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maybe this time, we'll get it right

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“Dannie ah, please do this for uncle. I’m begging you!” Go Myeong-Sok pleaded to his niece who was currently typing intently on her cellphone. Myeong-Sok leaned over to peek at the phone’s screen, hoping to find that she was doing something important only to find that she was playing a video game!

“Dannie ah!” He yelled, not being able to control himself. Seo Dan took her eyes off her phone for a second and glared at her uncle.

“Yes, uncle?” She said disinterestedly. 

“Please, I’m begging you, do this for uncle and I’ll give you whatever you want. What do you want? You mentioned something about the limited edition purse the other day, right? Uncle will get it for you!” He dropped down to his knees and shuffled over to where Seo Dan was sitting.

Sighing softly, Dan finally shifted her gaze from her phone to the manila folder on the coffee table.

It was her uncle, or rather, her mother’s newest attempt of finding her a husband. She knew her mother and uncle too well to know that this is her mother’s doing. All the previous candidates were all boring and spineless, they cowered and wavered before her after spending only a few minutes with her. She had no interest in men that can’t stand up for themselves. She wasn’t going to be their mother and coddle them and their huge ego. Just because they were born into wealthy families doesn’t mean they were successful in their own right.

With little interest, Dan reached over to flip open the folder. There was a picture clipped to the background check. Arching an eyebrow, Dan hummed to herself. He wasn’t bad looking, if she was honest, he was pretty cute. Her interest sufficiently piqued, she gave the details a cursory look. This Gu Seung-Jun had a proper education, albeit in England of all places, but it's said that he worked his way up from the bottom at his grandfather's company. Maybe he's not going to be the worst... and uncle does seem desperate this time. Who knows what mother will do to him if I refuse yet another one of her matchmaking. 

Myeong-Sok sat on his knees as he watched Dan read through the information pack. Ever since the last disaster of a matchmaking, Seo Dan had been refusing to go on any further dates and that had fueled Dan's mother's desire to find the perfect man for her daughter. He may be a ruthless politician, but when faced with his own sister, he will never win. Anxiously, he watched as Dan pulled out the picture from the folder before closing it. 

"Fine, I'll go on a date with him." Dan finally said as she kept her gaze on the picture. It was a decent picture, it showed Seung-Jun's side profile. He was smiling broadly in the picture as he held up a shotgun rifle to his face. 

Myeong-Sok cheered as he hopped up to his feet and immediately bend down to hold onto Dan's other hand as he laughed joyously. 

"But-" Seo Dan stared sternly at her uncle, "if this turns out to be another waste of my time... You'll tell mother that I won't ever go to another of these dates. Understood?"

Myeong-Sok nodded his head furiously as though his life depended on it. "I promise! I'll take care of it all, Dannie!" He said laughing. Gathering up the folder, Myeong-Sok skipped all the way over to the door as he reassured his niece that he will forward the meeting place and time when he has everything settled. 

Dan watched as her silly uncle ran out the door, as if he was scared that she would renege on her word. Sighing to herself, she leaned onto the back of the sofa and looked up to the ceiling.

What has she done now?


Laughing heartily, Seung-Jun chatted with Cheon Su-Bok as they walked into his office. He continued to chat animatedly as Su-Bok noticed someone standing by the drop-down windows. Su-Bok, realizing that it was the chairman, Seung-Jun's grandfather, immediately nudged his friend to shut up.

"Ow, what's that for?" Seung-Jun cried out as he rubbed at his arm. When Su-Bok pointed over at the window, it was then that he realized his grandfather was looking out the windows with his hands crossed behind his back. 

"Ahh, grandfather! What brings you here today? I could've come to your office instead!" Seung-Jun said with a sheepish tone as his grandfather turned to face him. With one sharp glance, Su-Bok excused himself and quickly made his way out the door. 

"Tsk, coward." Seung-Jun cursed under his breath as he watched his friend run out the door with the corner of his eye. 

Clearing his throat, Seung-Jun's grandfather motioned for Seung-Jun to take a seat before handing him a picture. 

"You will be meeting this woman in the coming Saturday at 8 in the morning at the SIGNIEL SEOUL." His grandfather said sternly, leaving no room for any refusal. 

Seung-Jun took the picture in his hand and grinned as the face of angel looked back at him. 

"Aie, grandfather, where did you find such a woman? She's totally my type!" Seung-Jun said enthusiastically as he kept staring at the picture. Judging from the picture, she might be around his age, but that's no matter. He won't let something as silly as age stand in his way of gaining this woman's favour. 

"She's really pretty, what's her name? Why am I meeting her? Is she married? Oooh, please don't tell me she's our opponent. Do you think I can convince her to join our side instead?" He fired out many questions as he kept his gaze firmly on the picture. 

"Just make sure to make a good impression, Seung-Jun. Don't disappoint me." -- that was all his grandfather said before stalking out of the room.

"I always make a good impression..." Huffing indignantly, Seung-Jun mumbled to himself. 

"Ahh... pretty lady. I can't wait to meet you." Seung-Jun leaned back as he traced the woman's face with his index finger.