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Auror's curse

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No matter how hard Misa was pushing them through the crowd, they were one of the last pairs on the start. But that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. It gave Light time to calm down and also to observe what was going on around. He needed to analyze the situation as fast as he could. And possibly before they will get in. 

Hogwarts dungeons were not normally a place to hold the tourney. They usually had some kind trail of courage around the Black lake with a small turnoff to the Forbidden forest, just to scare youngsters. 

But Hogwarts dungeons? 

That was new. 

There were not many people who knew exactly how large dungeons were and where they led. It was a small labyrinth itself. According to legends, dungeons pathways led everywhere under the castle so if a person knew the place well enough, they could get anywhere they wanted without getting spotted. 

But was it true? 

Light wasn't sure. But he knew that professor Lawliet must have known the place well enough to be able to make separate tracks for all seven years. And well enough to make the headmaster authorize it. 

Damn that bastard never stops surprising me. Light thought and watched the pair in front of them disappearing behind the corner. 

He raised an eyebrow. The pairs were moving into the labyrinth too fast. There was no way they would not meet each other unless…

Unless there are more ways and he charmed the place to be variable… Light thought and bit his lower lip. He couldn't even imagine how much time that would take. 

“Mr. Yagami, miss Amane, you can go.” professor Wammy told them at the start and gave them reassuring smiles. 

Light fastly looked around. For some reason he expected Lawliet to be there. To send him off and tell him he is going to make it. It was a ridiculous thought really. Light scolded himself internally and reminded himself he is happy the man is nowhere to be seen. Then he heard Misa growl: “Aggrrr... stop it! What did you expect? A kiss goodbye? Now move!!!” With that she pushed Light into the dungeons. 

They were walking down the dungeon labyrinth for almost fifteen minutes without spotting a single trap or a task. Light was leading them, walking quite fast. It was obvious that Misa's notes were pissing him off. But she never in her dreams imagined his temper is that bad now. He was always very patient and calm. At least, on the outside.

There was not much light in the dungeons and some corridors were completely dark. Light was walking with his wand constantly in front of himself and Lumos spell active. Misa was pacing closely behind him, guarding the path, in case something would try to attack them from behind. But nothing was going on for quite a long time. 

Light was getting even more nervous. He was sure they missed something. Which was not that surprising because after Misa's last note, all he could think about was: 

What the hell is the rest of the school thinking about me and Lawliet

He shook his head. He really needed to focus and push these thoughts away. It was not normal to walk this long, without finding a task or an obstacle. He knew he might have screwed up the tourney, but he was not the one to turn around and start again, so he headed forward. 

Misa was following Light's lead. After so many minutes in the gloom she was losing concentration and her mind started wandering. She didn't remember being in such close proximity with Light for years. Last time they worked on something together was like… 

2nd year? Maybe 3rd? 

Then Light presented and started acting like a jerk. He had that big dream in his head and while working on that, he started to look down upon everyone around him. 

Yagami Light… the first ever omega to do this and that… Misa thought and rolled her eyes. 

But she didn't really hate him for that. She admired his determination and how he accepted his situation, without giving up on his dreams. That's also why, from time to time, she tried to speak to him and offer her thoughts. Like a month ago, when she told him Lawliet saw potential in him. 

And what Light did? Reacted like a complete jerk. 

Then she started really being pissed at him. Because she knew he was being narrow minded and he is missing the opportunity to become what he always wanted. That's why she started treating him exactly as he is treating her. 

Like a piece of shit. 

And now? Mr-I-have-no-problem-acting-professionally-and-working-with-anyone was walking with her in complete silence, obviously not interested in solving their current situation. 

“We might as well try to communicate, you know…” Misa in the moment when they came to the end of that corridor. Light only slightly turned his head towards her to give her a naughty look. Then he started searching around the wall, to find if there was a hidden door, or if they will really have to turn back. 

Misa chuckled at that ironically: “Don't you think we should try to talk the situation through?”

“What situation? We didn't get anywhere yet. So I see no point in talking.” Light spat back at her, his patience at its end.  

At that moment the corridor behind them closed with a loud thunder. They both quickly turned around at the sound and pressed their backs against the wall behind them. They reached out with their wands to see if there was any danger, but the corridor seemed empty. 

