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actus reus

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Zhao Yunlan doesn't remember the last time he was this happy – if he ever has been. He has a gorgeous fiancé and he gets to start every day waking up in Shen Wei's arms, to Shen Wei's beautiful face, in a house of their very own.

If he had to name one drawback, it would have to be Shen Wei's dark side.

He loves Shen Wei – with all of his heart, far more than he thought he could ever love anyone – but Zhao Yunlan is not blind to who he loves anymore. He knows that there's something other lurking behind Shen Wei's smiles and the glimmer in his eyes. He knows that there are thoughts and urges that set Shen Wei aside from the general population. But he isn't scared. He's afraid that Shen Wei will get caught one day, yes, but not of what Shen Wei might do to him. Shen Wei has proven over and over that he won't hurt Zhao Yunlan again, and never in a permanent way.

It's difficult to remember Shen Wei's dark side sometimes – just like it's impossible to forget whenever a particularly tough case finds its way across Zhao Yunlan's desk. But it's especially difficult to remember when Zhao Yunlan wakes up to gentle fingers running through his hair and losing his breath from the way Shen Wei is looking at him with nothing but love in his eyes.

Zhao Yunlan knows he looks like a besotted fool when he says, "Morning, Xiao Wei," but that's all right. Shen Wei loves him anyway.

Shen Wei smiles softly at him. "Good morning, A-Lan."

Zhao Yunlan has to lean in and taste that smile. He means to keep it short, but then Shen Wei opens his mouth to kiss back and Zhao Yunlan finds himself pressing closer. And Shen Wei isn't far behind, fitting a hand at the small of Zhao Yunlan's back and pressing them as close as they can be while he devours Zhao Yunlan's mouth – morning breath be damned.

It isn't often they go to bed naked. Shen Wei likes his pyjamas, but Zhao Yunlan thinks he might be able to win Shen Wei over more often now that they're homeowners and have yet to hand out any spare keys to anyone on Zhao Yunlan's unruly team. They can't be walked in on anymore, or be forced to rush out of their apartments because some idiot set off the fire-alarm again.

Honestly, they should have moved a lot sooner.

Zhao Yunlan grabs Shen Wei's shoulder and starts tugging until Shen Wei gets the memo and lays down on top of him before kissing him again.

Shen Wei is a comforting weight. Grounding, even. Zhao Yunlan doesn't have to worry about this all being a dream and waking up to find that Shen Wei is still gone. Shen Wei is right there, chest against Zhao Yunlan's chest, thighs spreading Zhao Yunlan's, mouth soft and yet firm against Zhao Yunlan's, his hardening cock brushing ever so slightly against where Zhao Yunlan is already leaking liberally all over himself. The last part is the one Zhao Yunlan focuses on.

"Shen Wei, please," he whimpers, rubbing against Shen Wei's hardness.

Shen Wei moves his hips, prolonging the contact. Zhao Yunlan is tempted to keep at it until they come, hot and messy between their bodies, but there's something he wants more.

"Please." Zhao Yunlan mouths against Shen Wei's lips. "I need you."

Shen Wei gives him another soft kiss, barely more than a brush of lips over Zhao Yunlan's. "Are you not sore from last night?"

Last night is why Zhao Yunlan is desperate for a repeat. They've spent the entire weekend moving their things into the house and getting everything in order. Shen Wei cooked their first proper dinner the night before and they'd eaten at their new kitchen island. And then Zhao Yunlan goaded Shen Wei into christening their new couch and their new master shower. They still haven't christened the bed. And, as always where Shen Wei is concerned, Zhao Yunlan needs more.

"I'm fine, Bao Bei. I need you in me. Please."

Zhao Yunlan reluctantly allows him to separate their mouths properly as Shen Wei reaches down to nudge Zhao Yunlan's legs further apart. Shen Wei is a sight to behold at any time but especially in the morning, hot and hard and right where Zhao Yunlan wants him. He strokes his hands along the sensitive skin of Zhao Yunlan's inner thighs before spreading his cheeks and rubbing his thumb where Zhao Yunlan needs him the most. He, sadly, can't hide the flinch when Shen Wei does so, however.

