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Some Nights

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Xuan Lu opened her legs to him and Xiao Zhan wasted no time diving in. He pressed his mouth against her pussy, licking her out steadily as her thighs trembled around him. She was nestled between Yibo's legs and if Xiao Zhan looked up, not only could he see the planes of her body, her small breasts going up and down with her breathing, ribs expanding, her tipped back head and open mouth, but Yibo, gaze boring into Xiao Zhan's as he ate Xuan Lu out.

Xiao Zhan knew that Yibo was more into guys than girls, but sometimes, they did this, just for something a little different. They had all been in town together at the same time, gotten tipsy, and fallen into bed together at Xiao Zhan's place, as it was closest to the restaurant.

Xuan Lu tasted good--musky and salty, that distinctive taste only a woman has. Xiao Zhan inhaled her scent as he licked at her clit and enjoyed the high gasping noises she was making. He was, if he said so himself, doing a damn fine job. Without stopping, he slipped a single finger inside her--she was so wet--and felt her clench around him, voice growing higher. He added another finger and fucked her as he ate her out, feeling it when she got closer. When he looked up, Yibo had his face tucked up against her hair, eyes closed, while his hands cupped her breasts, playing with her dark nipples. Good. He was enjoying this, too.

Xuan Lu arched back as she came, squeezing Xiao Zhan's head between her thighs and his fingers with her pussy, voice breaking. She gasped for a while as Xiao Zhan pulled back and wiped his face with the back of his hand and grinned.

"Fucking hell, Zhan-Zhan, you know how to show a girl a good time," she said once she was more or less done trembling. She was grinning, small hands sliding over Yibo's where they rested against her tits. Her hands looked half the size of his. "What about you, Wang Yibo? How do you feel about showing girls a good time?"

Yibo flicked his gaze to Xiao Zhan real quick, and Xiao Zhan shrugged. Be honest. "Depends on what sort of a good time you're looking for," Yibo said. His voice was sex-thick and deep already. Xiao Zhan would bet his entire bank account that Yibo was hard. He loved watching Xiao Zhan fucking other people before returning to him.

Xuan Lu hummed thoughtfully, then sat forward and twisted around so she and Yibo were facing each other. "Would you fuck me?" She sounded more curious than anything else.

"Yes." The answer was immediate.

Xiao Zhan sniggered. Who didn't want to get their dick wet? Yibo was certainly not alone in the sentiment.

"Excellent," she said with a grin, then groped around between them before clearly laying her hand over Yibo's dick. Xiao Zhan watched her eyes widen. "Not bad.” Yibo smirked. “Let's do this, then."

Xiao Zhan helpfully produced condoms and lube from his bedside drawer while Xuan Lu and Yibo arranged themselves, Yibo on his back. Xuan Lu was the one to tear the wrapper, then slide the condom over Yibo's--yes, very impressive--erection. The whole time, Yibo was watching Xiao Zhan, bottom lip caught in his teeth. Xiao Zhan raised his eyebrows at him. Enjoy yourself. Yibo put tentative hands over Xuan Lu's hips, and then, when all was ready, lifted her up like it was nothing and settled her over his dick in one smooth motion.

"Fucking hell!" She gasped, squirming in his lap. "You don't fuck around, do you?" she said, sounding breathless. Yibo raised an eloquent eyebrow and both Xiao Zhan and Xuan Lu sniggered. "Fair play," she conceded, then leaned forward, planted her hands on Yibo's chest, and went to town.

They were a true pleasure to watch together--both beautiful, sexy, clearly enjoying each other. Xiao Zhan loved Yibo's sex face, but it was often hard to pay attention to when he was fucking him because of his own pleasure getting in the way. Now, as Xiao Zhan lay beside him and lazily stroked himself, he could watch every twitch, every movement. His gaze raked over them--Yibo's large hands, gently wrapped around her narrow hips, Xuan Lu's face, tipped back, eyes closed, lips open on a small O, panting. Really, Yibo should fuck more girls. It looked good on him.

Xiao Zhan leaned forward and stroked Yibo's chin with a single finger, gently tipping his face towards himself. "Hi," he said and kissed Yibo's smile. Yibo moaned into his mouth, and Xiao Zhan's eyes slipped closed. He knew Yibo was tasting Xuan Lu on his tongue, and Xiao Zhan was vaguely aware of the bed moving faster beneath them, Xuan Lu gaining speed, going harder. He knew it, too, from Yibo's frantic kisses, his moaning reverberating in Xiao Zhan's throat.

Yibo--perhaps surprisingly, given how young he was--could last a while, so when Xuan Lu came, crying out and gripping Yibo's ribs, he took hold of her, flipped them over, and kept fucking her. "Smooth," she said laughing, still sounding winded from her orgasm. "Very smooth, oh…" Yibo bit his lip, grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders. He was really going now, jostling the two of them up the bed, and Xiao Zhan felt some sort of pleasure sympathy, knowing exactly how overwhelming it was, getting fucked by Wang Yibo. This time, it was Xuan Lu he kissed, her mouth tasting like sex. It was good, and Xiao Zhan had vaguely been planning on getting Yibo to suck his dick, but he was too turned on to stop touching himself now. He moaned into her mouth, hand flying over his himself, when--

"Zhan-ge, stop." Xiao Zhan froze, opening his eyes. Yibo was watching him--still fucking Xuan Lu without pause--and then he flicked his gaze to where Xiao Zhan had hold of his own dick. "Save that for fucking me." Xiao Zhan raised an eyebrow, but let go.

