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Beloved Of Mine

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Can, Can, Can, Can—

This is your punishment, the voice whispers to him as he walked away, dragging his feet which felt heavier than anything he had ever lifted. He had craved open his skin with the blade called Can, tore open his heart and left himself vulnerable for the beautiful Omega in the shape of Can, to pick and cradle.

He had let the Omega hold his heart gently in those hands, hoping with each passing days that it would not be squeezed and crushed by those lithe tan fingers. It had not been so for those days, and he had never felt so happier by it. The boy did hold his heart, carefully and walked with it with an alluring smile and innocent eyes.

Until today.

This is your punishment, for all that you have done and will do. This is your misery.

Perhaps it was his retribution for all those times he let his sharp tongue get the best of him, perhaps it was for all those times he sneered at those below him, perhaps it was for all those times he refused to help those around him without something valuable in return.

How low you have fallen, to let someone so beneath you play you like a doll to be discarded.

But his boy was not beneath him, no, he was the only one deserving to be beside him. And so, he walks away with his bleeding heart within his grasp.

He goes to his house, a place so cold and indifferent, it was a joke to even call it home. The floors, the walls, the steps, everything is so cold. It had always been like this since the day he saw the true heinous face of his brother and of what he had done to ensure he was the golden one. He wanted to tug his brother's skin apart, wondered what would be underneath the human skin. Would it reveal the dark deception his brother orchestrated? Or would it be red and bloody, so human?

The wide halls seemed longer than ever, stretching away. He felt like a trapped prey being chased into an endless cycle of pain, the air suffocating him more than keeping his soul alive. Is this what truly being heartbroken felt like? To feel as if you falling and falling until you can no longer feel the weight of love? Is this what true despair felt like?

But we are an Alpha, despair is not what we should feel.

Yes, we are but he was our omega.

He sheds his clothes with the air of nothingness around him and drops them carelessly on the floor. Taking a deep breath, he tried to will away the ache inside of him and instead stands under the shower. The water is cool against his burning skin, silencing his whimpers and cries and he asks, He was ours, he is ours. Why can't he see that?

He will, do not weep just yet. Wipe your tears and find who it was that turned him away.

He spends much more time in the shower until his fingers start to become ice cold and then only does he reluctantly turn it off. He stared at the image of someone in the mirror he could barely call himself. Red eyes looked back at him, with a vicious snarl promising pain and suffering to all those that wronged him. His anger was not for his Omega, nor was it for himself. It was those towards that bewitched his omega to turn away from him.

Who was it? Was it his mother? Was it his friends? That thai-program that Pete calls a boyfriend? His sister?

His sister.

Tin was known for his perceptive mind, if not the best perceptive mind in his university. He never missed things that others wouldn't even glance at a second time. Once he sees one thing, or he hears it, his mind never forgets. It was curse and a blessing because he could never forget the biting words of his brother nor can he ever forget the words from his omega's mouth.

But neither will he forget the delectable lips and the taste of sugar candies.

The rumor that he and Pete were together surfaced, he didn't pay much attention to it. It was just a rumor, and he had much experience with rumors. Pete had looked more put out, bothered by the implication that he was rumored to be with his friend and his own boyfriend didn't appreciate it. It didn't take careful digging about to find out who started it; Can's sister.

After he found out that it had been Can's sister, he left it alone. It wouldn't do good to hurt the family of his intended and he doubted that his omega would understand.

But he remembers when his omega had called him seething, the venomous jealousy clear in his voice. He had teased him coyly for it back then and he was immensely pleased as well, never understanding that what his omega needed was reassurance and not embarrassment. It was a grave mistake on his part and he regretted it. This was the turning point of their souring relationship.

This is why he didn't want us, we could not provide him with what he needed. We weren't good enough. But, we will be and we will give him everything he will ever want.

Yes, he whispered back. Yes, we will.

He wanted to tear the girl apart for poisoning his omega with lies.

He doesn't see his boy for over a week and it grates his nerves more than anything. He tried to catch a glimpse of his omega whenever he could go to the un-favourable commoner building, but it was as if the boy was hell-bent on avoiding him purposefully. This game of cat mouse gave him a sick sense of a predator hunting down it's prey and a twisted part of him smiled slyly at it.

Once again, he couldn't find the boy and he gritted his teeth, If it wasn't you then the consequences would have been much, much worse. I will let you off this time, omega.

Pete glanced at him nervously, looking like he wanted to let the ground swallow him whole and he didn't blame the omega. Wheres his scent was minty and fresh before that day, it was downright frosty and hard to breathe in now. It repelled anyone who tried to come near him except for his 'friend'. P'money, who had excitedly came to his table to ask for Pete, had gotten a face full of his scent and looked ready to cry. The fashion diva might have, if not for the arrival of Pete and his comforting scent of honey dew.

"T-Tin, I don't want to be rude but y-your scent—" Pete tried to ask softly but closed his mouth as soon as he looked at his friend.

He stared at Pete and gathered his things. This was not the place he wanted to be in, nor was this the omegan smell he wanted to bury his nose in.

"I'm leaving." He icily bit out and turned around to leave. His friend looked as if he was about to protest and call him back, but instead nodded shakily. Omegas and betas tended to stay clear of tempered Alphas, and a tempered Alpha he was. His face was thunderous and cold, his body was rigid with tension and every omega and beta he passed by trembled.

His phone rings and he looks down to see it was his mother. Something in him wants to go to her, put his head in her lap and drown his sorrows away but he knows it would be unwanted, his touch would be unwanted. His mother had been detached from him ever since he was born, handing him off to caretakers instead. She only ever did embrace his older brother.

There were days where he would forget her features, her blue eyes would blur with brown ones and he would silently gasp whenever he did see her on rare occasions. She would never be his mother and neither will he be her son. She had learned to only pay attention to him when he as presented as an Alpha and his brother's jealousy soared through the roof, for there was no Alpha in the family except for him and his father. His father, who never looked at him, laughed with happiness and engulfed him with a hug when his eyes became demonic red.

For that, he was bitter. He was worth nothing until his status as Alpha was out. Maybe that was why he was so furious. Maybe that was why it hurt so much, because his omega had thought he was worth something without his prestige.

He declines the call and snaps the door of his car open. This won't do.

This won't do at all.

He drives slow, the engine's roar quiet and quaint. It was too quiet, he was used to the quiet and the narrowing silence but now, it was too still. There was no bubbling chatter from someone next to him, no whining about food or football practices that makes their knees sore. No soft pecks on his cheeks or shy glances.

"Don't do this to yourself."

The voice is familiar and his grip on the handle shakes. With his chin up, he defiantly does not look beside him, and instead keeps his gaze forward. The road was bumpy with rocks that had broken off from the cement road, tall trees emerged from the ground filled with soil rich enough to make farmers envious. The dark spruce forest loomed over him, as if he was just a small animal running about with no way out in it's large body, the vast eerie silence told him enough to know that it was abandoned.

It was a forgotten place, just like he was. Forgotten and abandoned.

He hears a soft sigh and his heart flutter. Gentle hands come, cupping his face and turning him towards the face he desperately wished to see for the last days.

"Look at you, did you sleep at all?" His omega asks him, hands caressing his face and he leans into the touch, remembering to stop the car.

No, he wants to say, but he instead melts into the ghostly touch. The fingers were cold and whimsical, far different from the usual warmth accompanied by the smell of peaches and citrus. He never did understand that, how could a person who devoured oily food with grease stained fingers, smell so heavenly?

Many would call him a madman, someone who had lost their mind to the gutterish world of insanity to find beauty in a boy such as his omega. Indeed, how insidious was he, to find large-doe foxy honey eyes beautiful, puffy cheeks with a soft blush and red lips encircling a lollipop with pink tongue that incites him like no other?

Loud and brash, they think, an omega who dares to raise their hand on an Alpha. Utterly disgraceful, they think. In their eyes, who was Can to compare? A common omega in the eyes of the world who valued the superiority of rare Alphas?

The world may have declared his omega not deserving of him, but to him, there would no other that would him kneel down in praise at the unusual beauty of someone so un-omegan.

"I miss you," He says, "so much."

The ghost of his Omega smiled sorrowfully at him and he sobbed.

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It took time but he eventually conjured a scheme that would confine the Omega with him for the rest of their lives—no—for the rest of eternity. He was not willing for the boy to escape from his clutches, not in this lifetime and not in another. It would be simply madness because Can needed him, just as he needed the Omega. Without him, Can would be defenseless, bound to fall out of grace (as if he had any, the voice whispered amusingly) and be prey to the vultures of the world. 

It would work, his plan would work.

It was a hefty plan, one carefully crafted by his patience and his desire to lessen the space between them. He spent hours and weeks, tracing every small detail down, every man and woman he would fool into playing their part, every piece of nectar he would drop to lure his boy onto him. It was costly as well, he spent more over thousands for the orchestration of his play and while it would be iffy to anyone to spend this much amount on a common Omega, to him it was a part of the necessary deeds. 

"Young Master?" He's called out of his trance by the house maid and he looks at her wrinkled uneasy face with faint annoyance. 

"What would you like to have for breakfast?" 

He hums and twirls the end of his black tie, finally settling for a simple breakfast of pancakes with honeycombs. 

The maid bowed her head respectfully and minced out of the room, not once looking at him in the eye. It was a rule of sorts, to never gaze him in the eye for they fear for their lives, he was known for being unforeseeable. They all reminiscence the maid with the grey eyes, the one who often brought food over to the young master, the one who walked as if she were flying through the wind. They all remember the day she did not emerge from within the young master's room, of how the man walked out with the scent of blood clinging to his skin. 

No one ever truly knew what she had done to warrant such death, but there were whispers of how she seeked to seduce the young master, or how she said something so unforgivable that she forfeited her life then and there. 

The wrinkled maid was the one to hush down such rumors, and looked after the new ones, she often emphasized on the fact to keep their head down, to never totter around the young master and stay out of his sight unless called upon first. They all listened to her, for she was the only one who served the Medthanan family for more than a generation. 

She once remembers the boy she used to see laughing, the very boy who always went to her for extra sweets from the fridge, the boy who used to adorably call for his older brother. 

But the boy she knew had perished in the high society, who heard those heart-shattering words from the only person he thought that loved him and crushed his own innocence to survive in the faithless world, drifting away to the ice walls he built with his hands. 

From there on, she too drifted away from the young master and she had hoped that she had looked back years back. Perhaps, she might have been able to piece back the boy and molded him better. Perhaps she should have reached out to him while he was still glass, and tell him there was good in the world, and not all sought out to torment him. 

But his wounds were too deep, and his heart too frozen. He became the harsh wind in the cold winter and tore apart any that deemed to destroy him to ashes, never leaving trace of the said person nor leaving their family unscathed. 

She thinks of the late grandmother of the young master, wondering if she would grieve of her darling grandson who turned into such a monster that made every man and woman in the house tremble. 

She looked back too late and regrets. 

Then, in a miracle of starlight, the young master smiled for the very first time. They all remember clear as daylight, when he returned home not with a scowl drawn in his face but with a slight curl of his lips, and the crinkling of his eyes as he stared at the screen of his phone. Their hearts had leapt up in their throats, body alight with hope and anxiousness for the young master never smiled. 

He didn't release any agitated or cold scent, he barely acknowledged any of them and instead typed away on his phone, talking to mysterious person who put the Alpha in a good mood. When the time for dinner came, the young master put on clothes he would never spare a glance at, repeatedly looking in the glass near the main door and trying to fix his hair to near perfection, even as far as going to ask on of the youngest maids if he looked 'presentable' to a person of her social standing. 

It might have been an insult to the beta girl but with their young master, it could have been a real question. So, the girl puffed herself with bravado and spoke out, "Of course, young master! You would blend in right with the others with this outfit, especially with the people of my standard." 

He looked at her with dim eyes, likely to find if she was trying to fool him and when deemed she was not, he gave her the barest of nod and left.

The young master returned with the smell of peaches and citrus, an Omegan smell. His own scent was no longer frosty but instead, warm, content, something they hadn't smelled in over a decade. His posture was loose and not rigid, giving one the impression that he was about to melt away into the floor and forever lie there, basking in the serenity. 

That night, they all slept better. 

Weeks went by and the demeanor of the young master turned softer and softer, until his face was kind as the paintings of young lads swooned by the bewitching maidens. It was easier to breathe around the young master and they no longer had to dance around him in a dangerous waltz. They would often smell that scent once again all over the man, as if the Alpha had wanted to be equally claimed as the other. They all stopped tensing up whenever the front door would open and wonder who would be the one to suffer this time. 

They prayed to the stars—oh, they prayed so much.

That it would not end, that their master would be happy and delirious in the face of mysterious Omega (surely it was an Omega, who else would have such supple scent?). That they would be able to stop counting their numbered days, that they would be able to be free of this day-to-day anguish. 

But of course, their prayers went unanswered. 

The young master returned with a bone-chilling aurora, his eyes red as the day he presented and his teeth bared. He looked half-feral and half out of his mind, a madman—the perfect picture of hell unleashed on earth. Each step he took, sent needles prickling endlessly onto their skin, burying the sensation deeper than any could. 

He stumbled on his way to his room, and they looked on with held breath, as he slammed the door so hard that the wood cracked around the edges. Their smell of distress was overwhelmed by the scent of pure agony and sorrow and anger, blanketing over as they were the trapped water underneath the heaviest of ice. No one of them moved, all bound to kneel in the face oppressing force. 

They waited and waited until the Alpha emerged again from his abode, this time his eyes dark as the deepest night with no stars in the sky for them pray to. They were watched, each one of them and they trembled, hoping that this would not be their end. The Alpha of the house was mad with blood lust, and someone would atone the price.

(Oh, someone please, help us—)

They all buried more than thirteen bodies that day, with the warmth of blood still sliding over their whole being and choking on the heady air of death. 

His footsteps are heavy as he descended the long stairs. His mood turned sour as soon as he saw his mother munching on a sweet (She never loved us, the voice snarled out), and he for a brief moment, weighed the option of simply not eating breakfast but quickly wiped it out. 

Be the monster you are.

Donning a sly smirk, he pulled out a plush golden chair and dropped next to his mother, who was startled put of her deep thoughts. She coughed for a moment, red faced and wide-eyed, and smiled uneasily at him with eyes that screamed she wanted to run away from him. It made his smirk wider to see her squirm under his watch. 

"Tin, I did not know you would be coming for breakfast." Her voice was unsteady and he sensed the fake cheerfulness. 

"Oh, I was not going to but then I saw my lovely mother sitting all alone. I could not very well leave you this way, hm?" 

She stared at him, wide eyed with a look that indicated he should have. She made no reply, instead whipping her head back to her food and almost awkwardly picking it. He watched her, gliding his eyes over the satisfying look of fear.

He trailed his fingers over the fine golden dinning cloth, making his way towards his mother's plate where the fork and the knife rested, and then wrapping them around the knife. The silver glinted in the morning light, the sharpness of it more prominent. He leaned closer to his mother, his breath ghosting a dusted cheek. 

Pointing the edge of the knife underneath her chin, slighting grazing it with a chilling smile, he asked, "Do you want a son-in-law, mother?" 

The question was simple, and he asked it in the most normal of voices yet her smell of Omegan distress and fear wafted into his nose. He made no move to pull her into his embrace and scent mark her to ease her. He felt elated instead, the woman who hurt him and pushed him over to the edge now sat submissively, her eyes downcast as her lower lip trembled. 


He pressed the knife deeper underneath her chin, almost impaling her, "Don't you, mother?" 

She gasped and gripped the table cloth tightly at the sudden pain flaring in her chin, her shoulder's shaking with trepidation and managed to choke out a simple "Yes." 

He held the knife there for a moment, eyes blank and mouth pulled to a small shark-like grin. He bathed in her distress and her anxiety, drinking it all up like a starved man deprived of water. 

"Good. Very good, mother. You should want a son-in-law, because I have found my pair." 

