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Villanelle from A to Z

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Villanelle from A to Z.

A is for Anna, who killed herself, dead.
B is for blood, the most deepest of red.
C is for clothes, stylish to the letter.
D is for devastating, she couldn’t look better.
E for exciting, the thrill of the chase.
F is undoubtedly, the lines of her face.
G is for greatest, to do what one wants.
H is for home and the yearning that haunts.
I is for independence, to working alone.
J is for jealousy, and her deep need to own.
K is for killing, you needed it said?
L is for love, is she capable, yet?
M is for mourning, that stunning black dress.
N is for nurturing, she’s had that one, much less.
O for organic, her worldview is growing.
P is for Plans and the secrets worth knowing.
Q is for quiet, that she really can’t be.
R is for rich, to buy all that you see.
S is for sex and the control that it brings.
T is for trauma and working through difficult things.
U is for her rarity, she’s really quite unique and what is unbelievable is her murderous technique.
V is for Villanelle, a name that might just fit.
W is for working and the need to make the hit.
X is for x-factor, for having all that glamour
Y is for youthful, that bright confident swagger.
Z is for zany, for being quite eccentric.
The circles closed from A to Z, and now it is concentric.