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A Reluctant Hero

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JD called a few hours after he left, and I think he was a little surprised when I answered. I reminded him that us writer types work whenever the muse strikes. We talked about our evening and then, shocking him a little more, I let our conversation go to the naughty side.

“Too bad we were interrupted,” his voice had somehow dropped a few octaves.

I bit my lip and moved to my bed to lay down. “And why is that, JD?” If his voice got deeper, mine grew breathless. “Just what did you think was going to happen before Kelsey came to say hello?”

I heard his sharp inhale and smiled. “Ani, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to get something started over the phone.”

“I think you know exactly what I have in mind,” licking my lips, I waited to see if he’d volley my offer back.

“I could just drive back over there,” I felt a wave of lust rush over me at the idea of JD and I finishing what we started. “But-”

“But?” My hand was laying on the bare skin of my stomach.

I heard a rustling on his end and then his voice came through loud and clear. “I think this might give me an idea of what to do when I get there.” I smiled, and started unbuttoning my pajama top.

“Where are you right now?” I wanted him to be comfortable, God forbid him take matters into his own hands and fall over. Injuring himself before we get to experience one another in the flesh would fucking suck.

“I’m in the exact spot you were when you woke up the other day.” Another twist of lust hit me. “I can still smell your perfume on the pillow.” Dear God, he might be better at this than me.

“Really?” My top was open and I was thinking of my next move. “I think you were going to tell me what would have happened if we hadn’t been interrupted earlier.” Give me a prompt, so I can catch up, I prayed.

“Since I was laying on top of you,” I could almost feel him again, the heat and weight. “And we’d only gotten a tiny taste of one another, I would have spent more time kissing you. The way your taste was twisted up with tea, sugar, and a hint of the herbs you used for dinner, I’d want to memorize just your flavor.” I swallowed hard. “And I’d want to hear that little noise that came out of the back of your throat when our tongues touched for the first time. I hope you make it more than once, Ani, because fuck if that wasn’t the sexiest sound I ever heard.”

“And your hands?” I could still feel the tips of his fingers under my tank, teasing at the soft skin of my waist.

I could feel the low chuckle he practically breathed out. “I’m a multitasker, Ani, I guess you noticed that.” Another swallow from my side as he told me how he’d planned on teasing the softness he’d barely touched earlier. His fingertips barely touched my skin, stoking a fire that he knew was flaring up brighter and hotter as he went. “And I’d started to taste more of your skin, Ani, your neck. I’d test your pulse with my lips and tongue,” Jesus, I thought, this man would make me burst into flames with all my fucking clothes on.

He kept talking, and I offered my own suggestions. How I’d want to feel every single inch of his skin, and how he wanted to move me to lay on that super soft fucking rug I had laying in front of the fireplace. Naked, we’d take our time, finding out every spot that caused a jerk, twitch, moan, or whimper.

JD talked about how he imagined I’d taste, what his lips and tongue wanted to do more than he had words for, and I could hear the hitch in his voice and knew that I wasn’t the only one taking matters into my own hands, so to speak. He turned to heavy breathing as I described how badly I wanted to taste and tease him, how I’d stare into his eyes as I took him into my mouth, and how badly I wanted to see him come completely undone for me.

Soon words failed us as the images we’d already painted overwhelmed each other, and we were panting and moaning, and then as we both rushed over the edge, together but separate, I heard his breathless chuckle.

“Jesus, Ani,” his voice was still low, but he sounded as satisfied as I felt, for the time being anyway. “If that’s what we can do when we’re not in the same fucking house-”

My own chuckle came out just as breathless. “No shit.”

We said goodnight once we were both capable of actual speech, and as I turned off the lights I was smiling wider than I could have imagined phone sex ever making me. I slept like the dead, and when I woke up I was ready for my day and had the urge to be productive.


That feeling left after I once again absently answered my phone and this time the caller was Roger. Fuck.

“Ani, we need to discuss what happened.” He was saying as I contemplated the validity of throwing the phone out a window.

I shook my head as he kept talking, clearly in lecture mode. “Roger, stop talking.” He did and for once I felt grateful. “There’s absolutely not a single fucking thing we need to talk about. All your shit is gone, right?” I hadn’t taken the time to check, I figured even he wasn’t stupid enough to leave anything behind, on the off chance I’d change my mind.

“Yes, but-”

“Then we’re done.” I replied, cutting him off again. “You screwed a coed on my dining room table, I caught you, I kicked you out, and now we’re done.” I sat back and sighed. “Don’t call me again, Roger, don’t visit, don’t bother waving if you see me driving past or walking down the street. We’re finished. Bye.” I hung up before he could say another word, then I took the time to go one better and have his number blocked.


The next hit came when Kelsey visited during lunch. Handing her a plate, I could tell she had something on her mind and worried for a moment that her hormones had made her flip away from being alright with JD and me. The real conversation she was planning was far more out of left field.

“I invited Mom to dinner tomorrow.” I nodded, seemed like a nice idea for her to have her mom come for a visit to her apartment. “Here, Ani, I invited her HERE.”

“You mean,” I looked around my kitchen and theoretically my house. “HERE?”

She nodded and looked a little worried. “I realized that even if you and Dad don’t work out-” I raised an eyebrow, “nothing comes with a guarantee.” I shrugged. “But regardless, when this little person comes out of me, I want you to be at the hospital and if you and Mom don’t take time to get to know one another, it will be fucking awkward.”

“So by dinner,” she was smiling, seeing that at least part of the battle was won. “Am I expected to create said dinner?”


I agreed to make Kelsey her favorite comfort food meal, and I begrudgingly agreed that her idea made sense. After lunch she went back to her own area, and I went back to writing, thinking that the day had had enough surprises.


I checked the phone when it rang again. No more fucking oops answers for me, no siree. It was my dad and shaking my head I answered.

“Hey, Dad, what’s up?” I was filling my glass with water and heard the dramatic sigh. Damn it.

“When were you going to tell me that your no good, asshole of a boyfriend cheated on you?” Jesus, how the fuck, I glared at the AI system. Traitor.

Taking my water to the living room, I curled up in the chair that JD had taken the night before and realized that just like his bed and my perfume, his scent clung to my chair. Taking a moment to appreciate the musky and mouth watering scent, I sighed on my end. “Eventually, Dad, of course. I figured you would notice he was gone when you visited, or when I came to dinner without his sorry ass.”

“Kicked him out?” I hummed my confirmation. “That’s my girl. Now send him the bill for the deep cleaning you had done. That rancid dick can fucking pay for his mess to be cleaned up.” I snorted into my water. “I swear, Anilea, the men you choose.” I flashed to JD’s face and thought it better to not bring up the fact that I was pretty fucking sure my taste was getting better.

We talked for awhile longer, him promising that he’d stop by soon, and me promising that I’d come to his house for a game of Scrabble and dinner. Then he reminded me of how much he loved me, and we said goodbye.

So much for no more surprises, I thought to myself, as the phone rang again. And when I checked the caller’s ID, my irritation went away and my smile grew.

“Hey, JD.” I was still smiling when we hung up, hours later, and once again almost completely satisfied. From just his fucking voice, no less.