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Untitled Honey Smacks Fanfic

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Dig'em hadn't ridden first class for a few years. The seat felt more spacious than his apartment. A wide-smiling flight attendant put her hand on his shoulder.

"Complimentary mimosa?" she inquired.

"No thank you. Whiskey please, whatever you have."

She nodded and briskly walked toward the steward's cabin. Dig'em glance out the window of the taxi-ing plane, but still felt a queasiness building. He closed the window. Nervously, he shifted in the wide seat. He wasn't afraid of the errand that Andy had tasked him with, not necessarily. Has-been celebrities do these kinds of gigs all the time for shady characters in the third world. No harm would come to him, he was sure of that. Was it the discomfort of slipping on the mask- Becoming the Dig'em that the world knows, instead of the one that he is? Giving up his autonomy to inhabit a character he hadn't embodied in twenty years? The manic, cereal-crazed frog of his youth was a far cry from who he was now- a far cry from who he ever had been, really.

"Your drink, sir."

The stewardess' words jolted Dig'em from his contemplation. He grinned appreciatively and took the glass from her hands.

She turned to go and then paused, and over her shoulder projected a hesitant but curious smile.

"I don't mean to pry, but are you Dig'em Frog? From the Honey Smacks commercials?"

Dig'em let out a bashful chuckle.

"Guilty as charged," he replied.

"I'm sure you get this all the time," she started, words pouring out more quickly and less professionally, "But I was your biggest fan when I was a little girl."

Dig'em raised his hand to scratch the back of his head- a shy affectation.

"Really, actually, no, haha. I don't get that- ever."

"That's a shame," the stewardess coyly intoned, becoming more bold by the second. "For all the girls at my middle school, you were something of an icon."

Dig'em gulped and quickly glanced around. The cabin was empty. Curtains separated them from the cockpit and economy class.

"You might say I had my sexual awakening to a Honey Smacks commercial. The one where you take a big bite from the bowl and lick your lips with that big froggy tongue."

She leaned over to look at him face to face. He could see her ample breasts down the scoop neck of her uniform.

"...Is your tongue really that long? I mean, I've heard that frogs have long tongues, but..."

She put her hand on his leg, and slowly slid it up upward.

"I mean, its an average tongue, for a frog," Dig'em mumbled, heart racing.

She put one finger from her free hand to his lips and shushed him.

"I'm not that little girl any more, Mister Frog. I'm a full grown woman."

Her other hand reached his crotch and grabbed, fully clasping his engorged cloaca. He moaned.

"Let me show you the benefits of first class service," she whispered in his ear. The plane began to pick up speed. It had been a long time for Dig'em. He had climaxed before they even left the runway.

She licked the last traces of his amphibious seed from her lips and winked at him, bracing herself on the empty seat nearby. She winked.

"Enjoy your trip to Colombia, Mister Frog."