Empty and closed. 

“First trap?” Misa asked, when it was clear that there is no visible danger in the room.

“Yeah, seems like something is finally happening.” Light said and started searching around the walls, how they could get out. 

“Cool! So we can start talking!” Misa said happily with her normal bubbly tone. 

Light rolled his eyes and didn't say a thing to that. He only barked at her: “Try to find how we will get out of here.” 

Misa also rolled her eyes and moved around the room while trying to find something that would tell them what their task was. But there were no stones that you could push in to open the door and simply nothing that would get them out the old way. They both also tried a few spells but nothing was working. 

“Sooo… we are trapped... That's exciting!” Misa started after minutes of them failing to get out of the closed aisle. 

“Try to search again…” Light said and started walking around the walls again. 

“Light, we are going around this room for a good fifteen minutes and we tried all the spells we know. I am tired!” She said and crouched down to the ground. 

Light looked at her from above with raised eyebrow: “I thought you wanted to win the tourney…”

She gave him a hard look: “Light dont be stupid, there is no obvious way from here. We tried all the spells we know! Hello! We need to talk through other possibilities!” 

Like there is any point in talking to you… Light thought and in that moment a few stones on the wall where the vault ceiling was starting moved to the side. Immediately after the water started running through the newly found holes in the wall. 

Light and Misa both gasped and started running towards those openings where the water flew in small but strong waterfalls. There were totally six of them. Three on each side of the corridor. But nothing at the front wall or a back wall. Light deducted the exit must have been on one of these walls but he didn't have time to test the theory more now. He was trying to shut down water streams which were currently making their feet uncomfortably wet. 

They both tried the best of their magic abilities. Light tried spells to make the water stop, or to change it into something else and Misa was trying a few spells from herbology. She saw a moss growing in one corner and hoped she could make it grow over the openings. 

But nothing worked.

Their magic was completely useless. 

At one point, Light was even trying to stop one waterfall by his own cloak, but after a moment he realized it was pointless. He sighted and stepped into the centre of the room where Misa stood. She had arms around herself and she was shaking. No wonder, the water was now almost to their knees now and it was not exactly warm. 

“Don't worry, nothing will happen to us. Is just a game.” he told Misa and gave her a reassuring smile. 

“Doesn't mean it isn't scary…” she answered and hugged herself more tightly. 

“Yeah… you're right.” Light said and threw his soaked cloak in the water. 

“So… I guess we ended?” Misa asked desperately and watched as Light put his hands on his hips while thinking out loud: 

“I don't know… it feels like we are missing something… I have no idea why our magic is not working.” 

After a moment of silence Misa had a sudden thought and yelled enthusiastically: “We should try to do spells together!”

Light almost jumped as she startled him with the sudden outburst. When he realized nothing was really going on he considered what she said: 

“To double the energy? That's not a bad idea…” 

Misa giggled: “No… dummy! To corporate! I don't think Lawliet put us in pairs without a reason.”

Light didn't react to that but what Misa said made surprisingly a lot of sense. 

He nodded: “Alright, take out your wand. We will try the unlocking spell on three…”

She did as she was told and they both aimed their wands against the wall: 

“On three, two, one…” Light counted and then they both sent an unlocking spell against the wall in the direction where they came from. 

The room lit up in bright light but nothing else happened. After a moment they were again standing in mild light from their wands, with cold water ascending up their bodies.

They shared a hesitant look.

“Let's try another wall.” Light said and they did exactly that. 

And another wall. 

And another. 

And a different spell. 

And another. 

But nothing was going on. Just the water rising up their waists. 

They both stayed in silence for some time, thinking. Then Misa silently chuckled. When Light looked at her, she had a sincere smile on and her eyes were sparkling.

“What?” He asked her, not getting why she was suddenly so happy.

“I just remembered something…” She said and the smile still didn't leave her lips. “... we were in a similar situation once before, remember?”

Light frowned, thinking. But yes, he remembered. 



It was during Halloween's tourney in the first year. Light was one of the last people to start the trail, because he was almost the last in the alphabet. On a way he found Misa, trapped in an air bubble. The first part of a track led through the conjured corridor under the Black lake and there were many traps a person could easily get stuck in. 