She turned in shock and spluttered like a gaping fish out, he was almost disappointed at how pathetic she looked. Gone was her precious facade of grace, gone was her wits and smarts for which she was renowned for and instead now, she was just the wife of the famous Medthanan family, just a piece of pawn bought by the promises of riches and fame to produce an heir. 

She was played like a fiddle by her family, by her husband and now she was being played with by her own son.

He almost felt sad for her. Almost.

"That's—that's great! I never thought that you would—" 

He cut off her nervous rambling with his own sharp tone, "Never what? Never would have found love? You think I'm a monster, don't you?" 

He curled his lips once she began to deny vehemently that no, I never thought you were a monster, you are my son how could I?

"But you did. You always, always, thought of me as some kind of an abomination, a black stain in your life. Do not forget that I know what you did to me." He sneered out, "So, for your own sake mother, once I bring my Omega here, you will do your duty as the lady of the house and welcome him with a smile." 

Gently removing the knife from underneath her chin, he kissed her cheek and grinned when she flinched away from the touch, "Tell the maid I won't be having breakfast anymore, I have more pressing matters to attend to." 

And with that, he stood up and left, leaving his unsettled mother behind to mull over his words.

He will bring his Omega home, no matter how many lives he will have to ruin in the process.


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I hurt him, didn't I? God, I never wanted it to turn out this way but I was so, so scared—

"Can? Oi! Can!" 

The sound of his team captain shouting rouses him from his musing and he turned to look at Techno running up to him with a water bottle in hand. The field was filled with various players stretching for their last match, their bodies drenched with sweat and the smell of wet grass clung to their skin. 

He had been benched since the beginning of the match, his protests met with unreasonable arguments (unreasonable because he would not get smacked in the face by a ball again). He tried to sit still and observe the match to find any weak points of the enemy but alas, he was not able to concentrate (not that he was ever). His body vibrated with anticipation and his mind out of orbit, always drifting to the man he abandoned (and crushed his heart with my own bare hands because he never looked so broken—)

"What do you want, P'No? Ah, do I finally get to play? Finally! I was waiting for so long and look, look, I learned this new move that could swipe these bastards right off the field-" 

Techno cut in, "Sorry, albino monkey, no field time for you this match. I was calling you because the match is nearing the end and we need some more water bottles for the team. Go and get some bottles from the canteen, go go." 

He whined as the other Omega shooed him away, "But, P'Nooooooo, I want to play! I want to play! I trained so long and so hard everyday, why can't I play?"

Techno clicked his tongue and swiftly knocked Can's forehead with his middle finger, annoyance clear in his face yet he still conjured up a mean smile, "Because, my stupid monkey, you can never score a single goal, did you forget what you did in the last time we played against another school, the school from the other district?!" 

He hung his head in defeat, remembering his embarrassing stunt he pulled in the last game. He was the joke of the entire school for weeks and his teammates made a show of reminding him his failure all the time. 

Fine, he would go and bring P'No's stupid water bottle, and maybe some stupid towels as well because he knows that P'No would send him back again to get them so the team could have more cold towels to cool themselves with. Maybe, he could even get some stupid tasty lunch. 


Techno watched as the omega kicked the ground, pouted and then stormed out of the bench area, face full of reluctance. He couldn't help but give out a sigh and bemoan why he had a soft spot for someone so peculiar like Can. 

Every time someone would have a fall out with Can, he or Good would have to placate the others, knowing that the Omega was not the type to deliberately start a fight with anyone without being provoked. He remembers the countless times where someone would lose their temper at Can's non-stop bickering, he would have to step in and divert the topic off somewhere. 

His empty wallet is proof of how much he dotes on Can and his friends, spending every bhat so that (his pups, because who will ever love them like he did?) they could have a full and warm stomach by the end of the night. 

("You're like a mother to us, P'No!")

He doesn't think he could ever forgive himself if something happened to Can or the others, because the boy was like a younger brother to him and he wasn't ashamed to say that he preferred the boy over Technic. 

Much later, when guilt gags him up and he can no longer look Can in the eyes, he would think, If only I didn't send him away. 

If only. 


"Oiiiiii! Why does the cafeteria have to close now? Where will I get the stuff now? Damn, I'm even more hungry." His stomach pitifully growled to show that it was indeed starving and needed food immediately. 

He clicked his tongue and frustratingly messed up his hair, "The only other cafeteria close to us is the IC building, but I don't want go there." 

The reason why clear why he would not wish to go there. In that building, the man who he (ached for) caused sorrow, stalked the building with narrow and calculating eyes, the man who no would dare prey upon. The man he wished he could pull into his embrace to shield him from the world that made him this monster. 

I hurt him as well, I never wanted to hurt him but all I can do now, is regret.

So, he musters up all of his courage and picks himself up, determined to not appear anything other than happy. It takes him longer than he would have liked, to find the IC building, it's white pristine walls screaming at him that someone of his status would never be able to study there and certainly not someone who had food for brains and common sense. 

Standing in front of the building, he could see the students with unblemished uniform from the windows which covered most of the floors. He couldn't help but think that the one who drew the building plan must be some sophisticated, pretentious engineer. What else could explain the carefully trimmed plants, the beautiful water fountains with golden rails and the statue of a woman holding high a vase, the lavish furnitures he would often see whenever he was dragged by Tin? 

That's so not fair, how come they didn't have a fountain? This is clearly discrimination! And wasn't the tables with diamonds underneath the glass a bit too much of a overkill? 

Oh wait, that would explain the mean looking guards he could see in front of the building door. Huh. 

He tries to hide his face underneath his bangs, all of his previous bravery gone in the flash of a second. What was he thinking? How could he go into the IC cafeteria and buy what he needed when he couldn't even walk through the door without feeling like an outsider; a piece of garbage in their eyes? How could he go there after what he had done to Tin? 

With trembling legs, he keeps his eyes downcast, careful not to bump into anyone important. He doesn't know where this sudden shame flinted inside of him and he feels smalls as gazes turn on him, inspecting him as if he were some kind of a circus animal dancing for their amusement. 

He picks up his pace and hurriedly runs into the building, brushing past the guards who let him in knowing who he was (they remember the Alpha who draped himself all over the Omega possessively, emitting a low growl whenever anyone even dared to look at the Omega). 

The hallways are blissfully empty, everyone either at the game or in classrooms and libraries, studying for their upcoming exams. It wasn't unexpected since he had heard about how harder it was for IC students due to their high level curriculum. He even saw one IC girl crying in the corner, clutching her books close to her chest. 

The instinct to comfort a fellow Omega falls on him but he refrains, afraid that she would recoil from him and snarl out how filthy he was making her. He also couldn't handle it the way he handled it with—

Off topic, he was going off-topic again. Gah! He really needed to stop moping over the pure blooded Alpha. He absolutely had no chance with an Alpha; especially someone like Tin! All his life, he only heard about how he didn't 'fit' in with the other Omegas and how no one would desire him with that attitude. 

He remembers his aunt, with her weird-looking umbrellas always in one hand, used to force him to take lessons on 'How to be the perfect Omega'. The long hours of balancing teapots on top of his head, and his hands straining to hold up porcelain plates with teacups. Back then he had fumed, he did not want to be someone's kept wife nor did he want to be with someone who only wanted a spouse to lord over. He wanted to be his own person and achieve things that would make his family proud. 

But sadly, with his already down-grade talents and his status as a common Omega weighed him down into a deep ocean, not of water but with the expectations of those around him. And he knows, he knows that he failed his aunt and his deceased father as the oldest child. The only saving grace was that his sister was so very different from him; she was what to be expected of an Omega. 

She wasn't the most ethereal Omega out there but her scent was kind, her face was small and supple white, she walked with an air of elegance and her glasses made her seem even more innocent and naïve. 

For that, he was glad. If someone should a bright future ahead, it should be his sister. 

So, why? Why would an Alpha with the most superior status show an interest in him? He had nothing, absolutely nothing that an Omega had and nothing to offer except his brash words and loud behavior. He wasn't beautiful nor did he even have a scent that entrap others; hell, he wasn't even quiet or meek! 

He's not deaf, he knows what the others say about Tin. The man could have anyone he wanted from here or overseas with his only his bloodline alone. 

Maybe that's why he had said no, maybe that's why he was so petrified of becoming something to the man all wanted to covet. He was scared of love and the heartbreaks it would entail but most of all; he was scared of bringing shame to the man. 

He wasn't worthy of Tin, he knows but that way the man had looked after he said no, made him think that he should have just said yes

"Watch where you're standing," A beta with curly long hair shoves at him, walking past him into a classroom full of bustling students. 

He weakly nods, too much into his headspace to even muster up a insult back. Feeling numb, his feet takes him several stairs up, and into the cafeteria where there only a few Omegas munching or cough, his apologies, gracefully eating on pieces of carrots and leaves. One look at their designer watches and glimmering golden hair pieces tells him enough that they were the pure-blooded Omegas all the Alphas from the Thai-program swooned over. 

Tin could have chosen any one of them; why him?

He finds no answer and didn't expect to as well; instead shuffling over to the canteen lady and asking for a few bottles of water and some wet towels. He isn't spared of the brief look of disgust that flies over the woman's face as his hand touched hers. 

Ma'am I don't want to touch your hand as well, thank you! 

He hands her the money and groans internally when she side eyed him and started to count the money, checking if he had not given the right amount. Once satisfied, she turned her eyes to him and bit out, "What are you still doing here? Don't you have some match or something?" 

He forces a smile at her, barely catching himself from cursing her and her entire linage. Picking up the bottles and the towels packed in a plastic bag roughly, he sneaks a glance her, and purposefully opens a bottle and spills it all over the floor. 

Giving out a fake gasp, he sweetly apologized to her, "Ma'am I'm so sorry. I didn't expect the bottle to be so full."  Spite getting the best of him, he steps on the spilt water with his dirty shoes, making the water all shoody and muddy. 

He huffs out a laugh when he hears her grumbles and about how fifthly Omegas who didn't know their place coming in and destroying her peace. Pfft, as if she wasn't the same him, perhaps even more worse! He didn't miss the way her scent was so small, and if he hadn't stood close to her, he might have not caught a whiff of her scent. 

It was a sulfur smell mixed with vanilla, and it was god awful to smell. Not that he would say it to her face—Okay, he might if she continued to test him like this. 

Aaaaand he should get some food as well because ow, he's stomach felt like someone was ripping it apart with their bare hands. As if on cue, a loud grumble resonated the canteen and he flushed brightly, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him whole. 

A few chuckles were heard and he was pretty sure one of the pure-blooded Omega said "How cute." 

Oh no, was he hungrier than he thought? Was he starting to hallucinate from extreme hunger? No way a fellow Omega who wasn't his friend or family called him cute? A female pure-blooded Omega? 

That's—That was it. He was officially losing it and needed to fill his empty-black-hole-of-a-stomach. 

He looked around, not wanting to go back to the lady he just humiliated. There! He spots a vending machine filled with chips and sodas of various kind. Wait a second, was that a premium Cheetos flavour? And was that the strawberry soda that was sold out in matter of hours because of it's unique taste? 

Eyes practically sparkling, he almost ran towards the machine, stumbling due to his own clumsiness. Squinting at the prices, he thought that it was a bit too high for him but bit his lips when the thought of never being to eat them again. Taking out the money, he pushed it in and typed the numbers, squatting down at head level with the tray. 

Gleeful, he took the bag of chips and the soda, not at all upset at the amount of money he had to pay. Who knew the IC building had such treasures? And why aren't the other's from other departments coming in to get them? He got in, surely they could. 

Bleh, they probabbly didn't want to spend such huge amount of money like he did. Yeah, that sounded alright. Patting himself, in the back for his intelligence, he opened the chips and practically moaning at the heavenly taste. 

He continued his way to the field, also opening the soda with a 'pop' sound and gulping it down hungrily. 

He hopped positively, even if the bottles were weighing him down. Perhaps he should have slowed down and walked like a normal person, but back then, he still believed in accidental meetings and surprising coincidences. 

He forgot that nothing ever was a coincidence when a man like Tin Medthanan is hunting him down, ready to devour him in one swoop and to forever keep him in the enthralls of the Alpha. 

The first mistake he makes is to bump into that girl. They both fall to the ground, and both dropping whatever they had in their hold. They groaned at the pain and quickly sit up to see who they crashed onto. 

He winces at the prickling sensation on his hips, no doubt bruised. Something wet touches his pants and he looks down to see his beloved, expensively paid for soda was lying pitifully, half of it's contents gone. 

"Oh my god, are you okay?" The girl he bumped into asked, worry in her voice. 

Anger at the tip of his tongue died out as he gazed into her. Her silky pink dyed hair flowed in the wind, bringing her flowery scent to his nose. He gaped at her beauty, dumbfounded at how one could have such a delicate face and wow, those lips look like rose petals.

Even if anger was gone, his face scrunched up into one of despair. He couldn't even snap at the beautiful girl because she just looked so innocent; almost reminding him of his sister. 

"No-I mean, yeah, yeah. I'm okay, totally!" 

Her eyes frowned, looking at the fallen objects lying on the ground. 

He sighed and turned around to the bottles and towels which had slipped out of the bag behind him, again wincing at the mild pain. As he does turn around, he doesn't see the girl pick up his soda and replace it with another one, with the same flavor and in the same position. Half full and still dripping out slightly. 

"I apologize, is there anything I can do to help?" She crouched down and began to assist him picking up the water bottles and the towels. 

"No! It's okay! It was accident, so it's fine. Really." He scrambled out, flushed at how their fingers touch when she handed him the bottles. 

She smiled at him, serene and trusting. Her scent washed over him and his mind jumbled at the thought that this was a pureblooded Omega. 

A pure-blooded Omega. 

Oh lord, he just made a fool out of himself in front of her. Shit. 

"Okay, I will trust your words and hope that you didn't get offended by me. Have a nice day, oh! I didn't catch your name." 

Him? Get offended by her? As if! 

"My name is Can, what's yours?" 

She again smiled at him but this time, her smile was full of teeth and she was ready to bite, "You can call me Taay." 

Chapter Text

He waits and waits, flinging back his inner conscious down the spiral of his dark and never-ending mess of a mind. Afraid that if he let loose for even a fraction of a second, he would not be able to contain himself. He needed finesse to do this particular deed and losing control of his sights and clear mind would demolish all of it. 

It was not hard to acquire what he needed. His few chosen ones were desperate, desperate to win a favour from him and were willing to do anything to obtain it. They wanted to cling to his grace and squeeze every drop of good fortune for themselves. 

He understood their intentions, who would not want to climb up farther into high society? If only they would understand that the simplicity common people had was far more freeing and desirable. 

No vermin slithering in the darkness, waiting for it's opportunity to strike them down in their most vulnerable and steal away their integrity. No deceitful smiles and plastic words. No need of masking one-self and strip away all weakness and letting it pour down to an endless stream of resentment. To feel serene emotion and be at peace is a wonder he always wanted to have. 

But, he had felt it, had he not? He had felt it and made the mistake of letting it slip through his fingers like the golden dusts of sand, like shards of glass finer than diamonds. 

He would not make such foolish mistakes again. 

His phone buzzed in his pockets, and he picked it up, swiping past the glass to see the caller id. Inhaling deeply, he picked it up, "Is it done?" 

"Yes, he does not suspect a thing and was headed for the field but I managed to drench his shirt. Now, he would have to go to the locker to change. I hope my performance was satisfactory enough." A feminine voice said. 

He narrowed his eyes at the information but held back a biting response and instead said pleased, "Indeed, you have done well. Consider the favour you asked done." 

"Thank you, if you need me to do another favour, I will be readily at service." There was excitement and definite happiness in her voice, and she tried to mask her eagerness to do another favour well but he still saw through it. 

He would let it slip, knowing she had a job well done and would be rewarded accountably. It was pathetic, to be fair. Such a wanted pureblood Omega, begging him to give her favours so she could reap the rewards. Such a wasted potential, netherless, she was not his responsibility and he would not pry into her faults. 

He cuts the call, leaning back on the seat of his car. All of the pieces were coming together, shifting and slotting in just the right places to complete the riddle. He needed just a single more piece to finish the plan to completion. 

