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Keep Your Enemies Closer

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“Shin, where do you want the table?”

Shin rolled his eyes and continued to unload several heavy boxes into the vacant room down the hall from his own.

“Anywhere is fine, I don’t know why we even bothered to bring it, I already have one.”

There was silence as Azusa pretended to consider this.

“Yeah, but mine is better.”

Shin snorted.

It had been four months since that night at Azusa’s apartment. Four months of constant harassment from Azusa, griping about being allowed to move in. Shin remained steadfast in his refusal, not wanting to push their luck any further than they already had, all the while reaping the benefits of that denial, benefits that took the form of mind-blowing sex.
However, Azusa returned to work, and Shin continued on with his hectic schedule and they barely had any time for each other. After a week of absolutely no physical contact, Shin became edgy and frustrated, losing his temper over trivial things. He called his warehouse job again that night and went in search of Azusa, finding him alone at home and looking very content.
Shin tried his hand at seduction, sitting on his lap, littering his face and neck with kisses, unconsciously grinding on his lap. His hands roamed up and down his body but Azusa stayed calm, running his hands over broad shoulders.

“We can’t do anything right now Shin. My family should be home soon and I think it might be a little awkward if this is how they found out about us.”

Shin nearly exploded, but was silenced by the gentle hand placed on his cheek.

“Just think how much more time we would have for each other if I just moved in with you. You could take a part time job and still be able to afford your expenses without any hassle.”

It was beginning to be impossible for them to see each other on a regular basis, and even harder to relieve the pent-up frustration when they did. Shin colored slightly when he remembered their last encounter.
They hadn’t seen each other in almost a week. His jobs kept him fairly busy and despite all that, the bills were piling up one after the other. Azusa used this to argue his point, but Shin refused to see the logic of them sharing a home. He didn’t want to complicate the issue more. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he was attempting to enjoy the post-coital glow, when Azusa brought up the subject again.
It had ended in an argument that had both men seething.
Azusa had tried to leave again that day, slamming towards the front door.
He couldn’t forget the terror, the naked desperation, that clawed to the surface, accompanying the thought that he might not come back.
He caught him that day, holding him at the door and apologizing profusely.
Azusa’s eyes were bright with unshed tears as he brushed his thumb across his lips.

“I just want to be with you Shin. I push because it is the first thing that has felt right to me in a long time. I just thought that if we are apart for too long.” He paused to wipe away a tear that snaked its way down his cheek before he continued.

“...if I don’t see you, if you aren’t made to remember, that you will vanish.”

He looked so vulnerable when he looked at him, his voice was a raspy whisper.

“I couldn’t bear that Shin.”

Shin shook his head kissing him deeply.

“It’ll never happen.”

The sex that day was more meaningful than it ever had been, whole, and full of the answers that both men had been searching for. It continued to bring them closer, to deepen their intimacy with every embrace. Shin shook his head, snapping out of his reverie. He stopped arguing then and eventually Azusa got his way. Shin did, however, get to establish the ground rules.
They agreed that Shin would take a part time job with the understanding that the expenses would be split evenly, the second rule was that they would have separate rooms.
Azusa protested at first. Shin explained to him the necessity. If their family came to visit it would be a good idea to have two rooms that were obviously used, arousing suspicion now would just be asking for it.
Shin rubbed a hand against his chin.
Would they ever tell their parents?
At this point no one but Hatsumi knew of their relationship. They planned to keep it that way for as long as they could, as it was almost certain that neither of their families would really understand. The fact that they were still trying to understand themselves made the process slower, and the interference would be unwelcome. Who knew what the future held, but the present promised something so important that for a change, he did not care what may come, as long as they could be together.
Azusa appeared in the doorway; he lifted his gaze from his shoes to his face.
The look on his face was one of such blinding affection, it never failed to take his breath away.
He wrapped a hand around his calf and smiled up at him. The smile was returned as Azusa stooped down to wrap his arms around him and settle between his legs.
The kiss was drenched with innocent pleasure and Shin sighed into it, letting it skate over his skin.
Azusa pulled away first, still smiling as he rested his forehead against Shin’s.

“What are you thinking about that made you smile like that?”

Their eyes met.

“You…you were right, this feels good, us, here, together.”

Azusa’s mouth quirked.

“Huh imagine that! Me being right about anything.”

Shin laughed and put his arms around him, squeezing him tight.

“I thought you would be more gracious than that, but I guess an “I told you so” wouldn’t be too out of line now. You were right this time but, I mean, accidents do happen.”

Shin grunted as Azusa poked him in the ribs and stood up shooting an injured pout over his shoulder that directly contradicted the teasing glint in his eyes.

“You said I’m right. I guess that is the same as acknowledging that you were wrong, pig-headed, stubborn, you know, just being yourself.”

Shin rolled to his feet and grabbed Azusa’s hands.

“Stubborn or not you are stuck with me.”

The playfulness faded from the younger man’s face as Shin’s words sank in. Azusa sighed and pulled him closer, his lips seeking the sensitive skin at the base of his throat.

“I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”