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Ghost Hunt UK: The Magnus House | The Audio Drama

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Audio Drama: Listen Here on Google Drive

Length: 33:22

Please note, that the original storyline and some of the dialogue belongs to Eva. I also quoted parts of MAG 94, so that also does not belong to me.

Sounds were taken from and here are their creators, GlenCurtis, Adam FS, AndrewAlexander, evsecrets, YleArkisto, devy32, peqdavid5, sjturia, joozz, unplugthefridge, RSilveria_88, Splicesound, neohylanmay, Mydo1, tmkappelt, mrh4hn, zerolagtime, jcdecha, benboncan, zxaudiocraft, bowlingballout, DJ Burnham, Pogotron, SilverFlame435, Joao_Janz, hukleesyr, klankbeeld, alanmcki, PeteBarry, jedg, kristynavom98, leosalom, bsumusictech, noiseloop