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Raider on a Plane

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Raider on a Plane, Chapter 3


‘In-flight Entertainment, Part I’


Flight ASU14069 from Asuncion Airport, Paraguay to London Heathrow, England reached its cruising altitude of thirty-thousand feet, and as it was an overnight flight the cabin lights dimmed to a twilight glow which could almost have been described as romantic, had it not been for the extremely distasteful circumstances in which Lara now found herself.


Davie Davis, the prodigiously hung, seventeen-year-old boy whom she had the intense misfortune of being seated next to, was currently leaning back in his seat beside her with a slack expression of self indulgent pleasure on his face, and his thick, rubbery cock jutting up over the waistband of his sweatpants, while Lara pumped it up and down rhythmically with one hand wrapped around its veiny girth.


“Aw, yeah, baby”, Davie groaned, “that feels… so fucking good”.


Lara rolled her eyes.  Why on earth she kept finding herself in situations like this, she had no idea.  It seemed like every other month now she was down on her luck, at some man or another’s beck and call, being pressured into performing degrading sexual favors against her will.  She had a sneaking suspicion it might have had something to do with her curvaceous figure, her stunning good looks, and her predilection for wearing tight, cock-teasing outfits, with lingerie underneath.  But other than that, she was at a loss to explain her recent run of bad luck.


She eyed Davie’s oversized member with disdain.  Yet as she squeezed it in the palm of her hand, and stroked the thick tube of flesh slowly up and down with fluid, rolling movements of her wrist, Lara couldn’t help but feel a little turned on by its size.  Even at a conservative estimate, she guessed it was a solid twelve inches long.  And even at full stretch, she could barely get her fingers to touch her thumb around the girthy base of its trunk.  It had wide, pulsating veins standing out all over its surface, and its cum-drooling glans was at least as big as one of the large Victoria plums that grew in the orchard behind Croft Manor.


“Hey, baby”, Davie grinned at her lazily, “nice job so far, but don’t forget to work the tip, okay.  That needs some lovin’, too”


Lara sighed, and shook her head in weary resignation, but did as the boy demanded.  She had no choice, really.  Peeling his foreskin all the way back until his shiny purple helmet was fully exposed, she licked her forefingers and thumb to lubricate them, then positioned them on either side of the teenager’s mushroom-shaped dick tip, and starting polishing it with her slender digits.


“Fu-uck, yeahhh…”, Davie groaned, as Lara slid her fingertips quickly up and down, from side to side, and round and round in small, circular motions all over the surface of his hypersensitive cock head.


“Shush!”, Lara shushed him, quietly.  “Really, Mr. Davis, please try to remember, I only agreed to do this on the condition that you’d keep your voice down”.


She glanced around the cabin, mortified at the prospect of being caught performing degrading sexual favors for this dorky teenage boy in public.  But thankfully the plane was almost two-thirds empty.  The few passengers who weren’t already dozing in their wraparound neck pillows, were either watching movies on the screens in front of them, or plugged into their mobile devices, playing games or reading books.  She had noticed earlier the rather attractive redhead who was sitting across from them glancing in their direction from time to time, but she now appeared to be taking a nap.  The woman’s eyes were closed, her arms folded beneath her full, bulging breasts, while her head lolled forward every now and then in peaceful slumber.


For the sake of keeping herself out of a South American jail cell for the next couple of decades, Lara decided now would be as good a time as any to take control of the situation.  All she had to do was keep Davie distracted for a few more minutes, until they officially exited Paraguayan airspace, and she would be a free woman.


Maintaining light contact on his glans with her fingertips, she teased the teenager’s swollen cock head expertly.  Davie twitched and shuddered with squeamish enjoyment as she swiped her thumb slowly back and forth over the underside of his glans, at the same time sliding her slippery digits all around its protruding rim.  A bead of precum emerged from the tip, so Lara gathered it up and spread it out evenly all over the surface of his shiny helmet, causing Davie to sigh with gratification as spine-tingling pleasure flooded through his groin like cool liquid.  After another minute or so of polishing the teenager’s helmet, Lara started trailing her forefinger in circles around his exposed cock neck, just below the rim of his glans.  She noticed Davie flinching every time her fingernail came into contact with his stretched-taut frenulum, so she started focusing her attentions on that area specifically, making sure to graze it with her sharp, manicured fingernail after every teasing circle she traced around the circumference of his veiny cock neck.


