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Beloved Of Mine

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Can does whatever he can to make this vile mess of a life work.

He learns to lean into the kiss and feel the heat of it rather than simply turning his head away like as if he was some kind of a prudish girl who had never tasted the rawness of lust. He learns to tighten his legs around his Alpha's hips, learns to draw him into a embrace to satisfy the beast dwelling within those cold eyes, learns to only focus on the pleasure instead of the harrowing pain of being penetrated again and again.

It is no effortless task; to learn to accept the way things are now.

But this is his life now, the life he will lead until the day he is buried down beneath the soft earth. He only hopes that the lord above would be kind enough to wash him away of his grave sins and forgive him.

Sometimes he wonders, when he lies pliant as the Alpha grinds his hips into his knotted pussy, wonders if this was his divine punishment for being too outspoken, being far too fearless of the rules set for the rest of the world ever since the age of dawn.

But, the warmth of the man, the intimacy and the closes of each other drives him into a frenzy of confusion and reluctant acceptance. The little slips of letting out a small smile, of laughing when the man makes a particular face when faced with his childishness. Things like these, surely show that he was beginning to let the man worm into his heart.

His most prominent flaw had been his forgiving nature after all.

Things get worse as he gets pregnant with a child. It was only excepted that the man would put a baby in his belly; with how much obsessed he was to fill him to the brim, using rough pale hands to push in the white cum inside already stuffed full hole.

One of the days, a maid appears in their household. He blinks as she nervously works around the house, her hands quick and her eyes witty as she spares a glance at him, full of morbid curiosity. He can see the veiled questions in her eyes and he turns his head away, not looking at her anymore.

Tin had left already; drawn out due to the emergency that needed their entire family. He had pressed a smothering kiss on his lips, devouring the rosy petals as if it was a tasty snack he wanted to munch on forever.

"Stay put, my lovely wife. I left a maid for you, she will attend to you for whatever you need. If I hear that you try to do anything out of line; know that I will be immediately notified and the consequences will be dire."

Fingers dip into the soft skin of his hip, leaving crescent marks along with it, "We don't want that sweetheart, do we?"

He glares hard, eyes scalding and teeth gritting hard as if he was biting onto cold piece of ice. He wants to growl and snap at the man, push him away but that would mean far more trouble than he was willing to deal with and he had a child to think about.

So, he nods, his posture almost elegant with how with held himself and the leer his husband sent at him showed that the man noticed it too, the man had appreciated his submissiveness apparently.

He huffs and stomps to their room, nestling himself inside the nest built in the near corner of the room close to the majestic bed.

The first time he had showed signs of nesting had been an exhausting day for both him and his soul. Body tired from the brutal fucking his husband oh so kindly bestowed upon him had taken a toll him; he had apparently nosed around the blanket after they had cooled down from the high.

He had looked like 'adorable little kitten pawing for comfort' by the words of his husband. He wanted to punch his Alpha for those words alone but he had suffered far worse; only clenched his fist and stiffly walked away.

That also made him extremely huffy; bothered by the fact he had walked away like a prissy pureblood Omega. He refused to be put into the same category as them no matter how honorable or special it was.

The blankets are warm around him, cocooning him inside. Here, on this very nest, he had been taken apart like a little animal that was stepped on and mated without abandon.

"My Cantaloupe is always so greedy," His Alpha's eyes are unexpectedly soft, almost kind even as he harshly grinds his hips against his bottoms, "Always so gluttonous, leeching food off from everyone. Whatever you wanted, I always gave you, did I not? With me, you will never want for anything again."

He wails as a finger is shoved inside his cunt alongside the thick pulsating cock. A hand comes to rest on-top of his barely showing bump, resting there with a warm touch.

"The child too, I will provide for. I hope they will be as lovely as you; It will be even better if they turn out to look like you. That way, my affection for them will be greater."

Can, on the other hand hopes he has no child at all. He doesn't think he would be able to bear the weight of one.

But alas, the man had managed to breed one into him with a fierce determination that rivaled his own stubbornness.

He stays hidden inside his nest for hours, only venturing out to get some refreshments and of course, his favorite brand of milk cookies.

("Stop these devouring these like an animal," Tin snarls, throwing a disgusted glance at him.

He squints his eyes, mouth smeared with scattered small pieces of the cookies as he pouts, "Why? It's my favorite and they're so rare! If you have a problem, then go! Get out!"

Nothing in the entire world could make him budge on this matter, these cookies were the best and he didn't care whether he ate these like an animal or not. That was Tin's problem to deal with!

Tin shakes his head, sighing as he goes back to his work.

