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Some Bonds Are Forever

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"Go back to sleep, mi amor," Javi said to Yuzu, knowing all the training he was doing even if he was taking most of the season off.

"But it's Shoma," Yuzu whined.

"Fine," Javi rolled his eyes, putting his phone on speaker.

"What's wrong mi amorcito?"

A sob from the other end of the phone.

"I miss her," Shoma sniffled. Yuzu bolted up. "Her? Did you get a girlfriend in Japan?"

"Yuzu!" Javi scolded.

"No, Emma."

Javi felt the pressure release from his chest. He could hardly be jealous of a poodle. Yuzu, however. Crossed his arms and pouted.

Javi thought of when he missed his cats, Roni and Effie, during competitions. It could make him ache. But then, he had friends to abate it. Shoma did not. So the ache would intensify.

"Shoma," Javi began.

Yuzu snatched the phone.


For who knows what Yuzu would say.

"Shoma," Yuzu said. "It's going to be alright. Think of all the times we've been apart, and we're still together. Some bonds are forever."


"Thanks Yuzu," Shoma said.

"Now go to sleep. Emma would want you fresh for practice tomorrow."

"I will," Shoma said. "Goodnight both of you. I love you."

"We love you too."

Shoma hung up and Yuzu handed Javi his phone.

"Where did you get that speech?" Javi asked, snuggling chest to Yuzu's back.

"Oh, I know someone who loves his cats who might say something like that."

Javi was shocked for a minute, them leaned over and kissed Yuzu's temple.