He opens the door of his car, remembering to take the soft silky pouch with him. It would aid him in his time of need and would not fail him. Once he would reach his destination, he would have to strike hard and fast, non relenting. He would have to leave no choice for the Omega, the boy would have to accept him and bow down to him. 

A quick 'ding' of his phone alerted him and he slipped in his perfect mask of indifference, the same as any day. 

It was time, it was time to capture what had already belonged to him since the beginning. 

He gave a cold nod to the cleaner waiting outside the locker room, waiting for his instructions and given the clear lead. He had hired this beta as a part of the plan, a part of the piece on the board he was determined to conquer. It was extraordinary at how one would do such unwise and ill-moral acts under the guise of money. 

As if you aren't the one who is about to ruin an innocent Omega's life?

He gave only a bare hint of a smirk stretching on his face, No, he will not suffer with me and he will treasured as one of the most finest jewels the Medthanans ever had.

His boy was truly a gift bestowed upon him from the heavens, as if God himself had heard his cries and blessed him with a mate that would love him, that would nurture and care for his brood and he the loving husband would keep his mate fed and treasured, warm and full of his seed, filling him with his children all the time. 

He cannot escape us. 

He finds the Omega panting on the floor in the rusty and old locker room, rubbing against the cool titles and twisting wretchedly when he finds no relief. The girl had indeed fulfilled her work, perhaps a little too much, judging by the way how the Omega's eyes were puffy with tears. 

"Can?" He forces his voice to sound kind, and schools his expression in one of a mock worry. 

Be benevolent and caring, see how he bends to our will.

The Omega's head snapped upwards, eyes widening at the sight of him. The boy scrambled backwards, awkwardly hitting his head against one of the benches, "N-no, don't come near me, I will punch you if you c-come near me—" 

The boy's rambling was cut off by a loud moan, to which he tried to stifle but failed miserably. 

He frowned, finally noting the near blackness of the Omega's eyes. Ah, the girl really had done her job too well. The Omega was now in full blown heat, unable to differentiate anything or anyone, pain would be coiling in the Omega's stomach, and his head pounding with the need for an Alpha. 

"Shh, shh. It's okay, my love, it's me. Your Alpha, you're safe with me." He cooed and bent down head level with the Omega, breathing in the heavenly scent of heat. It engulfed his nose with rawness and he shivered at the beautifulness. Oh, how he had missed this scent, how many times he wished to drape himself with this scent completely until his own couldn't be recognizable? 

Too many, far too many.

The Omega shook his head repeatedly, denying that no, you're not mine, who are you? Shaking with pure fear, the boy snarled out at him when he tried to reach over and touch him. 

A part of him flinched, as if struck hard and fast. He would not deny that the rejection had pained him, perhaps greatly. It makes him whimper and the need to cower away from the one who did not want him but how dare he? How dare the Omega look away from and frolic away, away from him and his hold? Was it not him who spoiled the Omega, spoiled him with food that no other could afford? Was it not him that paid for Gucci's surgery when his mother could not? 

Was it not him that sheltered from others mockery and gaze? 

How dare you?

Rage fills him like no other, burning and boiling his blood, almost if they were going to melt him down to ashes and blow him away. His eyes twitched in annoyance and he gritted his teeth, pulling out the bag he bought. Slipping his hand inside the pouch, he took out a piece of cloth, it's shiny texture glowing in the faint light of the sun's rays. 

"Why would you say that, my love? Have I not done enough for you? Have I not provided enough for you?" He choked out, as if he were the one who was going to take taken and ruined, "Do you not love me?"

He presses the cloth on his Omega's face hard, making him inhale deeply. His boy struggled, thrashing out his arms and legs, trying to push him off but he did not budge. He would not leave again, he would collect this gem by hook or crook no matter how undesired it was by everyone else. 

It was even more splendid for him, it would mean that this beautiful Omega was all his to taint. 

Failing body weakening in his hold, he called the cleaner outside. The beta bustled inside the room, wheeling in a large box filled with cleaning equipment. He eyed the box, deeming it enough good enough to lay his Omega inside, gently as much as he could. 

"Take it where I instructed you and wait there." 

"Yes, sir." 

The beta bowed his head and promptly wheeled out the box, careful to not bump into anything and injure the boy inside. 

Chapter Text

Some things would never change for Can, no matter how trivial they were to be. The smell of his mother's cooking and it's delicious aroma would never leave his memories, just as the memory of his sister's first words would never leave. The touch of a clover leaves in his little pot and it's tiny branches shaking from the wind and the burning pain of a knife slicing a wound in his finger wouldn't be forgotten either. 

There were many things he had felt and experienced, both good and bad. 

But this—

He wakes up and opens his eyes to burning pain engulfing him like no other. Sweat clung to his forehead, his cheeks flushed bright red and his throat felt like gashed sand paper. A lean body loomed over him, caging him in a inescapable embrace. He choked on the heady scents mingled together, so tightly packed that he feared that he won't be able to breathe properly. 


Full. God, he was so full. 

What was--? 

He sobbed as he glanced down, half out of his mind and nearly passing out from the sight of a cock so big, pushing roughly into his cunt and filling him up so much. He weakly flopped, trying to get away from this man who pushed him down even more and held his shoulders in a tight grip, managing to shove the cock into his pussy even harder. 

"Sto—" His pleading is cut off by a piercing thrust. Fire seeped into his bones and crackled him down, leaving no room for rational thoughts. 

"There you are, love," A voice so familiar called out to him, leaving him with nothing as the ice cold dread settles inside of him, recognizing who exactly was inside of him. 


His thighs were pushed apart even more, bending him down in an impossible angle. His hips ached and his ankles trembled, as he could nothing but take each and every bit of the cock that was forced into his cunt. He gasps as he feels something catch into his cunt, grinding against his walls as if it were determined in ruining him for any other. 

Knot. He will knot me. Oh, no no no please—

"Get off!" He shouted, fear rooting inside of his heart with black tendrils, it's grip nothing short of evil. 

The Alpha leaned down, nosing deep into his neck, moaning in pure ectacy. The sound of it makes him sick and he wants to lean away from this--this monster. He made an desperate attempt at finding something that would ground him, shame filling him as he finds purchase at the man's shoulders. 

"That's it, love. Hold onto me, you were sleeping so beautifully, I just could not resist taking a taste." The Alpha purred out, licking a stripe of a tear track and finding it all too sweet instead of salty. 

He tried to take in deep breaths, sucking in huge mouthfuls of air as he was impaled over and over again by the cock. A stray hand came to grip a fistful of his hair, pulling him upwards in a searing kiss, splitting him open in so many ways unimaginable. He moaned against the kiss, as he clenched around the shaft driven into him, slick running down his thighs. 

He's dropped into the smooth silky sheets and flipped over, head pushed down into the sheets. The motion of it making him dizzy enough to see stars. 

"You smell so fertile, like a perfect Omega wet just for me. I can barely wait enough to bring you into my pack, my mother would love you," He shuddered as breath ghosted over his ears, "Each night, you will warm my bed and invite me in. And, when you are so pregnant and heavy, you will cry for me to soothe your aches, you will cry for me to breed you again and again." 

The Alpha laughed, voice raspy and deep, "Wouldn't that be a sight? You who pushed me away, begging for my cock in your pretty little cunt, struggling to take all of me." 

A hand pinched his nipples, cock still buried so deep into him, "This right here would become so full with milk. And, of course, as a dutiful husband, I will relieve you of your pain and drink you dry." 

He groaned into the bed, as the older male began to move again, this time positioning his hips in such an angle that it rammed into his sweet spot every thrust. Mouth stretching wide, he gave a strangled gasp as another hand came down and rubbed his clit, stimulating him further. 

"I—I'm so sorry, ah, forgive me, forgive me," He begged out, wondering where all of it had gone wrong, where he had failed to see such actions coming for him. Did he deserve this? Did he deserve this because he had hurt the only one who remotely seemed interested in him? 

The Alpha stilled, and shifted on top of him, "That is alright, I forgive you, for you will bear me many sons and daughters. I still love you so very much. You love me as well, do you not?" 

The question rings in his ears, like tinkling bells his aunt loved to hang in her door ways, it's golden hue prominent in the sun light's ray. The question is like a curse, and a curse-breaker he was not, someone who would not be able to open the lock with even a proper key. 

A sharp thrust and he's asked again, "Do you not? Can?" 

Answer him.

He says nothing, thinking of the last remnant of the man he left behind. He did not know what to say back then, and he does not know what to say now either. He was stuck, clinging on the cliff-side as danger lurked in all of the corners, knowing that he had no where else to go. 

For a moment, all is silent. The Alpha on top of him is motionless, bearing his weight down on him and cocooning him. A black void pools around him and he understands why everything felt so out of place, so wrong.

He hears a sigh, and ice storms his blood, colder than the first , "Are you going to abandon your mother and sister, Can? Is that what you will do? Look at you love, you already reek of me and I have not even bonded you. Who will want an already claimed Omega? What will your mother say to your late father?" 


You can't do this to me 

The sob that's choked out of him is guttural, pulled from the wave of agony of years of self-resentment. His grief is apocalyptic, consuming everything in it's path, along with his shame and hatred, leaving him with only the hopeless sinking of impotent.

The Alpha pulls out of him with a wet squelch, it's sound so obscene it would have made him blushed if he wasn't rapidly paling, "I understand, you do not want me. I will leave you and be gone from your life forever and ever but know this, If I leave, what will you do?" 

There's a pause and he lies on the bed, colorless. 

"Do you hate me, knowing that I have tainted you?" 

He doesn't answer and instead looks at his side, eyeing the glittering vase endowed with glass and he wonders if it would break like he was breaking now, fragile and full of cracks. 

He hears footsteps and the rustling of clothes with smell of sex and musk lingering in the air, and—

And he thinks. 

What will you do? 

He is the first-born, the only one who was favored enough by God to see the smile of his father. His sister, small and bright, was born only in the shadow of him and his mother, often times he had to be her father and sometimes even her mother. He had to feed her, day and night, carry her as she cried, wetting his shirt with her tears. He clothed and dressed her shining brown hair, wanting to make her better he was. 

He thinks of his mother, so tired and worn out by the world, tearing her skin apart to put a roof over their head but still so beautiful even if her face was traced by the lines of age. Each night, she would come back home, with her body trembling with exhaustion from all those extra shifts she was forced to take to make ends meet, with her fingers shaking as she cooked them food. 

He cannot—will not— abandon them. 

Perhaps, he was doomed from the very beginning, to have been seen by Tin at all. Perhaps, that was what had sealed his fate. Because in the end, it was clear and simple. 

A family who has an Alpha, is valued far greater and thought to be above. If he were to have Tin as his Alpha, people will no longer at his sister with unveiled lust and the ominous stares his mother receives. His mother and sister would be provided and cared for, they will never have to suffer the hardships of life ever again, their faces would be bright and full of smiles. 

In the end, he knew that Tin would protect the loves of his life in a way he never could.

"Don't leave me." He says, with his heart heavy but his soul calm as the gentle breeze. 

And perhaps, you might truly forgive me as well.

He owed too much to everyone around of him, and it was time to pay them back in plenty amounts. It does not matter what he has to do, does not matter what he has to be put through and endure. 

"Do you jest?" The bed dips as the Alpha discards the clothes, slipping into the sheets. 

That was not good enough, the reply rang through the deafening silence. 

"You cannot leave me now, you have taken my purity, the only thing I had going for me. Who will take me other you? I can go no where else." He chokes out, his voice breaking, "Please, please Alpha, don't leave me. I'm begging you, I will do whatever you want, I will have as many children you want to put me in, please—" 

His pathetic pleading is cut off by a hand on his neck, pinning him down in the bed. The Alpha climbs on top of him again, tracing his shoulders in circles and plunged the thick cock inside of him, without warning and without remorse. 

"There we go," His Alpha moaned out, "You sound so good, so good begging to me with that beautiful mouth of yours. My Omega, my pretty wife." 

He whines at the intrusion and pet names, biting his arm to keep himself from screaming. The slide of the cock inside of him was sinful and filthy, each shove giving him burning pleasure and pain. The hand on his neck tightened and he gasped as his vision stated to blacken, his reality relapsing.

Something catches onto the rim of his cunt, but he can pay it no mind as he claws at the hand, gasping and whining all the same.


"Just a little more, love. It's okay I have you, I have you." His Alpha croons at him, emitting calming aroma, inducing him to weaken his struggles and lie down, senseless.

He's going to knot me.

The hand wretched his head backwards, as the knot is thrust inside of him, leaving his toes curling. It's big, too big for him to endure and he writhes against the hold, no matter how much calming scent is given to him. He panics, scratching at the hand and howling at the prospect of something so huge being put inside of him. 

The hand tightens around him, adoring his neck with blue and black bruises, and his own hands gives out. He wailed, as the knot became bigger and bigger, stretching him to the finest, leaving no room of him him unexplored. His Alpha slowly grinded his hips against his, rubbing his clit with another hand. 

"You can take it, shh, you're an Omega, you can take it." 

The words offer no reassurance to him, and he's left trembling with high-pitched cries. 

"I know, baby," The Alpha's voice is tinged with sympathy and lust, "But your cunt feels so good around me, you're clenching so tight." 

The cock buries itself so deep, it's thick length expanding and expanding until—

He scrambles out, but sharp white teeth clamps down hard on his neck, piercing him to his very core and he shakes as the bond forms, binding themselves to each other until the end time, until death does them apart. He's pinned down, like a fish struggling to wriggle free of the hook. 

"Fuck, baby," His Alpha watches him, flipping him to his back gently. His breath is punched out of him, he can only dizzily look over to the ceiling, his sight blurry and untrue. 

Unable to protest, he twitches when fingers probe at his cunt, tracing over to the place they were joined so intimately. 

"I just knotted you, but I want to do it all over again. This is so god damn pretty, swallowing me so greedily." 

He closes his eyes, little whimpers escaping his lips as he's filled with warm seed, flooding him with a sense of purpose to breed him, to put children into his womb, to ruin him for any other. He was completely and utterly claimed by Tin Medthanan. 

It doesn't end there. 

As soon as the knot deflates, he's pushed on top of a table, bent over and fucked into until he was leaking cum down his thighs. He's then shoved against the wall, forced to stand as the cock rams inside of him, his Alpha happily lapping at his tears with a drive un-paralleled. He was stuffed full of cock until he could no longer scream or remember his name right, his pussy used until he was gaping around the cock. 

He's bitten and man-handled, until his body had more blues and blacks than his own skin color. Each time, he was soothed by the scent of calmness and serenity, soothed by the pinching and rubbing of his clit, soothed by the teeth grazing his nipples until they turned swollen and red under the extreme attention. 

His cunt, plowed hard and the resonating slaps of skin makes the shame inside of him curl up and weep, "No.

"No?" His Alpha hissed, "No? No when your hole is begging to take all of me?" 

He's repeatedly slammed into for that defiance, his skin scalded with fire and redness. 

His Alpha, the one not to waste any hard effort, scoops up the cum that manages to seep out of him every time, and force it inside his used hole, five fingers knuckle deep. His Alpha wanted to make sure everything was in him, not a single drop wasted, wanting to make sure his seed took.

The fourth time he's made on all his fours, face pressed down on the floor, with the Alpha taking him from behind, "My Omega, look at what a mess you've made on the floor." 

He mumbles incoherently, tiredly looking in front of him, at the small puddle of slick which had dripped down his legs last time. 

"Be a dear and clean that up for me, sweetheart." His mate fists his hair and shifts them towards the puddle, pushing his face into it. He wants to say no, that it was degrading and oh so much humiliating, more than what he has been forced through. 

"Lick it, Omega." 

He gasps at the command, his body forced to move forwards. He tentatively gives it kitten licks, embarrassment clouding his eyes. The taste of his own slick is sweet, it's cloying smell inciting the Alpha behind him, who watched with scarlet eyes, prideful and possessive. 