“Fuckin’… cock teasing… bitch”, Davie groaned quietly.  He couldn’t believe how good Lara was making him feel, with just the tips of her fingers.


“Now, now, Mr. Davis”, Lara chastised him.  “Language.  You do want me to keep you… entertained for the remainder of this flight, don’t you?”


Davie nodded eagerly.


“Well, then”, she smiled, “first, I’ll need to carry out a few tests”.


“W-what do you mean?  What kinda… tests?”


Lara pressed her thumb to the underside of his cock head, and ground it firmly up and down a few times, making the teenager’s hips shiver as he cringed squeamishly.


“Well, for one thing, we wouldn’t you… coming to a climactic end too abruptly, now, would we?”, she said with a slight smile


“Oh, right… yeah”, Davie replied.  “I-I mean, no, we wouldn’t”.


“Precisely”, Lara tightened her grip on his shaft.  “So, what I’d like you to do first, is sit back and relax for a few minutes, while I see which of your… buttons I can press”, she slid her thumb-pad up over the very tip of his member, drawing a soft groan of pleasure from Davie, “and how hard I can safely press them.  There is an art to these things, you know”.  She paused, and regarded him with a raised eyebrow.  “Or, perhaps, you don’t?  Know, I mean.  If you’ll forgive me for saying so, Mr. Davis, you do look a little green”.


“Hey”, Davie protested, “I’ve had… experiences.  Like, l-loads of… experiences, with loads of different girls, and women.  So don’t talk down to me, alright?”.


“Oh, of course, of course”, Lara smirked.  “My mistake entirely, I’m sure”.


She applied firm pressure to the base of his shaft, ensuring Davie remained solidly erect by using her fingers like a cock ring.


“I’m going to start massaging you now, Mr. Davis, with just one hand, and we’re going to see how long it takes until you’re… ready to pop, okay?”.


“Uh, okay…”, Davie replied.  “You mean like an endurance test?”


“Mmm, hmm”, Lara nodded.


“Oh, well, n-no need to worry about that”, he assured her, unconvincingly.  “I’ve got amazing self control.  Like, a-all the women I’ve been with always tell me that”.


“Oh, really?”, Lara smiled.


She started stroking Davie’s cock.  Maintaining a firm grip around the girth of his shaft, she jacked him repeatedly all the way up from his thick base to just below his glans, and then all the way back down again, stretching out his floppy pucker of foreskin on every downstroke until it rolled down to reveal his cock-neck.  As she did so, she fixed Davie with a steady, inquisitive gaze, pouting her lips and sucking her cheeks in slightly.  She noticed his face already starting to go slack with pleasure after around thirty strokes.  Another twenty later, and she could see his chest starting to rise and fall at a faster pace as his breathing became more erratic.  His face was turning beet red as she neared seventy-five, and his hips kept rising up out of his seat and thrusting reflexively into her hand, as she milked him at a steady pace of about one full-length stroke every second.


Despite his earlier boasting, Davie had to admit Lara’s cool, soft, feminine palm felt absolutely incredible wrapped around his cock.  The way she was working it up and down with patient regularity was sapping his will and coaxing him irresistibly towards orgasm.  Her beautiful, high-cheekboned, immaculately made-up face was right in front of his, her big, light hazel eyes gazing into his as she stroked his throbbing erection firmly up and down, and gauged his reactions with a teasing shrewdness that made his spine tingle.  Reaching out, he rested his palm on Lara’s right thigh, which was still crossed over her left as she sat casually beside him with her legs crossed.  Squeezing her thigh through her soft nylon stocking, he marveled at the firm athleticism of Lara’s thick quads and sculpted hams - before sliding his palm all the way up along her long, toned limb, and easing it in under the fabric of her skirt.  Lara made no acknowledgement of his salacious actions, apparently content to allow herself to be groped as she continued to pump the teenager’s shaft with steady, unerring constancy.


