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Wolf of Mine

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Derek stayed a fair distance away from his stumbling partner. Every instinct he had was screaming at him to rush to Stiles but he was pretty sure that he’d get a clawed hand to the chest for his efforts.

Most of the Pack had ended up with a new set of scratch or teeth marks over the last few days. They down right refused to step foot in the loft earlier that day because of how stressed and restless Stiles was. None of them were sure why, but Derek had his suspicions.

He wasn’t about to tell anyone that he had his own theories about what was going on with Stiles’ body. They’d want to lock him in a room until after it was over so that they could keep him close and safe. He couldn’t take Stiles’ trust away like that.


Everyone had been surprised when Derek and Stiles found out about the baby. It wasn’t something that they knew could happen. They were all aware how the baby had been conceived but they were all flabbergasted on how it was possible. It had never been documented before - they checked every source they could get their hands on.

Melissa and Deaton thought the symptoms started up about a month into the pregnancy. At the time the Pack had assumed that someone had been targeting Stiles. How they were getting to him they couldn’t figure out. It had started with a week long bought of headaches and migraines. Nothing could make them go away.

Derek had watched as Stiles worked through the constant ache in his head. On the days that the ache turned severe Stiles would curl up in their bed and press his face into the cool sheets. Derek always tried to take the pain away but it never worked.

The morning that Stiles finally woke up with a clear head was the day the vomiting started. Instead of spending most of his time in bed he was now hugging the porcelain pot. Any food that he consumed resulted in an offering the the throne. Any new scents that wafted into the loft had Stiles coughing and heaving until bile forced it’s way out.

Through it all Stiles kept refusing to go see Melissa or Deaton. The woman had set up a pseudo-clinic in her house after learning that all pack members refused to go to the hospital when injured. They preferred going to the vet as he wouldn’t contact the authorities regarding the nature of the many injuries they sustained. She had been furious and uncomfortable that they were going to a vet, but understood why. She had set up the small clinic soon after for when the humans needed patching up.

Even with the refusal to go see either physician, Derek finally disregarded Stiles’ pleas that he didn’t need to be seen by anyone. It was starting in on the third week of vomiting and Derek could sense that it was having a detrimental affect on Stiles. He didn’t admit it to anyone, but he was starting fear for the safety of his boyfriend.

Since neither of them liked Deaton’s cryptic attitude he had taken Stiles to Melissa’s house. She had kicked the werewolves out of hearing range (Scott had been home when they arrived) as she started her exam of Stiles. Derek had been surprised when Deaton’s car had rolled down the street and pulled into the McCall’s driveway. He had sent a quick text to Melissa to make sure everything was okay and to see if he was needed and got a STAY PUT, capital letters and all, for his efforts.

When she had finally called him back he wasted no time in racing to the house.

Pregnant. That had been their diagnosis. Stiles was carrying their baby and appeared to be almost two months along.

Stiles’ ensuing panic attack was so bad that he had blacked out. When he had starting coming around again the panic attack was still raging through him. They had given him a mild sedative to calm him down. They ran a few more tests to make sure but all things pointed to a new member of the Pack being on its way.

It was only a few more weeks after that that they realized the pregnancy was progressing at a faster rate then what was considered normal for a human. There were no visible signs that either the fetus or Stiles was in any danger, but both Melissa and Deaton had agreed that they wanted Stiles restricted to bed when he wasn’t needed elsewhere.

They were trying to pin point the due date but even with Lydia’s help they couldn’t figure it out. There was no starting date for the pregnancy and without it plotting the progression was almost impossible.

After it was decided that they needed to be prepared for a delivery at the drop of a hat, one of the rooms in the building that Derek owned was converted to a delivery room. Melissa and Deaton agreed that because Stiles was still very much male and human that they’d have to perform a cesarian on him to get the baby out. Everyone was instructed on proper procedures for dealing with a risky pregnancy and how to look for signs of something going wrong.

Stiles and Derek decided they wanted to keep the fact that he was sometimes experiencing heightened senses to themselves. The new abilities seemed to come and go, but appeared to happen more frequently as the weeks progressed.

With the daily increase in heightened senses the more Derek started to notice that Stiles was acting more and more feral. It was almost a subtle change in behavior towards the Pack, towards Melissa and Deaton, his father. They all started to suffer from his change in behavior.

When he first had the thought about Stiles not remaining human for the birth Derek had almost puked. It wasn’t that he had been disgusted by it, but that he was heartbroken that he was putting Stiles through this. After the initial shock he had started to research the nesting behavior of actual wolves.

Irritability. Aggression. Restlessness. The need to find someplace secluded yet safe, a den the books called it. Most important was the fact that they needed the seclusion. If threatened the birthing processes could go wrong and put both the mother and pups in danger. The mother usually doesn’t emerge from the den until after the pups can walk.

