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    temporary insomnia makes for unstable half-ghosts or danny can't sleep, vlad has to tolerate him and they get to talk a few things out

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    “That’s not…” Vlad muttered. “/Why/? Why /any/ of this?” He asked as if the idea that Danny had travelled through time just for his sake was at the very least borderline ridiculous. Or perhaps it was the time travel, Danny wasn’t quite sure if he was being honest. It were quite a few things that Vlad had trouble comprehending, judging by his expression.

    There were dozens of words stuck in his mouth, but he was unable to untangle them so instead Danny simply reached out his hand. Realising that in a little more elaborate way it was exactly what he’d done each time he’d stepped through Clockwork’s portal. Each time anew he’d metaphorically reached out his hand.

    There was, for a split second, the faintest hint of a smile on Vlad’s face. A weaker version of the expression he’d shown all those years ago when he’d been stuck with his mother in the woods, but just as genuine.

    “No trick,” Danny assured him when Vlad grabbed his hand, well aware of what he must’ve been reminded of. The shift he felt going through his being was mirrored in Vlad’s expression which suddenly relaxed. “Human?” He asked, carefully examining his hands to see if his skin tone had stopped being otherworldly.

    “You should have just told me, badger,” Vlad chastised uncharacteristically friendly.

    Closing his eyes Danny let his head sink against Vlad’s shoulder, pressing his lips together to keep them from quivering, but all he managed was a weak smile. “Right,” he scoffed with bitter amusement, “I should’ve just told you that I’m the son of the man you despise and the woman you love, and that I’ve time travelled to keep you company when you most need it because I was supposed to lose everything just because I cheated on a stupid test, just because of a /stupid/ mistake I was supposed to turn into a monster.” Danny swallowed in an attempt to keep his voice stable. “I should’ve just told you that.”

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