Back then, Misa got caught in one of the first traps. She was trying to get a magical artefact hidden in an air bubble which looked like a luxury room inside. She thought she might need that artefact in the tourney later, but it turned out to be just a bait. The bubble pulled her in and trapped her. And as she is the first one in the alphabet, she was there for quite a long time. 

Light found her curled up in a ball and crying. 

“Are you alright?” Little Light asked little Misa.

She lifted up her face towards him. She had her eyes puffy and red. She only shook her head from side to side to show him she wasn't and hid her face again. Back then, Light wasn't thinking long about what he should do. He couldn't just leave her there.

“Hang on, I'll get you out.” He told her and started trying all the spells he knew, to pull Misa out the bubble. 

The blonde girl stood up and was watching him questioningly: “Light, we are not supposed to be helping each other…”

Little Light tried another spell: “It's not very gentleman like to leave a lady alone when she's crying.”

Just when he said that the bubble extended around him and he was as trapped as she was. 

“Noooo!!!!” He wailed and tried several spells to get out of the trap. 

Two minutes later he felt a hand on his shoulder: “It's useless Light, this magic is much more above our level.”

Light only nodded and felt like crying himself. He wanted to win the tourney, not to fail when he just started. He curled down at the floor, to the ball and hugged his legs, saying nothing. He was just pissed at himself that he was trying to help the girl. 

Misa sat next to him and took him around shoulders. Then he felt something wet on his cheek. He immediately looked at Misa, when he realized she just kissed his cheek. He turned red and she was blushing too. But she was not crying anymore. She was smiling at him.

“Thank you, Light. For trying to help me. You are a true gentleman.”

Light felt something flutter in his chest and he smiled back at her shyly. 

“I am sorry the tourney ended like this for you.” Misa added.

But Light only shook his head and suddenly didn't feel sad at all: “I don't mind! At least you are not alone!”

Like that, they spent the whole night, trapped in a bubble under the Black lake. They only got rescued in the morning. 

---End of flashback---


“Yeah… I remember” Light said and bit his lower lip. Back then, everything was easier. He was able to tell right from wrong. But the older he got, the harder it was. Things were not just black and white anymore. There were many various shades of grey. 

Misa smiled at him and giggled: “Back then you were like a knight in shining armor!” 

Light let out a sigh: “I was stupid.”

“Nooo.. that's not true! You were really brave! Everyone was just walking past me and laughing. But you stopped and did your best to help me! There is nothing stupid about that!” Misa told him and playfully dug between his ribs. Light jerked back a little and then looked at her. He saw pure adoration in her eyes. There was no space for lies or making fun of him. Misa was simply saying what she felt. 

“You even got extra points for trying to save me, remember?” She continued and was still smiling at him: “ “Points for team spirit” , the headmaster called it then…”

Light nodded and felt strangely refreshed by the conversation: “Yes… I remember.”

Then they fell silent for a moment, both watching as the water was now to their chests. 

Then Light said: “You were also brave that night.”

Misa chuckled and waved a hand in front of her face, totally dismissing the idea: 

“Me? I got trapped at the beginning and I was crying for hours… what's brave about that?”

Light folded hands on his chest and turned to fully face her: 

“That you tried to get the artefact out from the bubble without fear of getting trapped in it in the first place.”

Misa shook her head: “No, it was stupid of me. I should have known it was just a bait.”

Light shrugged: “Maybe your deduction was wrong, but you tried to go against magic that was beyond your level. Most people wouldn't even try. I really think it was brave of you.”

Misa looked him in the eyes and her face started shining like a sun. She never thought of it that way. And the fact that Light noticed and was able to tell her was a good sign. 

Maybe he didn't change that much, after all… Misa thought and said: “Thank you, Light.”

Then there was a comfortable silence between. Light didn't remember talking to someone in this way for years. But he didn't lie. He really meant it. Misa was brave. Sometimes she acted stupid but she was really brave. 

A true Gryffindor. 

They were both lost in thoughts and they slowly started swimming, as the water was now up their shoulders. Then Misa suddenly let out a high squeak and her face contorted in disgust:

“Light! Did you just pee?!”

Light's eyes almost popped out of his head: “WHAT?!”