Shen Wei shakes his head and settles his hands on Zhao Yunlan's waist instead. "You are too sore."

Zhao Yunlan pouts. "But Bao Bei -"

"I will not hurt you," Shen Wei says simply.

Zhao Yunlan knows better than to press. The last time he tried, Shen Wei reminded him of the time Zhao Yunlan overestimated his limitations and gave him the same punishment. Zhao Yunlan isn't risking Shen Wei refusing to touch him intimately for another week.

Still, his disappointment must be plain to see because Shen Wei sighs and says, "You are not doing this to ensure I will not get bored, are you?"

Zhao Yunlan frowns. "Bored?" he echoes. "Bao Bei, what are you talking about?"

"So I do not feel compelled to hunt."

They rarely talk about it in such blunt terms. Zhao Yunlan will never be able to deny who Shen Wei is anymore, but he has yet to talk about it in a non-metaphorical manner. Trust Shen Wei to take them over that invisible line.

"We agreed that I would come to you when I felt the urge," Shen Wei says. "I have been truthful about that."

"And I believe you, Xiao Wei," Zhao Yunlan says.

He means it. Shen Wei has yet to notify him, and the Reaper hasn't left them any bodies recently either. He trusts Shen Wei enough that he wouldn't lie and start hiding his kills, not now that Zhao Yunlan knows and has already proven that he's incapable of putting Shen Wei behind bars.

"I'm not doing this as some kind of weird attempt at behavioural therapy," he says. "I'm doing this because I love you and I love the way you love me, touch me, kiss me, and especially the way you fuck me."

Shen Wei shakes his head slightly, but the look in his eyes is fond.

"And when you treat me so well, how can I not want to make you feel good too?"

"But I do," Shen Wei murmurs, "every day I am with you."

Zhao Yunlan grabs one of his hands and presses a kiss to his palm.

Shen Wei curls his hand in to brush his fingertips against Zhao Yunlan's face. Zhao Yunlan is tempted to ask Shen Wei to force his mouth open and feed him his cock.

"All right, then I want to make you come undone," Zhao Yunlan says instead. "How about that?"

Shen Wei smiles fondly at him. Zhao Yunlan is so distracted by that smile that he's genuinely surprised when Shen Wei raises Zhao Yunlan's hips off the bed. Zhao Yunlan's heels scramble over the bedding and have only just managed to get a grip when Shen Wei leans down to swallow his cock.

"Xiao Wei!"

Shen Wei simply hums around him and takes him in deeper.

Zhao Yunlan's moving to muffle himself before he remembers that he doesn't have to. He settles for grabbing onto the headboard instead.

Shen Wei's grip on his hips is unyielding. Zhao Yunlan couldn't move even if he wanted to. Shen Wei moves at a leisurely pace, completely ignoring Zhao Yunlan every time he begs Shen Wei to go faster. His pleasure is completely dependent on Shen Wei's will and mercy.

Seeing proof of Shen Wei's strength will never stop setting Zhao Yunlan's blood on fire. Zhao Yunlan knows he's carefully cultivated that strength with a purpose in mind, but even that isn't enough to throw water on the flames. He's too busy thinking about how Shen Wei could hold him up and fuck him to remember that he should be worried about something, anything else. That is what Shen Wei does to him. Nothing exists except for him and Shen Wei.

Zhao Yunlan doesn't try to contain the sounds he makes. He knows that Shen Wei doesn't want him to – he's already said as much, several times over. He tightens his grip on the headboard instead of trying and whines when Shen Wei does something with his tongue that Zhao Yunlan doesn't think Shen Wei learned from him.