Slumping, with his mouth hanging open, Davie fondled Lara’s soft white thigh above her stocking top.  Her skin felt incredible, like warm silk, vital and tender, as he slid his palm slowly around the circumference of her leg, then pushed his fingers down between her crossed thighs.


*Whap*, Lara slapped the back of Davie’s hand - not hard, just enough to show him there were limits to her generosity - and he pulled it back immediately.


“Now, now, Mr. Davis”, she playfully reprimanded him, still pumping his cock up and down with a steady, unchanging rhythm.  “You’ll have to earn that sort of thing… with good behaviour”.


“Uh, okay”, Davie groaned in response.  The placating effect of having his shaft stroked by a woman as stunningly beautiful as Lara was keeping a lid on his mischievous tendencies, for now.


“C-can I… touch your breasts, Ms. Croft?”, he asked a moment later, gazing at Lara’s lightly tanned cleavage as it bulged lusciously between the lapels of her shirt.  “I promise, I won’t be rude, like I was earlier.  I just wanna… see what they feel like a bit… please?”.


Lara glanced down self-consciously at her own cleavage.


“Well… I suppose… there’s no harm in letting you touch them”, she conceded.  “Oh, go ahead, then.  Just be careful you don’t damage my shirt, please.  This is all I have to wear until we get back to England”.


“Thanks, Ms. Croft”, Davie smiled dreamily.  “I’ll be real careful, I promise”.


As Lara continued to stroke the teenager’s rubbery member from base to neck once every second, he leaned towards her and eased his hands inside the lapels of her jacket.  Tutting with disapproval, she had to wipe some drool away from Davie’s chin as, seemingly transfixed, he cupped both of her generous mammaries in the palms of his hands, and gave them a firm squeeze and exploratory fondling through her white cotton shirt.  It didn’t take long before he found the garment’s buttons, and his fingers were unfastening them, one by one, down to a few centimeters above Lara’s belly button.  Parting it into two halves, he tucked them back on either side of her bulging, creamy melons, to fully reveal the adventuress’s luscious chest in all its glory.


Lara couldn’t help but blush slightly when Davie palmed her boobs and sank his fingers deep into her buoyant, white cleavage, which was being pressed together at the center of her chest by her lacy black push-up bra.  She felt the teenager’s cock strain against her palm as he did so.  Pulsating with palpable eagerness, it swelled up even thicker and stood up even taller as she continued to pump it steadily up and down with a firm grip.  After a few more seconds of fumbling, Davie found the front-fastening clasp of her bra and clumsily unhooked it, before pulling apart the two cups and tucking them back on either side of Lara’s chest.


“Oh… my… god…”, he groaned, mesmerized by the sight the of Lara’s luxurious, teardrop-shaped melons as they jiggled free from the confines of her bra.  “You’re… such… a hot bitch, Ms. Croft”, he shook his head in disbelief.  “Like, the pictures… they don’t even do you justice…”


“Well”, Lara sighed, “that’s hardly the most charming compliment I’ve ever received.   But coming from you, Mr. Davis, I suppose it’s not too bad”.  Yet despite her sarcastic tone, she did feel at least a little flattered by Davie’s lecherous assessment of her tits.


Glancing down at them, she had to admit they were the very epitome of perfection.  Her plump and creamy underboobs formed the clearly defined outline of an upside-down heart above her subtly striated abs.  They were ideally proportioned to her slender yet toned upper body; with generous, shapely curves, and gravity-defying buoyancy, they filled out her chest with just the right combination of prominence and well-rounded bustiness to bless Lara with the sublime hourglass figure she was famous for.  And while her cleavage still retained a healthy, sun-burnished glow from her recent expedition into the Amazon Rainforest, the sides and underboobs of her perfectly formed melons virtually shone with a flawless, alabaster creaminess that was only complimented and beautifully accentuated by her exquisite light pink nipples.