“You are disgusting!!!” Misa yelled and moved away from him. 

Light was opening and closing his mouth, totally confused by what she just said: “What the hell are you talking about?!”

“I can feel a warm water flow! So don't try to deny it, you pig!” She spat at him and she was swimming at the other side of the corridor. 

“Misa! I didnt pee!” Light said, irritated by her accusation. 

“Then why is the water suddenly warm?” She asked with a high pitched voice. 

“I dont know!” Light said and swum to check on the openings where the water was flowing into the room. He checked all of them and three out of six were now streaming warm water. 

Light frowned: “Three of them are warm now…”

“Why?” Misa asked and swum to him to make sure. 

“I don't know…” Light said and he was thinking hard about what was going on. It must have been a part of a task.

“What did we do?” Misa asked. 

Light still had his eyes fixed on one place, just thinning out loud: “Nothing. Just talking.”

They both stopped at that and shared a look. Misa's face lit up in the most mischievous smile. 

“Oh youve got to be kidding me…” Light let out and rolled his eyes theatrically. 

“You know it makes a lot of sense… When you think about it, Lawliet's classes are practically built on cooperation. And that needs communication. So I guess it's not that surprising that something changed after we had a little chit chat.”

Light hated to admit it, but it must have been part of the task. Because the moment they got trapped there, he thought there was no point in talking. And now when the atmosphere between them changed the water was suddenly warm. 

“Right… so we have warmer water to drown in. It's not like it really got us anywhere.” Light said, not wanting to play this game any further. This was definitely something Lawliet planned for him and that thought itself was making Light furious. 

Misa rolled her eyes: “Oh come on Light, we are finally getting somewhere! Let's just try to talk a little more.”

“Why?! To get hot water so we can boil ourselves in here?”

With that sentence, one of the streams turned ice cold and the water flew straight to Light's feet. 

“AAAA Shiiiit!!!” He yelled and quickly swum away from the cold flow. 

Misa who also felt the cold water laughed out loud: “HA-HA! This is your answer!”

Light hated this. He had no idea how Lawliet was able to do this kind of magic but it was extremely irritating. It almost felt like he was there with them, listening and punishing him for being stubborn. 

Light had to take a deep breath to start acting rational: 

“Alright… what do you want to talk about?”

Misa thought about it for a second: “Mmm… I don't know, tell me something about yourself.”

“You know me for years Misa.” Light said, bored by the question. 

“Light! This is not gonna work if you will not participate! Tell me something about yourself!” Misa demanded and quickly slapped the back of his head.

Light took a sharp breath and felt like exploding.

“Hi! I am Light Yagami, I am an omega and I totally hate it!” Light yelled ironically and his voice filled the space between the ceiling and the water. 

Then, one of the water streams closed. 

They both stared with wide eyes.

But Misa was more concerned about what Light just said, not about the fact that they accomplished something:

“Wait, really? You don't like being an omega?”

“Is it really that surprising?”

“Yes! I mean… the way you walk, the way you are fighting for omegan rights… I thought you are proud about being an omega!” Misa said with a shocked voice and expression. 

Light pushed his lips together before yelling: “Well… you thought wrong! I hate every single second of my life from the moment I presented!” 

Right after that he felt as if a big rock fell from his shoulders. He panted heavily, not wanting to meet Misa's eyes. 

“I am really sorry Light…” she said and the answer to that was silence. 

Misa looked around, trying to figure out what more to say, when a sudden thought hit her:

“Wait… is it reacting to the truth?”

Light shrugged, still looking everywhere, but at Misa: “I… I don't know...”

“I am Misa Amane and I would like to work in herbology!” She yelled and they both swam to check on wall openings which were now almost fully dived underwater, but there were still five of them running. Her announcement changed nothing. 

Luckily, Light quickly figured out why: 

“I think we need to say something that the other doesn't know.” 

Misa giggled: “Yeah, you are right! The topic is InsideOut!”

The blonde girl pushed her both lips together, obviously thinking about something hard, while her eyes started sparkling. Then she took a deep breath and yelled: 

“I had a crush on Yagami Light until the third year.”

Then she quickly swam to check on the water steams to find out that one of them really stopped. She giggled: “It worked!!!”