It's one of the only times Tin lets him talk back without pounding him into the floor for disobeying.)

He nibbles on them slowly, feeling lazy and pliant as the sun's glare rests on him, warming up his body. This, he tells himself, is true peace. It's a wonder he gets a day to himself all like this, without his husband pawing on his stomach and cunt with needy whines.

What was he, some kind of a dish his husband wanted to devour daily?

His ass can't handle this, okay?!

Especially now that he had another living being cuddled up in his stomach snuggly. He almost envies his unborn baby, how lucky it was to just lie there and have to face absolutely nothing in real life. Heh, they must be having the time of their life, so carefree.

He stills, eyes wide and blaring all of a sudden.

A baby. You have a real baby in you. Oh, god, I'm going to be a mom.

It's always moments like this where he remembers just what he was getting in. Most of the time, his anxious was smelt by his Alpha and he would be comforted by food given to him by his husband or he would be 'lovingly' distracted.

Not this time though. He had no one here except for his own mind and it's endless worrying.

Should he call his mother or his sister? Or maybe his friends?

He hadn't had the heart to open up his phone and text them, not when the shame of what had happened still burns through him like an open wound. He was too terrified to even think about what they would say. He knows that P'No or Ae would not judge him, they were scared for him , he had seen it the last he went to University .

The problem lied with the rest of them and he hoped to God that he wouldn't have to face them like this.

He doesn't think he would be able to handle seeing their disguised worry under tense smiles.

Aaaand, the child won't stop hungering for more food. How much more does the babe want? He already finished two packets! Two! Was the child intent on milking his husband's wallet dry?

He giggles at the idea, that his child would make his Alpha go bankrupt. I'm going crazy.

His stomach growls, phantom like tendrils of hunger clawing at his stomach. Ouch, okay, no need to make your mother work so hard baby.

He whines, shying away from the idea from getting up again and going down again, to get food again. His back is sore and aching, his feet stings from harsh cold floor. If it had been the previous him, he would have just opted to starve but instead, he now has another person to care about.

Fuck pregnancy.

But he smiled just a little, it was a soothing golden one that would make Tin swoon and his heart flutter in anticipation.

His baby had sensed what was wrong and distracted him. Ah, his kind, kind child. So unlike their father.

It was his wishful thinking that everything would stay the same.

He was wrong.

He howls at the horrifying sight, turning away and sobbing into his hands as he tries to will away the image of his brother-in-law bruised and battered body. This—This is evil, this is work of the devil. He needs to—

He tries to get away like the last time something like this happened but his feet gets caught up on the slippery blood spread all across the room, and he falls. More tears spring onto his eyes and he squeeze's them shut, bile quickly rising to his throat. He tries to not breathe too, because he knows if he takes in the stench of copper one more time, he will positively lose it all.


The devil, his husband comes running to him, kneeling behind him with a hand on his back. It burns, his touch burns and he wants to wretch himself away from it, from the warm blood seeping through his clothes, from the hands that were drenched in the nectar of the living.

"How could you do this again?" His voice seems so far away, far away in the distant sea. It's quiet and soft, it makes his husband pause.

"How could you do this to YOUR OWN BROTHER?!"

He's screaming now, pushing the hands away from him. In the back of his mind, a voice sounding so close to his husband reminds him, hush now, you are with child and as if the man hadn't warranted what he had coming.

Screw you, he tells it venomously. Of course, the man was the reason why his husband turned up so much of a monster and broken into shards that couldn't be put together even if Can himself tore pieces of himself to fix it.

And he knows, he knows his Alpha thirsted for the blood of his own sibling, to feel the warmth slowly leave the body and watch it happen within his very sights.

But that didn't mean he wanted a front row seat to the said murder.

"I never wanted to see this. Why—Why did you do this in front of me?"

"You mean to say," His husband smiles, it's a small, vixen thing but the look of it makes his spine curl, "That it would have been fine to kill my brother if you were not here to witness it?"

He freezes.

That's not—

It was never like that—

Don't lie to yourself. You know it is the truth. It is true that you did not care what he did as long as he came back to you, safe and sound so that your child could have something to their name.

And essentially, isn't that what every parent wants for their child?

Every Omegan mother would do anything, absolutely anything for their child. He knows the words rang true because he had given himself up like a sacrificial bride to provide for his family and so that his own children would never have to suffer, would never have to feel hunger or work like a slave day and night.

His mother and sister now had a home grander than anything they ever had. They wore clothes of the finest quality and dined like the stars from movies. All of these made possible because of his husband.