She pressed her lips together and cringed when Davie cupped the undersides of her bare tits and bounced them up and down a few times in his palms, as though testing them for ideal weight and firmness.  He wasn’t disappointed.  Lara’s glorious mounds wobbled and rippled with luxurious suppleness and malleability as he jiggled them in his palms, sending little shockwaves reverberating through their generous central masses.


Lara did her best to endure his salacious manhandling of her boobs, and not get turned on by it.  But she had to take her lower lip between her teeth and bite it a moment later when the teenager plucked her sensitive nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, and started pinching and rolling them from side to side.  She let out a soft sigh of arousal as he flicked his forefingers slowly up and down over the tender buds of flesh, teasing them to prominent erection.


As he continued to grope Lara’s sumptuous tits, Davie’s eyes were drawn to the necklace that was hanging down between them.  It was a small, diamond-shaped pendant on a silver chain, constructed from intricately carved, shiny white metal.  Its centerpiece, a blood red gemstone, shimmered darkly beneath the cabin’s overhead spotlights, gilded and glinting with unseen facets.  He recognized it immediately from the news bulletin he had just watched.


“So, it’s true, then, is it?”, he whispered, still groping Lara’s supple boobs with both hands.  “You really did steal that artifact from the museum?  What’s it called, the something of Atlantis?”.


“The Star of Atlantis”, Lara corrected him, also whispering.  “And yes, okay, I admit it.  It wasn’t exactly the proudest moment of my career as an archaeologist.  But I did find this first”, she tapped the pendant on her chest, “and I was damned if I was going to let that cocky American bitch, Sydney Fox, get in the way of my hunt for its companion piece”.


“Right”, Davie nodded.  “So this is the Key of Atlantis”, he nodded at Lara’s necklace.  “But the news said you need both of them, like, this, and the Star, together, if you wanna get them to work.  Is that true?”.


Lara raised her eyebrows, impressed that Davie had been able to retain that information.  Not only that, but he had put it together with his discovery of her necklace and formulated a pertinent question, under circumstances that were hardly conducive to logical thought processes.  The fact that she had been stroking his cock for around seven or eight minutes now, non-stop, and he still hadn’t erupted into a fountain of gooey ejaculate, was also not lost on the adventuress.  Men twice Davie’s age hadn’t lasted half as long in her very persuasive hands.


“Yes”, she said slowly.  “That is true.  But why the sudden interest in pre-Classical archaeological relics, Mr. Davis?”, she narrowed her eyes.  “A moment ago you only seemed interested in getting into my underwear”.


Tightening her grip on the teenager’s shaft, she wrapped the palm of her free hand around his cock head and started polishing it like a brass doorknob.  Davie groaned with pleasure, his hips shuddering, as Lara’s soft, feminine palm slid all around his hypersensitive glans.  She started pumping his shaft with increasing forcefulness at the same time, causing a hot pulse of precum to spurt into her hand almost immediately.


“N-no reason, Ms. Croft”, Davie gulped.  “It’s just so amazing to me… you know, like, your life is so interesting compared to mine”.  Sensing that she was becoming suspicious, he pushed Lara’s boobs together in the middle of her chest.  Rubbing her warm, marshmallowy mounds slowly back and forth against each other, he pressed down on her nipples with his thumbs and started working them in slow, teasing circles.  It seemed to have the desired effect as Lara’s grip slackened noticeably on his cock.


“So, uh, just out of interest”, he continued, “does that mean the Star of Atlantis is somewhere on this plane?  I-I mean, you must have them both, right, ‘cause on their own they’re kinda useless”.


Lara’s eyelashes fluttered as Davie massaged her breasts with significantly more tenderness than she would have credited him with.


Mmmm…”, she nodded dreamily - where this boy had learned to touch a woman like this, she had no clue.  “Yes, it’s in the cargo hold, if you must know.  Only I have the crate’s consignment number, though, so there’s no chance anyone will discover it”.


Gotcha, thought Davie.