It takes him a stupidly short amount of time to get close considering Shen Wei is bobbing his head like they have all the time in the world. Though, at this point, it wouldn't surprise him if Shen Wei knows him better than Zhao Yunlan does. He wouldn't tease himself the way Shen Wei likes to do. Shen Wei likes stripping him down to the barest parts of himself. He likes making Zhao Yunlan whimper and sob and beg. And Zhao Yunlan, of course, complies.

In the end, all Shen Wei has to do is take him in deep again and hum. Zhao Yunlan's voice cracks as he comes down Shen Wei's throat.

Shen Wei waits to pull back until he's sure Zhao Yunlan is done. He brushes a soft kiss over the head before surging forward to pull Zhao Yunlan into a much deeper kiss. Zhao Yunlan can taste himself at the back of Shen Wei's tongue and he loves it.

There's just one thing that's missing.

Shen Wei's cock somehow manages to feel even hotter than before as it glides over his abdomen. Shen Wei's hips are twitching faintly; like he can't help himself. Zhao Yunlan knows he must be close for his control to be that thin.

"Bao Bei, Xiao Wei," he pants when Shen Wei pulls back to let him breathe. "You haven't come yet."

Shen Wei shivers.

"Come on me?"


"Please," Zhao Yunlan says before Shen Wei can keep going. "I want you to."

Shen Wei shudders. Zhao Yunlan watches him close a hand around his own cock and whimpers like he's the one being touched instead. He wants to reach out and touch. He wants that in him – his ass or his mouth, Zhao Yunlan doesn't care which. But his arms are too heavy and Shen Wei is touching himself almost ruthlessly. Zhao Yunlan knows he's going to come before Zhao Yunlan can even try to offer him a helping hand.

Zhao Yunlan offers his mouth instead. "Bao Bei, you're so gorgeous. I want you to see you come, will you let me? Please, Xiao Wei, won't you come for me? Please?"

Shen Wei groans low in his throat as he climaxes, painting Zhao Yunlan's abdomen and his own fingers with his come. If Zhao Yunlan had still been hard, he knows he would have come from that alone. He shivers instead, closing his eyes to enjoy the feeling of being marked before the spend can start to dry and get itchy.

He opens his eyes when he hears rustling, ready to pull Shen Wei back into bed if the lunatic tries to go to the bathroom to get them a washcloth again. He's pleasantly surprised when Shen Wei uses the covers to clean them both instead. Shen Wei is even still shaking faintly. Zhao Yunlan feels smug. Even though he didn't do much, he must have done enough to ruin Shen Wei if he isn't even making a courtesy attempt to get them something else to clean them with.

Zhao Yunlan grabs for Shen Wei when he's done, and Shen Wei helpfully allows himself to be pulled into Zhao Yunlan's arms. Shen Wei immediately sags into him.

"Unfair, Xiao Wei," he says, rubbing his hands along Shen Wei's back. "You did most of the work. I wanted to be the one to make you enjoy yourself."

Shen Wei laughs softly. "And I enjoy bringing you pleasure, A-Lan."

"I enjoy it too, trust me. In case you couldn't tell from the orgasm."

Shen Wei huffs another laugh and looks up at him.

"But next time," he leans in and licks at Shen Wei's bottom lip, "it's my turn."

The look in Shen Wei's eyes let him know how little he minds.



"I can't believe you and the Prof can afford this place," Da Qing says at the housewarming party the following week. He disappeared to go snooping – in true Da Qing fashion – and reappeared just in time for the last guest to have arrived. Zhao Yunlan isn't going to ask what Da Qing may or may not have found during his little adventure. Da Qing doesn't look green, so he can't have found their toy-collection or Shen Wei's blades. That's really all that matters.

"Better believe it, you damn bastard," Zhao Yunlan says as he wraps an arm around Da Qing's shoulders. "I've been living in that crap apartment for so long just for this reason."

Da Qing arches his eyebrows at Zhao Yunlan. "So you could move in with a guy you didn't know existed until last year?"

