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Beloved Of Mine

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Can, Can, Can, Can—

This is your punishment, the voice whispers to him as he walked away, dragging his feet which felt heavier than anything he had ever lifted. He had craved open his skin with the blade called Can, tore open his heart and left himself vulnerable for the beautiful Omega in the shape of Can, to pick and cradle.

He had let the Omega hold his heart gently in those hands, hoping with each passing days that it would not be squeezed and crushed by those lithe tan fingers. It had not been so for those days, and he had never felt so happier by it. The boy did hold his heart, carefully and walked with it with an alluring smile and innocent eyes.

Until today.

This is your punishment, for all that you have done and will do. This is your misery.

Perhaps it was his retribution for all those times he let his sharp tongue get the best of him, perhaps it was for all those times he sneered at those below him, perhaps it was for all those times he refused to help those around him without something valuable in return.

How low you have fallen, to let someone so beneath you play you like a doll to be discarded.

But his boy was not beneath him, no, he was the only one deserving to be beside him. And so, he walks away with his bleeding heart within his grasp.

He goes to his house, a place so cold and indifferent, it was a joke to even call it home. The floors, the walls, the steps, everything is so cold. It had always been like this since the day he saw the true heinous face of his brother and of what he had done to ensure he was the golden one. He wanted to tug his brother's skin apart, wondered what would be underneath the human skin. Would it reveal the dark deception his brother orchestrated? Or would it be red and bloody, so human?

The wide halls seemed longer than ever, stretching away. He felt like a trapped prey being chased into an endless cycle of pain, the air suffocating him more than keeping his soul alive. Is this what truly being heartbroken felt like? To feel as if you falling and falling until you can no longer feel the weight of love? Is this what true despair felt like?

But we are an Alpha, despair is not what we should feel.

Yes, we are but he was our omega.

He sheds his clothes with the air of nothingness around him and drops them carelessly on the floor. Taking a deep breath, he tried to will away the ache inside of him and instead stands under the shower. The water is cool against his burning skin, silencing his whimpers and cries and he asks, He was ours, he is ours. Why can't he see that?

He will, do not weep just yet. Wipe your tears and find who it was that turned him away.

He spends much more time in the shower until his fingers start to become ice cold and then only does he reluctantly turn it off. He stared at the image of someone in the mirror he could barely call himself. Red eyes looked back at him, with a vicious snarl promising pain and suffering to all those that wronged him. His anger was not for his Omega, nor was it for himself. It was those towards that bewitched his omega to turn away from him.

Who was it? Was it his mother? Was it his friends? That thai-program that Pete calls a boyfriend? His sister?

His sister.

Tin was known for his perceptive mind, if not the best perceptive mind in his university. He never missed things that others wouldn't even glance at a second time. Once he sees one thing, or he hears it, his mind never forgets. It was curse and a blessing because he could never forget the biting words of his brother nor can he ever forget the words from his omega's mouth.

But neither will he forget the delectable lips and the taste of sugar candies.

The rumor that he and Pete were together surfaced, he didn't pay much attention to it. It was just a rumor, and he had much experience with rumors. Pete had looked more put out, bothered by the implication that he was rumored to be with his friend and his own boyfriend didn't appreciate it. It didn't take careful digging about to find out who started it; Can's sister.

After he found out that it had been Can's sister, he left it alone. It wouldn't do good to hurt the family of his intended and he doubted that his omega would understand.

But he remembers when his omega had called him seething, the venomous jealousy clear in his voice. He had teased him coyly for it back then and he was immensely pleased as well, never understanding that what his omega needed was reassurance and not embarrassment. It was a grave mistake on his part and he regretted it. This was the turning point of their souring relationship.

This is why he didn't want us, we could not provide him with what he needed. We weren't good enough. But, we will be and we will give him everything he will ever want.

Yes, he whispered back. Yes, we will.

He wanted to tear the girl apart for poisoning his omega with lies.

He doesn't see his boy for over a week and it grates his nerves more than anything. He tried to catch a glimpse of his omega whenever he could go to the un-favourable commoner building, but it was as if the boy was hell-bent on avoiding him purposefully. This game of cat mouse gave him a sick sense of a predator hunting down it's prey and a twisted part of him smiled slyly at it.

