested in him as well.

Sighing to himself, Namjoon hobbled around his den. It had been three weeks since the incident and while he was healed, there was still a slight limp to his step that Seokjin wasn’t quite sure was permanent or not. He didn’t feel tired, but it was late, and he might as well get some rest when out of nowhere a scent hit his nose.


Turning abruptly, Namjoon almost fell over his own two feet in order to get to the door. Not reaching it in time for the first knock.

Why was Hoseok here? And why was his scent so strong? Was he hurt? Did he need help?

All thoughts from the last five days disappeared from his mind as he rushed to open the door for the omega only to be hit with a scent so strong that he nearly fell from it.

Well, that explained why the other hadn’t been around.

“Can I come in?”

“Are y-you sure that you want to?”

Hoseok nodded, giving him a small smile. “I really want to.”

Namjoon gulped. Was Hoseok coming here for what he was thinking he was coming here for?

Stepping aside, Namjoon allowed the omega inside, the cloying scent of heat radiating off of him in waves. As soon as the other was inside he locked the door, nerves setting in and he started to play with the edge of his nightshirt nervously. “H-How are you?”

“Been better,” Hoseok made himself comfortable on Namjoon’s bed and looked at him with hooded eyes. This was everything out of one of his deepest and most hidden fantasies. The ones that got him through his ruts when he no longer allowed himself to overthink things so that he could pleasure himself to the very same omega in his bed without guilt. “Kept thinking of you.”

He gulped again, “You were thinking about me?”

“Been thinking about you a lot actually,” Hoseok’s scent spiked and he ran a teasing hand down his own chest towards his pants, making Namjoon whimper. “Ever since that night.”

“You have?”

“Your not like other alpha’s Namjoon.”

“I know.”

“That’s not a bad thing Namjoon,” Hoseok was lifting the bottom of his shirt up teasingly now and his pants started to feel tight. “I like it a lot. Have been thinking about you for the last five days. Wishing you were in my nest with me. But you weren’t there.”

“W-Was I supposed to,” Hoseok started crawling towards him, “W-Was I supposed to be,” He was being pulled onto his own bed with a tumble and the omega was climbing on his lap with a purr and a swivel of his hips that made them both throw their heads back and groan loudly.

“You tell me alpha.”

Namjoon saw red. Fuck. How was he supposed to know having the omega of his dreams calling him that would have such an effect. Before he knew what he was doing he had flipped them over with a growl. “You like me calling you that,” Hoseok arched his back enticingly, baring his throat, “Like me calling you alpha?”

Before he ended up claiming him, Namjoon bit the pillow underneath Hoseok’s head instead. The omega just laughed and carded his fingers through his hair. “You really do don’t you?”

“Please don’t tease me,” The words came out muffled from him still biting onto the pillow but Hoseok still heard them all the same.

“I’m sorry alpha, I promise not to tease anymore.”

His whole body was shaking, not knowing what to do or what he was allowed to do in this moment. Sure they had been growing closer, really close in fact. The last three weeks since the incident Hoseok had been coming over and saying hi, talking to him for nearly the entire day even though he was supposed to be out on patrol. Somehow he had pulled quite a few strings to be able to get the time off. And now that Namjoon actually thought about it the omega had also been bringing him gifts… little things that he knew that Namjoon loved…

Shooting up from the pillow Namjoon blushed and spluttered, “Have you been courting me?”

Hoseok didn’t answer. Instead, he pecked his cheek and whispered, “Took you long enough.”

“I’m an idiot.”

“Your cute though.”

“But why me?”

“Why not?” Hoseok looked confused by this, and despite the heavy blush from heat on his fact, he looked overly concerned as well.

“I’m not good enough. I’m not strong, or alpha-like, I don’t hunt. I-”

Hosoek rolled his eyes, “Seokjin warned me you would be an idiot. Do I look like I want the typical knothead who only thinks with his muscles?”

“Well no…”

“Exactly. You are also really strong, just clumsy, and really brave. You aren’t trained to fight yet you risked your life to protect me that night. No other alpha would have risked themselves for me and no, before you say that they would, I know that they wouldn’t. I’ve been in situations before and have had enough close calls to know this. So don’t talk badly about yourself. You’re perfect. Sweet, kind, gentle, and most of all brave. Everything I’ve always wanted in fact.”

“You really mean that,” Tears were already starting to pool in his eyes and Hoseok smiled so fondly at him in that moment that he couldn’t stop them from coming down.

“I mean that Namjoon.” This time when Hoseok pulled him down he surrendered entirely, allowing the omega to bring him into a sweet kiss. “Will you help me through the rest of my heat now Namjoon? Will you claim me?”

“As long as you want me to,” Hoseok thrust his tongue into his mouth and Namjoon moaned.

“I want your mark.”