Zhao Yunlan rolls his eyes. "So I could move into a place like this someday," he drawls.

Da Qing eyes him dubiously. "I had no idea you had fantasies about becoming a homeowner."

Zhao Yunlan laughs and pats him on the back. "There's much about me you don't know, Da Qing."

"And thank fuck for that."

Zhao Yunlan doesn't even bother to hold back the urge to flip Da Qing off.

Da Qing happily returns the gesture.

"I'm going to go flirt with Shen Wei now."

"Ew," Da Qing says, wrinkling his nose. "I'm eating all your snacks."

"You're going to explode," Zhao Yunlan tells him. "But that's all right. We're not that far from the hospital. I'm sure we'd be able to make it in time to save you."

Da Qing rolls his eyes using his whole head before heading over to where Shen Wei has most of the food set up, about half of which he's made from scratch. Last Zhao Yunlan checked, Shen Wei was still in the kitchen because he was worried they didn't have enough food. Zhao Yunlan loves his fiancé, but sometimes he's a little...quirky. At least this is one of his more adorable quirks.

Zhao Yunlan shakes his head before going to look for one of their other guests.

"This place has pretty good security!" Lin Jing says when Zhao Yunlan finds him. He's tapping away at his phone while looking blatantly between the security cameras in the main room.

"Well, I am a section chief," Zhao Yunlan says, smiling neutrally.

"That you are, Chief." Lin Jing pulls himself away from his phone long enough to point at Zhao Yunlan. "But you know," he says, looking serious all of a sudden, "you can't keep the SIU's cryptid from the Professor forever. He should know what he's getting into before the wedding."

Zhao Yunlan gives himself a mental pat on the back for not flinching out of his skin. "He's aware." And Lin Jing should be glad Zhao Yunlan isn't going to share any further details on that subject with him.

Lin Jing blinks in surprise. "And he hasn't left you?" He crosses his arms over his chest, one hand still wrapped around his phone. "Huh. Professor Shen is tougher than he looks."


"Ah, apologies, Chief." Lin Jing gestures plaintively at him with the hand he isn't using to shove the phone into his back pocket. "Please don't threaten my bonus."

"Then don't tempt me," Zhao Yunlan says firmly.

"Ahaha..." Lin Jing rubs at the back of his neck. "Ah, I think I hear Da Qing calling for me. I should go!"

Da Qing is doing no such thing and they both know it. Zhao Yunlan lets him run off anyway.

Zhao Yunlan decides to head outside, which is where the party is technically being held anyway. The food that isn't inside is spread out onto their outdoor table, ready to be eaten once Shen Wei manages to tear himself away from the kitchen – or Zhao Yunlan goes and does it for him.

"A surprisingly mature choice for you, Boss," Zhu Hong says when Zhao Yunlan stops by her, Wang Zheng and Sang Zan. She's still sipping the drink Shen Wei handed out at the start of the party.

"Hey." Zhao Yunlan pouts at her. "I can be mature when I want to be."

"Then could you maybe try to want to be more often?" Zhu Hong arches an eyebrow. "We could use that guy at the station."

"Funny, Hong-jie," he deadpans.

"I aim to please," she says. "Oh wait." She smiles winningly. "I don't."

"Bring your girlfriend next time," Zhao Yunlan says. "She's a lot more fun than you."

Zhu Hong's eyes glimmer faintly with what Zhao Yunlan recognises as pride. "Yes, she is."

"This is a lovely home, Chief Zhao," Wang Zheng tells him then, bringing his attention away from his insubordinate teammate. She smiles at him. "Congratulations to you and Professor Shen."

Sang Zan nods. "C-congratulations!"

He looks at Zhu Hong pointedly as he says, "Thank you."

Zhu Hong just takes another sip of her drink.

"You all keep enjoying yourself," he says. "I'm going to keep making the rounds, and then maybe see if I can't lure my fiancé out of the kitchen."