As soon as he laps up last of his slick, his Alpha purred happily, pleased to see his mate obeying him so wonderfully. 

"Cantaloupe, my Cantaloupe. You're mine and only mine, no one else will ever see this side of yours, no one else will ever smell this delectable scent." His Alpha rumbled out, "I will fuck this sweet cunt every night, sometimes even days. And, you will be pregnant all the time, knocked up so badly that you won't be able to even walk." 

The hand on his hair leaves, instead forcing it's way into his mouth, rolling over his teeth and tongue. 

"Our children will wonder why their mother is always so round, so helpless to do anything. They will wonder why you always smell of milk, why their father is always touching their mother." 

He hears all of this, leaving him sobbing and unable to lift a finger. He can imagine it, imagine that he will be filled every day and expected to take it without complaint, his chest now flat would be big with milk, aching to be relieved, to be consumed by this greedy Alpha and all of their pups.

His Alpha pats his stomach, which was already inflated, too full with cum, "You do not have to worry, my wife. I will be right here, beside you and always ready to catch you whenever you fall."

He can truly do nothing as he stared at the eerie red eyes, never realizing his mate had gone into rut. 

The sixth time, he's made to lie on his side, his mate humming a lilting song as they waited for the knot to go down. His body felt like parched paper, soft but sensitive to touch. His head like cotton candy and his mouth full of drool and slick. 

"I have always wanted a little boy. I would teach him to be like you if he's an Omega; kind and forgiving. But, then again, we have so many opportunities for that, I would not care if you give me a girl or a boy. As long as the child is mine and yours, I will be pleased." 

His mate rambled on and on, a rare sight to behold as he never talked so openly. He could feel the pure joy radiating from his mate at the prospect of children. To him as well, he would not care if he had a little boy or girl, but he too had a preference towards baby girls.

"Just a few more times, baby. Tomorrow, I will—" 

He numbs himself to everything and closes his eyes against it.

It's the brutal uncountable time, where he lied on the counter of the kitchen, it's tile cold and unforgiving, that he passes out to the bliss of nothing-ness. 

Chapter Text

Can wakes to the ache of pain and thinks, this is hell.

He wakes to the soft light of the morning. He wakes to the warm arm slung over him possessively and wakes to the agonizing mark on his neck, enriched forever to keep him bound. He wakes to the blaring burn of the cock still knotted into him, and to the heady scents of them mingled together. 

Is this what death feels like? Does death feel like phantom hands lunging for his soul, tearing it apart under the guise of love? Does death feel like being split apart on his mate's cock and sigh, oh I am never going to be free again, am I? 

For a moment, all he can do is lie there, encased within those arms that held him the night before, never letting him escape. 

Then, he screams. 

He screams loud and shrill, startling the blue birds chirping peacefully on the window panels and his mate, out of his sleep. He screams frantic and whimpers like the wounded cry of animal, the sound of which enables his mate to hold him close. 

"Can? Love? What's wrong?" 

His Alpha coos at him, rubbing his neck in an attempt to calm him but he can have none of it. The sheer idea of his wings being cut, his freedom taken away and the knowledge that he had been claimed so thoroughly, that if he even had managed to leave, he could no longer have anyone else in his life. 

This is hell. 

He fails, his limbs feeling long and jerky. Strong arms try to keep him at bay and knock him down, but he persists, reaching out blinding and finding soft hair. He grabs onto it and yanks, hearing a groan and finds this opportunity to kick at the man, striking the Alpha in the stomach. 

The cocks pulls free out of him and he scrambles out, pawing at the covers. He stumbles out of the bed, nearly hitting the floor but managing to keep himself uprooted, making a beeline towards the door. 

He nearly reaches it but a body slams into him, knocking the breath of him and down on the floor they go, like scattered pieces of glass. He cries out, digging his nails onto the carpet and jumbling out words of "No, please, no more." 

He distantly wishes that he could lay his head down his mother's lap and weep, sharing the weight on his shoulders and blabber out all his pain but he knows he can't. He's trapped with no where to go, no door which could lead him out, no one to pull him out of this misery. 

Death feels like the cry of his scream and the sharp teeth that sinks into his neck, branding him once more. His body slackens, losing all fight and he lies on the floor placate. He hates how easily his body lets go, slows down at the command of his alpha and he hates how heavy his eyes get. 

"That's it, breathe. Just breathe." 

He breathes. 

"Here we are." 

He keeps his eyes downcast and numbly nods, eyeing his shoe laces. After his outburst, he was gently dipped into lukewarm water and bathed by careful hands mindful of his 'injuries'. The warm water had felt agonizingly good on his sensitive skin and no, he was not going to admit that those fingers had almost put him back to sleep with how meticulous they were. 

Sweet nothings had been whispered into his ears, about how good and how much of an amazing Omega he was. Despite the fact that his Omegan side puffed up in pride, he desperately wished that the soothing voice had no preceding effect on him.

Breakfast had been a quiet affair, with how much time he spent trying to swallow the food instead of blatantly screaming again. It did not help with how much his Alpha stared down at him as if he were to devour him whole, with wide eyes and a splitting smirk engraved into his face. 

He wanted to yell, wanted to throw the plates away and smash it just like how his soul was crushed. He was touched, he was tainted by the hands of this devil, by the man he thought he could trust with his life. 

How could you do this to me? 

But he bites his tongue and instead swallows down his pride because what was done, is done. He can no longer moan or cry over it no matter how he much wants, he has a duty to fulfil, a duty to his mother and sister. 

"I—I don't—" He awkwardly stumbles over his words, a rather rare occurrence because there were times he simply could not keep his mouth shut, landing him in all kinds of situations, ones that his friends to had fish him out from. 

His friends couldn't fish him out of this one. 

What was he supposed to say? I'm sorry? Thank you? 

Why would you do this to me? 

"I need to go." He settles for that instead, afraid any moment his eyes would betray him and show what he was truly feeling. He clutched his bag tighter, holding it like a life line, "My mom will be worried." 

"I understand." His Alpha smiles at him, all bright and so unlike the usual disgust on his face, it was truly jarring to see for him, "I hoped we were able to break our union to your mother together, but sadly I can delay longer and will have to leave it to you." 

He nods hastily and relief pours into him like a wide waterfall, so, so glad to be not be seen together by his mother, to not see her horrified face as she struggled to keep herself together in front of his Alpha and his sister's silent back with tears choking her voice. 

This is hell. 

He reaches for the lock and wretches it open, the cold air of dewy morning hitting him hard. It made him shiver and his skin crawl, pulling the coat tighter around him and being mindful of the bag that contained his medicine. 

"Can?" The voice called to him and he froze, stiffly looking back terrified. 

And there was his Alpha, his teeth bared and looking every bit of the beast that hunted him and tore his skin apart, that sunk his claws into his heart, that bit his neck until it bled, that beast that had woven this web that not even the most atrocious of spiders could build, that had tied the unbreakable shackles on him.

He can't help the whimper escapes his lips as his Alpha says, "Do not try to run from this. You will tell your mother today and will convince her to agree to the marriage proposal I will have sent to your house this evening. As well, tomorrow you will come with me to the university." 

Colds hand reach out and cups his face in an affectionate way, "You're a good son, love. I know this better than anyone else, your mother has tried so hard to raise you to be the best version of yourself and she has not failed, she loves you and hopes that you will be able to help her." 

She loves you. 

Can was a good son, a good boy to his family. He has never tried to let them down and he won't do it now, he will do what it takes to raise his family up once more, he won't disappoint them. 

He was a good son. 

"Yes. I won't let you and my family down, Alpha." 

The meek tone with the combined effect of using the olden title, is immediate. His Alpha's presence vibrates with pleased aura, and those cold hands become warm once more, rubbing his cheek with a loving thumb. 

"You make me so proud, love. I was truly correct to choose you, no else would simply do." 

His Alpha lets him go, whisking him away with a soft and supple kiss, one that doesn't make him shake in fear. He keeps his eyes lowered even as he closes door, his omegan side determined to show respect to the man who was soon to be his husband. 

Why us? 

He whispers back, I don't know. 

The little note stuck on the fridge with a cool magnet informs him happily that his mother and sister were not home, and would not be so for the next few hours, both out on a shopping spree to buy discounted items. 

A part of him weeps at the prospect of being left all alone in this empty house, he was in need of comfort, in need of his mother's Appleseed scent but another part him, politely disagrees. That to be alone right now was much better, that it would mean he would more time to take in everything. 

The fact that he been forcibly mated and bred. 

The fact he now had a fiancé who was keen on marrying him and him only. 

Said fiancé who was an Alpha

His head spins, feeling entirely out of control and he has lean against the kitchen counter. Holding his head in his hand, he gasps, feeling the flooding sense of pain, desperation and confusion. Cold branches out in his blood, freezing everything in it's path and he wanted to claw it out, he wanted to snap it away from him and wished for it all to just stop

What was he going to do? God, what was there to do? 


He can do nothing. 

Sobs racks his body, constricting his lungs with pinpricks of pain, chokes up his throat leaving him unable to breathe and he cannot do this anymore—

"Help me!" He screams, into the empty walls of his home knowing no could scoop him up and hold him close, no one to soothe away his fears. No one to chase away this monster, no one who would able to stand up to his Alpha. 

"Please, God, help me! I'm begging you!" 

All of it goes unanswered and oh, horrifying is that? To unleash a plea and no one to hear it? 

His Alpha might have saved his family from fallen grace, might have pulled them away from the deepening depths of the void but that would be it. Because his Alpha killed him just as he saved him from the crumbling society of such a harsh world. 

But he had deserved it had he not? Was he not the one who pushed away the Alpha when his mate needed him the most? Was he not the one who shattered his heart into pieces and stepped all over it with a gleeful smile? Was he not the one who ripped away the bare sweetness his mate had in him? 

Tell me, will you forgive me if I bear you children? Will you me forgive me if I learn to love you? I have truly lost, haven't I? 

His knees his the floor with thud, barely paying heed to the pain as all he can think of how much he had failed those around him, thinking of how he could only make them suffer with sadness paling their faces. Of how much more he could have done to ensure everyone's happiness. 

Of how he could have done, everything, everything, everything to prevent this tragedy of this.

In the end, he is only left with a broken body, children in his womb and his mother's tearful face.

Chapter Text

Her mother is crying on the floor, knees drawn up to her chin as she clutched papers—marriage papers, good God, why?— unable to say anything other than weakly weeping. 

It had only been a few hours after they came back, still high on the thrill of shopping, giggling every few moment so. It was one of those months where money wasn't as tight, where she wouldn't have have to sometimes hold out on food, where her brother would come back much later, irritated at his lack of ability to do something. 

Her brother descended from the stairs, it's wood plates squeaking at the weight and with him, brought the clouds of doom. 

She watched on as he put the papers on the table with shaking hands, lips wobbling as he looked with eyes that—

Her mother falls to the ground and she can't breathe because she knows those eyes.

Those eyes of hopeless, just a tad red with tears and a look of despair hidden so deep down impossible to be seen by ones who could never understand but she does because this was the exact look her bestfriend had, and she—

She doesn't know what to do. 

"Who is he?" She asks instead. 

Tin Medthanan.

She blinks, mouth open in surprise. Tin Medthanan? The man who her brother was enamored with? The one who her brother always grumbled about but then shifted to fond insults? The one who made her brother smile brighter than he ever had in his life? 

All of them are the same. All of those Alphas  will want to reign over us, her grandmother would say.

And suddenly, she's not shocked anymore. She's angry, it burns through her just the way it had burned that day, the day where she lost her father. The sheer need to rip the man apart, the need to make him bleed and make him beg for her brother's forgiveness courses through her, and she is not sure that she would be able to control herself if she saw the Alpha. 

Why you? Why my brother? Did you not take enough from me, God? 

She's shaking as she says, "Will you truly marry him, brother?" 

Her brother diverts his gaze, never meeting hers and it dawns onto her, that her brother was trapped just as she was. They were both trapped in this world of sins and lies, of pleasures and pain. 

She wants to scream, she wants to scream, she wants to scream

She scoffs and turns around, barging through the door, leaving her mother and her brother staring after her. 


In the end, they can do nothing except accept for what it is and what it will become. Her mother wipes her tears and holds her head high, fearless even in the face of darkness where she will lose her son. 

She is less inclined to believe it, the screaming sessions he had with her, expressing how disappointed she was not in him, but his mate for doing this to him, echoed in the house that had suddenly become so cold to her. She had shouted at him, shook him with a fever asking, why? 

Her brother, so bright and joyful, never putting his head down to anyone, dropped his eyes at the ground, the look of defeat so clear in his face. She had gaped at him, releasing him in disbelief. It couldn't be true, it just couldn't.

But the foreign scent so deeply rooted in him said otherwise. The changing glow of his body said otherwise, the mark on his neck said otherwise. 

This is not fair. 

Not her brother, please. Not him, not him when he was the only one she could confine within, the only one who truly understood her and the one who shielded her from the disdainful gaze of their relatives. 

I don't want to lose him. 

But she will have to. 

She can do nothing about it. 


The Medthanan family was impressive indeed, with tall statures and radiant faces, their imposing auras made everyone around pale in comparison. Their fine suits and dress glistened in the dim light of the dinner (grand beyond belief, rich people were something else) place they were invited to. 

Her mother adorned herself in her best clothes, a purple silk dress that fitted her figure perfect just as it did years ago. Her hair was pulled in a bun pinned with a emerald clip, it's soft bells tinkling. She nervously bit her red painted lips, and she knows that her mother would wipe her eyes if she could if not for her eyeshadow. 

She herself refused to dress 'appropriately' for the occasion, determined to not show a single shred of obedience, not to these Alphas who stole her brother. She wore a simple dress shirt, with a comfortable black jean and sneakers. A attire absolutely blasphemous in the meeting of such ethereal beings. 

Fuck this meeting, fuck those Alphas, fuck this food, absolutely overpriced for nothing. 

She was not paying for the food, but she felt the need to even insult the food. 

"Can?" Her mother called out softly to her brother and she turned to look at him. 

He flinched then dazed, said "Yes mother?" 

"Are you alright?" 

Foolish, foolish mother. How can he? He could he when what has happened to him? 

Her dear, dear brother looked startled for a moment, as if lost in a world so far away from their reach then collected himself and replied, "Of course mother, I am just a bit nervous that is all." 

Her mother frowned, no doubt thinking about how polite he was being when he the opposite of such. She grinded her teeth, wishing and hoping to take this pain away from him but she couldn't and she would have to bear it down. 

"Excuse me, Ma'am? You have been requested to join the private room along with your children." 

She rolled her eyes, of course such stuffy people would want to stray far away from common people and then dine together, laughing about how horrible and stanky people not from their group were. 

Bleh, rich people. 

They were moved to a much more luxurious and decorated room which screamed wealth and power. The walls were painted gold, it shined bright like the lights which hung over him. She touched the soft fabric of the table-cloth, almost amazed at it's sheer silkiness. 

If she were more superstitious and uptight like her aunt, she would say that the Medthanans were trying to intimidate them with money. As if to say, look we have money, we can flatten you and your family in a second if we wish to. 

The arrival of the Medthanans set the very air to silence, as if everyone held their breaths to just take in the sight of such rarity. She hates how her own throat closed up, eyes wide at their beauty and grace.

"I apologize to keep you all waiting. You see, a terrible incident at the last second delayed us. " 

A man with a charming smile and dashing face with only few wisps of white hair came up to them, taking her mother's hand and pressing a kiss to it, like a stuffy gentleman. She wanted to snarl at the man to keep his hands off her mother but her tongue, remembering where she was. 

"I thought I was supposed to be the ones to greet them, dear?" 

She blinked as a woman, so beautiful that she almost looked out worldly, like a fairy ready to sweep them up in her arms and fly away with her golden wings. Her black long hair seemed to flow like a river, silvery pins adoring the hair and she wondered if it would smell as wonderful as it looked. 

Dear. She called the man dear. Wait, is that Tin's mother?! So the man must be Tin's father? No frigging way!

