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Let's Play

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It was one of those open secrets that no one was really quite sure if they believed or not. It was legendary.

A collaboration between Silver Elite and Red Leather. (Keepers of Honour were too honourable, and the Study Group were excluded after making every line of the script sound as melodramatic and incomprehensible as Loveless.) The finest artists, writers, and programmers from the fan clubs had come together and made… a game.

Did it really exist?

Yes. Yes, it did. And Cloud had a copy. The rarest, most legendary piece of fan work on the planet, and Cloud had a copy.

His fingers were trembling as he slid the disc into the CD tray.

Cloud knew exactly what he wanted to do. He'd read every discussion and walkthrough on the net. The title screen popped up; new game. Difficulty setting; easy, medium, or hard? On easy you got to play as one the famous First Class SOLDIERs themselves. Medium gave an option of Second and Third Class characters.

But hard mode, that allowed you to create your own character. All social links were set to zero, and it was a tedious slog to get them up high enough to do anything fun with the game. But would it be worth it in the end?


Cloud made his selection and created a computerised avatar of himself.

He didn't care how long it took. He didn't even notice the time passing, not when his heart kept skipping every time his avatar self ran into one of his heroes in the hallway, or got to deliver something meaningless to their offices, or had an actual conversation with Sephiroth.

Well. A computerised Sephiroth. But apparently the writers had inside information from some high-ranking ShinRa employees. It was supposed to be very in character.

It got to three o'clock in the morning. Cloud was in nothing but his boxers, and the only light in the room was the dull blue pulse of the computer screen.

'Would you like to come back to our place?' computer-Genesis asked. Cloud could imagine the purr in that question. Sephiroth was there as well, and it was clear what the 'our' meant.

Yes. Threesome unlocked on his first try!

'Would you like to come back to our place?'

Cloud's hands were shaking as he hovered the mouse over his response options.

“Yes,” he breathed.

His avatar was sat on the couch in their private apartment. Genesis was on one side of him and Sephiroth on the other. They were close enough together that their thighs were touching. Sephiroth's lips brushed against Cloud's ear as he leant over to whisper something.

Gaia, the art in this was so good.

'Yes,' Cloud clicked again, and then he was on their bed, and Genesis was kissing him, and Sephiroth's mouth was on his cock. Cloud let out an audible groan.

'How do you want it?' Sephiroth asked.

It took all of Cloud's self-control to click away from the screen, opening up the menu. He'd read the walkthroughs, after all. He'd taken the time to collect certain items available to make the game more… exciting. He scrolled through the selection of toys his character had available and transferred them over to the NPC inventory.

There. Now.

'How do you want it?'

“Hard,” Cloud whispered. “Gods, Sephiroth, Genesis, give it to me hard.”

That brought up another list.

Bondage, yes. Rough sex, yes. Vibrator, yes. Cock ring, yes. Nipple clamps, yes. Spreader bar, yes. Blindfold, yes.

He was pretty sure he'd ticked off practically every option available, but he didn't care.

'Fuck me.' His mouse hovered over the confirmation option.

“Fuck me,” Cloud begged.

The computer whirred and the scene began to play.

Cloud's hand slid down into his boxers and he whimpered. It looked like him. The avatar he'd created, it looked so much like him. It looked like it was him tied up like that, ass in the air, legs spread wide open as Genesis worked a thick dildo inside him. Like it was his mouth around Sephiroth's dick, his face getting fucked.

Cloud pinched his nipples, hard, as Genesis tightened the clamps onto his avatar. He tightened his fist around the base of his cock when Sephiroth slid the ring onto him.

(He didn't close his eyes when the blindfold went on. He couldn't bear to miss a second of this.)

The computer chair skidded across the room as Cloud stumbled out of it and over to his bed, never taking his eyes off the screen. He kicked his boxers off. He bent over on his knees, ass in the air, working two fingers deep inside himself as the SOLDIERs fucked him one after the other.

“Sephiroth,” Cloud moaned. “Genesis, please.”

He kept time with the animation, stroking over his aching erection.

'Come for me,' Sephiroth demanded.

Cloud was so willing to obey. His fingers pressed hard against that perfect spot inside him, sending sparks of pleasure and pain shooting straight to his cock. He jerked himself roughly and cried out, trembling as hit his peak.

Cloud’s avatar on screen lay sprawled out across the rumpled covers, covered in red marks and bruises and thick streaks of come, used and ravished.

It looked so much like him, and Cloud groaned again, rubbing himself through the pleasurable aftershocks.

He was still panting hard as he returned to the computer. It was late, and he was tired, and he had so much delicious material for his fantasies already.

He would play some more tomorrow.

'Save game,' Cloud selected. The program shut down, leaving Cloud with one last image of Sephiroth and Genesis smiling back at him in satisfaction.

Cloud blew them a kiss and went to bed, buzzing happily.