Once again, he couldn't find the boy and he gritted his teeth, If it wasn't you then the consequences would have been much, much worse. I will let you off this time, omega.

Pete glanced at him nervously, looking like he wanted to let the ground swallow him whole and he didn't blame the omega. Wheres his scent was minty and fresh before that day, it was downright frosty and hard to breathe in now. It repelled anyone who tried to come near him except for his 'friend'. P'money, who had excitedly came to his table to ask for Pete, had gotten a face full of his scent and looked ready to cry. The fashion diva might have, if not for the arrival of Pete and his comforting scent of honey dew.

"T-Tin, I don't want to be rude but y-your scent—" Pete tried to ask softly but closed his mouth as soon as he looked at his friend.

He stared at Pete and gathered his things. This was not the place he wanted to be in, nor was this the omegan smell he wanted to bury his nose in.

"I'm leaving." He icily bit out and turned around to leave. His friend looked as if he was about to protest and call him back, but instead nodded shakily. Omegas and betas tended to stay clear of tempered Alphas, and a tempered Alpha he was. His face was thunderous and cold, his body was rigid with tension and every omega and beta he passed by trembled.

His phone rings and he looks down to see it was his mother. Something in him wants to go to her, put his head in her lap and drown his sorrows away but he knows it would be unwanted, his touch would be unwanted. His mother had been detached from him ever since he was born, handing him off to caretakers instead. She only ever did embrace his older brother.

There were days where he would forget her features, her blue eyes would blur with brown ones and he would silently gasp whenever he did see her on rare occasions. She would never be his mother and neither will he be her son. She had learned to only pay attention to him when he as presented as an Alpha and his brother's jealousy soared through the roof, for there was no Alpha in the family except for him and his father. His father, who never looked at him, laughed with happiness and engulfed him with a hug when his eyes became demonic red.

For that, he was bitter. He was worth nothing until his status as Alpha was out. Maybe that was why he was so furious. Maybe that was why it hurt so much, because his omega had thought he was worth something without his prestige.

He declines the call and snaps the door of his car open. This won't do.

This won't do at all.

He drives slow, the engine's roar quiet and quaint. It was too quiet, he was used to the quiet and the narrowing silence but now, it was too still. There was no bubbling chatter from someone next to him, no whining about food or football practices that makes their knees sore. No soft pecks on his cheeks or shy glances.

"Don't do this to yourself."

The voice is familiar and his grip on the handle shakes. With his chin up, he defiantly does not look beside him, and instead keeps his gaze forward. The road was bumpy with rocks that had broken off from the cement road, tall trees emerged from the ground filled with soil rich enough to make farmers envious. The dark spruce forest loomed over him, as if he was just a small animal running about with no way out in it's large body, the vast eerie silence told him enough to know that it was abandoned.

It was a forgotten place, just like he was. Forgotten and abandoned.

He hears a soft sigh and his heart flutter. Gentle hands come, cupping his face and turning him towards the face he desperately wished to see for the last days.

"Look at you, did you sleep at all?" His omega asks him, hands caressing his face and he leans into the touch, remembering to stop the car.

No, he wants to say, but he instead melts into the ghostly touch. The fingers were cold and whimsical, far different from the usual warmth accompanied by the smell of peaches and citrus. He never did understand that, how could a person who devoured oily food with grease stained fingers, smell so heavenly?

Many would call him a madman, someone who had lost their mind to the gutterish world of insanity to find beauty in a boy such as his omega. Indeed, how insidious was he, to find large-doe foxy honey eyes beautiful, puffy cheeks with a soft blush and red lips encircling a lollipop with pink tongue that incites him like no other?

Loud and brash, they think, an omega who dares to raise their hand on an Alpha. Utterly disgraceful, they think. In their eyes, who was Can to compare? A common omega in the eyes of the world who valued the superiority of rare Alphas?

The world may have declared his omega not deserving of him, but to him, there would no other that would him kneel down in praise at the unusual beauty of someone so un-omegan.

"I miss you," He says, "so much."

The ghost of his Omega smiled sorrowfully at him and he sobbed.