Her eyes were deceiving her for sure, no man or woman looked as good as they did this old. Their faces held no age lines, no wrinkly skin to prove their aging body, it was smooth as if they were twenty only. 

A soft whimper broke her from her thoughts, shifting her eyes to her brother she noticed at how he clenched his eyes tight just as the last guest of the evening stepped into the room, in all of his glory. The first thing that hits her is the absolute pressure bearing down on her, as if it's only purpose was to blend her into the ground, never letting her lift her head. 

The second thing she notices is the man himself. She has seen him, of course she has, it is hard not to when all everyone did was talk about him and his brother, gushing about how about their diligence and superiority. 

About good how it would feel to have them for even a night. 

Don't make me laugh.

He stands, eyes drawn on her brother like a wolf salivating for it's prey, ready to pounce and his brother's flesh, tear it away and bury itself inside of him. She hated how his suit made her and her brother's clothes pale in comparison. She hates the way she can understand why he was called the more handsome one of the family with his greatly structured face. 

I hate you. 

They stride over and sit down elegantly, draping themselves over the chairs as if they practiced this a million times. Her self conscious stirred up again but she was determined to not show a single sign of being uncomfortable, or obedient. 

"I must say, I apologize for the behavior of my son. He did not consul me or his mother on any matter regarding your son, Can. It was only after the consumption that he had notified us of such important union." Mr.Medthanan said calmly, as if the suffering her brother was nothing. 

She clenched her fists tightly, hearing her mother stumble over her words, "Ah, I was not told about this matter as well. I would have appreciate if a wonderful man like Tin would have asked me for my hands son first, instead of going to such....drastic measures." 

Ms. Medthanan laughed, though it sounded more nervous than happy, "My son tends to go extreme lengths, it has now become a habit of his. I tried to discipline him but you Alpha boys, always doing whatever what they want." 

That is no excuse, your son raping my brother isn't just an Alpha boy doing whatever he wants. 

Suddenly she feels a gaze on her, and she shifts her eyes to find Tin's eyes on her, cold and calculating. She stares at him, her heart beating faster in her ribs as a single bead of sweat rolls down her cheeks. It felt as a thousand metals had fallen on top her, throwing her off balance and onto the ground. 

What's happening to me? 

Then, he smiles at her. He smiles at her sweet and charming to anyone else other than her. To her it was biting, one that promised of death and pain if she manages to screw this union of her brother up. 

"You will not behave this way again, right my son?" Mr.Medthanan's voice save saved her from the glare of death. 

He flinted his eyes to his father, a smirk still on his face, "Of course father, you have my word." 

Mr.Medthanan raised his eyes at such blatant disrespect, but there something in his eyes that told her that he was proud of his son, proud of how he could not only use circumstances to his advantages and take what was his rightfully and proud of how he could stand up to a man more powerful than he was and not tremble in fear. 

Mr. Medthanan closed his eyes and chuckled, "Shall we plan when the wedding will take place?" 

Chapter Text

The worst part of it was telling his friends.

What can he say? How can he look at their faces, Techno's face, and say that he is to be wed to one of the most prestigious Alphas in their country? He had wondered how Ae would look, his strong willed and never relenting friend. Would he erupt with anger, vowing to make the Alpha pay? Or would he sob, like his mother did, hoping that none of it was true?

He had found out later, that it was surprisingly the latter.

His friend, Ae, scrunched up his face not in anger but with distress, eyes alight with unshed tears as he choked out, "I'm sorry."

Techo blanched white, as if the light within himself had worn out and dismissed in a matter of seconds. He gaped like a fish out of water, desperately gasping for water as he titled, hitting the side of the table, blindly grasping for a place to put his hands on.

He blinks, confused, "Sorry? For what? I only said that I am to marry Tin."

Ae shakes his head, grabbing at him and pulling him into a crushing hug as he nosed the mark on his neck, "He—He did this you, I'm so sorry, Can. I'm so sorry I couldn't—"

Ae breaks off, sighing within his sobs as he clutched him harder, as if to shield from the darkness of the world, as if to shy him away from the hands of his mate.

Behind him, Techno presses his hands onto his eyes, shoulders shaking as he says miserably, "If only I hadn't sent you away that, if only—"

If only.

Can wants to say that he understands, that it was no one's fault, that the marks on his thighs and the punishing grip of his mate on his neck were something beyond their control. But he cannot say that, because deep down, he is bitter.

He is bitter and angry, bitter at his predicament and that there was no way out. He was in a golden cage and will be forever encased within it like one of those precious jewels hidden beneath glass.

He is angry at his friends, for forcing him to leave the field that day, angry at Techno for throwing him into the unforgiving sea, for ensuring that he would be forever drowning in this sea of pain and hopelessness.

Telling Pete, sweet Pete, is so much harder.

Because he is innocent, his face never wears the mark of one touched by deceitful mortal pleasure, of pain and of lies. He is a white dove, one without wings to fly away and sometimes, he wished that Pete would be able to escape this hell, wished that he had those wings to just simply twirl away.

"That is wonderful news! Tin has been so moody and out of place these days. His scent used to sour to the point where it was impossible to stay near him. Now, he only smells of happiness," Pete laughs at him, beautiful and free, "I had hoped that you two would be together, he deserves to be happy and I believe that you're the only one that can help him."

How I wished that wasn't true.

He can only smile melancholy at Pete, pulling back the urge to scream and run away from all of this. From the innocence and ignorance of this Omega, from the weary gaze of his friends, from the furious shouts of his sister, from the searing kisses of his mate.

Take me away, let me part away from this misery of mine.

He is to meet his mate at the front gate of his university right away after his courses end, curtesy of getting to know one other better.

He does not want to, meeting the man will only bring memories from the past night at the dinner, of how much his fate was sealed by a single bite.

They all had agreed to have a wedding at the end of the month, as quickly as possible, as to not let anyone frown upon their union and put their uncouth and undeserving opinions on the matter.

His mate had eyed him throughout the entire dinner, never once letting his eyes drift away from him. If the man could, he would bend him over the table and take him all over again.

But to act so brazenly in-front of their families was something the Alpha did not wish to do, and so he was left alone to his devices, letting him eat the pieces of food that costed more than his family's rent.

"But really? Are you really going to marry that prat?"

Pond seemed to take all of it as a joke, laughing the first second he finished his sentence of the news. It never ceased to amaze Can how much dense Pond is, and he could never understand why his fellow Omega, ChaAim was courting this man. 

He huffs at the laugh, pouting at the prospect of being a liar, "How do you even have someone like ChaAim when you can not even smell the scent on me?"

As if to truly test it, he leaned forward and sniffed at the air near him, eyes pinched in concentration, widening when catching the lingering scent of an Alpha, a pureblood Alpha.

"What the fuck..? You were telling the truth? But, you? Why you?"

If ChaAim were to be here, she would smack his head right away, muttering about how stupid her beta tended to be like. No matter how much she drilled her partner on what to says and what not to say, her beta never learned.

Can whined, "What do you mean why me? I mean, even I don't know why me! I wish I fucking did but I don't, so don't patronize me or I will be very cross!"

Pond put his hands up in mock surrender, nervously chuckling, "Hey, hey, calm down, okay? If your mate finds out I made you angry, he will have my head and then poor ChaAim won't have anyone to massage her feet anymore."

He then proceeded to step even closer, "By the way, you never yelled like that. Is everything okay?"

No, nothings okay.

"I am just fine, I don't know what you are talking about. I have class in a few minutes, I need to go and oh! I can't come to the field today, have a date."

"Huh? You never want to do class—Hey, wait! Can!"

Pond yelled after him but he turned away, quickly dashing away to stray away from further questioning. He doesn't want to reveal anymore, afraid that he might catch on to what actually occurred.

Calm down, only Techno and Ae knows.

He heads to class with a thundering heart and a nervous tick in his head.

It's easy to find the man. He stands like a black panther amongst sheep, regal and even managing to tower those taller than him. He leaned on the door of the sleek-looking car, it's dark shiny hue outshining those all around it. If Can could figure a word for the car, he would say that it was just like it's owner. 

When the man notices him, he smiles wide, eyes twinkling with mirth and love. It makes his face even more definitive and alluring, the female gazes never straying far from the man. 

It twists a knot in his stomach, whether of disgust (none of you know what this man can do) or something of which he was not willing to address, he ignores and marches to the man. Putting up a brave face, saying in his usual tone, "I want ice-cream! There's this really good place that sells my favorite ice-cream." 

Never say where you want to go, always let your Alpha decide. 

His aunt's lesson come back to him and slaps him like a whiplash, reminding him of just who he was talking to. Fear grips his heart and he looks down, shaking slightly because oh no, no, please don't be mad, I'm sorry—

But there is no slap, no harsh words to demean his worth and no glares. His Alpha chuckles, as if oblivious to the disrespect he just received, "Of course, whatever my Omega wants, I will provide. I did promise you of this, did I not?" 

Relief floods him and he releases a breath, smiling timidly, "Y-yeah, I remember." 

The man opens the door, swinging an arm and inviting him in like a chauffer would do to it's employer. This incites a giggle from Can, smiling at the silly notion. 

For a moment, he can pretend that the man had not ruined his life and ruined him to an eternal life of being a trophy wife. He wondered, if Tin had not forced him that day, would he have said yes to the marriage? To the prospect of being someone's mate?


No, he would not have. 

I loved you, and I still do. But you hurt me, and I hurt you so this love of ours is doomed. 

"What is this favorite ice-cream of yours?" Tin asks flippantly, firing up the car with a soft roar from the engine after inputting the address into the navigation section. 

"Huh? Oh! It's moose tracks. I used to eat it a lot when I was a child since it was cheap and it was one of the treats that I could actually stomach. I had an upset stomach back then, couldn't eat much food. I guess that is why I devour everything now," He laughs, remembering the memories he had fondly, "Lei was tiny back then but she would also beg to me for scraps of ice-cream. I never fed her any until one he boxed my ears off. So, I caved in and my mom had to deal with two kids having a cold." 

He's startled as he hears a soft laugh, one that sends a wave of butterflies in his stomach. He blushes, cheeks reddening as he stutters, "W-what?"

"Nothing, nothing. It's just that it sounds something you would do." 

His eyes widens, swallowing as he turns over the seat to look at the Alpha, noticing just how handsome the man was when he smiled instead of leering like a wolf. Perhaps, it was in these moments that he falls in love with the man just a little more. Perhaps it's in these little moments where his heart beats faster, his throat becomes dry and his cheeks redden like the sunset of a glorious evening. 

This was the Tin he had fallen in love with. 

"Here we are." 

He looks at the little pink banner on-top of the small café, a sidewalk connecting the opening to the café. He hurriedly exited the car, hopping up to his favourite place's door, swinging it open while the ringing of a bell was heard. 

A woman's head snatched up, eyes frowned but circling in happiness once she caught who it was, "Oh! If it isn't the one who drains my storages dry." 

He blushed, putting his head down as he spluttered out, "Auntie Kannika, not right now!" 

She laughed, circling around the counter to reach him, "Why? Are you with someone today?Don't tell me you're on a date." 

As if on cue, his mate entered the shop, bringing all of his brilliance with him. It would be almost funny on how he had to dip his head lower to not get hit by the bell if not the fact that he looked absolutely appealing to everyone in the cafe, bringing a heat to their stomachs like no other. 

An Alpha. 

Heads snapped up towards them when Kannika hissed in a hushed tone to him, "Why didn't you tell me you were going to come with someone so special? I have nothing prepared worthy of him!" 

Pouting, he said, "But auntie! He's here for me, I'm the one that's eating not him!" 

"Alright, alright, calm down! Don't be so unruly in-front of him," She smiled gracefully to his mate behind him, "You have to impress him, look at the opportunity you have." 

Leaning away from him, she put down his usual order and stirred them to a booth that looked spotless and more for people of higher society, he could just tell by the expensive looking china set on the table. They both settle down, he opens the ring caging the curtains and veils them from the gazes of strangers. 

"Such a cute place, it suits you." Tin muttered, taking his hand stroking his palm with a thumb, "After this, I have somewhere to take you and you will come with me." 

He frowns, trying to snatch his wrist back but his Alpha held on with a bruising hold, watching him with a dark stare. He whimpered, the hold becoming quickly painful and he hastily nods, that yes he would follow his Alpha anywhere. 

In a blink of moment, the hand was gone and the warm smile was back, leaving him confused and dazed. He feels an odd sense of betrayal, that he had been fooled to believe the side side of Alpha, as if he was human. 

"Here's your order-Oh! Can! What's wrong? Your eyes look so red, did you cry?" Kannika cooed in a worried tone, gently touching his cheek to offer him comfort and he wants to lean into it, lean into her soft touch. 

But a low growl interrupts him, and he immediately snatches himself backwards, trembling at the displeased sound of his Alpha. It was as if the a beautiful spell had been broken, reminding him that the man in-front is not his sweet, sweet Tin. 

Kannika stares, mouth gaping at the open hostility she's receiving. He wants to take her and soothe her worries, that his Alpha would not hurt her, would not even touch her because his mate loved to caress was him only. But he is terrified, so he sits quiet, biting one lip hard.

"Thank you for your concern to my mate but he is quite alright, there is no need for you to check upon him. I am his Alpha, I think I am capable enough to care for him." 

His Alpha's voice was curt and strict, making sure to deliver each of his words straight to the bone. It makes his heart swoon, that his Alpha was so devoted him but the rational part is oh, so scared. Scared for what this would mean for his children and him. 


"Take your treat and come with me, we are leaving." Tin flippantly puts more money than the food actually costed, taking a hold of his hand and dragging him away before he could mumble out an apology to Kannika. 

Later, I will say sorry to her later.

He's forcibly pushed into the car, barely keeping his ice-cream from falling in his grip. The angry scent on his Alpha does not go unnoticed by him so he doesn't protest as usual, offering himself to be meek and timid instead. 

"Where will we go..?" 

His Alpha eyes him, blank and ominous, "To my house, I believe we have some unfinished business." 

Chapter Text

The business had been no business at all. It had been a night full of being ravished from head to toe, filled to brim until his cunt dripped from the cum of his mate. It had been a night of burning embraces and his cries echoing the room, a night of being marked and being bred.

His Alpha had growled, sniffing at his neck, "Why? Why do I not smell any pups in you? Have I not done enough yet?"

He had been speechless back then, unable to utter a single word to reassure his mate but give out wanton and broken moans. What could he say? He could not make the process faster and it was not as if he wanted to be pregnant so quick.

He still had his studies to complete, football matches to go to and to have fun with his friends.

But his mate would not understand that, so he instead pulled his Alpha closer, snaking his legs on the hips of the man, breathing in heavier.

It had done the trick, seeing the lust glitter in his mate's eyes but it would not sway the man after the haze of their coupling would be done. All he had done was delay the inevitable.

And just as predicted, his mate was not satisfied.

For the next week, he was forcibly taken to his Alpha's quatars and ruthlessly taken, sometimes on the floor, sometimes on the bed but the one that always made his toes curls was the ones in the tub.

His back hit the wall of the shower, the cold water running down their bodies as his mate attacked his neck, still not stated after rounds on the bed. His legs shook, and he whined in distress.

His Alpha seemed to hear that, as he hooked both of his arms around his legs and lifted him up, wrapping him around the man. He instinctively clutched at the man's neck, as the man bottomed out inside of him, the cock rubbing his walls pleasantly.

He moaned, whorishly and oh, wasn't he one already?

"Yes, you're my whore. Mine. I'll use you everyday, I will never look at anyone else other than you and I will kill anyone if they look at you."

He gasped, wondering if he had spoken out his thoughts in the heat of the moment. His mate seemed to be pleased to hear the thought but the jealousy ran deep inside of him.

He sighed, clenching his cunt around the cock, his walls fluttering at the harsh pounding. It was a off- world experience, to be fucked deeply and almost everyday.

He barely needed any preparation anymore, always loose from the essence of his lover. Sometimes, when his Alpha was particularly pissed off, he was not allowed to clean himself, and instead walk around with semen sliding down his thighs.