It was really fine if he spread his legs for his Alpha, bare himself to the man when it meant his family would live like kings and queens. Even if it meant that he would have to bear the sin of those his husband had slain. 

(It's not fine, he's going to break, everything is too much—)

"Come now, love. Let us not make you bear the sight of this debauchery no longer."

He trembles and lets himself be led away, each step feeling like a thousand faces laughing and mocking him from the depths, taunting how utterly fucked he was.

There are days where the humiliations burns so deep that he wants to tear off his husband's face and sew it back on, all so he could inflict the very pain he's feeling. 

"Come on, Cantaloupe. Be a good little wife, let your Alpha see you, hm?" 

They're in the car, speeding away to God knows where because the trees seemed to become thicker and thicker, the sound of birds and animals becoming more prominent. And if he were some unclaimed maiden, he would have been screaming and kicking away at his Alpha, convinced he was to be taken to a secluded place to be rutted into like an animal. 

But this is his husband and Alpha. 

And if his husband wished to take him behind some concealed bushes and fuck him into the dirty floor of earth, he would have to let him without complaints. But his faith in his husband is not completely turned to dust, and some parts of him believe the Alpha would not be like those men with leering smirks. 

He shivers as a veiny hand caresses his thighs, the dress slipping upwards to show his milky thighs plump with his pregnancy fats. Tin almost seemed to go into a frenzy as his figure more thicker with each passing month, filling out all of his scrawny aspects. His thighs and stomach were the worshipping grounds for his husband to fill his prayers into. 

Be it with him biting and licking the soft flesh of his thigh or rubbing his hard cock against his swollen belly, marking him with the cum. His husband would murmur words of "My pretty, pretty love, so beautifully filled with my whelps." 

"It seems my wife is rather content thinking about other things while his Alpha is right here." 

He blanches, even if Tin's face was smiling and bright, the tone was anything but. 

His Alpha was displeased and now he would have to pay the repercussions. The face of Tin's brother flashes across his mind and he buries himself more within the expensive leather, the scent of his Alpha surrounding him from everywhere, making his cunt ache with need. 

"I can smell your wetness from here, dear," Tin chuckles, one hand steering the wheel while the other slithers across the unmarked expanse of the skin. "Ruck up your dress." 

He whips his head to his husband, disbelieve and blush creeping up along his cheeks. There was—No, no his husband would not go that far. His husband would not touch him while they were outside, driving in a car, would he?

Would he?

The answer is yes; he shakily clutches the hem of the blue sunflower dress he had been forced into, pouting and stubborn. The silky texture is difficult to hold on-to in his armpit but he manages, one part tucked between his teeth as he exposes himself to the world, eyes squeezed shut. 

The worst is that he has no underwear on. His Alpha, the ever cruel beast he is, had languidly pulled away the clothes he had set on to wear, and pushed a sun blue dress with white stockings, ocean shoes on his hand. He had whined of course, the prospect of wearing something so feminine sent his skin crawling but the ticking jaw of his husband shut his mouth. 

The glistening folds of his cunt trembled as a thick finger rubbed it lightly, each touch sending him into arching his back, mouth clenched tight around the dress. He shuddered at a particular rough slide against his pussy, legs twitching and toes curling. 

Greedy slut, his husband mouths at him affectionately even when his eyes do not stray away from their path. 

"You're wrong!" Shame burns through his cheeks and he violently tries to claw the hand away from him, struggling with the strong arm. 

Please, shut the fuck up, Can. Can't you see? You're making him angrier. 

The car jerks to a stop abruptly, the heady smell of a greatly pissed off Alpha wafted into the air. He shrinks into himself as Tin looms over him, taking off his seat belt with a click. 

"Wrong? I'll show you wrong." Tin hisses out. 

He was naïve, an absolute bumbling fool and he cursed his past self to the heavens, "Husband, ah, husband please the baby—"

He pleads, legs pried apart by rough hands and full of cock buried inside of him, each drag making him feel the thick cock pulsate in his pussy. His cruel, cruel husband chuckles, satisfaction splayed across his face like a cat that got it's cream. 

Of course he was pleased. Here was Can, trapped between his brute of an Alpha and the leather seat, taking every inch of the dick fed into his small cunt, crying in shame as their breaths fog up the windows. In the back of mind, he can find himself thinking that this position was most likely not good for his babe. 

The bastard coos as he squirts, stocking clad thighs quivering in that bruising hold, "Look how well you take me," He has the audacity to laugh at him as a finger traces the red folds of his cunt, "And you say you're not a slut? Don't kid me." 