Derek hadn’t been sure how much time left he had but he had wanted to provide for Stiles in any way he could. If that meant finding or making a den for him then so be it. There was no guarantee that it was even going to be needed but he set out every day after that to find someplace that would work as a den.

It was going on the sixth month of the pregnancy when Derek found himself following Stiles through the woods. At each whimper that carried to him from Stiles he had to fight down his instincts to run to him.

As much as he had hoped that a c-section wasn’t necessary, this was not how Derek wanted Stiles to give birth either. He was just glad that the loft wasn’t too far from the preserve. If it had been any further he wasn’t sure how he would have guessed where Stiles would have gone for the birth. As it was he was hoping that his scent had been washed away in the rain that had happened last night. He didn’t want Stiles to not use the den he had found because it smelt like male wolf.

It wasn’t long before Stiles started whining louder. His stumbling legs finally gave out on him as his body convulsed. If it hadn’t been something that Derek had seen before he would have left his place of cover to be at Stiles’ side in an instant. As it was, he had seen this sort of convulsion. He saw, or felt, it every time he changed into the black wolf.

Watching Stiles go through the change was amazing. He was human yet it seemed like he was made for the wolf form. His once long gangly arms and legs were covered in silver fur, no longer awkward and flailing. His wide shoulders gave the form he took a breathtaking width that screamed male wolf but as Derek scented the air he was certain that it was just a ruse to throw off anyone daring to challenge the mother to be. His usually brown eyes flared to life with a gold that rivaled any Derek had seen before and had to scramble to hide when he gasped at the way they shown in the moon light.

He could feel his own wolf clawing at his insides. It wanted to run to Stiles and comfort the other wolf, lead it to the den and lend strength when the birthing started.

He pushed back the wolf and continued following Stiles through the woods. It seemed like Stiles was never going to get to the place where the den was located. He had moved along streams and hillsides poking his snout into holes, upturned roots, and crevices before finally making it to the side of a hillside made of stone. He was almost certain that Stiles wasn’t going to notice the cave but the silver wolf stopped just before the entrance and sniffed about. The black tipped snout pushed at the bushes and ivy that covered the hole before squeezing into it.

Derek sighed in relief when Stiles didn’t immediately emerge from the den. He waited a few yards away just to make sure that he wasn’t going to come back out before moving to the entrance of the den.

The first thing he noticed was the heartbeats of the two den occupants. One was strong and fast, the other still muffled and in sync with the louder one. The constant whining and whimpering that hadn’t stopped since before Stiles had changed was still going strong. He could hear the echo of it from somewhere towards the back of the cave.

The heavy breathing was what registered next. Or the lack there of when it went silent for a few heartbeats before starting up again. He wasn’t sure what to make of it until it happened again followed by a small barking yelp. Contractions. It had to be the contractions.

He desperately wanted to run to Stiles and stroke his head, his sides, anything to make him feel more comfortable but wasn’t willing to threaten the lives of either of his family. In everything he had read it was solitude that the mother wolves wanted. He could be doing damage just by standing outside the den entrance but he wasn’t going to leave Stiles in such a vulnerable condition.

It seemed like hours before the contractions were almost on top of each other. Derek feared that Stiles might not be getting enough oxygen with how close the contractions were coming together, but his worrying was for naught when he suddenly heard the second heartbeat become clearer. It was still synced with Stiles but it was definitely outside his partner.

There was a deep inhalation that sounded from inside the cave before a howl range out through the entrance and carried through the woods. Derek had to fish out his cell phone and send out a quick text letting everyone know that they didn't need to worry about the new wolf in their territory.

Derek wanted to respond to the call, let Stiles know that he wasn’t alone, but he was still fearful of what would happen if he should. None of them were prepared for this. He had done some research and figure out what a she-wolf looked for when it came time to give birth, but he didn’t have experience with it. He was still stunned that his plan had worked and that he had even had the insight to think of it.

A while later, after it sounded like the pup had finally stopped feeding and the both of them had dozed off, Derek moved away from the den entrance to check his messages. He had turned the device off after sending his text to everyone.

When it finally turned on he was surprised by the number of texts and phone calls he had missed. The first few from everyone were inquiries about the new wolf and whether they should head to the loft to protect Stiles. When no response had been given they had apparently decided to head to the loft on their own, moody Stiles or not. The rest of the messages had gone from calm to frantic, wanting to know where Stiles was and why Derek wasn’t answering his messages.

He was proud of his Pack for wanting to protect Stiles. He sent out another message to them. This one informing the Pack to not look for either of them. They would be off the grid for a while but everything was fine. The new wolf was not a threat and they did not have to worry.

Tuning back into Stiles for a moment to make sure he was still okay, Derek moved a little further away from the den and rang up Stiles’ dad. He made the man swear that no one was within hearing distance and that he’d keep what he was about to be told a secret until he and Stiles returned.

When he ended the call he striped out of his clothes and shifted into the black wolf. All of his senses were heightened in this form and he wanted to be as ready as he could be if he needed to defend what was his.