One extreme time was when his Alpha turned to their rooms smelling of anger. He had been sleeping then, tucked in between the sheets, naked and all vulnerable.

His Alpha ripped the sheets away and entered him in one swoop, startling him out of his dreams with a cry, panic gripping at his heart as he clawed at the headboard.

He had only gotten a soft kiss as an apology then bent in order to be fucked properly. After that, he wasn't allowed to wear his clothes and clean himself, instead had to go through the process of bringing things to his mate to help him in his work.

He remembers getting out of the bed with shaky legs and cum dripping out of his pussy, each step marked with sticky substance and his own slick. He remembers bending over when his Alpha purposely dropped a pen and asked him to retrieve it, like a good Omega wife so he ogle at his legs and ass.

"Don't thinks about anything else when I'm fucking you, only think of me."

I'm always only thinking of you.

He lets himself drift away, away like the sparkling water showering down on their bodies. He would survive this, and he would start anew again tomorrow. He would be broken into pieces now, deep into the night where even the nitingales dare not sing, but he will wake up tomorrow, picking up each piece of himself and mend away, just like always.

His is later met with an apology.

"Where are we going?" He asked timidly, afraid that the man would lose his temper if he spoke too loud.

It was not unusual, to come out at night and enter his mate's car dressed in nothing but night clothes as the man would tear them off as soon as they entered his chambers. He always tried ot pick shirts and pants which he would soon need to dispose of but the man was not making it easy for him to have much clothes as most of his night clothes are almost numbered down to two sets only.

What was unusual was the fact that the man sent him a parcel before hand in the evening, with only a pink note declaring, "Wear this for tonight, love."

He blinked owlishly at the bold pink bow tie decorating the box. Inspecting it with squinting eyes, he opened it with a tentative hand, pulling the ribbon apart.

"Huh?" His eyes bulged out of his head as he gaped at the gift.

It was a expensive set of clothes. Not just any clothes, but women's clothes. It was a pink dress, designed in richly gathered tulle forming an A-Line silhouette, showing a sweetheart off-shoulder neckline flanked with long sheer draping cape sleeves, with glimmering embroidery appliques adorning the fitted bodice while the back shows off a V-shape with the zipper closure at the center. The gathered skirt gracefully completes a full-length hemline and a train.

He quickly threw it on the sofa, covering his flaming face with his hands. To wear such a dress in front of others while he was a male was just—

He closed his eyes, just knowing he looked like a tomato right now. He didn't want to wear the dress, not in private or even freaking public. But, his mate bought this for him, just him and his aunt would scold him if he didn't do what his mate wanted.

Because what good Omega's do is listen to their mates.

He looked around, making sure his mother or sister did not see him, and picked up the gift, sneaking away into his room to prepare for the night.

He brushed the fluff of the dress down, awkwardly patting it to a get a decent look. He hadn't looked himself in the mirror, afraid that he would look too hideous or out of place, that he had no worth wearing a dress such as good as this. The silk brushed across his skin like a second caress and wearing it was a delight.

Look. Look at us.

He clenched his eyes tight and turned around, facing the mirror. Whatever would greet him would not b taken to him by heart, he would not see himself any lesser because first this was a women;'s clothes and he was a man.


He looked.

And gasped.

What stared back could not be him, it just could not.

A beautiful boy of youth with sparkling eyes stared back, pink mouth agape in surprise. He looked a fairy with the dress complimenting his skin and showing off his lithe waist. He glowed, the night light shimmering above him and he was just sure if he wore the head piece given with the dress, he would look like one of the pureblood Omegas.

A quiet ping of his broken phone snapped him towards it, picking it up delicately. A simple text popped up saying, "Come outside."

Knowing who it was, he didn't hesitate to delay and immediately brushed his hair and began to move towards the door.

"There's someone at our front door—huh? What are you wearing?"

He froze, eyes wide staring at his sister's own shocked ones. Shame filled him as he flushed, clutching the sides of his dress. If he couldn't even face his own sister in something like this, how could he face the world?

"Can? Why are you wearing this?"

Her face showed no signs of disgust and that relieved his heart, as if cold water hadn't be drenched on him.  While there was no disgust, there was suspicion and a slight tinge of fear that shone brightly in her brown eyes.

Why must you fear? I will face him; not you. I made sure that he would never face you.

"Tell me! Who are you going with?"

And all of a sudden, he was tired. Tired of being used as a breeding tool and tired of bonding with a man he thought he could have caressed and loved, tired of wallowing deep into his sorrow and wonder what might have been. Tired of watching the knowing looks he receives at school and now this.

He snarled at her, "Why do you care?! Leave me alone! This has nothing to do with you."

Please don't let it be something to do with you; you cannot incur his wrath, God, please.

"Nothing to do with me?! I care! I know what he did to you! I know that you are suffering! He forces you everyday, doesn't he? How could you let him?!"

She screamed back at him and he almost wept, brushing his hands across his face.

"Please, just please. Leave it alone. I let him, I love him and I did this for all of us. Just, leave."

She looked at him, disbelief and shaking her head at him, "No, you cannot be serious . This is not you, this isn't you. You would never bow down, you would never."

But I did.

"Is that all?" He asked coldly, heart heavy, "if so, then I'm leaving. Have a good night, sister."

Chapter Text

Dying is easy.

He has seen it in the face deathly ash face of his father, how he had lied still in the coffin, the whites of his suit making him look even more unreachable. When he had touched his father's hands, they had been cold, so cold it enriched a shiver in him for the rest of his life.

But his father had lied there peacefully, not a single line of worry in his face, no grief nor cold or heat could ever touch him. He had wondered if his father had ceased to simply exist, not in life but in his soul, did it scatter into star dust? Did it simply burrow itself into death's sleeve and bemoaned cries? Did every strand of his soul whisk away to a world no living being could see?

Dying is easy. He knows this.

But to see death, to live while the other is gone, to feel their touch fade away, now that. That is something else entirely different.

How did it come to this?

He gagged at the thick scent of blood and gore, turning around to empty his stomach on the floor. His skirt dripped with the blood of the man, half torn and half wrinkled but he did not care because

Because the man was dead. Gone. He was dead.

His hands trembled and his body shook with tremors, sobbing earnestly into his arms. The empty alley suddenly seemed so harrowingly narrow, it seemed to press onto him, it's stale walls discolored with years of rain.

"Can, my love. Do not fear, he won't be able to come near you again."

He did not react even as the man pulled him close to his chest, burying his nose into the nest that is his hair, inhaling gulps of his scent. The smell of his body and blood seemed to please his Alpha, as the man positively purred in delight.

"If I had known that blood on your skin would smell so divine, I would have killed hundreds by now to bathe you in their blood, just so I could smell this scent all the time."

"Please." He begged, not understanding quite why he begged. Was he begging for the man to stop this monstrosity? Was he begging to be left alone, alone to be free? Was he begging, oh, god, forgive me?

It could be any, it could be all.

"He-he didn't have to die, He wasn't able to do anything but why did you—?" He stuttered out, trying to not remember the piece of glass sticking out of the man's neck awkwardly. 

"Oh darling, isn't it obvious? He touched you." At the mention of that, his Alpha's eyes darkened like midnight sky, full of amosity and hatred. It radiated in waves, overshadowing his own distressed scent, making him feel even smaller.  "Only I can touch you. How dare he? How dare he look at you with those eyes and think of putting a finger on you?" 

He shivered, his tears now halted for the moment as the Alpha trailed a finger down his shoulder, pressing onto a new love bite from yesterday's night. His mind would always say no to these lustful touches but his body always quivered, happy at the attention from his Alpha. His being would always be at war, tugging and pulling until one gave up, most of the time being his body betraying him and enjoying the rough thrusts and bites. 

"I don't to stay here. I want to go away but you, you killed a man. How could you? Would you not be punished?" 

His Alpha threw his head back, laughing at the notion of being punished by the law, "It is so adorable, you being a worried wife for me. Darling, here in the world, the law would rather wrongfully put an innocent man in confinement than put an Alpha's reputation to risk, let alone put an Alpha in jail." 

He continued on, "Besides, even say by a miracle of chance, I do get put in jail. Would you come to my cell, wearing a pretty dress and carrying a small basket of gifts for me? Would you satisfy my needs like a good Omega wife would? Don't worry, I won't let anybody hear you, your beautiful cries are only for me." 

"I—What do we do now?" He decided to ignore it, instead pulling up the trouble infront of their faces. He could not think, he was afraid that if he did he would perish in guilt. They were having a decent evening, better than any of the evening's they had before. Sure, all the waiters and waitress along with the people there seemed to have their eyes fixed on their tables but it didn't matter because the food was so good.

If only the man hadn't approached him while he was in bathroom and if only he didn't drag him all the way here, perhaps his mate would have kept his hands clean. He looks at the rotting, cold body and thinks, This is all your fault.

His Alpha smiled at him, a smile that seemed to stretch obscenely across his face, like the smile of the devil himself, "Now, I clean this up." 

Don't think of it, put it out of your mind. You have much more to be worried about.

It had been more than three weeks after that incident and as each day progressed he forgot more and more about the incident and instead dreaded the inevitable that was to come. The first few days was odd, he expected police to barge in any time and point fingers. He expected to be shamed and his family to be disgraced but all he was meet with was silence from everything related to the incident. 

His Alpha had continued on, a smile on his lips that grew larger and larger as each day progressed. He seemed to be disinterested in the incident and gave a laugh when he mentioned about it again, "Can, love. There is truly nothing to be afraid of again."

He also seemed to do that more, laugh. It was a husky, charming kind one, one that would ensnare any women or man of kind. He seemed happy. 

Can didn't want to ruin that happiness, even after the man had bathed them in the blood of a pervert that was desperate for the touch of an Omega. 

I want the best for you, even after all you had done to me. I understand that you love me from the bottom of your heart but you hurt me so very much.

He was once again stuck, backed into a corner with knives pointing from every direction. He had no where to run or hide. Such was his destiny forever now. He had learned to accept it, he longer cried or begged for mercy. Which Alpha would take them in again? Without Tin, they were doomed to fall.

He had learned to push himself against the man as he ravaged him, learned to tenderly kiss him as he burned from his cunt. Learned to let his voice go, let his whorish moans and screams through. 

His Alpha greatly loved it, as he would lean down and murmur soft sweet lies in his ears, lick away his tears and hold him close as he fucked into him deep and slow. 

And then, came the deadline. 

Then, came his wedding. 

Chapter Text

There is his heart.

There is his Cantaloupe.

The vows exchanged and the vows repeated.

Above him, the clock ticks twelve.

He had won the war.

The house is all wide, all the hard shapes of it smoothing down into something more demure and soft, in a way it had never been. The sky's painful line of a bloody dawn settling into a one tranquil night, the nightingales singing in delight as he feels the once cold—so cold—bed in his warm hands.

Tin hums as his own nightingale sings, their face blotched with tears, their cheeks red and their eyes frightful. His Cantaloupes looked so debauched with a cock buried so far deep into his womb, unable to move in fear of taking the cock in even more.

The Omega whines as he fucks into him slowly, making sure to puncture his pussy so well. The walls around his cock slicked, made the most obscenest of sounds and fuck, as if that wasn't the most delicious thing ever.

"You're so pretty," He kisses the ear, gently nipping as he thrust deep enough to make the Omega sob out, "All dolled up for the wedding, looking like a beautiful angel bestowed on me by God."

He moans as a particular seemed to please his Omega as the abused cunt tightened around him. He positively purrs as arms come around him, the supple scent of his Cantaloupe being bred by him surrounding him. It does wonders to his inner Alpha, who urged to do more, more, breed him more, make him cry, make him weep

"But right here, do you know what you look like? Do you know what picture you paint, pretty Omega?"

He leans in, biting and licking around the thoroughly marked neck filled with lilac bruises and bites, "You look like a whore."

The Omega in his arms froze, his bambi brown eyes staring up in such pure shock and shame that it makes him want to hysterically laugh. He wants to tease his boy, riddle him round and round, twirl him in a swirl of lies and deception once again. His Cantaloupe flushed bright with humiliation as he tried to refute his ridiculous claims, "I'm not a whore, I-I'm not."

He's not, Tin knows this by greedy heart, he knows because the boy smelled so pure, so untouched and untainted by the world until he came and ruined him all over.

A good, honest man would laugh it off and pass it off as dirty talk.

But Tin is not a good man.

His cruel, cruel heart replies, "You are. My little whore with torn wedding dress, all sullied by semen and slick."

He is not a good man, he knows.

He watches a lovely tear roll down those peachy cheeks that he would do nothing but love to bite, and feels the weight of what he had done fall on him suddenly. It falls like the heavy droplets in the storm, full of pain and agony. It falls on him like simple cold bodies toppling on one another.

He peers at his wife and there he was, naked, his beautiful abdomen where his tainted mouth had kissed so tenderly, the honey eyes that welled up with tears whenever he set his determination to conquer his body and mind, the finger tips of his hands that were rubbed raw red from all the vile acts he made him commit.

There he was, his mouth supple with the slightest hint of childishness, his shiny hair that he so loved to tug on and wretch his little head behind, his legs with the milky deposition of one who had forgot to touch and blemish the skin tan.

With awe and delight, with morbid fasciation and a underlaying sadness in his heart, he realizes that there he was, his still so precious and innocent Cantaloupe.

And for a moment, the sight before of him falls apart, revealing the the undeniable misery hidden in those eyes and he recoils at it as if touched by the deathly gallows of death, at the pure sorrow in his wife with his heart in his throat and he refuses to believe it.

This cannot be.

It cannot be.

There is a low hum in the back of his mind and he cannot bring himself to heed it, not when the sight before him is untrue. His wife's eyes are always riddled with warmth, not this unflinching dejection, his wife does not quiver before him in the need to get away, away from him, his wife is to always welcome him with open arms.

The hum is much louder now, penetrating his mind with dark whispers of look at what you have done, you truly ruin what you touch, look at him and he cannot ignore it any longer until a sweet voice calls out to him, "Alpha?"

He jerks, his pupils dilated as he breathes harshly and he knows no illusions. Those reading, will judge this as the sign of a madman who has lost pieces of him to others, his remains taken away and leaving him in this ugly, disgusting one self, one who cannot bring himself to let go of his fiery passion and twisted attachment to an Omega with puerile tendencies.

He knows no illusions and he certainly knows none of this, all he knows is that the sudden epiphany is gone and everything is back in place, as if the shifts of time reverted back to it's original destination and that his knees are trembling, his lips sandy of Sahara desert.

All he sees now is the sun-shot image of his beloved's bright beauty and embrace.

He is a madman.

He does not let his Cantaloupe talk to his snake of a sister nor his too soft of a mother the day after and takes away the phone, his wife quieting down only after the threats of more confinement. He does not let him venture outside, out in the wild where vultures would pluck his heart away and tear it shreds just like they did with his own heart, may the lord forbid if he ever to let his dear wife into such fate.

He only emails the university, informing them of their marriage and their need to take days off, to which the university happily replies with congratulations. He ignores the angry buzzes from his phone, no doubt calls from his wife's family and turns it off in favor of seeing the scenery in front him.

His Cantaloupe strolls in the kitchen which he well stocked with whatever they needed, wearing soft pink shirts and white short plaid jeans, each swing of his arms and sway of his hips, plucked a string of desire within him. The nervous humming soothing with those shifty glances is enough to enrich a laughter from him.

The agony of watching the tantalizing image of him stroll around in their kitchen, his dust-powdered feet twitching but unable to touch is torture itself. He wants to lean forward, bend his sweetheart over the counter and plunge himself deep and raw, rubbing himself inside of the wet cunt until the Omega sang with pleasure, until his wife's throat gurgled with tired moans and then, only then, would he allow himself the delicious release.

God, he wants.

He wants so much.

As he looked on, through prismatic layers of light from the windows, dry-lipped, focusing on the laptop in front him, he felt  that perception of his wife, if properly concentrated upon, might be sufficient to have him attain a  beggar's  bliss immediately; but,  like  some predator that prefers a moving prey to a motionless one, he abandons all hopes of studying and instead moves to stand behind his beloved.