“Fuck,” He kissed him filthy, all tongues as their hips started to grind together and their scents mingled. “Okay. I can do that. Fuck.”

Lips trailing down Hoseok’s neck, Namjoon sucked at his scent gland in order to get him to keen, “Been thinking about this the whole time. Been trying to get myself to come here and beg for your knot alpha.”

“Fuck Hoseok,” Namjoon started trailing his lips lower and before he could even ask the omega was removing his own shirt for him, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”

“You’re here now.”

There was no more words after that as Namjoon took in a brown pebbled nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Lapping at the bud as if he was determined to get milk out of it. Maybe someday he would.

Mind becoming hazy from lust, Namjoon sucked and bit harder, bringing his other hand up in order to play with the omegas neglected pec. Groping at it before twisting and playing with his hardened nipple and mimicking with his fingers what he was doing with his tongue. “So good alpha.” Hoseok had his head tipped back and spine arched so beautifully that Namjoon was helpless to the sight.

Moving from his chest, Namjoon trailed biting kisses down towards his omega - and boy could he get used to the sound of that - happy trail, paying extra special care to his abs and belly button before Hoseok was pushing him away and removing the rest of the clothing that was between them. Before Namjoon could put his mouth back on him though, he flipped himself over and spread his glistening cheeks apart with his hands, his head tilted to the side on the pillow so that he could watch him. “Touch me please alpha. Touch me where I need it.”

“Fuck,” Namjoon was helpless. He had no choice but to obey. Pressing his face into the omegas crack he licked a long stripe from his balls to his hole and slurped at the source of his heightened scent. The other tasted so good and before he knew what he was doing he was sloppily tonguing and slurping at Hoseok’s hole desperately. His large hands wrapped themselves around the omegas thighs with bruising force, and the other’s hand was now in his hair and pressing him deeper into his ass.

“So good alpha, so fucking good, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Hoseok was cussing and screaming, squirming and pushing back against his tongue sporadically and Namjoon was in heaven drowning in his slick. Growls and moans of his own erupted from his throat and he couldn’t help but press himself impossibly deeper and closer just so he could taste him more when he got an idea.

Pulling away he laid on his back and in one swift move sat the other on his face. Hoseok practically screamed at the action, helplessly grinding his hips down onto Namjoon’s tongue as both hands found a home in his hair. The other was practically riding his face and slick dripped down his chin and neck stickily.

He was in heaven.

“Fuck Joonie, alpha, Joonie, Namjoon!” Hoseok’s cock was dripping now as well and with a strength not even Namjoon knew he possessed he lifted Hoseok off of his mouth, much to his displeasure, and moved for him to place his cock in his mouth instead. “Your willing to suck me off?”

Hoseok’s eyes grew wide, his cock weeping at the tip and Namjoon nodded, “I want it so much.”
“God, you’re unreal!” Not wasting even a second, the omega placed the tip of his cock at Namjoon’s plush slick covered lips and thrust forward, burying himself to the hilt and bucking his hips rapidly. Clearly unable to hold himself back, especially when Namjoon placed his hand at his entrance and thrust in a finger.

“So good alpha,” His words were becoming slurred, the movements of his hips harsh against Namjoons jaw, but he didn’t care. Hoseok was completely unraveling and as soon as he added another finger he was shivering and near tears. He had never seen the omega like this. So unguarded and overcome with pleasure and it brought something primal out of him.

With a growl, Namjoon took Hoseok out of his mouth, flipped him onto his back, stomach up, and thrust inside of him, his eyes glowing red and claws and teeth extended. “ALPHA!”

Hoseok’s hands were gripping onto his arms harshly as he bucked his hips forward, tears pouring out of his eyes despite the grin on his face. “ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA.”

Namjoon couldn’t speak, could only push his hips into Hoseok’s over and over and over until the omega was cumming all over himself and soaking the bed with his slick. Practically howling, his knot started to expand and with one final push, he latched onto the omegas scent gland and bit hard. Hard enough to break the skin and mate them.

“ALPHA!” Another wave of slick poured out from around Namjoon’s knot and he knew that his mate had cum again. Pride rippled through him and into their new bond and Hoseok just clawed at his back till it bled in return.

“Bite me,” He didn’t know why he said it, but Namjoon knew it was the right thing to say and bore his neck for the omega. “Claim me too.”

Not missing the opportunity, Hoseok surged forward and did the same to him, biting into his scent gland and marking him for all to see. It was typically a shame to have the mark of a omega on an alphas neck. But Namjoon wasn’t much of an alpha anyway. Neither was Hoseok much of an omega. Maybe they had been made for each other all along. Maybe Namjoon got in his head a little too much and allowed traditions and society to bother him.

Who needed all that anyway. Not him. Not when he had the omega of his dreams in his arms, smelling like their combined scents and smiling at him as if he gave him the entire world.