Then his Alpha bucks his hips into him so hard his eyes roll in the back of his head, mouth stretched wide open with a scream caught in his throat. His hands scramble to find purchase, gasping for breath as his husband grinds inside of him, his balls slapping against his bottom. 

Tin leans closer to him, hot breath brushing on his ear as he whispers, "You will take me no matter where I fuck you, be it in this car or in front of your sister. You will take each drop of my seed, every last drop like a good little wife." 

He moans and clutches his heavy belly, the strain of the weight making him feel more of the cock his husband feeds him. Dark eyes are drawn to his stomach, a pair of hands coming to caress the bloated thing. 

"So good for me, It was a good thing I fucked you the very first time I had seen you, kept all those unworthy scums away from you," The man sighs, his hair slicked and Can can't help but admire just how utterly handsome his husband was, no matter how much he violated Can. 

Then the man says something that has his stomach rolling in pure ice. 

"The funny thing is, university was not the very first place we met my Cantaloupe," His Alpha closes his eyes and says, as if reminiscing a fond old memory, "You looked so mouth watering with that cute little school uniform, trailing after your mother like a stupid puppy. I knew I had to lay my claim in you." 


His husband ignores his thrashing and continues, "I didn't think you would forget so easily but then again, any sane little child would try their hardest to forget something so carnal." 

He screams as he scratches his husband (it's him, it's him, how could I ever forget something like that?), pushing him away and kicking his feet like a woman about to be defiled. Because no, god no, no— 

He remembers. 

He remembers now.

Why did he forget? Why did he ever forget? 

His first time hadn't been in that accursed room, where he got shameless fucked into like a whore. No, it had been somewhere else, somewhere so close to old home, when his father had been alive. 

"Ah, finally remember?" His Alpha asks in mocking concern, slowing his pace but still pounding into him deep, "I was a teenager, older than you. You know, I almost didn't remember myself until I had you in that room. I instantly knew it was you because I could feel my claim inside you, and it had to be fate." 

Please, no. 

"You were so, so adorable. It was laughably easy to lure you in, you were desperate for attention. Don't worry, I gave you all the attention you needed." 

He wants to vomit, he wants to empty his stomach on this devil. 

Stop, stop talking.

"You were wearing clothes of these colors, I remember. I loved that dress, by the way. It was tragic how I had tear it apart." 

And suddenly, like a glass broken, all the memories come back to him crystal clear and he's stunned into a despairing silence. The knowledge, the quick acceptance of his fate and his defeat all make so much more sense now. How could he ever forget?

He remembers being a sunny child, unafraid of everything and anything, giggling in his father's arms as his father's deep voice rumbled through his chest, exaggeratingly telling a story he had heard a thousands over. 

He remembers wearing a wonderful blue coat over the long school dress, a soft beanie hat on his head gifted by his aunt. It was Christmas celebration for his school and he was bratty enough to think he was a big boy that wanted to go to school alone. 

He shouldn't have. 

The boy was charming enough, his beautiful features made little Can drop whatever defenses he had and he took him away, away to a dark place. The air there smelled musty and the decaying walls around gave little Can some resemblance of intelligence back.

He remembers turning around and being shoved down, body trapped on the cold hard ground as the boy behind him licked his neck, asking for his name. He had refused to answer, opting to yelling for help instead. 

He remembers being a child, shaking in another's (Tin's) grasp as they pound into him, muttering flighty nothings to little Can who had no idea what they ever meant. 

("So tiny, so perfect. What's your name, little one? Tell your Alpha." 

He writhes against the hold, knee hitting the stomach of the other. The boy grunts, but sends a punishing thrust, pistoning his cock inside the underdeveloped womb. The gate of his womb gives away as the boy roughly holds into his shoulders and pulls him down on the cock. 

The boy hisses at him, sounding so much like his conceited husband, "You should learn to submit to your Alpha, pet. If you listen well enough, I won't take you out to the street and bare you to the world. They would be horrified but fascinated no less, they would watch how well your little body takes me in."

He stills, trembling at the thought of others seeing this being done to him.

The boy hums; pleased, he kisses his neck tenderly. 

"Let me come in you, hm? Please sweetheart? Let me put my children in you." The boy's tone is sweet like honey but even if little Can did not know what it meant, he knew he couldn't let it happen, his instincts screaming at him to get away. 

"No," He wails, hands wildly failing about but bites his neck like an animal, pinning him down. 

The boy unlogged his jaw, his wonderfully crafted face grinning in delight and laughs, "As if you had a choice, little Omega.") 