His wife, sensing him turns around with a cute frown on his face that he wants to kiss, his breath catching at the sight. For a moment, it was only the two of them in the unmoving world, the golden halo of the sun lighting their silhouette in warmth glow and all his desires, all his lusts is replaced with a blue sea of tenderness in his heart.

He dips his head downward, lips pressing against the russet set of thick hair and takes in the intoxicating smell of a preppy Omega. His wife laughed as if tickled and pulled away, brushing past him to do away with the eggs set on the stove and he feels full, so full of something he cannot explain.

He had always found himself a devout listener of his Cantaloupe's laugh, the true insanity driving away at him that no matter the dreamy childness of the laugh, his eerie vulgar heart always leaped at it even if the laugh resembled of a child gnawing at a candy and giggling in pure ecstasy.

Perhaps it was his Cantaloupe's laugh, that he found himself so love in with it, for no child's laugh ever made his heart leap and his cock stir in interest (he would truly find himself a puzzle if he had any liking to children) It was always his Cantaloupe, no matter what.

He shakes his head and settles himself back into his chair at the table once more, patiently waiting for the food to arrive.

"What are you doing?" There is curiosity in his wife's voice, bored from doing nothing other than cooking breakfast as his phone had been confiscated from him for the day. He looked over at the food at the stove in question and the sweet voice answers, "It's still heating, so I left it there."

The Omega peered over his shoulder, his warm hair nuzzling his face lightly as he puts his hands around his wife, tugging him into his lap. He could feel the slow heat of his Cantaloupe seeping through his clothes, acutely aware of how he could mouth at the delicate bite mark (the proof of their consumption), of how he could pull the boy into a soft kiss and his wife would let him.

He enjoys the close proximity and closes his eyes, only to open them when his wife, exclaims, "You know Taay?!"

He hums in question, briefly looking at the laptop screen to the email on the top dedicated to him and asking about the promised amount of money. Ah, it was replied for but it had not been thrown into the trash and permanently deleted. The girl Taay had no more use for him and he did not intend to bring her up until now that is.

He calmly admits, "Oh, yes. Why do you ask?"

His wife's eyes are blown wide as he jumps out from his lap and waves his arms about, mouthing at him with large shouts, "She's the one! She's the one who—"

He sees the exact moment his wife realizes. His face falls in despair, his body laggy and slacking in utter defeat, his mouth unable to form sentences as his hands tremble, "You and her—But why—"

The lies and trickery wrapped his wife in white silken webs and he says, for the first time in his life with a heavy heart, "I am sorry."

There are unshed tears in his wife's face and he wants to numbly kiss them all away from the fluttering eyelids, wants to smoother the crease in his face and lightly caress the brown hair but all he does is watch as his wife breaks apart, the light from the window disappearing, shying away from his monstrous form.

"It doesn't matter now—It doesn't matter, at all."

It doesn't.

Maybe he should care, maybe he should get up from his seat and take his wife in his arms and comfort him, apologize for all he's done and will continue to do because nothing can keep him away from his bonded one because he is right there, in front him, pieces of him eroding away.

He doesn't hold his wife close.

He doesn't care about what he had committed.

He is not a good man.

"What is done, is done. Leave it be and I do not want another mention of this."

It's a sweetly sickening feeling, watching his poor wife struggle to bottle up everything, his mouth closing and opening as his face grew redder and redder with each passing second due to anger. His wife huffs, a pout on his face (or was that misery?) as he storms towards the kitchen, pulling down plates and cups from the cupboads.

The table is set, the food served and he eats, the food tasting better than any five star dish he had ever had as the resentful whimpers of his wife pitifully nibbling on the food, pulls away at him.

He sits on the sofa, as if his form was one of a spider, those large, black poisonous ones that would take a life with a single bite. The invisible web strings around him giving little jerks of movement and he wants to will them to stretch higher, wider so everything would be in his leathery grasp, everything in the palm of his hand. 

The sound of water pattering on wet tiles stop, a step and the ripple of his webs reach him. A surprised yelp and he turns, staring at the wet Omega clutching his towel and wearing one of the violet night dress. 

(Can had vehemently protested against this treatment of wearing womens clothes, yelling how he was no woman, to which he replied, "Of course not, I know that very well." The fight only ended after he made promises of taking him while he slept if he didn't obey his rules.)

"Buddha, I thought you were a ghost!"

His wife dramatically pats his chest, claming down the beat of his heart, "Ai Tin, when will you stop scaring me like this? I thought you were working? Why are you in my—our room?" 

At the 'my', he glared and only softened his face when his wife corrected himself. It was their room, their room which he had so painstakingly prepared. He had even bought a PS5 for his wife who had a strange adoration for gaming. 

(Something he would never likely understand. Why waste your time on childish things like these when you could be do something much better? But for his wife, he would concede and he would buy anything that would please him, even these mundane things.)

He only curls his lips, never saying a word as his wife groans in frustration and taking a seat on the vanity mirror set, muttering under his breath, "Stupid Tin."

He lets the remark slip, far too happy to his Can go back to his old self. His dear wife had been too submissive, far too meek and while it pleased him it also grated on his nerves, he wanted his ridiculous Can back too, the one who had no qualms to try to put him back in his place, the one who yelled like a banshee and demanded for free food. 

But, what is making him so delighted?

There it was again, his dark burning jealously clawing at his heart, like beasts who were never tamed and want to be let out. It leaves a vile taste on his tongue and he hisses silently, boring holes into the back of his Omega. 

Sometimes (Say, how many times? How many exactly? Admit it Tin Medthanan.) the simple viciousness of his envy would leave him and his brain short-circuited, making him forget his Alpha pride, making him forget who was in the wrong and right, and slowly make his way towards his dearest. 

The Alpha inside of him cackled at the easy defeat he prosed. 

Lovely ladies and stuffy gents, look at this madman, look at him so desperate, so possessive of  his Omega and unable to even let a single strand of attention from the boy slip through his fingers. What a tragic, insolent and pathetic man he is.

He makes his way, as agile as a black panther and spins the chair, locking the Omega within his arms. His wife gives him a look, a question mark of not again, incredulity and exasperation spayed upon his features as he realizes what his intent was from the pure lusty look from his face his wife was sure to notice.

Kneeling, he slips the robe apart, sighing in arousal as he sees the wet glistening folds of his Cantaloupe. It's pretty pink lips fluttered at him and how he longed to trace his tongue along it, to just taste the rawness of it and be worthy enough to drown himself in the delicious slick. 

"Leave me alone, please, Tin," His Cantaloupe begs, his voice already becoming watery and a stark difference from his previous light one, "For the love of God, leave me alone."

He does not listen; refuses to grant such request from his Omega. 

Look at me only.

He grips the fat supple skin on the thighs, finger marks created from him from last night still purple. It makes him want to croon in happiness and he leans forward, burying his face into the headiness of the heat and the softness of the thighs. 

For a while all he does is smell, eyes closed and nose deep into the cunt. The sweet scent soothes down his ruffled feathers, eases the crease between his brows and his heart slowly melts as if a waxed candle lit dimly. 

Be mine. Stay with me, do everything with me, die with me.

With fondness inside of him, he presses his lips against the soft skin, giving butterfly kisses and feels so inexplicable in love as he hears the childish giggles, the thighs spasming around his head and the stomach bellowing up and down. Only his wife would trigger such mood swings within him. 

(He tries to remember the last time he had felt so tender, was it when his Cantaloupe had surprised him from behind? Was it when his Cantaloupe had crept up behind him silently, two jewel like hands coming to cover his eyes with his fingers a bright crimson as they tried to hide the sun and he laughed so ridiculously?) 

The giggling stops as he licks a stripe across the labia, his own cock straining in his pants. Just the mere taste of the wetness is enough to provoke a knot from him and wasn't that just pathetic? Here was an Alpha, kneeling in front of his Omega as if unworthy and desperate for even a scarp of attention from his wife. Those reading must have laughed themselves hoarse at his misfortune. 

"That tickles Ai'Tin." 

He hummed gently, tongue lapping at the slick producing cunt. He could practically feel the heat skin pulse with need and pleasure, the shuddering breaths of his Cantaloupe. It drove him further in this spiral of insanity, he wants to devour this pretty little cunt whole, he wants to suck and lick it all day long and he would never get tired of it. 

Ah, I'm done for.

A particular suck of the clit has his wife rutting against his face, hands gripping his hair tightly, his own wife's acceptance slipping through their bonds. It provokes a purr from him, nuzzling the wet heat, drinking up the slick. 

Some of the slick runs down his chin, dripping onto the floor and he wants to whine at the loss, wants to scoop it all up and gobble it all down like a greedy dog. 

"A-ah, I'm gonna, oh, Tin." 

He wonders how many would look up to to their Omegas, see their blissed out face as they come undone under their Alpha's skillful tongue, squirting all over their Alpha's faces. 

The liquid drenches his face but he can find no mean streak within him to complain, instead deeply content to have his Can's claim on him. He notes the shaking the body and the lax face with a bone chilling possessiveness. His poor, poor dear looked so appetizing, violet dress parted to show the obscene picture he painted, his thighs smeared with slick and toes curled up. 

He presses his tongue against the oversensitive cunt again, hushing his wife when he sobs, "Shh, I got you." 

He licks and licks up the slick on the thighs, hungry for such messy thing that he wants to bite down on the cunt and demanded more. But, he holds himself back, smacks the beast inside in the face to shut up for once and let him worship his wife. 

As soon as he's done, he notices the body has slumped down on the chair, burrowed within it almost. He huffs a fond laugh, pressing a small kiss on the sun-kissed cheek and picks up his Can, gently lying him down on the bed. 

(Such a fragile wife he had, unable to even endure his teasing but he would always forgive him. He always forgives him.)

Chapter Text

Can does whatever he can to make this vile mess of a life work.

He learns to lean into the kiss and feel the heat of it rather than simply turning his head away like as if he was some kind of a prudish girl who had never tasted the rawness of lust. He learns to tighten his legs around his Alpha's hips, learns to draw him into a embrace to satisfy the beast dwelling within those cold eyes, learns to only focus on the pleasure instead of the harrowing pain of being penetrated again and again.

It is no effortless task; to learn to accept the way things are now.

But this is his life now, the life he will lead until the day he is buried down beneath the soft earth. He only hopes that the lord above would be kind enough to wash him away of his grave sins and forgive him.

Sometimes he wonders, when he lies pliant as the Alpha grinds his hips into his knotted pussy, wonders if this was his divine punishment for being too outspoken, being far too fearless of the rules set for the rest of the world ever since the age of dawn.

But, the warmth of the man, the intimacy and the closes of each other drives him into a frenzy of confusion and reluctant acceptance. The little slips of letting out a small smile, of laughing when the man makes a particular face when faced with his childishness. Things like these, surely show that he was beginning to let the man worm into his heart.

His most prominent flaw had been his forgiving nature after all.

Things get worse as he gets pregnant with a child. It was only excepted that the man would put a baby in his belly; with how much obsessed he was to fill him to the brim, using rough pale hands to push in the white cum inside already stuffed full hole.

One of the days, a maid appears in their household. He blinks as she nervously works around the house, her hands quick and her eyes witty as she spares a glance at him, full of morbid curiosity. He can see the veiled questions in her eyes and he turns his head away, not looking at her anymore.

Tin had left already; drawn out due to the emergency that needed their entire family. He had pressed a smothering kiss on his lips, devouring the rosy petals as if it was a tasty snack he wanted to munch on forever.

"Stay put, my lovely wife. I left a maid for you, she will attend to you for whatever you need. If I hear that you try to do anything out of line; know that I will be immediately notified and the consequences will be dire."

Fingers dip into the soft skin of his hip, leaving crescent marks along with it, "We don't want that sweetheart, do we?"

He glares hard, eyes scalding and teeth gritting hard as if he was biting onto cold piece of ice. He wants to growl and snap at the man, push him away but that would mean far more trouble than he was willing to deal with and he had a child to think about.

So, he nods, his posture almost elegant with how with held himself and the leer his husband sent at him showed that the man noticed it too, the man had appreciated his submissiveness apparently.

He huffs and stomps to their room, nestling himself inside the nest built in the near corner of the room close to the majestic bed.

The first time he had showed signs of nesting had been an exhausting day for both him and his soul. Body tired from the brutal fucking his husband oh so kindly bestowed upon him had taken a toll him; he had apparently nosed around the blanket after they had cooled down from the high.

He had looked like 'adorable little kitten pawing for comfort' by the words of his husband. He wanted to punch his Alpha for those words alone but he had suffered far worse; only clenched his fist and stiffly walked away.

That also made him extremely huffy; bothered by the fact he had walked away like a prissy pureblood Omega. He refused to be put into the same category as them no matter how honorable or special it was.

The blankets are warm around him, cocooning him inside. Here, on this very nest, he had been taken apart like a little animal that was stepped on and mated without abandon.

"My Cantaloupe is always so greedy," His Alpha's eyes are unexpectedly soft, almost kind even as he harshly grinds his hips against his bottoms, "Always so gluttonous, leeching food off from everyone. Whatever you wanted, I always gave you, did I not? With me, you will never want for anything again."

He wails as a finger is shoved inside his cunt alongside the thick pulsating cock. A hand comes to rest on-top of his barely showing bump, resting there with a warm touch.

"The child too, I will provide for. I hope they will be as lovely as you; It will be even better if they turn out to look like you. That way, my affection for them will be greater."

Can, on the other hand hopes he has no child at all. He doesn't think he would be able to bear the weight of one.

But alas, the man had managed to breed one into him with a fierce determination that rivaled his own stubbornness.

He stays hidden inside his nest for hours, only venturing out to get some refreshments and of course, his favorite brand of milk cookies.

("Stop these devouring these like an animal," Tin snarls, throwing a disgusted glance at him.

He squints his eyes, mouth smeared with scattered small pieces of the cookies as he pouts, "Why? It's my favorite and they're so rare! If you have a problem, then go! Get out!"

Nothing in the entire world could make him budge on this matter, these cookies were the best and he didn't care whether he ate these like an animal or not. That was Tin's problem to deal with!

Tin shakes his head, sighing as he goes back to his work.

It's one of the only times Tin lets him talk back without pounding him into the floor for disobeying.)

He nibbles on them slowly, feeling lazy and pliant as the sun's glare rests on him, warming up his body. This, he tells himself, is true peace. It's a wonder he gets a day to himself all like this, without his husband pawing on his stomach and cunt with needy whines.

What was he, some kind of a dish his husband wanted to devour daily?

His ass can't handle this, okay?!

Especially now that he had another living being cuddled up in his stomach snuggly. He almost envies his unborn baby, how lucky it was to just lie there and have to face absolutely nothing in real life. Heh, they must be having the time of their life, so carefree.

He stills, eyes wide and blaring all of a sudden.

A baby. You have a real baby in you. Oh, god, I'm going to be a mom.

It's always moments like this where he remembers just what he was getting in. Most of the time, his anxious was smelt by his Alpha and he would be comforted by food given to him by his husband or he would be 'lovingly' distracted.

Not this time though. He had no one here except for his own mind and it's endless worrying.

Should he call his mother or his sister? Or maybe his friends?

He hadn't had the heart to open up his phone and text them, not when the shame of what had happened still burns through him like an open wound. He was too terrified to even think about what they would say. He knows that P'No or Ae would not judge him, they were scared for him , he had seen it the last he went to University .

The problem lied with the rest of them and he hoped to God that he wouldn't have to face them like this.

He doesn't think he would be able to handle seeing their disguised worry under tense smiles.

Aaaand, the child won't stop hungering for more food. How much more does the babe want? He already finished two packets! Two! Was the child intent on milking his husband's wallet dry?

He giggles at the idea, that his child would make his Alpha go bankrupt. I'm going crazy.

His stomach growls, phantom like tendrils of hunger clawing at his stomach. Ouch, okay, no need to make your mother work so hard baby.