Zhu Hong rolls her eyes but Wang Zhen and Sang Zan give him the understanding look of people as equally in love as he is with Shen Wei. He leaves before they can start asking him about any wedding plans. He only just proposed. Zhao Yunlan thinks he should probably have that discussion with Shen Wei before he starts talking about it with his co-workers.

Chu Shuzhi and Guo Changcheng are hanging out by the hedges, of all things. Guo Changcheng is crouched by the flowerbed, gazing at the flowers that had come with the house. Shen Wei probably knows more about them than Zhao Yunlan does. He can just say that the flowers are nice.

"I'm surprised," is all Chu Shuzhi says when he deigns to acknowledge Zhao Yunlan's presence.

Guo Changcheng jolts and almost falls right into the flowerbed. Zhao Yunlan carefully keeps himself from snickering.

"Surprised?" he echoes instead.

"Mm-hm." Chu Shuzhi nods.

Zhao Yunlan isn't sure he wants to know what Chu Shuzhi means. If it's on the same wavelength as Zhu Hong, then he's already heard his fair share today. "I'm not even going to ask."

Guo Changcheng brushes himself off as he rises to stand next to Chu Shuzhi. Zhao Yunlan carefully notes their proximity to one another. "Oh, I like your garden!" Guo Changcheng says and then immediately blanches. "N-not that the house isn't nice, b-but -"

"Aiyo, don't fret so much, Xiao Guo. Shen Wei likes the garden too." Shen Wei likes that it doesn't back onto another house and that they only have one immediate neighbour, but Zhao Yunlan isn't going to tell his employees that. "I'm sure he'd love it if you told him."

Guo Changcheng perks up. "I-I will do that then!"

Zhao Yunlan gives him a thumb's up.

Shen Wei finally appears just as Zhao Yunlan is considering whether he needs to hunt the man down. Da Qing follows close behind, rubbing his belly like he's either full or ready to dig in some more. Considering how he's eyeing the dish in Shen Wei's hands, Zhao Yunlan would bet on the latter.

Zhao Yunlan sneaks up to Shen Wei and presses a kiss to his cheek. "All done?"

Shen Wei smiles at him, soft and fond. "Yes."

Zhao Yunlan sneaks in another kiss to his cheek. "All right, hooligans," he says, raising his voice. "You heard the man." He gestures at the table. "Dig in!"

Da Qing descends on Shen Wei's cooking like he hasn't eaten in a year. Zhao Yunlan rolls his eyes. At least everyone else has the decency to grab a plate before starting to dig in.

"Those dishes are lost causes," he murmurs to Shen Wei. "But there's enough for everyone, all right? Just leave Da Qing to his spoils."

Shen Wei's faint frown smooths out. "Are you certain?"

"I promise." He gestures at where everyone else is walking around Da Qing like they're used to this, making sure not to go anywhere near what he's eating.

Shen Wei's shoulders relax ever so slightly.

Zhao Yunlan grabs one of his favourites before Da Qing can get at it. He smiles innocently at Shen Wei and offers one of the dumplings with his chopsticks.

Shen Wei shakes his head ever so slightly but leans it to eat it nonetheless. Zhao Yunlan grins.

The sun is setting by the time the party has wrapped up and the last guest has left. Zhao Yunlan thinks Da Qing may have finally gained a couple of pounds.

"You have very nice friends, Yunlan," Shen Wei says as they're cleaning up. Zhao Yunlan is convinced they're going to have dishes for days – not to mention enough leftover food to last them for a decade.

"Employees, more like," Zhao Yunlan says dryly.

"They are your friends as well," Shen Wei corrects. "I know you care for them, and they for you."