He leaned in and pressed his lips onto Lara’s again, intent on forcing the adventuress into another steamy makeout session.  But this time she pushed him back with a palm in the middle of his chest.  She even let go of his cock for the first time in nearly ten minutes.


“No”, she said sternly.  “As we agreed, Mr. Davis, we do things on my terms, or not at all.  And I don’t particularly feel like letting you kiss me again, especially now we’re out of Paraguayan airspace”.


“Oh, is that right?”, Davie nodded.  “Well, do you see that guy sitting a few rows behind us?  The big guy in the flannel shirt, with the mullet?”.


Lara glanced back over her shoulder, curious to see where Davie was going with this, and saw Jack Cooper guzzling down a miniature bottle of Jim Beam whiskey.  As soon as he emptied one, he picked up another from the seat beside him, upended it between his lips, and continued guzzling  He looked like a drunken sleazebag, but was stolidly enough built, and had the self-assured bearing of a man who knew how to handle himself in a physical confrontation, she surmised.


“I see him.  So what?”


“So”, Davie replied, “he’s a Federal Air Marshal”.


Lara gave him an incredulous look.  “And how can you possibly know that, Mr, Davis?”


“Because, I saw him flash his badge at this hot redhead in the airport departures lounge, before we started boarding”, said Davie - and his cocky tone of voice told Lara he was almost certainly not lying.


“Okay, so he’s an Air Marshal”, she shrugged.  “That doesn’t change much.  It’s still your word against mine.  And who do you think has more credibility here - a beautiful, sophisticated Italian businesswoman, with all her identification documents perfectly in order, or a skinny teenage scrub like you, who’s been harassing female passengers since the moment he set foot on this plane?”.  She fixed Davie with a smug gaze.  “No, Mr. Davis, I’m afraid you’ve already played your best hand; I’ve called your bluff, and it’s time for you to fold, as the Americans would say”.


“In fact”, she sat up straight and pulled her shirt together over her chest, covering up her breasts, “I think I’ve had quite enough of your indecent behaviour.  Now that we’re safely out of Paraguayan airspace, I won’t be performing any more unsavory acts for you, at all, young man”.


But Davie just grinned at her.


“Think again, bimbo”, he said, with unwavering confidence.  “I guess you don’t know this, what with being a rich bitch who probably flies around in private jets most of the time, but Air Marshals have a sworn duty to investigate any reports of criminal behavior aboard a commercial aircraft.  They also have the right to open and inspect cargo crates”.


The smug expression on Lara’s face faded in a flash, and was replaced by a look of growing concern.


“And, since everything is electronic these days”, Davie continued, “I’m willing to bet both of my fat balls that you’ve got the shipping details of your precious crate somewhere on your mobile phone, written down in an email or a text message”


“Now”, he leaned in close to Lara and got up in her face, “what do you think’s gonna happen if I tell that guy back there that you’re a wanted criminal, smuggling a priceless, stolen artifact out of South America, and all the evidence he needs to prove it is in your mobile phone, huh?”.


Lara swallowed, her cheeks blanching as she realized the extremely precarious nature of her predicament.  She couldn’t believe she was being outsmarted by this goofy young boy.  But everything he had said was right.  Her consignment I.D. number was easily accessible in her messages; and if she tried to delete it now, it would only cause problems when she arrived back in England and tried to reclaim the crate - problems which she would very much prefer not to have to deal with under the circumstances.  She regarded Davie with an expression of disbelief, while the teenager just grinned at her, with his thick cock still jutting up over the waistband of his sweatpants, solidly erect.


“You wouldn’t dare”, she said, slivering her eyes.  But even to her, her voice sounded weak and unconvincing.


“Try me”, Davie shot back, “beehatch”.


They stared at each other for a few seconds, with Davie jerking himself off as he savored the heady intimacy of being in such close proximity to one of the most drop-dead gorgeous women on the face of the planet.  In the end, it was Lara who looked away first.


“Alright, fine”, she capitulated, grudgingly.  “What do you want?”


Davie rubbed his hands together, grinning like a cartoon devil.


“This is gonna be swe-eet”, he cackled.