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Kiss like Watermelon

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Bai Yu and Zhu Yi Long are doing some photo shooting somewhere together, it's been so good that they work again together especially now they are one couple, before the end of the photoshoot Zhu Yi Long was leaving Bai Yu because he needed him only him for some photos and he told him "Xiao Bai take one umbrella with you it's will be raining"

During this time he was doing photo, Zhu Yi Long was buying watermelon and then when he was out of the shop he saw Bai Yu with the umbrella and also one jacket, his jacket that he put on Zhu Yi Long then kiss him.
They go together in their hotel room while having hand-linked, and they were eating Watermelon together.

At the hotel, they dry each other their hair and they kiss then Bai Yu said "You are so sweet like the watermelon"