Zhao Yunlan doesn't want to deny it, because that would be lying. He may not like admitting it but he cares deeply for his team. They're a far better family to him than Zhao Xinci has been in years or will likely ever be again. If there was a way Zhao Yunlan could avoid telling Zhao Xinci about his upcoming marriage altogether, Zhao Yunlan would. He knows it's a pipedream, though. Zhao Xinci would only need to pull up his employee records and see that Zhao Yunlan not only has a new address but a different civil status. The euphoric feeling of having mentally given his father the finger would only last until Zhao Xinci decided to make a reappearance into his life.

He doesn't look forward to telling Shen Wei about Zhao Xinci. Zhao Yunlan has a feeling it's not going to go down well.

"Xiao Wei is, as always, correct."

"Always, hm?" Shen Wei says as he slips an arm around Zhao Yunlan's waist. His hand is still faintly damp from washing the dishes, but Zhao Yunlan doesn't mind. "I shall strive to remind you of that."

"Aiyo, Shen Wei."

Shen Wei kisses the protest from his lips.



Settling into a house with Shen Wei is not that different from when they were living across the hall from one another. The only real difference is that Zhao Yunlan is now guaranteed, provided he can wake up early enough, to see Shen Wei in the quiet hours before he starts getting ready for work. He's woken up once to see Shen Wei walking out of the bathroom, hair still faintly damp from the shower. Another time he woke up to see Shen Wei slipping into his suit of the day, carefully buttoning up the shirt like he couldn't feel Zhao Yunlan staring at him. Another time he wakes up because Shen Wei is climbing out of bed, so Shen Wei pulled Zhao Yunlan with him to the kitchen to make their breakfast in front of him.

That had been a great morning. Zhao Yunlan wouldn't mind having lazy sex in the shower more often – or in bed, even, though he knows he'll have to wake up even earlier for that. And considering how rarely he manages to catch a glimpse of Shen Wei dressed and ready to leave for work, he doesn't think he'll manage to wake up on time to see those sights more than maybe once or twice a week, but it'll be worth it. The rest of the week, Zhao Yunlan expects he'll be woken up by a hand on his cheek and a kiss on the forehead before Shen Wei goes off to work.

He's therefore surprised when he wakes up one morning and Shen Wei isn't in the room with him. There's no sound of running water, so Shen Wei isn't in the bathroom either.

Zhao Yunlan rubs at his eyes before pushing himself out of bed. He grabs a t-shirt at random before he goes to find his fiancé.

He finds Shen Wei outside, barefoot on the grass and dressed in nothing more than a pair of sweats and an undershirt. Zhao Yunlan doesn't exactly recognise the forms as Shen Wei moves through them. He must have woken up really early if he's catching Shen Wei during his pre-shower work-out. Zhao Yunlan is so thoroughly in the dark about it that he doesn't even know how many times a week Shen Wei works out.

"Good morning, A-Lan," Shen Wei says before Zhao Yunlan can remember how to use his tongue for its intended purpose.

Zhao Yunlan shakes his head ever so slightly. He steps out onto the patio, stopping next to a pair of well-worn sneakers and what looks like a curled up jumping rope. "Morning, Xiao Wei."

"Did you sleep well?"

"I did." Zhao Yunlan wraps his arms around himself. "You wore me out real good, Bao Bei."

It had been at Zhao Yunlan's request. The SIU's most recent case has been nagging at him all week but Zhao Yunlan thinks he has a way of solving it now. He just has to run it by Lin Jing first, to be sure.

Shen Wei flashes him a quick smile.

Zhao Yunlan watches him do a few quick stretches before settling into something Zhao Yunlan immediately recognises as shadowboxing. He frowns faintly, glancing back down at the jumping rope. He looks further down the patio and isn't entirely surprised when he sees a rolled-up exercise-mat leaning against the wall.

"So this is your training regimen."

"It is," Shen Wei says, still going through what must be a practised boxing routine. It's very tempting to sit down and just watch him go.

"What are you basing it on?" Zhao Yunlan asks instead.

"Muay Thai." Shen Wei glances at him between jabs. "Would you like me to teach you?"