He whines, shying away from the idea from getting up again and going down again, to get food again. His back is sore and aching, his feet stings from harsh cold floor. If it had been the previous him, he would have just opted to starve but instead, he now has another person to care about.

Fuck pregnancy.

But he smiled just a little, it was a soothing golden one that would make Tin swoon and his heart flutter in anticipation.

His baby had sensed what was wrong and distracted him. Ah, his kind, kind child. So unlike their father.

It was his wishful thinking that everything would stay the same.

He was wrong.

He howls at the horrifying sight, turning away and sobbing into his hands as he tries to will away the image of his brother-in-law bruised and battered body. This—This is evil, this is work of the devil. He needs to—

He tries to get away like the last time something like this happened but his feet gets caught up on the slippery blood spread all across the room, and he falls. More tears spring onto his eyes and he squeeze's them shut, bile quickly rising to his throat. He tries to not breathe too, because he knows if he takes in the stench of copper one more time, he will positively lose it all.


The devil, his husband comes running to him, kneeling behind him with a hand on his back. It burns, his touch burns and he wants to wretch himself away from it, from the warm blood seeping through his clothes, from the hands that were drenched in the nectar of the living.

"How could you do this again?" His voice seems so far away, far away in the distant sea. It's quiet and soft, it makes his husband pause.

"How could you do this to YOUR OWN BROTHER?!"

He's screaming now, pushing the hands away from him. In the back of his mind, a voice sounding so close to his husband reminds him, hush now, you are with child and as if the man hadn't warranted what he had coming.

Screw you, he tells it venomously. Of course, the man was the reason why his husband turned up so much of a monster and broken into shards that couldn't be put together even if Can himself tore pieces of himself to fix it.

And he knows, he knows his Alpha thirsted for the blood of his own sibling, to feel the warmth slowly leave the body and watch it happen within his very sights.

But that didn't mean he wanted a front row seat to the said murder.

"I never wanted to see this. Why—Why did you do this in front of me?"

"You mean to say," His husband smiles, it's a small, vixen thing but the look of it makes his spine curl, "That it would have been fine to kill my brother if you were not here to witness it?"

He freezes.

That's not—

It was never like that—

Don't lie to yourself. You know it is the truth. It is true that you did not care what he did as long as he came back to you, safe and sound so that your child could have something to their name.

And essentially, isn't that what every parent wants for their child?

Every Omegan mother would do anything, absolutely anything for their child. He knows the words rang true because he had given himself up like a sacrificial bride to provide for his family and so that his own children would never have to suffer, would never have to feel hunger or work like a slave day and night.

His mother and sister now had a home grander than anything they ever had. They wore clothes of the finest quality and dined like the stars from movies. All of these made possible because of his husband.

It was really fine if he spread his legs for his Alpha, bare himself to the man when it meant his family would live like kings and queens. Even if it meant that he would have to bear the sin of those his husband had slain. 

(It's not fine, he's going to break, everything is too much—)

"Come now, love. Let us not make you bear the sight of this debauchery no longer."

He trembles and lets himself be led away, each step feeling like a thousand faces laughing and mocking him from the depths, taunting how utterly fucked he was.

There are days where the humiliations burns so deep that he wants to tear off his husband's face and sew it back on, all so he could inflict the very pain he's feeling. 

"Come on, Cantaloupe. Be a good little wife, let your Alpha see you, hm?" 

They're in the car, speeding away to God knows where because the trees seemed to become thicker and thicker, the sound of birds and animals becoming more prominent. And if he were some unclaimed maiden, he would have been screaming and kicking away at his Alpha, convinced he was to be taken to a secluded place to be rutted into like an animal. 

But this is his husband and Alpha. 

And if his husband wished to take him behind some concealed bushes and fuck him into the dirty floor of earth, he would have to let him without complaints. But his faith in his husband is not completely turned to dust, and some parts of him believe the Alpha would not be like those men with leering smirks. 

He shivers as a veiny hand caresses his thighs, the dress slipping upwards to show his milky thighs plump with his pregnancy fats. Tin almost seemed to go into a frenzy as his figure more thicker with each passing month, filling out all of his scrawny aspects. His thighs and stomach were the worshipping grounds for his husband to fill his prayers into. 

Be it with him biting and licking the soft flesh of his thigh or rubbing his hard cock against his swollen belly, marking him with the cum. His husband would murmur words of "My pretty, pretty love, so beautifully filled with my whelps." 

"It seems my wife is rather content thinking about other things while his Alpha is right here." 

He blanches, even if Tin's face was smiling and bright, the tone was anything but. 

His Alpha was displeased and now he would have to pay the repercussions. The face of Tin's brother flashes across his mind and he buries himself more within the expensive leather, the scent of his Alpha surrounding him from everywhere, making his cunt ache with need. 

"I can smell your wetness from here, dear," Tin chuckles, one hand steering the wheel while the other slithers across the unmarked expanse of the skin. "Ruck up your dress." 

He whips his head to his husband, disbelieve and blush creeping up along his cheeks. There was—No, no his husband would not go that far. His husband would not touch him while they were outside, driving in a car, would he?

Would he?

The answer is yes; he shakily clutches the hem of the blue sunflower dress he had been forced into, pouting and stubborn. The silky texture is difficult to hold on-to in his armpit but he manages, one part tucked between his teeth as he exposes himself to the world, eyes squeezed shut. 

The worst is that he has no underwear on. His Alpha, the ever cruel beast he is, had languidly pulled away the clothes he had set on to wear, and pushed a sun blue dress with white stockings, ocean shoes on his hand. He had whined of course, the prospect of wearing something so feminine sent his skin crawling but the ticking jaw of his husband shut his mouth. 

The glistening folds of his cunt trembled as a thick finger rubbed it lightly, each touch sending him into arching his back, mouth clenched tight around the dress. He shuddered at a particular rough slide against his pussy, legs twitching and toes curling. 

Greedy slut, his husband mouths at him affectionately even when his eyes do not stray away from their path. 

"You're wrong!" Shame burns through his cheeks and he violently tries to claw the hand away from him, struggling with the strong arm. 

Please, shut the fuck up, Can. Can't you see? You're making him angrier. 

The car jerks to a stop abruptly, the heady smell of a greatly pissed off Alpha wafted into the air. He shrinks into himself as Tin looms over him, taking off his seat belt with a click. 

"Wrong? I'll show you wrong." Tin hisses out. 

He was naïve, an absolute bumbling fool and he cursed his past self to the heavens, "Husband, ah, husband please the baby—"

He pleads, legs pried apart by rough hands and full of cock buried inside of him, each drag making him feel the thick cock pulsate in his pussy. His cruel, cruel husband chuckles, satisfaction splayed across his face like a cat that got it's cream. 

Of course he was pleased. Here was Can, trapped between his brute of an Alpha and the leather seat, taking every inch of the dick fed into his small cunt, crying in shame as their breaths fog up the windows. In the back of mind, he can find himself thinking that this position was most likely not good for his babe. 

The bastard coos as he squirts, stocking clad thighs quivering in that bruising hold, "Look how well you take me," He has the audacity to laugh at him as a finger traces the red folds of his cunt, "And you say you're not a slut? Don't kid me." 

Then his Alpha bucks his hips into him so hard his eyes roll in the back of his head, mouth stretched wide open with a scream caught in his throat. His hands scramble to find purchase, gasping for breath as his husband grinds inside of him, his balls slapping against his bottom. 

Tin leans closer to him, hot breath brushing on his ear as he whispers, "You will take me no matter where I fuck you, be it in this car or in front of your sister. You will take each drop of my seed, every last drop like a good little wife." 

He moans and clutches his heavy belly, the strain of the weight making him feel more of the cock his husband feeds him. Dark eyes are drawn to his stomach, a pair of hands coming to caress the bloated thing. 

"So good for me, It was a good thing I fucked you the very first time I had seen you, kept all those unworthy scums away from you," The man sighs, his hair slicked and Can can't help but admire just how utterly handsome his husband was, no matter how much he violated Can. 

Then the man says something that has his stomach rolling in pure ice. 

"The funny thing is, university was not the very first place we met my Cantaloupe," His Alpha closes his eyes and says, as if reminiscing a fond old memory, "You looked so mouth watering with that cute little school uniform, trailing after your mother like a stupid puppy. I knew I had to lay my claim in you." 


His husband ignores his thrashing and continues, "I didn't think you would forget so easily but then again, any sane little child would try their hardest to forget something so carnal." 

He screams as he scratches his husband (it's him, it's him, how could I ever forget something like that?), pushing him away and kicking his feet like a woman about to be defiled. Because no, god no, no— 

He remembers. 

He remembers now.

Why did he forget? Why did he ever forget? 

His first time hadn't been in that accursed room, where he got shameless fucked into like a whore. No, it had been somewhere else, somewhere so close to old home, when his father had been alive. 

"Ah, finally remember?" His Alpha asks in mocking concern, slowing his pace but still pounding into him deep, "I was a teenager, older than you. You know, I almost didn't remember myself until I had you in that room. I instantly knew it was you because I could feel my claim inside you, and it had to be fate." 

Please, no. 

"You were so, so adorable. It was laughably easy to lure you in, you were desperate for attention. Don't worry, I gave you all the attention you needed." 

He wants to vomit, he wants to empty his stomach on this devil. 

Stop, stop talking.

"You were wearing clothes of these colors, I remember. I loved that dress, by the way. It was tragic how I had tear it apart." 

And suddenly, like a glass broken, all the memories come back to him crystal clear and he's stunned into a despairing silence. The knowledge, the quick acceptance of his fate and his defeat all make so much more sense now. How could he ever forget?

He remembers being a sunny child, unafraid of everything and anything, giggling in his father's arms as his father's deep voice rumbled through his chest, exaggeratingly telling a story he had heard a thousands over. 

He remembers wearing a wonderful blue coat over the long school dress, a soft beanie hat on his head gifted by his aunt. It was Christmas celebration for his school and he was bratty enough to think he was a big boy that wanted to go to school alone. 

He shouldn't have. 

The boy was charming enough, his beautiful features made little Can drop whatever defenses he had and he took him away, away to a dark place. The air there smelled musty and the decaying walls around gave little Can some resemblance of intelligence back.

He remembers turning around and being shoved down, body trapped on the cold hard ground as the boy behind him licked his neck, asking for his name. He had refused to answer, opting to yelling for help instead. 

He remembers being a child, shaking in another's (Tin's) grasp as they pound into him, muttering flighty nothings to little Can who had no idea what they ever meant. 

("So tiny, so perfect. What's your name, little one? Tell your Alpha." 

He writhes against the hold, knee hitting the stomach of the other. The boy grunts, but sends a punishing thrust, pistoning his cock inside the underdeveloped womb. The gate of his womb gives away as the boy roughly holds into his shoulders and pulls him down on the cock. 

The boy hisses at him, sounding so much like his conceited husband, "You should learn to submit to your Alpha, pet. If you listen well enough, I won't take you out to the street and bare you to the world. They would be horrified but fascinated no less, they would watch how well your little body takes me in."

He stills, trembling at the thought of others seeing this being done to him.

The boy hums; pleased, he kisses his neck tenderly. 

"Let me come in you, hm? Please sweetheart? Let me put my children in you." The boy's tone is sweet like honey but even if little Can did not know what it meant, he knew he couldn't let it happen, his instincts screaming at him to get away. 

"No," He wails, hands wildly failing about but bites his neck like an animal, pinning him down. 

The boy unlogged his jaw, his wonderfully crafted face grinning in delight and laughs, "As if you had a choice, little Omega.") 

He remembers being cold afterwards, even when the boy held him against his chest, knot deeply in place. He remembers how little Can had cried out for his mother and father, the Alpha quickly defeating his complaints by shoving his cock inside his mouth. 

(The boy had hummed and said, "My name, is Tin Medthanan. Don't forget it, I'll come for you later."

He doesn't answer, even as his body is being cleaned and he's laid down on a softest coat he has ever felt. It smelled like the boy, like the Alpha. Like a stupid Omega seeking validation, his body unconsciously drapes the coat over closer. 

He goes home hours later, cold and reeking of an Alpha. His father asks what happened, never truly grasping of the magnitude of his horror. 

He tries telling her but he comes blank, unable to form any kind of clue. It's a curious thing, how the mind protects itself from breaking by completely omitting a part of itself, wiping a memory so terrifying. 

His father does not tell his mother, and later when his father sleeps underneath the golden soils of death, the secret buries with him. 

He forgets who Tin Medthanan is, forgets the boy who was so frighteningly alluring with a perfect smile and meets him again years later, utterly damning himself as the Alpha keeps the terrifying promise.) 

He slumps in defeat as his husband gropes at his fattened sides, pinching them red.

"You monster." He says, so quietly it's a wonder the Alpha can hear him. 

"Monster I maybe, but you're getting fucked open by this monster. What does that say about you?" 

He closes his eyes and doesn't answer, feeling like the very bit of dust in the air. 

"Why?" He bites the inside of his mouth, tasting the copper in his tongue. 

"Why?" Tin questions, and seemed to ponder for a moment, putting his weight down on the knot locked inside, making Can hiss at the burn, "You can ask that to yourself." 

He punches his husband. 

Alright, that was a horrible thing to do but really? Who can blame him for going a bit ape shit after all that's been done to him?

Just the reminder of his defilement in his childhood done by the very same man who forced him again, is enough to send him retching and clutching the nearest toilet. 

His Alpha hadn't taken kindly to being punched by his wife. The Alpha had gone feral, lost his reasons and tore apart the dress, parting his legs to almost a split as he fucked the knotted cock into him, biting and chomping onto his neck. 

He had cried, of course. The slamming of the hips had turned his bottom completely red and purple, the too big size had torn up the walls of his cunt and he bled all over, but the Alpha wasn't deterred by any means. 

He was fucked into until his screams muted, legs uselessly swinging, arms swaying with tiredness. He thinks if he wasn't pregnant with a child, his husband would have taken him right outside and shoved his cock into his gaping pussy. 

Things take a turn for the worst when the maid has the audacity to try and hurt his baby.

His unborn, vulnerable baby.

He hadn't noticed the straying hand behind him, out-stretched like the sword of the vile scum, sneaking up on him to push him.

He had been scared, terrified to the bones as he tried to grip the railing of the stairs, desperately trying to find footing but only instead toppling over to the floor.

The impact had him reeling, eyes blown wide and mind blank as the harsh spread across him. It rendered him scrambling and clutching his stomach in shock, turbulent feelings bubbling up within him.

With a blood curling scream, he pushes himself on his arms with a fury burning inside of him never seen before, "YOU WENCH, YOU BITCH, I'LL KILL YOU, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU—"

It's right at this moment, his husband's driver opens the door and drops the package in his hand at the sight of everything. The frozen driver takes one look at his fallen figure, and bolts towards the maid, clutching her by the throat as another hand digs into his pocket.

"What's taking you so long? Did you give the box to Lady Me—"

He frowns at the unknown voice barging into his house without any care, setting his teeth on edge but the sudden flux of blinding pain washing over him sends him whimpering and rolling onto his back, the perfect position of a hurt Omega looking for it's Alpha.

"Shit, shit."

The voice comes closer, it's foreign scent jerking him into a cautious stance, mouth bared and eyes glared at the figure. He would fight, he would tear the person into pieces with his own fucking teeth if it meant he would be protecting his cub.

His baby.

He pushes himself upright, bolting to his feet and with a frantic shout, he claws at the unknown face. The person falls on their bottom, grasping at their face wildly as they scream, "I'm just trying to help!" 


Yes, help. He needed help. He needed help from his Alpha now, where—Where was his Alpha? 

"Master Can, there's blood—" 

What? What's he talking about? Ignore him! Kill that wench, the whore tried to hurt our baby! But—

He looks down, sees the white gown drenched in dark crimson, dripping on-to the floor with soft pitter patters and averts his stunned gaze to the (woman? man?) on the floor then to the man holding the maid in a choke hold. 

Like an idiot, he says "Oh." and promptly passes out as the Omega within him bares it's fangs at the bitch.