Xuan Lu huffed out a laugh, then wound her arms around Yibo's neck and said, "Now that I'd like to see. Hey, pretty boy," she added, "I'm down here." Yibo broke eye contact with Xiao Zhan and turned back to her, looking a touch sheepish. "That's better." She didn't look like she was upset, just turned on and amused. Xiao Zhan, lacking for something to do now but wait, slipped his hand in between their moving bodies, looking for--

"Hey, move back a bit, baby," he asked Yibo, who, bless him, got what he was trying to do and shifted up. There--now Xiao Zhan had unfettered access to Xuan Lu's clit, and he fingered it as Yibo continued to fuck her. She gasped. "Yes, yes, yes--do it--"

Xiao Zhan watched her face for reactions as he continued to play with her, going fast but steady. He'd noticed while going down on her she responded well to fast. Now, she was gasping, letting out half-formed words and moaning around them. And Yibo--Yibo was close, and suddenly, Xiao Zhan wanted him. Wanted him badly enough that when Xuan Lu came the next moment--hell yeah, he'd done that--he said, "Lu-Lu, would you mind terribly if I borrowed this young man on top of you?"

Still groaning, eyes closed, she laughed. It was throaty, satisfied, languid. A true sex laugh. Xiao Zhan adored her. "Please, be my guest. I'll just be over here, quite done." Three orgasms did appear to be a good, solid number.

Yibo, for his part, was already setting down her legs and pulling out, disposing of the condom, then shuffling up to Xiao Zhan and grabbing his face for a kiss. Xiao Zhan laughed into it, then reached for another condom as they continued to kiss. He loved kissing Yibo, and for a while, that was what they did, Xuan Lu quiet behind them.

"Come on, Zhan-ge," Yibo finally said, pulling back. "Fuck me already."

"All right, all right, if you insist." They had to separate in order to root around for the lube, which Xiao Zhan found wedged under his own knee. "How much prep do you want?" he asked in a low voice.

Yibo shrugged. "Not a lot, just give me a few minutes."

Xuan Lu watched them the whole time, looking riveted. Xiao Zhan met her gaze and her eyes seemed to say, good job on snagging this one. Yeah. He knew. Yibo was squirming on two of Xiao Zhan's fingers, stretching out beautifully, letting Xiao Zhan in. They kissed again, and continued to kiss as Xiao Zhan slipped his fingers out, rolled on a condom, slicked up his cock, and settled between Yibo's legs. "Like this?"

Yibo nodded, frantic by now, with need. His dick was flushed, dark. They'd both been hard for a while. Ruefully, Xiao Zhan thought he might not last all that long. "Ready, sweetheart?"

"Do it already." That sex-dark, bratty voice of his. Xiao Zhan bit his lip against a smile and lined himself up. He fucked Yibo slow and steady at first, possibly showing off a bit, knowing Xuan Lu was watching with her hand working between her legs, which was genuinely impressive. But then he forgot she was there at all. All that existed was Yibo beneath him, eyes huge and trained on Xiao Zhan's as they fucked, mouth slick and red, a flush spread all down his neck and chest. His hand was moving over his dick, a steady pace. He was so beautiful like this. He was beautiful always. "Zhan-ge…" Yibo shut his eyes and gasped on Xiao Zhan's every thrust, which meant Xiao Zhan was hitting the spot every time. He reveled in it, reveled in Yibo's body responding so beautifully to his.

"Baby, let me see you," he mumbled, wanting Yibo to open his eyes. Yibo did, looking up at him with glazed-over eyes as his free hand gripped Xiao Zhan's arms in a tight, bruising hold, while the other continued to work his dick between them. The next moment, Xiao Zhan moaned, dropped down onto his elbows, and lost control. He came for what felt like ages, having been turned on for so fucking long, and when he pulled back, head still spinning, he realized that Yibo had come, too, silently spilling between them. Sometimes he came like that--quiet and devastating. Xiao Zhan was disappointed to have missed it.

They lay there, panting against one another, Xiao Zhan's face buried against Yibo's chest, until Xuan Lu's voice interrupted them.

"Wow. That was...super hot."

Xiao Zhan laughed, then turned his face until he could see her. "Enjoy that?"

"Mmm. Very inspirational." Ah. Four orgasms, then. Women were so lucky.

"Happy to be of service," Yibo rumbled beneath him, then gently pushed on Xiao Zhan's shoulders until he was no longer covering him. Xiao Zhan nodded, pulled out as carefully as he could manage and collapsed next to him.

Utterly boneless, the three of them lay on his wreck of a bed and panted. Xiao Zhan's left leg was thrown over Yibo's, Yibo's right arm playing with Xiao Zhan's belly almost absent-mindedly. They reeked of sex.

After a while, Xuan Lu hummed thoughtfully. "Do you do repeats?" she asked.

"Hmm." Xiao Zhan thought about it. "Haven't had the pleasure so far, to be honest. Why?"

"Well, whenever you're next in town, look me up."

Their eyes met and they both laughed at the same time. "All right. Will do. Sound good, baby?"

Yibo was smiling, watching them, looking freshly fucked and glowing with it. "I'm down."

"Good, good," Xuan Lu said primly. "Because there are several configurations we haven't tried, and a girl's got needs."

And, really, who were Xiao Zhan and Yibo to deny her the pleasure?