Zhao Yunlan has heard of muay Thai. It's a ruthless sport, though if Shen Wei isn't doing it professionally then it might be wearing easier on his body than the professional athletes. Shen Wei's casual 'I work out' early on in their relationship feels more like a blatant lie now than a half-truth.

The SIU encountered a fighting ring about a year or so ago, before Shen Wei came into Zhao Yunlan's life. He's seen first-hand how brutal boxing can be on the body, especially for inexperienced fighters. One of the Reaper's kills was the man behind the ring; a shady lowlife trying to line his own pockets by making his guys kidnap young men – sometimes so young they could only be called boys – and forcing them to train so he could send them into the ring to fight. Those fights had more than often ended in death.

Zhao Yunlan had been glad to see that case come to an end, though he would have preferred to put the bastard behind bars. He remembers all too well the high society people the ringleader had on speed-dial, though. They were the reason he squirrelled out of the first charges Zhao Yunlan drew up. It would have been difficult to make the charges stick. Though Zhao Yunlan will never admit it, he'd both thanked and cursed the Reaper for going after that guy even though he knows he shouldn't have.

What he's seeing now is more than just the routine Shen Wei uses to stay in shape. Zhao Yunlan knows that. This is what Shen Wei does to make sure he can work as efficiently as possible as the Reaper. Zhao Yunlan knows that thought should scare him. Mostly, though, he's busy watching the rising sun highlight the flush in Shen Wei's cheeks and glint off of the sweat in his hair.

"I'm happy to just watch, Bao Bei," he says.

Shen Wei lowers his arms as he sends him another look.

Zhao Yunlan makes sure to keep his thoughts off his face.

He must succeed because Shen Wei nods and says, "Let me know if you ever change your mind."

Zhao Yunlan smiles at him. "Will do."

"I put the coffee-maker on," Shen Wei says as he settles back into his earlier stance. "Feel free to have some while I finish here."

"You got it, Xiao Wei."

He stays for a few seconds longer to watch Shen Wei jab and parry before going back into the house.

Zhao Yunlan doesn't know how Shen Wei does it, but he manages to get Zhao Yunlan's cranky old coffee-maker to purr like a kitten. Zhao Yunlan would replace it, but honestly, he's too lazy – not to mention convinced a new one won't work well for him either.

He's almost done with his first cup of the day when Shen Wei steps inside. Zhao Yunlan isn't used to seeing him in sneakers, let alone ones that clearly state they get regular use, though he's slowly getting used to seeing him in sweatpants. Slowly. But nothing could have prepared him for the sight of Shen Wei's undershirt sticking to his chest and beads of sweat slowly making their way down his neck. He must have run his fingers through his hair to get the fringe out of his face, but a few errant strands are clinging stubbornly to his temples.

Zhao Yunlan's mouth is suddenly very, very dry.

"Are you hungry?" Shen Wei asks, dabbing a towel against the back of his neck. "If you would like, I could get started on breakfast."

"Nah." Zhao Yunlan clutches the mug tighter to his chest. "You can shower first, Bao Bei. I can wait."

Shen Wei frowns faintly. He lets go of the towel to let it drape over his shoulder. "Yunlan, your gastritis -"

"Can wait another fifteen minutes." Zhao Yunlan nods towards the stairs. "Go on."

But Shen Wei doesn't follow Zhao Yunlan's cues. He steps closer instead, plucking the mug from Zhao Yunlan's hands and setting it aside before he cups Zhao Yunlan's cheeks and kisses him far too sweetly considering the fire burning in Zhao Yunlan's veins.

Zhao Yunlan aches to lean in and rub his growing hardness against Shen Wei's thigh. He barely refrains.

"Would you like to join me in the shower, A-Lan?" The glimmer in Shen Wei's eyes betrays the real reason he's inviting Zhao Yunlan to join him.

Shower sex twice in as many weeks? Well, Zhao Yunlan would be a fool to say no to that.