He remembers being cold afterwards, even when the boy held him against his chest, knot deeply in place. He remembers how little Can had cried out for his mother and father, the Alpha quickly defeating his complaints by shoving his cock inside his mouth. 

(The boy had hummed and said, "My name, is Tin Medthanan. Don't forget it, I'll come for you later."

He doesn't answer, even as his body is being cleaned and he's laid down on a softest coat he has ever felt. It smelled like the boy, like the Alpha. Like a stupid Omega seeking validation, his body unconsciously drapes the coat over closer. 

He goes home hours later, cold and reeking of an Alpha. His father asks what happened, never truly grasping of the magnitude of his horror. 

He tries telling her but he comes blank, unable to form any kind of clue. It's a curious thing, how the mind protects itself from breaking by completely omitting a part of itself, wiping a memory so terrifying. 

His father does not tell his mother, and later when his father sleeps underneath the golden soils of death, the secret buries with him. 

He forgets who Tin Medthanan is, forgets the boy who was so frighteningly alluring with a perfect smile and meets him again years later, utterly damning himself as the Alpha keeps the terrifying promise.) 

He slumps in defeat as his husband gropes at his fattened sides, pinching them red.

"You monster." He says, so quietly it's a wonder the Alpha can hear him. 

"Monster I maybe, but you're getting fucked open by this monster. What does that say about you?" 

He closes his eyes and doesn't answer, feeling like the very bit of dust in the air. 

"Why?" He bites the inside of his mouth, tasting the copper in his tongue. 

"Why?" Tin questions, and seemed to ponder for a moment, putting his weight down on the knot locked inside, making Can hiss at the burn, "You can ask that to yourself." 

He punches his husband. 

Alright, that was a horrible thing to do but really? Who can blame him for going a bit ape shit after all that's been done to him?

Just the reminder of his defilement in his childhood done by the very same man who forced him again, is enough to send him retching and clutching the nearest toilet. 

His Alpha hadn't taken kindly to being punched by his wife. The Alpha had gone feral, lost his reasons and tore apart the dress, parting his legs to almost a split as he fucked the knotted cock into him, biting and chomping onto his neck. 

He had cried, of course. The slamming of the hips had turned his bottom completely red and purple, the too big size had torn up the walls of his cunt and he bled all over, but the Alpha wasn't deterred by any means. 

He was fucked into until his screams muted, legs uselessly swinging, arms swaying with tiredness. He thinks if he wasn't pregnant with a child, his husband would have taken him right outside and shoved his cock into his gaping pussy. 

Things take a turn for the worst when the maid has the audacity to try and hurt his baby.

His unborn, vulnerable baby.

He hadn't noticed the straying hand behind him, out-stretched like the sword of the vile scum, sneaking up on him to push him.

He had been scared, terrified to the bones as he tried to grip the railing of the stairs, desperately trying to find footing but only instead toppling over to the floor.

The impact had him reeling, eyes blown wide and mind blank as the harsh spread across him. It rendered him scrambling and clutching his stomach in shock, turbulent feelings bubbling up within him.

With a blood curling scream, he pushes himself on his arms with a fury burning inside of him never seen before, "YOU WENCH, YOU BITCH, I'LL KILL YOU, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU—"

It's right at this moment, his husband's driver opens the door and drops the package in his hand at the sight of everything. The frozen driver takes one look at his fallen figure, and bolts towards the maid, clutching her by the throat as another hand digs into his pocket.

"What's taking you so long? Did you give the box to Lady Me—"

He frowns at the unknown voice barging into his house without any care, setting his teeth on edge but the sudden flux of blinding pain washing over him sends him whimpering and rolling onto his back, the perfect position of a hurt Omega looking for it's Alpha.

"Shit, shit."

The voice comes closer, it's foreign scent jerking him into a cautious stance, mouth bared and eyes glared at the figure. He would fight, he would tear the person into pieces with his own fucking teeth if it meant he would be protecting his cub.

His baby.

He pushes himself upright, bolting to his feet and with a frantic shout, he claws at the unknown face. The person falls on their bottom, grasping at their face wildly as they scream, "I'm just trying to help!" 


Yes, help. He needed help. He needed help from his Alpha now, where—Where was his Alpha? 

"Master Can, there's blood—" 

What? What's he talking about? Ignore him! Kill that wench, the whore tried to hurt our baby! But—

He looks down, sees the white gown drenched in dark crimson, dripping on-to the floor with soft pitter patters and averts his stunned gaze to the (woman? man?) on the floor then to the man holding the maid in a choke hold. 

Like an idiot, he says "Oh." and promptly passes out as the Omega within him bares it's fangs at the bitch.