But because she didn't get any answer she turned to Light who was just opening and closing his mouth while staring at her: “You… you had a crush on me?”

Misa giggled again and blushed: “Yeah… you were just so… SOOOO sweet and open-hearted when you were younger.”

Light frowned: “And I am not now?”

If Misa wasn't swimming at that moment, she would definitely fold her hands on her chest: 

“No… you are cold and distant.”

Light opened and closed his mouth again: “I… really?”

She nodded with sad eyes: “Yeah… back then, you were helping everyone with their magic. But then you suddenly stopped and started acting like an ice queen.”

Light stared into water. He stopped bothering himself with this years ago, but when he was younger he had more friends. But that changed when he presented. Back then, they all started looking at him differently. Like he was an unworthy piece of meat. That's why he started focusing even more on his goal of becoming the first omega Auror. But maybe… maybe not all of them were looking at him like that… maybe, just maybe, someone truly did miss him. 

“I… I didn't realize…” Light said and meant it. 

Misa only shrugged: “We all got used to it…”

For some reason Light suddenly felt hurt. He was lost in the thought of what if he didn't close himself off? What if he acted differently? Would he be less lonely? Sure, he had Mikami and Takada, but they got together in 5th year. By the time Light had his position at school secured again. But for two years he fought all his battles alone. He really needed some time to think about it all. But that time was not now, when Misa continued talking: 

“Now it's your turn. Shock me.” She said and tried to ease the atmosphere between them. 

Light quickly suppressed his feelings and cleared his throat: “Alright… ehm… when you saw me with Mikami a two weeks ago, that was my first kiss.”

Misa chuckled and watched Light checking the streams, which were still flowing. Nothing really happened. 

“That's not really shocking Light! Everyone is afraid to touch you. More surprising is that Mikami found the courage.”

Light felt like she kicked his guts. Normally, he would get mad, but in this situation when they already talked through so many emotions, he felt more sad about it, than angry. He had no idea how the blonde did it, but she was slowly decomposing him. 

“What...what do you mean everyone is afraid to touch me?” 

Misa rolled her eyes. Even when he said some nice things to her, she felt a need to punish him for being a jerk for such a long time: “Told ya… you are an ice queen… you are constantly acting like you could send snow storms around but you know what happens to ice when you hit it long enough? It breaks!” 

One of the remaining streams turned ice cold again and this time, it was Misa who yelled from the flow of cold water under her feet. 

“Alright, alright! I am sorry! I didn't mean it!” she yelled and turned to Light: “I don't really hate you! I just feel sorry that you are not the Light you used to be! Because I miss him!”

Another waterfall closed and Light was staring at Misa like he saw her the first time in his life. It was her words that broke something inside him. 

She missed me? She still wanted to be my friend? Light was asking himself and felt an urge to cry. But he couldn't. Not here, not now. He breathed in slowly to calm down and decided to be completely opened for a moment:

“Misa, I am really sorry you feel that way. I had no idea… I just… becoming an omega wasn't exactly easy for me and I am still fighting it until now! I didn't realize I left someone behind when I started focusing more on myself…” he said and meant it. 

They didn't even need to check on waterfalls to know one of them was closed. 

Misa nodded and gave him a soft smile: “It's alright… I am sorry I couldn't help you with it.”

Light shook his head while thinking: No one can help me… But then he realized it wasn't entirely true. There was someone trying to help him. And obviously, not only one person. 

Light looked at Misa: “Misa, can you forgive me for yelling at you a month ago? You were right with what you said. Lawliet was really trying to help me and I was too blind to see it. You were also trying to help and I overreacted. I am really sorry.”

Misa smiled at him and her eyes were sparkling: “That's alright… I forgive you. But if you will forgive me I spread rumors about you and Mikami.”

Light rolled his: “I am not so sure about that…”

“Light!” She yelled.

Light chuckled and gave her a wink: “All forgiven…” 

With sentence water suddenly started fastly descending. After a moment, Misa and Light were standing on the ground again and beside them a door appeared. 

They shared a smile.

“This was a really original task.” Misa said with her usual energy and Light rolled his eyes once again: “Remind me to kill Lawliet.”

“I will remind you to thank him.” Misa chuckled and followed Light into the newly found corridor.